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Premier League as it happened

FT Liverpool 1-1 Everton


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2218: Well what a lively start to the week that was. I hope you come back for more, with Manchester United (and a surely ecstatic Sir Alex Ferguson) v Derby tomorrow for the first of this week's Carling Cup semi-final second legs. Oh, and Andy Murray gets his Aussie Open challenge (it's tennis) under way more or less at midnight tonight, coverage on this website with Piers Newbery, who'll probably be having his breakfast right about now, and live on BBC Two.

2214: "No drive. No steel. No determination. And with the exception of Gerrard, seemingly no heart. Tragic."
Sam Gos from Reading, via text on 81111

2211: What an extraordinary finish to tonight's proceedings at Anfield. Just how big a blow to Liverpool's title hopes was that Tim Cahill goal? I'm still stunned by the lack of marking. One can only wonder at Alan Hansen's reaction...

2208: "Villa are three points off the top spot in mid-January. Incredible. Actually I want them to win the title..."
messi4arsenal on 606
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2206: Breaking news: The prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who is also the owner of AC Milan, has told Italian television that Kaka is staying at the club. Repeat, Kaka will not be joining Manchester City.

2203: "Oh the wonders of zonal marking! We concede too many from these type of situations."
Tom M, bewildered LFC fan, Workington, via text on 81111

2201: Perhaps not surprisingly, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is leading the way on Player Rater at the moment with 7.12, but the low marks are reflective of perhaps a slightly disappointing game - bar the final 20-odd minutes, of course. Robbie Keane can probably count himself lucky to have as much as 5.19. Get voting.
Rate the players

2159: "The game finishes with Everton fans celebrating and their Liverpool counterparts almost stunned into silence. Much debate already about Rafa Benitez's decision to remove Fernando Torres in the closing stages with his team in front. A good result for Everton - and Man Utd."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2157: "You cannot really look beyond Manchester United at the moment for the Premier League title. They are playing the best football and not conceding any goals, so they are the favourites. Liverpool just don't look like title winners right now."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Pat Nevin

2154: Full-time Liverpool 1-1 Everton

2153: We are already playing injury time at Anfield.

2152: "Talk about throwing it away. Stupid free-kick to give away and awfully defended, not least by Riera with a token attempt at a header."
peter_lpool on 606
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2150: The replays of that goal will send Rafa Benitez into uncontrolled rage. No-one even picks up Tim Cahill - he's got no marker to get away from, he just moves in front of Pepe Reina and heads in. Frankly, that is woeful, woeful defending. Ryan Babel comes on for Albert Riera.

2148: GOAL Liverpool 1-1 Everton
You cannot make this game up. Yossi Benayoun gives away a needless free-kick down the Everton left with a foul on Victor Anichebe and Mikel Arteta flashes in another free-kick that Tim Cahill stoops to flick in with his head.

2146: Leon Osman tries to release Leighton Baines down the Everton left, but Yossi Benayoun gets back brilliantly to avert the danger. Fernando Torres is taken off, meanwhile, and Lucas comes on for the last five or so minutes.

2145: Lovely passing move from Everton, starting at the back and finishing with Leon Osman's right-foot shot that flies straight down the throat of Pepe Reina from 20 yards. Great stuff - just lacking that cutting edge again.

2143: Mikel Arteta swings over a dangerous-looking free-kick from the left, but Martin Skrtel and Fernando Torres between them manage to clear. A set-piece might be Everton's best route back into this game.

2142: For once, Everton's lack of striking options is really hampering them. Victor Anichebe is out on his feet down the left, he's got very little left to give. You wonder what might have happened, had Yakubu or Louis Saha been available.

2140: "If Kaka is worth 130m, what is Gerrard worth? Priceless to Liverpool -they are nothing without him."
Ken, Norwich, via text on 81111

2138: "Good stat here: Everton awarded only one penalty at Anfield in 71 years."
Vidicistheman on 606
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2136: There are 15 minutes plus stoppages left for Everton to get something from this game. They don't have many options on the bench, in fairness.

2134: The celebrations for that goal really were quite something. Steven Gerrard did his favoured slide on knees for about 20 yards, while Pepe Reina went equally crazy at the other end of the pitch, attempting to slide, but ending up falling over. Emotional times.

2133: "Massive task for Everton now after fatally allowing Gerrard too much space 25 yards out - heads visibly went down as Liverpool celebrated that goal.

"Everton were looking for a penalty seconds earlier when Anichebe tumbled under Skrtel's challenge, but it would have been the harshest of awards."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2132: "We love you Gerrard! Man what a game!"
Rony, Rossendale, via text on 81111

2129: GOAL Liverpool 1-0 Everton
Major, major talking points. Victor Anichebe does Martin Skrtel and races into the Liverpool box, he tangles with the forward and Anichebe goes down, but there is no penalty. At the other end Steven Gerrard collects a pass 30 yards out, takes a touch and rifles the ball off the wet surface into the bottom right-hand corner of Tim Howard's net. Cue pandemonium.

2128: Robbie Keane is taken off and Yossi Benayoun does indeed come on. Keane gets a pat on the back from Rafa Benitez, but he was poor tonight.

2126: Liverpool are readying Yossi Benayoun. Robbie Keane might not have too much longer.

2123: It's so scrappy, but the ball falls for Fernando Torres 22 yards out and he fastens on to it in a flash, curling it just over Tim Howard's crossbar. He will be upset he didn't get it on target.

2122: "Shame we don't have Fellaini, we could just cross the ball in then. Reina isn't the best in dealing with crosses."
toffees1888 on 606
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2121: "You can sense how important this next 45 minutes is to Liverpool. The volume is on full and there is a renewed vigour about their play - but Everton are standing firm and have already created a couple of dangerous moments themselves. A crucial passage of play."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2119: For some reason, Fernando Torres doesn't seem to want to pass to Robbie Keane. He's always looking for Steven Gerrard, and that Liverpool attack comes to nothing. Keane was standing to Torres's right with his arms outstretched. Odd.

2117: Liverpool put some real pressure on Everton and Steven Gerrard's quickfire left-foot shot forces Tim Howard to save, before Leighton Baines reacts well to deny Sami Hyypia from the rebound.

2115: Mikel Arteta tries an ambitious 40-yard free-kick and the ball bounces kindly in front of Pepe Reina for the keeper to save. The snow has abated, for those of you who were worried about a potential abandonment.

2115: "Liverpool need to score soon. The longer the game goes on without a goal, the more it will swing in favour of Everton."
Robertinho, Northumberland, via text on 81111

2112: Mikel Arteta is the second man in the book for a silly trip on Dirk Kuyt.

2111: "Everton have set up their two banks of four with only about 10 yards between the defenders and the midfielders and there is no space at all for the likes of Robbie Keane to play in."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Pat Nevin

2110: Much mirth at Anfield as Phil Neville attempts to clear but proceeds only to kick fresh air. Liverpool have got the bit between their teeth right now.

2109: Fernando Torres is brought down in the Everton box by Phil Jagielka, there is a tangle of feet and the Spanish striker falls to the floor, but Howard Webb - in front of The Kop - gives nothing. I think it was a penalty.

2108: Leighton Baines is fed down the left by Steven Pienaar and his low cross is just ahead of Victor Anichebe, with Pepe Reina gathering.

2106: As the players come out for the second half, snow begins to fall at Anfield. Surely we couldn't have an abandonment? Surely? Oh, we're back under way.

2104: "The pressure is on Benitez in the second half. He can't afford to drop any more silly points at home."
Dan, Newcastle, via text on 81111

2102: "Before the Keane-bashing brigade comes out - the service from midfield has been awful. We have no right-winger - or any threat down the right side. If Torres had squared unselfishly (as Gerrard did to him recently) Keane would have had a tap-in. We are not using Robbie properly at all!"
The-Kop-Prophet on 606
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2100: "The phrase "not a classic" might have been invented for this one - but still plenty to keep Anfield interested as well.

"Everton have forced the better saves from Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina, but that golden chance missed by Fernando Torres stands alone as the pivotal moment of the first 45 minutes.

"Torres was just hinting at his threat as the first half progressed, but Everton have arguably the game's most outstanding performer in Phil Jagielka."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2056: Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure on this episode of 'Live text - Premier League', to introduce Phil the Stat. What's that? He's introduced himself? Unbelievable:

"Making his debut in the stat-related arena is Phil the Stat, who got a C in his GCSE maths. The Player Rater is all much of a muchness at the moment if truth be told, reflecting a not exactly spectacular match. Captain Steven Gerrard is the main man for Liverpool, according to you lot, with a half-time score of 6.62, while Albert Riera is languishing on 5.26.

"The only two players to "break the seven" ( Danny the Stat) are Everton midfielders Mikel Arteta (7.11) and Tim Cahill (7.15), with Steven Pienaar bringing up the rear on 5.59. Disagree? You know what you have to do."
Rate the players

2052: "Neither team has created many chances, but Everton will be the happier of the teams. Liverpool wide men Dirk Kuyt and Albert Riera have made very little impact on the game and Robbie Keane has been absolutely non-existent. Liverpool need to go and win this game, so the onus is on Benitez."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Pat Nevin

2049: Half-time Liverpool 0-0 Everton

2048: "It's a rare day that someone praises a ref. But I have to say Mr. Webb is doing a great job. Not overreacting, but just letting the players know he is there."
Adam in Leeds, via text on 81111

2045: Tony Hibbert gives the ball away and Albert Riera pushes the ball in front of him and slams in a 25-yard drive that just curves an inch or two wide of Tim Howard's right-hand post with the American scrambling across his line.

2045: "Everton are playing like really well this time. Unlike their past displays, they seem to have more resilience today!"
kadodamball on 606
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2044: Leon Osman fires in a shot from outside the box, but Pepe Reina gets down well to make the save. Everton have improved in the last few minutes.

2041: Xabi Alonso skips away from Mikel Arteta with a lovely dummy and sends Fernando Torres away down the left, but Phil Jagielka is across exceptionally well to clear his lines.

2040: It's gone a little flat, this game, now. Even the 50-50 tackles are not being contested with quite the gusto you would expect in such an important match.

2037: Everton must work on their crosses a lot, because today they have been very, very good. Tony Hibbert is at it this time, his fabulous ball from the right swinging away from Pepe Reina and the keeper having to content himself with gathering at the second attempt.

2037: "Liverpool fans are really up for this one, with a return to the Premier League summit at stake. And gasps of disbelief ringing around Anfield after Torres' miss.

"Benitez is on the touchline again, accompanied by his backroom staff, pleading with his players to stay calm as the temperature just starts to rise, on the field at least."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2036: The ball is coming back a bit quicker at Everton now, as Liverpool build up some pressure. But another quick interchange ends with Albert Riera's pass going out for a goalkick. Sloppy, from the Spanish winger.

2034: "What a miss by Torres!"
Alex, via text on 81111

2033: Liverpool take a free-kick quickly and completely mess it up, the ball falling to Tim Cahill who tries to catch Pepe Reina out from 55 yards, but it sails wide.

2031: "The miss looked worse than it was, but damn, Torres should have still scored."
RobinVanEscobar on 606
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2030: Fernando Torres has just missed a sitter. Sami Hyypia plays a sensational 60-yard pass from the back that splits Everton's two central defenders and enables Torres to run through, but one-on-one with Tim Howard, he hesitates and clips his shot against the keeper's left-hand post from eight yards. Blimey.

2029: "Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is counting out the fouls committed by Everton players to the referee's assistant, who studiously ignores him. Good knockabout stuff and referee Howard Webb is keeping the lid on things without waving cards about."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2028: Steven Pienaar is booked for a foul on Fernando Torres. Not sure that's even a free-kick, let alone a yellow card. Harsh, anyway.

2027: Fernando Torres breaks away down the right and the ball breaks to Xabi Alonso, but his shot is blocked, before Everton break and Victor Anichebe's cross is headed goalwards by Tim Cahill, but Pepe Reina gets down really well to tip the ball away.

2025: Phil Jagielka crashes into Robbie Keane 30 yards out, but Liverpool take the free-kick quickly and Albert Riera once again gives it away cheaply.

2022: Albert Riera has looked pretty good in recent weeks, but his control is awful as he lets a pass run away from him and out for a goalkick down the Liverpool left. It's become a bit fragmented.

2021: "If the Premier League was based on spirit, Everton would be top," said boss David Moyes in an interview over the weekend. They've not been short of it in the first 20 minutes here, either. I do wonder how the points system would work, though.

2018: After a ludicrously quick start, the tempo has slowed down just a touch. Joleon Lescott has had some treatment and Tim Cahill might need some now, too.

2016: "Great atmosphere inside Anfield - with Everton's proposed move to Kirkby figuring on plenty of Kopite songsheets.

"Everton boss David Moyes has challenged his side to prove they are brave enough to come to Anfield - where their record is worse than wretched - and play a passing game. Easier said than done when a derby is being played at typical breakneck speed."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

2014: Steven Gerrard's free-kick falls for Dirk Kuyt six yards out, but Leighton Baines is there to make the block.

2013: Mikel Arteta is spoken to by referee Howard Webb after bringing down Steven Gerrard 25 yards out. Good refereeing not to book the Spaniard, despite crowd pleas for him to do so.

2012: Joleon Lescott, heavily linked with Manchester City (well he is a footballer) throws himself into three tackles and wins the ones with Robbie Keane and Dirk Kuyt before bringing Xabi Alonso down 35 yards out.

2010: "See 2006 - The Straits Times is a Singaporean newspaper, not Hong Kong..."
spiegel2071 on 606
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You can probably get it there, though, no?

2008: Good counter-attacking start as both teams look to pick the opposition off, first Everton with Mikel Arteta and then Liverpool with Robbie Keane, but lines are cleared before chances are created.

2006: "C'mon Liverpool! Just about to jump on a plane bound for Hong Kong - hopefully I'll be able to read about a 2-0 victory in tomorrow's Straits Times."
Guy at Heathrow, via text on 81111

2004: Everton have made a very, very lively start and Liverpool struggle to clear Mikel Arteta's corner before referee Howard Webb gives a free-kick for a push on Pepe Reina.

2003: Victor Anichebe chests the ball down 30 yards out and volleys in a left-foot shot that forces Pepe Reina to scramble it away from the left-hand corner of his goal.

2002: Rafa Benitez touches the Liverpool badge on his way out to the tunnel and seconds later, Tim Cahill and Steven Pienaar get us going.

1958: The players are out to a rapturous ovation for the 180th league clash between these two great clubs and we are moments away from getting under way.

1957: I don't mean to curse Everton now, but it's worth pointing out that Fernando Torres has not scored at Anfield this season. His last goal in front of Liverpool's home fans was in the 1-0 Premier League win over Manchester City on 4 May, last year.

1954: "As expected, a show of support for outspoken Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez, once again at odds with the club's hierarchy, in the shape of a giant flag on The Kop. Time for the politicking to stop for Benitez and turn his attention back to the title race."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

1951: "We're here to get that win. We're confident because of our form - we've kept clean sheets, scored goals when we've needed to, so yeah, we're confident. Hopefully we'll give them a better game than we did in September."
Everton manager David Moyes

1950: "I think this is the biggest and most important Merseyside derby I've been involved in. We knew we needed to win this game before United won on Saturday, so I think the players are ready. Beating Everton would be fantastic, but we want to go top of the table again."
Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez

1948: Liverpool have the upper hand over their near neighbours in recent times. Everton have won only two of the last 18 Merseyside derbies and Liverpool completed the double over them last season, as well as winning 2-0 at Goodison in September, thanks to a Fernando Torres brace.
Everton 0-2 Liverpool

1945: "I'm so glad Lucas isn't starting for us. Whenever I see him on the pitch I become deeply, deeply afraid."
Rebecca, a displaced Liverpool fan in London, via text on 81111

1943: Everton, in fact, are in club-record-chasing form. Win tonight and they would secure a fourth consecutive away win, which they have never done in the Premier League and not done for 23 years. Indeed, keep two more clean sheets and that would equal their all-time top flight shut-out record, set in 1994.

1940: "Come on Liverpool, give me an early 17th birthday present with a nice and simple 2-0 win here!"
MintyMerrick on 606
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It's incredible to think how many Liverpool fans have never seen their team win the league. Not that I'm rubbing it in...

1937: Despite my predo, one must acknowledge that Everton are in fabulous form. Ever since injury deprived them of every single striker they had and Ashley Young raced through to score an injury-time winner for Aston Villa at Goodison Park in December, the Toffees have been flying. They have won five out of their last six games and kept a clean sheet in every single one of them. They are not to be taken lightly.

1934: This gem of a quote came through earlier from Milan. I had to share it with you. What has happened to football?

"Kaka move? I would rather tell them to sell all of Milan. It is useless to sell such an important player. I would be very sad if he left. With Kaka and his wife I have a splendid relationship, they are wonderful people. But I don't know about the money. I'd rather have him grow up with the head of a normal human being."
Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani
AC Milan fans stage Kaka protest

1930: Stevo's Predo. These just get harder and harder:
Liverpool 2-1 Everton
Lawro's predictions

1927: A support of two halves, Everton's. Here's Mr Blue Optimistic and Mr Blue Pessimistic on tonight's proceedings:

"I've only missed one Merseyside derby in five years and I'm at Anfield tonight. For the first time in a long while, us Toffees have a real belief that we can snatch something from this game... Torres who? We've got Anichebe!"
Joe Rand at Anfield, via text on 81111

"This has the potential to be one of the best weeks in the history of Everton football club! In reality it's going to be one of anguish, heartache and Steven Gerrard."
Phil, Leeds, via text on 81111

1924: In a world where Craig Bellamy costs 14m and Harry Redknapp is moaning about being outdone in the transfer market, anything can happen. But can Everton really beat Liverpool at Anfield? The last time they did was 10 years ago, as the world partied like it was 1999. Kevin Campbell certainly did, after he tucked home the winner on 27 September. That was 3402 days ago. Or 81,648 hours. If you prefer minutes, 4,898,880. In seconds? 293,932,800.

1920: "I'm a United fan, but I love watching the Merseyside derby. It and the Manchester derby are invariably better than the London ones. That Liverpool line up looks too strong for Everton tonight, though. I can't see the visitors scoring today."
HeavensChimney on 606
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1917: Liverpool v Everton line-ups
Liverpool: Reina, Carragher, Hyypia, Skrtel, Aurelio, Kuyt, Gerrard, Alonso, Riera, Keane, Torres.
Subs: Cavalieri, Dossena, Benayoun, Arbeloa, Babel, Mascherano, Leiva Lucas.
Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Lescott, Jagielka, Baines, Osman, Arteta, Neville, Pienaar, Cahill, Anichebe.
Subs: Nash, Van der Meyde, Castillo, Rodwell, Jutkiewicz, Gosling, Kissock.
Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

1914: "Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has gone all positive, with Fernando Torres and Robbie Keane up front. Xabi Alonso also returns to midfield after injury, but Javier Mascherano only makes the bench.

"Everton have to compensate for the loss of the suspended Marouane Fellaini in midfield. That is a big blow for the Toffees - but not as big a blow as it is for the person who might have the seat behind the big-haired Belgian in the stand.

"Victor Anichebe steps in for David Moyes' side."
BBC Sport's Phil McNulty at Anfield

1909: Onwards and upwards we go. Anfield is the venue tonight for the 209th Merseyside derby and a match that could have a huge say in the destination of the Premier League title. Having been top for what seemed like forever (but was actually only November), Liverpool were knocked off their perch by Dimitar Berbatov's late header as Man United beat Bolton on Saturday.

Can they send United a message tonight with a victory that will prove they are not going to go away this season? Or did their laboured display at Stoke last weekend show they are not quite ready to become champions of England once again? As always, I want to hear your thoughts. Texts, on 81111, and banter, on 606. Thanks in advance.
Join the debate on 606

1907: I'm hearing news that Fernando Torres and Robbie Keane both start up front for Liverpool today, for the first time since November. More to follow.

1905: What a brilliant weekend of football it was. From Chelsea's extraordinary late show that broke Stoke hearts, to Man United's last-gasp victory at Bolton to go top, Aston Villa showing they have the spirit to break into the top four and Darren Bent's remarkable miss which cost Spurs two points and left his manager apoplectic. Worst moment? Hearing Craig Bellamy had gone on strike. If true, that is utterly pathetic.
Man City complete Bellamy signing

1900: Ah, there's nothing like a red-hot derby to get the juices flowing, is there? The prize is there for both of these teams in the next six days. If Liverpool beat Everton twice, they keep their hopes alive of a maiden Premier League title and an FA Cup trophy to boot.

For Everton, two wins over their fiercest rivals could derail Liverpool's season completely. There is simply no let up where the 2008/09 campaign is involved.

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3 Arsenal 24 32 49
4 Tottenham 24 20 42

5 Liverpool 24 16 41

6 Man City 22 14 41
7 Aston Villa 23 13 40
8 Birmingham 23 -1 34
9 Everton 23 -1 32
10 Blackburn 24 -15 28
11 Fulham 23 -2 27
12 Stoke 22 -7 26
13 Sunderland 23 -10 24
14 Wigan 22 -23 22
15 West Ham 23 -9 21
16 Bolton 22 -15 21
17 Wolverhampton 23 -21 21

18 Burnley 23 -23 20
19 Hull 23 -26 20
20 Portsmouth 22 -16 15

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