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Women's World Twenty20 final as it happened

ICC Women's World Twenty20 Final, Lord's:
England 86-4 (17 overs) beat New Zealand 85 (20 overs) by six wickets


By Mark Mitchener


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1328: Charlotte Edwards lifts the trophy, streamers and confetti shoot into the air and the champagne flows. England are World Twenty20 champions. TMS are going off air - we're going to close proceedings too as England begin their lap of honour, but TMS will be back on Five Live ahead of the men's final, and we'll be back with the live text in a while for all the build-up. Do join us then - but if you're English, you can be very proud of your women's team today.

England captain Charlotte Edwards: "This has got to be the proudest day of my life - I didn't think it could get any better after the World Cup but to win here at Lord's was amazing. I think it was our best bowling performance of the tournament so it was great that it was in the final. New Zealand came out and bowled well, they were unbeaten coming into this game so we were lucky to beat another great New Zealand team. We'll celebrate tonight, but we're then straight into one-dayers and the Ashes"

1324: England collect their medals - the XI on duty today plus non-playing squad members Isa Guha, Danielle Hazell and Ebony Rainford-Brent.

New Zealand captain Aimee Watkins: "I don't think we were nervous, we were just outplayed by the better team. We've had a good tournament and we deserved to be here, but we overestimated the pitch - we thought it was a good batting deck but the England bowlers made it move around well. Our bowlers did well but we just didn't have enough runs on the board"

1321: New Zealand troop up to collect their losing finalists' medals, while the Sri Lanka men's players appear on the outfield. Their game starts at 1500 BST.

Claire Taylor on picking up the player of the tournament award: "I'm going to have to get a stronger shelf"

1319: The jury for the player of the tournament award - which includes BBC Sport's own Alison Mitchell - have chosen England's Claire Taylor to win the award.

Player of the match Katherine Brunt: "Lord's suits my bowling and we want to keep coming here - the crowd were amazing. It wasn't a high score to chase, but they put us under a lot of pressure and we got a bit twitchy at one point"

1316: Huge cheers as Katherine Brunt gets the player of the match award.

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From FleetJackHobbs on 606: "When you think how the Ferns had played in this tournament up to now, that is an utterly amazing performance from England. Throw away the book of superlatives. England women have just rewritten it"
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England batter Claire Taylor on TMS: "It's brilliant - the bowlers did well, we fielded like demons and had them on the rocks so it's great to get over the line. We've won two finals this year, the atmosphere here was incredible so to come here and put on a show was brilliant. We've got two days off, then some one-dayers against Australia and then the Ashes so we hope people will come and support us"

England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor on TMS: "I don't think we could have asked for anything more. To try so hard and come away with the victory was fantastic. We're a confident all-round side - we had the World Cup final in the back of our minds, but Laney [coach Mark Lane] is very good at keeping us focused. Laura Marsh made the early breakthrough and Katherine Brunt bowled very well. That's probably the best day I've ever had with the gloves"

Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

Legendary ex-England captain Rachael Heyhoe-Flint on TMS: "I was nervous all the way through as there's many a slip between cup and first slip, so to speak - but it was a wonderful advert for cricket, let alone women's cricket. Sarah Taylor was outstanding"

1303: England captain Charlotte Edwards leads her team on an impromptu lap of honour around Lord's, to huge cheers from the fans.


17th over - Eng 86-4
Taylor pushes Browne for a single, England are down to needing single figures. Gunn doubles her score with a single, Taylor fluently cover-drives for two. Six to win. Another square drive is fielded in front of the Tavern as they run two - even the occupants of the England dug-out are allowing themselves to smile now. And fittingly, Taylor punches the last ball of the over back past the bowler for four through long-off - England complete a deserved six-wicket victory. Taylor finishes with 39 from 32 balls.

From Halibut, Lincoln, TMS inbox: "Did you know that St John's Wood is the only London Underground station which doesn't contain any letters from the word "mackerel'"

Never heard that one - but Swindon Town is the only Football League club to follow the same criteria...

16th over - Eng 76-4
Jenny Gunn is the new batter, she steers her first ball for a single. Taylor cover-drives a single and trots through for a single to keep the strike.

Wicket falls

15.4 overs - WICKET - Greenway b Devine 3 - Eng 74-4
Doolan's off after one expensive over and Sophie Devine returns - Greenway chips her over mid-on for two, but is then bowled aiming a big hit over mid-wicket.

15th over - Eng 72-3
So, can Lydia Greenway see England home after her impressive performance in the field? Browne nudges England's score up one with a wide, then Greenway is off the mark with a single off the final delivery.

Wicket falls

14.3 overs - WICKET - Morgan c McGlashan b Browne 6 - Eng 70-3
Having been dropped earlier Morgan tries to force the pace but doesn't get a second "life" as McGlashan leaps up at mid-wicket to take the catch.

14th over - Eng 70-2
New Zealand turn to Lucy Doolan's off-spin, she took 3-23 in the World Cup final but Taylor, who's an excellent player of spin, immediately carves a three down to third man, Morgan is happy to rotate the strike so Taylor can steer two through mid-wicket and another three to third man (the four is stopped by some impressive fielding). Doolan appeals for lbw as Morgan turns a single off bat and pad - an expensive over for Doolan as England need just 16 to win from 36 balls.

13th over - Eng 60-2
Browne has a chance to redeem herself as she becomes the fourth right-arm seamer used by the White Ferns. Taylor and Morgan keep the singles flowing, Browne fires in a legside wide and England are on cruise control now.

From Dan Lucas, TMS inbox: "This tournament has finally provided a solution to England's wicketkeeping problem... Sarah Taylor should slot in nicely between Colly and Mascarenhas, and fulfil the role far more effectively than Foster, Mustard et al"

12th over - Eng 54-2
Shot of the day from Taylor, fluently whipping Bates off her legs for four through square leg. That relieved the pressure (if there was any). A single takes her to 16, and memories of her being dropped on nought are fading fast. Morgan tries to work one to leg and they run a leg bye, Taylor hangs her bat out at a wide one and they run one - then it's Morgan's turn to be dropped as she spoons a catch to square leg and the catch is put down by Nicola Browne.

11th over - Eng 47-2
Morgan plays and misses as Pulford seems to find an extra yard of pace after that wicket in her previous over. A single doubles her score, then Taylor shows her power with a fierce four past the bowler, and she also pinches the strike with a single.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's Alex Gulrajani at Lord's: "St John's Wood tube station and the streets around Lord's are a sea of green and purple as desperate Pakistan and Sri Lankan fans search for any spare tickets. In the ground the beer is flowing as fluidly as Kiwi wickets with England fans hopeful of victory"

10th over - Eng 41-2
With Ruck's spell completed, Suzie Bates takes over with her right-arm medium pace. Beth Morgan is the new batter - she and Claire Taylor saw England home in the semi-final, and Taylor is quickly rotating the strike with a single. Morgan - whose uncle is former England and Notts spinner Eddie Hemmings - is off the mark by jabbing a single.

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - S Taylor c Priest b Pulford 23 - Eng 39-2
Sarah Taylor pushes Pulford for two through mid-wicket - there's some good understanding between the unrelated Taylors as a couple of quick singles are run, but Sarah's innings is ended as she nicks one to the keeper.

Clare Connor

Clare Connor on TMS: "Having won the World Cup in March, there's been no complacency from England - Charlotte Edwards and coach Mark Lane always want to keep pushing them on"

8th over - Eng 35-1
Aggers is joined by former England skipper Clare Connor on TMS as the Taylors exchange singles - Sarah guides the last ball through the covers for one.

Jonathan Agnew

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Dropping Claire Taylor on nought is like dropping Sachin Tendulkar on nought - you've got to take those"

7th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 32-1
Sarah Taylor continues to work the White Ferns' attack all around the wicket, thumping Pulford for a four through mid-wicket before using her wrists well to guide a single to fine leg. Then, Claire Taylor rides her luck as she edges, keeper Priest gets a hand to it but can't hold on and that's four. As the Mitchell and Webb snooker commentators might say - ooh, that's a bad miss.

6th over - Eng 23-1
Sarah Taylor guides Ruck off her legs for two, a single takes her to 13 but Claire Taylor is subdued so far, yet to score from her first seven balls faced. Kiwis were 18-2 at this stage.

From Winner in Brussels, TMS inbox: "Excellent for England! Given their heroics against Australia, I was very disappointed to see such heavily edited highlights later that day... Can we expect longer highlights tonight, this is England, in a world final, in England after all! Come on the girls!"

FYI, you can see highlights of both finals tonight at 2305 on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website (UK users only).

5th over - Eng 20-1
Kate Pulford, who is a chartered accountant, replaces Devine at the Nursery End with more right-arm seam. Sarah Taylor carves a single through the covers, her namesake Claire is beaten with a beaut of a delivery past her outside edge. Just that one run from the over as Pulford varies her pace well.

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From andypints on 606: "Maybe the England men's team should have played the Kiwi ladies in the final, that would have made it a fairer contest. Superb effort by England..."
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4th over - Eng 19-1
The only trouble for New Zealand taking that wicket is that it brings Claire Taylor to the crease, the number one batter in women's world cricket. She defends her first ball.

Wicket falls

3.5 overs - WICKET - Edwards b Ruck 9 - Eng 19-1
Ruck slants in a wide full toss, Edwards helps herself and crashes it through gully for four. Another fluent cut brings her four more, but then the skipper aims a slog across the line and is bowled.

3rd over - Eng 11-0
Devine's line and length is, well, divine for the moment as she sends down five dot balls until Taylor lofts a four over mid-off's head.

From Spike, TMS inbox: "I am curious to know if sledging goes on in women's cricket, and if it does, what do they sledge each other about? Overweight husbands?"

2nd over - Eng 7-0
Sian Ruck, who was largely blameless in New Zealand's collapse (she was number 11, making 0 not out after not facing a ball) opens up with her left-arm swing and starts with a wide. Geoff Lawson on TMS thinks she resembles Australia's Nathan Bracken, as both are left-arm swing bowlers with flowing blonde hair. Charlotte Edwards is off the mark with a single, Taylor clips a single to fine leg. Edwards tries to find the gap in the covers but Devine makes a good stop at cover point.

From Charlie, Winchester, TMS inbox: "Unless the men buck up, we could see 'Lord's' renamed 'Ladies'"

1st over - Eng 4-0
Sophie Devine takes the first over for the White Ferns, but you can't bowl outside off stump to Sarah Taylor - she guides a perfect cover drive for four to get England going. A sedate start by Taylor's standards, but with such a low target, no need to panic.

1157: So, a marvellous fielding and bowling performance from England at the home of cricket. I think even the most hard-nosed New Zealand fan would admit they're second favourites here - but they're already out in the field, and as Twenty20 often shows, there's no such thing as a sure thing...

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Not all over for NZ yet - my team defended 79 this week, although it was on a pitch best described as a sponge with an outfield that resembled a cabbage patch"

From Jason, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "The opening spell is a headline writer's dream - White Ferns couldn't bear the Brunt of England's Bowling!"

From Helen in Brum, TMS inbox: "Is it too early to suggest the girls should be SPOTY Team of the Year? Mind you, if the boys regain the Ashes I'll happily see the girls in second behind them!"

Wicket falls

20th over - WICKET - Devine run out (Greenway/S Taylor) 10 - NZ 85 all out
The innings concludes by showing England's utter dominance as Devine pushes a single through mid-wicket New Zealand go for a suicidal second run and Devine is run out by a third of the length of the pitch.

Wicket falls

19.5 overs - WICKET - Pulford c C Taylor b Edwards 14 - NZ 84-9
Captain Charlotte Edwards to bowl her off-spin for the last over. Pulford can't get the first ball away, then nudges a single to fine leg. Devine tries to force a long-hop down the leg side, a rare lapse by Shaw at fine leg allows the ball to shoot through for four, despite a despairing dive by Caroline Atkins in front of the rope. Taylor misses a stumping chance on the off side as they run a bye, but Edwards claims her first wicket when Pulford pops a straightforward catch up to cover.

19th over - NZ 78-8
Pulford jabs a quick single, Sarah Taylor throws to the bowler's end but the throw just misses the stumps and hits Gunn on the shin. Devine square-cuts, it flies just over Colvin at point and they run three. Pulford steers a two to long-on then blasts a four through mid-wicket, keeping the strike with a single. But with the other four bowlers having completed their spells, who will bowl the last over?

From ARC at Lord's, TMS inbox: "The run in Brunt's final over was a leg bye so her figures were the even more impressive 4-2-6-3"

18th over - NZ 67-8
Kate Pulford, who's opened for the White Ferns before now, aims a full-blooded cover drive but it flies off the edge down to third man for four - only the third boundary of the innings. A slower ball is hoisted over the bowler's head, but just short of a fielder and they run one. Shaw finishes with 2-17.

Wicket falls

17.4 overs - WICKET - Satterthwaite c C Taylor b Shaw 19 - NZ 62-8
Shaw replaces Colvin at the Nursery End, and gets away with one down the leg side which is lucky not to be called a wide. Satterthwaite aims an ungainly slog but can't get the ball off the pitch, then forces a two off her legs down towards the Tavern. But trying to force the pace even more, she spoons an easy catch to Claire Taylor at mid-wicket.

17th over - NZ 60-7
Sophie Devine, also wearing a cap ("she's a cousin of a cousin of a cousin of mine", admits Lucy Pearson on TMS) swipes at the last ball of the over and they run three past backward point.

Wicket falls

16.5 overs - WICKET - Tsukigawa c S Taylor b Gunn 5 - NZ 57-7
Tsukigawa jabs a single, a firm Satterthwaite straight-drive brings another but Gunn keeps it tight, backed up by some more enthusiastic fielding. Tsukigawa tries to heave through the leg side, but doesn't connect well and they run two. Another attempted cross-batted heave feathers an edge to the delighted Sarah Taylor. Gunn looks thrilled too - remember, she missed the World Cup final through injury.

16th over - NZ 53-6
Satterthwaite skies, safely, into the leg side and they run one - that's 50 for the White Ferns but they're going to struggle to set a competitive total here. Tsukigawa straight-drives Colvin for a single, Satterthwaite carves one to long-on. Tsukigawa shovels a single through mid-wicket, and Colvin finishes with 0-17 from her four overs.

Lucy Pearson

Lucy Pearson on TMS: "New Zealand have not played with the bravery we might expect from a Kiwi side"

15th over - NZ 49-6
New batter Sarah Tsukigawa is the first Kiwi to choose a cap rather than a helmet, but they ran on the catch so Satterthwaite is on strike . An on-drive brings her a single, Tsukigawa - who is a teacher - survives her first ball.

Wicket falls

14.3 overs - McGlashan c Greenway b Gunn 9 - NZ 48-6
Time for England's "death bowler" - seamer Jenny Gunn, who's their answer to Umar Gul. Satterthwaite tries to push a quick single but is sent back, the throw comes in to Sarah Taylor but the third umpire says that's not out. A leg bye keeps the score ticking, but McGlashan perishes when she tries the aerial route and Greenway sinks to her knees to take the catch at long-off.

14th over - DROPPED CATCH - NZ 47-5
Satterthwaite gets an edge, but it bounces off the glove of Taylor standing up to the stumps and they run one. A misfield allows McGlashan a single, then there's another sharp chance as Satterthwaite straight-drives, Colvin gets both hands to it but can't hold on and they run two. Satterthwaite tries to punch the last ball through mid-wicket, but superb full-length dive by Lydia Greenway in front of the Mound Stand prevents the four.

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13th over - NZ 43-5
McGlashan, whose brother Peter kept wicket for New Zealand in the men's tournament, tries to push a quick single into the covers, there's never a run there! But Charlotte Edwards' throw is a little wild and McGlashan, sent back, makes her ground safely. She guides a two down to fine leg, then carves another single to long-on. Satterthwaite reaches double figures with a single, but there's still no acceleration from the White Ferns yet.

From conosu2 on 606: "The women's enthusiasm bowls me over (pun intended). I love the way they work so hard for each other - England women cricketers are absolutely superb."
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12th over - NZ 39-5
Satterthwaite forces a single to leg, McGlashan dabs another through mid-wicket. Satterthwaite tries to take Colvin on over the top, but can only steer a single to long-on. Colvin is the leading wicket-taker in the tournament, but is wicketless so far as McGlashan rounds off the over with another single.

11th over - NZ 35-5
While Alison and Geoff Lawson on TMS ponder the use of the nickname "Blue Lions" for England's women, new batter Sara McGlashan steers her first ball for a single. Satterthwaite then gets a leading edge which falls just out of the reach of the onrushing Claire Taylor in the deep. And we have the first two of the innings as the right-handed McGlashan edges a two past backward point.

Wicket falls

10.3 overs - WICKET - Browne b Shaw 1 - NZ 31-5
Shaw from the Pavilion End, Satterthwaite tries to work her to leg but misses and they run a leg bye. Shaw then fires in a yorker and Browne is bowled off her pad! "New Zealand are in dire straits", says Alison Mitchell on TMS.

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From Harriet, Portsmouth, via text on 81111: "Already so proud of the girls, it's an amazing time for women's cricket!"

10th over - NZ 30-4
Teenage left-arm spinner Holly Colvin, a thick strip of sun cream across her cheeks, begins her spell with a full toss which Satterthwaite drives for a single to long-on. Bowling over the wicket, Colvin strays with three legside wides, the third of which is rather harsh as it nearly hits the leg stump! Browne straight-drives the last ball, but Colvin dives to her left to field well off her own bowling.

9th over - NZ 26-4
Nicky Shaw, who won the player of the match award in the World Cup final for her all-round contribution, comes in with her right-arm medium-fast seam. Satterthwaite jabs a single, Browne - who has played netball to national standard - is off the mark as she steers one off her legs. Satterthwaite keeps the strike, but England have really got the brakes on here - we haven't had a two all innings.

8th over - NZ 23-4
Brunt nearly finds the edge of new batter Nicola Browne's willow with her final delivery, and takes a huge ovation from the growing Lord's crowd as she retires with figures of 4-1-7-3. Well done indeed.

Out for a duck

7.5 overs - WICKET - Priest c & b Brunt 0 - NZ 23-4
New batter is wicketkeeper Rachel Priest, whose full-time job is as an orchid worker. But her innings fails to flower as a cross-batted heave skies into the air and is taken by the delighted "Barnsley Express"!

Wicket falls

7.2 overs - WICKET - Doolan c S Taylor b Brunt 14 - NZ 23-3
Brunt will complete her spell here as well - Satterthwaite steers a single down towards the Pavilion, then Doolan tries the "Dil-Scoop" as perfected by Sri Lanka's Tillakaratne Dilshan, trying to shovel the ball over the keeper's head, but only succeeds in scooping a catch to Sarah Taylor who dives to her right behind the timbers!

7th over - NZ 22-2
The field scatters as the powerplay is over, but Marsh is going to bowl her four overs off the reel. Doolan, her long mane of blonde curls reaching down from her helmet to obscure the name on the back of her shirt, steers a single, Satterthwaite does likewise and Doolan guides another to fine leg. A rare blemish in the field, off her own bowling, allows a single off the last ball as Marsh finishes with 1-16.

6th over - NZ 18-2
Brunt charges in for her third over, and hits Satterthwaite on the pad. Brunt shows her accuracy with some deadly yorkers, and then has Satterthwaite fishing at thin air outside off stump. There's a half-hearted lbw appeal off the last ball, but that's a superb maiden over - Barnsley-born Brunt has 1-6.

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From Adrian, Bedford, via text on 81111: "Come on girls. Do England proud! Looking forward to seeing the team have success where the boys failed. Give us all something to cheer about!"

5th over - NZ 18-2
It's still Marsh's off-spin as Doolan bashes another four through the covers before guiding a single through square leg. Satterthwaite adds another single.

Lucy Pearson

Former England pace bowler Lucy Pearson on TMS: "Aimee Watkins will be very disappointed with that shot - her eyes were nowhere near the ball, and she's missed an opportunity to put New Zealand on the map here"

4th over - NZ 12-2
One left-hander replaces another but Brunt is right on the money, firing in a yorker at the toes of new batter Amy Satterthwaite. The White Ferns' vice-captain is barely able to work the ball off the square, eventually clipping a single off her legs. Doolan off-drives, three fielders converge and she picks up a single.

Wicket falls

3.1 overs - WICKET - Watkins b Brunt 2 - NZ 10-2
Brunt shatters Watkins' stumps - a huge wicket for England, notes my match-report colleague Oliver Brett.

3rd over - NZ 10-1
Marsh bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Watkins, who sweeps and misses at a wide before steering a single through the covers. Doolan flicks a single off her legs, then Watkins has to keep her back foot in the crease as Taylor whips off the bails for an attempted stumping. The skipper keeps the strike with a single.

From Josh, Fareham, TMS inbox: "Mark, the two verses of the New Zealand national anthem are one in English and the other a Maori version of the same verse"

Well, I grew up in Fareham and thank you very much for the info.

2nd over - NZ 6-1
So, can Lucy Doolan repeat her heroics from the World Cup final, in which she staged a one-woman recovery after New Zealand lost early wickets, and nearly earned herself the player of the match award in a losing cause? She'll have to face seamer Katherine Brunt, who keeps a tight line and length early on from the Nursery End. England are lively in the field, as ever, but Doolan eventually pierces the infield with a firm cover-driven four towards the Mound Stand.

Alison Mitchell

Alison Mitchell on TMS: "Katherine Brunt is still sporting a real shiner after she was hit on the eye in fielding practice the other day, but she's a bowler who can make things happen and a fierce competitor"

1st over - NZ 2-1
Kiwi captain Aimee Watkins is the new batter, so we have a left-hand/right-hand combo. Her first ball is a dot.

Wicket falls

0.5 overs - WICKET - Bates st S Taylor b Marsh 1 - NZ 2-1
Marsh gives her off-spin a bit of air against Bates, who straight-drives a single to get New Zealand under way. Doolan jabs a single to leg, then Bates dances down the track and is smartly stumped by Sarah Taylor!

1029: Lucy Doolan and Suzie Bates are opening for New Zealand - while England choose to hand the new ball to off-spinner Laura Marsh. Here we go.

A celebrity has been spotted

1026: Teams are out in front of the pavilion for the anthems. New Zealand's (which appears to get two verses) is sung lustily by some of their fans around Lord's (many of whom are clad in the iconic Beige Brigade gear). England captain Charlotte Edwards and batter Beth Morgan earn the prize for the most heartfelt singing of "God Save the Queen". And former Prime Minister John Major is watching too.

1017: Here are the full teams:

England: Sarah Taylor (wk), Charlotte Edwards (capt), Claire Taylor, Beth Morgan, Lydia Greenway, Jenny Gunn, Caroline Atkins, Nicky Shaw, Katherine Brunt, Holly Colvin, Laura Marsh.

New Zealand: Lucy Doolan, Suzie Bates, Aimee Watkins (capt), Amy Satterthwaite, Nicola Browne, Sara McGlashan, Rachel Priest (wk), |Sarah Tsukigawa, Sophie Devine, Kate Pulford, Sian Ruck.

And just a quick note on terminology for this game. While my love of a certain American sport occasionally gets me into trouble for use of "baseball-speak", I make no apologies for any reference today to "batters". It's what the players themselves say... and avoids any problems over references to batsmen, batswomen, batspeople or batgirls!

1014: Don't forget, we want you involved today with both finals. E-mail us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - this is extra-important today because we're bound to be deluged with Formula 1 texts too) or use 606. As "englandmad666" has done...

Get involved on 606

From englandmad666 on 606: "Good luck today girls. Come on England!"

1010: Aggers has been joined on TMS today by England legend Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. He's got a cold, and Rachael is already suggesting he sends for the Lemsip.

1002: England have won the toss, and captain Charlotte Edwards elects to field first. She thinks any help to the bowlers from the conditions is likely to come early. New Zealand captain Aimee Watkins (the artist formerly known as Aimee Mason - she got married soon after the World Cup) says she'd have batted anyway. Both teams are unchanged from the semi-finals.

1000: Morning, everyone. It's almost three months to the day since I spent a long Saturday night watching England's women beat New Zealand to lift the World Cup. Today sees the White Ferns' chance for revenge - and England's chance to complete a "double" - in the inaugural Women's World Twenty20 final.
REPORT (March 2009): The Women's World Cup final as it happened

Another curious link between that game and this one is that England's victory that day at the North Sydney Oval came on Mothering Sunday - while today is Father's Day. If there are any cricket-loving fathers reading this, I hope you'll allow us to be your guide for an exciting day of action from Lord's, the home of cricket - as the women's final will be followed by the men's final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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