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Chris Robinson:
"I am as committed as ever to Hearts."
 real 14k

Thursday, 9 November, 2000, 11:01 GMT
No jeers from Jefferies
Jim Jefferies in discussion with Spanish star Juanjo
Jim Jefferies in discussion with Spanish star Juanjo
Jim Jefferies has refused to hit out at Hearts chief executive Chris Robinson following his decision to quit the Tynecastle club.

Jefferies ended his five-year reign on Wednesday when he offered his resignation to the board, which was accepted by mutual consent.

But the manager, who saw some of his best players leave the club as a result of financial constraints, has refused to enter into a slanging match.

"I won't say anything bad about Hearts because the supporters have been superb to me," said Jefferies after he and assistant manager Billy Brown left the club.

It had been reported that Jefferies and Robinson had a poor working relationship, with the manager constantly being stripped of resources, and fans had turned their anger towards the chief executive.

Not happy

But Jefferies said: "There are people at every club who say they're not happy with you but that happens at Celtic and Rangers too.

"It's part and parcel of the game now but, in the main, I was popular and I tried to give Hearts the good times.

"Someone else will now get the chance to give these people the success they deserve.

Hopefully I will come back to Hearts some time. If Hearts struggle in the future, I hope they knock at my door again
  Jim Jefferies
"Hopefully I will come back to Hearts some time. If Hearts struggle in the future, I hope they knock at my door again.

"It's disappointing when you walk out of something you have been such a big part of. I have had a fantastic time there as a manager and I'll always look back on what we achieved with pride.

Move on

"Billy and I have worked hard and we can be proud of what we have left behind. But there comes a time when you look at it and I spoke to the directors and it was mutually agreed that I should move on."

Jefferies expressed sympathy for Brown, who was sacked as a result of the manager's resignation although he wished his interim successor, Peter Houston, well for the game against St Mirren on Saturday.

"I feel for Billy Brown and I hoped he could stay but we were seen as a pair," said Jefferies.

"Peter Houston will do the best he can and I will have to stay away. It wouldn't be right of me to go to the match and put pressure on anyone.

"I'll watch a game somewhere but all of me will be at the Hearts match."


Meanwhile, under-fire Robinson said of recent fans' protests: "I think Scottish football has a blame culture and they look for scapegoats.

Robinson remains committed to Hearts
Robinson remains committed to Hearts
"It does not matter if you are Chris Robinson or if you are Joe Bloggs, if you are the chief executive of a club of Hearts' stature, you are going to face criticism for unpopular decisions.

"Some of the criticisms have been unpleasant, but I have a lot of support internally within the club.

"I have never considered leaving because I have Hearts in my blood.

Personally, I am very sorry to see Jim leave. I brought him here and Jim has been a major part of the fabric of Hearts FC in the last five years.

"He deserves immense credit for what he has achieved."

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