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Uefa Cup as it happened

Bayern Munich 1-1 Getafe
Bayer Leverkusen 1-4 Zenit St Petersburg
Fiorentina 1-1 PSV
Rangers 0-0 Sporting

Uefa Cup quarter finals, first leg (all times BST)


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By Chris Bevan

2149: 'Stalemate' pretty much sums up what went on at Ibrox between Rangers and Sporting but, elsewhere in the Uefa Cup, Zenit St Petersburg definitely have the upper hand after thumping Bayer Leverkusen in Germany. The ties between Bayern Munich and Getafe, and Fiorentina and PSV, are very much in the balance though.

That is all from me folks, many thanks for your banter that kept us all going tonight. I cannot promise you any goals in the second leg but I can assure you that I will be back next Thursday to keep you updated on how Rangers fare in Lisbon. Thanks and goodnight, Cristiano.

Sporting midfielder Miguel Veloso is your top man after 90 minutes with a score of 6.76. He just edges out Rangers' highest scorer, goalkeeper Allan McGregor, who is a fraction behind on 6.75.

2138: I was going to wait until a goal at Ibrox before revealing my full name but that proved to be a bad idea. It is Christopher, not Cristiano, but I very rarely get called that these days.

2137: FULL-TIME Rangers 0-0 Sporting
It is all over at Ibrox. On a positive note, Sporting have not scored an away goal. On a negative note, Rangers made very little use of their home advantage and failed to create many chances.

2136: GOAL Bayern Munich 1-1 Getafe
A bit of a surprise in Munich where Spanish side Getafe have nicked a late draw through Cosmin Contra's last-minute equaliser.

2135: Two minutes of added time to be played.

Sporting go close when Tonel meets a corner at the near post but his header flies into the side, not the back, of the net.

2133: Rangers defender David Weir will miss the second leg after being booked for hauling back Yannick Djalo on the edge of the area. They will miss him too, on this evidence. The resulting free-kick is fired straight at Allan McGregor though.

2131: Half a chance for Sporting. The ball drops for Liedson after good work from Yannick Djalo. A good challenge from David Weir averts the danger though.

2130: "Nacho Nacho man, I need a Nacho man."
Robbo via text on 81111

Robbo sent that text three times. I felt I had to reward him for his effort.

2129: "Who wants to the win this the most!!? Or are both teams not caring to much about it?"
canuckscot on 606

Rangers have had their moments in the last few minutes but their up and under approach is not getting them far. Sporting are not doing a lot but they remain dangerous on the break.

2127: Good work by Steven Davis for Rangers to force himself to the byline before he delivers a lovely little cross that Anderson Polga clears at the near post. Leandro Grimi is down for Sporting but he is helped off the pitch and the game is allowed to continue.

2126: We are into the final 10 minutes at Ibrox.

2125: "I think football should take the Radiohead approach. Fans should be let in for free and at the end of matches should be free to pay whatever they think the match entertainment value was worth.
redandblackT1899 on 606

A great idea. I don't think Rangers would make much money tonight if that was implemented here.

2122: Plenty of chat on 606 about where this game ranks in terms of the worst ever. The 1990 World Cup final gets my vote from the ones that are mentioned.

2120: Sporting's turn to threaten. Anderson Polga meets a corner at the near post but gets too much on his header and it flies over the bar.

The Portugese side are making a change - Yannoick Djalo is on for Simon Vukcevic up front.

2118: Good work by Barry Ferguson to hoist the ball over his head and towards Nacho Novo at the far post. It bounces away from the Spanish striker though and the chance is gone.

2114: Nacho Novo is coming on for Rangers. He replaces Jean-Claude Darcheville, who looks absolutely exhausted.

2113: Steven Davis floats the ball into the box and it is once again met by Lee McCulloch, who deserves something out of tonight's game for his sheer industry. Not this time though, his header bounces harmlessly wide.

2112: GOAL Fiorentina 1-1 PSV
Danny Koevermans levels for PSV in Florence. The goals are flying in now...

2111: There is still plenty of huff and puff from both teams but the final ball has been shocking on most occasions.

Sporting bring another good save out of Allan McGregor after Simon Vukcevic makes space for a shot on the edge of the area.

2109: "I'm that bored with this I'm going back to revision!"
Keef1987 on 606

Things must be bad...

2108: "RE 20:46: It would be a nicer touch if they paid for the flight and hotel instead!"
jargenspiele on 606

That would be nice. Maybe they should have paid for this game too judging by what we have seen so far?

2107: A bit of pressure from Rangers. Well when I say 'pressure' I mean a couple of balls were lifted into the Sporting box. The Portuguese survive without too much difficulty.

2106: Our friend Liedson has got over his early injury problems but has just been booked for a petulant reaction. I expected more from him to be honest.

2105:GOAL Fiorentina 1-0 PSV
Another goal, if you remember what one of those is. Adrian Mutu has notched for Fiorentina.

2103: Nobody seems to want to keep hold of the ball at Ibrox. Hot potato anybody?

2100: "The first leg of the knockout stage is as boring as hell. Everyone is so damn cautious."
onithor on 606

You're spot on there onithor. As long as you ignore the result from Leverkusen tonight that is.

2058: A rare chance for Sporting. Leandro Grimi makes tremendous ground down the left flank and runs into the area before firing in a shot that Allan McGregor pushes round his post.

2055: "Youth Cup full-time Chelsea 1-1 City. Sturridge for City, then Kakuta for Chelsea. Nearly 12,000 turned up to watch! 2nd leg at City in two weeks!"
My colleague Ollie at Stamford Bridge via text on 81111

I will settle for a draw. Thanks for your updates Ollie, and everybody else who got in touch from Stamford Bridge.

2053: The second half has not exactly burst into life yet. Liedson has just had a shot from long range for Sporting...well, I think you can call it that.

2052: A few of you are speculating on 606 about what my full first name is. Not the sign of a great match that!

2051: "Sadly I think Sporting are the only team wearing green and white hoops that look capable of beating Rangers this season!"
Zola via text on 81111

I think we can safely assume that Zola is a Celtic fan...

2049: The second half has started at Ibrox. Let's have some goals please, or failing that some decent chances. Please...

2048: A few of you have texted in from Stamford Bridge to let me know that Chelsea have equalised against Manchester City in the Youth Cup final, first leg. Gael Kakuta has scored. He is French by the way.

2046: Any Rangers fans a little depressed by the lack of goal action at Ibrox so far should console themeselves in the fact the club are paying for supporters to get into the second leg in Lisbon next week. A nice touch that.

2044: "Well, towards the end of the half Rangers did look quite decent. Hope they can come out second half and continue with some attacks, this game needs a goal to make it more interesting."
licence on 606

We definitely need a goal at Ibrox folks. Not sure where it is going to come from though...

Hmmmm, some low scores so far from Ibrox. Sporting captain Joao Moutinho is top scorer with 6.60 so far while goalkeeper Allan McGregor is top of the pops for Rangers with 6.56.

2036: The goals are hardly flooding in in tonight's other Uefa Cup quarter-finals that are still being played. Luca Toni has notched for Bayern Munich but that is it so far. There was a goalfest earlier on between Bayer Leverkusen and Zenit St Petersburg though - the Russians managed a hugely impressive 4-1 win.

2032: HALF-TIME Rangers 0-0 Sporting
Stalemate at Ibrox so far. Plenty going on to keep referee Yuri Baskakov busy though.

2031: It is that man Lee McCulloch who is involved as Rangers threaten again. He leaps with Abel and sees his deflected header fly wide. From the resulting corner David Weir sees his header bounce the wrong side of the post.

2031: "Why there are already comments on Sporting Lisbon players that go down easily... It's so easy to unsettle the British teams! If Rangers do not take a two goal difference to Portugal I think Sporting Lisbon will reach the semi-final. Come On Sporting Lisbon!"
PauloRosa on 606

I think both teams have been getting stuck in. It was the Rangers fans at Ibrox who thought Sporting's players were going to floor though, not me.

2030: Lee McCulloch has not exactly been shy when he has had a sniff of goal tonight and he has another go from range which Sporting keeper Rui Patricio gathers at the second attempt. McCulloch got hold of that one too.

2028: Daniel Sturridge bagged for Manchester City by the way. If you have not already heard of this lad, you soon will do.

2026: Jean-Claude Darcheville is still working hard up front for Rangers but the chances are not exactly flowing at either end. It is going to be more about attrition by the looks of things.

2024: "Jonathan Stevenson is called Stevo and Chris Bevan is predictably called Bevo! I hope you guys at the BBC didn't hurt yourselves coming up with those names."
redandblackT1899 on 606

Yep, we do like to keep things simple which is probably why we are not allowed to play with sharp objects.

2018: "You know you're out of practice when a clearance finds you in the stand and you trap it further than you could kick it. Shameful trek down steps to fetch it back. City 1-0 up."
My colleague Ollie at Stamford Bridge via text on 81111

Mixed news from Stamford Bridge for Ollie. City are 1-0 up in the Youth Cup final first leg against Chelsea though and that has cheered me up no end. If I find out who bagged I will let you know.

2017: Better stuff from Rangers and Kevin Thomson causes chaos when he whips in a low cross. The Sporting keeper Rui Patricio loses the ball under pressure from Kirk Broadfoot but the ball does not quite fall for Barry Ferguson in the six-yard box.

2016:GOAL Bayern Munich 1-0 Getafe
Bayern have taken a while to get going against Getafe but have just gone ahead throughLuca Toni's goal.

2013: Sporting's Marat Izmailov is very lucky there. He is already on a yellow card when he clatters Kevin Thomson with a wild challenge but the referee decides a free-kick is enough punishment.

2012: "Quite a poor game so far. Was expecting more from both sides in terms of attacks.""
licence on 606

It has been a bit scrappy so far folks. Lots of handbags though.

2010: "Are Sporting sponsored by the people who make the stretchers?"
neillydun on 606

"This isn't very sporting from Sporting."
kiki1875 on 606

8/10 for the first gag. 7/10 for the second. Keep them coming though.

2007: Kirk Broadfoot hoists a high ball into the box. Sporting keeper Rui Patricio collects it but he is soon met by a bone-shaking challenge from Lee McCulloch. Fair to say he felt that one and referee Yuri Baskakov spots it too.

2006: The Rangers fans clearly feel Sporting's players are going to ground too easily. The Portuguese are not holding back when it comes to making challenges themselves either.

2004: A decent chance wasted by Jean-Claude Darcheville. The big Rangers striker breaks into the box but holds on to the ball and is closed down by Sporting defenders when he should have pulled a cross back.

2001: "Bevo you're missing news of tonight's big game. Chelsea 0-0 City, half time, Youth Cup final first leg. Free entry and Fifa 08 in the concourses!"
My colleague Ollie at Stamford Bridge via text on 81111

I know Ollie, I know. Please keep us updated mate.

1958: "Stretcher again? Get a bloody grip, bunch of saps."
licence on 606

Moutinho did not get much sympathy from the Rangers fans at Ibrox either. He is back on the field however.

1955: "I remember when Newcastle played Sporting a few years ago back when we were in the Uefa Cup (I still cannot believe we lost that game), Liedson was one hell of a player. Good luck dealing with him Rangers, you're gonna need it."
Suraj182 on 606

I think at the moment Liedson will just be relieved that he managed five minutes without getting booted. His team-mate Joao Moutinho is not so lucky - Barry Ferguson clatters him with a late tackle and is shown a yellow card. Moutinho has been stretchered off.

1953: A useful bit of possession by Sporting in midfield but Rangers are working hard to ensure they don't get within 30 yards of goal. Looks set to be a tight one this.

1952: "Re 1938: Must have been confusing him with Plymouth Argyle's superb winger Peter Halmosi, who'll be off to the Premier League this summer, with or without the Greens."
proudpilgrim on 606

I am not sure I can use that as an excuse proudpilgrim but thanks for your support.

1951: First effort on goal and it comes from the Gers. They break away from a Sporting free-kick and Lee McCulloch sends a shot swerving wide from around 30 yards. Worth a go.

1950: OK, I was wrong. Liedson is back on the pitch but it is not long until he is back on the ground after being caught by Lee McCulloch. He will be black and blue by the end of the night by the looks of things...

1949: I will be focusing on the action at Ibrox tonight by the way but I will, of course, let you know when any goals go in in Munich or Fiorentina too. And in the Youth Cup final too.

1948: Liedson is being stretchered off. The way he is wrapped up he does not look like he is coming back either. I will keep you posted though.

1947: Not a good start for Sporting. That Brazilian striker I was talking about, Liedson, is down on the floor and receiving treatment after a collision with David Weir. He looks in trouble too.

1945: Sporting get the game under way.

1942: The players are out on the pitch. It is a full house at Ibrox - no surprises there.

1938: "Who is this 'Peter Hemdani' you speak off? Last time I checked, there was only one Hemdani in the Gers squad and his name sure wasn't Peter!"
gers-ham89 on 606

I will hold my hands up there...not sure how Peter sneaked into the Rangers squad. Rest assured that Brahim is back in midfield instead!

1933: "I have a feeling that this is a competition too many for the Gers. They will always put the SPL as priority and as their fixture list is clogging up this could be their downfall. Yes they need the cash, however, the squad is not big enough to take the strain and I feel they are going to crash out now."
canuckscot on 606

There is always a danger that teams can run out of steam at this stage of the season but I cannot see Rangers collapsing at Ibrox tonight. The second leg will be a lot trickier though.

1926: "Can we have a latest score on the Youth Cup semi between Chelsea and Manchester City."
Charlie-Tango-India-Delta on 606

As a City fan who would like very much to have been a few miles down the road at Stamford Bridge tonight, I will do my best for you. It's the final by the way - first leg.

1923: The final whistle has just gone in Leverkusen by the way. You would think Zenit St Petersburg will be more than happy with a 4-1 advantage to take back to Russia for the second leg.

1921: TEAM NEWS Rangers v Sporting
Rangers recall Sasa Papac in place of Steven Whittaker at left-back and Brahim Hemdani replaces Christian Dailly as their holding midfielder. Sporting Lisbon coach Paulo Bento must make do without injured Brazilian defender Ronny.

1914: In case you have forgotten, Sporting beat Bolton last time out in Europe. Their danger man - Brazilian striker Liedson - is back from injury too. Never heard of him? No excuses - find out what he is all about in this feature by Colin Moffat.

1911: "Sporting came third in the CL group that included Man United and Roma. They acquitted themselves well in that group and lately have been scoring goals for fun. Rangers will have their hands full tonight."
redandblackT1899 on 606

True, Sporting have had an upturn in form recently. They are not exactly on fire in the Portuguese League though - down in fourth place and 20 points behind leaders Porto.

1909: "Rangers have their best opportunity to go all the way in this competition tonight. Walter Smith has a knack of bringing success and upsetting the odds. I see the winners of this seasons Uefa Cup being between Rangers, PSV or Bayern."
jamiegibbo on 606

1905: PSV Eindhoven or Fiorentina await the winners of this tie in the semi-finals by the way. Bayern Munich are in the other half of the draw.

1903: "Rangers are going to need their fare share of luck to reach the final in Manchester. I think they have the defensive qualities to keep a clean sheet tonight and could possibly be another repeat 2-0 win, like against Werder Bremen."
kenposs on 606

Gers keeper Allan McGregor had a busy time of it against Bremen if I remember correctly. Hopefully he won't be quite so busy at Ibrox tonight.

1900: If Rangers fans need any encouragement ahead of tonight's tie then they should take a glance at the form book. Since they lost to Lyon in the final game of their unsuccessful Champions League group campaign on 12 December, Walter Smith's side have only lost one of their last 25 games. Quite an impressive run that, by any standards...

Oh, and even when they lost, they still won - it was the second leg of their Uefa Cup last-16 tie with Werder Bremen, you see, and they went through 2-1 on aggregate despite being beaten 1-0 on the night.

1855: There have been goals aplenty in the early kick-off between Bayer Leverkusen and Zenit St Petersburg. Leverkusen were level at 1-1 at half-time but further goals from Igor Denisov, Aleksandr Aniukov and Pavel Pogrebniak mean the Russian side have got one foot in the last four as it stands.

1845: Right then, the last two European nights this week have been dominated by English clubs but let's make it clear from the start that tonight is all about Scotland.

Rangers are Britain's only survivors in the Uefa Cup and they are in action in the first leg of their quarter final against Sporting Lisbon. There are some big guns left in the last eight but this tie looks winnable for Walter Smith's side...doesn't it?

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