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Cult XI - defenders

Football Focus needs your help - who would line-up in your all-time cult XI?

Last season we asked you to nominate your club's cult heroes.

We received thousands of votes and you can view the results here:

Now we want you to pick a Cult XI made up of last season's winners.

This week we want you to vote for the most colourful defenders from the cult heroes below.

Text the surname of your chosen player(s) to 81111.

This vote is now closed. The result will be announced later in the season.


Tony Adams is Arsenal. Done.
Keith Hickey

Mr Arsenal!
Daniel Snowden

Mr Arsenal, personified the club under both the Graham and Wenger dynasties. Always a great defender and became a great captain. Improved as all-round player and a leader under Wenger and played with a smile in his final seasons without ever dropping in standard. Went through personal difficulties in the public eye and emerged demanding nothing but respect. A legend.
Ian Gordon

His will to win took Arsenal back to the top of English football. Arsenal would not be where they are today without his influence. A legend in its truest form.
Gary Smith

Club captain for what seemed like forever. An inspirational leader for both club and country. Shame England didn't make better use of his leadership skills. Great defender, who, despite obvious lack of pace, used great reading skills to marshal the famous back 5 (Seaman, Bould, Winterburn, Dixon). Cornerstone of English football's greatest defence ever.
Sachin Gupta

The man, the legend. What more do you need to say? One of the most successful Arsenal captains of all time; a born leader.
Dean Oakley

There is only one Tony Adams, nothing more to say.

To vote for Tony Adams text ADAMS to 81111.


Absolute hero, strong tackle, great shooting ability.
Darren Nunn

One of the best defenders the English game has ever seen.
Paul Harris

Marauding attacking left back in his younger days, amazing in the tackle, brilliant motivator, blockbuster left foot, missed penalties and cried, but still came back for more. My all-time favourite Nottingham Forest and England player.
Jim Foster

He was a inspirational captain and he terrified right midfielders, he was tough but he was fair, not a dirty player. The hair on my neck still stands up when I see him score that pen (Spain, Euro 96). All that passion...
Daniel Cooper

Knew how to get the crowd cheering from the minute he ran onto the pitch. Bone-crunching tackles, thunderous freekicks, and a delight to watch him storming up the left wing on one of his marauding runs.
Martin Hextall

The greatest ever, but also a terrace hero. Made the most of his ability, and could get the crowd going with a crunching challenge (sometimes fairly) or by depositing the opposing winger into the stand in the first five minutes.
Daniel Robinson

To vote for Stuart Pearce text PEARCE to 81111.


Came to Villa with dodgy knees and the reputation as a drinker. Performed brilliantly every match he played for Villa.
Daniel Taylor

Deemed not good enough and a 'troublemaker' by Alex Ferguson and Manchester Utd, McGrath arrived at Villa for a cut price. He went on to become the greatest defender ever to play for Villa and rightly earned the Professional Footballers' Player of the Year award in 1993. And to cap it all off the guy hardly ever trained. That is class!
Simon Owen

Colossus at the back, played latter years through injury to dodgy knees to magnificent effect!
Leigh Swinn

Simply a legend, I have seen him make improbable tackles with the world's dodgiest knees. And let's not forget the legendary training day disappearances and rumoured drinking sprees that were always backed up with great performances on a Saturday.
Ian Preston

This guy is a dude. Who else can go on a bender without telling the club and hence miss certain occasions, who else can not train because he has dodgy knees then command a defence? He may have been the slowest player on the pitch but he knew where the ball was going to be and he was there before anybody else.
David Dempsey

The guy rarely trained, adopted a Gazza-like "refuelling" strategy, had dodgy knees, and could snot out of both nostrils with phenomenal accuracy. For years he defied medical knowledge, playing a pivotal role for both Ireland and Villa. I have never seen such an assured defender, who made up for lack of pace and declining fitness with an extraordinary ability to read the game. He wouldn't be able to cope with the speed and all round fitness that has moved on so much in the last 5 years, but neither could anybody else whose training strategy was limited to a couple of hours per week on a cycling machine.
James Thomas

To vote for Paul McGrath text McGRATH to 81111.


The fourth official before there ever was one, he told the refs what to do! Ran games without breaking sweat. Will never be remembered for his skill, but his passion for the game and his leadership on the park will never be beaten. Cult hero moment, scoring the goal against Celtic to clinch the championship in '84. Captain Fantastic!!!
David Robertson

I can't think of anyone more deserving the status of cult hero. Not only was he an inspiration on the pitch, he was worshipped by thousands off it. A man who had more than one opportunity to leave the club, and yet decided to stay the course and now spearheading this revival of a club so dear to his and my heart. I'm not the star-struck type, and I'm rarely lost for words, but on three separate occasions when I've had the opportunity to speak to Willie Miller, my tongue felt it was glued to the roof of my mouth. He is my all-time cult hero.
Josie Wilson

His argumentative nature with the Refs used to really upset the Old Firm fans.
Alan Felber

As if I need an explanation. Hard working, uncompromising, influential player. Probably the greatest captain to pull on the red jersey, could lift up the rest of the team around him and drive them on.

One of the best central defenders ever to be capped by Scotland. Commanded the back 4 for Aberdeen and Scotland with ease, mopped everything up that came his way.
Euan Sutherland

There's only one Willie Miller. Captain, leader, hailed by Fergie as one of the best defenders he ever worked with. Passionate, great ambassador and a second referee on the pitch. Famous for his 'tache and various bars around town in the 80s, now back at the club and continues to work with BBC Scotland.
Scott Christie

To vote for Willie Miller text MILLER to 81111.


Born in Rostrup in Germany, 1957. A no-nonsense central defender, he received five international caps for Wales. George joined Stoke City in 1982 from Wolves where he made over 250 appearances for the club.
Ken Robinson

The man with the biggest ever afro perm to play for Wales.

To vote for George Berry text BERRY to 81111.


This man I never saw play but when interviewed always seemed to be proud to have played for the Rovers. A legend off the pitch as well.
John Waller

To vote for Charlie Williams text WILLIAMS to 81111.


Still remembered at the Abbey with great affection and the occasional chorus of 'Wolfie killed the speedie' is still sung by the faithful who remember his never say die attitude.
Dale Collett

Simply awesome, he could hoof the ball with finesse.
James King

Awesome centre-back for Cambridge in the late 70s and early 80s when under John Docherty (best manager we ever had) we were rock solid at the back. "Lindsey's gonna get yer" was the chant and was almost as hard as Terry Hurlock. I was at Luton one night when he got booked because one of our players played a long back pass, he trapped the ball and then sat on it and gestured to the Luton striker to come and get it. Last saw him a year ago in a chip shop in Cambridge looking as lean and menacing as ever. Cracking blonde curly hair and moustache slightly too close in image to a German Porn Star (male that is).
Simon Turner

To vote for Lindsay 'Wolfie' Smith text SMITH to 81111.


Commonly known as The Dude. Remembered for his effort, his haircut and the goal he scored to beat Tottenham in the League Cup.
Mark Pearce

"The Dude" - a cool dresser, who was part of the Cyril Knowles team of the late 80s. One claim to fame was his goal he scored against Tottenham in a first round League Cup match in 1987 (I think). Torquay won the match by that single goal. Tottenham had their best players playing including Chris Waddle.
Rob Cogings

"Dooo-deh!". The Dude. The coolest man in Torquay during the mid eighties! Never mind the goal he scored at Plainmoor, to beat Tottenham in the League Cup.
Nick Tallamy

To vote for Derek 'The Dude' Dawkins text DAWKINS to 81111.

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