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Everton 0-1 Chelsea as it happened


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2206: That's it from me. I know I've upset some of you, but come on, that was pretty dull - we needed a little bit of niggling aggro to keep the interest going. If you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, I'll be back for the weekend's Premier League action. You lot take care, Stevo.

2204: "Boring, unloved, Special-less and now only two points behind United. Love it!"
Husky from London, via text

That you are pal, that you are.

2203: Don't forget, you can still rate the players. Top of the pops so far is goalscorer Michael Essien, on 7.16. There are some poor marks too, with Ashley Cole plummeting still further on a paltry 4.78.
Rate the players

2202: "Now I know why Wenger has got such a chip on his shoulder. How Chelsea are above Arsenal I'll never know."
Dave, a Man Utd fan, via text

2201: Well that was a waste of 90 minutes of my life, rubbish advice from the BBC, should have watched House!"
Cantoony on 606
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You're not the only one mate.

2159: It was almost enough to make you fall out of love with football, but after 90 turgid minutes at Goodison Park, Chelsea have moved to within two points of Manchester United. Michael Essien's second goal of the week did the damage and now Everton will be looking over their shoulder to Portsmouth in sixth.

2156: FULL-TIME Everton 0-1 Chelsea

2154: "Chelsea are so boring to watch! It's almost embarrassing having them represent the Premier League in Europe. I just can't believe they manage to win so much even though they play rubbish football."
Thomasbirty on 606
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2152: Four minutes of stoppage time. Really?

2147: "Don't worry - lightning never strikes twice..."
cristianodueahatrick on 606
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2146: Make no mistake, this is a terrible game of football.

2144: "Last time Joe Cole came off with a narrow lead, Chelsea ended up drawing to Spurs."
Luke, a nervous Chelsea fan, via text

2143: Claude Makelele comes on for Shaun Wright-Phillips.

2140: "Having a chinese meal to celebrate the missus' birthday. Two questions: 1. Will we win? 2. Will Blackburn beat Man U?. Obviously that's a yes to both. Then we beat Man Utd and win the league. Simple. Better go the crispy duck has arrived."
Love and hugs from a Grantham Blue and former work colleague, via text

Phillips, you clown. It's United's title, everyone knows that by now.

2138: Manuel Fernandes slams a left-foot volley a bit high and a bit wide from 22 yards. It's a good effort - he's looked far more likely than most players on the pitch to score tonight. Meanwhile, the ineffective Joe Cole is taken off and Florent Malouda is on.

2137: So Chelsea have got 100m to spend, eh? What happened to all that Peter Kenyon chat a few months ago about being run like a proper business, not needing to rely on owner Roman Abramovich's millions? Just asking...

2135: John Terry looks like he has picked up an injury for a last-ditch tackle on Yakubu.

2133: "Let's be honest Stevo, the reason you don't like fantasy football is for the same reason as me... You've not been able to pick a Forest player for too long."
Wakie (Tricky Trees fan in London), via text

Very true, but how about Ward, Dawson, Jenas, Reid, Harewood, King??

2130: (See 2113) "This is Jamey the Daggers fan who has supported Gillingham, Arsenal, AND Liverpool! More tinkering than Benitez!"
Andy, Spurs fan and Jamey's brother, via text

2129: Oh my gosh how close was that? Manuel Fernandes curls it towards the top right-hand corner of Petr Cech's net and it whistles inches past the post with the Czech keeper nowhere near the ball.

2128: Yakubu wins a free-kick on the edge of the penalty area and it's another soft one, though why John Terry had to challenge him is anyone's guess. All it takes is one of these to go in and it's title over.

2124: Thomas Gravesen and Victor Anichebe come on for Everton, with Andrew Johnson and Steven Pienaar the players taken off.

2124: Let's get another thing straight - Chelsea will not be signing Kaka or Lionel Messi in the summer. Fact.

2123: "I love Chelsea so much, I dumped my previous girlfriend just so I could date this new girl called Chelsea."
MeanMugg on 606
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2122: "'Riccy', 'Joey'. Let's see you try put a 'y' on the end of Didier."
gstonesunited on 606
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2119: Paulo Ferreira is booked, possibly for dissent, after a harsh free-kick is given by referee Martin Atkinson for an apparent foul on Steven Pienaar.

2117: Everton swing in a corner, but Joseph Yobo's header flies higher than a Daniele de Rossi penalty.

2114: What a stunning tackle from Riccy Carvalho. Andrew Johnson scampers through and just as though it looks like he is clear, the Portuguese sticks out a long leg and gets rid of the danger. Majestic.

2113: Limited action on the pitch. Michael Essien tries to play in Nicolas Anelka, but massively over-hits his pass.

2113: "My dream team consists of Ronaldo, Anelka, Gallas and Rio - all hated players. But, on principle, I couldn't bring myself to have a single Liverpool player in the team! I'd rather have Jim Bullard than Gerrard!"
Jamey, Dagenham fan, and Liverpool FC hater, via text

2111: "The missus has finally fallen asleep so I can watch it on the telly. Should I bother?"
Dave, Gloucester, via text

No, stay with me, son.

2110: "So which teams in particular do you detest then Jonathan?"
jazza0707 on606
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Oh, you know, most, probably.

2107: The second half starts.

2107: "Stevo, did you know that Karl Pilkington has the world's roundest head, and that he is a Manchester United fan?"
Jamie d, via text

No. And no.

2104: "Why isn't Belletti playing? I've got him in my Fantasy team! He's not even on the bench!"
gunner_hassan on 606
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Is it time for Stevo to get on his soapbox? I hate fantasy football. I played it for a couple of years in the early 1990s, but soon sacked it off. I hated wanting some players/teams to do well even though, deep in my heart, I knew I detested them. Football's a lot easier to deal with if you simplify it, I find. Fantasy football just makes it more complicated. At the risk of being slaughtered even more than usual, thoughts?

2101: "My twin sister is at the match, supporting Chelsea. I hope they lose, so that I can laugh for a long time."
Ailis, via text

Nothing like a bit of family loyalty, eh?

2058: Not the highest marks I've ever seen on the old Player Rater so far, but then no-one's really stood out yet. Joey Cole is your 45-minute pick on 7.07, with namesake Ashley struggling for votes on a miserable 5.34.
Rate the players

2053: The question has been asked on 606, 'If all animals were the same same, who would win in a fight?' Straeh says that 'If the 'Ardvark lost he would have to be renamed Vark'. Exceptional.
Join the debate on 606

2049: HALF-TIME Everton 0-1 Chelsea

2048: Yakubu mis-hits a volley from 12 yards. Everton, bar a five-minute spell, have looked desperately short of ideas and confidence up front.

2045: Crashing drive from Jon Mikel Obi from 35 yards, straight at Tim Howard and the keeper is at full stretch to tip it over the bar. Suddenly Chelsea have stepped it up a gear.

2043: GOAL Everton 0-1 Chelsea
Lovely finish from Michael Essien, bursting through and lifting the ball over Tim Howard from eight yards, but it's a slightly fortuitous goal for Chelsea as Shaun Wright-Phillips' reverse pass took a heavy deflection before falling in Essien's path.

2039: "My boyfriend's a Manchester United fan and he's from Bolton, seems like he made the right choice at the moment!"
Ally, depressed Bolton fan, Bolton, via text

Question is though Ally, did you make the right choice?

2037: Phil Jagielka saves Everton with a last-gasp sliding tackle on Shaun Wright-Phillips as he prepared to pull the trigger, after a great pass from Salomon Kalou.

2035: Yakubu gives the ball away but so does Michael Essien, the ball falling for Manuel Fernandes to slash widly wide from 30 yards. Better in the last few minutes from the hosts.

2034: Joleon Lescott does really well down the left and his ball into the middle almost falls to Lee Carsley, but Michael Essien gets a vital foot in to deny the Everton midfielder a shot at goal.

2032: If Everton don't sort themselves out, I'm going to lose a bet with my Koppite brother. I've already lost an Oscar bet with my sister this year."
Grim, via text

Blimey, you've as good as lost two bets and you're called Grim. Tough luck that fella.

2029: (Re: 2023) "A joke about a United fan being from Manchester, how clever."
Hannah, the other United fan from Manchester, via text

2027: So much for Roman's desire for champagne football. With Chelsea, it's more like brown ale football."
NealR2000 on 606
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2025: Ricardo Carvalho is booked for a sliding, late tackle on Joleon Lescott.

2024: Nicolas Anelka shoots tamely wide from the edge of the area. Disappointing.

2023: "This will end up 1-1. If Lescott scores I will be even more delighted as I can pick up my money from the bookies knowing that the trophy is going back to the theatre of dreams!"
Jerome, Manchester, via text

A United fan from Manchester. See, they're all getting involved tonight?!

2022: It's officially not very good. This game needs a goal.

2018: Manuel Fernandes slams in a free-kick from 30 yards and it dips late, causing Petr Cech a problem, the big keeper eventually shovelling the ball over his crossbar. Didn't look too comfy, though.

2017: I'm getting some tap here for not talking about the game enough. There's nothing happening, OK? But I'll let you know when it does. That's the general idea I think. Keep the banter coming.

2015: "Sat on an easyjet plane on the runway in Warsaw keeping up to date via your newsflashes. Oh the glamour of international travel!!! Come on you mighty Blues of SW6."
Ray, Watford, via text

2012: Three crosses now Chelsea have sent over from the right, all of them utterly woeful. Meanwhile, the stadium announcer asks Chelsea fans to be seated.

2008: "In response to an earlier comment, me, my dad and my son are down our local with about 50 others backing Everton!"
Chris, via text

Awesome. Get the beers in, son.

2006: Salomon Kalou picks out Shaun Wright-Phillips on the edge of the Everton box and his snap-shot is deflected wide for a corner by Phil Jagielka.

2003: The teams have changed ends and we are under way at Goodison Park. Mixer.

1959: After standing in the tunnel for what seems like hours, the players eventually make their way on to the pitch. The Harlem Globetrotters give the players (very) high fives as they stroll on to the pitch. Football, eh?

1957: "All Gooners should be cheering on Everton to give us a chance of second place and avoid the Champs League qualifiers."
Gordon, via text

1954: The Harlem Globetrotters have done a lap of honour around Goodison Park, taking the acclaim of the fans.

1951: "I had a dream last night that United didn't win any of their next four games, drawing two and losing two. They lose their last game 3-2. Chelsea win one and draw two. Arsenal win all of their games. And win the title."
oligold11 on 606
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Hardly of Martin Luther King proportions, but a worthwhile dream nevertheless.

1948: "Not that I advocate cruel food production methods but tonight, as a United fan, I hope that they feed the Yak like a foie gras goose. Is that maybe too highbrow for your demographic? Who knows, what with the Beeb being such a universal brand and all..."
Thom, Glossop, via text

I think most of our demographic will understand you Tom (sic), it's not like you've just explained quantum mechanics to us after all.

1945: "Here in Sao Paulo we are used to Thursday night football, sadly it will never be as good as football at home, as there is too much diving and complaining to the refs, ahhhh maybe that is why Chelsea were asked to play tonight!"
santista02 on 606
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1940: Five changes to that Chelsea team after their disastrous 1-1 draw with Wigan on Monday. Out go Wayne Bridge, Alex, Florent Malouda, Michael Ballack and Juliano Belletti and in come everyone's favourite left-back Ashley Cole, Ricardo Carvalho, Joe Cole, Paulo Ferreira and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Which raises a couple of questions in my mind - how bad has Malouda been this season? And also, why does Joe Cole not start every game? Why?

1936: "Me and my missus recently split. Let's hope for a 6-0 romp to collectively ease my pain. She didn't like footy anyway... clown."
Anonymous, via text

Calling your ex a clown? Genius. Gonna need some names though, anonymous. Don't worry, she's hardly likely to be reading.

1934: For those of you after a Stevo prediction, pay attention. Chelsea will win tonight and Nicolas Anelka will score. Now did you get all that because I shall say it only once?

1931: TEAM NEWS Everton v Chelsea
Midfield duo Mikel Arteta (stomach) and Leon Osman (hamstring) are not ready to return to the Everton line-up, while Joseph Yobo comes in for Leighton Baines in defence. Chelsea are without striker Didier Drogba and influential midfielder Frank Lampard, so Salomon Kalou partners Nicolas Anelka in attack, while Jon Obi Mikel joins Michael Essien in the centre of midfield.

1929: "Much as I dislike Chelsea, as a Liverpool fan I will be cheering them on tonight!"
Sue, Essex, via text

1926: So, the most important day in the destination of the Premier League title for this season could end up being a Thursday. Though not many of you so far are backing Everton and little wonder, given the two teams' recent head-to-head record. The Toffees haven't beaten the Blues in the league since 25 November 2000, when Danny Cadamarteri and Kevin Campbell bagged. Remarkable.

1921: "I said to my missus if Everton win tonight I will do the dishes for a year."
andyjohnsonEFC on 606
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Tell your missus to get involved then, there's a lot at stake tonight.

1918: "I hope Everton do the business! I'm a United suppporter and will love getting the trophy at Stamford Bridge."
Ryan, Wigan, via text

1913: I want to hear from everyone tonight. I don't care if you've got a vested interest, although that would probably help banter-wise. Any fans on their way to the game? Anyone watching down the pub? Any United or Liverpool supporters glued to the action? Anyone who just wants to see what watching Thursday football is like (I'm more in this category than the others I think)? Text me on 81111 or get involved via 606. It rarely changes.
Join the debate on 606

1910: I think Caroline might have mentioned that Sunday was D-Day for Arsenal. Does that make this D-Day for Chelsea? And is Sir Alex Ferguson sitting at home stroking a cat laughing in a comedy evil manner to himself?

1906: "Football on a Thursday? Wait until my girlfriend hears about this!"
Bobbiek100 on 606
Join the debate on 606

Soon to be your ex-girlfriend?!

1900: Football, on a Thursday? You're kidding, right?

Barclays Premier League Table
01 February 2010 22:00
    P GD PTS
1 Chelsea 23 38 54
2 Man Utd 24 36 53
3 Arsenal 24 32 49
4 Tottenham 24 20 42

5 Liverpool 24 16 41

6 Man City 22 14 41
7 Aston Villa 23 13 40
8 Birmingham 23 -1 34
9 Everton 23 -1 32
10 Blackburn 24 -15 28
11 Fulham 23 -2 27
12 Stoke 22 -7 26
13 Sunderland 23 -10 24
14 Wigan 22 -23 22
15 West Ham 23 -9 21
16 Bolton 22 -15 21
17 Wolverhampton 23 -21 21

18 Burnley 23 -23 20
19 Hull 23 -26 20
20 Portsmouth 22 -16 15

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