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Spain 0-0 Italy (4-2 pens)
Vienna, 22 June 2008
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Spain 0-0 Italy Spain win 4-2 on penalties


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By Caroline Cheese

A fascinating tactical battle, if you ask Graham Taylor. A turgid bore-draw, if you ask me. But as crongtong on 606 mentioned (see 2131), it only makes you appreciate how fabulously entertaining the rest of this tournament has been. Still, at least the Champagne Moment's easy to pick. Iker Casillas wins the battle of the world-class keepers by stopping two Italian spot-kicks, the first a quite brilliant stop from Daniele de Rossi, allowing Cesc Fabregas to step up and put all those Spanish nightmares to rest...

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Casillas saves the day for Spain

2248: "I am in Madrid. You'd think they'd won it. Pandemonium."
georengle on 606
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2246: I know you know but here's the semi-final line-up in case that game made your brain freeze:
Germany v Turkey (Basel, Weds 1945 BST, BBC1)
Russia v Spain (Vienna, Thurs 1945 BST, another channel, you know the one)

2242: "This is wonderful, it is impossible to find the words to express such an emotion," says Fabregas, as Spain put to rest all sorts of hoodoos with tonight's win on penalties. I refer you back to the beginning of this live text for the details.

2241: "Silva was the outstanding player for me tonight. Top top player he is I reckon. Senna was damn good as well. Spain deserved the win for actually playing football. I hope they beat Russia and Germany and win the tournament."
red-devil-mike88 on 606
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2234: Ill give you one guess as to who's top of the pops on Player Rater... Yes, it's Iker Casillas, who very much got the better of his opposite number Gianluigi Buffon during the shoot-out. Casillas is already miles out in front on 7.46 and I imagine it's only going to get better as you lot keep voting.
Spain v Italy player rater

2230: "Spain deserved it. Italy just sat back and were never going to score."
Anon via text on 81111

2225: Keeper Iker Casillas is the Spanish hero, saving two Italy spot-kicks by guessing the right way. Cesc Fabregas wins it for Spain by slotting home the decisive kick.

2224: The Spanish are celebrating in Vienna, but not as wildly as you might imagine. Relief, I think, is the overriding emotion. They will face Russia in the second semi-final on Thursday.

2222: So the omens were pointing in the wrong direction. Spain win on penalties, against Italy, on 22 June, in a major quarter-final.



DI NATALE MISSES Spain 3-2 Italy
GUIZA MISSES Spain 3-2 Italy
SENNA SCORES Spain 3-1 Italy
DE ROSSI MISSES Spain 2-1 Italy
CAZORLA SCORES Spain 2-1 Italy
GROSSO SCORES Spain 1-1 Italy
VILLA SCORES Spain 1-0 Italy

2215: David Villa first up against Gianluigi Buffon.

2212: Penalties it is. Is there a Spain fan still watching this? History is against their team...

2212: FULL-TIME Spain 0-0 Italy aet

2210: Santi Cazorla escapes down the left channel but the end result is neither a cross nor a shot and David Villa - waiting at the far post - is fuming.

2210: The Spanish fans are desperately trying to lift their team as the dreaded penalties approach. You can understand their fears. Spain have even lost to England on spot-kicks.

2209: "Penalties could be interesting... supposedly the two best keepers in the world..."
Anon via text on 81111

2207: "Italy played for pens for 120 mins. If Spain lose - football loses!"
The-Kop-Prophet on 606
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2204: Antonio di Natale is hurt after a clash with Joan Capdevila. His momentum takes him off the pitch so he quickly rolls back on again to make sure he holds up the game. The Spanish fans make their feeling known about that...

2204: Yellow for Santi Cazorla who is apoplectic after failing to win a corner for Giorgio Chiellini's challenge. Think it was a corner but he smacks the ball into the ground and Herbert Fandel won't stand for that.

2200: David Silva plays in David Villa, who beats the offside trap but not Gianluigi Buffon. Difficult angle though.

2159: Free-kick for Italy in a promising position. It's floated to the far post where there is no white shirt. That is quickly forgotten by the Italian fans, who respond very enthusiastically to Italy's final change: Alessandro del Piero for Alberto Aquilani.

2156: Blimey, Graham Taylor thinks we should scrap extra-time and go straight to pens. Would have been a boost in this game, for sure. As it is, we've got 15 minutes remaining, which are under way now.

2154: Half-time in extra-time. This is going to penalties. Fact.

2151: Marcos Senna is the latest to hit the floor but this one's genuine. The midfielder takes a kick on the back of his leg and appears to have a touch of cramp as well.

2150: After that frantic bit of action, we're back to the am-dram, with players falling over all over the place. Herbert Fandel has been a bit fussy this evening if you ask me - but it's not an easy job it it?

2144: Carlos Marchena saves Spain with a clearance - although given that it was Luca Toni waiting to connect with the cross, that might be debatable. Seconds later, Antonio di Natale sees his header brilliantly tipped over by Iker Casillas. More action in the last few minutes than in the whole of normal time.

2142: So close for Spain. The cross from the left is headed back to Cesc Fabregas who doesn't get enough power on his shot but the ball comes back to David Silva and he is so unlucky to see his ferocious effort go narrowly wide.

2141: As David Silva curls in a free-kick, Sergio Ramos falls under a challenge from Giorgio Chiellini. Six of one, etc etc.

2139: Spain get extra-time under way.

2138: If Spain fans were nervous before the game began, they won't be feeling any better now. Just to remind you: the Spaniards have gone out of three major tournaments on 22 June, in quarter-finals, on penalties. Yikes.

2138: Extra time it is then for the third night in a row. Good old Graham Taylor insists that was a fascinating 90 minutes if you're into tactical battles. I know this makes me shallow, but I thought it was turgid.

2135: FULL-TIME Spain 0-0 Italy

2134: Cesc Fabregas chips a brilliant cross in for David Villa, but the striker's control isn't good enough and Italy step in and clear.

2132: We're into three minutes of added time...

2131: "This match makes you realize how good this tournament has been. Games like this have been commonplace in World Cups and European Champs the last twenty years. We should be thankful we've got this far this time without more matches like this."
crongtong on 606
This is the best thing anyone has said all night

2130: David Villa crosses from the left and David Guiza brings it down before shooting at the keeper. He is penalised for handball. Guiza claims he chested it down - replays show he virtually caught the ball.

2129: "Re 2118: We're on the balcony in Majorca. At least one Torres (the wine) is performing well..."
Anon via text on 81111

2127: Is that the last we'll see of Fernando Torres at this tournament? Torres is off. Daniel Guiza is on. That's Luis Aragones' last change. Five minutes of the time they call normal remaining.

2125: Antonio di Natale crosses from the right and Fabio Grosso is waiting to volley in at the far post - before Luca Toni takes it off him with a very ambitious bicycle kick. Another nightmare moment for the Italy striker.

2124: "Re 2118: I was in Egypt last week bemoaning the fact I was missing most of the group games. I wish I was still there, missing this game."
Paul via text on 81111

2123: Oh my word. Marcos Senna lets fly from the edge of the box and it looks an easy one for Gianluigi Buffon but the keeper spills it and the ball hits the post before he gratefully retrieves it. That would have been the howler to end all howlers.

2121: Fernando Torres wins a slightly fortunate free-kick after brushing shoulders with a defender. It's a swerving effort from Marcos Senna but Gianluigi Buffon easily punches it away. 10 minutes left.

2118: Anyone been anywhere nice on their holidays recently?

2116: Italy make their second change as the anonymous Antonio Cassano comes off to be replaced by Antonio di Natale.

2115: Controversy as David Villa goes down in the box following a promising Spain break. Minimal contact and definitely not a penalty - but the striker doesn't appeal for one. Herbert Fandel is fuming though and thrusts a yellow card in Villa's face, as the striker protests his innocence.

2112: Luca Toni outjumps two defenders to reach Gianluca Zambrotta's cross but he heads a difficult chance wide.

2110: Free-kick for Spain, 40 yards out. David Villa's effort clips the wall and drops onto the top of the goal.

2109: Cesc Fabregas trips Luca Toni to give away a free-kick on the right. Mauro Camoranesi's delivery is poor and the ball goes behind for a corner. 22 minutes remaining.

2106: Least surprising stat of the day... Italy have been involved in more goalless draws at European Championships than any other team, with six from 26 games.

2102: Goalmouth action! And it's in the Spanish box!! Wonders will never cease. Luca Toni causes havoc with his sheer strength and persistence, setting up substitute Mauro Camoranesi, but Iker Casillas clears his fierce shot off the line.

2102: Spain see Italy's change and raise them one. Cesc Fabregas and Santi Cazorla on, Xavi and Andres Iniesta off.

2100: Gianluigi Buffon punches a corner straight to David Silva but the Spaniard pings his shot well wide.

2059: Simone Perrotta's game is up. He's replaced by Mauro Camoranesi.

2057: Fernando Torres easily shrugs off Christian Panucci's challenge down the left-hand channel and cuts back - but he can't find David Villa in the middle. Not a lot coming off for Spain tonight, but at least they are attacking...

2055: What was that? David Villa picks up the ball out right but his ball for Fernando Torres is a horror, ballooning straight over the bar.

2053: Fabio Grossi whips in a delicious cross for Luca Toni - but the Italian striker is an eyebrow offside.

2051: A poor clearance from Christian Panucci falls to David Silva but Giorgio Chiellini spares his team-mates blushes with a perfectly-timed tackle as Silva prepares to pull the trigger.

2048: There's The Emperor. Turkey boss Fatih Terim is in the crowd, checking out potential final opponents for his side.

2047: Off we go again... come on goals.

2046: "Italy are doing exactly what i expected them to do. Flood the central area and try to get crosses into Toni when they can."
Always United on 606
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2044: BBC1 just went all arty on us, harking back to some old Vienna film or something. No idea what that was all about but I'm sure it made sense to clever people.

2042: "I'm at the Santana concert, so is Steve McClaren. No wonder he didn't get England to the finals. He had this booked."
Pedro de la Fiesta via text on 81111

2038: Not many shining lights in a turgid first half, but the wise old users of BBC Sport's Player Rater reckon David Silva is the best of the bunch on 7.30.
Spain v Italy player rater

2036: "Italy are back to playing their best: defend, defend and defend. They tried the attacking game against Holland and we all know what happened. I think Italy will sneak it tonight but for the love of the game Spain should win!!!"
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2034: "Italy are playing with four central midfield players, so they have absolutely no width. It's difficult for the Spanish to break down but that's what they have to do."
BBC Sport analyst Martin O'Neill

2033: "The game's a total bore and that's because of the Italian tactics. The Spanish front two have got to do something special to get past them."
BBC Sport analyst Alan Hansen

2031: HALF-TIME Spain 0-0 Italy

2031: Herbert Fandel is blowing his ruddy whistle yet again as Simone Perrotta and Joan Capdevila have a coming-together in midfield. Herb really isn't helping the flow of this game.

2029: Andres Iniesta drags a low shot wide. Spain looking marginally more dangerous.

2026: Italy left-back Fabio Grosso sends David Silva flying by treading on his foot. It's just outside the area - but the ref just tells poor old Silva to get up. The Spaniard probably didn't help himself by throwing himself dramatically into the box...

2023: Fernando Torres goes on a dangerous run but sees his shot blocked, then David Silva makes space for himself outside the area and unleashes a fizzing effort which goes narrowly wide.

2020: Andres Iniesta's shot goes hopelessly high. "This is like Bristol Rovers v Southend," laments the man to my right. Not a lot of goalmouth action, that's for sure.

2018: Xavi's shot is deflected behind but Spain can't benefit as the referee inevitably spots something he doesn't like as the corner comes over.

2017: "I think Italy are missing Pirlo more than Gattuso. Pirlo can open up the opposition defence and I don't think Italy have that in the armour tonight."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Graham Taylor

2016: Massimo Ambrosini is booked for a mistimed challenge on Marcos Senna. Seems a bit fussy this Fandel character.

2015: David Silva spots Fernando Torres' darting run into the box but the Spanish striker is an inch offside.

2011: "Re 2005: And if you mix Torres and Villa together you get a tortilla..."
the football expert on 606
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2009: Daniele de Rossi brings down David Villa to give Spain a free-kick 25 yards out. Villa hits it low and firm but it's not good enough to beat Gianluigi Buffon.

2007: Sergio Ramos carelessly loses the ball on the halfway line and Massimo Ambrosini crosses from the left but Luca Toni hasn't quite caught up with play and can't get on the end of it.

2007: "Spain need to move the ball quicker or they won't open up this Italian side."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Graham Taylor

2005: "If you mix Panucci with Chiellini, you get a pannini. Sorry, the football is a bit boring at the moment."
Ben via text on 81111
No need for that though was there?

2004: The first effort on goal. Massimo Ambrosini swings in a cross from the left and Simone Perrotta breaks clear of the defence but the header is weak and Iker Casillas collects.

2002: Massimo Ambrosini is making sure both Spain strikers know who he is. This time he leaves David Villa rolling around after treading on his calf. Fabio Grosso puts the ball out of play for Villa to get treatment but the Spaniard is fine.

2000: Fernando Torres breaks into the box and he's having his shirt pulled by Fabio Grosso before the run is ended by Massimo Ambrosini. A very ambitious penalty shout from the Spain fans - but not from the players.

1956: Herbert Fandel has a long, and stern, chat with Fernando Torres about a mistimed tackle and a second later, Andres Iniesta piles in on Fabio Grosso, prompting a yellow card from the ref.

1955: Arsene Wenger is an interested observer at the Ernst-Happel Stadion and he's sitting next to Zinedine Zidane. I wouldn't mind earwigging on that conversation.

1954: David Silva's shot takes a wicked deflection off Daniele de Rossi but Gianluigi Buffon catches easily.

1953: Spain keep the ball tidily enough David Silva until floats a crossfield ball to absolutely no-one and the ball goes behind for a corner. Not a very encouraging start.

1950: Great work from Spain striker David Villa, tracking Fabio Grosso all the way into his own half before robbing him with a well-timed tackle.

1948: Marcos Senna takes Antonio Cassano's legs from under him to give Italy a free-kick but it comes to nothing. Cassano felt that one.

1945: Referee Herbert Fandel - an accomplished pianist you know - gets us under way.

1943: Italy - the 'away' side in Vienna - are in their changed strip of all-white. Spain, watched by El Rey Juan Carlos, are in red.

1942: Blimey, the Italian players and their fans certainly gave it some for their anthem. Spain, of course, can't do likewise since their anthem doesn't have any words...

1939: "The Spanish midfield will make the difference tonight."
BBC Sport analyst Marcel Desailly

1936: In case you didn't know what that last comment referred to. The last time these two met competitively, Italy won 2-1 in the 1994 World Cup quarter-finals - a match remembered for Mauro Tassotti's brutal elbow on Luis Enrique. The incident was missed by the ref - but the Italian was later banned for eight matches, which pretty much tells you how horrific it was.

1934: "Omens mean nothing until you let them haunt you. So, with the media in Spain showing the bloodied face of Luis Enrique on the front of Marca when Italy qualified, I think that Spain have been haunted more than Derek Acorah in an old theatre."
mickybobmanutd on 606
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1927: If you thought the Spanish wouldn't be worried by all the omens hanging over this match, you were wrong. Apparently, a voodoo doll dressed in Italian kit is selling like hot cakes in Madrid. Or should I say selling "como churros".

1921: "Italy's Gianluigi Buffon is the highest-rated keeper remaining in the tournament according to users of our Player Rater. His average of 7.63 has him third overall, but Artur Boruc (8.37) and Edwin van der Sar (8.14) are both on their way home, with little more than their creditable Player Rater performances to console them. Well, that and their massive weekly wage packets."
BBC Sport's Danny the Stat

1917: It's a beautiful evening in Vienna by the way. The current temperature is 29C. It's the sort of weather I wouldn't even consider exercising in, but I can't see it causing any problems for Spain or Italy.

1913: We're just watching the highlights of Andrei Arshavin's dazzling performance for Russia last night. It was a match-winning display which earned him a frankly ridiculous mark of 9.35 on Player Rater. It also means he overtakes Spain striker David Villa as the top-rated player at Euro 2008. He has an average of 9.01, while Villa's on 8.69.
Netherlands v Russia player rater

1906: I'm outing Simone Perrotta as a Status Quo fan. He's nodding his head along to Whatever You Want as he goes through his stretches at the Ernst-Happel Stadion. He'll never live that down.

1905: BBC Sport's resident fact fan Danny the Stat's been up to his old tricks. He tells me the top Italian at today's French Grand Prix was third, the top Spaniard eighth. An Italian was second at the MotoGP, ahead of a Spaniard in third. Italy came sixth in athletics' European Cup, one point ahead of Spain in seventh. BUT Spain have one player on a show court at Wimbledon tomorrow, Italy have none. In Rome yesterday it was 90F, while in Madrid it was 93F. Thanks Danny. Thanks.

1901: "I hope Spain have been preparing just as much mentally as physically. To beat the Italians you not only have to outclass them but also break their mental spirit."
eirebilly on 606
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1859: Luca Toni is yet to score despite having more shots (12) than any other player. But as any Italy fan will tell you, a certain Paolo Rossi failed to find the target in the group stage of the 1982 World Cup before smashing six goals as Italy went on to triumph. Same goes for Roberto Baggio, who scored five in the 1994 knockout stage… Sorry I appear to have gone all Motty tonight.

1857:Spain line up with the same team that saw off Russia and Sweden in their first two group games so Cesc Fabregas stays on the bench. Italy bring in Alberto Aquilani and Massimo Ambrosini for suspended pair Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo. Luca Toni keeps his place up front.

1850: TEAMS
Spain: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Marchena, Puyol, Capdevila, Iniesta, Senna, Xavi, Silva, Villa, Torres. Subs: Palop, Albiol, Fernando Navarro, Fabregas, Santi Cazorla, Alonso, Sergio Garcia, Guiza, Arbeloa, Juanito, De la Red, Reina.
Italy: Buffon, Zambrotta, Panucci, Chiellini, Grosso, Aquilani, De Rossi, Ambrosini, Perrotta, Toni, Cassano. Subs: Amelia, Gamberini, Del Piero, Di Natale, Borriello, Quagliarella, Camoranesi, Materazzi, De Sanctis.

1849: "The way the tournament's gone so far I wouldn't be surprised if Italy got a result especially after last night. However, if the front two for Spain find their rhythm they should get through."
Luke, Kent, via text on 81111

1845: And then of course there are the Euro 2008 omens. Not a single group winner has yet triumphed in a quarter-final. And the three teams who rested players in their final group games - Croatia, Holland and Portugal - have all gone home. "The team are convinced they can win, they will play 110%," says coach Luis Aragones. "I know that if the team has to 'die' on the field, they will."

1841: And there's more: Spain haven't beaten Italy in a competitive game for 88 years. They come into this match on a record-equalling run of nine straight wins. The last time they managed a sequence like that, in 1927, they lost their next game to… Italy. "All that is past," says Spain's star striker David Villa, not unreasonably. "This is a completely new match. If they want to beat us they have to play better than us."

1836: But I wouldn't want to be a Spain fan right now. Nothing against Spain of course, a country that is very close to my heart. But if you believe in omens, almost every single one is pointing to an Italy win tonight. Let's start with the date. Spain have gone out of three major championships on 22 June, the World Cups of 1986 and 2002 and Euro '96 - all in the quarter-finals, all on penalties.

1830: Spain v Italy… hmmm… that sounds alright doesn't it?



54% 46%
FYR Macedonia Spain

FYR Macedonia

  • 01 Nikoloski (67 Pacovski )
  • 04 Sedloski (46 Lazarevski )
  • 05 Mitreski
  • 02 Noveski (57 Mojsov )
  • 03 Popov
  • 13 Despotovski (67 Tasevski )
  • 08 Shumulikoski
  • 16 Georgievski (61 Grozdanovski )
  • 10 Pandev (79 Ibraimi )
  • 11 Naumoski yellow card (58 Ivanovski )
  • 18 Stojkov


  • 25 Reina (66 Diego Lopez )
  • 03 Pique
  • 05 Puyol
  • 11 Capdevila (72 Pablo )
  • 19 Arbeloa
  • 08 Xavi yellow card (71 Marchena )
  • 14 Alonso (46 Sergio Ramos )
  • 20 Santi Cazorla (48 Fabregas )
  • 21 Silva
  • 07 Villa (46 Riera )
  • 09 Torres (64 Guiza )

Ref: Peter Vink
Att: 35000

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