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Real-Barca as it happened

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  1. 23:05 Commentary  

    I think that'll do for now, don't you? Thanks for getting involved, hope you enjoyed part one of the trilogy in four parts. I'll see you on Tuesday for Newcastle v Man United, but don't forget to join Sam Lyon for Sunday's feast of league and cup football. Hasta la vista, baby.

  2. Twitter  

    From Phillip Beck: "Wouldn't mind playing Spain at the moment. Villa and Torres haven't scored for half a season between them!"

  3. 22:59 Commentary  

    And thankfully, tonight ended Lionel Messi's barren run against Jose Mourinho teams as well as Cristiano Ronaldo's against Barca. Messi now has 49 goals this season; Ronaldo 41. Be staggered.

  4. SMS  

    From Anon: "Amazed you think Real will take more from this than Barca! Since the equaliser Barca stepped up. They are so much better. Eight-point lead preserved. The fact you think not losing is a positive shows the gulf in class."

  5. 22:55 Commentary  

    So, anyone fancy doing this all over again on Wednesday for the Spanish Cup final? Course you do. Barcelona remain eight points ahead of Real Madrid in La Liga, with only six games left.

  6. 90 mins FULL-TIME Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona  

    The title is heading back to Catalonia. But as for the other trophies...

  7. 90 mins Commentary  

    Barca are annoyed - seriously annoyed. They don't like not winning, and Xavi is booked for some back-chat to the referee. Got about a minute left, reckon Real will take more out of this than Barca going into the next three Clasicos.

  8. 90 mins INJURY TIME  

    We're into four minutes of injury time. I don't really want it to stop, but it won't - part two is on Wednesday, before parts three and four. Lionel Messi boots the ball into the Real fans and the home players aren't best pleased, especially Pepe. That would be the biggest mis-match in history, fight-wise.

  9. 90 mins Commentary  

    Emmanuel Adebayor scampers away down the Real right and crosses and when the ball leaves Sami Khedira's left foot it looks goalbound, only for Victor Valdes to get down well and make the save.

  10. 89 mins Commentary  

    Barca are keeping the ball again, trying to take the sting out of Real. A point suits them more, as they are eight points clear in the league.

  11. 87 mins Commentary  

    It's like basketball now as Real go forward, Barca break it up and then the visitors hit them on the break. Doesn't look like Real have 10 men - they've been far better since Raul Albiol was sent off. Must've been practising a lot.

  12. 85 mins Commentary  

    The Madrid fans finally have something to sing about in a game against Barcelona - it's been a while since anyone's been able to say that. Can the 10 men pull off a famous victory? The Bernabeu reckon so.

  13. 82 mins GOAL Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona  

    I don't think Pep Guardiola's going to be very pleased when he sees that again, but Real are level and we've got a humdinger of a last few minutes on our hands. Cristiano Ronaldo gets his first goal against Barca, slamming his penalty a bit higher than Messi's, no chance whatsoever for Victor Valdes.

  14. 81 mins PENALTY  

    Marcelo goes down in the Barca box, looks like Dani Alves has got some of the ball, but the left-back goes to ground and it's a penalty.

  15. 80 mins Commentary  

    Barcelona make another change as Maxwell comes on for Adriano, an all-Brazilian swap that one.

  16. SMS  

    From Vinny The Dog: "Having just been forced to endure BGT, wife is now openly debating whether to run off with Jose or Pep. Fill yer boots girl!"

  17. 78 mins Commentary  

    The Portuguese hits the shine off it, but the ball flies a couple of yards over Victor Valdes's crossbar. Another disappointing effort. Nearly seven games vs Barca without a goal for Ronaldo.

  18. 76 mins Commentary  

    The longest winning streak in La Liga El Clasio history is six games, which Real put together from September 1962 to February 1965. If Barca win tonight, this will be their record-equalling sixth win against Real, all under Pep Guardiola. Hang on, Cristiano Ronaldo has got another free-kick 25 yards out...

  19. 75 mins Commentary  

    Jose Mourinho isn't a happy camper, racing out of his technical area to remonstrate with the referee after he feels a Barca player goes down too easily. Real are having enough of the ball to suggest they can still threaten - while it's only 0-1, they are very much in this.

  20. Twitter  

    From Chris Williams: "Real Madrid must be hoping for a Gomes moment out of Victor Valdes as their only way back into this game at the moment."

  21. 71 mins Commentary  

    Lionel Messi jinks his way past four Real Madrid defenders before teeing up David Villa just inside the Real box, but the Spanish striker - without a goal in nine games, would you believe? - rolls tamely into the hands of Iker Casillas. Very unlike him.

  22. 69 mins Commentary  

    Apologies, there was another Real change a minute or two ago, with Alvaro Arbeloa sent on for the disappointingly wasteful\u00a0Angel di Maria.

  23. 68 mins Commentary  

    Cristiano Ronaldo plays a brilliant pass into the Barca box for Emmanuel Adebayor, but the big striker hasn't been on the pitch long enough, cannot adjust his feet in time, and sees Adriano nip in to head back to Victor Valdes. Real will get chances still.

  24. 66 mins Commentary  

    Pepe almost gets the ball in the Barca net twice, but he is adjudged offside when Sergio Ramos heads another corner back across goal. Xabi Alonso is off for Emmanuel Adebayor for Real and Pedro is off for Ibrahim Afellay for Barca.

  25. 65 mins Commentary  

    Angel di Maria, who hasn't had his best night, latches on to a ball down the Real left, takes a touch and spanners another ambitious shot high and wide of the near post. Even Marco van Basten would've blushed at that angle.

  26. SMS  

    From Anon: "No complaints! Was a stonewall penalty and red card. No conspiracy. Now we will see what Real are made of."

  27. 62 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    Barca are just going to keep the ball and try to pick Real off now and they almost double the lead as Pedro twists and turns in the hosts' box and tees up Xavi, who hits a fine right-foot shot that flirts with Iker Casillas's crossbar on its way over.

  28. Commentary  

    From Infostrada Sports on Twitter: "Messi becomes the 1st ever Barca player to score in three successive El Clasicos in Madrid... Messi becomes the first player ever to score 30+ La Liga goals in successive seasons."

  29. 57 mins Commentary  

    Real make a change, with Mesut Ozil coming on for Karim Benzema. Barcelona take off injured captain Carles Puyol,\u00a0who is in some discomfort on a stretcher,\u00a0and Seydou Keita comes on in his place.

  30. 55 mins Commentary  

    Barca are preparing to bring on Seydou Keita. If playing against Barca with 11 men is difficult, with 10 it's nigh on impossible. Only one manager has been able to pull it off, and that's Jose Mourinho.

  31. 53 mins GOAL Real Madrid 0-1 Barcelona  

    It's a hammer blow for the hosts. David Villa, who looks injured in the moments before, gets goal side of Raul Albiol, who brings him down with his arms all over the striker, and Albiol is duly shown a red card too. Lionel Messi steps up, takes his time and slots the spot-kick just too high for Iker Casillas, who guess the right way. That's Messi's 49th goal of the season and Real have to go for it now.

  32. 51 mins RED CARD Raul Albiol, Real Madrid  
  33. 51 mins PENALTY  

    Jose Mourinho is smiling, he knew this would happen. It's about to get worse.

  34. 50 mins HITS THE WOODWORK  

    Oof, Cristiano Ronaldo crashes the free-kick against the outside of Victor Valdes' right-hand post, the Barca keeper wasn't getting anywhere near that. Set-pieces remain Real's biggest threat, and it's a significant one.

  35. 49 mins Commentary  

    Real Madrid get a pretty lucky free-kick as Cristiano Ronaldo seems to lose his footing 25 yards from the Barca goal and he's adjudged to have been fouled. Pep Guardiola smiles, but he won't be if Ronaldo smashes this in...

  36. 48 mins Commentary  

    It's so tight in the middle, there's barely enough room for players to breathe let alone dribble. Barca are crowded out, but the Real fans groan as one when they lump it forward aimlessly, with no-one anywhere near Puyol and Pique. Mesut Ozil starts some serious warming up exercises.

  37. 22:03 Commentary Real Madrid 0-0 Barcelona  

    Back under way at the Santiago Bernabeu. No changes, and no goals. So far.

  38. Twitter  

    From Philip Duff: "Can't wait to see one of Mourinho's signature celebrations if Madrid beat Barcelona!"

  39. 21:58 Commentary  

    The sheer volume of you getting in touch to say you aren't watching because "the wife's got the remote and Britain's Got Talent's on" is starting to freak me out. Cohones, people. Take control, and tell your missus to smash me a Clasico-related text on 81111 if she's got nothing else to do. Or tweet @Stevo_football, with the hashtag #BBCFootball. Excellent.

  40. Commentary  

    From OptaJose on Twitter: "Mad-Bar HT Stats - Shots: 8-3, On target 4-3, Fouls: 13-6, Passes: 116-383, % successful 68%-91%, Dribbles 12-14, % successful 33%-43%."

  41. 21:53 Commentary  

    Might be among the worst 45 minutes these two have played in recent years, that. You can't blame Jose Mourinho for defending deep after the spanking they took at the Camp Nou, but it isn't helping create much of a spectacle. Will his bosses at Real be able to forgive him if he wins a couple of trophies this season?

  42. SMS  

    Matt in Ayrshire: "It's interesting to see how the purest of football spectacles can be degraded by shameful antics and bitter rivalry. Both sides constantly appealing for yellow cards, the worst being Leo Messi. Disgusting."

  43. 21:47 HALF-TIME Real Madrid 0-0 Barcelona  
  44. 45 mins Commentary  

    Real win another corner and they look so dangerous from them - this time Sergio Ramos nods it back across goal and Cristiano Ronaldo's header is cleared off the line by Adriano.

  45. 43 mins Commentary  

    Fabulous. Utterly magical - two stunning one-twos between Lionel Messi and first Andres Iniesta and then David Villa, and Messi draws a fine save from Iker Casillas to his right. Best of Barca we've seen in the half.

  46. 41 mins Commentary  

    Lionel Messi superbly drifts past one challenge and threatens to get past two more, but he runs into Xabi Alonso and goes down holding his face. Jose Mourinho throws an arm up in continental disgust as he is prone to do, and Messi's fine. It's scrappy - which probably suits Mourinho down to the ground.

  47. 39 mins Commentary  

    Sergio Busquets goes down like he has been shot when he's barely touched - think the Barca midfielder is trying to get a second yellow card for Marcelo there, but the ref isn't buying it, thankfully. Jose Mourinho did say Real would have to learn how to play with 10 men - let's hope they both finish with 11.

  48. SMS  

    Chris, London: "Never a pen! Villa trying to sell it and the ref is not buying. Ball's going nearer the corner flag than anything else!"

  49. 36 mins Commentary  

    Better from Real, who are playing with a bit more confidence now. They look more dangerous in the final third as Marcelo jinks inside a challenge and fires in a shot that Victor Valdes saves easily enough.

  50. 33 mins Commentary  

    This must be killing some of the Madridistas. They can't keep the ball for longer than a few seconds, whereas Barca are keeping it for such a long time whenever they get hold of it. But Real are dangerous on the counter and they have another sniff when Cristiano Ronaldo fastens on to a ball to the edge of the Barca box, the Portuguese only denied getting in a shot by a timely Adriano intervention.

  51. 31 mins Commentary  

    Marcelo handles to get the ball away from Lionel Messi and Messi waves an imaginary yellow card - Marcelo is promptly booked.

  52. 30 mins Commentary  

    Every time I see a replay of that non-penalty it looks more and more like a penalty. Half a chance for Real as Angel di Maria picks the ball up in acres down the left and gets into the box, but his ambitious shot from an angle flies high and wide.

  53. SMS  

    From Kay in London: "To Iain from Leamington - I learnt Spanish and just had beans from a tin in London. Real looking better than last Clasico already."

  54. 27 mins Commentary  

    Yeah, it really has got lively. David Villa goes through and he gets a touch on the ball to take it away from Iker Casillas, who brings him down. It should be a penalty, but\u00a0nothing is given. Barca go mental and\u00a0Gerard Pique is booked for a furious outburst. Bad call.

  55. 25 mins Commentary  

    Lionel Messi has 48 goals in all competitions this season; Cristiano Ronaldo 40. But Karim Benzema has eight goals in his last six games, so he might be the biggest goalscoring danger. The fans are up in arms as Cristiano is sent flying by Gerard Pique and no free-kick is given, before Sami Khedira fouls Andres Iniesta. It's getting spicy.

  56. 22 mins Commentary  

    Real put Victor Valdes under some pressure - firstly he makes a mess of trying to save a Karim Benzema shot after Barca fail to clear a corner, then he punches another corner clear. From a third corner, Cristiano gets up high and glances a header wide.

  57. Twitter  

    From Joshua Singh: "After 17 minutes; Madrid - 20 passes, Barcelona - 126 passes. Whose house is it?"

  58. 19 mins Commentary  

    Barca won't give Real the ball back. The whistling hasn't gone away, but Barca aren't doing anything with it - until a ball over the top from Andres Iniesta finds Lionel Messi onside, the Argentine failing to get it down and so trying to loft it over Iker Casillas, but the keeper gathers comfortably.

  59. 17 mins Commentary  

    It won't surprise you to learn that Barca are dominating possession, but they are being very patient with it so far as Real happily soak up pressure. Last time Barca had less than 51% of the ball in a game of football? Three years ago, when they lost 4-1 in the Bernabeu to Real, who were champions that season. Incredible.

  60. SMS  

    Iain, Leamington Spa: "Wish I'd done Spanish instead of Latin at school, and moved out there years ago. Instead, I'm eating rice pudding from the tin, watching ur live text."

  61. 13 mins Commentary  

    Cristiano is denied again, trying to break from inside the Real half but his touch is a bit heavy and Dani Alves - caught offside inside the Real penalty area a few seconds before - is back to whip the ball off his toes. It's niggly, nervy, and you cannot take your eyes off it.

  62. 10 mins Commentary  

    Cristiano fires it low, hard and straight into the midriff of Victor Valdes, on the bounce. First test for the Barca keeper. Nothing for Iker Casillas to do yet.

  63. 9 mins Commentary  

    Real are defending so, so deep - every time Barca get it they drop 10 men in behind the ball. The hosts go over the top and Adriano is booked for obstructing Sami Khedira. Reckon Cristiano might fancy this, though it's at least 30 yards out.

  64. 7 min Commentary  

    You know, we've only ever had five Clasicos in a season once before - in 1982/83. But in March/April 1916, the two teams met four times within 20 days, all in the Copa del Rey. So there is precedent, almost. Cristiano Ronaldo's first run forward is thwarted by Adriano, while Lionel Messi gives the ball after with a foray into the Real half.

  65. 4 mins Commentary  

    Brilliant tackle from Andres Iniesta stops Xabi Alonso in his tracks and Xavi can burst forward, but he is halted by a clumsy Pepe challenge - his second already. The Portuguese must be an early favourite for a red card if we're going to get one. Marcelo floors as assistant referee, which causes much mirth. Blinding noise.

  66. SMS  

    From PJ: "De nada Sky here in recession-hit Belfast. Relying on you Stevo!"

  67. 1 min Commentary  

    Who had 20 seconds for the first foul? Sergio Busquets goes down, does a few rolls and gets back up good as new. It's like theatre and sport all rolled into one, the Clasico.

  68. 21:01 KICK-OFF  

    We are under way in Madrid, where Real take on arch rivals Barcelona.

  69. 20:59 Commentary  

    Nessun Dorma, easily the greatest song ever associated with football, blares out from the speakers at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium - they're so classy, aren't they? The teams emerge to a crescendo of noise from the 80,000 present and we are moments away from El Clasico Part I getting under way.

  70. 20:58 Commentary  

    Still plenty of time to get in touch: texts to 81111, tweets to @Stevo_football and with the hashtag #BBCFootball. Thanks.

  71. 20:56 Commentary  

    Great blog from our European football expert Phil Minshull looking forward to El Clasico: "This quartet of matches could have a profound effect on the future of both coaches, which means that full-strength sides, with patched-up star players, may yet be the order of the day." He's been proven right, too. As for me - I picked some classic El Clasicos and threw them in a picture gallery. Hope you like it.

  72. 20:54 Commentary  

    More chat from Infostrada, too. According to the Euro Club Index, which has these two as the best two teams in the continent (Barca, then Real), Real have a 43% chance of victory, there is a 26% chance of a draw and a 31% chance that Barcelona will win. They add: "It is highly unlikely that all four El Clasicos will be won by the same club. Barcelona's chance of doing this is 2.7% and Real Madrid have just a 0.7% chance of winning all four."

  73. 20:52 Commentary  

    Lots of stats flying around prior to today's game, as per usual with these two. The most repeated (not just by me) are these two: Lionel Messi has not scored in eight official matches against Jose Mourinho-managed teams (and one friendly to boot); and Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored against Barcelona (three games for Man United, three for Real).

  74. SMS  

    Dave in Nottingham: "Stevo, do Spanish websites do text commentaries of our big games? Or is El Clasico just THAT awesome?"
    I think you know the answer to that, Dave.

  75. Twitter  

    From Barnaby Barron: "Madrid look set up to counter-attack with three in the midfield, expect another famous Mourinho tactical performance."

  76. 20:44 Commentary  

    Yeah, Jose Mourinho decided to take a vow of silence in Real Madrid's Friday news conference, leaving his assistant Aitor Karanka to do the talking. About 30 Spanish journos promptly walked out, fuming at the arrogance of the Portuguese. Still, if Real win tonight, you can bet they'll be praising him to the heavens in Sunday's newspapers. Spotlight off team? Job done. Classic Mou.

  77. Contributor Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho:  


  78. Contributor Barca coach Pep Guardiola:  

    "This Madrid is better than the one we played before and they start as favourites. The Madrid players shoot more, jump higher and are quicker and stronger than ours. I have never seen a team that plays in space like theirs - in three touches they have already reached the goal. We need to move the ball from Victor Valdes to create a chance, they just need three seconds."

  79. SMS  

    Kiya, noisy Bernabeu: "Sitting with the Barca fans here Stevo and they are ecstatic about Puyol's return tonight: "We're a different team with him," says the Catalan on my right. General consensus predicts an experimental draw but there's already an electric atmosphere!"

  80. 20:35 Commentary  

    Well done Sky - they've only gone and got hold of England manager Fabio Capello, who lines up alongside fellow ex-Real boss John Toshack on the touchline for their pre-game chat. It's on Sky Sports One, if you fancy watching it as well as reading this page ;)

  81. Twitter  

    From Ash Kay: "8-8 with Madrid starting 3 CBs? Not likely. Sounds like a game of attack vs defence is on the cards."

  82. 20:30 Commentary Stevo's Predo:  

    Real Madrid 2-2 Barcelona

  83. 20:29 Commentary Real Madrid v Barcelona team news:  

    Big, big surprise that captain Carles Puyol is playing for Barcelona - he was only a 50-50 shout to be fit for the Spanish Cup final on Wednesday.\u00a0That means Sergi Busquets can go back into midfield for Barca. Real Madrid bring fit-again frontman Karim Benzema back into the starting XI at the expense of Emmanuel Adebayor, with Marcelo at left-back rather than the attacking midfield position he took up at Spurs.

  84. 20:27 Commentary Real Madrid v Barcelona teams:  

    Real Madrid: Casillas, Ramos, Marcelo, Albiol, Carvalho, Pepe, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Benzema.
    Subs: Dudek, Arbeloa, Garay, Kaka, Adebayor, Higuain, Ozil.
    Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Adriano, Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Villa.
    Subs: Pinto, Maxwell, Milito, Afellay, Thiago, Fontas, Keita.

  85. 20:24 Commentary  

    Drop us a line, will you? My nephew Nathan reckons it's going to finish 8-8, so we shouldn't be short of chat. He's famously proved himself better at predos than me in the past, too, so don't rule it out. Text me on 81111 or tweet me @Stevo_football or with the hashtag #BBCFootball. Get in El Mixer.

  86. 20:19 Commentary  

    Saturday 16 April, Wednesday 20 April, Wednesday 27 April and Tuesday 3 May - arguably the most important series of games between any two clubs in recent memory. At stake tonight is La Liga, with Real - eight points behind Barca - having to win to keep the title race alive, in midweek they meet in the Spanish Cup final and then it's two legs in the Champions League semi-final to decide who will play either Man United or Schalke at Wembley. The rivalry just got taken to a whole new level of insanity.

  87. 20:15 Commentary  

    And so the saga begins... four Clasicos in 18 days. The moral of the story is this: if you ask the universe badly enough for something, you've always got a chance.

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