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Page last updated at 12:59 GMT, Saturday, 21 February 2009

Premier League v Serie A: Stadiums & attendances
Average top division attendances in England and Italy in recent seasons

There is no shortage of large-capacity stadiums in England and Italy.

England has 11 stadiums with a capacity of 40,000-plus, while Italy has nine.

Four of Italy's stadiums hold more than 60,000, while England can boast three, including the new Wembley.

However, when it comes to filling stadiums, there are major differences between the two leagues.

Italy's apparent obsession with club football appears to have dwindled with their average attendances falling to 18,900 in the 2006/07 season compared to an average of 31,200 in 1997/98.

The Premier League on the other hand, had gone up from 29,200 to 34,400 during the same period.

The fall in Italy's attendances can be partially blamed on the now-dilapidated state of some stadia and safety and security issues at some matches.

Figures provided by Deloitte.