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Page last updated at 13:11 GMT, Saturday, 21 February 2009

Premier League v Serie A: TV money

Who gets the most TV cash? This is a tricky one to assess because Serie A and the Premier League conduct their broadcasting deals differently.

The Premier League sells its TV rights as a collective then divides the revenues between the 20 teams.

The clubs occupying the Premier League during the 2007/2008 season received a guaranteed 22.8m from TV revenue.

On top of that clubs were paid prize money relative to their final position in the league and, if that was not enough, the 20 clubs received income from the live matches in which they were featured.

Unsurprisingly, title winners Manchester United came out on top with 49.3m.

Since 2007, Serie A clubs have been handed the responsibility to sell their own broadcasting rights to designated channels in their own country - and it's difficult to obtain details of the deals made by the top clubs.

However, by 2010, Italy's top league will revert back to collective selling.

Forty percent of the TV revenue will go to all Serie A clubs, while 30% will be based on final-table standing and 30% on fan following, both on a sliding scale.

It is projected that a package worth 900m euros (798m) a season would mean a club like Juventus could rake in roughly 87m euros a year (77m) - which would dwarf United's current TV income.