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Dunfermline v Inverness CT as it happened


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By Keir Murray

2222: Highlights of tonight's game will be on the BBC Sport site this evening. Many thanks for staying with the live text commentary. All the best.

2220: Well, Inverness are through and the Pars have only the league to focus on. All their energies will now go on saving their SPL status.

2217: And my colleagues have pieced together the best bits too of Hamilton v St Mirren which includes Dougie Imrie's cracker of a shot at the end of the game that hit the upright.

2215: Fancy watching the highlights of last night's Kilmarnock v Dundee match ? Follow that link!

2212: The Inverness players go over to salute their fans, a few hundred in number, for backing the team. Their reward is a home tie against Celtic.

Full time
FULL-TIME: Dunfermline 1-3 Inverness CT

2210: Ah, that might have been Dunfermline's last chance of a goal. Liam Buchanan shields the ball well and turns quickly but his shot is smothered by Jonny Tuffey.

2208: Gregory Tade stabs a foot out to try to prod the bouncing ball past Chris Smith but the Pars goalie does enough to keep the ball out.

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2208: Thanks to Tom in Edinburgh: "Re 2152. Reminds me of the only joke I've ever heard on Radio 3 - Five hours into Wagner's Ring Cycle I looked at my watch and realised only 15 minutes had passed."

2205: Just six minutes left of this fourth-round replay. Inverness have everything in control... Famous last words?

2204: Jonny Tuffey snuffs out any prospect of an immediate comeback by tipping over an effort that threatened to drop in at his far post.

2202: Greg Tansey slides in a well-finished third for Inverness, picking up Nick Ross's simple ball across the 18-yard line and firing home with ease.

GOAL! Dunfermline 1-3 Inverness CT (Tansey)

Yellow card
2200: Inverness CT's Thomas Piermayr is booked but I cannot figure out why.

2159: There are 1,594 at the game. I'm not sure how many have travelled from the Highlands?

2158: MarnieQX on Twitter: "Any word of the total attendance at East End Park and, more interestingly, the number of Inverness fans that are there? #BBCSportSound"

2157: The Pars take the kick-off. Fifteen minutes to go. Or could there be penalties?

2156: Extra-time half-time: Dunfermline 1-2 Inverness CT

2155: What time is the small band of Inverness fans going to get home?!

2154: The Pars HAVE to score the next goal. If Inverness get another it really will be all over.

2152: At half-time, if you'd been offered the thought of extra time, you may have let your mind drift to that old joke about Millport (a place I love, incidentally): "And first prize - a week's holiday in Millport. Second prize - TWO weeks' holiday in Millport." However, the match has improved since that opening 45.

2149: Ryan Thomson is closed down quickly in the box as he tries to control a dropping ball and get his shot away in a nanosecond. He looks Dunfermline's best bet for a goal.

2148: AndyLittle29 on Twitter is happy for his old team-mate: "What did I say about @andy_shinnie !! Outrageous finish. Superb pal.x"

2146: BBC Scotland football pundit Billy Dodds described that strike as "a thing of beauty". And he's right.

2144: What a corker of a goal by Andrew Shinnie! He picked up the ball 22 yards out, drove in to the box and hit a swerving right-foot shot into the net, flashing across the face of keeper Chris Smith.

GOAL! Dunfermline 1-2 Inverness CT (A Shinnie)

2141: Goalkeeper Chris Smith clears the ball off a foraging Inverness attacker and the ball ricochets out for a goal-kick.

2137: The ref blows for the end of 90 minutes. It's Dunfermline 1-1 Inverness CT. Are you ready for extra time?

2136: We're in the 94th minute.

2135: Big Ross Tokely need not seek a career in nursing when he hangs up his boots. His bedside manner may be a bit brusque for some patients. He yells at his team-mate Golobart to get on his feet and play on. Instead, his defensive partner is stretchered off.

2134: Inverness defender Roman Golobart twists his ankle and takes a knock on his calf as he is challenged for the ball.

2132: Paul Willis plays the perfect ball between keeper and defender but Andy Kirk JUST fails to make the contact that would have prodded it over the Inverness line. Jim McIntyre holds his head in disbelief.

2130: Joe Cardle's sky-high corner is cleared by Inverness - now it's Dunfermline who look the team more likely to snatch a winner.

2128: Roman Golobart slides in to make a Bobby Moore-like saving tackle as Ryan Thomson eyed a shot at goal. The Pars' Thomson slams the turf in frustration, Golobart strokes his (own) beard.

2127: Andy Kirk, with his back to goal, hooks a left-foot shot wide of the target. Any goal now would most likely win the tie. We're at 84 minutes.

2125: Chris Smith seems to have recovered from an injury, which is just as well because Jim McIntyre has made three changes already.

2122: Jonny Tuffey dives to his left to save a shot from eight yards from Dunfermline's Ryan Thomson. With 10 minutes to go, this is getting interesting. Thomson should have buried that!

2120: Inverness CT's Andrew Shinnie thumps a half volley at goal from the edge of the box that Chris Smith does well to stretch and tip over the bar.

Yellow card
2117: Well, well. Richie Foran and Jonny Hayes - teammates! - have a fiery exchange and shove one another right under the nose of the ref, who books both players.

2116: "We're back to where we started, a little bit tense, a little bit scared. Who is going to win this cup tie?" BBC Scotland football pundit Billy Dodds

2114: frasermeldrum on Twitter: "I thought after the original tie, that Jonny Hayes would never score an easier goal...I was wrong! #bbcsportsound"

2111: And it's Inverness who look the more likely team to win this game. They are gradually beginning to string some passes together and are winning the 50-50s.

2109: After Paul Willis came on for David Graham, Jim McIntyre makes his second sub, removing Andy Barrowman and sending on Liam Buchanan. It's hard to tell if Barrowman is in the huff as he makes his way off the pitch, or injured.

2108: The good news is this is now much more exciting. The bad news is...what happens if the game goes to extra time and it all falls flat again? Can you get boring extra time?

2106: Richie Foran shows he has an appetite for the game by racing back to help his defence. He must have made up 10 yards on Andy Kirk before he tackled him.

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2105: What a lovely image has been conjured by Christina in Warwick: "Listening to live commentary on laptop, lining up my wee subbuteo Dunfermline players. Oh no, Inverness Caley just scored! Misery!"

2103: Gregory Tade wakes from his slumber and goes on a mazy run in to the Pars box but cannot apply the finish to put Inverness in the lead.

2101: That was mainly Keddie's fault but it's all the more galling for Smith to be involved in the Caley Thistle equaliser for he committed the howler in the 94th minute of the original tie that allowed ICT to force the replay.

2058: Utter, utter agony for Alex Keddie and his goalie Chris Smith. Keddie makes a dangerous back-header to Smith and as the keeper rushes from goal he collides with Kevin Rutkiewicz. The ball ricochets towards the goal and is knocked over the line by a disbelieving Jonny Hayes. Calamitous stuff.

GOAL! Dunfermline 1-1 Inverness CT (Hayes)

2055: Billy McKay scurries down the left but takes a poor touch in the box, knocking the ball further forward than he would have wished. With his angle to goal reduced, he opts to shoot rather than cross and Chris Smith saves for Dunfermline.

2054: It's a midfield tussle at the minute. No more chances of note to report...

2052: What a boost it would be for Dunfermline if they could hang on to this lead. It would be a welcome relief from their SPL struggle.

2051: At the other end, the Pars' David Graham, he of the thick beard, slices a shot high and wide from 25 yards.

2050: Andrew Shinnie gives an indication of Inverness's intent by firing a shot at goal...though wide.

2048: We're back in action.

2046: Did I really just hear reporter Jim Spence say his wife had put a few ginger nut crunch biscuits in his jacket pocket? Ah, the romance. Wonder if he'll dook them in to his half-time beef-flavoured hot drink?

2043: Real Madrid v Barcelona just would be on tonight, would it not? Just to rub it in. Are they even playing the same sport as we've been watching this evening?!

2037: "Dunfermline are used to losing goals and because of that fragility you have got to go and ask questions. I expect more from them in the second half." Some advice for Inverness from BBC Scotland football pundit Craig Paterson

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2035: Salisbury Par by text: "Last time this lot played in a cup replay it was a 5 goal thriller. Just hope Pars score all 5 this time."

Half time
2034: HALF-TIME: Dunfermline 1-0 Inverness CT

2032: Richie Foran wins a rather soft free-kick for Inverness on the edge of the box. Thomas Piermayr hammers in a shot from a short lay-off but the sting is taken out of it by a deflection and Chris Smith has the easiest of saves.

2030: "It doesn't look like it's going to be a high-scoring match but for the goal we saw four bits of quality - the tackle, the pass, the cross and the header." BBC Scotland football pundit Billy Dodds

Yellow card
2028: Just prior to that Pars goal, their midfield enforcer Martin Hardie was booked for a tug on a jersey. He will miss his team's next cup game.

If ever a game needed a goal, I promise you it is this one. And thanks to a great ball looping cross to the back post by Joe Cardle and a powerful header by Andy Barrowman, we now have one! Yee-har! Excellent stuff at last.

GOAL! Dunfermline 1-0 Inverness CT (Barrowman)

2024: Inverness playmaker Greg Tansey powers a free-kick from all of 30 yards...and there's a danger the ball will confuse all those stargazing this evening. Awful!

2023: KevinCFC1 on Twitter: "Moan the Pars! As a Celtic fan I never ever want I.C.T in the Scottish Cup. I remember too well when super Caley went ballistic! #bbcsportsound"

2021: Ross Tokely slides in on Joe Cardle - perhaps as punishment for that delivery! - and Dunfermline win a free kick 22 yards from goal. Martin Hardie takes the responsibility for the set piece this time but his free kick is a bit too powder puff and is saved easily - the last time you will see Hardie's name and powder puff in the same sentence.

2019: Well, maybe not. The trajectory is all wrong, like a wet paper aeroplane's, and the first Inverness defender heads clear.

2018: OK, Joe Cardle has a free-kick for the Pars that he will launch into the Caley Thistle box...

2017: Radio Scotland commentator Liam McLeod sounds as if he is coping with the cold weather admirably. I don't detect any chittering of teeth. Earlier today, he was wandering round the office eyeing up colleagues' jackets, hats and scarves for fear of freezing in the gantry at East End Park.

2015: "Nobody looks like scoring. No half-chances, I think we're in for a long night." BBC Scotland football pundit Billy 'Gimme Some Action' Dodds

2013: Ah, now that's a bit better from Inverness. Greg Tansey gets in to a decent position in the box and manages a shot at goal but it's deflected in to the arms of grateful Pars goalie Chris Smith.

2011: The ball is taking an utter hammering! Hoof, woof, hoof - it's a dog and pony show without the glitz.

2009: charlesinembra on Twitter: "#bbcsportsound You mention Butcher's beard. Pars David Graham has said he is not shaving until the Pars win. He's itching for a victory." Wey-hey!

2007: Andy Kirk berates himself for dithering in an offside position when the ball was played through the Inverness defence by Andy Barrowman.

2005: After a bright start by Dunfermline, the game has become very scrappy. We're 20 minutes in - this could be a long night!

2003: Caley Thistle's Roman Golobart is penalised for a challenge inside the Pars half for a late challenge on Andy Kirk.

2001: Remember, Celtic face the winners of this match. The other fifth-round ties are Hibernian v Kilmarnock, Motherwell v Morton, St Mirren v Ross County, Ayr v Falkirk, Rangers v Dundee Utd, Hearts v St Johnstone and Aberdeen v Queen of the South.

1959: Inverness are struggling to string the passes together. The Pars are picking up the ball from the visitors far too easily.

1957: I can't help thinking that the lack of fans in the crowd must have a damaging effect on the players' performances, although for some players whose confidence is low perhaps a low-key game is just what's required. (Just as long as they forget they are live on telly.)

1955: Martin Hardie's free-kick beats the Inverness wall but not Jonny Tuffey, who shimmies across his goal-line to sweep up the ball.

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1953: Pete the Dons fan, by text: "Dwindling crowds are due to the general staleness of Scottish football not the weather."

1952: Big Terry Butcher, the Inverness manager, is growing a beard for charity. He looks even more menacing when he's angry with all that facial hair.

1950: I will be surprised if Dunfermline have many better chances than that. Andy Barrowman was one-on-one with Tuffey and had plenty of time to pick his spot. Instead, his shot was weak and too close to the goalie.

1949: Whaddya know, Barrowman has another chance within seconds and he should have done better against the Inverness keeper, who makes the block. A good start by the home side.

1948: And straight away, Andy Barrowman tries his luck with a shot from 25 yards that whistles past Jonny Tuffey's goal.

1946: Dunfermline take the kick-off.

1944: The teams are out on the pitch. Let's hope the players put on a show that would encourage the fans to return to East End Park in the coming months.

1941: Sportsound anchor Richard Gordon warns that it could be a "ghostly feel" inside the stadium. Well, Celtic manager Neil Lennon and Alan Thompson are there, not quite ghoul-like, but there you are.

1939: Dearie me, they are only opening one stand at East End Park for this match. That's pretty shocking, I reckon. Mind you, it's a long way for Inverness fans to travel for a midweek evening match. But where are the Pars fans?

1937: INVERNESS CT TEAM: Tuffey, Piermayr, Tokely, Golobart, Cox, Hayes, Tansey, Foran, Tade, Graeme Shinnie, McKay. Subs: Esson, Andrew Shinnie, Ross, Proctor, Meekings.

1935: DUNFERMLINE TEAM: Smith, Dowie, Rutkiewicz, Keddie, Boyle, Cardle, Thomson, Hardie, Graham, Kirk, Barrowman. Subs: Goodfellow, Mason, Potter, Buchanan, Willis.

1933: St Mirren now look hot favourites to sign Imrie. We'll have highlights of the Buddies' narrow win over Hamilton from last night on the website in an hour or so. I'm looking forward to seeing Imrie's 35-yard shot that hit the post near the end of the match.

1931: Here's a statement that has been posted on the Dundee United website: "Dundee United tonight confirm they will not be pursuing the signature of Dougie Imrie. A bid of £25,000 was rejected by Hamilton and we now consider the matter closed. Chairman Stephen Thompson said: 'We had made an offer which we thought was fair, Hamilton have chosen to reject the offer as they were perfectly entitled to do. We have now withdrawn the initial offer and will not be pursuing this transfer.'"

1929: If sending a text is not your thing, why not give Twitter a go. You can send us a message using the hashtag #bbcsportsound.

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1927: Neil in Edinburgh has been texting us on 80295 to comment on our story about Hearts striker Kevin Kyle: "Really hope big Kevin Kyle can get back playing again for a hearts, a real nice guy who did brilliant for us, a real gentleman , the fans at Tynecastle love the big man."

1925: I'll drop in the line-ups for both teams as soon as I have them. We'll have highlights of the match on the BBC Sport website later this evening so here's hoping there are lots of goals to show.

1923: "It will be a cracker tonight. It is a good pitch and both teams will go for it as they are both like that." Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager Terry Butcher

1922: "We've had three draws this season. We are closely matched and I don't see it being much different tonight. We've struggled at home this season and are on a poor run, so it's important that we record a win sooner rather than later." Dunfermline manager Jim McIntyre

1919: For the winners, there is the prospect of a home tie against Celtic in the fifth round. We could have extra time and penalties tonight, you know.

1915: Welcome, welcome, welcome to live coverage of Dunfermline v Inverness Caley Thistle, who are going head to head in the Scottish Cup fourth round replay at East End Park.

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