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By David McDaid

1600: Just about to wrap up here...

What a 90 minutes in the end - well, second 45 minutes if we're honest...

I've got a feeling this match is going to be discussed for a good few days to come.

Stay tuned to the radio or online stream (all probs have been sorted) for the post-match analysis....

And check back at the BBC Sport website for the managers' reaction.

And, AND... if you can stay up until midnight - watch these highlights to see John Rankin's goal.

All the other highlights from yesterday are available from 1800 GMT - 15 goals mind!

Thanks for all your comments today and yesterday - it's been good fun.

See y'all later!

1558: "Just another example of Hibs being completely erratic.. You never know what's going to happen match to match. But today I'm no complaining! Glory Glory To the Hibees!" from Mighty Hibee GIRUY in Canada.

1555: Lots of you are having your say on Artur Boruc. Some of you even voting him man of the match.

It was certainly a match-defining incident, but did Celtic do enough in other areas of the field?

Is Boruc's error detracting from the rest of his team's poor performance? And, indeed, from Hibs' fine performance?

Join the debate on My Sport

1553: What a day for Hibs! And one that Celtic and Artur Boruc in particular will want to forget.

1552: FULL-TIME: Hibernian 2-0 Celtic

1551: "There are gonna be loads of twists and turns in this title race. Both Rangers and Celtic are beatable. If Hibs can get the win here, it's game on." memnoch666

1549: Aiden McGeady goes forward but is thwarted by two Hibs players.

Free-kick for Celtic just outside the penalty box.... and it's deflected for a corner....

1548: We're in to the last minute of the 90 now. Three minutes of added time though.

1546: "Sol Bamba & Steven Thicot have been Hibs' best players today. Well done chaps! The title race is back on!" GersRaggi9

Who do you think has been the man of the match?

1544: Hibs boss Mixu Paatelainen has put on Ross Chisholm and Lewis Stevenson on for Steven Thicot and Alan O'Brien.

The shop is getting shut.

1542: Hibs are defending stoutly and, for all Celtic's possession, they've struggled to threaten the goal.

1539: Sol Bamba takes a sore one in the face as he bravely heads away a corner under pressure from Glenn Loovens.

1537: "The title race could be right back on now." BBC Scotland's commentator David Begg.

Indeed, but was seven points at this stage ever going to be an unassailable lead?

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1536: Indecision in the Celtic penalty area, eventually knocked away.

Boruc should have come for it.

"It looks like his nerves have gone." Dundee United manager Craig Levein

1534: "Boruc is a hero at Celtic, but he's becoming more of a liability as the season goes on. I never thought l'd say this, but l think the big mans tea's oot!"Anon on 80295.

1532: Easter Road has gone strangely quiet...

Are both sets of supporters stunned by the way this match has unfolded?

Join the debate on My Sport

1530: Aiden McGeady's coming on for Celtic. Off goes Paul Hartley.

1528: GOAL! Hibernian 2-0 Celtic

Alan O'Brien drives to the by-line and cuts the ball back for Rankin.

His shot is prodded in by Colin Nish.

Looks like the end of Celtic's fine winning run...

1527: Shaun Maloney whips in a cross-come-shot.

Yves Ma-Kalambay palms away brilliantly.

The pace has really been upped!

1526: John Rankin tries another one... but Boruc is wise to it this time.

1523: "Best keeper in the SPL right there ladies and gentlemen. 12 million to AC Milan? More like 1.2 million to Swindon Town." pedro mendes govan cruisader.

Seriously, though, what's happened to Boruc? He won Celtic so many points over the last few seasons.

But this season he's made a number of blunders...

Any ideas?

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1521:Scott McDonald just can't stretch to direct Samaras' cross on target with the head.

Then Andreas Hinkel goes forward and hits one just past the post.

Celtic are desperately trying to get back in to this one.

1520: "I luv Boruc, if we (Rangers) are to make up the ground in the title race, he will certainly be helping us." memnoch666

1519: I'm still trying to figure out how the Pole let that one in...

The ball didn't even appear to swerve too much in the air.

You can see for yourself at midnight when our SPL highlights go up on the website.

1516: Boruc has what I would term: 'a total riddie'.

"I thought Rankin was being overambitious, he's been rewarded. It's Boruc in Blunderland again." BBC Scotland's commentator David Begg.

"I thought Boruc was casual in his approach." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

1514: GOAL! Hibernian 1-0 Celtic


John Rankin hits a random shot from the edge of the CENTRE CIRCLE - And Artur Boruc makes a total hash of it...

The ball squirms between his arms and in to the net.

1512: Right on cue - Georgios Samaras gets the call to get the trackie off. Cillian Sheridan will be the man to make way for Celtic....

1511: "Cillian Sheridan looks a little bit off the pace at the moment and I wouldn't be surprised if we see Samaras soon." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

1508: "The SPL is so boring. For the next 20 or so seasons, the title race is always going to be between Celtic and Rangers and 90% of the time the team that gets promoted will be the team relegated." StamfordLuke

Maybe not many would argue with the second part of that comment... But yesterday we had 15 goals from three games!

What do you think?

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1507: Mark Wilson, full of energy, skips past two Hibees down the left, lays it off to Maloney, but the wee man's not got his shooting boots on today.

Well high and well wide from 20 yards.

1505: Cilian Sheridan takes a high tackle from Sol Bamba. The ref says there was nothing wrong with it.

1504: And we're off again.

1503: The teams are back out... no changes for either side.

1501: "Poor first half. Hopefully the second half will be a big improvement. Get Samaras on as Sheridan is hopeless." IBrokeTheBigScreen.

Sheridan hasn't done too much to be fair. But isn't a striker only as good as the service he gets?

Just a thought.

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1457:Re: 1445 "Isn't he generally considered to be one of the last surviving Moomintrolls in the wild?" QatarBhoy.

Haha! The Mixu lookalike debate is proving hotter than the football chat!

Check out the picture gallery.

Any other lookalike suggestions?

Join the debate on My Sport

1451: "Gordon Strachan needs more from his players." BBC Scotland pundit Craig Paterson.

"Hibs have been a bit inconsistent, and one way to stamp that out is to set up a lot more solidly, and that's what they've done." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

Levein again lauds Sol Bamba. Does anyone remember when he first arrived at Dunfermline? Many people were scratching their heads asking: "Is this man a footballer?!?"

He was that bad, but hats off to him, he's proved a lot of people wrong.

1450: Not quite what I was expecting...

It only really sparked to life in the last five minutes of the half.

The Sportsound pundits are all revising their high-scoring predictions.

1447: HALF-TIME: Hibernian 0-0 Celtic

1445: "Does anyone else think he looks like Krang from the old Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoon? Or is it just me? I met him in Sainsbury's at Meadowbank a few years back, he's a lovely bloke!" DavidAttenborough

HA! What do you think?


Krang's a bit more pink maybe?

1444: "For me the best player on the pitch has been Sol Bamba. He's a player that breaks up things, and that probably sums up the first half." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

1441: "Celtic have upped the tempo and their passing, and that's making the difference." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

1440: Shaun Maloney races down the wing to the six-yard box, but Rob Jones clears with a perfectly timed tackle.

Hibs will be wanting the half-time whistle to re-group. Celtic are turning the screw.

1438: Some sustained pressure by Celtic in the last couple of minutes.

Hibs are sitting back. Allowing Celtic to play in and around the box

1436: "A couple of meaty challenges in there," says BBC Scotland's commentator David Begg.

Sol Bamba is dumped on his face by Gary Caldwell and Scott Brown follows up to leather the ball in to his side.

Ouch x 2!

1431: You know, I'm not so sure that was such an easy chance. Mark Wilson had got back in to the goal area, and the pace Fletcher was running at made it all the more difficult.

1430: "A player of Fletcher's quality has got to score that" BBC Scotland pundit Craig Paterson.

1430: Steven Fletcher has passed up a fantastic chance to open the scoring there!

John Rankin slipped the ball through to the striker, Artur Boruc ran out of his box, Fletcher skipped past him but sliced the shot with much of the goal gaping.

Boruc seems to be making a habit of charging out of his goal. Remember St Mirren?

1427: "I think Celtic need to put Sheridan into the area where Hogg is as he has little chance winning cross balls against Jones." Dundee United manager Craig Levein

"It's so congested in midfield"BBC Scotland's Craig Paterson

Neither goalkeeper has had anything to do really.

1424: "Not an entirely satisfying this match, we expected a whole lot more in terms of quality." BBC Scotland's commentator David Begg.

I'm tending to agree... What do you think?

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1423: "Mixu Paatelainen is telling his team to keep a higher line." BBC Scotland's commentator David Begg.

1419: Just as I say that Paul Hartley has a drive from outside the box deflected wide for a corner.

But Shaun Maloney wastes the corner kick.

1416: "I think the key for Celtic today will be the full-backs pushing forward." Dundee United manager Craig Levein.

Still no scoring after 15 minutes... and no great attempts either.

A bit like a chess game...

1415: "Can anyone explain why Celtic are playing today when we have Champions League midweek? Rangers have no game next week but played on Saturday." Antony in Anstruther via 80295.

My guess is it's all about the TV revenue.

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1413: Chance for Celtic from a free-kick after Sol Bamba clatters in to the back of Scott McDonald.

Shaun Maloney smacks it in to the wall, and eventually the pressure is cleared.

1411: Good run from Alan O'Brien down the left. He cuts it across the Celtic box, but Fletcher can't get much on it, and Boruc collects.

1410: Steven Fletcher's seen a fair bit of the ball so far. He seems to be playing a bit deeper today...

He's the man a few of you have picked out as a key player.

Do you think he'll still be at Easter Road after January?

Join the debate on My Sport or text 80295

1406:Yves Ma-Kalambay takes a cross at the second attempt, but boots it straight up-field to Artur Boruc.

You can't give the ball away so cheaply...

1403: Celtic are looking like midweek Champions League opponents Villarreal in that all-yellow kit.

No near things in the opening minutes.

Free-kick for Hibs, which breaks to Steven Thicot, the shot is easily held byArtur Boruc.

1400: Celtic kick off!

1358: The teams are in the tunnel. Celtic in their yellow away kit...

1354: "Hello there, Can we have the teams in full please on the main page? Cant seem to find it, or maybe I am just too lazy to look for it...still rough from last night!" asks IBrokeTheBigScreen.

Your wish is my command... within reason...

See 1343

Good night was it?

Join the debate on My Sport or text 80295.

1352:David from Easterhouse has texted in on 80295: "That's ok fjordywardy, wait till the Celts come to Govan - We'll put 7 past you as well."

See 1334 for details.

Keep the comments comin'!

1347: Any Jambos fans out there? Chat on Sportsound has turned to the financial issues at the club.

The newspaper talk is of a few of the better players maybe getting sold to ease the financial worries.

Wouldn't that be a shame for Hearts given their excellent run in the league this season?

Join the debate on My Sport

1345: Alan O'Brien, Steven Thicot and Colin Nish are in for Hibs.

Boss Mixu Paatelainen says he feels Nish deserves his chance up front.

Derek Riorden is the man who's made way.

1343: TEAMS:

Hibernian: Ma-Kalambay, van Zanten, Hogg, Jones, Murray, Thicot, Bamba, Rankin, O'Brien, Nish, Fletcher.
Subs: McNeil, Riordan, Yantorno, Stevenson, Chisholm, Pinau, Campbell.

Celtic: Boruc, Hinkel, Caldwell, McManus, Wilson, Loovens, Scott Brown, Hartley, Maloney, Sheridan, McDonald.
Subs: Mark Brown, Samaras, Nakamura, McGeady, Mizuno, O'Dea, Caddis.

Referee: Calum Thomson.


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1341: "Hibs to win 3-2, but only because of a Fletcher hat-trick. He's quality on Football Manager and better in the real life game!" says jimbullard4england on My Sport .

A couple of the guys in the office are fans of Football Manager. I couldn't really get in to it myself...

1337: I was looking forward to hearing Gordon Strachan's pre-match interview with BBC Scotland's Chris McLaughlin.

When the pair last met on Friday, the Celtic boss bristled when asked about his long-term future at the club.

But it seems like they've kissed and made up. Awwww.

1334: "Aye its freezing all right - and I'm predicting it'll be back to minus 7 around Govan around half 2!! C'mon the Celts!" FjordyWardy on My Sport

1330: Pretty much everyone is saying there will be goals in this one on My Sport

Incidentally, BBC Scotland pundit Billy Dodds thinks 2-1 Celtic...

See for yourself...

Have you got your own scores entered in to The Predictor?

1326: Re: my error at 1309 DavidAttenborough on My Sport asks: "Late night last night Dave?"

I wish I could use that as an excuse... I'm going to up my game boss!

1322: Gordon Strachan explains his team lines.... He says Barry Robson was injured in training in midweek, it was a straight choice between Sheridan and Samaras with the Irishman getting the nod, and Nakamura's been left out because he wanted more strength in the middle today.

Mark Wilson and Glenn Loovens are in.

Surprised? Disappointed? Pleased?

Join the debate on My Sport and text on 80295.

1317: "Predictions 3-0 Hibs" says ecosse1982

Not so says DavidAttenborough: "I'll go for 2-1 to Celtic, with Samaras the first scorer in the 28th minute. What about yourself David, predictions?"

I agree with you DavidAttenborough... I think it'll be a tight one, but with a few goals.

Hibs might even go for it early on and score, but I think Celtic will come back to win.

Steven Fletcher first scorer though.

Am I talking rubbish?

Join the debate on My Sport and text on 80295.

1313: No Shunsuke Nakamura, Barry Robson or Georgios Samaras for Celtic reports BBC Scotland's Chris McLaughlin.

And no Derek Riorden or Dean Shiels for Hibs today...

What do you make of that?

Join the debate on My Sport and text on 80295.

I'll get the rest of the changes in a mo...

1311: Sorry that doesn't even make sense.

Dons fans don't want Hibs to win - DOH!

1309: "First post? 'Mon the Hibees, do us a favour!" says DavidAttenborough.

Since you were the first - voila!

I'm thinking DavidAttenborough is a Rangers fan - or an Aberdeen fan.

Hibs could go above the Dons with a win today.

Join the debate on My Sport and text on 80295.

1308: Matches between these two tend to be open encounters.

There hasn't been a 0-0 since 2000.

BBC Scotland pundit Craig Paterson says you have to go back to 1982 for the last time Hibs have won both home matches against Celtic.

Craig also says Hibs have been leaking lots of headed goals.

have you noticed this?

1306: "I find it very difficult to make a prediction today." Dundee United manager Craig Levein on Sportsound.

1303: "I think the bookies will have Celtic as the favourites today." BBC Scotland pundit Craig Paterson.

What do you think?

Join the debate on My Sport

1301: Kick-off is at 1400 GMT but BBC Scotland's Chris McLaughlin at Easter Road says Celtic only arrived just 10 minutes ago, so no team news as yet.

1255: Afternoon!

Brrrrrrrrr! It's another chilly day, but Easter Road seems to have withstood the elements and it's game on!

And it's the battle of the greens, with Celtic heading along the M8 to play Hibernian.

Matches between this pair are seldom dull affairs.

But, which Hibs team will turn up? The one that demolished Motherwell a couple of weeks back?

Or the one that's only recorded a single victory in their last eight games?

Celtic are on a great league run at the moment having won their last 12 SPL matches.

Although they were a bit shaky last week at home to Inverness.

Yesterday's games averaged five goals per game.

Here's hoping this one continues that trend.

So shun the outside world! Listen to BBC Scotland's live commentary on 810 medium wave or online.

And of course - send in your comments via: My Sport and text on 80295.

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