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  Thursday, 13 February, 2003, 21:57 GMT
Euro 2004 Group 8
Euro 2004 qualifying Group 1
BBC Sport Online looks at the countries drawn in qualifying Group 8 for Euro 2004.

Coach: Aime Anthuenis
Belgium return to the humdrum of qualifying competition after co-hosting Euro 2000.

The intervening years have bought better fortunes for Belgium after a disappointing tournament on home turf which saw them go out at the group stages.

Under Robert Waseige, the team coasted towards the World Cup finals for a sixth consecutive time.

Waseige has since been replaced by Aime Anthuenis after a disappointment series of performances in Japan and Korea.

Group 8 fixtures
Sept 7: Belgium v Bulgaria, Croatia v Estonia
Oct 12: Andorra v Belgium, Bulgaria v Croatia
Oct 16: Estonia v Belgium, Bulgaria v Andorra
Mar 29: Croatia v Belgium
Apr 2: Estonia v Bulgaria, Croatia v Andorra
Apr 30: Andorra v Estonia
June 7: Bulgaria v Belgium, Estonia v Andorra
June 11: Estonia v Croatia, Belgium v Andorra
Sept 6: Bulgaria v Estonia, Andorra v Croatia
Sept 10: Belgium v Croatia, Andorra v Bulgaria
Oct 11: Croatia v Bulgaria, Belgium v Estonia

Coach: Otto Baric
Croatia proved to be a disappointment at the World Cup under the tutelage of Mirko Jozic, who has since stepped down.

The Croatians managed only third place in the group stages and Jozic's place has now been taken by Otto Baric.

Middlesbrough striker Alen Boksic is still involved, adding experience to an otherwise youthful side that includes Bosko Balaban, Igor Biscan and brothers Nico and Robert Kovac.

Coach: Plamen Markov
Bulgaria have yet to replace the gifted players who took their country to fourth place at the World Cup in 1994.

The influential Hristo Stoichkov was the last to go, dropped by former coach Stoicho Mladenov during the World Cup qualifying campaign.

To his credit, Mladenov integrated a number of exciting young players to try and energise the Bulgarians' bid to qualify for the World Cup.

However, defeats against Denmark and the Czech Republic in their last two games derailed the Bulgarian effort and Mladenov was out of a job.

He was replaced by Plamen Markov.

Coach: Arno Pijpers
The fact that their most famous moment in football history was not showing up for a game against Scotland says much about Estonia.

Goalkeeper Mart Poom, currently fighting relegation with Derby County, is unlikely to find much joy during his international duty.

Coach: David Rodrigo
Andorra have only been playing football competitively since entering qualifying for Euro 2000, and the team comprising just three professional players are still awaiting their first point.

Their best result came against France, who were frustrated for 55 minutes before sneaking a 2-0 win in qualifying for Euro 2000.

The Andorrans ended World Cup qualifying with a goal difference of -29.

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All the build-up to Euro 2004

How the groups line up

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