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Match of the Day's theme tune, called Match of the Day, was specially composed for the show by Barry Stoller.

The Football Focus theme tune for the 2007/08 season is called Kill The Director, by The Wombats.

The Final Score and Score theme tune is called Theme From Sparta FC, by The Fall.

Match of the Day's Euro 2008 theme is Mozart's Symphony 41, performed by Unkle.

EURO 2008: 29 JUNE

Music used in the BBC's Euro 2008 final coverage:

Germany preview piece

White Out, by J-Spool (track nine from the album The Wave Machine)

Spain preview piece

Desaparecido, by Manu Chao (taken from the album Clandestino)

Adrian Chiles's review of the tournament

Broom Of Truth, by Thomas Newman (track 18 on the cd Angels In America)
Track six on the cd Directors Cuts: Fantasy (DCD008)
Track three on the cd Directors Cuts: Epic Choral (DCD019)
Habanera, from the musical Carmen (The version used was track 12 on the cd Opera Arias And Chorus)

Match of the Day pundits' memories

Time To Pretend, by MGMT (from the album Oracular Spectacular)

Olympics trail

SRXT, by Bloc Party

Euro 2008 goals montage

Paralyzed, by Rooney (from the album Calling The World)

Closing montage

Mozart's Vesperae Solennes De Confessore In C Major, K. 339: V Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes (ps. 116/117). The version used was from the cd Mozart: Requiem, featuring the Swedish Radio Choir and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Qu: what is the music used for the Match of the Day Unplugged Euro 2008 Memories feature? Thank you very much!
Kaya, UK

Ans: I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me, by Get Well Soon

EURO 2008: 28 JUNE

Qu: On the piece about Spain today Saturday 28th June on Football Focus and perennial under-achievers etc etc the backing music was a Spanish song, what was the name of the song and the artist? The refrain was something like cuando llegare I think?
Ian, Gateshead

Ans: Desaparecido, by Manu Chao (taken from the album Clandestino)

Qu: Tune at the end of 28th of June Footy Focus. The one where Jake walks around with the "EURO 2008 Champions?" sign.
Tones, North

Ans: All The Same, by Sick Puppies (from the album Dressed Up As Life)

EURO 2008: 26 JUNE

Qu: Can u tell me the name of the song at the end of last night's programme (26 June) which showed highlights of the spain v russia game. it was classical from what i could tell and was used over the montage of the two semi final games.
James, birmingham

Ans: Bach's Cello Suite Number 1

EURO 2008: 25 JUNE

Qu: On June 25 on the Match of the Day coverage of the Germany - Turkey game, what was the name of the song used in the clip at the start featuring Boris Becker? Many Thanks.
Keith Marshall, Bath

Ans: Trouble in Paradise, by Unkle (from their album End Titles...Stories For Film)

Qu: What was the name of the song that was played at the end of Match of the Day on Wednesday 25th June. The piece of music was played over Germany's previous Euro Finals clippings. Thanks
Stewart, Luton

Ans: I'll Be Ready, by Jimi Jamison. (This was also the theme tune to 1990s American TV series Baywatch).

EURO 2008: 22 JUNE

Qu: Can you please tell me the track you played at the end of the Euro 2008 match last night (22nd June) between Spain & Italy - "I want to live before I die"?. Cheers.
Jan Heath, UK

Ans: I'm Gonna Live Till I Die, by Frank Sinatra.

Qu: What was the song on during HT of Spain v Italy (22 June) when the Holland v Russia highlights were being shown? Thanks
Clarke, Scotland

Ans: Wait For Me, by Pigeon Detectives

Qu: 22nd june, spain v italy , what was the music used in the pre-penalty montage of spain's history when taking penalties? lyrics "when you call my name" thanks.
pete cox, uk

Ans: Come Undone, by Duran Duran

EURO 2008: 21 JUNE

Qu: What was the song in the song in football focus's euro 2008 ups and downs?
lucas smith, london

Ans: Several pieces were used in this feature. They were:

Mario Gomez: I Just Don't Know What Do With Myself, by Dionne Warwick
Gianluigi Buffon: Shoot Your Shot, by Ugly Duckling
Petr Cech: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, by The Beatles
Wesley Sneijder: I'm Good, by DJ Format & Abdominal
Cristian Ronaldo: Bad Day, by Mark B & Blade
Andrei Arshavin: Superfly, by Curtis Mayfield
The French: All Good?, by De La Soul & Chaka Khan
David Villa: Sittin' On Top Of The World, by Dean Martin
Luca Toni: I'm No Good, by Amy Winehouse

Qu: What was the acoustic cowboy style music played during the preview feature of the Spain-Italy match during Football Focus, 21st June? Thanks!
Daniel, Leamington Spa

Ans: Iguazu, by Gustavo Santaolalla (taken from his albim Ronroco)

Qu: I've just watched match of the day unplugged where you showed Football Focus behind the scenes for the show that was aired after the turkey/croatia match. In the show there was a piece where the presenter was talking about the art work. You used a nice classical piece of music behind it to accompany the montage of the art work. Can you please tell me what the music was. Thank you
Matthew Robinson, United Kingdom

Qu: can you tell me the piano music that was played on football focus on june 21st? it was played at the beginning of the program and jake humphries was the presenter
Michael, scotland

Ans: The answer to both these questions is - Triumphant, by Royksopp (on the album The Understanding)

Qu: Hi guys, what was the name of the song for the preview of the Italy V Spain match aired after the Russia V Holland match (21-06-08). Also I would just like to say you gies do a top job with all these montages, I think they produce the magical peice to the BBC's presentation and the tournaments as a whole. Keep up the good work!
Mike Straw, Ewhurst, Surrey

Ans: Iguazu, by Gustavo Santaolalla

Qu: Hi there, what was the music on match of the day Russia vs Holland (21 June) just before the programme finished and was played during the montage of the game? It was a classical piece i have heard before but cannot remember the title and composer. I would appreciate if you could tell us. (PS the main melody of the piece is heard when sniejder crosses the ball for the RVN goal. Cheers
Roberto, UK

Ans: Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1 In B Flat Minor

Qu: what was the music on the highlights of portugal v germany at 12:50 on football focus?? Mike, belfast

Ans: Live And Let Die, Guns 'N' Roses

EURO 2008: 19 JUNE

Qu: Hi, Please can you tell me the name of the piece of classical music used on the closer for the Euro 2008 Match of the Day Hightlights programme (19/6/08). Time 0014 (20/6/08). Many thanks.
Anon., London

Ans: Beethoven's Ode To Joy (Symphony No. 9 In D Minor).

EURO 2008: 18 JUNE

Qu: What was the music at the end of Euro MOTD that has just finished @ 23:38 (18 June)? It was the round-up of the day's action. Thanks.
Ollie, Stroud

Ans: Don't Blow It, by Cliff Martinez

EURO 2008: 17 JUNE

Qu: What was the name of the song in the video montage at the end of the Italy V France game (18-06-2008) I think it could have been a Matt Monro song, or an artist along those lines? Many thanks
Michael Straw, Ewhurst, Surrey

Ans: Smile, by Nat King Cole.

Qu: Could you tell me the name of the music used for the montage at the start of Match of the Day Italy v France on BBC1 on 17th June. (the montage involved an art gallery and the music was just a piano playing). Many thanks
Rob, UK

Ans: I Giorni, by Ludovico Einaudi (taken from the album I Giorni)

EURO 2008: 16 JUNE

Qu: What Was The Music Playing During The Montage Before The Austria And Germany Game On Match Of The Day On The 16/06/2008. Can't Get The Song Out Of My Head.
Gareth Evans, Liverpool,England

Ans: Life In Technicolour, by Coldplay (from their new album Viva La Vida).

EURO 2008: 13 JUNE

Qu: Could you please tell me the song that was played during the Holland v France programme on the 13th June, when the highlights of Italy v Romania were being shown? The lyrics were "Another day...". Thank you.
Sam, South Wales

Ans: We had loads of emails about this. It's called Breathe, by Telepopmusik

Qu: what's the name of the closing montage of the holland-france game (13 june)?
jurgen snaphaan, holland

Ans: Can't Take My Eyes Off You, by Andy Williams.

EURO 2008: 12 JUNE

Qu: Euro 2008 12th June Austria vs Poland. What was the music at the end please?
anthony Wilcox, uk

Ans: Out At The Pictures, by Hot Chip (from the album Made In The Dark).

Qu: During last night's Euro 2008 Match of the Day there was a track played during the highlights of the Croatia v Germany game which I think would be called 'So you think you're a superstar' - please could you let me know the title and artist. Many thanks
Sarah Darley, England

Ans: Superstar, by Lupe Fiasco

Qu: What was the piece of music that played at the end of the Austria Vs Poland match tonight? It played over a preview for tomorrow's games between France/Netherlands. It had a Kadinsky style background and different video in the squares. Thanx
Bruce Gibb, UK

Ans: Sylvia, by Focus.

Qu: can you please tell me the name of the song and artist on the "MOTD's Adrian Chiles on the couch video" thanks

Ans: Hi Stuartm a lot of music was used in this piece: Her Fabulous Incipience; Sumbit; Acolyte Of The Flux; The Infinite Descent, all taken from the CD Angels In America, by Thomas Newman; Windmills Of Your Mind, by Dusty Springfield.

EURO 2008: 11 JUNE

Qu: Could you please tell me what song was playing when MOTD was showing the former hat-trick scorers in the European championships during the Turkey vs Switzerland coverage?
Greg Surtees, Maidstone, England

Ans: Starts With One, by Shiny Toy Guns

Qu: What was the music being played as Portugal and the Czech Republic highlights were being shown tonight on UEFA 2008 Match of The Day Live following the Switzerland vs Turkey match. Started with a bird's eye view of the Portugal team bus entering the stadium grounds..cheers!
Oscar Russell, Tooting, London

Ans: Adagio In D Minor, by John Murphy.

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of the song used at the end of the Euro 2008 Switzerland vs Turkey game 11th June 2008 Many Thanks for your time.

Ans: It was the Mint Royale remix of Singing' In The Rain.

EURO 2008: 10 JUNE

Qu: What is the name of the song that was played on Uefa Euro 2008 Match of the day at 4.45 on 10th of June. It was played during a time line section before play started?
Torrie, London

Ans: Hi Torrie, I think you mean the Spain v Russia preview piece. The track was called Building Steam With a Grain of Salt, by DJ Shadow.

Qu: yesterday on the 10th of june 2008 and during the spain/russia match. the program showed the goals of holland against italy, the background song was of an operatic nature probably in italian that went from a slow pace to a creshendo. I will be ever so grateful if you can let me know more about it and how can I get it.
nasri tomb, london

Ans: Nineveh, by E.S. Posthumus. You'll find it on their debut album Unearthed.

Qu: Hello, xould you please tell me about the music(name of band and song) that plays at the beginning of the motd unplugged: lineker & capello interview? Thank you.
john williamson

Ans: Moving To New York, by Wombats (instrumental version).

EURO 2008: 8 JUNE

Qu: I just wondered if you would be able to let me know what music Match of the Day used to accompany the German tournament history montage prior to Germany vs Poland on Sunday 8th June? It was a string piece that I am sure I recognise - I have a feeling that it may be on an Ian Brown (???) album or something but if you could let me know it would be much appreciated as i really like it! MOTD seem to use a lot of good and varied music so keep up the good work guys!!
Ian, UK

Ans: Hi Ian, two tracks were used on that piece. One was indeed by Ian Brown, called Save Us. The other was callled My Weakness, by Moby.

EURO 2008: 7 JUNE

Qu: What was the track following the Germany v Poland game used in the short advert for tomorrow nights France v Romania game?
Andy Mackie, Lanarkshire

Ans: Burning, by The Whitest Boy.

Qu: What was the music during the highlights of the Austria vs. Croatia match shown towards the end of the Germany vs. Poland Euro 2008 programme on 8 June? Thanks
Joe McMahon, London

Ans: That's Not My Name, by The Ting Tings.

Qu: Before the kick off and opening ceremony of the match between the Czech and Swiss National teams, there was a highlight reel that seem to include great plays and golas from Euro 04 and some from World cup 2006. It featured Van Nistelroij and Ronaldo to name just a few. In the background the was a song with a female voice. On of the verses ended in the words "such a rush" and then " Whoah, whoah, whoah!" Who is this artist or artisits and what is the name of the song?
Mike Daniels, Germany

Ans: Wow, by Kylie Minogue (taken from her album X)

Qu: what was the song at the end of football focus on saturday june 7th? cheers
andy, uk

Ans: Miss You, by Feeder

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