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Turkey 3-2 Czech R & Switzerland 2-0 Portugal
Basel/Geneva, 15 June 2008
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Switzerland 2-0 Portugal
Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic


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By Jonathan Stevenson

Second up we've got the Switzerland 2-0 Portugal game. Great win for the Swiss and congrats to Hakan Yakin for bagging a brace, but in a relatively meaningless game I'm giving it to showboat's Ricardo Quaresma for an outrageous piece of skill that nearly leads to a goal. He could cross it left-footed, but why when you can do this?

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Quaresma's cheeky little manoeuvre

My first Champagne Moment of the day is from Turkey's breathtaking comeback against Czech Republic. It could have been their second goal but it has to be their third, in the last minute, a great take from Nihat and a truly monumental finish, crashing it on off the underside of the bar from 20 yards. What drama.

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Nihat completes a sensational fightback

2216: "This is the second time Turkey have risen from the dead. It is all about heart and spirit and that is what football should be."
Tambapani on 606
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Euro Two Thousand And Great - the tournament that gave football back to the fans. If this is a dream, I hope we never wake up.

2213: "That is what football is all about. Who cares that England aren't there with matches like that?"
James in Plymouth, via text

2210: Lots of chat on whether the Czechs should have had a penalty at the end there. Now why don't you use our cracking You Are The Ref to find out what really should have happened? Aren't the drawings phenomenal, too?
You Are The Ref

2206: Now you lot should probably have a cold beer and tune into the golf after the mentalness (I know that's not a word, but it should be) of that finish. The lovely and frankly awesome Mark Orlovac, one of life's gentlemen and winners, will be leading you through events. As a Nottingham man born and bred, it would be remiss of me not to shout 'come on Lee' in support of Mr Westwood every so often.
Live - US Open golf

2200: I'm absolutely heartbroken for the Czechs, but what a game that was. Turkey go through and they will play Croatia on Friday 20 June in Vienna. This is the tournament that just keeps on giving isn't it? Maybe if I'm really good it just won't ever end.

2158: Player Rater - In the other game, Nihat is flying on 7.67 and boy does he deserve it after that sensational finish. Petr Cech is on 5.35 and that mark is only going one way.
Rate the players

2156: Player Rater - Double goalscorer Hakan Yakin is now in front from the match in Basel on 6.96. Paulo Ferreira has just 4.98.
Rate the players

2153: I'm in a state of shock. Did that just happen too quickly to be real? When, if ever, have we seen Petr Cech do that? Still, makes a mockery of those people hammering me yesterday for suggesting that Gianluigi Buffon is still the world's best goalkeeper. Oh, he still is.

2151: "Beautiful game at its absolute finest, nothing more nothing less can be said about that game."
Manufan87 on 606
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2149: "Sod pens this was history of its own!"
Will, Liverpool, via text

2146: "When have we ever seen Petr Cech do that? What great drama, that had just everything you could ever wish for from a cup game. I can't believe how the Czechs collapsed."
BBC Radio 5 Live pundit Chris Waddle

2144: There are some real tears from the Czechs and who can blame them?

2143: FULL-TIME Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic

2143: FULL-TIME Switzerland 2-0 Portugal

2142: Well into injury time, no idea how much left though. This is the greatest tournament of all time. That's just a fact.

2141: "Oh dear lord, we thank you for what is quite possibly the greatest game in football."
kiertan on 606
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2140: Volkan pushed Jan Koller to the floor. To be fair, that's no mean feat, he's an awfully big unit. Justified red card.

2139: RED CARD
Volkan has been sent off. Not quite sure why. Tuncay, of Middlesbrough, has gone in goal.

2139: "Oh my giddy aunt."
Rachel, Lincoln, via text

I know. I'm shaking.

2137: GOAL Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic
One of the most remarkable finishes to a game you will ever see. Nihat looks miles offside but he's not, the Czechs have got it all wrong and he finishes in the most amazing way, crashing a brilliant right-foot curler in off the underside of the crossbar from 22 yards to give poor, poor Petr Cech no chance whatsoever. I just don't believe this.

2135: GOAL Turkey 2-2 Czech Republic
You will not believe it. Petr Cech produces the goalkeeping howler of the tournament, spilling Hamit Altintop's cross in the most un-Petr Cech-like fashion and Nihat is on hand to tap into an empty net. This tournament. This remarkable tournament.

2134: Five minutes plus stoppages remain for Turkey.

2132: Libor Sionko is off for the Czechs and Stanislav Vlcek comes on.

2132: "What a miss."
NorthEnder07 on 606
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2130: "Dreams of group stage pens are back on!"
redandblackT1899 on 606
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2129: Oh my goodness me. Servet Cetin thumps the ground after he rose highest to get on the end of a cross from the left but can only direct his header wide from four yards. Golden, golden chance. Fatih Terim looks like he might explode.

2128: Michal Kadlec comes on for the Czechs.

2126: GOAL Switzerland 2-0 Portugal
Hakan Yakin scores. The striker hammers a left-foot shot into the top corner and the Swiss are flying. This would be their first win at a European Championship finals.

2126: Penalty to Switzerland as Tranquilo Barnetta goes down under a challenge from Fernando Meira.

2122: GOAL Turkey 1-2 Czech Republic
Game on. Arda Turan scores his second goal of the tournament with a solid right-foot finish past Petr Cech from Hamit Altintop's clever pull back from the right. Interesting? Very interesting.

2120: Emre Asik is booked for a cynical foul on David Rozehnal. He misses with one foot but makes sure with the other. Clumsy, silly, the Turks are losing it here.

2118: Jan Polak directs a shot against the post as the Czech Republic try to finish the Turks off. Polak then tries to head the rebound in and Emre Asik almost takes his head off with the highest boot you've ever seen. Strangely, not a penalty though.

2115: GOAL Switzerland 1-0 Portugal
The co-hosts have got something to celebrate, with Hakan Yakin latching on to a great clipped pass from Eren Derdiyok to keep his composure and smash his shot between the legs of Ricardo. But no, they're not on a roll, they're already out.

2114: Yes, as many of you have pointed out and my boss Dan did too, it's just like watching Plasil. Now give it a rest!

2113: "This sucks. I was really hoping this would go to penalties to make it more interesting. Poor Turkey."
BleedRed4United on 606
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2112: I was just in the middle of telling you about an incredible minute in both games. In Basel, Gokhan Inler hit a sensational right-foot shot from 30 yards that clipped the outside of the post and at the same time in Geneva, Jan Koller galloped through, only to shoot tamely wide from 10 yards. Fortunately for the Czechs, it wasn't too costly.

2109: GOAL Turkey 0-2 Czech Republic
Doesn't look like penalties then. Libor Sionko swings in a deep cross from the right and Jaroslav Plasil meets it at the far post to double the Czechs advantage. Czech mate for Turkey, that.

2106: Switzerland go so close to scoring, but sub Tranquilo Barnetta's shot is deflected wide off Pepe.

2105: The Czechs try to counter and only a stunning, sliding interception from Emre Gungor prevents Jan Koller getting the ball.

2105: "The Turks dont seem to be in a Rustu make any changes, even though there's Sanli half an hour or so left."
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That's because they are doing really well right now. Colin Kazim-Ricards comes on for Mehmet Topal.

2102: Ricardo Quaresma drills in a shot from 20 yards that Pascal Zuberbuehler punches away.

2102: "Overall I think Spain will win... yesterday they were cooking on Fabregas."
Ben, Leeds, via text

2100: The Czechs are living dangerously and Tuncay flicks a header goalwards from a free-kick from the right, but Petr Cech gets across to make the save.

2059: Turkey have stepped it up a little and it's now raining in torrential fashion at the Stade de Geneve.

2056: Nani runs through after a bad mistake from Stephan Lichtsteiner, but the Manchester United winger hits the outside of the post from eight yards.

2056: "It's going to take a Cetin type of creative play for the Turks to Topal the Czechs, if not the Czechs will Senturk out of Euro 2008."
Jason Ferlay in Libya, via text

2055: Nihat attempts an acrobatic volley with the outside of his right foot but it's a couple of yards over the bar. He's their liveliest performer by miles.

2053: Sabri Sarioglu is on for Semih Senturk and we are under way in Geneva.

2050: "I reckon the Turks are gonna come back into it. I've backed them ever since I was Nihat to a grasshopper."
Dave, Berlin, via text

2049: Back under way in Basel.

2048: Now then. The Turks are facing a real test of their credentials in Geneva as they have 45 minutes to stay in Euro 2008. But three of their players will be well used to being put under the spotlight after they took a three-hour exam earlier today in order to try and get in to university. Defender Servet Cetin, midfielder Ugur Boral and forward Semih Senturk all took the multiple-choice exam in their Geneva hotel. There were apparently 180 questions covering mathematics and social and natural sciences. I'm not making it up.

2046: Player Rater - In Geneva, Jan Koller is leading the way on 7.65, while Turkey centre-back Emre Gungor is bringing up the rear on a paltry 4.6.
Rate the players

2042: Player Rater - Portugal's attacking midfielder Nani leads the scoring after 45 minutes with 7.67.
Rate the players

2040: "There's no movement and not a lot is happening for Turkey, the manager has to ask his players how much they really want this? There has just been no movement at all in front of the back four."
BBC Radio 5 Live pundit Chris Waddle

2037: HALF-TIME Turkey 0-1 Czech Republic

2033: HALF-TIME Switzerland 0-0 Portugal

2033: "I reckon the Turks are Gungor for broke now by playing the Balta feet."
Jack, Shrewsbury, via text

2031: The Turks simply cannot get near the enormous Jan Koller. Servet Cetin has frankly embarrassed himself with his attempt at marking so far and Koller heads another cross over.

2030: "Jan Koller. Everyone's favourite days of yore number nine. This game will go to penalties mate and Turkey will win them. Can you wish Pearlo snr a happy Fathers' Day? He didn't get a card and is frankly long suffering."
Pearlo, via text

Pearlo snr, I don't know why you bother with him sometimes.

2027: Paulo Ferreira is replaced by Jorge Ribeiro in Basel, possibly because he has been cautioned, while in Geneva, David Jarolim comes on for Marek Matejovsky, who is stretchered off.

2027: "Turkey have to score. I want dodging out of my English essay to seem worthwhile. Surely seeing history is a good enough excuse?"
Keeno1250 on 606
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History is a good enough excuse. But if it doesn't go to penalties, you're excuse-less.

2025: "Personally I think the Turks are Cetin themselves for a draw and hope to Topal the Czechs on penalties."
Dave, Gloucester, via text

I know, you sent it before the Czechs scored. But still.

2023: GOAL Turkey 0-1 Czech Republic
Jan Koller puts the Czechs ahead with a top drawer header into the top corner via the right hand of Volkan. Fine cross from the right from Zdenek Grygera. That is Koller's 55th international goal.

2022: Volkan just about gets away with some strange goalkeeping as he keeps Marek Jankulovski's cross away from Libor Sionko.

2022: Helder Postiga puts the ball in the net in Basel but it is ruled out for offside. Doesn't look like it on the replay.

2022: "Got to love Fatih Terim's shirt with the buttons undone - if ever a man needed a medallion to complete his look. Is he a big Tom Jones fan or something?"
dziekanowskisboots on 606
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2019: "If anything is going to happen for Turkey, it will happen through Nihat."
BBC Radio 5 Live pundit Chris Waddle

2017: Ricardo makes a fine left-handed save to claw away Hakan Yakin's header from a corner.

2015: Paulo Ferreira is booked for a foul on Valon Behrami. Not a nice tackle, that.

2013: Hamit Altintop tries to get in a cross from the right but it is blocked. I'm officially annoyed that he's being played at right-back. He's a top drawer midfielder and he's wasted there. Totally wasted. Meanwhile, Hakan Yakin picks up a booking for dissent in Basel.

2011: Libor Sinko turns in a fine cross from the right after great work down the left from the brilliant Marek Jankulovski and with Jan Koller set to pounce, Servet Cetin makes a fine interception.

2010: "Do you think Croatia will be thinking to themselves that they have one foot in the semis already? The winner of Turkey v Czech would play the Croats wouldn't they?"
Jinadine on 606
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Good point. Thanks for reminding me to tell everyone that the winner in Geneva will in fact play Croatia in the quarter-finals.

2008: Gokhan Inler tests Ricardo with a 25-yard screamer in Basel and he has to fingertip the ball over the bar.

2008: "I expect Turkey to come altintop and win 2-0."
Streeter, via text

Yeah, I'll give you that son.

2006: Tuncay slams a shot wide from 30 yards. Gonna have to be good to beat Petr Cech from there. Up the other end and Marek Matejovsky forces Volkan to save low down with his 25-yard effort.

2006: "Seems like the Turks have adopted the Greek approach - they are playing for penalties already! On a side note, no way will they finish this game with 11 men!"
Cheese665 on 606
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2003: Portugal's Nani fires in a low free-kick and Pepe deflects it on to the crossbar, via a brilliant reaction save from Pascal Zuberbuehler.

2003: Emre Gungor gets a good talking to after he becomes the latest Turkey player to barge the giant Jan Koller in the back. They've been a bit careless so far.

2002: Valon Behrami has a half-chance for the Swiss after Portugal fail to clear a Hakan Yakin corner, but Ricardo saves fairly comfortably in the end.

2001: "I can see why Jan Koller is playing now - he's winning everything against Servet Cetin who is having an absolute nightmare."
BBC Radio 5 Live pundit Chris Waddle

2000: From the free-kick, Marek Jankulovski swings over the free-kick and Jan Koller heads over.

1959: Mehmet Aurelio shoves Jan Koller in the back and picks up his second yellow card of the tournament. If the Turks get into the quarter-finals, he will not feature.

1958: "The Czech anthem - translated - is 'Where is my home' and is indeed very moving. It was not written as an anthem, but chosen at a later date. The Czech sports fans have a lot of pride singing it."
whitesczech on 606
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1956: Jaroslav Plasil wastes a good opening by firing high, wide and not particularly handsome from 22 yards.

1955: Mehmet Topal is booked for a foul on Jan Polak.

1953: Ricardo Quaresma plays a cheeky ball in from the left and Helder Postiga heads over, but the striker was offside anyway.

1951: It's very quiet in Basel, not much action to report so far. In Geneva, Marek Jankulovski swings in a free-kick but it's too deep to really cause the Turks a problem.

1949: With seconds on the clock Marek Matejovsky hammers a right-foot shot wide for the Czechs.

1949: And Czech Republic at long last get us up and running in their great eliminator with Turkey in Geneva after Servet Cetin has to change his boots on the touchline.

1946: We are under way between Switzerland and Portugal.

1945: "The Czech Republic anthem is almost haunting. It's very, very moving."
BBC Radio 5 Live commentator Alan Green

1943: "Stevo, my dad asked my brother what do you want to be when you're older, and he goes, ''a website presenter like Stevo''."
JayNandha on 606
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Your brother just brought a tear to my eye.

1940: That kebab was in a different class. Now then, back to the football. Nice moment in the tunnel in Geneva as two one-time Newcastle players, David Rozehnal and Emre, give each other some respect. The players are on their way out.

1938: "Re 1916: I've been saying that all day and I put a bet on it at 14/1 for 2-2. So I guess that's my bet out the window if Stevo has predicted it."
kiki1875 on 606
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1933: A word of warning for the Czechs tonight and the possible shoot-out - they have been burned by new rules twice before in European Championships. In 1996 they lost the final to Germany thanks to the competition's first golden goal, from Oliver Bierhoff. In 2004, they were the first team to lose to a silver goal, Traianos Dellas bagging the winner for Greece.

1929: "Stevo aren't your predictions normally rubbish? Let me try - Swiss 1-2 Portugal and Turkey 1-1 Czechs (Turks win 22-21 on penalties)."
Dave, London, via text

1924: "Is anyone in the world gonna actually watch Portugal?"
Kzrcfc26 on 606
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Big Phil probably will, unless he plans to fool the world by wearing contact lenses that are playing highlights of recent Chelsea performances.

1920: If Stevo is a little bit right and it does go to penalties, the Czechs might just fancy it you know. They have won all three of their previous shoot-outs in the European Championship and, remarkably (as an Englishman I'm struggling to believe it), they have converted every single one of their 20 penalties. Wow.

1916: Predo time and this is a bit tricky if I'm honest. Don't hold your breath...
Switzerland 1-2 Portugal
Turkey 2-2 Czech Republic (Czech Rep 4-3 on penos).

1912: If you're interested, I've got a nice little Player Rater stat for you courtesy of my boss Dan, who loves numbers and all that chat. So far if you take an average of every Czech Republic player's rating in their two games so far, you get 6.08. If you do the same with Turkey, you arrive at 6.09. I mean, surely we should decide it on that, rather than penalties?

1909: Team news: Switzerland's Erin Derdiyok has recovered from an ankle injury to take his place up front alongside Hakan Yakin. There is no room for midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta who is replaced by Johan Vonlathen. Portugal make eight changes having secured qualification. Manchester United's Nani comes in along with fellow forwards Helder Postiga and Ricardo Quaresma.

1905: LINE-UPS Portugal v Switzerland
Portugal: Ricardo, Pepe, Miguel, Meira, Ferreira, Alves, Veloso, Meireles, Quaresma, Postiga, Nani.
Switzerland: Zuberbuhler, Senderos, Muller, Magnin, Lichtsteiner, Yakin, Inler, Gelson, Behrami, Vonlanthen, Derdiyok.

1904: Does anyone want a Stevo prediction then?

1900: Team news: Just one change then for the Czechs, with the even less mobile than usual Jan Koller back in the side in place of Milan Baros. Baros hasn't scored for 11 internationals, so it's a difficult choice between the two of them. For Turkey team news, see 1821.

1857: LINE-UPS Turkey v Czech Republic
Turkey: Demirel; Altintop, Gungor, Cetin, Balta; Tuncay, Topal, Aurelio, Turan; Senturk, Nihat.
Czech Republic: Cech; Grygera, Ujfalusi, Rozehnal, Jankulovski; Sionko, Polak, Matejovsky, Galasek, Plasil; Koller.

1854: "I don't need two tellys as I got my dad downstairs who will be shouting when a goal goes in and a brother upstairs watching the other game and shouting when a goal goes in. I'm in the middle having to revise for an exam tomorrow but at least I'll know the score."
JayNandha on 606
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I hope your brother is letting your dad watch the Czech game. And also, why not just chance your arm in the exam? Surely it's more important to watch history in the making than learn some stuff about stuff that you'll have forgotten in 24 hours?

1852: "Switzerland will win 3-0, no questions asked."
boydy262 on 606
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I'm sure some questions will be asked of the Portuguese defence if that happens, boydy262 my friend.

1848: But all eyes and I'm happy to say our major focus will of course be on Czech Republic and Turkey. The Turks haven't got a great record against the Czechs - they haven't won in their last 11 meetings and their only win in 14 overall was a 1-0 triumph in December 1958. Can they do the business half a century later?

1842: What a prospect we have in Geneva, but don't forget there is another game tonight. Unlucky co-hosts Switzerland bow out of the competition as they meet many people's tip to win the big prize, Portugal, in Basel. Can a European Championship finals match be meaningless? No, of course not. How could you even ask?

1837: Great news from Johannesburg earlier, with Cape Verde Islands beating Mauritius 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier thanks to a 43rd-minute penalty from, wait for it... Eduardo 'Dady' Gomes. Only on Fathers' Day could such a thing happen.

1834: "(See 1812) Another telly? I'll have one playing through my laptop and the other through my tv next to it! Glorious football, what more could I ask of a Sunday evening?"
Michael, Ipswich fan, in Norwich, via text

Nothing. Though I have just ordered a kebab, so I guess you could do the same.

1830: Sorry, went a bit Terry's all bold there. Gutted. Anyway, get your contributions in and tell your dad to do the same. Text me your thoughts on 81111 and join the debate on 606. Do we want penalties? Well I do, but then I just love drama. Tell you what, watching this tournament as a neutral ain't half a lot of fun.
Join the debate on 606

1826: "I have a bet on Baros to score first and the Czechs to win 2-0. Do you think it's possible Jon?"
Curranso8 on 606
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Mate, that's the beauty of football - anything's possible.

1821: We've got you the earliest team news ever, but only because Turkey coach Fatih Terim named his side yesterday. Striker Semih Senturk's exploits as a sub against Switzerland have earned him a starting place, while Emre Gungor and Mehmet Topal also come into the side with Emre Asik, Gokdeniz Karadeniz and Tumer Metin making way.

1817: Welcome, to our coverage of (possible) history. A very warm welcome indeed to all the dads out there, hope you're having an unforgettable Fathers' Day and what better way to finish it off than with a bit of Euros chat? Fret not punters, I got my card off to Mr Stevo snr in plenty of time and spent some minutes chewing the fat on the phone with the great man earlier. His first question? 'Do you reckon Forest will sign anyone from the Euros?' Maybe an Austrian striker, was all I could think. Happy Father's Day dad.

1812: So, the days of two separate games are over. For the next four days, we've got simultaneous matches kicking off at 1945 BST. Which begs the question, have you bought another telly yet?

1808: "No extra-time, just penalties. It's like the Johnstone's Paint Trophy but awesome."
My boss Dan, a Bristol Rovers fan

1805: As I'm sure we all know by now, Czech Republic and Turkey are shortly going to be involved in The Great Group A Eliminator 2008, as they're sure to be calling it. They've both played two games, won one, lost one, scored two, conceded three. If they dare draw in Geneva today, they face penalties. No extra-time, just penalties. It would be history in the making.

1800: A penalty shoot-out? In a group game, you say? Is this some sort of Euro Two Thousand And Great wind-up?

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