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Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham Match report
Wigan Athletic 2-1 Man City Match report


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By Jonathan Stevenson

1802: Time to call it a day for this weekend, and what a magical time we've had. My highlight? It's got to be Geovanni's miracle strike that helped Hull to perhaps the most famous win in their long history. A goal of sheer beauty. Thanks for all your involvement, I hope you've had as much fun as me. Join the boys for Match of the Day 2 at 2200 BST on BBC Two tonight, and Cheesy will be back on Tuesday for the Champions League. Have a top, top week.

1757: "Great game played by Wigan. Good discipline shown all around this weekend by the less fashionable teams."
onithor on 606
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1756: Player Rater: Amr Zaki is still a country mile out in front on a scorching 8.50, with team-mate Antonio Valencia does his level best to keep up on 7.82. Man City's Jo is faring less well, with a weak 5.34. Keep on voting...
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1753: "Wigan didn't particularly play the better football, but they worked harder. They hurried Man City and they didn't work hard enough - they have to learn you just cannot come to teams like this and roll them over."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

1751: Full-time Wigan 2-1 Manchester City

1749: Amr Zaki toys with the Man City defenders, weaving this way and that before clipping a right-foot shot goalwards and Joe Hart has to arch his back and tip it over the bar. Gelson Fernandes comes on for Vincent Kompany.

1748: "(See 1741) I wondered when Rob Styles was going to come out and defend himself."
JonBetts2004 on 606
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1747: Into injury time and we've got three minutes of stoppages left.

1747: Richard Dunne concedes another free-kick by fouling Amr Zaki. He's furious, and whispers some words into the Egyptian's shell-like. Mark Hughes rages, Steve Bruce claps. Standard fare.

1745: "Look at Robinho strutting around the pitch, trying to show off his fancy tricks. Not good enough, son, I don't care how much you cost."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Alan Green

1744: "(See 1741) Rob the ref, have you seen just how bad these decisions are??"
ronan221 on 606
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1742: Elano is withdrawn by Manchester City, with young striker Daniel Sturridge coming on in his place.

1741: "As a referee myself, it's infuriating how the man in the middle is always culpable. A striker misses an open net and costs his team three points - never mind. A goalkeeper misses an easy one - he might want to look at the replay. The referee screws up - blame him, lose faith in officialdom, have him demoted. Decisions even themselves out, so worry about the over-paid, under-achieving players instead."
Rob the ref, via text on 81111

1739: Micah Richards looks to be brought down just inside the penalty area by Titus Bramble, but referee Steve Bennett gives the free-kick the other way. Mark Hughes has probably given up on getting a decision today.

1738: "Boring match. First half goals and excitement. Second half makes you want to go to sleep - boring and dull spectacle."
coolinterstar on 606
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That's utter rubbish. What on earth are you watching?

1736: There are more afters between Richard Dunne and Amr Zaki. They've had a running battle since the first few seconds. There's life left in this game yet.

1734: Ched Evans chases a seemingly lost cause and eventually nicks the ball towards goal from eight yards out, but Titus Bramble gets the ball clear.

1732: Robinho goes down like, er, someone who has been stabbed in the back, when really it was just a high-ish foot from Mario Melchiot. What's wrong with these boys - does no-one know how to dive properly these days?

1731: Ched Evans comes on for the lamentable Jo. He doesn't deserve to be Brazilian, on that performance.

1730: Shaun Wright-Phillips hammers a shot goalwards through a crowd and Chris Kirkland parries the ball around the post.

1728: Man City need to chill out a bit here, or they'll be down to 10 men soon. Their players react furiously to a foul by Mario Melchiot on Shaun Wright-Phillips. It's a booking, he is booked, end of.

1727: Micah Richards is booked for a shoulder barge on Amr Zaki. Mark Hughes looks annoyed, but that's as clear as decisions come.

1724: Joe Hart comes for a long throw and doesn't get it, Emile Heskey's resulting poke goalwards deflected over.

1724: "If anyone in any other profession made as many big mistakes as the refs have this weekend they'd surely have been sacked or put on temporary leave. It's disgusting that fans are paying to see their clubs robbed like this. How on Earth can the FA expect players to give these refs respect?"
Jonny (a more than mildly disgruntled fan), via text on 81111

1722: Stephen Ireland sneaks on to a 60-yard pass into the Wigan area but he is on the stretch and can only toe-poke the ball wide of the advancing Chris Kirkland's goal.

1721: "I have just heard from an impeccable source that Mike Ashley and Daniel Levy are in talks to effectively swap Newcastle and Spurs."
Jollynicebloke on 606
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1718: Man City exert some real pressure and finally the ball breaks to Elano 25 yards out, the Brazilian firing in a shot that sails just wide of Chris Kirkland's left-hand post.

1716: "Robinho has been a bit peripheral. He hasn't even broken sweat, yet."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

1715: Michael Brown is yellow carded for clipping the heels of the speedy Shaun Wright-Phillips. Jo hammers the resulting free-kick over the bar and into the City fans behind Chris Kirkland's goal.

1714: "You laughed at the prospect of Robinho vs Bramble but at the minute there's only one winner and he isn't a Brazilian wonderkid."
ell_lfc5 on 606
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1713: Titus Bramble chests the ball down in the Man City box and just as he is about to volley goalwards (probably), Richard Dunne makes a vital tackle.

1713: "Not only is Steve Bennett an awful ref, but he's not better as a lino. Yesterday at Villa Park was a shocker for him, he just played follow the leader with referee Peter Walton."
Dave Sayers in Warwick, via text on 81111

Not a good weekend for old Stevie, is it?

1711: Micah Richards flattens Amr Zaki in an aerial challenge and the England defender gets a bit of a ticking off from Steve Bennett.

1709: Lee Cattermole goes down injured and wastes no time in limping off the pitch, he's finished for the day. Michael Brown is preparing to come on.

1708: Man City look a little bit short of ideas in the final third, which is a bit silly considering who's playing for them. Robinho lifts a ball into the box, but Chris Kirkland comes out to gather.

1707: More good stuff from Wigan. First Antonio Valencia hurtles down the right trying to force an opening, before Lee Cattermole repeats the run and wins a corner. Titus Bramble eventually heads just wide from 10 yards.

1704: "Zaki is immense. The only other striker who hustles, outmuscles and defends as well as him is Drogba. He's not fantastic with the ball at his feet but will fight tooth and nail for everything."
chelski365 on 606
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1702: Back under way at the JJB Stadium. Come on Steve Bennett, let's get a big decision right and end the weekend on a good note for referees. Not asking too much, is it?

1700: "I thought Rob Styles was bad yesterday but Steve Bennett doesn't even come close to that. Awful."
Si, one of 4,000 bemused City fans in the away end, via text on 81111

1657: "There'll be hell to pay after this weekend's performance by referees."
Luckynumberslevin on 606
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How refs can win our respect

1653: Player Rater: Some monumental scores in the mix already from the JJB Stadium, with Amr Zaki on a massive 8.81 at the halfway stage. Robinho's got 7.55 - are you serious? He's been poor so far. Feel upset? Then vote away...
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1650: "City at times have looked a little better, but they haven't energised Jo up front, he's been quiet. Defensively they are both lacking so there is more to come from this match."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

1646: Half-time Wigan 2-1 Manchester City

1646: "And people said building the JJB on an ancient trampoline burial ground wouldn't have any consequences."
Chris, Brighton, via text on 81111

Haha. Love it.

1644: Richard Dunne thinks he might have a penalty after getting clipped from behind by Emile Heskey in the Wigan penalty area. Seen them given, too. But it's a free-kick the other way.

1643: Shaun Wright-Phillips' attempted cross is miscued and causes Chris Kirkland a problem, the keeper having to backpedal and tip the ball over the bar.

1641: "I don't think the Respect campaign can continue for much longer if referees and linesmen keep making decisions like that..."
elnino12 on 606
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1639: "Quality theatrics from Palacios there. Like he'd stood on a landmine!"
Rob, Co Durham, via text on 81111

1637: Wilson Palacios slips while shooting and his shot is miles wide. The Wigan players are really struggling to stay on their feet out there - the BBC Radio 5 Live boys have attributed it to wearing blades instead of 'proper boots'.

1636: By the way, Javier Garrido was booked for the foul that led to the penalty. I don't think Mark Hughes was too enamoured with the decision, either.

1633: GOAL Wigan 2-1 Manchester City
This may take some explaining. Basically Wilson Palacios is played into the area and as Javier Garrido goes for the ball, there appears to be a bit of contact between the two players. But Palacios jumps about six feet in the air, makes it look as though he's been shot, and Steve Bennett points to the spot. Amr Zaki steps up and slots into the corner.


1629: "I know Villarreal have some good players, but surely there was a place for Valencia somewhere in that team?"
Nick, Norwich, via text on 81111

1626: Antonio Valencia is rightly booked for a high tackle on Javier Garrido.

1625: I'm not sure they're that close, Steve Bruce and Mark Hughes, they've had some scraps since they've become managers. But I'm sure there's a mutual respect there."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Alan Green

1624: Crackerjack strike from Valencia. No wonder Man Utd were interested."
drystack on 606
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1622: GOAL Wigan 1-1 Manchester City
They don't come much softer than that, equalisers. Elano whips over a free-kick from the right, Wilson Palacios in attempting to clear gets a slight nick on the ball and it hits Vincent Kompany and flies past Chris Kirkland.

1617: Man City have a golden chance to immediately equalise as Stephen Ireland slips in Robinho, but the Brazilian's radar is slightly off and he slots marginally wide from just inside the area.

1616: GOAL Wigan 1-0 Manchester City
You just don't save those. Antonio Valencia hits a little ripper from 30 yards with his dynamite of a right foot and it swerves all over the place before nestling neatly in the top-right hand corner of Joe Hart's net. That was pretty much where Amr Zaki was aiming a couple of minutes ago.

1614: Amr Zaki picks the ball up on the right, drifts in and rifles a left-foot shot that fairly whizzes past Joe Hart's top-right hand corner with the keeper nowhere to be seen. Great hit.

1613: Come on, get those texts in on 81111. You've gone missing. Amr Zaki wins a corner and Wigan have started quite well.

1612: Giovanni Trapattoni is sitting in the stands with England boss Fabio Capello's right-hand man Franco Baldini. Trapattoni will have to do some work to get Stephen Ireland back in his squad - the Man City midfielder told various Sunday papers he doesn't miss international football.

1609: There's something of a debate on BBC Radio 5 Live about referees. "Steve Bennett doesn't do it for me," says Lawro. "What about Rob Styles," says his colleague. "Oh don't, we'd be here all day," replies Lawro.

1607: Lee Cattermole remarkably avoids a yellow card for a terribly late challenge on Stephen Ireland. He does get a ticking off, though.

1606: "Robinho vs Bramble... oh dear, oh dear."
chelski36 on 606
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1603: Is it just me, or is Man City's away kit utterly horrible? Elano, who as a Brazilian should be wearing something a bit classier, fires a shot wide after a half-clearance from Titus Bramble.

1600: We are under way at the JJB Stadium.

1558: "Some players in training, you have to put your arm around them every day and tell them how good they are and Emile Heskey strikes me as one of those guys. But on his day, he is a proper handful and he's in form, too."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Lawrenson

1554: "Hey, Stevo, remember Mauro Zarate formerly of Birmingham? He's just scored his 6th (or 7th, can't quite remember) of the season at Lazio, carrying them up to the top five or so. Imagine if Birmingham had stayed up and kept him."
cheese666 on 606
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Well they had their chance with him, but if memory serves me right, didn't they keep him on the bench quite a bit?

1551: "So you can relate to having your team take a dive down the league? Try being a Leeds fan. Come on Wigan."
Jay LUFC, via text on 81111

1549: I've been impressed with Wigan's Egyptian striker Amr Zaki so far this season, he looks right out of the top drawer and boy can he hit a football, too. His partnership with Emile Heskey is blossoming and Man City's occasionally shaky defence will have to be on their guard today.

1543: I might have to shift the focus to Wigan-Man City now, but that doesn't mean you gutted Spurs fans should stop getting involved. It's therapeutic, I know - trust me, I've been there (and still am).

1541: "Funny how the old Spurs team just beat the new one. Comolli and Levy need the sack, bring Jol back. Our team is in tatters, and Comolli is main culprit."
SpursDerv, via text on 81111

1537: Player Rater: Same as half-time really, with Jermain Defoe leading the way, though he's increased his lead and is on 8.12. The Tottenham scores are a sight for sore eyes, with Gilberto on a miserable 4.04 and no Tottenham man above six. That is fairly abysmal. Agree or not - get voting.
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1535: "I don't know where the Blackburn David Bentley has gone. He's slow, cumbersome and has had absolutely no impact on this game."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Steve Claridge

1533: Manchester City will be happy to see the return of Robinho, rested for their shocking Carling Cup defeat against Brighton midweek. Micah Richards, Shaun-Wright Phillips, Elano and keeper Joe Hart are also back in. No surprises for Wigan, with Emile Heskey and Amr Zaki up front looking for the goals.

Kirkland, Melchiot, Bramble, Boyce, Figueroa, Valencia, Palacios, Cattermole, Kapo, Heskey, Zaki.
Subs: Pollitt, Scharner, Kilbane, De Ridder, Camara, Brown, Koumas.
Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Richards, Dunne, Garrido, Kompany, Elano, Wright-Phillips, Ireland, Robinho, Jo.
Subs: Schmeichel, Michael Ball, Ben-Haim, Evans, Sturridge, Fernandes, Hamann.
Referee: Steve Bennett (Kent).

1531: "Working in a large grocery store in Torquay on checkouts, casually pressing F5 every 30 seconds and updating the staff... to huge embarassment to myself being a Spurs fan. See you later Ramos."
KeanosSuperRightFoot on 606
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1528: "They are not set up right and they are not good enough. Some of those players are just going through the motions. They've got no passion and no belief and that's what happens."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Steve Claridge

1526: Full-time Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham

1526: Aaron Lennon is booked for a foul on John Utaka. Probably the last meaningful act of the game.

1525: "This is useless. I'm sorry, I'm all for giving managers the time they need but there just hasn't even been a sense of progression under Ramos. The players need to gel do they? Well stop rotating six players every week! Seriously, if I saw any signs of his vision for the team then I would be satisfied but there is just no cohesion, rhyme or reason to any of his selections or tactics."
Uninventivename on 606
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1521: Jermain Defoe is applauded off the pitch by both Portsmouth and Tottenham fans and Younes Kaboul replaces him.

1519: SENDING OFF (Lassana Diarra, Portsmouth)
Second yellow for the former Arsenal and Chelsea man, who has had a brilliant game in the middle of the midfield. It was a caution too, for a late lunge on Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

1519: Aaron Lennon expertly curls the ball goalwards from the edge of the box, but David James does really well to get down and tip it behind for a corner. Impressed, Fabio?

1518: "(See 1512) While you're on google why not check the last time you won something?"
Butterbean, Hereford, via text on 81111

1517: Jamie O'Hara gives the ball away and Glen Johnson is allowed to run unchallenged 60 yards, ending with a left-foot shot that soares over the crossbar. Sums up a pathetic Spurs performance.

1516: I can't help but think that Giovani must be regretting his decision to swap 20 minutes every week at Barcelona for 20 minutes every week with Tottenham...

1515: Richard Hughes is cautioned for a late challenge on Mexican winger Giovani dos Santos.

1514: "Maybe El Tel was expecting Spurs' call, which would explain why he rejected Newcastle."
James, Essex, via text on 81111

1512: "Looks like 'St Totteringham's Day' will be much earlier than usual this year. If you're not sure what it means, google it and have a chuckle."
GunnerGoose102 on 606
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Haha. That is funny, in fairness. Geovanni, anyone?

1509: Jonathan Woodgate plays a nine-iron into the path of Darren Bent, who does well to take the ball down but lashes his left-foot shot wildly over and wide.

1507: What Spurs are doing today is playing Total Football that would make Johan Cruyff physically sick. Their players are just all over the place - David Bentley doesn't have any sort of position, Aaron Lennon is drifting from wing to wing, Jermaine Jenas is just strolling around looking confused. Seriously, I cannot believe how bad they are.

1504: Jamie O'Hara curls a free-kick from 20 yards just past the angle of post and crossbar with David James looking on. Meanwhile, a desperate-looking Roman Pavlyuchenko is taken off and replaced by Darren Bent. Spurs are in turmoil.

1503: "Shocking and a shambles. Where do I sign to say Ramos out? Seems to me he is looking to get sacked - a better pay-off that way."
Paul, Essex, via text on 81111

1502: Roman Pavlyuchenko decides to go on his own and turns Sol Campbell before firing in a fierce left-foot shot from 20 yards, but the Pompey captain recovers brilliantly to make the vital block.

1459: GOAL Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham
I wouldn't bet against Ramos leaving this week, in fairness. This is a bit of a shambles. With the right-hand side of Spurs' defence missing, Armand Traore fires in a shot that Heurelho Gomes can only block and Peter Crouch is on hand to head the rebound into the empty net. Crouch started his career at Spurs, by the way.

1457: For once, David Bentley plays a cracking ball in from a free-kick 35 yards out and a stretching Roman Pavlyuchenko can over divert the ball at pace over David James' crossbar.

1455: "Yes, Ramos takes off our best player on the day. It's exasperating to watch. It's like Ramos doesn't know what he's doing. Just throws players on and hopes it works. Rubbish."
dahitman55 on 606
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He looks hugely unhappy too, Ramos, as my colleague just pointed out. I can't see him lasting the season, can you?

1453: Glen Little is taken off after just over an hour, with the pacey John Utaka coming on in his place.

1451: "The standard of officiating hasn't been great in English football in the past couple of weeks, you'd have to say."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Steve Claridge

1449: Didier Zokora is taken off by Juande Ramos, with Giovani dos Santos coming on.

1449: Nadir Belhadj is the fourth person to be shown a yellow card by referee Mike Dean at Fratton Park this afternoon, for a foul on Didier Zokora.

1448: "When your new star striker can't outrun Sol Campbell - who is old enough to play in Milan's back four - methinks you have a problem!"
JP, Manchester, via text on 81111

1446: Shocking officiating yet again - how many times do we have to say that this weekend? Aaron Lennon crosses from the left and the ball cannons against the right arm of Lassana Diarra inside the area. It's a penalty, no question, but a corner is given. Very, very poor.

1445: Armand Traore races down the left and cuts infield, firing a shot towards Heurelho Gomes's far post, the Brazilian getting down really well to save the ball.

1444: Glen Little runs at the heart of the Spurs defence and beats a couple of half-hearted challenges, but is eventually stopped on the edge of the area.

1441: "I'm not sure about David Bentley's position, here. He's not playing right-wing and he's not playing up front. He's playing just off, but there's no link between him and Roman Pavlyuchenko. There's no shape to this Tottenham team, still."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Steve Claridge

1440: "(See 1424) Spurs and Newcastle? Why? It's because their problems are self-inflicted, simple as! The way Spurs treated Jol and the way Ashley treated KK, disgraceful."
JC in Gfd, via text on 81111

1437: We're back under way and Spurs have got 45 minutes to haul themselves off the foot of the table.

1436: Aaron Lennon is coming on for the second half for the hugely disappointing Gilberto. Still no Luka Modric or Giovani, though, which is frankly incomprehensible.

1432: "A full stadium of 50,000 fans in the Championship at St James' Park for Newcastle v Brighton. That would be fun. Imagine that, no other team in the Championship would fill a 50,000 stadium, just look at Birmingham - their fans just run away when they go down..."
1066seagull on 606
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You obviously weren't around the last time Newcastle were in the second tier of English football, then. Also, bit harsh on Birmingham, is it?

1429: Muchos apologies for the scoreline at the top reading incorrectly for a very, very short time. As per usual, thank you so much for your patience and lack of sarcastic missives. You really are a most forgiving bunch.

1427: Player Rater - No surprise as to who is on top from Fratton Park, with goalscorer-who-returns-to-haunt-his-old-team-in-classic-football-fashion Jermain Defoe out in front on 7.29 after scoring from the spot. It can all change, though...
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1424: "Can I ask the question that, other than either team's local rivals, why are so many people happy to see Spurs and Newcastle struggling?"
Stew from Kings Lynn, via text

I might just let you lot answer that question...

1420: Half-time Portsmouth 1-0 Tottenham

1418: "My favourite Arsenal reject is Glenn Helder without a shadow of a doubt. If you needed someone to dance past every player in the other team and then hit the corner flag with the goal at his mercy, he's your man."
John-Bunnell on 606
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I think every team should have a player like that.

1417: "Why is Gilberto playing inside of Benoit Assou-Ekotto when he gets the ball? Just stay wide, even if you don't get the ball you create space for others? Seriously. They've got no width, Spurs, no-one to play the ball to in the final third."
BBC Radio 5 Live's Steve Claridge

1414: "With the troubles of Newcastle and Spurs, is this going to be the funniest season ever?"
Anthony, Barnet, via text

Depends whether your team is bottom of their league, I guess. It's all relative, isn't it?

1412: Jermaine Jenas finds Jamie O'Hara in the Pompey box, but he comes over all Arsenal and tries one pass too many to Roman Pavlyuchenko instead of shooting, and the chance goes begging. They cannot afford to be wasteful, Tottenham.

1410: Lassana Diarra is booked for a foul on Didier Zokora. I forgot to tell you earlier, actually, that Jonathan Woodgate was cautioned for a foul on David James. Sorry.

1409: Ambitious, from the Russian. The ball drops to Roman Pavlyuchenko 25 yards out and he shoots miles wide. He doesn't look hugely pleased, in fairness. Poor chap.

1408: "You wanted me to name an Arsenal reject that is a top player? Lassana Diarra, that says it all."
mattbrad5000 on 606
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Yep, you can have that one for sure.

1406: GOAL Portsmouth 1-0 Tottenham
Wouldn't you just know it? From the free-kick, the ball is swung in and Jermaine Jenas for some reason sticks his right arm out, can't get his head on the ball and it's a cast-iron penalty. Jermain Defoe confidently steps up and smashes it into the bottom right-hand corner to get on the scoresheet against his old club.


1404: Lassana Diarra does Jamie O'Hara down the Pompey right and skips into the box, but he is falling over and his cross is cleared. Shortly after, O'Hara is booked for a foul on Richard Hughes.

1403: "Tottenham made a mistake in signing Bentley as he is a very overrated player. Ashley Young would have been a much better signing to make. However Luka Modric will come good and I'm suprised he is on the bench today."
fabregas4england on 606
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1359: "You wouldn't think this was a game between the FA Cup winners and the Carling Cup winners, would ya?"
Anonymous (for the love of...) via text on 81111

No, ya wouldn't, in fairness.

1358: Spurs work the ball well down the right and after Roman Pavlyuchenko misses the ball, Jamie O'Hara's shot is easily saved by David James.

1356: Heurelho Gomes is getting some attention for an accidental kick to the head he received from Peter Crouch while he was making the save from Richard Hughes.

1354: Richard Hughes smashes in a left-foot volley from a corner and Heurelho Gomes makes the save, Spurs eventually clearing as Jermain Defoe prepared to pounce.

1354: "David Bentley is never a top player. He is average at best. Name me any Arsenal "rejects" that are top players?"
Cantona_comeback on 606
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1352: Peter Crouch heads a right-wing corner over the Tottenham crossbar.

1349: Lovely stuff. Nadir Belhadj ploughs forward from the left-back position, skips past two Spurs players and swings in a deep cross that Heurelho Gomes leaps into the sky to grab ahead of Peter Crouch.

1348: Spurs are on top at the moment, but their delivery from wide has been pretty poor so far. David Bentley is the usual suspect, I'm afraid to say.

1346: Fabulous interception from Lassana Diarra just as Jamie O'Hara was about to pull the trigger from 16 yards. Top, top covering from the midfielder.

1346: "Stevo this match really is a throwback to years gone by- James reverting back to dodgy keeper mode and Spurs with an overpriced eastern European up front!"
Charlie, Stevenage, via text on 81111

1344: Richard Hughes stings the palms of Brazilian goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes with a left-foot drive from 22 yards.

1342: David Bentley volleys in a cross from the left and David James leaps high and plucks the ball out of the sky. At the other end, Jermain Defoe is causing Michael Dawson some early problems with the speed of his movement.

1340: Sol Campbell is the subject of some lively singing from the Tottenham fans, still raging about his decision to leave Spurs for arch-rivals Arsenal seven years ago.

1338: "If Tottenham don't get their act together, they're in danger of making Newcastle look good."
oldmalx on 606
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1335: Jermain Defoe puts the ball in the net after a lovely flick on from Peter Crouch, but he is correctly adjudged to be in an offside position.

1333: About 17 seconds on the clock when Roman Pavlyuchenko - who clearly likes a proper challenge - and Nadir Belhadj go in all guns blazing for a 50-50. The Algerian comes off worse, but he's OK.

1333: The immaculate Fabio Capello is in the stands to watch plenty of English players (good day for a clean sheet I'd say, Jamo) and Spurs get us under way in bright, autumnal sunshine.

1332: "City are clearly going to beat Wigan today, 4-0 at least! I sometimes question your ability as a football pundit."
Anonymous via text on 81111

Sometimes??!! Pundit?? Never been called that before, thanks. And also, can you lot please remember to put your name in, especially if you're having a dig, it's the least you can do...

1329: The teams are out at Fratton Park, we're almost ready to rock and roll.

1328: "Spurs won't be bottom of the Premier League table come the end of the season, will they? In fact, they won't even be near it. That's obvious."
Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp

1326: Incidentally (or is it incidental?), is that Spurs bench the best a bottom-of-the-table Premier League team has ever had the luxury of naming? Cesar, Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon, Darren Bent, Luka Modric, Chris Gunter and Giovani dos Santos. Remarkable.

1323: "Stevo, what have you been smoking? Tottenham to keep a clean sheet? No chance. Pompey will win 3-0."
rickyk10 on 606
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We'll see, sonny jim.

1320: Just to clarify, we've got two badly struggling sides in action at Fratton Park. Spurs have made their worst start to a season in 53 years, while Pompey have conceded 10 goals without reply in their last two games.

1317: "As a Spurs fan re: the Martin Jol comment (see 1259), I don't think we'll ever learn. Spurs suffer the same delusions as Newcastle and it's no surprise that our respective instabilities find us in bottom two positions of the league."
Anonymous via text on 81111

1315: Stevo's Predos:
Portsmouth 0-0 Tottenham
Wigan Athletic 2-2 Man City

1311: "Sometimes I think Ramos doesn't want us to win. Please tell me you have made a mistake by typing Gilberto instead of Giovani?!"
Tom, via text on 81111

Mate, I really wish I had. Makes Stevo's Predos a bit tricky, this line-up...

1308: "Ah. Lennon and Giovani on the bench. Expect a horrifying game."
Royal SuPEARCEman on 606
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Could be. Can't help but think Juande Ramos retreats further into his shell as Spurs' winless league runs goes on. Giovani and Luka Modric must start for me, whereas David Bentley has been woeful so far. I worry for this team.

1304: Portsmouth midfielder Lassana Diarra has overcome a knee injury and starts. Glen Little also comes into the side as Younes Kaboul drops to the bench. Tottenham centre-back Michael Dawson starts ahead of the absent Ledley King, while Roman Pavlyuchenko spearheads the attack with Darren Bent on the bench. Luka Modric is also a sub and Gareth Bale is injured.

James, Johnson, Campbell, Distin, Belhadj, Little, Diarra, Hughes, Armand Traore, Crouch, Defoe.
Subs: Ashdown, Kaboul, Hreidarsson, Pamarot, Utaka, Mvuemba, Kanu.
Tottenham: Gomes, Corluka, Dawson, Woodgate, Assou-Ekotto, Bentley, Jenas, Zokora, O'Hara, Gilberto, Pavlyuchenko.
Subs: Cesar, Huddlestone, Lennon, Bent, Modric, Gunter, Giovani.
Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral).

1259: Tottenham fans might be interested to know that Hamburg are sitting comfortably atop the Bundesliga in Germany after a 1-0 home win over the enormously-named Borussia Moenchengladbach. Their coach? Martin Jol, the amiable Dutchman deemed a failure at White Hart Lane for two fifth-placed Premier League finishes. When will they learn?

1255: "Is it true that Man City have never beaten Wigan?"
Anonymous via text on 606
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Oh how wrong you are, ye of the comedy name. City have beaten Wigan, but only once at the Latics, at their former home Springfield Park in October 1998 when Shaun Goater ("feed the goat and he will score...") bagged the winner. In the Premier League, Wigan are indeed unbeaten against the world's richest club (apparently).

1251: I know you'll know because you're not stupid, but there's a fairly major Grand Prix about to start in the Singapore night time, with Britain's title-chasing, wet-weather wizard Lewis Hamilton starting from second on the grid. Feel free to join Cheesy for her no doubt exceptional updates, but do remember to come back. Please.
Live text - Singapore Grand Prix

1247: "Looking to add to the Magpies' woes by swapping places with them today."
SPURSTAR, via text

1244: According to The Observer, England's number one goalkeeper David James has told Michael Owen to drop him from his Fantasy Football team after he conceded 10 goals in his last two outings. I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that a 28-year-old international still plays Fantasy Football, or that the country's current custodian is so presently pitiable.
Sunday's gossip column

1239: Portsmouth, according to one of today's newspapers, are struggling under massive debts and owner Alexandre Gaydamak has put the club up for sale. However, chief executive Peter Storrie told the BBC this morning the story is a "total load of rubbish". Are they trying to make today's crisis club visitors Tottenham feel a bit more comfortable, do you think?

1235: But it does mean today's boys have a fair bit to live up to. Are you ready, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Wigan and Manchester City? Because quite frankly I like being royally entertained. That includes you lot, too. I want you at your absolute, blinding best today. Text me gags, anecdotes, embarrassing stories, whatever you like on 81111. Oh, and massively get in the 606 mixer too. You only live once, after all.
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1230: Let's be honest, yesterday was a belter. Sensational strikes, terrible tackles, rubbish refereeing - it had it all. I mean, who on earth could have predicted that Arsenal would lose at home to Hull? They hadn't played in the league since 1915, for heaven's sake! I just love football when it's mental.

Barclays Premier League Table
01 February 2010 22:00
    P GD PTS
1 Chelsea 23 38 54
2 Man Utd 24 36 53
3 Arsenal 24 32 49
4 Tottenham 24 20 42

5 Liverpool 24 16 41

6 Man City 22 14 41
7 Aston Villa 23 13 40
8 Birmingham 23 -1 34
9 Everton 23 -1 32
10 Blackburn 24 -15 28
11 Fulham 23 -2 27
12 Stoke 22 -7 26
13 Sunderland 23 -10 24
14 Wigan 22 -23 22
15 West Ham 23 -9 21
16 Bolton 22 -15 21
17 Wolverhampton 23 -21 21

18 Burnley 23 -23 20
19 Hull 23 -26 20
20 Portsmouth 22 -16 15

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