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Friday, 4 May, 2001, 12:21 GMT 13:21 UK
McAllister and O'Leary grab honours
Gary McAllister is enjoying a new lease of life
Gary McAllister (l) is enjoying a new lease of life
Liverpool's Gary McAllister has been named the Carling Player of the Month, while David O'Leary clung on to the manager's award.

The 36-year-old midfielder has enjoyed a sensational run of form, scoring five goals in the Reds' last five matches - four free-kicks and a penalty.

Gary McAllister is enjoying something of a swansong at Anfield this season.
  Carling spokesman
Last month, McAllister scored three goals - including the winner against Spanish giants Barcelona in the Uefa Cup semi-final and the last-gasp decider in a tense Merseyside derby at Everton.

It is the Scot's first such award - even though he has been playing at the top level of the English game for over 10 years.

David O'Leary's side has performed well above expectations
David O'Leary's side have performed well above expectations
The Carling awards panel said: "Gary McAllister is enjoying something of a swansong at Anfield this season.

"His ability in midfield and his goalscoring exploits have reminded us what a fine player he is.

"When Gerrard Houllier looks back at this season he will surely notice the number of times McAllister has come to the rescue of Liverpool and turned a game around.

"And who would dare say he can't do it all again next season?"

Great expectations

The Leeds boss, meanwhile, grabbed his second successive title for his side's continued success.

Leeds won all their games last month, beating Southampton, Liverpool, West Ham and Chelsea and their form in the Champions League has been equally impressive.

The Carling panel added: "One can only guess how well David O'Leary's men could have done had they not been hit with so many injuries at the start of the campaign.

"They have strung together a run of 13 undefeated games and have risen to fourth in the Carling Premiership.

"O'Leary has developed into an astute coach and manager and we expect great things from him in the coming seasons."

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