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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 July 2006, 11:06 GMT 12:06 UK
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Music details
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Heard a song you like on Match of the Day, Football Focus or Score?

Want to know what it is?

Then e-mail us and we will do our best to track it down for you. Answers to any queries will be published below.

Please note we can only answer BBC TV FOOTBALL enquiries, so we won't be able to tell you what the soundtrack to Only Fools and Horses is.

Requests for details about music used on other sport programmes should be made here:

Check out our archive to see if your query has already been answered:

Match of the Day's theme tune was specially composed for the show by Barry Stoller.

The Football Focus theme tune is called Standback, by Linus Loves.

The Final Score and Score theme tune is called Theme From Sparta FC, by The Fall.

The music that accompanies Match of the Day's Goal of the Month feature is an instrumental version of Ashes, by Embrace.

Qu: Can you tell me what is the name of the music that accompanies the opening of the World Cup Match of the Day programmes? Richie, UK

Ans: The BBC's theme tune for the 2006 World Cup is 'Sports Prepare' by celebrated composer Carl Davis. Adapted from George Handel's "See the Conquering Hero Comes", Davis conducted this modern rendition with the BBC Concert Orchestra and the BBC Singers.

Qu: What is the BBC theme music for this year's World Cup (the adverts, with Thierry Henry on fire etc)? alan jarvie, uk

Ans: Won't Get Fooled Again, by The Who.

Qu: Hi, can you tell me what music was used at the end of the Match of the Day England v Portugal game. Paul, UK

Ans: Numb, by the Pet Shop Boys from the album Fundamental.

Qu: What music was used on goal of the tournament?

Ans: Rebellion (Lies), by Arcade Fire.

Qu: Can you please tell me the song played in the preview of the world cup final at half-time during the Third-Place playoff match? Rishi, UK

Ans: You're All I Have, by Snow Patrol.

Qu: 08/07/06- Football Focus. The music that was used for italy's route to world cup final! Cheers. stephano, UK

Ans: Apocalypse Please, by Muse.

Qu: Song played at the end of Football Focus today 8/7/06 World Cup preview with John Motson and Mark Lawrenson (Mark has been outstanding and uses humour to get the message across - really enjoyed his comments) Pat Livingston, England

Ans: You're All I Have, by Snow Patrol.

Qu: There was a song, a piano piece that was played during the montage of Germany losing in the semi-finals against Italy in the world cup 2006. There were news-paper quotes and fans showing while the piece was played on wed 5th July on the highlight show for France V Portugal. What was the song? Wafa, England

Ans: Monochrome, by Yann Tiersen.

Qu: The story of England's World Cup, a big music montage, was shown on several World Cup progammes and contained 4 or 5 pieces of music - can you list them for me please? Anthony, UK

Ans: Les Amants d'Edimbourg & Les Soleils de Miniut, both by Guy Chambers (taken from the album The Isis Project); John Cale's cover version of Hallelujah (track 17 on I'm Your Fan - The Music of Leonard Cohen); Breathe Me, by Sia Furler (track 3 on Colour The Small One; Atmosphere, by Joy Division (on the album Substance, 1977-1980).

Qu: What was the song at the end of Match of the Day, after the France v Portugal game? 5 July 2006 - 10pm? Elmac, England

Ans: No Tomorrow, by Orson.

Qu: hi. what was the song used for the "sven" piece aired during half time of the france/portugal semi-final? Thanks Andrew Barker, england

Ans: Come On Let's Go, by Broadcast.

Qu: 01.04.2006 - MOTD Live, England vs Portugal. What was the song used during the England so far music video, very low voice & the whole song was pretty much just a drumbeat. James McGuire, UK

Ans: Atmosphere, by Joy Division (track nine on the album Substance).

Qu: What is the name of the song which was played before the England v Portugal game, showing previous matches between portugal and england, this is also the same song found in the film 28 days later andy, england

Ans: Monochrome, by Yann Tiersen.

Qu: Hey, it seems Im not the 1st to do a search on bbc accompaniment music during football focus. Well i'd like to find out the acoustic song that played over the VT showcasing the images of the fans on 1 June. Cahir, northern ireland

Ans: Cello Song, by Nick Drake (taken from the album Way To Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake).

Qu: Could you please advise me the name of the song and the artist singing the track which was used during the intro to the Italy match match last night Friday 30 June 2006. It was some Italian guy sining some Italian song and I'd really like to know what it was and how to get hold of the track. Cheers guys. Ian, UK

Ans: Io Che Amo Solo Te, by Sergio Endrigo. It's from the album Italy 1960 Volume 1 (track 3).

Qu: Hi, tonight on the Italy v Ukraine World Cup show (30 June), right at the end you played a montage of england's route to the Quarter-Finals. Can you let me know the songs you played? I know you played Joy Division's Atmosphere but interested to know the previous two songs. Thank you! Nick Alonso-McGregor, UK

Ans: Les Amants D'Edimbourg & Les Soleils De Minuit both by Guy Chambers and Sophie Hunter.

Qu: The preview to the England v Portugal game during the Ukraine/Switzerland match (26 June). It's doing me head! shaun , uk

Ans: There were two tracks used - Atlantic by Keane; and Saeglopur by Sigur Ros.

Qu: I think it was after the Brazil v Ghana highlights the other night, presented by Adrian Chiles, there was a track played which I think is an old Stevie Wonder track (?), with lots of "na na na's" in it! Help!!! Nick, London, England

Ans: It was actually a song by German band The Scorpions, and is called Wind of Change.

Qu: Heard a version of "Light My Fire" by "The Doors" on football focus on 24/06/06. Just wondering what version was it? Sunny , U.K

Ans: It was a cover version by Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias.

Qu:The song I'm after was on football focus Saturday just gone (24/6) and it was played over highlights of England's progress so far, It's a lady who sings it but thats all I know about it, bit of a moody song but very good. Dan, England

Ans: Four tracks were used in this feature: Les Amants D'Edimbourg & Les Soleils De Minuit both by Guy Chambers and Sophie Hunter; Hallelujah by John Cale; Breath Me by Sia.

Qu: On the 10-06-06 broadcast of England vs. Paraguy, there was a great 7minute (almost) video of Englands world cup history. Can I please have the list of each of the songs used it in, they were all instrumentals and I believe there were about 7. Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work (especially with these videos!). James McGuire,

Ans: The theme music to four films was used - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest; Cold Mountain; Millions; and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. All were taken from an album called Film trailer sampler 2005: Non Stop Music.

Qu: Hi, Just wondering if you can tell me the name/artist of the song that was played during the England Video montage in the build up to the game of England vs Ecuador 25/06/06, I believe it was previously used in an adidas advert many years ago and would appreciate any information you could provide. Thank You Leon Kuforiji, England

Ans: Angel, by Massive Attack.

Qu: At the end of each World Cup match the same music track can be heard played across the stadium PA. Can you i.d. it please? Alan, UK

Ans: It's called the Fifa Anthem and was composed by Franz Lambert.

Qu: At the end of the England v Ecuador match who was performing don't stop me now? Gary Jessop, England

Ans: McFly - it's the Sport Relief single.

Qu: Please could you tell me the first track used (not the theme) on tonights (25th June 2006) World Cup MOTD? I heard it in a club the other week and I've ben unable to hunt it down. Cheers. Matt, England

Ans: Dreams [Axwell Remix], by Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks.

Qu: Help! Today (24th June) in World Cup MOTD just before Germany kicked off against Sweden, a montage clip was shown titled "when the hosts are smiling" or similar. Can you please tell me what the music was? It's driving me (and the rest of the family) mad as we've heard it before somewhere and can't remember what it is Mac, UK

Ans: Cinema Paradiso composed by Ennio Morriconeby and performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Qu: In your montage of England goals on Saturday's Footie Focus (24 June) some music played with a woman's voice, who was it? drshminky, UK

Ans: Four tracks were used in this feature: Les Amants D'Edimbourg & Les Soleils De Minuit both by Guy Chambers and Sophie Hunter; Hallelujah by John Cale; Breath Me by Sia.

Qu: what was the tune played in the opening sequence for the switzerland s korea game on the world cup highlights show (23/06)? thanks. RIchard, uk

Ans: Machete, by Moby.

Qu: What was the music accompanying the world cup legends on motd extras for Zidane. John, UK

Ans: No Use Crying, by Embrace (opening track on their most recent album This New Day).

Qu: Hi, can you tell me what music was used at the end of the Match of the Day highlights programme that showed England v Sweden. James, UK

Ans: It's Your Time, by Blade featuring Laurissa (track 9 on the album Guerilla Tactics).

Qu: On Match of the Day on the night of the England Sweden game (Tue 20th June) Adrian Chiles said we'll be with you til the July 9th for every England game, hopefully. MOTD then played a short trailer with clips of English players......but what is the music score? Please help! John, Ireland

Ans: Hoppípolla, by Sigur Ros. (It's also the theme tune to Planet Earth o BBC One).

Qu: Just wondering the name of title/artist of the song playing alongside the intro to Spain v Tunisia, 19th June, which showed highlights of Spain losing in a penalty shootout and to Portugal in Euro 2004. Thanks Alun , Wales

Ans: Achilles Heel, by Toploader.

Qu: What is the music at the start of the world cup match of the day progamme 16/06/2006 before the Argentina vs Serbia game? ie the highlights? Fantastic Peter Guy, England

Ans: La Racha, by Anibal Troilo (taken from the album Tango Vols 1 & 2).

Qu: Please may you tell me what the name of the music that followed the Spain v Tunisia match looking back at the first half (32 matches) of the World Cup was? Will, UK

Ans: We've had loads of emails about this - it was called Flames. It's track eight on the soundtrack to the film Crash.

Qu: What music (dramatic violin-centred classical piece) did you use for the package about Ghana's win over the Czech Rep shown after France v S Korea. Joe Churcher, England

Ans: Two pieces of music were used - Night Drum (Spirit of the Drum Mix), by Joseph Toro; and Felix Mendelssohn's Concerto in E Minor.

Qu: What was the instrumental used in the introduction of the Rio Ferdinand interview aired during half-time of France vs. South Korea? Brewer, uk

Ans: Drop It Like It's Hot, by Snoop Dogg.

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of the piece played after the main classical opening (sports prepare) right at the beginning of the France/South Korea game. 18th June. Just before the panel began talking. Thanks wendy, UK

Ans: Wish U Were There, by Bliss.

Qu: what was the music I heard which was played just before the Portugal v Iran game today (Sat 17 June 2006)? It was a female singer who was singing in Welsh I was quite a haunting track...i would love to know it's name...Thanks! Gaz, uk

Ans: We've had loads of emails about this - it was called Flames. It's track eight on the soundtrack to the film Crash.

Qu: What was the music used behind the sequence of "special word cup photographs" presented by Manish at the end of Football Focus on 17/6/2006 Peter Rendell, UK

Ans: Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix), by Depeche Mode.

Qu: Who is covering Wonderwall in the World Cup Daily interview with Gordan? Teresa, Scotland

Ans: Ryan Adams, taken from the album Rock 'N' Roll. Apparently Ryan Adams is a huge Oasis fan and Noel Gallagher is said to approve of his cover.

Qu: What was the song played at end credits of Italy vs Ghana match? mike cox, UK

Ans: Scandalous, by Mis-Teeq.

Qu: What was the song used during the World Cup Legends piece on Bobby Moore (shown Thursday evening - 15/06/06)? It sounds like the Jam but can you clarify? Matt, UK

Ans: It was indeed The Jam - the track's called Boy About Town.

Qu: What was the song that played at the end of MOTD highlights the night of the England v T+T game? The lyrics were "these could be the best days of our lives..." Matt, UK

Ans: Best Days, by Cord.

Qu: There was a great disco sounding track played in the birchill family on match of the day on 15 June. It had the lyrics "I believe in miracles..." Joe, UK

Ans: The song's called I Believe In Miracles, by Jackson Sisters.

Qu: Can you please tell me what the track was that was played after the Germany v Poland game - the hip hop one being played to the best goals scored in the tournament so far? Steve Murden, Dawlish, Devon

Ans: Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix), by The Beastie Boys.

Qu: What was the song that was playing at the end of Germany vs Poland? Burnzy, England

Ans: Just A Ride, by Jem.

Qu: On World Cup Match Of The Day, 12/06/06 at 11:30PM?, there was a song played when introducing the Ghana v Italy game. Could you tell me what that was please? Peter Morris, UK

Ans: Wake Up, by The Arcade Fire .

Qu: What song was used over the intro to the highlights at the start of the programme on match of the day 13/6/06 Craig, UK

Ans: Hi Craig, if you mean the 'coming up on tonight's programme' bit (we call them scenesets), then the song was called Dreams [Axwell Remix], by Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks.

Qu: Please could u let me know the name of the second song and artist used in the franz beckenbauer feature in tonight's match of the day show (13/06/06). ben duffew, england

Ans: Oh My God, by Kaiser Chiefs

Qu: Can you let me know what the exit tune for Match of the Day was for the programme which showed the Brazil V Croatia 2006 world cup match? Nnamdi Aghanya, Ireland

Ans: Futebol De Bar, by Mariano, Cesar & Cia. Taken from the album Beginners' Guide To World Lounge.

Qu: On tues 13/6/06 you played a song over a ronaldo montage on World Cup Match Of The Day. Lyrics said "Supershine number 9" Please tell me what it is. Thanks Mel, England

Ans: Super Shine No.9, by Sister Goose and The Ducklings (you'll find it on an album called The Sound Spectrum).

Qu: I heard a female singer during the Brazil montage during the build up to the Croatia game on Tuesday 13th June. Can you tell me what the song was? It was something like "If I...". Thanks! Paul, UK

Ans: Hi Paul, three pieces of music were used in that montage - Pele (Ballistic Brothers Mix), by Arakatuba; Sunset by Nitin Sawhney; and Mas Que Nada, by The Tamba Trio.

Qu: What was the music used for the halfway stage montage last night, during the Spain v Tunisia match (19/06)? Neil, Scotland

Ans: We've had loads of emails about this - it was called Flames. It's track eight on the soundtrack to the film Crash.

Qu: Could you tell me what music was played during the photo montage segment (during half time of France-Switzerland on 13/06/06). Adam, UK

Ans: Cry, by Godley and Creme.

Qu: What was the song used during Thierry Henry's goals at the beginning of the MOTD live for the France vs Switzerland match at 16.45, on 13/6/06? Michael, England

Ans: Va Va Voom, by Brasshoppers.

Qu: What is the tune played when Gary goes through the day's World Cup games schedule? Amandeep S. Heer, UK

Qu: Post Italy v Ghana tonight, what was the 30 second music clip used on the VT for "Highlight matches later on MOTD tonight"? Baz, UK

Ans: Back On Line by Inxs. On the album Welcome To Wherever You Are.

Qu: What track was played at the end of the coverage of the Serbia Montenegro vs Holland game on Sunday afternoon's MOTD live (11 June). Fantastic service. Great use of the interweb. S White,

Ans: Late At Night, by Electronic (on the album Twisted Tenderness).

Qu: What is the name of the song, a short extract of which is played just before the commentators begin talking on the World Cup coverage, when the map of Germany in gold comes up? Chris Faulkner, England

Ans: Say Hello, by Deepdish.

Qu: What is the name of the piece of classical opera that you featured at the start of the build-up to the Italy v Ghana match (12 June)? I've heard it so many times but never knew the title! Ben Tinsley, UK

Ans: O Mio Babbino Caro, by Giacomo Puccini - performed by Gianni Schicchi (you'll find it on Classical Series Volume 3 - Opera by BMG).

Qu: Hi, please can you tell me the music that was played during half time of Holland v S&M (13:45 - 11/06/06). It was played during highlights of the England v Paraguay game. I think it sounds a bit like Stone Roses / Ian Brown. Cheers. Mike Coutts, UK

Ans: All Ablaze by Ian Brown, from his Greatest Hits album, The Greatest.

Qu: What was the music at the end of the World Cup Match of the Day Program, England vs Paraguay (10-06-06), during the credits? Thomas McCredie, UK

Qu: What is the music being used for the end credits of MOTD2 during the World Cup? (or at least for saturday 10th June) Nick Palmer, UK

Ans: On both these programmes it was Skip to the End, by The Futureheads (taken from the album News And Tributes). But normally the MOTD highlights programme finishes with the World Cup theme music (see above).

Qu: What was the music used at the end of the Match of the Day highlights show on the first day of the World Cup. It was about English memories of the World Cup and was a classical piece? Mat, England

Ans: Balcony Scene from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. It's also on an album called Space Between Us, by Craig Armstrong. (The same song was used on the 'Greatest Artists in the Wolrd" trail for Euro 2004).

Qu: Just wondering what the track that was used tonight (9/6/06) on the World Cup MOTD during the montage of top 5 unmemorable opening England games? David Gould, United Kingdom

Ans: Dead Bodies, by Air (from the Virgin Suicides soundtrack.)

Qu: What is the song you used during the build-up montage of the first World Cup programme (Friday 9 June) where Gary Lineker was standing on the balcony? I think it was like an orchestral piece... Ross, England

Ans: Compte a Rebours, by Guy Chambers (taken from the album Isis Project).

Qu: Really liked the music you used over the Dutch montage for the World Cup programme at 1.45 today (Sunday 11 June). What is it called? Thanks Nigel, UK
Ans: Intro, by Dutch band Within Temptation - the opening track on the album The Silent Force.

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