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banner Sunday, 17 March, 2002, 14:23 GMT
Addo details Blatter plot
Farah Addo
Addo could be Caf's next president
Farah Addo, the man who first brought accusations of bribery in the election of Fifa chief Sepp Blatter to the world's attention, has given further details of the alleged scandal to the BBC.

"I was in that general assembly, where everything was attempted, and corruption was done", Addo revealed.

This "general assembly" was the 1998 Fifa congress in Paris, where the Presidential election took place.

The majority of the votes changing position in the last day were all bought by money
Farah Addo
And Addo claims that there was a last-minute swing in the vote - a swing which critically changed the outcome - and that this was the outcome of bribery in the assembly.

"The majority of the votes changing position in the last day were all bought by money," Addo insisted.

"And the majority - 110 - who voted for him [Blatter] were those present in the general assembly."


Addo also told the BBC that 'Blatter and his people' had him removed him from the Paris congress, because he had refused to accept cash to vote.

"They replaced me without any authority, knowing I would not vote for them because I refused to vote, or be with them, while they'd been offering me incentives," Addo stated.

Sepp Blatter at the Mali 2002 opening ceremony
Blatter (r) has denied everything
Addo claims strong evidence to back up this allegation.

He stated that witnesses to his removal included Lennart Johansson, the other candidate at the time to Blatter, and Caf president Issa Hayatou, the man currently challenging him.

But he also said that in August of that year, Caf accused two vice-presidents of being bought.

Addo states that after he had them dismissed, he agreed to pardon them "with the condition that they put in writing that they have accepted corruption to replace me."

"One did it, and the one who did it, his papers - the minutes of that meeting - whoever wants I will show him."


But Addo denied that he had revealed this information now because of a personal interest in the current election.

If Hayatou were to defeat Blatter, Addo would automatically become Caf's interim president until 2004.

Issa Hayatou
Hayatou looks to be a strong candidate
"That is simply speculation. That is something I did not establish," Addo said.

"When the chief goes away, you are interim. You have no power."

He said he had not spoken out at the time because he was known to be a strong supporter of Johansson.

"If I had spoken at that moment [in 1998], everybody would have said, 'he's a liar'."

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