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Croatia 1-1 Turkey (1-3 pens)
Vienna, 20 June 2008
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Croatia 1-1 Turkey Turkey win 3-1 on penalties Match report


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By Jonathan Stevenson

It's going to have to be another Champagne Minute, instead of a Champers Moment, after the quite unprecedented scenes at the end of extra-time in Vienna. After 118 goalless minutes, Rustu has a brain melt and Luka Modric crosses for Ivan Klasnic to head in surely the winner? No, because Rustu then hammers the ball downfield and it drops for Semih to belt in via a slight deflection. A minute that perfectly encapsulates the wonderful drama of the great Euro 2008.

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Klasnic heads home for Croatia... before Semih's stunner earns penalties

2257: "If Arsene Wenger should ever 'move upstairs' I think I want Fatih Terim as the next Arsenal manager. Who cares if he's any good, he's a lucky manager and excellent entertainment."
jyonda on 606
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2253: "Wow. Modric is so Spurs it's untrue. A genius with no luck whatsoever."
Pearlo, via text

Silly. Firstly he's not a genius and secondly that was a rubbish, rubbish penalty. I've just been told Semih's bolt from the blue is the latest goal in European Championship finals history. Well how could it not be?

2250: "Even the rubbish games are exciting," says Danny the Stat. It's impossible to disagree. Remember Sweden v Greece - how boring was that until Zlatan rifled a half-volley from dreamland into the top corner? Euro 2008 has become the greatest tournament for a generation and we've still got Russia v Netherlands, Spain v Italy, two semi-finals and a final to come. Football viewing has rarely been this magnificent.

2246: "No one can make any predictions. Anyone can win this Euro Cup. Unbelievable."
singhdeol on 606
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2243: Player Rater - Croatia's Luka Modric remains way out in front on 7.86, but to be fair, I'm not sure that Rater fans have had time to react to the quite extraordinary finish in Vienna. So, it's over to you..."
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2238: "Turkey's name is on this trophy!"
Dan, Liverpool fan, via text

2235: skybluehoulgate on 606 wants to marry Euro 2008. Get in line, son.
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2232: So Turkey have still been ahead for just two minutes of their Euro 2008 campaign. It looked all over when Rustu went walkies, but those boys just do not know when to give up. Semih's finish, albeit deflected, was brilliant.

2231: "They had won the game, Croatia. But you can just never, ever write off Turkey. That was absolutely unbelievable."
BBC Sport's Alan Hansen

2230: "I'm so glad England are not here to ruin the entertainment of what has been one of the best tournaments I have ever witnessed."
RedDevil16 on 606
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2228: FULL-TIME Croatia 1-1 Turkey (Turkey win 3-1 on penalties)


PETRIC SAVED Croatia 1-3 Turkey
HAMIT SCORES Croatia 1-3 Turkey
RAKITIC MISSES Croatia 1-2 Turkey
SEMIH SCORES Croatia 1-2 Turkey
SRNA SCORES Croatia 1-1 Turkey
TURAN SCORES Croatia 0-1 Turkey
MODRIC MISSES Croatia 0-0 Turkey

2222: "What the hell is going on? What a tournament!!"
andyj247 on 606
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2219: "That is one of the best finishes to a game ever."
BBC Sport's Alan Hansen

2218: This tournament. This football tournament.

2217: GOAL Croatia 1-1 Turkey
They just do not know when they are beaten do they? Rustu hammers the ball downfield, there is a knock-down and Semih smashes the ball into the top corner left-footed from 14 yards via a deflection. We were a minute and 14 seconds over the 120 minutes. Slaven Bilic is enraged, but we do have a shoot-out after all.

2214: GOAL Croatia 1-0 Turkey
No shoot-out for us. Ivan Klasnic, the late, late substitute heads in from close range and that is a disaster for Rustu. Luka Modric cleverly goes across to the left of the Turkey 18-yard box and for some reason Rustu follows him out there. Modric floats over a cross and Klasnic heads into the net. Slaven Bilic does a Jose Mourinho. Remarkable.

2214: Free header for Gokhan Zan as, for once, a corner is played in and beats the first defender, but he nods over.

2212: Nihat takes an horrific free-kick from the right wing. It's high, wide and just not even close to anyone. If that free-kick was a football match, it'd be, er, this one. Poor. Nihat is promptly taken off for Gokdeniz Karadeniz.

2210: "Rustu will be a hero in the shootout. Just like the legend that was Kevin Pressman."
Matt, Owls fan, via text

2208: Here's a big Stevo statement: Germany are in the Euro 2008 final.

2206: "I'm in a mountainous region of Provence, cooked a duck for dinner and have just killed a mosquito the size of a cat - was easy as it sounded like a 50cc scooter and I heard it in the other room. I'm convinced goals will come thick and fast now."
Charlie, Blades fan, via text

2204: "Imagine if after sitting through 105 minutes of this, we were denied penalties."
RonaldoRooneyTevez on 606
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2203: Emre Asik joins Tuncay and Arda Turan in getting booked and he will miss a semi as well. Germany must be praying Turkey can get through here.

2201: 15 minutes from penalties. Here we go.

2200: "That is the best Turkey have played in this game, the last 15 minutes."
BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson

2159: HALF-TIME IN EXTRA-TIME Croatia 0-0 Turkey

2156: Tuncay lashes a shot a foot wide from the edge of the box after some neat passing from the Turks. Fatih claps his hands. He can sense this one.

2156: "(See 2145) 'Gripping'?? Things are looking up here, we now have salami, beer and an attractive Austrian girl to distract from the tedium."
Dave, Vienna, via text

2154: Semih bashes one over the bar from 18 yards after great work from Arda Turan. Cue another great Fatih Terim - who is once more soaked through - reaction. Him and Slaven Bilic have been very watchable today, shame about their teams.

2152: I'm being reminded on 606 of the time I said I'd eat my face if Aston Villa beat Birmingham 6-0. They won 5-1. A close shave that day, I can tell you.
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2150: Ivica Olic's profligate night ends and Ivan Klasnic, who scored the winner against Poland, is on.

2148: Tuncay gets to the byeline and Stipe Pletikosa has to be alert to push away his near-post cross-shot. He's ran his legs off tonight, Tuncay.

2145: "Everyone seems to think this has been a rubbish game, from a neutral point of view I've quite enjoyed it. It's been a fairly gripping end-to-end battle, despite Croatia's domination."
Guntbuster on 606
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2144: We're back under way. Stick in there boys and girls.

2143: "Reading this in my hotel room in Zante waiting for my nightly appointments with Mr and Mrs Mosquito and family. Sounds like I'm not missing much."
Hugh, itching, via text

2143: Luka Modric is metaphorically head and shoulders above everyone in our Player Rater on 8.11 whereas Sabri Sarioglu is trailing in last place with a paltry 5.
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2141: "The players will be so tired now that it is less to do with tactics and more to do with motivation and heart."
BBC pundit Martin O'Neill

2140: "We said that the first half was bad but compared to the second half it was an absolute classic. Croatia had the better of the chances in the second half but unfortunately they couldn't convert."
BBC pundit Alan Hansen

2139: Is it silly that I'm still going Croatia 3-2 Turkey? I did say after extra-time...

2138: FULL-TIME Croatia 0-0 Turkey

2138: It's just not happened for Ivica Olic. He rifles another one over from Niko Kovac's mis-hit 25-yarder.

2136: Rustu gets everything behind a dipping 40-yard free-kick and drops on the ball as it threatens to spill from his grasp.

2134: So close for Croatia, as Ivica Olic shoots at Rustu from Luka Modric's cross from the right. Into injury time now.

2134: "Sitting in the Vienna fanzone. The atmosphere has gone from borderline aggressive to bored and aggressive. Someone score, please."
Dave, via text

2133: Ugur Boral is booked for a deliberate foul on Ivica Olic while Ivan Rakitic was heading for goal.

2132: Ivica Olic has a great chance down the right to play the ball in for Ivan Rakitic, but he totally messes it up.

2132: "(See 2122) Howard Nurse is nothing. My mum's a journalist and is called Barbara Argument (seriously!)."
From Dominic, via text

That's unbelievable.

2130: Hamit tries a free-kick from 45 yards. Ridiculous.

2129: "(See 2125) Speaking about for sure, Andy Murray says it an awful lot for a Brit. I thought it was always a continental thing."
Ben, London, via text

2128: What a save that is from Rustu - Darijo Srna's free-kick is heading for the top corner until the 35-year-old veteran leaps across his line, stretches out his right hand and tips the ball away. Slaven Bilic is on his knees once more.

2127: Mladen Petric goes down on the edge of the box after a foul from Gokhan Zan. In any other tournament, this would be a very, very good position.

2125: "Quick question. Extra-time or straight to penalties?"
Chris, Edinburgh, via text

Oh there's another half an hour of this to come, for sure (as Marcel Desailly would say).

2124: Rustu finally comes for a corner and to be fair to the former Barcelona flop, he gets good contact and punches it clear under pressure.

2122: "Is Howard Nurse a stage name?"
Chris Hart, via text

Nope, it's 100% genuine. This is the BBC, after all.

2121: "Well done Fatih Terim if he's going to play two up front, though it has taken him 75 minutes."
BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson

2120: Semih Senturk comes on for a weary Mehmet Topal. Striker for a defensive midfielder, interesting Fatih.

2118: I'm throwing down the gauntlet to Slaven Bilic - what have you got mate? 0-0 against a poor, unambitious Turkey team in the quarters of a major tournament - let's see it.

2116: "Just put 5 on Turkey. Why not - they have fluked it before. Listening on radio while driving from Dublin to Belfast."
Brian doing lightspeed, via text

Doing lightspeed WHILE texting? Blimey.

2114: Luka Modric goes on a weaving little run through the middles and plays a cute pass intended for Mladen Petric, who stands still and watches Turkey clear. Then Ivan Rakitic plays a lovely little one-two with Ivica Olic, only to blaze miles over from 12 yards. Shame.

2113: "Turkey look content to try to take this to penalties. They're not prepared to push forward. It's there for Croatia to win but will they be hit by a sucker-punch?"
BBC Sport's Howard Nurse in Vienna

2111: "This isn't really Euro semi-final standard."
waldovski on 606
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It's not quarter-final standard either, to be fair.

2109: Niko Kranjcar goes off and Mladen Petric is on for the Croats.

2109: "Croat fans to my left have let off some flares/smoke bombs and have thrown some at pitchside stewards - still no reaction. What will it take? Getting tense..."
BBC Sport's James Doe in Vienna

2108: So, the boy Kazim won't get to add to the great moments of his career, which he talked about before the game. "The Chelsea quarter-final in the Champions League last season. Because of the stage, the players, the team it was against and what it meant to the nation and the team of Fenerbahce. Also I liked my goal for Bury v Cheltenham." What a man.

2106: "I'm in a car on the way back from Goodwood races and the girl driving has got some Italian music CD on rather than 5 Live. How depressing is that?! The only consolation is we're going for a curry when we get back and I'm going to have several Kingfishers and a vindaloo."
Nick, Windsor, via text

Repeat after me (aloud): "Turn those ludicrous tunes off immediately and give me some Ian Brown."

2105: Ugur Boral comes on for Kazim Kazim.

2102: "I'm getting fed-up of this referee's whistle."
BBC Sport commentator Steve Wilson

2101: This game needs a goal. Or five, if Stevo's predo is to come true. Two 3-2s in a row - what was I thinking? Niko Kranjcar takes a Luka Modric pass and toe-pokes it goalwards from 18 yards, but Rustu gets down well to save.

2059: "Dreadful organisation here in Vienna. Turnstiles were a crush waiting to happen. Behind the goal, no attempt to keep aisles clear, stewards more interested in watching the crowd from the track than intervening to break up a fight that broke out in the first half. Thankfully cooler tempers prevailed!"
Francis, Forest fan, via text

2057: Rustu comes and then goes and eventually is in no-man's land, just watching as a corner is headed wide. He's starting to have a bit of a mare.

2055: Remarkable. Ivica Olic tries to latch on to a long pass into the Turkey box and as Rustu hesitates, he heads the ball over the keeper and goalwards, but after some comedy defending the Turks eventually get rid of the ball.

2054: Arda Turan is booked and therefore ruled out of a potential semi-final for a foul on Josip Simunic. Would Turkey have any players left to take on Germany?

2054: "This game will be blown wide open by a piece of Modric magic in the second half. The Turks will then come at them and alas, we will have our counter-attacking game befitting of the tournament."
Brian010 on 606
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2052: "I'm on the 2030 to Norwich. There doesn't seem to be much interest in the football here. Though there's a girl sitting at the other end of the carriage who looks uncannily like Luka Modric . I'm pleased to hear she's having a good game."
Andy on the train, via text

Go and show her this, I dare you mate. Then if you survive, tell us what happened.

2050: Croatia get us under way in Vienna.

2048: "Despite my girlfriend being quite excited about the money I put on and will potentially get back from Croatia winning the tournament, I'm currently being dragged around Asda, so I am not a happy man. Have my checked shirt on in full support of the boys though."
From Bilic is my god, via text

Asda? Asda?? Seriously? That's an all time low text. Not even on the beers, but in Asda, at 2048 BST on a Friday night. I just despair.

2045: Got to be honest, this game is getting a bit of a panning by my BBC television colleagues, but I really don't think it was that bad, do you? Come on game, prove them wrong!

2044: "What Raymond Domenech really got wrong was that just after the game was not the time to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage! If they'd won the tournament, maybe."
BBC Sport pundit Martin O'Neill

2043: "I get the feeling it's a game too far for Turkey at the moment. They've had injuries, they've got suspensions, and I just think they're feeling sorry for themselves. But why should they? They're in the quarter-finals."
BBC Sport pundit Martin O'Neill

2041: "Watching the match in a small village on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia - it's absolutely crazy over here, hope the Croats make it. Will go buy myself a little red and white top and a hat!!"
Cathrin Niehaus, via text

2039: Laughably, Luke Modric is about twice as high as everyone else so far - come on, he's playing well, but 8.74??? Emre Asik is struggling a bit, on a lowly 4.92. Get rating.
Rate the players

2036: "The Turks have come back into in the last 10 minutes, but Croatia have had the better of it."
BBC Sport pundit Alan Hansen

2035: Not the best half of the tournament, but that still fairly flew by. Think we might have been spolit so far.

2034: HALF-TIME Croatia 0-0 Turkey

2030: "Croats seem to be fighting among themselves to my right. Stewards still do nothing and no sign of police anywhere!"
BBC Sport's James Doe in Vienna

2029: That Tuncay, he's here, he's there, he's, er, everywhere. The Boro man tackles Darijo Srna just when it looked like Luke Modric has played him in down the right - and he even wins a goalkick! Exemplary defending from the goal-shy striker.

2027: Some chat on 606 that that should have been a penalty to Turkey (see 2023). Why not ask You Are The Ref if you've got any officiating issues?
You Are The Ref

2025: Mehmet Topal hits a once-in-a-lifetime right-foot screamer from 35 yards that flies inches wide of Stipe Pletikosa's left-hand upright with the keeper massively struggling to get there. Would have been a goal talked about for many years, that.

2023: Tuncay goes down in the box under a challenge from Josip Simunic, but it was never a penalty and it's not given. The Turks are coming into it a bit more though.

2023: "I'm at a Santana concert at the moment in the NEC. Do you reckon they'd put the match on the screen behind the great Carlos for me and all the other blokes in here?"
Ross, Birmingham, via text

You shouldn't be there pal, it's your own fault. But ask them anyway, you never know.

2021: Hamit bursts through and has a great chance to play Nihat in on goal, but he mis-kicks and the chance goes begging.

2020: Ivan Rakitic has been quality so far down the left. Croatia will be delighted he was passed fit for tonight. The midfielder has been a popular choice among users of the BBC Sport Player Rater. They've given him an average score of 7.30. That's more than Cesc Fabregas (7.26), you know. But it fairness, it's not as much as Luka Modric (7.47). Who has also been good tonight. Thanks to Danny the Stat for that chat.
Rate the players

2019: "So, is Rustu wearing the weird Chanderpaul eye things? Don't keep a girl in suspense!"
Somerset x, via text

Er, no, sorry.

2016: "I don't think Turkey have played a pass in the opposition half in the last 10 minutes."
BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson

2016: "Modric is absolutely quality, what a signing. This boy can do anything and everything."
designbyvinny on 606
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2013: Tuncay has just cost himself any chance of a Euro 2008 semi-final appearance. The Middlesbrough striker is accused of elbowing Niko Kovac and is cautioned, much to his disgust.

2011: Well done Rustu, he reacts quickly to punch away from the head of Ivica Olic as the Croats, with Ivan Rakitic prominent, continue to have real joy down their left-hand side.

2011: By the way, I've been panned by my colleagues for suggesting that miss was worse than Mario Gomez's for Germany. Hey, this game's all about opinions, isn't it? I can't help being right.

2010: "I hope Nihat gets to score. I like to hear the BBC commentator emphasize 'Nihat' after a goal. It is simply marvellous. Soccer commentary is not the same without the BBC. Get one in 'Nihat'."
luwats on 606
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Apart from using the 's' word, you legend.

2008: "I've got a dozen Turks behind me, they all think they're John Motson! They genuinely believe Turkey will win this match."
BBC Sport's Howard Nurse in Vienna

2007: The Croatian bench, to a man, were up and celebrating when it seemed as though Ivica Olic had to score. Luka Modric, meanwhile, slams his hands on the turf in frustration. You can see why.

2005: Miss of the tournament. Luka Modric brilliantly gets away down the right and crosses into that corridor of uncertainty along the six-yard box, Ivica Olic somehow slamming it against the crossbar and Niko Kranjcar heading the rebound over.

2004: "I am in big trouble here. I thought that it would be funny to mix the keys on my keyboard of my stationary PC so my wife would get confused... needless to say she didn't see the humour in it so I will now miss a bit of the game setting it right. Please no goals for the next five minutes."
eirebilly on 606
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Eirebilly, I'd expect more from a 606 legend like you.

2001: "Is the ref also wearing a hi-vis jacket?"
A Waters, Solihull, via text

2000: What a block that is. Niko Kovac puts his body on the line and is hammered in the ribs by Hamit's 22-yard thunderbolt. He'll be OK.

1959: First rubbish decision of the night. Niko Kovac puts in a great tackle on the edge of the area on Nihat, but a foul is given by Italian referee Roberto Rosetti. Poor.

1958: It's a good start, this. Both teams seem willing to carry on the tournament's tradition of playing open, attacking football. How good do those words sound? And Turkey's Hamit has started in very lively fashion. I'm a big fan of that boy.

1956: "I have never seen so many stewards around the pitch in my life."
MUFC greater than England on 606
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1954: "I'm being forced to go to a Bar Mitzvah tonight. Who on earth has a Bar Mitzvah on Euro 2008 quarter-final night? I'm not even Jewish!"
Anonymous, via text

Someone you probably shouldn't know, in fairness.

1952: More poor defending from Turkey, causing Fatih Terim to go apoplectic on the touchline. Darijo Srna is about to pull the trigger when Hakan Balta makes a brilliant and vital interception.

1951: Hamit Altintop crashes a shot wide from 22 yards. Good to see the talented young man further forward, rather than in his right-back berth.

1950: Remember, keep those texts coming in on 81111. You might be 'out and about', but I know you're checking your phone. Get involved.

1949: Sabri gives the ball away to Luka Modric and the Spurs midfielder (can I call him that?) scuffs a shot that is deflected wide off one of his own team-mates.

1948: "Without Howard Webb is Colin Kazim-Richards the English-est person at Euro 08? Suppose I'll support Turkey if he is."
escapehere on 606
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What about Ashton-under-Lyne-born Italian midfield ace with a girls name Simone Perrotta?

1946: Nico Kovac and Nihat Kahveci exchange pennants and we get under way in the Ernst Happel Stadion. Slaven Bilic just kissed a Croatian coach on the face. Remarkable man.

1943: The teams come out to what has become the anthem of Euro 2008, The White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army'. Apparently the Italian fans sing it to the words "Cam-pioni-del-Mon-do". Cocky. The anthems are done with the customary passion, gotta love these two countries.

1942: "Oh this is going to be magnificent, I am recording this for when I get home so I will try to keep myself in a blackout of coverage so I might enjoy this match in three hours. Come on the Turks!"
Bernardho on 606
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Just don't go out mate, surely? What could possibly be more important???

1941: "Nearly got crushed at gate, terrible stewarding. Am in Croat end behind goal. Feeling a bit outnumbered in my QPR shirt."
BBC Sport's James Doe in Vienna

1939: "This one is an electric game for sure. Many of the players have a yellow card already, so they must make sure they are fired up, but under control. Croatia, I think this is their moment."
BBC Sport pundit Marcel Desailly

1937: "Rustu, I didn't know he was still alive!"
England's Number 64 on 606
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Well let's hope he is, otherwise The Emperor has just made an almighty mistake.

1934: It's Stevo Predo time, footy fans. Now this has been a very difficult one to predict, but I'm going Croatia 3-2 Turkey, after extra-time. I fancy another Turkish rally, but Croatia just to have a bit too much for them. And the winners? Will lose to Germany in the semis.

1929: "Any chance Rustu still has black things under his eyes???"
Join the debate on 606

I hope so. Is that the only thing Rustu has in common with West Indies ungetoutable batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul, do you think?

1923: According to some stuff, officials are expecting about 200,000 football fans in Vienna today. There will be about 50,000 Croats and as many Turks. I think that makes about 100,000 others.

1919: "Am I the only one who thinks this will be the game of the round?"
IvanGolacIsMagic on 606
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I do I do I do I do.

1915: So Turkey goalkeeper Rustu Recber plays his 117th game for his country tonight at the Ernst Happel Stadion. He is already the leading cap-holder for the Turks and could be the difference between victory and defeat in Vienna. More likely to be defeat, I'd have thought.

1911: "I was reading the 1850 message, and for some reason Stevo kinda sounded like a male Bridget Jones..."
Boulayman on 606
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I haven't got massive pants. Honest.

1908: TEAM NEWS Croatia v Turkey
Turkey recall veteran keeper Rustu in place of suspended Volkan, who misses two games after being sent off against the Czech Republic. Gokhan Zan comes in for defender Emre Gungor, who has a calf injury, while Emre Asik and Sabri Sarioglu are also drafted in for giant central Servet Cetin and Semih Senturk. Croatia revert to the side that beat Germany to seal their place in the last eight, with Ivica Olic playing as a lone striker and Niko Kranjcar supporting.

1904: "Outside the stadium here tickets are exchanging hands for 300 euros each and there are plenty of takers. It's wave after wave of red and white and a cacophany of car horns. Incredible."
BBC Sport's Howard Nurse in Vienna

1900: "(See 1850) A hive of activity? Dirs is better than that!"
George, via text

You're right, he is. I can't believe I've sullied his name in such fashion. I hope one day the great man will be able to forgive me.

1857: So get your texts coming in to 81111 and get involved with 606 and watch as the debate unfolds. If you do, I promise to give you a 'Stevo Predo' before kick off. But only if you do.
Join the debate on 606

1854: Sorry, back to the football. One of these teams is going to create history today, because neither of them has ever been further than the quarter-finals of the European Championship. Most of the sensible money appears to be on 5/6 favourites Croatia rather than 9/4 shot Turkey, but I'm not so sure. Those Turks, they just don't know the meaning of the word defeat. Or yenilgi. They've been behind in all their Euro 2008 games so far, yet here they are.

1850: Now I don't want to get all Ben Dirs on you lot, but I need to get something off my chest. Last night, at 0045 BST, I was woken up by a ladder crashing against the side of my flat. It turned out to be the man who has been charged by my landlords with ridding the house I live in of a swarm of bees up on the roof. Apparently, he said, this particular work could only be done at night. So for the next 45 minutes I had to put up with a hive of activity on the roof of the house (I rent the top floor flat) as he stomped around and got on with his buzziness. No forewarning, no apology, no nothing. I'm still incensed, incidentally.

1845: "Don't tell me you're just 28 Stevo?!"
Torres' right peg on 606
Join the debate on 606

27 pal. I'm very young for my age, if you know what I mean.

1843: "A good chunk of the Turkish starting 11 is suspended or injured for this game. However one thing you never do to a proud nation is tell them that you are better than they are. Turkey 2-1 Croatia."
Sahaviour on 606
Join the debate on 606

Ah, you mean Slaven Bilic and his mind games. I thought he was better than that sort of thing, but apparently not. It's funny that the whole world thinks he's awesome now. Remember 10 years ago when he faked injury to get Laurent Blanc sent off in the World Cup semi-final and the great man was banned for the final? The whole world hated him then. Isn't 10 years a long time?
We're better than Turkey - Bilic

1837: LINE-UPS Croatia v Turkey
Croatia: Pletikosa, Simunic, R Kovac, Corluka, Rakitic, N Kovac, Srna, Modric, Olic, Kranjcar, Pranjic.
Turkey: Rustu, Balta, Gokhan Zan, Topal, Nihat, Turan, Asik, Tuncay, Kazim, Sabri, Hamit.

1834: The last time Turkey met Croatia in a European Championship finals was 12 years ago, in Euro 96. Remember it? I do - it was a Group D clash at Nottingham's City Ground and I wasn't allowed to go because I was in the midst of my GCSEs. 22,406 were lucky enough to witness Goran Vlaovic's 86th-minute strike earn the Croats a 1-0 victory. Turkey were coached by a certain Fatih Terim and at the heart of Croatia's defence was a 27-year-old defender by the name of Slaven Bilic. Wonder what happened to those two?

1830: Hi, it's me again. Never let it be said that we at the BBC don't look after your health. You know that too much Cheese can be bad for you, don't you? So while Caroline takes a well-earned breather, bags a kebab and gets the Ozusjkos in, I'll be your guide for tonight. The weakest quarter-final, did I hear you say? You having a Turkish?



53% 47%
England Croatia


  • 01 Green
  • 02 Johnson
  • 06 Terry yellow card
  • 05 Upson
  • 03 A Cole
  • 07 Lennon (80 Beckham )
  • 11 Barry
  • 08 Lampard
  • 04 Gerrard (81 Milner )
  • 10 Rooney
  • 09 Heskey (60 Defoe )


  • 12 Runje
  • 11 Srna
  • 04 Krizanac
  • 03 Simunic yellow card
  • 06 Pranjic
  • 16 Mandzukic
  • 15 Vukojevic
  • 13 Pokrivac (45 Rakitic )
  • 08 Kranjcar
  • 09 Eduardo (74 Klasnic )
  • 18 Olic (45 Petric )

Ref: Alberto Undiano Mallenco
Att: 87319

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