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Germany 3-2 Turkey

Germany 3-2 Turkey


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By Caroline Cheese

So a Champagne Moment then. It should be a difficult decision, but it's not really. With apologies to Germany, that game was all about Turkey. Just when you think they're all out of miracles, Semih Senturk slots in an 86th-minute equaliser, prompting such ecstatic scenes on the Turkish bench that the Emperor Fatih Terim gets a smack in the mouth. Terim, one of the most memorable characters at Euro 2008, later announced he would probably be stepping down as Turkey boss. I for one am hoping he's England-bound.

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Semih's shock equaliser

2208: I've officially run out of things to say about Euro 2008. Will we see a better international tournament in our lifetimes? I hope so, but I'm not sure how you improve on this. And to think tonight's game looked like it might be the inferior semi-final. What on earth has Russia v Spain got in store? You can join the magnificent Stevo for that tomorrow. I'll be lying in a darkened room.

2157: It will be of absolutely no comfort to Kazim Kazim to know that he is the top man on Player Rater. The Turkey winger is on 7.79, just edging out several team-mates. Germany's digits are very ropey considering they're the winning team. Jens Lehmann is holding steady on 4.14.
Germany v Turkey player rater

2154: "Even if you are a German supporter, you have to say Turkey can play. Tactically, they troubled Germany. I think Germany are too static - especially the defenders."
BBC analyst Marcel Desailly

2152: "Germany have a strong mentality, a winning mentality. They don't play with any great flair but they get the job done."
BBC analyst Alan Hansen

2150: "I'm not worthy of this tournament. It's far too good for me."
skybluehoulgate on 606
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2148: "If there's one team that knows more about winning a match in the last minute than Turkey, it's Germany. Master v apprentice."
Jadath on 606
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2143: The Germans, meanwhile, look a bit stunned. Michael Ballack is sitting down with some of his team-mates, trying to make sense of it all. They were poor tonight but scored two great goals through Lahm and Schweinsteiger. If they play like that in the final, they deserve to be beaten.

2141: Tears for Turkey, who were, in my humble opinion, the better side this evening but perhaps they had used up all their luck in those incredible wins over Croatia and the Czech Republic.

2138: FULL-TIME Germany 3-2 Turkey

2137: Into injury time and Turkey have a free-kick in shooting distance. Tumer shoots high and wide. The German fans begin to celebrate.

2136: Germany try to eat some seconds up by bringing Marcell Jansen on for Miroslav Klose.

2134: GOAL Germany 3-2 Turkey
Well it's a brilliant goal. Philipp Lahm beats one, plays a quick pass to Thomas Hitzlsperger and then receives the return in the box, before stroking a fabulous shot into the roof of the net. Have Turkey just been Turkey-ed?

2134: "I reckon Rustu Recber is pretty happy about that. That Turkish journalist next to me has just said "I am going to die". This is seconds after he stopped saying Jesus over and over again, perhaps doffing his cap to the Christian to his right. "
BBC blogger Fletch
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2129: GOAL Germany 2-2 Turkey
See? Sabri beats Philipp Lahm on the right and that man Semih Senturk nips in at the near post ahead of Jens Lehmann to slot in the cross. Incredible, incredible, incredible. Fatih Terim takes a smack in the face as he celebrates with his coaching team but it'll take more than that to keep the Emperor down.

2126: Turkey make a change with striker Mevlut Erdinc on for midfielder Ayhan Akman. BBC 5 Live's Alan Green's just stated Klose has headed Germany into the final - which I think counts as writing off Turkey. Bad idea, Greeney.

2123: GOAL Germany 2-1 Turkey
Still just as well we're not missing a goa... oh. Turkey keeper Rustu Recber comes to punch a deep cross but is beaten to the ball by Miroslav Klose, who heads into an empty net.

2122: Miroslav Klose heads wide. I can't tell you anymore because the ruddy pictures have gone again. Honestly it's like the 1970s (not that I remember the 1970s. I imagine that's what it was like though)

2121: "By the by, has anyone pronounce the German manager's correct yet? It's not lov, lo, loo, luueevv, lo-ef, lowve, loff or any of the other weird attempts I've heard across the channels. It's LURRRVE. With soft, sensual Rs. Like Barry White."
Sonofthedesert on 606
Pleased we've cleared that up

2118: "Either the BBC commentary is slightly ahead of the pictures or Motty and Lawro are slightly psychic. You decide."
Adam, Watford, via text on 81111

2118: Ugor Boral cuts in from the left and shoots straight at Jens Lehmann, and Germany go straight up the other end where Thomas Hitzlsberger thunders a shot narrowly wide.

2115: Philipp Lahm has a little tug on Kazim Kazim and the Turkey man is immediately appealing for a penalty. Bit ambitious that, Coli.. I mean Kazim Kazim. Fatih is beside himself. Again.

2111: Brilliant work by Sabri, beating Phiipp Lahm and racing to the byeline but there's no one on the end of the cross. We have 23 minutes remaining.

2108: Pictures are back. Thank goodness. It's still 1-1. As you were.

2107: "Turkey coach Fatih Terim is waging a one-man war against any decision that goes against his team. A whirling dervish of pent-up frustration and commitment. Joachim seems altogether more subdued."
BBC blogger Fletch
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2106: Don't worry people of the UK, we are not alone. The TV pictures have gone all around the world. They are still playing though - which is a bit selfish. Jens Lehmann collects Sabri's shot comfortably.

2103: Ah. The lightning appears to have got to the TV signal. I'll press on though. Terrific. Turkey have a free-kick 40 yards out but Hamit Altintop's effort is destined for the stands.

2102: Michael Ballack wins a free-kick which probably shouldn't have been. This ref is having a bit of a 'mare. It's 30 yards out but Ballack's effort goes straight into the bottom of the wall. Poor effort.

2100: Thomas 'the Hammer' Hitzlsberger whacks a shot which is always rising. Germany are looking dangerous.

2058: Replays show it was a definite foul by Sabri on Lahm, but it might have been just outside the box. Not sure what Massimi Busacca was looking at. The German fans are still whistling their disapproval.

2056: Lordy. The entire German team and bench are appealing for a penalty after Philipp Lahm is upended by Sabri on the edge of the box. The referee just wags his finger. No penalty, no free-kick, no dive. Nothing.

2052: Lightning in Basel. Could we have a Switzerland-Turkey style bog? Oh, please...

2051: "Well, Fatih has done it again, wouldn't mind having him in the Prem. He's not the special one but he is the Emperor!"
kiertan on 606
I agree. Can we start a petition?

2049: Germany boss Jogi Low has decided Frings have to change. What? I was only getting in there before you did. Anyway, Torsten is on for Simon Rolfes. And we're back under way.

2047: "I'm at my graduation ball, but I want to be watching Turkey emerging victorious. Come on the imperator!"
Oliver in York, via text on 81111
The imperator? Is that a fancy word for emperor?

2043: Guess who's leading Player Rater? It's only Kazim 'Don't call me Colin' Kazim. The man who appears to have some sort of love affair going on with the German bar is on a rip-roaring 7.95. Germany keeper Jens Lehmann is on 4.08 but he's among five German players on less than five. Cripes.
Germany v Turkey player rater

2041: "Fatih Terim's tactics were spot on. He went straight at the Germans from the first whistle, they've played with a lot of quality and the Germans are lucky to be level."
BBC Sport pundit Alan Hansen

2037: As requiem7 said, it was indeed a great half. Euro 2008 is the tournament that just doesn't stop giving. A man to my right reckons it's one of the greatest halfs of football he has ever seen. We are a bit giddy on Eclairs though.

2036: "Great half. Bet no-one expected that with all the players Turkey are missing. Hats off."
requiem7 on 606
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2035: "If I don't take an elbow to the face (see 1949) by the end of this match it will be the fourth Turkish-related miracle of Euro 2008."
BBC blogger Fletch
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2034: HALF-TIME Germany 1-1 Turkey

2033: Hamit Altintop has a shot from about 50 yards. Not even Jens Lehmann can be beaten from there can he? Can he?

2032: What's going on on the German bench? Torsten Frings is ready to come on, but Simon Rolfes suddenly springs to his feet and runs back onto the pitch. Weird.

2030: As Rolfes continues to receive treatment to a head wound, Sabri Sarioglu shoots narrowly over. Turkey are running rings around the German defence.

2027: Fatih is fuming. He's just seen Simon Rolfes take out Ayhan Akman. Both players are down with head injuries.

2025: Philipp Lahm is penalised for a high tackle on Kazim Kazim and Turkey have a free-kick out right. "With Lehmann in this form, I'd shoot," says Chris Waddle. Ugur Boral agrees and hits a fierce strike from a difficult angle, which Lehmann flaps away. He's having one of his bad nights is our Jens.

2024: "Turkey have really done a job on Michael Ballack. Holding midfielder Mehmet Aurelio is picking him up well."
BBC Radio 5 analyst Chris Waddle

2022: Lukas Podolski beats a pitiful offside trap and opts to shoot instead of setting up Miroslov Klose in the middle. Just too high. Alan Hansen will be in turmoil watching these defences.

2019: Oh Jens. Hamit Altintop takes a free-kick from miles out and almost catches Lehmann off his line. The keeper scrambles back and tips it behind. What a clanger that would have been. He's not very convincing in dealing with the corner either.

2017: "I hope the goals keep coming. The celebration music has me dancing around the pub!"
Oli from Chelmsford, via text on 81111

2014: GOAL Germany 1-1 Turkey
Turkey just don't like leading do they? Lukas Podolski picks up a long ball on the left and crosses for Bastian Schweinsteiger to lift the shot over Rustu Recber. Turkey famously reached the semis despite only leading games for a total of nine minutes - and they were only ahead against the Germans for five.

2009: GOAL Germany 0-1 Turkey
Germany's defence is all at sea once again as Kazim Kazim's shot loops onto the bar and into the path of Ugur Boral, who forces the ball home despite the desperate efforts of Jens Lehmann. Un... bel... ievable.

2008: Germany boss Jogi Low has his hand over his mouth, almost in horror, as he watches what is unfolding. To be fair, though, his side look to be stepping up the pace now.

2007: "Perhaps Germany have seen from previous games how dangerous it is to score first against Turkey. This is a brilliant ploy of reverse psychology."
blueJ2 on 606
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2006: Panic in the Turkish defence as Bastian Schweinsteiger - fresh from a terrible dive - swings the ball in from the left and Michael Ballack is on the end of it. But Turkey clear at the third attempt.

2004: "Germany should be starting their match pretty soon."
Thanks A lot BBC7 on 606
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2003: "Germany need to step up the tempo. They're jogging at the moment."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Chris Waddle

2001: Oh my giddy aunt. England's Kazim Kazim clatters the bar with a ferocious shot as the German defence sleeps. The ball eventually comes back in for Semih Senturk but he shoots wide. Turkey on top. I repeat. Turkey on top.

1959: "I'm surprised and very pleased by Turkey's open and attacking play in the first few minutes. Game on."
nowthennathan on 606
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1957: A terrible error from the German defence lets in Hamit Altintop briefly but Jens Lehmann is out quickly to close down the angle.

1955: Well, well. Turkey are on the attack. Gokhan Zan whips a lovely ball in from the left but there's nobody on the end of it and Kazim Kazim repeats the trick from the right but Germany again clear. Germany not at the races just yet.

1952: "Re 1946: We all know how good a dribbler Platini was."
theKingElessar on 606
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1949: "The Turkish journalist to my left is praying for a miracle, has blasted out his team's national anthem and apologised in advance in case he does anything unexpected. I have been warned."
BBC blogger Fletch
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1948: Turkey have time for a group hug before Massimo Busacca gets the first semi-final under way.

1946: "The last time Switzerland will witness the bizarre gymnastic preamble. We must be thankful for such things. I'm happy to report that, unlike Netherlands v Russia, the stadium is packed to the rafters."
BBC blogger Fletch
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1946: Skippers Rustu Recber and Michael Ballack read out some worthy words about anti-racism, as Uefa boss Michel Platini watches on wearing a yellow bib. I shall say no more about that.

1944: Anthems are too close to call. That may be as close as Turkey get to Germany tonight, but this is Euro 2008, and logic is not welcome.

1941: The sound of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes announces the arrival of the teams at the St Jakob-Park. Anthems coming up...

1936: Keeper Tolga Zengin is the only player who hasn't made an appearance for Turkey so far and Fatih Terim insists he was only joking when he said Zengin might come on as an outfield sub. We'll see...

1931: "I think the Germans will win, not because they're brilliant, because I don't think they are. They're an ordinary team and have one great player in Michael Ballack. But they have a strong mentality and they know how to get the job done."
BBC analyst Alan Hansen

1929: It's a massive night for Ayhan Akman, who starts in Turkey's midfield tonight. He has not made a single appearance so far at Euro 2008 and he was an unused squad member when he went to Euro 2000. Maybe he's just good at carrying the luggage...

1926: "Re 1906: not sure how accurate player rater, i just give players i like 10 and players i dislike 1. and it makes me feel stupid that you correct my grammar."
Cheebo via text on 81111
And just for you Cheebo, I have published that as you sent it

1922: Galling news if, like me, you are awaiting your brand new BMW. The car-maker is stopping production at all its German factories while this game is on. Up to 1,000 vehicles will not be built - more if it goes to extra time, I would think. Well really.

1920: "Joachim Low is sporting a crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up just above the elbow. His team look very relaxed as they go through their warm-ups. It is fair to say that the Turkey half of the pitch is currently less crowded."
BBC blogger Fletch
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1913: "Turkey will sit back and play on the break. Everyone's saying Germany are in the final. If they continue to get a bit of luck, who knows."
BBC Radio 5 analyst Chris Waddle

1906: Talking of Danny the Stat, here he is with some pre-match gold: "Here's some good news for Turkey. Fit's Mehmet Aurelio has never rated lower than 6.49 in any match at Euro 2008. And the midfielder has never rated higher 6.67. That makes him the third most consistent player at the tournament, according to our Player Rater users."

1902: Stop press. If you're planning to watch the BBC's coverage of tonight's game, do not even consider missing the first five minutes. Seriously.

1900: Apparently, about 64,724 gallons of beer will be drunk by the 100,000 fans in Basel tonight. A fact worthy of the BBC's Danny the Stat that one.

1858: "If Turkey win today, then I will start believing in miracles."
Footastic footy on 606
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1852: Let's pick through the bones of that then. Germany, handily, are unchanged. Turkey are not. They have four players suspended and five injured so Semih Senturk starts up front in the absence of Tuncay and Nihat Kahveci. Mehmet Aurelio is back after suspension. Ayhan Akman is in the line-up and will make his first appearance of Euro 2008. Fatih Terim has named seven subs, including a keeper.

1849: TEAMS
Germany: Lehmann, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm, Hitzlsperger, Rolfes, Schweinsteiger, Ballack, Podolski, Klose.
Turkey: Rustu, Sarioglu, Topal, Zan, Balta, Aurelio, Kazim-Richards, Altintop, Akman, Boral, Senturk.

1849: Early team news... No Torsten Frings for Germany so Thomas 'The Hammer' Hitzlsberger keeps his place.

1848: The good news is they have a striker called Semih Senturk and if ever a man was born to fire his country to victory in a semi(h)-final, it's him. And he's fit. And he's scored two crucial goals already. "When our opponents are favourites it motivates us," says Semih(-final).

1843: So the bad news for Turkey is they have only 14 and a half available players - including two keepers - and I don't know about you but I'm hoping that means an on-field role for The Emperor himself. I can just picture Fatih marshalling the defence, repelling wave upon wave of German attacks.

1835: If the first rule of football is 'never bet against Germany'. Is the second 'never write off Turkey'? And since Spain flagrantly ignored another rule by actually getting past the quarter-finals of a major tournament, are there some new rules we haven't been told about? I'm so confused.



55% 45%
Germany South Africa


  • 01 Adler
  • 16 Lahm
  • 03 Friedrich
  • 04 Tasci (46 Westermann )
  • 08 Schafer
  • 07 Schweinsteiger (84 Trochowski )
  • 13 Ballack (80 Gentner )
  • 06 Rolfes (73 Khedira )
  • 22 Ozil
  • 21 Marin (46 Podolski )
  • 18 Gomez (46 Klose )

South Africa

  • 01 Fernandez
  • 02 Gaxa
  • 14 Fransman (60 Tshabalala )
  • 03 Masilela
  • 23 Gould
  • 04 Mokoena
  • 10 Pienaar (86 Henyekane )
  • 05 Mhlongo
  • 13 Dikgacoi
  • 17 Parker (61 Khenyeza )
  • 09 Mphela (84 Van Heerden )

Ref: Claudio Circhetta
Att: 29569

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