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Euro draws as they happened

Champions League quarter-final draw:
1 Arsenal v Liverpool
2 AS Roma v Man Utd
3 Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona
4 Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Champions League semi-final draw:
1 Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
2 Schalke/Barcelona v AS Roma/Man Utd

Uefa Cup quarter-final draw:
1 Bayer Leverkusen v FC Zenit St Petersburg
2 Rangers v Sporting Lisbon
3 Bayern Munich v Getafe
4 Fiorentina v PSV

Uefa Cup semi-final draw:
Bayern Munich/Getafe v Leverkusen/Zenit
Rangers/Sporting v Fiorentina/PSV


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By Caroline Cheese

1320: That's that then. World, you can stop shaking now. Thanks for your top-notch chat today. It's been awfully good fun - even those speeches from Uefa secretary Dave.

1315: "Tricky draw for Rangers! Sporting are a fairly good side but I think we can beat them!"
Neil_from_Skye on 606

1313: There we are then. You've got to pleased with that if you're a Rangers fan. Sporting, against a below-strength Bolton, didn't look all that to me. As I said before, avoiding Bayern Munich was the main aim.

1309: The Kinder Eggs are given a quick stir by Law and we're under way.

1307: It's an all-Scottish draw in Nyon as Denis Law arrives to help Dave with the balls.

1306: Of course the Uefa Cup final heads to Manchester this year and the City of Manchester Stadium...

1303: More dramatic music. Let's be honest seven teams have a very simple aim in this draw: avoid Bayern Munich. Same deal as the Champions League, by the way. Follow the draw at the top of the page, teams drawn out first will play the first leg at home. And stay tuned for the semi-final draw too.

1301: Just what I didn't need. Another speech from secretary Dave (see 1203). Still, it gives me the chance to tell you that there are seven countries represented in the Uefa Cup draw. Very cosmo.

1258: "What a draw, it shows what a great contest the Champions League really is. The all-English final is still on. My money is on Man Utd to win it."
Anon via text on 81111

1254: If you didn't see the Rangers v Werder Bremen match last night, it was a thriller. The Germans, 2-0 down from the first leg, had 35 shots on goal, while Rangers managed four. The Rangers keeper Allan McGregor was absolutely magnificent - scoring a phenomenal 9.45 on the BBC Sport Player Rater.

1251: "If Rangers avoid Bayern, we will win this Uefa Cup!"
Derek and Arlene Forres, via text on 81111

1248: Apparently, the Champions League draw - on this very page - just crashed the entire BBC News website. I told you this would shake the world to its core. I bet Colin (see 1145) is feeling pretty embarrassed right about now.

1241: The draw excitement is not over. Oh no. In a little over 15 minutes, Rangers will find out their quarter-final opponent in the Uefa Cup so stay tuned....

1237: An anonymous texter points out that as well as those three matches against Liverpool, Arsenal face Chelsea and Manchester United in the league in the next seven games.

1234: Kenyon, the old smoothie, dodges the Frank Lampard issue. "We're not going to play that out in public... Both parties have made it clear we want it sorted sooner or later... I don't want to add to the speculation..." You know the chat.

1231: Chelsea chief exec Peter Kenyon is "delighted" with his club's draw - a meeting with Fenerbahce and their old striker Mateja Kezman. The Turkish side are in the last eight for the first time in their history.

1228: In case you haven't got it written in big bold capitals in your diary: the first-leg ties take place on 1 or 2 April, with the return games on 8 and 9 April.

1227: "Great news for United, we avoided Liverpool and the testing trip to Turkey. Cool."
Dapo, London, via text on 81111

1226: "Excellent. I'm happy with that. It's paved the way for the Arsenal v Barcelona final I want."
GoonerDoogal on 606

1221: In contrast to a very downcast Rick Parry, Manchester United representative Ken Ramsden is very chipper. He reckons Roma is a "good draw". As well as that drubbing last season in the quarter-finals, United have faced Roma twice this season, winning 1-0 at home and drawing 1-1 away - a match marred by some ugly scenes on the terraces.

1218: Liverpool chief exec Rick Parry says he's disappointed with the draw - especially as it means his club will face Arsenal three times in a week with a league match sandwiched in between the two legs of the quarter-finals.

1216: Pick the bones out of that then. Arsenal meet Liverpool in the only English tie. Manchester United might not be too disappointed about facing Roma having thrashed them 7-1 last season. And if Chelsea beat Fenerbahce, we are guaranteed an English finalist.

1209: We're under way.

1208: Now we are treated to a short of video of Moscow - the venue for this year's final. The Luzhniki Stadium will be the host. It looks very nice. Moscow ambassador Rinat Dasaev is introduced. We must be getting close now. Surely.

1206: More from Dave. He's certainly milking his big moment. Meanwhile, Chelsea chief exec Peter Kenyon looks nervous.

1203: David Taylor finishes the dryest speech I think I've ever had the displeasure of hearing and we now have a reminder of the teams in the hat accompanied by some dramatic music. As if we needed it. In case you do need it: Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Roma, Schalke 04, Fenerbahce.

1201: I knew it. They gave it the big build-up and now we have to sit through a load of bla-bla from Uefa general secretary David Taylor.

1200: Ah, the sweet sound of the Champions League anthem. Here we go...

1159: "My life is on hold until this draw is made, and for maybe a period afterwards, while I work out the ramifications of the pair-ups."
risingreds on 606

1154: Only six minutes to go. SIX! A bit of admin for you: the draw will appear at the top of this page and teams drawn first will play the first leg at home.

1152: "Re 1145: We've hired a meeting room at work for this draw. Ordered champagne in. Colin has his priorities mixed up."
Dave and Gid, via text on 81111

1149: "I have done a Champions league draw of my own too - Wolves have drawn Barcelona. Well, we can dream can't we?"
goldwolf on 606

1145: Word reaches me via text that a man called Colin working in an office in Covent Garden is of the opinion that I have over-hyped this draw. Colin, have a word with yourself.

1143: "We have staged a scaled-down ceremony in work complete with the pomp of a Swiss man explaining the rules at length. The draw is as follows Man Utd v Arsenal, Fenerbahce v Liverpool, Schalke v Roma & Barcelona v Chelsea."
Tim and Dave, Merseyside, via text on 81111

1139: "Re 1123: Couldn't Platini and Blatter do the draw? It would stop them saying anything stupid for 10 minutes."
Sneed, London, via text on 81111

1134: Here is that rehearsal draw: Schalke v Chelsea, Liverpool v Fenerbahce, Barcelona v Man Utd, Arsenal v Roma. Let's not forget that we'll find out the semi-final pairings today as well and they'll also carry out the draw for the final. That means every team will know which dressing room they'll be in Moscow should they get to the final. Great.

1132: Oooh, apparently in the rehearsal draw, the four English teams were kept apart. So that's, er, good.

1128: "Re 1117: Actually Nooseberg, consider the excitement created when the teams can be drawn to play each other in any order! So actually, there are 40,320 things that could happen."
Sharky03 on 606

I'll be honest. I've lost track of this.

1123: If you were hoping for a bit of glamour at the draw in Nyon, you're going to be disappointed I think. According to my notes, the draw will be made by former Russia goalkeeper Rinat Dasaev and Uefa general secretary David Taylor. Secretary? You'd think they'd have got the chief executive at least.

1117: "These football draws are exciting. Literally anything could happen. Well actually in mathematical terms = 28 different things could happen."
nooseberg on 606

1114: "Well done to Rangers last night. Great to be involved in a European draw this late in the season. Good week to be a Gers fan."
Luton Bluenose, via text on 81111

1112: "Re 1100: I think you might be exaggerating slightly."
Robbie, Glasgow, via text on 81111
We'll see.

1110: I've already carried out my very own Champions League draw, using only a notepad and a pen. I picked the home teams and the dashing Sam Lyon the away teams. I reckon Manchester United and Liverpool will be quite pleased, Chelsea and Arsenal less so.
Cheesy's Champions League draw:
Roma v Barcelona
Chelsea v Arsenal
Man Utd v Fenerbahce
Liverpool v Schalke

1100: I love football. But if there's one thing I love more than football, it's a football draw. And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say today's will shake the world to its very core.

W Bremen 1-0 Rangers (agg 1-2)
13 Mar 08 |  Europe
Inter Milan 0-1 Liverpool (0-3)
11 Mar 08 |  Europe
AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal (agg 0-2)
04 Mar 08 |  Europe
Man Utd 1-0 Lyon (agg 2-1)
04 Mar 08 |  Europe


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