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Sunday, 13 October, 2002, 12:47 GMT 13:47 UK
Berti's boys silence the doubters
Christian Dailly is congratulated after scoring
Scotland were worthy winners in Iceland

So now will you believe, oh ye of little faith?

Berti and the boys rocked them in Reykjavik but the point is that the win way up north wasn't just big. It was huge.

It may or may not be the result that puts us on course for the play-off spot in our group but it sure did take the monkey, or more accurately the gorilla, off the back of the coach and his players.

The Scots had put together a series of miserable results before kick off in Iceland and those who couldn't see further than the end of their own noses were calling for Berti's head on the block.

But there were plenty of us who could see a bigger picture.

And to be fair the lion's share of the supporters in the Tartan Army who spoke to me wanted the wee man to be given time.

Now he'll get it.

The truth is that even defeat to the Icemen would not have brought the wrath of the SFA to bear down upon Vogts.

Berti Vogts celebrates with his players
Berti Vogts is rebuilding the Scotland team
David Taylor has always been for staying the course. But he might just have had to pull up the drawbridge at Hampden to stop the siege of the association offices by the loonies who had no understanding of just how long it takes to restructure a team in disarray.

Scotland suddenly sat astride Group Five with four points from two away games and even if the game and the result in Toftir was a shocker, would we not have been happy with that tally from our opening fixtures even if we had expected the results to be the other way around?

Of course the Germans will leapfrog us on Wednesday when they play the Faroes. I'll bet a Mercedes to a moped that they do... but then Scotland softened up the North Atlantic Islanders.

Anyone in the real world must accept that we are going for the play-off spot.

If we beat Lithuania in Vilnius in the Spring and win our home games against the Faroes, Iceland and the Baltic country then the German games are just for the TV money.

I don't agree with everything Vogts does.

I still can't get my head round the fact that he did not give a debut in Reykjavik to the young man who has been Scotland's most exciting player of the season so far, James McFadden.

But then there is not a coach in football history with whom I have nodded in full agreement.

Age was no problem for Denis Law or Willie Henderson or Paul McStay. It wouldn't have been for this kid, but his time will come before he is much older.

Jackie McNamara in action for Scotland
Scotland put on a good show on Saturday
The Scots did not have a failure on Saturday and there were some excellent performances.

Christian Dailly decided to ride out the flak which shot down David Weir and left him with a badly petted lip. He was richly rewarded with a goal which set us on our way.

And alongside him in defence Steven Pressley and Lee Wilkie looked solid and assured.

Naysmith's goal, Ross's running, the presence of Lambert and Ferguson. Hey, we looked like a right good team out there.

Scotland 3-1 Canada

Iceland 0-2 Scotland

Faroes 2-2 Scotland


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