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Live - Carling Cup

FT Burnley 3-2 Tottenham (4-6 on agg)


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2238: I need to lie down. Burnley - you were magnificent. As a town and a football club, hold your heads high. Tottenham, you're at Wembley. For that, congratulations. Tim Lovejoy is taking your calls on 606 on BBC Radio 5 Live right now, and our Aussie Open tennis coverage starts again soon. Paul Fletcher will bring you Derby v Forest in the FA Cup on Friday and I'll be back on Saturday. Thanks for your company. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. My word.

2235: "It's certainly gut-wrenching. No-one outside that dressing-room gave us a chance, but we believed and we were two minutes away from getting there. They are the margins at this level. But we are so proud of that performance. It's not always the better team that wins."
Burnley boss Owen Coyle

2232: "For those of you who missed the match, the highlights will be shown on Crimewatch later."
Chris, Brighton, via text on 81111

2231: Burnley fans, I'm so sorry. I hope, in some small, tiny way, Danny the Stat can start to piece your football-supporting lives back together: "Well Spurs, who lost, but won, have massively lost the battle of Player Rater against Burnley who won, but lost. Sevens and Eights are the order of the day for the Clarets with Robbie Blake notching a nine-bothering 8.49. Threes and fours for most of the Spurs boys, with Roman Pavlyuchenko topping the marks with 5.74. Anyways, plenty of scope for you lot to have your say - get, very much, involved..."
Rate the players

2228: "I can only apologise. They deserved it far, far more than us and we benefited from what is, quite frankly, a very silly system with away goals only counting after extra-time."
MightySpurs08-09 on 606
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2225: "I know we made a meal of it, and I know it's no reason to celebrate going into extra-time, and we still lost 3-2, but I'm ecstatic."
Rich, Spurs fan, via text on 81111

2223: I just don't know where to begin. I've never, ever seen so many texts from supporters of a club telling me they hope their team loses. You can understand why, too. Burnley were simply magnificent tonight and they deserved so much more than to be brave losers. Tottenham, on this form, face a battle to stay in the Premier League. But they must be congratulated for eventually showing the heart that booked a Carling Cup final place. Amazing.

2221: "That was a magnificent game of football that had absolutely everything. It's extremely unfortunate for Burnley because they were so close, but that little bit of class did eventually tell right at the end. Burnley won tonight, whatever the final result. They are the winners. "
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2218: Full-time in extra-time Burnley 3-2 Tottenham
Tottenham reach the Carling Cup final by beating Burnley 6-4 on aggregate

2217: "Football is such a cruel game. Is it right that I have tears in my eyes for a team I don't support?"
PotentPotables on 606
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2215: GOAL Burnley 3-2 Tottenham
That's it. Roman Pavlyuchenko finds Jermain Defoe 30 yards out, he sees off his marker and bends in a shot from the edge of the penalty area that curls past Brian Jensen into the corner of the Burnley net.

2213: GOAL Burnley 3-1 Tottenham
I can't believe it. Gareth Bale is down the left, outside the Burnley area, and he clips a pass in for Benoit Assou-Ekotto, who pulls the ball back to around the penalty spot for Roman Pavlyuchenko, who has scored in every game in the tournament he has played in, to rifle the ball left-footed past Brian Jensen. Heartbreaker.

2212: Clarke Carlisle is right there again to clear away Roman Pavlyuchenko's great right-wing cross, with Brian Jensen's catch completing the job for Burnley.

2211: There are less than five minutes to go.

2211: "Even as a Spurs fan, there's a huge part of me that wants Burnley to go through. They are better than us, and I don't want to rob a team with such heart of going to Wembley."
Damien, Morden, via text on 81111

2208: Adel Taarabt tries a shot from fully 40 yards that takes a deflection and spins into the arms of Brian Jensen. It's pathetic shooting from there at this stage, absolutely pathetic. Someone spell out the word 'mixer' to that young man.

2206: See 2201 - yes, Westy forgot Man United and Liverpool's exploits in their Champions League finals. He's almost certainly kicking himself as I write this.

2205: Spurs don't seem to have that much fight in them. They should be battering the Burnley door down searching for that crucial goal, but they aren't.

2204: "Proper English football this, fantastic stuff. Also, the Carling Cup is unique with this two-legged semi-final, only top-flight domestic competition like it. And it's brilliant."
Mr Butler on 606
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2201: We are back under way. Spurs have 15 minutes to score, or they will lose their Carling Cup crown.

2201: Other great comebacks, courtesy of Westy:

Middlesbrough 4-1 Basle
Uefa Cup quarter-final, second leg, April 2006 (Boro win 4-3 on aggregate)

Boro were 2-0 down after the first leg and went 1-0 down in the second leg. But they equalised before half-time and went on to win it.

Spurs 3-4 Man City
FA Cup fourth round Feb 2004

Spurs 3-0 up at half-time against 10 men lost to an amazing second half City performance.

Tranmere 4-3 Southampton
FA Cup fifth round replay, Feb 2001

Saints 3-0 up at half-time but blew it.

2200: "I've just noticed that Burnley are starting to get a bit leggy. They may be tensing up because they can see the finishing line in sight."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2159: Half-time in extra-time Burnley 3-0 Tottenham

2159: Chris McCann slightly over-hits a pass that was intended for Jay Rodriguez and the substitute was clean through if it'd had reached him. Agonising.

2157: Adel Taarabt sets up Roman Pavluchenko and he turns on to his left foot, hitting a rocket that cannons off the monumental Clarke Carlisle and away to safety for Burnley.

2155: "Do you think the Burnley players know they are going through as things stand? They are pushing people forward all the time, it's as though they are gambling on needing another goal!"
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2154: I know a lot of Spurs fans, and I have an idea how they will be feeling right now. Probably like I did while watching Forest lose 5-2 at home to Yeovil in the play-offs in 2007. Martin Paterson is taken off for Burnley after an immense shift and the powerhouse Ade Akinbiyi is his muscular replacement.

2151: "If we do make it through, Harry should tell them all that not one of them will be playing in the final. Disgrace."
Ryan, Hartlepool, via text on 81111

2149: Roman Pavlyuchenko controls a long ball into the Burnley box really well, but to make some space for a shot he has to move outside the penalty area and his shot is straight at Brian Jensen.

2147: Adel Taarabt, who has more tricks than Paul Daniels, comes on for Chris Gunter. Spurs have to go for this a little bit now.

2146: Tom Huddlestone, who can hit a football, hits this football towards the bottom left-hand corner of Brian Jensen's net from the left-hand corner of the 18-yard box, but the Burnley keeper gets down brilliantly to parry the ball away.

2146: "Witnessing something like this restores your faith in football."
kasia_smith on 606
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2144: Clarification alert: If things stay like this and there are no goals in extra-time, Burnley will be in the Carling Cup final to face Manchester United.

2143: I just do not know what to make of this football season. Every time you think nothing more remarkable can happen, it does. This is incredible. We are now into extra-time at Turf Moor. What a game this is.

2142: "My mate Vince was so confident Spurs would win he said he'd take me to any Prem game I wanted. We'll be going to see Arsenal!"
Stu, Brighton, via text on 81111

2140: "That was perfect from a Burnley point of view. They were outstanding in that half, they kept their patience and kept playing. As for Spurs, they look like a shadow of a team at the moment."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2139: Full-time Burnley 3-0 Tottenham

2138: My word they nearly got that winner. Chris McCann sets up Martin Paterson but just as the striker is set to pull the trigger, Michael Dawson gets in a sensational block.

2137: "Burnley were 100-1 to go through..."
Ashton Gate on 606
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2136: Roman Pavlyuchenko slams in a right-foot shot that is deflected wide for a corner to Tottenham.

2135: Yep, this does mean extra-time, for those of you asking. We've just entered injury time.

2133: GOAL Burnley 3-0 Tottenham
Oh. Oh my. Robbie Blake lofts a long free-kick into the heart of the Tottenham area and Ben Alnwick, coming through about a million players, cannot get enough on the ball, it lands at the feet of local lad Jay Rodriguez, who coolly volleys left-footed into the net. Turf Moor erupts in extraordinary fashion.

2132: "The way Spurs are defending this could actually happen! Either way, it's been a superb effort from Burnley."
Anonymous, via text on 81111

2129: Ben Alnwick's clearance falls to Gareth Bale and his shot is saved by Brian Jensen, the keeper getting up really well to block Jermain Defoe's attempted effort from the rebound.

2128: Chris Eagles sends over such a dangerous low cross from the right and Michael Dawson does fabulously well to get in front of his striker and clear the ball away for a corner, which comes to nothing.

2128: Burnley are almost camped in the Tottenham half. They are very open to a break, but they've got to risk it. One more goal is all they need. One more goal.

2126: Joey Gudjonsson is off and Jay Rodriguez comes on for Burnley.

2126: We have 10 minutes remaining, plus stoppage time. One more Burnley goal and we are going to extra-time.

2125: "Burnley deserve to win, they have been the better team for three of the four halves in this tie. Shame they self-destructed in the first leg."
anubisrich on 606
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2123: You've got to score them, whoever you are. Gareth Bale gets into loads of space down the left and his cross finds Roman Pavlyuchenko unmarked in the box, but the Russian is leaning back and his left-foot shot flies off target.

2121: Spurs' decision to sit back in the second half has exploded in their faces. Burnley are now all over them and more good work from Robbie Blake and Chris McCann leads to Joey Gudjonsson having a pop from 22 yards, but it's a country mile over.

2118: GOAL Burnley 2-0 Tottenham
You know what? This ain't over. Wade Elliott threads a fine ball out to the left to Robbie Blake, who twists and turns past Chris Gunter and tricks his way into the area, crossing perfectly for Chris McCann to tap in from five yards out. Game very much on.

2116: "Spurs barely look like a team. If they get through, Man United could play their second team and still win."
Josh in Stirling, via text on 81111

2114: Michael Duff is booked for a foul on Roman Pavlyuchenko. The free-kick is wasted into the wall.

2112: Jermain Defoe battles with Clarke Carlisle for the ball on the edge of the Burnley box and Defoe wins, but the ball runs a little too far ahead of him and Brian Jensen races from his line to collect.

2110: Roman Pavlyuchenko comes on for Tottenham with Luka Modric the man taken off.

2109: Gareth Bale races on to Didier Zokora's pass down the left and he gets into a 'shall I cross or shoot' position inside the Burnley box, but he doesn't really do either and the ball bounces wide. Poor effort from the young Welshman.

2108: Jamie O'Hara has limped off for Spurs and been replaced by Gareth Bale, who has a much better record in cups for Tottenham than he does in the Premier League.

2107: "Burnley are trying to be patient and the wind is making it more difficult. But Spurs have just sat in there since half-time, they aren't getting forward at all."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2105: There's half an hour left to play, plus stoppage time. Are Burnley biding their time, or have Spurs locked the door?

2104: "(See 2037) The way we played the first half, it was less Einstein and Everest and more George Bush and a speed bump."
David, Chester, via text on 81111

2100: Jermain Defoe is being starved of service. He makes a decent run forward and for once Didier Zokora tries to pick him out, but the striker had drifted a fraction offside.

2058: As if to prove the point, David Bentley swings a left-foot cross out of play. But Spurs are more in the game right now than they were just before half-time, they've started the second half well.

2057: "David Bentley is useless. Little wonder Becks still plays for England."
PotentPotables on 606
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2055: To clarify - if Burnley win 3-0, the game does go to extra-time. If it stays that way, then Burnley will win, courtesy of their away goal at White Hart Lane. Clearly, there is a long, long way to go before any of that happens.

2053: Luka Modric collects Jermain Defoe's lay-off on the edge of the Burnley box and twists on to his right foot, only to spank a shot a couple of feet over. Nice turn from the Croat.

2053: "Hi, I'm at Turf Moor - it's pretty heated, I reckon we can win this."
Ronald, via text on 81111

2051: We are under way (18 minutes after the first-half finished, though).

2050: The Burnley players come out last for the second half and they are roared out by the passionate home faithful. Meanwhile, I'm furious that half-times aren't 15 minutes anymore. Is nothing sacred?

2048: Some dude just proposed to his missus at half-time at Turf Moor. She said yes. Imagine if she'd said no. What a hammer blow that would have been.

2046: So, there are 45 minutes left, and two Burnley goals needed. Anyone fancy it? Anyone at Turf Moor fancy it? Do let us know on 81111.

2044: "Fair play to Burnley, they knew they had a lot to do after Spurs' emphatic first-leg win. After a spirited first-half performance in horrendous conditions, and with that a one-goal lead, they've given themselves a chance of reaching Wembley."
Tano on 606
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2040: If there's drama, there's Danny the Stat: "How can this be, Player Rater fans? Robbie Blake smashes in a goal from fully 35 yards and is on 7.75. But Chris Eagles is ahead of him on 8.00? This makes no sense to Danny the Stat. Anyway, please rectify these scores by getting, as they say, involved..."
Rate the players

2037: "(See 1917) Einstein's at base camp."
Tom, London, via text on 81111

2035: "Burnley were coy for the first 20 minutes, they had a look to see if Tottenham fancied it and no, they didn't, they've been cruising - and cruising in the wrong sort of way. Burnley need to replicate that last 15 minutes for the whole of the second half. I think a few home truths will be uttered in that Spurs dressing-room."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

2033: Half-time Burnley 1-0 Tottenham

2031: "Modric should be sent off. He's the dirtiest player on the pitch."
Fifecanary on 606
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2029: David Bentley's brilliant cross from deep on the right is flashed goalwards by Jonathan Woodgate's head, but Brian Jensen collects comfortably. Luke Modric, meanwhile, is caked from head to toe in mud. What will his mother say?

2027: "So will we now find out which female member of the Redknapp family is better than Alnwick in goal?"
Mat, via text on 81111

2025: Robbie Blake pings a Franz Beckenbauer-esque 50-yard pass into the path of Chris Eagles down the left and he wins a corner, but it comes to nothing. Burnley's tails are up at the moment.

2025: Stephen Jordan, who was on the bench five years ago on the night 10-man Man City came from 3-0 down against Tottenham to win 4-3 at White Hart Lane, is taken off due to injury and Christian Kalvenes comes on. Chris McCann picks up a booking, meanwhile.

2022: Danny the Stat thinks I should clarify that it was a brilliant hit from Robbie Blake, as well as a goalkeeping error. He's right, you know. It was a fabulous strike from the one-time Nottingham Forest loanee. That OK?

2020: Now then. That's livened up proceedings, hasn't it? Still 10 minutes until half-time. Another Burnley goal makes things very, very, very interesting.

2019: GOAL Burnley 1-0 Tottenham
Spurs just don't do normal goalkeepers, do they? Robbie Blake hits a free-kick from 35 yards around the wall and into the corner of the Tottenham net, with Ben Alnwick giving him a lot of the goal to aim at. Alnwick was even moving the other way - he was expecting a cross, wasn't he?

2018: Robbie Blake sends Benoit Assou-Ekotto the wrong way down the Burnley right, but his cross is a fraction too far ahead of his team-mates lining up in the six-yard box.

2017: "A question, who do you think has the worst shooting ability, Zokora or Anderson? I think Zokora."
A Small Victory on 606
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I agree.

2016: Chris Eagles is plugging away for an opening - he moves inside from the left and plays a one-two with Robbie Blake before his right-foot shot is deflected behind by Jonathan Woodgate. The corner is headed over.

2012: It really is slaughtering it down in Burnley, I don't think it's helping either of the teams at present. It's very scrappy, moves keep breaking down, and we need a goal fairly soon if we've any chance of an upset, surely?

2010: "Bit dull this, isn't it? If anyone wants to see some amazing facial hair, check out moustache on BBC Two."
Jamie, via text on 81111

2008: Chris McCann tries a left-foot skimmer from 30 yards that flies a few feet wide.

2006: David Bentley is shown a yellow card for a poor two-footed tackle on Chris Eagles. He can have few complaints about that, but Didier Zokora still has to haul him away from the action.

2004: Nice approach play from Spurs, but no end product. A good move down the right involving Luka Modric, Jermain Defoe and David Bentley ends with Modric heading Chris Gunter's cross wide.

2002: Stephen Jordan plays a lovely pass through to Wade Elliott, but the midfielder cannot get the ball under control and it runs through to Ben Alnwick.

2001: "For those that do not know much of Ben Alnwick, he was part of the team that got Leicester City relegated and looked very suspect. Saying that he's probably safer than Gomes. Cesar has signed for Valencia."
Matt, Leicester, via text on 81111

Not yet he hasn't - he's on the bench tonight for Spurs.

1959: News just in from Danny the Stat: "Apparently, Burnley boss Owen Coyle queried the Benoit Assou-Ekotto back pass, asking why it wasn't a free-kick to Burnley (as the keeper handled the ball). The fourth official Mike Jones says it was more of a tackle or block rather than a deliberate back pass."

1958: It's a slow, fragmented game at the moment, Burnley need to get hold of the ball - they keep giving it to Chris Eagles, but he's got too many players around him.

1956: "Quick early test for the debutant keeper. Pretty certain he wasn't expecting a shot from his own defender!"
redandblackT1899 on 606
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1952: Up the other end and Luka Modric slips in Jermain Defoe, who hits a 22-yard shot that Brian Jensen parries behind for a corner. Jonathan Woodgate heads that over the bar.

1951: That was nearly the greatest own goal of all time. The ball falls to Benoit Assou-Ekotto 40 yards from the Spurs goal and the left-back tries to pass it back to Ben Alnwick, but it ends up being a curler towards the top corner that the keeper tips behind for a corner.

1950: Chris Eagles tries to slide in Martin Paterson, but the striker is a fraction offside. Eagles will surely be Burnley's key to getting any joy from this game tonight.

1949: Not quite the ferocious start Burnley were wanting. The wet conditions are making it a bit slippery and two Clarets players slide into David Bentley, probably both fouling him in the end.

1948: "Who is Alnwick? And is it me, or does Cesar seem to have the easiest job going?"
Sam, Brighton, via text on 81111

1946: Tottenham get us under way as Burnley seek to cause one of the biggest upsets in the history of English cup football. Oh come on, it would be.

1942: The teams are out. We're about to get under way. They're probably soaked already. What a leveller.

1942: I have some golden news, miracle fans: there is a precedent of the result you long for. In the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final in 2004, AC Milan thrashed Deportivo la Coruna 4-1 at the San Siro, with Kaka - what became of him? - bagging a brace. But two weeks later, at the brilliantly-named Riazor Stadium, Deportivo smashed Milan 4-0 to power into the semis.
Report: Deportivo 4-0 AC Milan

1940: It is absolutely sheeting it down at Turf Moor. Seriously proper rain. As the risk of turning this into 'Live text - Carling Cup cliches', these conditions are a great leveller.

1940: "It's a great test for the players to stand toe-to-toe against some really top-class Premier League stars. I think Spurs have paid around 14m for a player today, they paid 15m for one last week, so it's a great challenge."
Burnley manager Owen Coyle

1939: "You can never tell in football as you know. We have to prepare properly and play properly and we'll get through. It's difficult place to come, Burnley, I've never, ever had an easy game here."
Spurs boss Harry Redknapp

1938: Spurs gaffer Harry Redknapp is going to learn something tonight whatever the result - he'll be watching their goalkeeper Ben Alnwick very closely indeed as he comes in for the injured Heurelho Gomes. "I don't know an awful lot about the lad," admitted honest Harry. Not many people do. He's 21, he's never played for Spurs before and he's played only 40 games in his fledgling career. Interesting.

1936: "Bent really should be playing in this fixture. An almost guaranteed aggregate win (sorry) in an unimportant cup (sorry) is the perfect time to allow a striker to regain some confidence after a bad miss."
SummersIron on 606
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1933:Tottenham make six changes, with goalkeeper Ben Alnwick coming in for his debut and Chris Gunter, David Bentley, Tom Huddlestone, Michael Dawson and Benoit Assou-Ekotto also in the starting line-up. Burnley skipper Steven Caldwell is suspended and striker Steve Thompson is cup-tied so Wade Elliott and Robbie Blake step in.

1930: Stevo's Predo:
Burnley 2-2 Tottenham

1927: "Spurs to win 1-0, Sandra Redknapp to come on for Darren Bent and tuck away a near-post header."
Anonymous via text on 81111

Please leave your name, people. Please.

1924: Remarkable news emanating from Germany tonight, which may or may not be true, that Man City have paid around 18m for Dutch midfielder Nigel de Jong when he reportedly had a clause in his contract that would have allowed him to leave Hamburg for 1.8m in the summer. As always with Man City, I would love, just love, to know your thoughts.
Man City complete De Jong switch

Burnley: Jensen, Alexander, Duff, Carlisle, Jordan, Elliott, Eagles, Gudjonsson, McCann, Blake, Paterson.
Subs: Penny, Kalvenes, McDonald, Akinbiyi, Mahon, Rodriguez, MacDonald.
Tottenham: Alnwick, Gunter, Woodgate, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto, Bentley, Zokora, Huddlestone, O'Hara, Modric, Defoe.
Subs: Cesar, Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Giovani, Campbell, Taarabt, Rocha.
Referee: Mark Halsey (Lancashire)

1917: Burnley boss Owen Coyle has set his sights reasonably low - he just wants to win the game against Spurs tonight, forget the rest of it. "You don't have to be Einstein to know Spurs are favourites," he said. "There's no doubt we're trying to climb Everest."

Einstein trying to climb Everest - is that a suitable enough analogy for Burnley's task tonight?

1914: "Any normal person can't actually think Burnley, who are on a woeful run, can see off Spurs with a three-goal deficit? It can't be possible, it just can't."
Sakaria2 on 606
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1910: "I am around the ground now and there is a big feeling Burnley can pull it off!"
Anonymous (really?) via text on 81111

Around the ground? Blimey, either you're enormous or Turf Moor's smaller than it looks on the telly.

1907: I need you to play a big part in tonight's proceedings, because there is a small chance it could fall flat very quickly, should Spurs score. If Burnley bag twice in the first 10 minutes, however, the drama should take care of itself. Either way, bash in those texts to 81111 and get mixing with the 606 crew.
Join the debate on 606

1904: Know what I think? I think you wouldn't be here if you didn't think it could happen. I think you'd take the evening off from BBC Sport's 'Live text - Carling Cup' and spend the night doing your homework/revising for exams/catching up with friends/re-introducing yourself to your parents/watching Friends on E4*. That's what I think. It's lovely to share your company, as always.

* Delete as appropriate.

1900: "Verb 1. shock - surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off."

It can't happen, can it? A Championship outfit clawing back a three-goal deficit in the second leg of a major cup semi-final to knock out the much-fancied Premier League team? Can it?

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