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Page last updated at 12:44 GMT, Friday, 19 December 2008
European draws


CHELSEA v Juventus
Villarreal v Panathinaikos
Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid v Porto
Lyon v Barcelona
Real Madrid v LIVERPOOL

Ties to be played 24/25 February and 10/11 March


Paris St Germain v Wolfsburg
NEC Nijmegen v Hamburg
Sampdoria v Metalist Kharkiv
Braga v Standard Liege
Lech Poznan v Udinese
Olympiakos v St Etienne
Fiorentina v Ajax
Aalborg v Deportivo La Coruna
Werder Bremen v AC Milan
Bordeaux v FC Galatasaray
Dynamo Kiev v Valencia
Zenit St Petersburg v VfB Stuttgart
Marseille v FC Twente
Shakhtar Donetsk v TOTTENHAM

Ties to be played on 18/19 February and 26 February


Werder Bremen/AC Milan v Olympiakos/St Etienne
ASTON VILLA/CSKA Moscow v Shakhtar Donetsk/TOTTENHAM
Lech Poznan/Udinese v Zenit St Petersburg/VfB Stuttgart
Paris St Germain/Wolfsburg v Braga/Standard Liege
Dynamo Kiev/Valencia v Sampdoria/Metalist Kharkiv
FC Copenhagen/MANCHESTER CITY v Aalborg/Deportivo La Coruna
Marseille v FC Twente v Fiorentina/Ajax
NEC Nijmegen/Hamburg v Bordeaux v FC Galatasaray

Ties to be played on 12 March and 18/19 March


To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111. (Not all contributions can be used)

By Mark Orlovac

1237: Right all, this seems like a good time to sign off. The next round in both competitions should be cracker, hope you got what you wanted. All that's left for me to say is thanks very much for your company, and have a wonderful Christmas. Tidy.

"Tough, tough draw for Villa. Hopefully someone will take Wagner Love off them in January, to help us out. Mind you, if we hope to be in the Champions League next season, we'd better get used to playing teams like this."
Russell, Canterbury via text on 606

1223: The last 16 draw is now starting. Teams above.

1207: As before, the draw will appear at the top of the page. Good luck.

1203: Er...maybe not. It's another montage - this time showing Zenit St Petersburg's victory over Rangers in Manchester. And after a little delay, there is a film showing clips of Can Bartu, the former Fenerbahce and Fiorentina winger. He's going to be drawing some of the teams you know.

1200: Flashy graphics and thumping Euro rock. It can only mean one thing - the start of the Uefa Cup draw. Come on people, let's get involved. Uefa general secretary David Taylor is back again for his preamble, we are about to start.

"I think this could be a strange draw, anyone with me in thinking more runners up will qualify for the last eight, than actual group winners?"
shrewsbury5225 on 606

"Man City v Braga please."
DenzilVoorhees on 606

I suppose if I've done it for one, I'll have to do it for all of you!

"I find it funny how Liverpool and Manchester United won their groups, so according to the system they should have had an easier time in the first knockout stage, but ended up getting arguably the two biggest teams left in the competition. Meanwhile Arsenal get an easy tie when they didn't even win their group. Oh well, I'm obviously biased. I believe United can overcome Inter, but it's definitely going to be an interesting game."
amardattani on 606

"Aalborg in the Uefa for Spurs please!"
walesgrandslam 2005 2008 2009 on 606

I'll see what I can do.

"I have been through Nyon. It is on the north shore of Lake Geneva on the main Geneva-Lausanne-Montreux line. Nearby is Morges, where you can change for the splendidly-named Bière-Apples-Morges line."
Kenromford via text on 81111

1142: Have to admit I'm a little gutted not to have had some long-winded speeches to slag off. As Champions League draws go, that was pretty painless.

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I'll try to explain how the Uefa Cup last 32 draw will work when that starts at 1200. (The last 16 draw begins at 1230.)

The teams have been split into four groups, pool winners, runners-up, third-place finishers and entrants from the Champions League.

The pool winners will be drawn against the third-place finishers of another group, with the runners-up taking on the Champions League entrants.

Clubs of the same country cannot be drawn against eachother, with the pool winners and runners-up playing the second leg at home.

The first legs take place on the 18/19 February with the return match on 26 February.

Hope that makes sense. You can wake up now.

Group winners: MANCHESTER CITY, Metalist Kharkiv, Standard Liege, Udinese, Wolfsburg, Hamburg, St Etienne, CSKA Moscow.
Runners-up: FC Twente, FC Galatasaray, VfB Stuttgart,TOTTENHAM, AC Milan, Ajax, Valencia, Deportivo La Coruna.
Third-place: Paris St Germain, Olympiakos, Sampdoria, NEC Nijmegen, Braga, ASTON VILLA, FC Copenhagen, Lech Poznan.
Entrants from Champions League: Bordeaux, Werder Bremen, Shakhtar Donetsk, Marseille, Aalborg, Fiorentina, Dynamo Kiev, Zenit St Petersburg.

"As an Inter fan, I'd love a rematch with Liverpool. Wouldn't you just love another Mourinho v Bentitez duel."
Stat_Boy on 606

"As an Arsenal fan there is no best team to draw. As long as we play the way we know we can we can beat anyone."
Kr15pyChr15 on 606

"Mark O, seems that you are making your debut today...not bad for a start. Hope you don't turn out to be a jinx for Manchester United. Can't afford to face Real Madrid or Inter Milan."
Mauricien on 606

You're right, I am making my footie debut and you are a lovely, lovely person.

1132: Just because the Champions League draw is done and dusted, it doesn't mean you are allowed to leave me. We've got the Uefa Cup draws coming up - the first of which starts at around 1200 GMT.

"It's a very exciting draw, we've only met Inter once before [when we won the Champions League in 1999] so hopefully it's a good omen.

"We'll be trying to put one over on Jose this time, and hopefully try to give our fans the result they want.

"The manager loves to break records and create history. That's what he's doing in Japan right now. But you need a bit of luck along the way."
Phil Townsend, Manchester United director of communications

"Fantastic draw all round, looking forward to a few of those games. I'm a Liverpool fanatic and I'm relishing the chance to play Real. Get in!"
Anon via text on 81111

"Who is your team, Mark?"
Anon via text on 81111

Whisper it very quietly - Arsenal. Sorry.

"Wow, tough draw for the English sides, but you need to beat the best to be the best. Come on United!
Vic, Durham via text on 81111

"As the second leg is at Anfield, Liverpool will beat Real Madrid."
Tricky_Trev on 606

1117: Well that was pretty quick. There are some blockbuster ties there, no doubt. Former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri will return to Stamford Bridge with Juventus, Jose Mourinho takes his Inter Milan side to Manchester United, Liverpool face nine-time champions Real Madrid, while Arsenal will not be too displeased with the Roma draw. It's all looking pretty tasty.

1108: Bruno Conti takes to the stage and we are almost ready. I'll put the teams at the top of this page when it all starts. Good luck to you all, hope you get what you want.

"Mark, weren't you that computer on Blakes 7? Before everyone over 35 starts putting me right, I know it was ORAC."
Ryan Ewe Red Won on 606

Like that, like that a lot.

1100: Here we go people, the show is starting. And we have some opening comments from Uefa general secretary David Taylor. It's not long before he goes to the big screen for some lovely montage material from the group stages, which is obviously accompanied by stirring music. That's nice.

1058: Uefa show they have a sense of humour as the seating plan for the draw is revealed. Apparently, Manchester United officials have been seated next to the represents of...yes, you've guessed it...Real Madrid. Don't get Uefa to plan the seating for your wedding folks.

"Arsenal v Barcelona please, it's meant to be with Cesc as Captain Fantastic!
Sam, pretending to work at Basingstoke Hospital, via text on 81111

"Getting giddy now. I've postponed my 11 o'clock meeting to give it the focus it deserves."
Tim Baker via text on 81111

"I also thought the comments from Sir Alex were top drawer. Love to see an all-English final again, it's great for the sport and for English football. Surprisingly enough, as a Man United fan, I don't fancy Juventus in the next round, they look extremely lively and are the outside favourites this year."
GloverGoodenough on 606

1052: A colleague has just done a quick scout around Europe's leading sports papers, and this is what he has discovered. Real Madrid want Panathinaikos, Panathinaikos want anyone not Spanish, Roma and Liverpool want Real Madrid, Arsenal want anyone but Barca, Bayern fancy Chelsea, Real or Inter, and Villarreal are just happy to be there.

"As a Liverpool fan I hope we draw a strong team. We don't have a problem playing against good teams, it's when we are favourites to win against lesser sides we struggle."
river21 on 606

1050: The room in Nyon is slowly filling up with the great and good of European football. Some bloke with long hair stands by the trophy to pose for pictures. Hope he's allowed to do that.

"Real Madrid v Man Utd PLEASE!!!!!!! Would be great to see what Sir Alex says after if it is!!!!!!"
snappythechaz on 606

"I love these draws. No-one really knows what's going on. Not even the funny looking blokes sitting there!
Matt at work in Epping with nothing to do, via text on 81111

"If we [Chelsea] get any team apart from Barca, it will be a succesful draw. I do hope we get Panathinaikos or the old lady of Turin."
SimpreZola on 606

"As a Liverpool fan, I fear no-one in Europe. Hopefully we'll get Inter so we can once again bin Jose out of the Champions League."
Barrie Watson via text on 81111

1041: This European extravaganza is taking place in the Swiss town of Nyon, which according to a popular web encyclopaedia (other sites are available), is a "municipality in the canton of Vaud, 25km north of Geneva". So there we are then. Any further information gratefully received.

1039: It couldn't happen could it? After this week's spat regarding a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, it would be absolutely superb if Manchester United and Real Madrid were drawn together. Sir Alex Ferguson's response to the latest comments coming out of the Spanish capital was absolute quality and I think they merit repeating here. "Would I get into a contract with that mob? Absolutely no chance," he said. "I wouldn't sell them a virus - that's a no." Genius.

1035: Here's a quick reminder of the Champions League draw format. Basically the eight group winners will take on the runners-up, with teams from the same country and pool being kept apart. The pool runners-up will be at home for the first leg, which takes place on 24/25 February, with the second leg on 10/11 March.

Now, I need you to keep me company today so I want as much chat from you as possible. Get in touch via 606 or by text on 81111.

Group winners: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester United, Panathinaikos, Porto, Roma.

Runners-up: Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Lyon, Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Villarreal.

"As an Arsenal fan, I would love to draw Barca or Bayern. If we win, fantastic, we've beaten one of the best teams in Europe. If we lose, then at least we'll have gone out to a team that plays football in the right way."
renoog on 606

1032: We've got a packed schedule today you lucky, lucky people. First up we have the draw for the first knockout round of the Champions League at 1100 GMT, featuring holders Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal; while Manchester City, Aston Villa and Tottenham are all involved in the Uefa Cup last 32 draw at 1200. And that is not all, oh no. At 1230, there is the draw for the Uefa Cup round of 16. It's like Christmas has arrived already.

1030: Morning football fans. Ready for the glitz, glamour and razzmatazz of the Champions League and Uefa Cup draws? Thought so. Welcome aboard.

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