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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 22:59 GMT


Tunisia 2-3 Cameroon (aet)

Egypt 2-1 Angola


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By Chris Whyatt

2303: Quick straw poll - and Cameroon keeper Kameni was your man of the match. Richly deserved after that world-class save just before half-time.

No doubt he'll be slumped in the dressing room wearing a wide grin of well-earned satisfaction. Let's all share that feeling and depart. Cheers for your prolific contributions guys - you continue to enlighten and amuse. I'm offski. Ciao.

It's a semi-final of mammoth proportions as host nation Ghana awaits west African rivals Cameroon on Thursday. Hopefully that match will be the all-action, technicolor advert for attacking footballl that Cameroon v Tunisia was.

Man of the match please people?...

2253: All alone in Cameroon's box, Radhi Jaidi can't control the ball. Poor touch from the big man - but he was offside anyway.

2249: Referee Koman Coulibaly (Mali) is a lenient chap. Eto'o appeared to push his forehead aggressively towards Radhouane Felhi's face - but the incident goes unpunished.

2245: Screeches across the face of Cameroon's goal but nobody can get a foot - or a shoulder/ stomach/ buttock/ ear - on it. The Indomitable Lions remain, erm, indomitable.

2243: The brass band manage to spurt a few "ole's" out of their over-worked instruments as Ben Saada slams a free-kick into the wall from exactly the same position he scored. Tunisia corner...

2240: "I'm going to spend the whole day asleep at the office tomorrow because of this match.I would rather get fired for throttling the slave driver i work for than for dozing off in the supplies room."
redandblackT(1899 was a vintage year) on 606

2238: Midway mark in extra-time as the players lazily troop to the other end of the pitch. It's going to be a quick turnaround. You lot want penalties don't you?!?

2236: Chaos in the Tunisian box as Geremi fires the ball at goal from acres out and as it pinballs about, Eto'o is unable to convert. Players are tiring, but the fans aren't.

2230: Cameroon, despite their obvious goal threat, don't look like potential ACON winners. They look super-nervy now but Kameni rises high into the African sky to claim the ball and puncture some relentless Tunisian pressure.

2228: "Oh my God, for sure Cameroon are now on their way to Yaounde...."
Chifundo, in Italy, on the text

What drama. Geremi almost snaps his body in half to arch a long throw deep in the heart of Tunisia's box. Ball bounces twice, eluding all manner of attempted knock-ons and clearances, and as it drops, Stephane Mbia produces a laser-like snapshot past Kasraoui to reclaim Cameroon's lead.

2222: First slice of extra-time is underway. This is the stage where heroes are born. And scapegoats bred.

2221: "Remember what happened last time with Eto'o in the penalty shoot-out, 12-11 and out!"

2218: Referee's gives a shrill blast on his whistle, the 90 minutes are up, and it's extra-time here we come. Full steam ahead. No messing about. Excited? You should be.

2212: Bikey's header is blocked on the line. Ball is crossed back in but just eludes Mbia at the back stick. Who's going to win this? Gamble now. I need your thoughts...

2210: End-to-end now as both teams press forward with aggression. This is cut-throat tournament football. Any goal now would be golder than the sun.

Boom. Great work collectively down the right from Tunisia and the bright-blue-booted Yassine Chikhaoui meets an accurate cut-back to lash the ball past Idriss Carlos Kameni from 15 yards. Extra-time looms. For the first time in the tournament.

2201: Sources in Tamale inform me that a camaraman has been led away by medical staff after being hit flush in the face by a stray Rigobert Song clearance. Wonder at what point he stopped taking snaps?

Crash. Bang. Wallop. Yassine Chikhaoui is upended by two Indomitable Lions and Timothee Atouba is awarded a yellow.

2159: Everybody back bar Eto'o for Cameroon. They are happier than Larry, whoever Larry is, to continue to frustrate the Carthage Eagles. Spoling tactics dominate.

But Ben Saada whips a deep free-kick into the heart of the penalty area.... foul. Cameroon clear.

2156: Anyone else loving the ball used at ACON? Apparently it's been christened a "wawa aba". Which, for the Akan culture originating from western Africa, is a symbol of persistence. How apt.

Radhi Jaidi and Samuel Eto'o wrestle for the ball like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. All the play is in the middle third of the pitch right now. But Eto'o breaks into the box..... no, it's cleared.

2150: The way some of the top teams play, it can't be long before an African nation reaches a World Cup final. Can it? I'm very impressed by the standard on show.

Mohamadou Idrissou looks menacing as he loiters up and down the left flank for Cameroon. Steady tempo right now - but not much goalmouth action.

2147: I'm of Indian origin...currently in Raleigh, USA following the African Cup of Nations on a European website! Sorry couldn't think of a South American connection...otherwise I think I did pretty OK in global trotting."
ghostofperdition on 606

Slight breeze whips across the Tamale turf as Cameroon slow down the pace to try and wrestle control of the game. Much like Egypt did a few hours ago. But Tunisia have the ball...

2144: Carnival atmosphere in the north of Ghana as the crowd swells in Tamale. To top it all off - the referee has shunned traditional black for a PINK uniform. Nice.

Eto'o was about to pull the trigger then but Wissem Bekri stole in from behind to hack the ball clear.

2140:"I'm Sir Tasco of Benue Nigeria, I say Super Eagles to stop the use of foreign coaches. Samson Siasia, Steven Keshi, JJ Okocha, are 100% equal to the task"
Sir Tasco, in Nigeria, on the text

2137: The Carthage Eagles - yup, that's Tunisia - really are pressing and Yassine Chikhaoui might have had a penalty after being pole-axed by two Cameroon defenders in the box.

2134: If Tunisia don't turn this round, Kameni will be the hero. Most of the chat on 606 and the texts are paying homage to his world-class save just before half-time. The rest of the chat is about someone potentially eating their socks.

Jean Makoun pumps forward from full-back for all-time ACON top-scorer Samuel Eto'o in vein. The Barcelona man has been subdued so far.

2131: The inside of the stadium looks remotely like a supermarket. The players, thirstily glugging on waterbottles, emerge from beneath the stands - and the second-half is underway.

2129: "Ghanaians love soccer more than you can dream about but better than that they love their stomachs - hence the empty stadiums. My mom taught me to work first and have funny later. I can always catch the replay on tv and in the again on the net."
Amanfo on 606

2125: "Can someone ask the band in Tamale to pipe up and play the hokey-cokey next please?" Carra_XI on 606

We'll have a word with our BBC World Service colleagues in Accra for you, fella. So, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Egypt are definitely in the last four. No surprises there, right? Can Tunisia come back and level up the numbers for North Africa?

2121: "As a Cameroonian, guys, my heart is in my mouth right now. Kudos to Tunisia, they have awoken. I thought 2-0 down they would cave, but wow, they woke up!"
darkanddom on 606

2118: "Cracking game, cracking atmosphere. Great to see Tunisia fighting back. Should be a top second-half!"
BBC World Service's Nick Cavell in Tamale

Fantastic first-half huh? Roger Lemerre's team talk should, in essence, be easy: keep going lads. Otto might not be banging his Pfisters against the dressing room walls - but I think he will be the man having to rally his troops. Yes, I know Cameroon are winning.

2110: Stunning football - could easily be 2-2. Latching on to a supersonic Tunisian break, Francileudo dos Santos batters the ball against the cross bar and, when Chaouki Ben Saada athletically fires it back towards the goal, Kameni arches back on his line to produce a world-class save which keeps it out. Just.

2108: Delirous, hedonistic vibe in Tamale as the brass band puff their cheeks ever-larger and blast out a quick ditty of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands". Don't get that in the Premier League do you?

And they have one. It's a free-kick masterclass in Tamale as Chaouki Ben Saada wraps his left foot round the dead ball like cling-film to whip it into Idriss Carlos Kameni's top corner from 25 yards. Pick that one out.

2104: Trusty technicians they may be - but Tunisia need a goal.

2100: "I am in Jamaica watching the match live between Tunisia and Cameroon also following it on the internet same time. Good match."
Anonymous on the text

"All the way in jumeira- Dubai just enjoyin the football,the last match was end 2end stuff hope this is too!!"
Raz: also on the text

And Geremi guides the ball with precision rather than pace up and over the wall past Hamdi Kasraoui's righ-hand into the corner of the goal. Nice technique. Are you watching KK?

2055: Nearly 30 games in ACON 2008 so far - and just two 0-0 draws. Goals, like spellbinding brass bands and banana-like inflatable clappers, are second nature for this tournament.

Cameroon are lining up a free-kick from miles out....

Poor from Tunisia as two of their defenders, and goalkeeper Hamdi Kasraoui, all bump into each other when failing to clear Alexandre Song's cross which Stephane Mbia nods into an open net with his eyes closed.

2048: The stats indicate Tunisia have had 60% of possession so far. Andre Bikey bites - not literally - at Medji Traoui ankles to concede a free-kick. Can you imagine if someone did bite their opponent's ankles? Anyway, Eto's breaks clear but his threat is snaffled.

2044: "Did you know Raiders of the Lost Ark was filmed in Tunisia!"
ZZtop on 606

An absolute classic film ZZ. But Temple of Doom was surely the pinnacle?

First booking of the evening as Mehdi Nafti clatters Achille Emana from behind. Indiana Jones would never be seen doing that.

2040: And they have. A day-dreaming Geremi is bundled off the ball by Yassine Chikhaoui who smashes a decent shot just wide of the goal.

My colleague reckons the trumpets in Tamale make it sound like New Orleans in Easter. It's been a long day.

2036: It's been decided here (an an office full of crusty old blokes) that Cameroon are the masters of sartorial elegance in their green, red, and yellow strips. Though you might not think it, those colours just work. Agree?

The colossal Radhi Jaidi pumps the ball clear as Cameroon press forward. Tunisia need to settle.

2034: Technique aplenty from both sides in an open start. Tunisia don the 'Real Madrid' all-white much favoured by many an African team while Cameroon are wearing their traditional green, red and yellow.

Geremi cuts in to drift a left-footed cross over and Jean Makoun leaps high to head just wide. A real chance.

2030: We're underway in Tamale. Game on.

Six changes for Tunisia, who have selected their starting XI from pretty much a fully-fit sqaud. Three changes for Cameroon: in comes Stephane Mbia, Jean Makoun, and Mohamadou Idrissou.

Tunisia - 1-Hamdi Kasraoui; 3-Karim Hagui, 5-Wissem Bekri, 6-Radhouane Felhi, 15-Radhi Jaidi; 8-Mehdi Nafti, 7-Chaouki Ben Saada, 12-Joahar Mnari, 21-Medji Traoui; 9-Yassine Chikhaoui, 11-Francileudo dos Santos
Cameroon - 1-Idriss Carlos Kameni; 8-Geremi, 23-Andre Bikey, 4-Rigobert Song, 5-Timothee Atouba; 10-Achille Emana, 11-Jean Makoun, 15-Alexandre Song, 19-Stephane Mbia; 17-Mohamadou Idrissou, 9-Samuel Eto'o

2022: Cameroon have lost in the quarter-finals of the last two Nations Cups, so they'll need no motivation, while classy Tunisia finished top of Group D with a win and two draws.

The Indomitable Lions lost their opening match to Egypt but mad-cap coach Otto Pfister is confident that his side is moving in the right direction after comprehensive wins over Zambia and Sudan.

2018: Right, there's a quarter-final just around the corner here. Peek your head round and you will see Tunisia and Cameroon undertaking their pre-match rituals.

One thing: cheers to everyone for all the chat on the 606 and texts. Make sure you keep it coming. Oh, and another thing: where you all following the action?

Lagos? Lancaster? Los Angeles? Paint me a picture people.

2012: "If Tunisia win i wont be at all suprised. Hopefully Lemerre has sense and play Chermiti and Chikhaoui or if not he takes Dos Santos off at half time if he has not scored and brings Chermii on against the tiring and ageing defence of Cameroon."
zeTom1 on 606

Have just seen Tunisia's players warming up in Tamale. I lie actually - they were trying to cool down by pouring gallons of water over their heads as they limbered their muscles into action. The humidity looks unbearable.

2010: "Is it too much to call Manucho's goal ACON-o-class-tic?"
Johnmwebb on 606

2005: "Ok, so the big drum effect is in full effect here. Lots of noise from very few Cameroon fans!"
BBC World Service's Nick Cavell in Tamale

The atmosphere's already building inside the ground for the second quarter-final.

1959: "The future of Nigeria coach Berti Vogts looks under threat after officials at the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) failed to back the under-fire boss."
alinov on 606

Certainly the vultures, or should I say the Eagles, seem to be gathering around Herr Berti. Check out the story below - but make sure you come back to me with all your random ACON highlights so far. I'm liking them.

1950: "That guy in a Round 1 game that was sat in the stands draped in flags, face painted white, and had a dove on his shoulder - any Scottish in that guy?"
Peop on the text (+447786 202008)

1943: "If Tunisia win, I'll eat my socks."
dirk-kuyt18 on 606

1936: "Kalou taking the mick out of the Guinea team and bringing playground football to the limelight once again by strolling with the ball on the goal line before a tap in.Class!"

"Another highlight?The Guinean keeper's moustache.A great big bushy one that would put Tom Selleck to shame." redandblackT(1899 was a vintage year) on 606

1934: "Eat koshary, drink mint tea, play football, win ACON! Gooooooo Egypt!"
SO ya SO on the text (+447786 202008)

1930: "That grass in the OheneDjan stadium on the opening day - Ghana v Guinea. That grass could feed a hungry herd of cows!!!"
Maxxfoot on 606

1915: So next up we have Tunisia v Cameroon. Another big game. Bit of a wait until that one - around 75 minutes - so get lively on the message boards and texts.

Floodlight failures, team buses getting caught in drains, Otto Pfister ranting about the tra la la's.
What's been your highlight of the tournament so far?

1910: And exhale. Quality game that one, as I saw it, and I think Angola can be mightily proud of the fight they showed. Ze Kalanga, Flavio, Rui Marques, and that striker whose name starts with an M, all showed what ability they possess and were definitely the sum of their parts.

As for Egypt. Strong, forceful, cute, clever, lucky, full of team ethic. And that was without Mr Hot Potato Mohamed Zidan taking to the pitch. African football has real depth.

1908: "So then, an Egypt v Ivory Coast rematch in the semis, and who'd bet against penalties again like two years ago?"
expertdalton8 on 606

1906: "Walk like An Egyptian, Play like An Egyptian, Score like An Egyptian....Chamoooo"
M Soli on the text

1904: "The "genial man with the stringed instrument" is the infamous Mandolin Man, I've just got back from my second CAN and he's been present at every Egypt/Tunisia game of both tournaments. He's something of a megastar out there eliciting rapturous applause whenever he appears, and has carte blanche to wander around the stadium showing off his unique brand of North African physical comedy."

"I was fortunate enough to encounter him at Togo-Korea in the last World Cup, sadly just as I was about to get a photo with him the Frankfurt police hoiked him away, clearly being unaware that there were in the presence of greatness."
awa bell on 606

Genius, Awa. Genius.

Angola's challenge drizzles into nothingness, Yuichi Nichimura blows his whisltle for the final time - and the Egyptian party begins. Their coaching staff and substitutes race off the bench to celebrate their progression into the semi-finals. Ivory Coast awaits. What a massive game.

1851: Schoolboy. The ball is whipped in but doesn't evade the first man. Tell you what, the Ghanaian fans are right behind the Palancas Negra. Angola press but Egypt are digging so deep there'll soon be a well in the middle of the pitch at this rate.

1850: Four minutes of added time. Corner to Angola.

1846: "I was in Egypt last week. People there love Zidan & his hot boots!! A semi-final Egypt Vs Iv.Coast would be a repeat of last cup final, and what a game that would be."
Sikaweel on 606

Manucho bullies his way around the box as he searches out a loose ball but the Japanese referee rightly blows for about 53 fouls.

1842: Angola can't get hold of the ball. And when the do - did I should say - they are quickly mugged. Barnstorming run through the centre from Wael Gomaa who pokes through to substitute Ahmed Hassan... his shot is saved well by Mister Lama.

1837: Strangling and squeezing the life out of this contest, Egypt are covering ground like their life depends on it. Don't forget the Pharaohs are reigning ACON champions.

Think they can win it again?

1835: Tempo is dropping. Egypt want the win bad. Real bad. But Angola try to force things, instantly putting the ball into play after any stoppage. Roughly 10,000 in the ground now. And darkness has fallen.

1832: Finger-stinger. Ahmed Fathi powers the ball towards Lama's goal from a tight angle and the Angola stopper palms clear in flamboyant fashion.

1829: Ahmed Hassan, veteran of six ACON's, comes on for lantern-jawed Amr Zaki. The energetic Zamalek striker is unlucky to be brought off but Egypt are looking to seal this win with defensive obduracy now.

1825: Ze Kalanga indulges in some stop-start, Ronaldo-like skills on the right wing to whip in a deep cross which just eludes the soaring Manucho. Egypt then break and Emad Moteab forces Lama into another decent stop.

1823: Stellar stop from Lama who sprints out of his goal to block from Emad Moteab after Amr Zaki had played him in a treat. Facing away from goal, Zaki just let the ball come across his left foot and span it off the inside heel of his right to pick out Moteab's run. Classy.

1820: Knockout football produces knockout blows. I can feel one coming. Next goal wins it for me.

Obviously if we don't get a goal, I'm thinking Egypt will win.

1818: Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. The trumpeteers up their workrate as Angola push forward with purpose. But the Palancas Negra can't get a shot off.

1815: As the fading sun dips behind the stands and below the horizon, it seems the locals are setting alight to their rubbish - against the wishes of Kumasi's mayor.

Smoke is drifting onto the pitch and it could be affecting the players. Egypt's captain has previously had a moan.

1814: Composed defending from Marco Airosa and Angola break clear. Manucho is massive by the way. Wouldn't look out of place in a Six Nations pack.

1810: This is becoming scintillating. The pace has really stepped up and both teams are working hard. Steaming down the left, Amr Zaki forces a corner...

1805: Oh so close for Manucho who dinks the ball past Essam Al Hadari but it bounces agonisingly wide of the beaten Egypt keeper's post. Great headed lay-off from Flavio to release his buddy.

1803: I love ACON! No, not the Senegalese singer - this tournament. Loads of people have piled into the stadium during half-time and the atmosphere is pumping.

The game is well and truly on too: second-half underway...

1800: Don't know what a 'djembe' is? Well, it's a skin covered hand drum, shaped like a large goblet, and meant to be played with bare hands. The origins of the name translates, I am told, into "everyone gather together".

If that defines the drum's purpose, then it's understandable the Kumasi stands are only lightly sprinkled with human beings today. No djembe = no gathering.

1755: The tension, one feels, is brewing between Egypt and Angola. Think there's more to come from this one, especially if the Palancas Negra grab an early equaliser. Shame the action in the stands is so flat today. Not a djemb player or trombonist in sight.

By the way, was I hasty in calling Manucho's cracker the best goal of ACON so far?

1752: "I think I scored with my eye once, went in for a header but it just hit me in the face and went in, so eye or nose I guess..."
Sebwinder on 606

Angola, too, look neat in possesion and Ze Kalanga is a willing Pied Piper just prior to the break. They are not out of this, not a jot. Egypt, and their superstar celebrity fan in the stands Ali, will be content with the lead but cannot rest on their laurels.

1742: "Ahhh yes.. the old stomach lob - Excellent execution."
Zippy, George and Bungle on 606

What's the most random body part you've scored a goal with?

Ahmed Fathi swings over a distinctly average cross but Kali's misguided swipe at the ball allows it to bounce right across the box for Amr Zaki to convert. With his shoulder, I think. And almost by accident. Lamentable defending from Angola.

1736: The pig's bladder ricochets around the box and the Pharaohs clear. So disappointing to see largely empty stands in Kumasi and the atmosphere is hit and miss.

1734: As for Manucho, that's also his fourth of ACON. Both players look to have genuine class about them. Now the dust has settled, Egypt press - but they've conceded a free-kick millimetres outside their penalty area.

1732: Utterly breathless four minutes. That's Hosny's third penalty and fourth goal of the tournament. The Ismaili man will be in demand when ACON's over.

Manucho scores the goal of the tournament so far. Muscles one man out of the way to pick up possession 40 yards out, takes a few menacing steps forward, and absolutely wallops the ball into the top of Essam Al Hadari's goal. Pure class.

And scores. As he has done before in this tournament, ticking all the three Cs. Cool - Calm - Collected. Angola need to calm down themselves and focus on the match as the red mist descended then.

1723: PENALTY TO EGYPT Ball crashed into the wall and referee awards the penalty for hand-ball. Chaos ensues and it looks like someone pushes the pressured official. Naughty. Now Hosny steps up to convert...

1722: Did he get the ball there? Not sure but Sayed Moawad is brought down by Gilberto after a mesmerising move from the Pharaohs. Free-kick outside the box....

1718: Emad Moteab looks a real threat. His flailing boot is inches away from connecting with a searching cross from wide on the right.

1716: Lucid passage of play from Egypt and they show real composure when under pressure - and real penetration when not. The team which has not lost an ACON match since 2004 is banging hard on Angola's door.

1714: Pace picks up as Amr Zaki deftly plays in Emad Moteab beyond Angola's defence and, on the left-hand side of the six yard box, the Egypt forward pokes the ball just wide of the goal.

Ze Kalanga is stretchered off for Angola but is not afforded the luxury of a mobile buggy. Harsh.

1711: Possession is mainly with Egypt and, packed full of Al Ahly players, they don't half look familiar with each other. Pedestrian stuff though.

1710: Egypt's Mohamed Shawky has a speculative shot from distance which whimpers into the arms of Lama while Mr Nichimura brandishes the yellow card in Sayed Moawad's face.

1706: "Egypt do not need Zida, but he is better than Moeab imo but Zaky will score the goals for them."
zeTom1 on 606

1705: Yuichi Nichimura, the Japanese referee, is already pumping his lungs full of air and blasting hard on his whistle. Players are clattering into each other in a cagey start.

1700: Sparsely populated stadium in Kumasi and we're underway.

Mohamed Aboutrika replaces usual Egypt captain Ahmed Hassan, who is out with illness. No starting place for Zidan. Angola are unchanged, with Manucho leading the line.

Egypt: 1-Essam Al Hadari; 5-Shady Mohamed, 6-Hani Said, 20-Wael Gomaa, 14-Sayed Moawad; 8-Hosni Abd Rabou, 11-Mohamed Shawky, 7-Ahmed Fathi, 22-Mohamed Aboutrika; 10-Emad Moteab, 19-Amr Zaki
Angola: 1-Lama; 2-Marco Airosa, 5-Kali, 6-Yamba Asha, 15-Rui Marques; 8-Andre, 10-Maurito, 11-Gilberto, 17-Ze Kalanga; 16-Flavio, 23-Manucho

1655: Anthems-time and one of them - Angola's in fact - sounds like it's being played on a quaint Hammond organ. Still, it's very rousing nevertheless.

1652: We're busy firming up team news here, as it's been a tad unreliable sometimes. But early news is that Mohamed Zidan may be absent for Egypt.

1650: Some genial bloke strumming away on what looks like a traditional North African string instrument has just been spotted in the growing crowd in Kumasi. What a legend. Apparently he has been present at every Africa Cup of Nations ever.

Know your history? The first tournament was back in 1957 and Egypt - Ali's team - emerged winners. Ali is the musician's name, I am reliably informed.

1643: Today should be all about goals, drama, drumbeats - and you. As ever - connoisseur, novice, anywhere in between - all are welcome and I'd heartily encouraged you to get involved via 606 or on the text +447786 202008.

Yes, we chat about the match - but don't worry if you stray further than that. What has been your highlight of ACON so far?

And someone told me that in Ghana the slang "Otto Pfister" is often used to refer to trousers worn low on the hip - something Pfister was known for long before it became fashion. Can anyone prove or disprove this?

1635: After the Lord Mayor's show? Not a bit of it.

Akwaaba everyone - welcome - to Part II of the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals.

Time for a North African flavour to intoxicate the tournament today as Egypt and Tunisia will be doing their best to ensure (against Angola and Cameroon respectively) that somewhere on the continent above the Sahara has last four interest.

First up is Egypt v Angola. Brave enough to make a prediction on who's going to win the shootout between zany barnet-ed Mohamed Zidan and Man United-bound Manucho?

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