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Div 3 Scorers

Scottish League Two Top Scorers
McAllister Peterhead 30
Currie Berwick 15
Lavery Berwick 15
Gunn Elgin 14
Sutherland Elgin 14
Mackay Annan Athletic 13
White Stirling 13
Todd Annan Athletic 12
McCluskey Clyde 10
Rodgers Peterhead 10
Dalziel Berwick 9
Davidson Annan Athletic 9
Deasley Montrose 9
Wyness Elgin 9
Chaplain Albion 8
Daly Clyde 8
Scott Ferguson Clyde 8
Spittal Queen's Park 8

League goals only. Totals can include goals scored for other teams in the same division. Only 15 players can be displayed so others tied on the same number of goals as the player listed 15th, but alphabetically after him, will not appear.

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