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Saturday, 6 January, 2001, 14:08 GMT
Mini streaker on the pitch
An arresting sight on the Subbuteo surface
An arresting sight on the Subbuteo surface
Table football players are being given the chance to put off opponents - by throwing a streaker into their Subbuteo match.

The idea is the brainchild of Staffordshire shop owner Tom Taylor, who is selling the one-inch high nude figure along with a table-top policeman ready to make an "arrest".

Mr Taylor, who sells table football teams in his store in Lichfield, said: "If your opponent is about to take a shot and you think he can't miss, then all you have to do is throw on the streaker and the referee is obliged to stop the game."

He admitted that the streakers, which he says can be deployed only once during a match, are unlikely to be sanctioned by Subbuteo's governing body.

With the streaker also comes a policeman who your opponent must then try and flick from his own half and hit the streaker
  Manufacturer Tom Taylor
The hand-made streaker sets cost 7.99 each and there is a choice of either male or female figures in the nude.

Fiddly to make

Mr Taylor said: "With the streaker also comes a policeman who your opponent must then try and flick from his own half and hit the streaker.

"They are very fiddly to make, but if they prove popular we will have them mass-produced and the price will come down," the 48-year-old added.

Subbuteo has been in production for more than 50 years and the game has a range of accessories, including teams, miniature spectators and press cameramen behind the goals.

The streaker idea is thought to be a first.

The game has suffered a decline in popularity with children since the advent of computer games and Subbuteo's makers, Hasbro, announced that production would cease at the start of the year 2000.

A flood of protests and widespread media interest followed, prompting Hasbro to reverse the decision a week later.

Marketing experts dismissed the move as a publicity stunt, an accusation denied by Hasbro.

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