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Who is heading for Champs League glory?

Champions League trophy
Who do you think will be lifting the trophy in November?
The semi-final line-up for the African Champions League has a couple of surprise names in it.

Coton Sport of Cameroon were aiming only to finish third in their group at the time that the draw was made for the group phase.

But they have finished top of Group B and seem to be improving with every outing, and will face Zimbabwe's Dynamos in the semi-finals.

Dynamos surprisingly found their way out of a tricky group, securing their place in the last four with a home win against five-time champions Zamalek of Egypt.

Neither Coton Sport nor Dynamos have won the Champions League, but the other semi-final pits two vastly-experienced teams.

Egypt's Al Ahly and Enyimba of Nigeria have won the competition seven times between them.

This debate is now closed, a selection of comments are below.

Dynamos of Zimbabwe will go all the way and lift the trophy this year, provided we dont see referees playing for some teams. However if fair play is to be given a chance the trophy is going to Southern Africa, Zimbabwe.Go DeMbare Go!!!!
shingi, New Zealand

Form books are made of paper, and they are meant to be torn. I predict that Dynamos of zimbabwe will tear them and they will play and beat Manchester United in the world club championships next year
lenon, harare

I think that AL Ahly is very strong and difficult team to beat. However, my darling team Enyimba will them and win the cup for the third time if they forget their past losses and get their acts together. Up Enyimba! Up Nigeria !!.
Osuagwu Gabriel G.E., Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

I can see the people of Harare are really cheering their team, good for them. There is one thing they seem to forget Cameroon and cotonsport will crush them hands down, clean and fair. It's not for nothing that they are Africa's number one club now. Hasta la vista
Soubih Evristus, cameroonian in los angeles california

I think the comments about different teams chances are a little optimistic. Zamalek haven't won the competition for some time now, I think since 2002. People seem to underestimate the backbone strength of Al Ahly. They have been in the last rounds of the competition for the last few seasons and the only African team to have a medal, be it a bronze medal, representing Africa in the World Club Championships. Al Ahly will win, but face strong competition and won't be a run over.
Khaled, London

Dynamos dembare will this year show yu that dynamites comes in small packages.Outclassing five times champions Zamalek was no fluke yu should have watched how they were cruely beaten by AL AHLY to understand that they are a force toreckon with
anxious mpini, zimbabwe

for a start I would like to congradulate Dynamos my team for winning the match against Zamalek.I wish you all the best on your way to the finals.As for Al Ahly and Enyimba,watch out!we are coming for you.It's high time we show you that southern africa has got the best talent!Coton Sport,I'm sorry you've reached your destination.I think it's now time for Dynamos to continue with the journey!!Good luck Dembare!Although we are far from you,we are supporting you!for God so loved Dynamos that he made the sky blue!!!
kudakwashe sengai, USA

Right now if you ask the Al Ahly coach which team he would hate to play against in the final he would tell you it's Dynamos. Yes they won both legs in the mini league but it was a tough game on both occassions for them. I tip Ahly v Dynamos in the final. Dynamos plays as a unit with no individual star players. With each game they have different star of that game mostly the goalscorers.
Mandla Ka Nkiwane, Calgary, Canada

i think cottonsport stand a greater chance of getting to the finals cos they are doing great
don paiino in accra.ghana, accra

Dynamos will win this year's competion.history will tell you that when odds are against dynamos, they play advice to dynamos is "dont give any of these guys too much respect." vanodyika. Remember, God loves Dynamos. Evidence is there;the sky is blue. Go Dembare. Dembare for life
joel, nizwa, sultanate of oman

This year is for Southern Africa.Dynamos will spring a surprise. I think they will meet Al Ahly inthe final and give them a shock home and away. DeMbare for life
tawonga chikombe, UK

when the ACL started this year Cottonsport was regarded by many to be the whipping boys of their group since they had never been this far. Now they seem to have proven the bookies wrong so far and no one seems to give them a chance. True Cameroonian club haye days are gone but i think that this under estimation of cottonsport can only work to their advantage. No one gives them a chance anyway so whatever they achieve is going to be a bonus. GO COTTON!!
Kaspino, Rockville, MD USA

The cotton pluckers of Garoua Cameroon are in this year's competition for a reason and are more determine than ever before to prove their conservative undisputed stockpiling domestic titles and trophies in the number one soccer nation in Africa. I can see cottonsport with the road map to victory in this year's champions league. They have a 100% record in all home matches. Bravo SODECOTTON.Cottonsport Congratulations in advance. FELIX CHAH
FELIX CHAH, Washington DC

Dynamos of Zimbabwe are likely to cause upsets, the side simply cant be ignored. They are capable of pulling off big surprises, considering the way they outclassed Zamalek, Asec and Esperence, I put my money on Dynamos Dembare.
Tonderai Madawu, Namibia

It is only fitting that Dynamos be the soccer kings of Africa. they have eliminated the reigning champions from the tournament. It will be sad if they lose after doing all the dirty work for the other teams. I forsee a Dynamos-Enyimba cup final.
togielove, New Zealand

Enyimba will represent Africa at the FIFA World Club Cup in November.
opeyemi Ajala, Lagos

It looks like a clliff hanger for now, still pretty difficult to stick out ones neck to any of the teams.There gonna be a surpise champion at the end of the day and new history gonna be written on the tournament annals.A surprise package in the waiting for all fans around the continent and beyond.
lucky onyeador, brussels belgium

I believe power dynamos will go all the way to the final.They my favourite team in this year Cafrican champions league.Viva Power Dynamos
jonathana, Nigeria

I think at this stage of the tournament, anything can happen and all the four teams have an equal chance of lifting the Cup. Being a Dembare fan, I will bet my last dollar for Dynamos especially after negotiating tough hurdles like Etoile (twice) Asec (twice) and Zamalek. After some splendid perfomance in Cairo, they now have the guts and confidence to face and beat any team on the continent. Dynamos have come far and deserve to win this year's tournament and at worst reach the finals.
Moses Jeza, Zimbabwe

Well my bet is still on the Aba elephants to go through @ the expense of Ahly. this is African football, and for Eyimba to have the first leg at home, i can assure you we would mussle,squize and stretch Ahly to the limit. Despite the fact that we have scored 10 and considered 10 goals, we will only have to massacre Ahly here and concede less in Cairo since i can't rule out conceding over there, it is our trade mark. Up Eyimba! Up People's Elephant! Never say die.
Tijani Musa, Lagos, Nigeria

coton sport plays looks like a boozers club but we will show them what we are made of.
anderson, chitungwiza

i think Al-alhly will win the cup because eyimba are nt good on away games.
TAIWO SAHEED, Odeomu, Nigeria

Dynamos of Zimbabwe will win the Champions League.When they started they were not among the favorites and there were underdogs.But the they surprised big teams and that makes them now the favorites to wrap it up
Chatanga Badza, Harare Zimbabwe

Dynamos are proving to be masters of cup competitions like Liverpool. I suspect they will go all the way to the final and hopefully come home with the trophy. Anything can happen
Tatenda Mpofu, Wedza, Zimbabwe

The advantage with most Egyptian clubs is that they never underrate any opponent and they really know how to blend their discplined experienced players with young players. That can not be matched by any of the three semi-finalists sorry. Only Coton Sport could spring a surprise but only if Al Ahly suffers players' injuries!! Southern African teams have a record of losing when it matters most (ask Bafana Bafana). May the best team win.
Ignatius Chongwe, Lusaka Zambia (Africa)

BLESSING, tanzania

I believe Dynamos "Dembare" will be in the final because the team now has great depth and they are now more confident even when playing our more experianced northerners. Judging by the way we played away in Egypt, and our win against a not impessive Zamalek I think we can go all the way. I am rather appalled by some of the referring we have encountered in our journey to the Champions League semi-finals especially on away matches, its bad for football.
Cuthbert Chidamba, Harare, Zimbabwe

The way i saw Dynamos play with speed and determination I think they will triumph over cotonsport and go to lift the trophy regardless of which team they meet in the final.
Shyaka claver, kigali

Looking at the performance of the different teams during this champions league, I will hope for an upset. Everybody will be expecting Al Ahly to be in the finals against a week opposition from Either Dynamos or coton sport. I expect cotton sport to play and win the finals, looking at their impressive home record. After 8 consecutive seasons at the helm of the Cameroon National League, and with no continental trophies to show for, I believe Coton sport will earn their Continental Redemption this year.
Nfor Roland, Cameroon

i think people shudwatch out for Dynamos. They have managed to dismiss three african football powerhouses in Etole, Zamalek and Asec and wow what a game against Zamalek.We have matched each of those man to man so i c us going all the way. Go on De-mabare
aylwin, harare

Everything is possible in football, but Egyptian Super-Giants Al Ahly are cleaning up a space in their embarrassingly rich Trophy Cabinet even as we speak. Although they lack a sound goalie, they will come through thanks to their massive experience and deft leadership at midfield and up front.
Keita, The Good Ol' U.S. of A

Its quite obvious Dyanamos are going to claim the Champions league because we Zimbabweans are praying to our God to bring happiness and joy to a country ravished by poverty. I beleieve in God.
Peter, Zimbabwe

i tip dynamos win to win the champions league. this is because they were the underdogs and they have managed to win enough games to qualify to the semis
moses murenje, zimbabwe bulawayo

first l wld like to congratulate all the teams that made it to the semi finals especially the 'giant killers'Dynamos of to who will win the league l do think its going to be Al Ahly since they were superb in their group and Enyimba wont have a chance as their resent form is easy semi and a easy finale if they dont meet dynamos but if they do its going to be a craker of a game as dynamos will be out to avenge their two defeats suffered in the group stage.
tatenda mukwewa, zimbabwe

Am putting my money on Al Ahly to win this years champions league because its a team with vast experience and has got players wo can produce moments of individual brilliance ie Aboutrika the magician,Mahomed Barakat and Hossam Hassan!Apart from that they play as a unit combined with swift counter attacks!Viva Ahly!
Don Mwayi Masinga, Malawi

I think Dynamos will lift the trophy because of their team work.The winner between Enyimba and Al Ahly will under rate Dynamos because of Exprience.It will be a shock to them.I edge all Zimbabweans to prepare for celebrection. Go Dembare go Dynamos go
Davison Mahlatini, Zimbabwe

Dynamos De Mbare of Zimbabwe will lift the trophy this time coz they have gone thru past tough teams,they beat the holders of the cup of Tunisia,and they have succeded a tough group which had the best teams.I think dynamos deserves to win and will take the cup to Zimbabwe.
Frank Chavuna, South Africa

Dynamos wouldwin the final against Egypt's Al Ahly beocause they are improving with each outing and the have beaten former champions in the way to the semi
Nyika zivhave, Kwekwe. Zimbabwe

Surprise "PACKETS" Dynamos DeMbare DeZimbabwe will storm into the final still with an underdog tag.The vastly talented team will surprise CAF and win the Champions League Final and make the whole of Southern Africa Proud.

Dynamos will preveil. Go Dembare go.
Pepukai Mashiringwani, Harare, Zimbabwe

Dynamos will go all the way this time around. The only impediment is Aly Ahly but after losing 2 games to them, there will be an even greater incentive, revenge! watch out for Ahly though, thye look far too comfortable!
Soko, Sydney, Australia

I think Dynamos as the Surprise Package will go all the way. Why ? They have defied all odds, beat tunisian champions and came out of an almost impossible group. All teams in that group have won the competition before.
jackson, Swaziland

shaimaa, cairo

Al Ahly look very strong and confident. Last year they made it to the finals and this year they look much stronger and should definatly take the title. Also Al-Ahly did not lose one match in the last 6, so that must show some sign of determination. However I do think Dynamos could be a threat as they do look like they have been coming strong and look ready for anything coming their way. But I think Ahly will not take them as a threat.
Mamz Bondok, London

I still anticipate Al Ahly winning the trophy against Coton Sport of Cameroon. I have watched Eyimba and it?s not the team that I saw them play a year ago. I think mobility in the field is what makes today?s football. So it will be easier said than done for them against Al Ahly that plays a little faster and with precise passes. With a lot of difficulties, Coton sport will overcome Dynamos club of Zimbabwe.
Kimbi Cyprain, Cameroonian/Saudi Arabia

The African Champs league is no throne for any team, and naturally, the best thing in the continent should emerge champion. As it moves to the semis, the tactical rules too would change drastically. It is a knock-out stage, and the smartest teams would play the finals. Coton Sport of Cameroon have proving to be smarter by every outing, and i wish they carry the momentum all the way to the finals, and lift the cup.
Amin George Forji, Cameroonian living in Helsinki

I think Al-Ahly ( Egypt) will clinch the title for a record of 6 times
Ahmad El-Maddah, Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

This is the Final b4 the final Enyimba vs Al Ahly,a cracking one.I think Enyimba will win this year Champions League.
Akinshola Eyiomo, London

Without any any doubt in my mind it is AHLY, their current form in the champion's league is second to none. As a Nigerian living in the USA, I wished Enyimba, could repeat what they did few years back but unfortunately so far, their performance has been erractic compared to AHLY.
Tope Idowu, Houston,Texas, USA

Where the indomitable lions have failed, the coton weavers have succeded. They will definitely crush Dynamos and beat who so ever they meet at the finals.They are Africa's number one club and are now called "THE LIONS". Go lions,Allez les lions,Vaya leones,Gehen Löwen, ir leġes,andare leoni
SOUBIH EVARISTUS, Cameroonian in the USA

Al Ahly will wim it because it is the best team in this competition till now
osamahlawy, Egypt

i think alahly is the best team in africa at this time and he is the most team working hardly to get this trophy and they are the kings of africa
mostafa hamdy, Cairo Egypt

Enyimba is a strong team. Rule them out at your peril. Ahly is also strong. My money is on the winner of the outcome between Enyimba and Al Ahly.
Louis Ndimele, Ibadan, Nigeria

The match between Enyimba and Al Ahly is the final before the final. Whoever goes through will win the ACL. I see Enyimba going thru.
Sani Bello, Abuja, Nigeria

Dynamos will go past Coton Sport and then meet Al Ahly again in the final. This will be sweet revenge for The Glamour Boys. Did you see how Zamalek were outclassed by Dynamos? Dembare for life!
Tadzorerwa Gwarinda, Zimbabwe For a club to have the status of being called "BIG" it would have started from were Dynamos of Zimbabwe is today. So BIG will it become this year. A. Mashoes .Zimbabwe
Atanas Mashangu, Zimbabwe

If you play soccer in the media then watch out. Before the game it was Agogo but after it was Shoko. Anyone can win the championship but never look down upon the "small teams" - there are no small teams anymore. Go Dembare Go.
Ranga Chisi, Harare, Zimbabwe

I believe that Enyimba will upset the form books and beat Al Ahly, whilst Coton Sports should overcome Dynamos. This should lead to an interesting final with Enyimba just squeezing past Coton over the two-legged final. This naturally depends on the referring of both semis and the final itself. Let's not fool ourselves. We are a long way off consistency in AFC run competitions.
Harvey Frederick, Blackpool, England

I think Dynamos will go all the way to the finals again this year though i dont see us beating Al Ahly they are too organised to lose!!! But CottonSport we can steamroll past them.
Eliazer, Zimbabwe

ol things work together for zim in 2009 Champs League Trophy here we COME
adlynn, zimbabwe

I'm an Ismaili fan, and Ismaili fans hate Ahly. However, I will be looking forward to watching al-Ahly beat Enyimba, because if people recall a few years ago Enyimba beat Ismaili in the final using the most blunt and dirty time-waisting tactics I have ever seen. I have a lot of respect and love for Nigerian players in Europe, but Enyimba are not my favourites..and I think Ahly will defeat them and win the champions league for a sixth time
Farouk, Egypt

The soccer ball is round and it can go in any direction, however most sports journalists seem to play soccer for certain clubs using the pen. Most articles I have read gave Dynamos of Zimbabwe a chance. Even on BBC, it appears the journalists there thought Asec Mimosa or Zamalek were going to qualify instead of Dynamos. Alas, unbeknown to many, you can only count Dynamos out at your peril. For us Dynamos supporters, it does not surprise us to see Dynamos in the semi final. We are not going to be surprised to see Dynamos in the Final. So journalists, you may have big clubs that look good on paper, just because they have well known players, however always remember that the soccer ball is round and it has eleven players on the pitch. Dynamos plays as a single team and it does not have individual stars. It is made up of players who may look average to the eye, but they are a well oiled machine.
Muchengetwa Bgoni, Missouri, USA

I hope and trust dymanos Fc will lift the trophy im behind the team i give them total support when ever things i not going well. 100% behind dynamos number 1 supporter im proud to be a Zimbabwean viva Mandingora David, George David and Sunday Chidzambwa for the good work.
Robson Maworera, Zimbabwe

I tell you what, this year's caf champions league competition have been confounding as well as fascinating.Coton sport and dynamos have virtually torn the form book into shreds with their staccato performances.I see Coton sport going all the way to lifting the trophy because they would have been spurred by that emphatic 3-0 victory over enyimba.For Enyimba i cant really fathom what's wrong with them.after a very bright start they have faltered to two consecutive 3-0 defeats.that's really bad for the Aba elephants.But don't rule out dynamos of zimbabwe.They have been my club of this year's campaign.Thumbs up to them.For ahly they are still as resilient as ever and their experience may come to count once more
alambo datonye fred, port harcourt

dynamos will give one of the former champs a good run for their money in the final...ahly had luck on their side in the group stage
judsonia, harare

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