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FC Nordsjaelland 2-1 Queen of the South (4-2 agg)


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By David Sharp

1955: Hard to argue with the quaintly named Sallymoo down below. The Queens players will naturally be devastated by the result but they can take a lot of confidence from an absolutely barnstorming performance in Denmark tonight.

The Wild Tigers were almost tamed in their own lair. But the Doonhamers gave themselves too much to do after losing two away goals in the home leg and simply ran out of steam in the end. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow with your cheeky-monkey chat. Bye for now.

1952: "I think Queens have been great tonight. It's been amazing, just a shame it couldn't last."
sallymoo_scot on My Sport
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1950: "Gutted for Queen of the South, I think they deserved to go through. Same old Scottish hard luck story..."
malkys large oversized novelty comb on My Sport
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I think Queens deserved to go through too malky. It is funny (well, tragi-funny), how often this seems to happen to Scottish teams in Europe and in international competition...

1948: FULL-TIME: FC Nordsjaelland 2-1 Queen of the South. They've lost it, and the tie. Two goals in the final six minutes have denied the brave Doonhamers the chance of a tilt at the likes of Italian aristocrats AC Milan.

1946: Queens don't deserve to be losing this match.

1945: GOAL FC Nordsjaelland 2-1 Queen of the South. An innocuous looking high ball foxes Craig Reid who ties himself into an elaborate knot. Martin Bernburg pounces to seal victory for the Danes.

1944: We're into the final minute of normal time. Three minutes of abnormal time to play. Time for Queens to go gung-ho crazy and throw everything at the Danes goal. Unfortunately I reckon they're on their knees, running in concrete boots through quicksand after a gargantuan effort tonight.

1941: A sucker punch goal from the Danes. No matter. Queens can still do it. Instead of looking for the winning goal, now they must score to take the tie into extra-time. See, I know what I'm talking about now!

1940: GOAL FC Nordsjaelland 1-1 Queen of the South. Henrik Kildentoft collects the ball on the right wing in acres of space. His low, angled cross finds Martin Bernburg whose left-foot shot eludes Bell's outstretched paw.

1938: "MacFarlane has ran himself into the ground. Hope that's not an attempt at "Scottish" English... It's "has run". Ok, I know, it's not the time..."
Wot Kuyt 'e did on My Sport
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You're worse than Lynn Truss! Yes, I am a tad busy at the mo Kuyty, but thanks for keeping me right! Look, I've changed it now (see 1936).

1938: Eight minutes to go. The nerves are jangling for the Queens fans now.

1936: Queens must go for it now. Scott Robertson comes on for Neil MacFarlane. MacFarlane has ran (correction: run) himself into the ground.

1935: How cruel would it be if Queens lost out on away goals?

1932: Hansen flaps at a high cross. The loose ball falls perfectly for Burns but his shot lacks oomph and the grateful Danish keeper clutches the ball to his chest in the manner of an old friend he hasn't seen for years.

1931: Fifteen minutes to go. Can Queens find a second goal? They seem to have found a second wind.

1929: Another long three-iron from the left boot of Harris soars skyward and drops stone-dead in the Danes' box. It's a scramble! O'Connor nearly latches onto it. Once again the home side frantically hoof it away.

1927: All the big men are up for Harris' corner. He pings it into the nucleus of the Nordsjaelland box. But it comes to nowt and Queens are still looking for that vital second goal. (See, I'm learning from my mistakes!)

1924: "Re 18:46 Queen of the South are not through as it stands!!! They need 1 more!"
xPoppySwirlx on My Sport
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You're so right Poppy! And this time I can't pretend I was only kidding you lot on...I got myself into a bit of a pickle about the away goal and now I feel like a proper chump! I'd like to plead temporary insanity, m'lud.

1922: Dobbie makes an instant impact, sending O'Connor through with only the keeper to beat but Hansen dives bravely at his feet.

1921: Jonathan Richter's dipping drive from 25-yards whizzes inches past Bell's post.

1920: Stephen Dobbie comes on for the knackered Jamie Adams.

1918: Nordsjaelland's nickname is 'The Wild Tigers'. They played more like meek kittens in the first half but look rather more up for it now.

1916: Queens appear to have weathered the storm.

1913: Nordsjaelland go scarily close to scoring. Patrice Bernier prods the ball through the only hole in a packed Queens defence but the unsighted Bell gets down well to save. Nice play from the home skipper Henrik Kildentoft who found Bernier unmarked in the box.

1912: The home side have picked up the pace. They look much slicker in possession and are spraying the ball about with some confidence.

1908: Free-kick meister 'Whispering' Bob steps up and sends another left-foot howitzer just past Hansen's left-hand upright. Was that a shot or a cross? It was one of those shot-cum-cross hybrids. Close but no cigar for Harris there.

1906: Richter attempts to catch Bell off guard with a curling lob, but the ball skews well over the bar. I think that was Simon this time. Or maybe not!

1904: "There are some fantastic sides who have failed in this quest of winning after losing the first leg at home, so all credit to Queen of the South if they do it."
BBC Scotland pundit Jim Duffy

1902: No changes for Queens. Nordsjaelland bring on Andreas Dahl for Morten Karlsen.

1900: And we're off again! Can Queens grab a second goal and emerge victorious? Let me know what you think here: .
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1858: "This beats farming hands down. Although it could get nervy at the end if it stays like this. We've got a right good chance of going through here. "
Queens chairman David Ray

1856: Queens chairman David Ray is speaking to BBC Scotland's Jim Spence. It's a battle of the barnets. Former farmer Ray has a wig like Boris Johnson's grandad. Or the Douglas Hurd puppet on Spitting Images. Mr Whippy-esque. Meanwhile Spencey has a head of air like a large ginger microphone.

1850: "What we don't have is another hard luck story. To score a goal and go out like so many Scottish sides before them."
BBC Scotland pundit Jim Duffy

1846: HALF-TIME: FC Nordsjaelland 0-1 Queen of the South. As it stands Queens are through...but I don't want to speak too soon and jinx it...ooops too late. Just kidding!

1845: Nordsjaelland have a free-kick in the dying embers of the first half. Martin Bernburg ghosts in from nowhere and almost pokes the ball past Bell but Queens somehow scramble it away and the ref blows for half-time.

1843: Another brilliant opportunity is squandered by Queens. Tosh threads a lovely ball through to Kean but his legs buckle at the crucial moment and a powder puff cross is easily hoofed clear. Was that a case of jelly legs? It's vital that Queens hold onto their lead until the break. Looks like they need a breather after the colossal effort they've put into this game so far.

1841: Richter curls in a shot from the right which is off the scale...well, not really. It floats harmlessly into the arms of a grateful Cammy Bell. There are two Richter's, Simon and Jonathan. They're identical twins. I'm pretty sure that was Jonathan who got the shot in. But I'm not 100% sure...

1833: Superb play from Queens. Burns feeds Kean who jinks past the flailing leg of a Nordsjaelland defender and steams towards the 18-yard-line, but his rising shot, erm, rises too high and sails over Hansen's bar.

1830: "Even if Nordsjaelland score Queens are still in the same position. I fancy them to get another goal! Come on Queen of the South!"
malkys large oversized novelty comb on My Sport
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I assume you mean Queens would be in the same position they were in before tonight's game kicked off? ie one goal down. By the way, good to have you back Malky? Where have you been? I'm not likely to forget that My Sport moniker...

1829: "The Danes are playing like a team at the bottom of their league."
BBC Scotland commentator Paul Mitchell

Yer darn tooting Paul. They look bereft of confidence and devoid of ideas. No wonder they haven't won a league game at home all season. In saying that, Queens have been so good they haven't allowed them to get started.

1827: "Paul Burns is a good Ayrshire boy and I thought he was harder than that. If the stretcher bearers didn't order him on to the stretcher, I am going to slaughter him."
Billy Dodds, QoS coach and BBC football pundit

1826: Paul Burns was stretchered off the pitch a minute ago. It looked like he'd caught a nasty one. But a quick rub down with the good old magic sponge and he's back in the thick of the action.

1823: Neat interplay down the left flank. Tosh plays in Kean brilliantly but he crosses blindly into the box beyond O'Connor.

1821: "Come on Queens! As a Thistle fan, I know we've got the First Division in the bag, but I'd love to see Queens manage a wee run of form in the Uefa Cup. Maybe they can put Scottish lower league football on the map!"
BraveheartJags on My Sport
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1818: Nordsjaelland counter at pace but Queens get back in numbers and Karlsen is forced into an ambitious drive from long range. He leans back and wellies it miles over Bells' bar.

1816: Sean O'Connor skips past a defender and races clean through on goal but the Queens' striker is scythed on the very brink of the box. Penalty?! No, the ref says the impact took place marginally outside. Tosh rattles a low shot against the massed Danish wall.

1814: "When you have an inexperienced team like Queens, to score so early is a dream start and they look comfortable at this stage of the match."
Billy Dodds, QoS coach and BBC football pundit

1812: The experienced Jim Thomson is the fulcrum of the Queens defence. The 37-year-old is mopping everything up at the back with some ease.

1810: The game settles down after that whirlwind start from Queens. The 1,000-strong travelling Doohamers must be giddy with delight.

1803: That goal came out of the blue. 'Whispering' Bob Harris' left-foot shot fair whistled into the net. It singed Hansen's gloves on the way past.

1802: GOAL Nordsjaelland 0-1 Queen of the South. Bob Harris thumps a 25-yard strike high beyond Hansen in the Nordsjaelland goal. What a start from Queens! The dream is on.

1801: "We know we are going to get chances. We have just got to make sure we take the first one."
Billy Dodds, QoS coach and BBC football pundit

1800: And we're off. Nordsjaelland get the game underway.

1750: Apparently Danish parents don't allow their children to go to football matches on school nights. So don't expect to hear the high-pitched angelic sounds of little Nordsjaelland choirboys (or girls) echoing high into the Zealand air. Cos they're safely tucked up in bed.

1745: Queens affable boss Gordon Chisholm is confident that his side can pull a famous result out of the fire. But he's not quite ready to throw caution to the wind. With a cagey 4-5-1 approach he must have been watching Rangers in Europe last season. Well, it worked for the Ibrox side...until Walter Smith's tactics unravelled at the final hurdle.

"We've gone a wee bit more defensive with Bob Harris coming in, while young Jamie Adams will drive forward from midfield. I just felt I had to get the balance proper.
Queens gaffer Gordon Chisholm

1743: "I think Queen of the South will score tonight. It is just whether they can lock the door at the back."
BBC Radio Scotland pundit Jim Duffy

1741: The referee is Tony Chapron. He's French.

1739: TEAMS IN FULL: FC Nordsjaelland: Hansen, Pibebe, Kildentoft, Lundberg, Simon Richter, Bernier, Jonathan Richter, Christensen, Petersen, Karlsen, Bernburg. Subs: Pode, Storm, Neilsen, Fetai, Dahl, Pedersen, Theis Rasmussen.

Queen of South: Bell, Reid, Harris, Thomson, Barr, MacFarlane, Tosh, Adams, Burns, O'Connor, Kean. Subs: Halliwell, Dobbie, McQuilken, Robertson, Aitken, McGowan, McLaughlan.

1736: "I'll be tuned into BBC2 Scotland and will be fully kitted out shouting at the top of my voice. I know my manners and how to spend my tanners. Come on the Queens!" ." Maxwelltonblue on My Sport
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1733: The Danes make only one change from the side which triumphed at Airdrie United's Excelsior Stadium just less than a fortnight ago. Former Rangers player Bajram Fetai drops to the bench. Jonathan Richter steps into his boots. I'll have the full Nordsjaelland line-up in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

1732: EXCLUSIVE TEAM NEWS: Queens have made three changes from the first leg. Cammy Bell, on loan from Kilmarnock, replaces Bryn Halliwell between the sticks. Jamie McQuilken drops out while Gary Arbuckle is sidelined with a hamstring injury.

So, the Doonhamers will take the field in a 4-5-1 formation, as follows: Cammy Bell, Craig Reid, Jim Thomson, Craig Barr, Bob Harris, Paul Burns, Jamie Adams, Neil MacFarlane, Stewart Kean, Stevie Tosh, Sean O'Connor.

1731: "You couldn't exactly play snooker on it but the pitch here is in great condition.

Farum Park is similar in size to Livingston's Almondvale, with a capacity of around 10,000. Apparently the locals are unlikely to turn out in great numbers, so we're not expecting a big crowd."
BBC Scotland commentator Liam McLeod in Denmark

1730: No Scottish team has ever recovered from losing the first leg of a European tie (at home, at home dagnabbit!) to progress to the next round. Queen of the South trail Nordsjaelland 2-1 from the first leg of their second qualifying round Uefa Cup tie. Can the Doonhamers rewrite the history books in Denmark this evening? Watch this ever-expanding space to find out...

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