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Thursday, 17 October, 2002, 13:50 GMT 14:50 UK
Calamity keeper - handle with care
David Seaman reflects on his mistake against Macedonia
Seaman would win sympathy from most managers
David Seaman's mistake against Macedonia would have brought back a few unpleasant memories for goalkeepers up and down the country.

Most error-prone number ones, however, do not have Seaman's glittering career behind them to persuade their boss not to wield the axe.

So how do managers from Hackney Marshes to the Theatre of Dreams react when it happens to their keeper?

BBC Sport Online canvassed a few of them to find out.

Harry Redknapp, Portsmouth (First Division)

"Goalkeeping is a thankless task because you make one mistake and you get punished.

Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp
Mistakes can be hard to take
"There are signs you look for to see if a keeper should be taken out of the firing line - whether he is losing confidence, whether he keeps making mistakes, things like that.

"But I have seen nothing to suggest that David Seaman is losing his confidence, and I don't think that was a mistake.

"You don't give your keeper a rocket for something like that. The more I see of it, the more I think that no goalkeeper could have saved it."

Nigel Worthington, Norwich City (First Division)

"It's one of those football situations that happens, and there's no point in rollicking people.

"You just have to pat them on the back and say 'bad luck, get on with the job'.

"Unfortunately David Seaman has done that a couple of times recently but it's not something that you really tear somebody apart about.

"That's not the right thing to do. You've got to give them support.

"Obviously you do talk to the individual about it but when you play the game and you're involved in it you know about these situations."

Barry Fry, Peterborough (Second Division)

"We all make mistakes - unfortunately if you make a mistake as a goalkeeper it's fairly crucial.

You can put them on the teamsheet and say 'we believe in you' but they have to come through it themselves
Burton Albion boss Nigel Clough

"If I was Sven I would absolutely stand by David Seaman. If he's good enough to get in a double-winning side, then he is certainly good enough to keep his place for England.

"I for one wouldn't drop my keeper for that - simply have an encouraging word.

"I don't see what happened as a big thing."

Nigel Clough, Burton Albion (Conference)

"Our keeper Matt Duke had a rough time when he first arrived and we always try to give him as much support as possible.

"But there is only so much you can do for goalkeepers. You can't give them confidence.

"You can put them on the teamsheet and say 'we believe in you' but they have to come through it themselves.

"Somebody can make a goal for a striker to get him going again but keepers are a bit specialist and their confidence can be very frail."

Jeff King, Canvey Island (Ryman Premier)

"I actually got rid of my goalkeeper after the first game of this season. He made two mistakes but that wasn't the problem, it was his whole demeanour.

Canvey Island boss Jeff King celebrates an FA Cup victory
It often pays to trust your keeper
"Sometimes I have a word with players in private and sometimes I pick on them in front of the others, but that is more of an attitude thing.

"I don't see any point in hammering someone because they have made a mistake. You just have to take it as part of the game.

"If they are doing the right thing and they make errors there's no reason to pick on them.

"You have to show faith in your keeper, unless of course it happens all the time."

Paul Doswell, Eastleigh FC (Jewson Wessex League)

Doswell paid 10,000 to sign keeper Colin Matthews from Newport.

"Goalkeepers are one-offs. If I was to criticise Colin every time he made a mistake, it would be a knock to his confidence.

"Strikers can miss goal after goal but a goalkeeper can only make one mistake for it to matter.

"You have to treat them differently, put an arm around their shoulder."

Daniel Poppleton, Rivelino City FC (Wimbledon and District League Premier Division)

"Honesty is always the right way, but I would have to move in as the players were waiting for their taxis to take them to the game.

"I would put my arm around his shoulder and say 'we've got 14 players, so I'm OK if you want to shoot off.

"I would obviously offer to pay his 1 bus fare home.

"Over many years I have perfected this move outside The Alex pub on Clapham Common."

Jim Pearson, S&D FC (Southampton Tyro League for boys from Under eight to Under 16)

"You certainly don't give kids a roasting.

"Often in kids football, you only have one goalkeeper - and he probably doesn't want to be there anyway!

"Confidence is the thing. If you were to give a youngster a telling-off, next time a cross came in he would think twice about coming for it.

"Everyone makes mistakes, but if you identify a weakness, you work on it on the training ground."

Former England keeper Phil Parkes
"As a goalkeeper you thrive on confidence"

BBC Sport's Alan Hansen gives his verdict on England v Macedonia
Seaman's last stand

Should England drop David Seaman?



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