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banner Monday, 7 January, 2002, 15:13 GMT
A troubled pedigree
Riot police hold back the crowd at Ninian Park
Ninian Park witnesses troubled scenes on Sunday
BBC Sport Online's Mike Burnett explains how ugly scenes after Cardiff's FA Cup win over Leeds are the latest in a line of fan incidents.

It should have been an example of the magic of the Cup, but instead Cardiff's stunning 2-1 victory over Leeds on Sunday was tainted by violence.

Riot police were forced to move in when post-match celebrations turned ugly at the third round tie at Ninian Park.

Once again the actions of a few have tarnished the reputation of the majority of well-behaved fans.

But whether they like it or not, the Welsh club's supporters, as well as Leeds fans, are suddenly in the media spotlight.

Referee Andy D'Urso is hit by something thrown by the crowd
Referee Andy D'Urso was hit by something thrown by the crowd
Of course, Ninian Park is no stranger to crowd trouble and has seen an alarming number of incidents in recent years.

In 2000, Cardiff City, along with Stoke, were branded the fifth most violent football club in England and Wales by the National Criminal Intelligence Agency.

The findings referred to incidents during games against Millwall, Luton Wigan and Stoke in the 1999/2000 season.

At the club's clash with Stoke, police made 48 arrests after finding circular saw blades and 100 Stanley knives.

Last season's spell in the Third Division did little to quell the supporters' brushes with the law.

Cardiff suffered the second highest number of arrests in the league with 40, finishing behind only Hull's 59.

Just before the club's return to the Second Division this season, fans were again in trouble, but this time, the match did not even involve Cardiff.

Eleven supporters were arrested for orchestrating violence during Liverpool's Charity Shield match against Manchester United at the Millennium Stadium.

Fans may be enjoying a return to winning ways with chairman Sam Hammam at the helm, but events on Sunday shows their image is far from enhanced.

Leeds fans' fury

Leeds supporters are more used to the spotlight and press that is associated with being a Premiership club.

But recently it has been the players rather than the fans that have dominated the headlines with the results of the Jonathan Woodgate and Lee Bowyer trial.

That does not mean, however, that the club has escaped incidents of crowd trouble.

Last season, there were 119 arrests at Leeds United - the fifth highest in the Premiership.

These came mostly from clashes with Manchester United fans and Newcastle fans.

During one incident in March last year, 150 Leeds confronted 250 Manchester United fans near a pub where a running battle ensued involving various missiles.

Leeds fans lay floral tributes to the fans killed in Istanbul
Leeds supporters were shocked by the stabbing of two fans in Istanbul
In recent years, Leeds fans are more remembered for unfortunate clashes abroad.

Few can forget the violent encounters ahead of the team's Champions League encounter with Galatasaray in Turkey in 2000.

Two Leeds supporters were stabbed to death in Istanbul on the eve of the first leg tie, which incited unrest and many arrests in the return match at Elland Road.

The FA Cup may be a long way from the Champions League, but the ugly post-match scenes at Ninian Park were still cause for concern.

It showed that even in a competition, as apparently devalued as the FA Cup, crowd trouble is always a threat.

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