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banner Thursday, 21 September, 2000, 10:52 GMT 11:52 UK
Third Udinese player with fake passport
Udinese clear against Polonia Warsaw in Warley's last game
A third Udinese player has been found to hold a false passport following a police investigation, Italian newspapers reported.

The chief constable of Udine, Giuseppe De Donna, led an investigation into the travel documents of Brazilians Warley and Alberto, accused of holding false passports by Polish authorities and confirmed their Portuguese passports were false.

The duo were held at the Polish border ahead of a Uefa Cup tie with Polonia Warsaw on September 14.

The chief constable's probe also found a third Udinese player, 18-year-old Paraguayan Alejandro Da Silva, had entered Italy with a false Portuguese passport.

Possession of false documents can carry a jail sentence of up to two years in Italy.

"The passports of Warley and Alberto are false," De Donna was quoted as saying by Italian newspapers.

The documents had been signed by a non-existent Portuguese official
  Guiseppe De Donna, Udine chief constable
"We received the copies from Poland and we contacted the Portuguese embassy (in Italy) who confirmed that the documents had been signed by a non-existent Portuguese official.


"Also the passport of Da Silva was found to be irregular as it was signed by the same mysterious official who signed Warley's and Alberto's documents".

As Da Silva entered Italy with his false documents, he is likely to face expulsion as an illegal immigrant.

Italian football rules limit teams to five non-European Union (EU) players on their squad of whom only three may be on the field at anyone time.

However, many South Americans play in Italy as "EU players" after gaining dual nationality on the basis of family ancestry.

Following the problems in Poland, Udinese informed the Italian Football League that Alberto and Warley should be counted as "non-EU" players this season.

Since returning from Poland, Warley has left Udinese to join Brazilian club Gremio on loan for one year while Alberto has also returned to Brazil where he is attempting to gain a visa to return to Italy.

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