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Holloway column

Ian Holloway

The Leicester manager gives his inimitable views on football and life in general in his weekly column.

This week he talks about Leicester's battle against the drop, Martin Johnson's appointment and Joe Calzaghe's fight.

He also answers questions on statues for Ghandi and Darth Vader and whether he has ever had a proper job.


We are in that awful, dreaded remaining place that nobody wants.

If the season was over right now we wouldn't have enough points to stay up but there are nine still to play for.

No-one can tell exactly how many points we need, but we definitely need one win and if we get two out of the last three I think we'll stay up.

It's all in the melting pot and it is very exciting, in fact it has been the best week since I've been at Leicester. Everyone is focused and the boys are ready to go.

I'm sure Arsenal thought they were beating Liverpool when Theo Walcott did that wonderful run, but then Liverpool scored.

This is why people follow football, because it is so exciting.


It's an absolute shambles.

Tom Hicks should just keep quiet and talk to the people that matter - he shouldn't be doing it in the press.

He is out of order and it isn't doing Liverpool any good whatsoever.

He isn't helping the manager at all, he's not helping the players and he certainly isn't helping the club.

These things should be thrashed out in the boardroom and it reeks of naivety.


Johnno is a living legend around England but I personally don't like how they did it.

The first person to be told about this should have been the outgoing boss, but we all knew about this weeks ago.

Martin Johnson has a big reputation
People look up to Johnson (left)

When Brian Ashton led them to the World Cup finals I was very proud and they should have sat him down and talked to him - not done it behind his back.

It has been run absolutely horrendously.

Johnno is fantastic and the thing that impressed me most about it is that he wanted to take full control, because unless he does that he has got no chance. You can't have anyone interfering.

Obviously being a great big brute of a man, if he tells you something you're going to listen or reap the consequences.

I wish him all the best because he is a living legend, but he is going to need support because he has not done the job before.

When I was at QPR we worked with Wasps and I spoke to Lawrence Dallaglio. In rugby it seems the captain has a much bigger role.

Johnno has been one of the best captains of any team and he was an inspiration, so I am sure that will come through.


I need my sleep so I don't know if I will be up at that time in the morning but my hope and best wishes go to Joe.

He is a fantastically skilful boxer but he's changing weights so I've got everything crossed for him.

I'm sorry I won't be up to see him but I wish him the very best.


I used to be proud of my hair and now I haven't got any.

Ian Holloway
What a fine head of hair

It's almost like it falls off your head and lands on your shoulders and I've now got a hairy back. It's vile.

It is amazing that your ears start growing hair and your eyebrows get longer, but you've got nothing left on your head and it's infuriating.

I have taken to shaving mine all off, so I can get ready in a few minutes these days.

There's a few at Leicester that fancy themselves - Richard Stearman came in with a different haircut today with a few angles on it.

Joe Mattock is a young and trendy dude, while Barry Hayles had a top on today that made him look like a traffic light. I don't know what the matter is with him.

I think fashion is a total rip off these days. They charge you a fortune and I don't even like the look of it. I don't know how they get away with it.


It's not good I'm afraid. He's been to the vet again and he can't go about his business in the garden like he used to.

He had a big operation the other week and we thought he'd been cured, but unfortunately when he goes outside he just staggers about and we can't get to the bottom of it.

He's not his normal self but he is nine years old, which is equivalent to a 90-year-old man, but we just don't want him to suffer.


LAFootball: I see they have opted for a Gandhi statue rather than one of Gary Lineker in Leicester. In Bristol there has been a campaign to get a statue of Darth Vader (David Prowse) in the middle of the complex. Is this a good idea or plain crazy? Would you consider putting yourself up for a statue nomination?

I think David Prowse is a Bristol actor and possibly the most recognizable from the town so I'd go with that.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader (right) has been out of work in recent years

Well done to them, although it will be quite scary and expensive if it is bronze because he's massive - I think he is about 6ft 5in or even 6ft 6in - but I'm up for that.

I think it would cost too much to get a life size version of my nose, there's not enough bronze in the world.

Plus Bristol City fans would be spraying all over it as well so I think Darth Vader is a better shout.


kippax71: Did you ever have a real job before your football career?

No, I left school and went straight in as an apprentice at Bristol Rovers and that is all I have ever done.

When I was a kid I used to help my dad, who was a milkman.


I used to get up at 4am on Saturday mornings to help him do his round and then go off and play football.

But I never ever thought of anything other than football. It was what I was going to do and I didn't care how many people told me I couldn't.

Thank God I managed to do it because I dread to think what else I would have done.

The other things I was interested in were art and loads of different sports but there was nothing else I was very good at.

Ian Holloway was talking to Sarah Holt

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