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Page last updated at 22:00 GMT, Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Champions League as it happened


Group A
Bordeaux 1-1 Chelsea
CFR Cluj 1-3 Roma

Group B
Anorthosis Famagusta 2-2 Werder Bremen
Inter Milan 0-1 Panathinaikos

Group C
Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 Basle
Sporting Lisbon 2-5 Barcelona

Group D
Atletico Madrid 2-1 PSV Eindhoven
Liverpool 1-0 Marseille


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2200: I continue to be enthralled, enchanted and downright mesmerised by the magnificence of the Champions League - the competition unrivalled in club football throughout the world. It just spoils us time after time. Join Tim Lovejoy on BBC Radio 5 Live for 606 right now, and come back tomorrow to keep Cheesy company for the Uefa Cup. Thanks for your stream of missives, as always.

2159: DANNY THE STAT'S STAT OF THE NIGHT (what a clown):
"Steven Gerrard topping Player Rater? No. Attendance from Atletico being zero? No. It has to be Stevo describing 12 goals in 13 crazy minutes between 2105 and 2118 GMT. Extraordinary." Amen to that.

2157: "What a night, best day for football since Euro 2008?"
gstonesunited on 606
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What a lovely last comment shout that is. Good work.

2154: I love it when you guys answer each other's questions, without even realising it. Here are the latest two texts to come in (Kyle, meet Ed, Ed, Kyle):

"How are Inter through? They have eight, Panathinaikos have seven and Anorthosis six, which makes a gap of two points. Or is my maths muddled...?"
Kyle, Grimsby, via text on 81111

"Inter through. Better record against Panathinaikos. As Panathinaikos play Famagusta, that's it."
Ed, via text on 81111

2151: Danny the Stat has been busy, compiling. I was told not to bother him, but the fruits of his labour are, as always, more than worth it. What a hero...

"So, with one round of matches to go, 13 of the 16 spots in the knockout round have been decided. The teams which are definitely through are:

Atletico Madrid
Bayern Munich
Inter Milan
Man Utd
Real Madrid

2148: "I feel sorry for Marseille, on balance the better team tonight. Liverpool had good flashes in the first half and shaded the 45, but were totally anonymous in the second. Never heard an Anfield crowd so quiet while their team's been winning a match before. Arsenal are for good reason grabbing the headlines at the minute, but it seems like all the big four are slightly misfiring at the minute."
Medieval-Evil on 606
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2145: If it wasn't for Danny the Stat, I'd be a shell of a man by now. Thanks for helping me through the hard times, Danny: "So, Nicolas Anelka has moved top of the Player Rater, but his score of 6.54 is in no way seven-breaking. Someone who has broken the seven - and indeed the eight - is Mr Steven Gerrard, whose 8.10 has not only put Liverpool through, it has made him the top scorer of the night. Don't like it? Get involved."
Rate the players

2142: Better people than me are saying Inter Milan are through to the last 16 despite losing 1-0 at home against Panathinaikos. Lucky Jose. They still need a striker, though. Know any available?

2141: "There seems to be little reward these days for topping a group; this year's reward could be a draw against Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Chelsea. Nice."
Umer, Stafford, via text on 81111

2137: The full-time whistle blows at the San Siro and Inter Milan have been beaten by Panathinaikos. Tonight's games are officially over. Blinding stuff.

2135: Full-time Liverpool 1-0 Marseille

2134: Full-time Bordeaux 1-1 Chelsea

2133: Danny's the Stat's gone all crowd crazy: "Tonight's attendance at Atletico Madrid = 0. Last night's attendance at the FA Trophy third qualifying round replay at Cammell Laird = 132. Just thought I'd say, like."

2132: "Big Phil who? Where's old Avram when you need him?"
where is MOTD on 606
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2129: GOAL Anorthosis Famagusta 2-2 Werder Bremen
What a comeback from the Germans. Hugo Almeida has completed the fightback and if Famagusta boss Temuri Ketsbaia was overjoyed before, he's probably scarily angry right now.

2127: SENDING OFF (Frank Lampard, Chelsea)
The England midfielder slides in on Fernando, doesn't get the ball and is shown a second yellow card by referee Frank de Bleeckere. Bit harsh, that, in fairness to Lamps.

2126: "(See 2116) Premier League, pah! Give Calderwood a ring and he'll be at the City Ground in January!"
Adam, Manchester, via text on 81111

He's got more chance of being there in January than Calderwood...

2124: GOAL Bordeaux 1-1 Chelsea
The French team haven't really created anything, but the Chelsea defence have totally gone to sleep - how often do you say that? - and from a corner, Alou Diarra heads into the net. Unbelievably un-Chelsea goal to concede, that.

2122: Marseille are doing most of the attacking and probably should be level. Mamadou Niang gets on the end of a free-kick, but can only nod wide. Squeaky bum time at Anfield.

2122: "11 goals in as many minutes. Surely some type of record..."
Que Sera Sera on 606
Join the debate on 606

Well, que sera sera, Que Sera Sera.

2118: GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 Basle
Oh for the love of God. Yevhen Seleznyov gets the fifth of the night in Donetsk and my they've had a feast of football tonight haven't they, Group C fans? The Swiss never got out of neutral...

2118: Danny the Stat's been waiting an age. Sorry, Danny: "Good gravy. My humble apologies to you, Group B. How dare I suggest you were lacking in drama. Right now, no-one is through, but Inter Milan, Panathinaikos and - yes - Anorthosis Famagusta are ready to fight for the two qualification spots. Crikey on toast."

2116: GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk 4-0 Basle
Tonight, dreams have come true across Europe. The man with the best name in football, Rodrigues Jadson, has completed a stunning hat-trick in Ukraine. I mean, he's a midfielder, too. If he signs for a Premier League club in January, I may not be able to contain myself.

2115: GOAL Sporting 2-5 Barcelona
Pedro is sent off for the home team as Barca secure victory from the penalty spot, young striker Bojan Krkic slotting home.

2113: GOAL Anorthosis Famagusta 2-1 Werder Bremen
Blimey, maybe I spoke too soon. The Germans are back in the game as Diego gets a goal. They're flying in now, aren't they.

2112: GOAL Inter Milan 0-1 Panathinaikos
Sure you don't need a striker, Mr Moratti? Inter's qualification bid is derailed as Josu Sarriegi gets a goal to stun the San Siro and open up Group B in a massive, massive way.

2110: GOAL Anorthosis Famagusta 2-0 Werder Bremen
They've done it. Extraordinary. Temuri Ketsbaia will be smashing in an advertising hoarding as we speak. Bortolini Savio makes himself a real-life hero by doubling their advantage and sending the Cypriots into dreamland.

2109: GOAL Sporting 2-4 Barcelona
All over now, surely? I mean, it's not going to be 4-4 is it? Marco Caneira puts through his own net and the greatest comeback in Champions League group stage history is not going to happen.

2109: GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0 Basle
That man Rodrigues Jadson has only gone and bagged a brace, hasn't he, to secure Shakhtar's Uefa Cup spot. Heartbreak for the Swiss.

2108: GOAL Sporting 2-3 Barcelona
Consolation you say? Pah. Da Silva Liedson bags another for the home team and one of the great comebacks (is it?) is on in Lisbon. It's like the Barcelona of last season, all of a sudden.

2106: GOAL Sporting 1-3 Barcelona
A consolation goal for the Portuguese? Miguel Veloso gets himself a goal and makes it a bit more interesting in Lisbon.

2106: GOAL Cluj 1-3 Roma
Matteo Brighi scores his second of the night as Roma extend their lead against Cluj, smashing the ball home after collecting a pass from Rodrigo Taddei.

2105: GOAL Anorthosis Famagusta 1-0 Werder Bremen
What a scoreline that is. The Cypriot team are on the brink of the last 16 now and it's Nicos K Nicolaou who has bagged what could be a crucial goal.

2104: Hatem Ben Arfa raids down the right at Anfield, but his pull-back is just behind the on-rushing Benoit Cheyrou. Meanwhile in France, Didier Drogba comes on for Nicolas Anelka.

2103: "(See 2056) If only they had a striker worth 25m on the bench..."
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go on 606
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2101: GOAL Bordeaux 0-1 Chelsea
Who said what? Frank Lampard plays a brilliant through ball to send Nicolas Anelka clear in Bordeaux, he takes his time, delays once, delays twice, and just as he is about to be tackled, the French marksman slots into the corner of the net.

2058: "Can someone shut the guy up on the PA system in Bordeaux please? Is it even legal for him to be shouting over the PA system like he is?"
Charlie, Sussex, via text on 81111

They're getting nervous...

2056: Chelsea are not even near their best tonight - passes are going astray and there's no real fluency to their play. They need a goal, desperately. If only they had a 25m striker on the bench with a point to prove...

2053: GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 Basle
Uefa Cup, here Shakhtar come. Da Silva Willian (they don't do rubbish names, do they?) gets their second of the game and that's almost game over in Ukraine.

2050: GOAL Sporting 0-3 Barcelona
Stevo's happy - Lionel Messi takes five minutes after the break to get himself on the scoresheet for the fifth time in the Champions League this season - the Argentine genius is now the competition's top scorer, along with Steven Gerrard.

2048: GOAL Atletico Madrid 2-1 PSV Eindhoven
This will be no surprise to PSV fans - Danny Koevermans has scored his - and Eindhoven's - fourth goal in the Champions League this season, by poking in after some woeful defending from the hosts as they fail to deal with a corner.

2047: Andrea Dossena comes on for Fabio Aurelio at Anfield. Meanwhile at Cluj, that man Yssouf Kone flashes a header wide.

2047: Second halves are getting under way across. Europe. Let's hope some shooting boots have been donned at the interval.

2044: "Get Bellion on there to liven things up. I saw him score a goal for United at Old Trafford once. No joke."
gstonesunited on 606
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Which reminds me, you lot should all read a piece my colleague Chris Bevan wrote after speaking with David Bellion. It's top drawer, that's all I'm saying. Hope you agree.
Feature: How Bellion bounced back

2042: "Stevo! Other than the Basle game, you could still be correct with your predictions? Has this ever happened before? Crazy."
From Rune Nog, east London. Gangster, via text on 81111

Eh? Apart from Basle? You're kidding me, right? Also, are you a real gangster, or do you just throw words into stuff for the sake of it?

2039:Danny the half-time Stat has come to cheer us all up: "In one of statistics' least surprising developments ever, Liverpool goalscorer Steven Gerrard is top of the Player Rater pops with a 7.85. Fellow Reds who have "broken the seven" (it'll catch on) are Xabi Alonso, Dirk Kuyt, Albert Riera and Fernando Torres. Lower marks on the whole for the Chelsea men, although Joe Cole has an eye-popping 8.25. Eh? How's that happened, voters?"
Rate the players

2035: Apparently, Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti has said tonight that Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is not "an immediate target" of the Italian club. "I believe the desire is more the player's than anything else. We don't need a striker," he added. 0-0 at home to Panathinaikos, I bet some would beg to differ.

2032: Half-time Liverpool 1-0 Marseille

2031: Half-time Bordeaux 0-0 Chelsea

2030: The goals have dried up. Rodrigues Jadson, for all the pleasure he's given us, has killed goals. Damn.

2028: Hatem Ben Arfa is looking increasingly lively at Anfield, he skips past a couple of Liverpool players only to hit a weak shot from the edge of the box. They are by no means out of it yet, though, Marseille.

2027: "Rodrigues Jadson - I'm naming my future child that. Let's hope its a boy."
dahitman55 on 606
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2025: "Is it just me or are Chelsea making hard work of this and looking twitchy? Perhaps the spectre of the Uefa Cup is preying on their minds..."
Elaine, Burton, via text on 81111

2023: As many of you have pointed out, not to mention Danny the Stat, Group B is really letting us down tonight. Get the goals in, Group B.

2020: Well that almost put the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons. Taye Taiwo smashes a 30-yard free-kick goalwards and Pepe Reina gets down well to tip it on to the post. Shortly afterwards, Ronald Zubar heads wide from a corner.

2018: GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 Basle
The magnificently-named Rodrigues Jadson does the business in the tussle for a Uefa Cup spot as he puts Shakhtar ahead against Basle. If they win, they are indeed in the Uefa Cup for sure.

2017: "Are you happy with the goal tally thus far Stevo?"
Keith, NI, via text on 81111


2015: Three Chelsea players in the book now, as Ashley Cole is shown yellow for a foul in Bordeaux.

2014: GOAL Cluj 1-2 Roma
Yssouf Kone makes amends for his earlier miss and gets Cluj right back into the game. Doni parries Alvaro Pereira's shot, but Kone is on hand to head home the rebound.

2012: GOAL Atletico Madrid 2-0 PSV Eindhoven
The big screen fans are up again, as Atletico double their lead. PSV's defending is disastrous, they fail to clear a corner again and then leave Maxi Rodriguez all on his own 10 yards out. He needs no second invitation, and fairly larrups the ball into the roof of the net.

2012: Frank Lampard follows close pal John Terry into the book for a foul. Honestly, you just can't keep those boys apart can you?

2012: Right on cue, Danny the Stat: "Alright Group D fans? How are you? Anyway, as it stands, Atletico and Liverpool both qualify easily with 11 points. The top spot in the group would still be up for grabs, while Marseille and PSV will be scrabbling around for Uefa Cup consolation."

2010: "It's raining goals. I like it."
ruthere909 on 606
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Me too.

2007: GOAL Liverpool 1-0 Marseille
Liverpool keep pressing and eventually get their goal. Xabi Alonso swings over a deep cross to the far post and there, criminally unmarked, is Reds captain Steven Gerrard to head into the net.

2007: GOAL Cluj 0-2 Roma
Roma increase their lead against Cluj, with playmaker Francesco Totti smashing home a free-kick. The home crowd are silenced.

2006: Fernando Torres skins his man down the right at Anfield and sends over a cross for Dirk Kuyt to head goalwards, but Steve Mandanda deals with it - eventually.

2006: Yoann Gourcuff and John Terry are booked for a coming together in Bordeaux and a few afters as well. Silly.

2006: Cluj really should be level against but Eugen Trica wastes a glorious opportunity, shooting wide from eight yards. A terrible, terrible miss.

2005: "At the Stade Chaban Delmas sitting with the Bordeaux fans. The feeling is blindingly optimistic amongst them."
Kiya, freezing, Bordeaux, via text on 81111

2004: Mathieu Chalme tests Petr Cech with a fierce right-foot from an angle out on the right, but the big keeper comfortably deals with it.

2002: GOAL Sporting 0-2 Barcelona
It's double your money time in Lisbon and former Manchester United centre-back Gerard Pique has got his name on the scoresheet. I'll bet Leo Messi is having a ball out there.

2002:Danny the Stat, speak: "Over in Group D, things have not changed much. Atletico and Liverpool are both set to qualify if scores stay the same, although the Spanish side will put themselves in pole position for top spot."

2000: GOAL Sporting 0-1 Barcelona
That man Thierry Henry celebrates his 100th Champions League game with his 46th goal in the competition and that's good news for Barca, who will win the group if they seal victory in Portugal.

1958: GOAL Atletico Madrid 1-0 PSV Eindhoven
Atletico pump a ball into the box and PSV fail to clear their lines twice, Simao seeing his first shot blocked but making no mistake with the second effort. In the absence of fans inside the stadium, the big screen shows Atletico supporters going crazy. Brilliant.

1958: Within a heartbeat, it's Danny the Stat: "So, should the scores stay the same in Group A, Chelsea would need to beat Cluj in their final group game to be certain of going through - although a draw or defeat would do if Roma beat Bordeaux in their final game."

1955: GOAL Cluj 0-1 Roma
Hang on, it's a goal! Matteo Brighi taps into an empty net, converting Simone Perrotta's cross after Cluj goalkeeper Eduard Stancioiu rushed out of his goal and couldn't clear the danger.

1955: It appears that my plea for goals has fallen on deaf ears. That'll learn me.

1951: Fernando forces Petr Cech to push the ball behind at Bordeaux, while at Cluj, Yssouf Kone shoots across goal and forces Roma keeper Doni to make a decent early stop.

1950: "Same old boring Champions League - seeing the same teams every year makes me sick. I haven't watched a single game this year and didn't regret it for a second!"
tommyoren on 606
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Yeah well, thanks for getting involved in a Champions League thread. It's been a pleasure having you.

1948: "Tom Evison, at Anfield, first time at Anfield, and I've got a strange feeling Arbeloa's in for a hat-trick."
Tom Evison at Anfield, via text on 81111

1945: Games across Europe are getting under way. It's about to all go mental.

1944: It's horrible watching scenes from the Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid tonight. It's empty, of course, as Atletico's punishment for the behaviour of their fans during the 1 October win against Marseille. It's like the anti-Champions League.

1942: Liverpool need two more goals to reach 300 in the European Cup (as it should be called). Marseille have conceded 99 away goals in European competition. Ivan Cordoba plays his 50th Champions League match tonight, for Inter Milan. See? I can do it, Danny the Stat, I told you so. Damn your wit and penchant for unearthing sensational statistics.

1937: Anyone out there at Anfield, or the Stade Chaban Delma, or the other six venues across Europe tonight? If so, please get in touch. Please. I love it. Texts on 81111, yeah? Yeah.

1934: "As a Newcastle fan, I punt for Group B for one reason and one reason alone - Temuri Ketsbaia."
GeordieTillIDie, Newcastle, via text on 81111

Well, it's the nearest you boys will get to the Champs Lge for a while. He said, from his enormous glass house.

1930: "Stevo, we all know you're not a Liverpool fan, after the 'Carling Cup Gareth Bale foul in the box was-it-wasn't-it incident', but let's not bring that up again. Oh, hang on..."
Torresque on 606
Join the debate on 606

Yeah, let's not bring that up again - oh hang on. I won't go on about it, though (it wasn't a penalty). I will definitely try (it wasn't a penalty) not to mention it. End of, the penalty that never was. Oh, hang on...

1926: "Marseille have the ability to score, they will be a threat. The problem for them, the dilemma, is whether they go for it or wait and play on the counter."
Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez

1924: Oh my word, Danny the Stat goes large: "Here's a little bit of Champions League qualification chat from elsewhere in Europe. One for you Group B fans - Inter Milan only need a draw with Panathinaikos to go through - if they win, then Euro minnows Anothosis Famagusta will join them in the last 16 if they beat Werder Bremen.

"Meanwhile, Group C fans everywhere know that Sporting and Barcelona are merely jockeying for top spot having both qualified. Shakhtar Donetsk need a point against Basel to secure the consolation of a Uefa Cup place."

Thanks Danny, as always you've been a great help. What I want to know is, are there any Group B/C fans out there? And if so, why?

1920: I've been largely derided in the office for my Liverpool prediction. I'm probably at risk of being called a Liverpool fan again tonight. Just to clear one thing up (for the 64,678th time), the team I support are bottom of the Championship. Thanks for reminding me. Really, thanks.

1916: So, Chelsea make just one change from the side that was held to a goalless draw by Newcastle at the weekend, bringing in Michael Ballack for the suspended Deco. Didier Drogba, banned at home but eligible abroad, is on the bench.

1913: "What are your thoughts on Keano's Liverpool career so far, Stevo? Surely he won't be happy to not be starting tonight?"
Rob, Spurs fan, via text on 81111

Surely no footballer is ever happy to be on the bench, so the cliche goes? I've been disappointed with him mate, four goals isn't a great return, but Liverpool's success so far this season means he has not come under much pressure yet.

1909: Yeah, I can sympathise with SimpreZola, below. Now I know that the little maestro Leo Messi is playing for Barca, I'm tempted to ask if I can change a Predo. But I won't, I mustn't. Also, Thierry Henry plays in his 100th Champions League game today.

1906: "Stevo: Famagusta to win? Surely that will not happen. Barca drawing? Now I know why you get it wrong..."
SimpreZola on 606
Join the debate on 606

Bordeaux: Valverde, Chalme, Planus, Diawara, Jurietti, Menegazzo, Diarra, Gourcuff, Gouffran, Wendell, Chamakh.
Subs: Olimpa, Cavenaghi, Bellion, Placente, Traore, Obertan, Tremoulinas.
Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, Ashley Cole, Mikel, Joe Cole, Ballack, Lampard, Malouda, Anelka.
Subs: Cudicini, Drogba, Bridge, Ferreira, Kalou, Alex, Stoch.
Referee: Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium).

Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Agger, Aurelio, Mascherano, Alonso, Kuyt, Gerrard, Riera, Torres.
Subs: Cavalieri, Dossena, Keane, Benayoun, Babel, Leiva Lucas, Kelly.
Marseille: Mandanda, Bonnart, Zubar, Hilton, Taiwo, Ziani, Cana, Cheyrou, Ben Arfa, Niang, Kone.
Subs: Riou, Rodriguez, Zenden, Kabore, Samassa, Grandin, Valbuena.
Referee: Olegario Benquerenca (Portugal).

1900: It's that special time of the evening, again: when I embarrass myself in public. Here are Stevo's Predos (never check the last lot):

Bordeaux 0-2 Chelsea
CFR Cluj 1-2 Roma
Anorthosis Famagusta 2-1 Werder Bremen
Inter Milan 1-0 Panathinaikos
Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 Basle
Sporting Lisbon 2-2 Barcelona
Atletico Madrid 3-1 PSV Eindhoven
Liverpool 4-0 Marseille

1855: "Argh, I'm stuck in uni and hope I get home in time to watch Liverpool. I'm doing an assignment on international trade: a subject West Ham could do with brushing up on."
Katie, Swansea, via text on 81111

Yeah, thanks Katie, for reminding everyone of the world's most boring football story (oh come on Sheff Utd fans, it really is).
West Ham suffer new Tevez setback

1851: Steven Gerrard returns to Liverpool's team after recovering from the groin injury that ruled him out of England's win in Germany last Wednesday and Saturday's goalless draw against Fulham at Anfield. Robbie Keane is dropped to the bench and it is the first time Gerrard and Fernando Torres have started together since the 3-2 win at Manchester City on 5 October. Xabi Alonso returns in central midfield, with Lucas Leiva dropping out.

1847: "It's time bid au revoir to our French friends as the English teams serve up some 'chateau neuf de pain'."
Mouth of the South on 606
Join the debate on 606

1844: Liverpool team to play Marseille: Reina, Arbeloa, Aurelio, Carragher, Agger, Mascherano, Alonso, Riera, Kuyt, Gerrard, Torres.

1841: "One art I don't want to see is how to not pick your strongest line-up and draw 0-0, by Rafa Benitez."
Steve, Liverpool fan, via text on 81111

Well, I don't think any of us are keen on 0-0s tonight pal, but as Danny the Stat rightly points out, Liverpool will qualify if they draw 0-0 and Atletico draw with PSV tonight. He's rarely, rarely wrong, too.

1838: The headline news from tonight's games is as follows: Chelsea qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League with a victory and so indeed do Liverpool. There are many other permutations, of course, but neither side can be knocked out. Danny the Stat, or Mr As It Stands to his friends (he's got some, for sure), will keep us all posted. In a massive way.

1835: Of course our main focus tonight will be on the matches at Anfield, where Liverpool take on Marseille, and the Stade Chaban Delmas, where Chelsea face Bordeaux. Team news, as ever, will be with you just as soon as we have it. Promise.

1830: OK, last night wasn't a classic. I mean, if you're making a DVD and you've got to pick the 25 greatest nights in Champions League history, it wouldn't be a contender. But what it did have, was an exhibition of some very particular arts in this wonderful game that we love. In Stevo's Champo Leago exhibition, I present to you...

- On how to take free-kicks, Lyon's Juninho Pernambucano.
- On how to head a football, Fiorentina's Alberto Gilardino.
- On how to volley the ball dropping out of the sky, Lyon's Ederson.
- On how not to win a penalty, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.
- On how to lose friends and alienate people, Kiev's Olexandr Aliyev.
- On how to win wearing 17 layers of clothing, Real Madrid CF.
- On how to score despite a blatant handball, FC Porto's Lisandro.
- On how to squander about 40 good chances and somehow play out a goalless draw, Zenit and Juventus.

Feel free to add to the list, ridiculous list fans. And what exhibition stuff might we see today? Get those texts in to 81111 and join the debate on 606. There's a good crew.
Join the debate on 606

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