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Women's World Cup final
North Sydney Oval, 22 March 2009
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ICC Women's World Cup Final, North Sydney Oval:
England 167-6 (46.1 overs) beat New Zealand 166 (47.2 overs) by four wickets


By Mark Mitchener

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0553: The champagne is uncorked, and Charlotte Edwards lifts the World Cup trophy as England's achievement begins to sink in. And as the celebrations begin - and threaten to continue long into the night in Sydney - we're going to wrap things up here.

Thanks if you've stayed with us through the night - it's been a day to remember for England's women. Later this afternoon (UK time), we'll be back with the men's team for the second ODI in the West Indies, when Pranav Soneji will be in the live text chair - but until then, think on this. ENGLAND ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

"It's an amazing feeling to be world champions - it didn't matter how we got there as long as we got over the line. We told the girls they had to take their opportunities and Nicky has done that today with four wickets and seeing us home. I don't think it will sink in for a while, but this is a special moment and we'll remember this for the rest of our lives"
England captain Charlotte Edwards

"We made it hard for ourselves with the batting, but they outplayed us in all facets of the game. We'll be back in four years and we'll be giving it another go"
New Zealand captain Haidee Tiffen

"It's been an amazing two-and-a-half weeks, but it's been four years in the planning. I'm just pleased to have put in some performances for the team"
Claire Taylor

0543: Player of the tournament is... Claire Taylor.

"I started the day crying, and I finished the day crying. Jenny had a calf strain, but she's been brilliant and I just took my opportunity on the day"
England all-rounder Nicky Shaw, player of the match

0539: The player of the match is... Nicky Shaw. (Hopefully with an honourable mention for Lucy Doolan, who gave everything).

"Wow... well done girls! I've been up listening to the commentary at uni biting my nails"
Richard, University of Leicester, in the TMS inbox

"It was pretty disappointing - we didn't perform the way we know we can - whether we'd got 166 or 300 we needed to defend the total"
New Zealand spinner Aimee Mason

"Charlotte Edwards has led the team brilliantly over the last few years - Jenny Gunn has played nearly every game over the last four years, but Nicky Shaw has come in and if anyone's made sure their name is the first on the team sheet next time, it's her"
Former England captain and ECB head of women's cricket Clare Connor on Five Live Sports Extra

0527: It's hugs and handshakes all round - and the tears are flowing for many of the side, who have worked so long and so hard to achieve this.


46.1 overs - Eng 167-6
Holly Colvin guides Suzie Bates through mid-wicket for a single - and ENGLAND ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

46th over - Eng 166-6
As if to announce their superiority, England take their batting powerplay - as if it will make any difference. Colvin tries to on-drive Devine, but can't get it past the bowler. A full toss... but Colvin hits it along the ground, straight to Tiffen at mid-wicket. Then, Colvin straight-drives, the scores are level, and the fairytale ending for Nicky Shaw - who was only called into the team half-an-hour before play when Jenny Gunn was injured but took 4-34 - is nearly complete. Shaw drives... but can't get it past the field and loses the strike!

45th over - Eng 165-6
Suddenly it's all England as Bates strays down the leg side with a wide, and the batters run one. Shaw forces another single down to fine leg to take England within five. Colvin forces a single to wide mid-on, and a boundary would now do it. Shaw drives through the covers again, but they can only run two. Two needed from 30 balls - England have one hand and three or four fingers on the World Cup.

44th over - Eng 159-6
There are a few bitten nails on the England bench as Colvin tries to smack Tsukigawa through the mid-wicket area, captain Tiffen gets a hand to it but can only palm the ball into the air like a goalkeeper as they run one. Shaw has the England bench on their feet as she rocks back to bludgeon a four through the covers. With only 12 needed now, Tiffen keeps the field in, but Shaw hammers another boundary through cover point - and just as how two wickets can change a game, those two fours have put England firmly back in the driving seat.

43rd over - Eng 150-6
After struggling with her line in the last over, Mason is taken off with one over remaining and Suzie Bates is recalled. Colvin is off the mark with a firmly-driven single, but Bates is right on the money with a succession of yorkers which Shaw can only dig out of the blockhole.

42nd over - Eng 149-6
New batter is Holly Colvin. Immaculate forward defensive from Shaw from the final ball. England need 18 from 48 balls, but now have just four wickets left.

Wicket falls

41.5 overs - WICKET - Morgan run out 9 - Eng 149-6

An interesting bowling change as Devine comes off and Tsukigawa, whose first two overs cost 14, is recalled. Morgan then pushes for a quick single to short third man, there's hesitation between the two batters, and Morgan looks well short at the bowler's end. It's referred to the third umpire, but she's out!

41st over - Eng 149-5
England will be relieved that Mason can only bowl two more overs, having taken 2-23 from her first eight. A wide chips away at England's target, then Mason fizzes another couple of wides down the leg side as some nerves begin to show. Shaw adds two more runs off the bat, 18 runs now needed from 54.

I realise we've seen plenty of tight finishes from similar situations from the men's team, but with the Sydney weather set to hold fair, we can only hope that my colleague Aimee Lewis will not be called upon to adjudicate on the rain regulations, along with Vera Duckworth...

40th over - Eng 144-5
Devine has a slip in for new batter Shaw, but the all-rounder crashes a fearsome cover drive inches wide of the cover fielder and it sails through for four. Shaw tries to turn a single to fine leg, they scamper one and it's signalled as a leg-bye.

39th over - Eng 139-5
The new batter is the right-handed Nicky Shaw, who's only batted twice in the tournaments so far, but was the pick of England's bowlers with 4-34. They crossed on the catch - Morgan sees off the rest of Mason's over.

Wicket falls

38.3 overs - WICKET - Greenway c Satterthwaite b Mason 8 - Eng 139-5

Greenway defends well against Mason, but can't time it when she attempts a big hit over the top. And after another wide, Greenway tries a similar shot - but top-edges a skier to Satterthwaite running back at mid-off. A drinks break is taken - is the pressure getting to England?

38th over - Eng 138-4
Devine varies her pace well against Morgan, who pushes a well-run single to mid-off. Greenway comes out of her crease to nudge a single through mid-wicket. A legside wide pushes England's total slightly closer. 29 needed from 72 balls.

Alison Mitchell

"It was these two out in the middle for England against New Zealand in the Super Sixes - it was a flurry from this pair which put on a good partnership after a collapse"
Alison Mitchell on Five Live Sports Extra

37th over - Eng 135-4
Mason gives it plenty of flight against Greenway, who firmly drives past extra cover for her first four, to the delight of the England bench.

36th over - Eng 131-4
With Doolan off, New Zealand turn back to opening bowler Sophie Devine, and left-hander Greenway manages to rotate the strike with a single - a tidy over from the seamer. England need 36 from 14 overs.

35th over - Eng 130-4
Morgan opens her account with a well-timed four through the covers against Mason, then sweeps just out of the reach of fine leg for four more. And you'd think Morgan should know how to play off-spin - as her uncle is former England off-spinner Eddie Hemmings!

"Was in NZ a couple of years back and they do seem to pay a lot more attention to women's sport - think we need a bit more 'sport is cool' for girls these days"
Dave in the TMS inbox

34th over - Eng 122-4
From England's point of view, they'll be quite pleased this is the last over that New Zealand's talisman Lucy Doolan can bowl - Alison Mitchell feels they'll be happy to see her off and then attack the seamers. There's a loud appeal against Greenway, but she was struck outside the line of off stump. Greenway can't get it past the infield, and Doolan retires to the outfield with figures of 10-4-23-3. Take a bow, Lucy - you've had a storming match.

33rd over - Eng 122-4
Greenway dabs Mason for a single, Morgan is still yet to score.

32nd over - Eng 121-4
New batter is Beth Morgan, who sees off the rest of the over. England have relied on their top three in most of the competition, but can the middle and lower order finish the job?

Wicket falls

31.4 overs - WICKET - Edwards c Priest b Doolan 10 - Eng 121-4

It's still Doolan, who bowls her off-spin with quite a fast run-up, but Edwards - who seems to favour the cut shot almost as much as Tim Ambrose does - guides another deft late cut past the keeper for two. But then Edwards' innings is ended as she's adjudged to be caught behind with a faint edge off Doolan, who takes a third wicket. Edwards isn't happy, but there's not much she can do about it - no referrals in this game!

Look, whatever the result, what about Lucy Doolan for player of the match?

31st over - Eng 119-3
Mason, still bowling in sunglasses, gives it some air against Greenway, who sweeps and gets a top-edge but it falls safely. Edwards shoulders arms as ump Davis signals a wide, before clipping a single off her toes.

30th over - Eng 116-3
Doolan drops one short outside off stump and Edwards hammers it through point for four, but that's the only scoring stroke from the over. England need 51 from 20 overs.

"Am currently working in Sydney centre and am gutted not to be across the bridge cheering on the ladies who are doing so well! Keep it up gals, might see you afterwards for a drink!"
Anthony (Pom in Sydney!) in the TMS inbox
[He did send this before those two wickets fell]

29th over - Eng 112-3
Edwards needs to rebuild her team's innings here - but manages to rotate the strike against Mason so New Zealand have to deal with the old left-hand/right-hand combo. Greenway lets a couple go outside off stump, then tries a reverse sweep but it goes straight to a fielder.

28th over - Eng 111-3
Suddenly, England have two new batters in as Edwards is joined by left-hander Lydia Greenway. Doolan completes another wicket maiden and has figures of 7-3-17-2.

Wicket falls

27.2 overs - WICKET - Atkins c Devine b Doolan 40 - Eng 111-3

Is this where it suddenly goes wrong for England? Atkins pops a catch to backward point, where Sophie Devine takes an excellent tumbling catch! 'Nelson' strikes!

27th over - Eng 111-2
Skipper Charlotte Edwards is off the mark with a two off her first ball, before seeing off the rest of Mason's over.

Wicket falls

26.2 overs - WICKET - C Taylor b Mason 21 - Eng 109-2

Aimee Mason deceives Taylor with one that spins through and removes Taylor's middle-and-off stumps. Fuelled by her namesake's wicket, my match-report colleague Aimee Lewis asks "Mitch, what have you written?", fearing that I had commentator's-cursed Taylor. Not guilty, your honour.

26th over - Eng 109-1
More careful accumulation from Taylor and Atkins against Doolan's accurate off-spin. Time (and runs) running out for the White Ferns.

25th over - Eng 106-1
Aimee Mason becomes New Zealand's seventh bowler, so we have off-spin at both ends. Atkins paddle-sweeps and they run two as she moves to 40, while Mason strays with a wide.

"Hi Mark - over here in your favourite American town, it's just past port-and-stilton o'clock, so no sleep deprivation following this great performance. Have you been following the World Baseball Classic? Korea are stuffing Venezuela almost as much as England are stuffing the Kiwis, for anyone who cares. It's the nearest to cricket I can get on the telly over here"
Don, wide awake in Houston, Texas, in the TMS inbox

24th over - Eng 103-1
With England's women looking in control, the Aussie commentators on Five Live Sports Extra engage in some playful banter about the England men's team as Atkins nudges Doolan for a single before Taylor square-cuts at a loose delivery to bring up three figures for her country.

"They look in fine fettle right now, just waiting for the inevitable England collapse"
Nick in Las Vegas, taking a breather from the March Madness basketball, in the TMS inbox

23rd over - Eng 98-1
With the required run-rate now less than two-and-a-half runs per over, England don't have to take any risks, and Taylor defends an accurate maiden over from Browne.

22nd over - Eng 98-1
The enthusiastic Doolan, who races back to her mark after every delivery, is swept for a single by Atkins, while Taylor reaches 14 with a nudged single off her legs.

"I'm really enjoying the coverage of this superb English performance - but come on guys, surely it is possible to promote the women's game without knocking the men's?!"
Bertie in Royal Leamington Spa, in the TMS inbox

21st over - Eng 96-1
Tsukigawa's off after going for 14 in two overs and Nicola Browne returns, but Taylor smacks another short delivery through mid-wicket for four. An edge over the slips brings another single - more good fielding from Lucy Doolan at third man. Whether or not New Zealand can pull off a shock victory from this point, Doolan has impressed at every stage in batting, bowling and fielding.

"Claim to fame? Nicky Shaw used to live in my house and we receive her old post from time to time. Thanks to this World Cup I now know who she is (the ECB postage stamps were a give away) and can forward her mail to her!"
Ben in Loughborough in the TMS inbox

20th over - Eng 90-1
Doolan concedes a run for the first time when Atkins gets an edge and it sails between keeper and slip for two. England are now more than half way to their target. A legside wide advances the score, then Atkins bisects two cover fielders as another four takes her to 35.

19th over - Eng 83-1
Atkins clips a quick single to leg off Tsukigawa, then Claire Taylor is off the mark as she punches a four between gully and cover point. A more orthodox square cut brings another boundary to double her score. Clearly a multi-talented player - she also plays the violin in the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra.

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"The ladies are completely dominant. A pleasure to watch. And they look like they are enjoying every minute. How refreshing"
Rory, Fulham (wondering how Chelsea put on such an abject performance yesterday) via text on 81111

18th over - Eng 74-1
It's Taylor off, Taylor on as wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor is replaced by number three Claire Taylor - who's ranked as the number one ODI batter in the world. She's 33, and has scored 3,590 ODI runs at an average of more than 40 - and defends the rest of Doolan's over. Doolan has figure of 2-2-0-1.

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET - S Taylor c Tiffen b Doolan 39 - Eng 74-1

Trying to force the pace, wicketkeeper Taylor hands Kiwi captain Tiffen an easy catch at mid-wicket, but she can depart with her head held high after scoring 39 from just 45 balls.

17th over - Eng 74-0
It's a double change in the bowling as right-arm medium-pacer Sarah Tsukigawa becomes the sixth bowler used by the White Ferns. Taylor steers a two through the covers, before Suzie Bates makes a good stop on the boundary to turn four into three.

Alison Mitchell

"New Zealand's side is wholly amateur, although many of the England players are on Chance to Shine coaching contracts which allows them to train and play as appropriate"
Alison Mitchell on Five Live Sports Extra
INTERNET LINK: Chance to Shine

16th over - Eng 69-0
And as if by magic, we have some spin - the off-spin of Lucy Doolan, who rushes through an over of right-arm off-spin. Atkins tries to club her through mid-wicket, but doesn't time it and Doolan - who rescued New Zealand's innings going in at number nine - completes a maiden over.

15th over - Eng 69-0
Still Browne for her fifth over - presumably New Zealand will have to try a spinner at some point, as the seamers are proving easy pickings for England's opening pair. Plenty of debate on the radio about the row over Australia's male players like Stuart Clark being signed up by English counties - considering that plenty of this England women's squad had played in Australian domestic cricket in the build-up to this tournament. Just two singles taken.
REPORT: Strauss bemoans Australian county deals

14th over - Eng 67-0
Bates has just the one slip left in, but the singles continue to flow. Taylor is making the most of anything short of a length, smashing another pull shot towards cow corner for four.

"I wonder if the England men's team are watching from the West Indies. If they are, I hope they're taking notes!"
Charles, from Toronto, in the TMS inbox

13th over - Eng 62-0
Taylor keeps the scoreboard ticking over with a single off Browne, and New Zealand need a wicket more than ever. Atkins steers a controlled single wide of mid-on.

12th over - Eng 60-0
Suzie Bates, who missed out with the bat today, replaces Devine - she's another right-arm medium-paced seamer. But after a single from Atkins, a half-tracker gets the brutal treatment it deserves as Taylor smashes another four through mid-wicket. Taylor then shows a bit of improvisation, deliberately chipping over point and they run two. Taylor dabs another quick single, and is showing no sign of nerves on the big occasion.

11th over - Eng 52-0
Captain Haidee Tiffen claps her hands in encouragement as she signals for the second (fielding) powerplay to be taken, but her side look second best at the moment. Browne gets one to lift against Atkins, who steers a single, then Taylor has to duck another bouncer. A better over for the White Ferns.

"I have seen some women's cricket on YouTube, I haven't seen any present day men's cricketers play with such straight bats as these girls. Also, the England women's catching is of a very high standard. Perhaps they can coach the men's team"
R.Iyer from Boston, USA, in the TMS inbox

10th over - Eng 51-0
Atkins looks in excellent form, steering Devine for a two and a single, then when the Kiwi seamer drops one in short, another well-timed pull from Taylor brings her another four. The pair scamper through for two more as the England fifty is brought up.

"I've got to be up to cook my partner a Mother's Day brekkie in a few hours but this is great cricket. So much more enjoyable than the guys"
Mark in Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

9th over - Eng 42-0
Taylor rocks onto her back foot to pull Browne through mid-wicket for four, before a beautifully-timed cut rattles past third man for another boundary. A shorter delivery has the Sussex right-hander ducking out of the way, but the England team look in very good spirits on their bench in front of the pavilion.

"I think my theory has been well and truly proven false. I've got to say I'm proud of the English people staying up for this"
James, the now very tired student, in the TMS inbox

8th over - Eng 34-0
Pulford's off after all those wides and Devine has changed ends, but it's more of the same from England, who look firmly in charge as Atkins helps a full toss down to fine leg for two.

"The red light's flashing - this is danger for New Zealand, as England look comfortable"
Kerry O'Keefe on Five Live Sports Extra

7th over - Eng 32-0
First change of bowling as Nicola Browne, who took 78 balls to make 25 in the Kiwi innings, comes on with her right-arm medium pace. Atkins dabs a single to third man, Taylor delicately drives a four through the covers.

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"Sorry if this has been asked before but I am still in the dark of what those numbers mean under the three lions I notice it on the men's as well"
Anonymous, via text on 81111

It's their "cap number" - for example, England's men have used 642 players in Tests, so the most recent debutant, Amjad Khan, is number 642.
INTERNET LINK: England cap numbers, from Cricinfo

6th over - Eng 27-0
Three more wides from Pulford - two down the leg side, as well as an aerial one, which is well taken by keeper Rachel Priest. Taylor clips a single to fine leg, Atkins turns one well off her legs to keep the strike.

"Re: 'The frying pan' [36th over]. I might be wrong but I thought it was actually Andrew Strauss who pioneered the scoop over the shoulder and Ashraful deciding it was a good idea copied him using it in the same series (2005). I think Strauss gets a bad press as an ODI batsman, he was impressive before he was called up to the Test squad"
Gareth, Gloucester, in the TMS inbox

5th over - Eng 22-0
Taylor mistimes a full-bunger from Devine and can't get it past backward square leg, but then jabs a quickly-run single.

"The rapport between the England players and their coach Mark Lane is outstanding"
Kerry O'Keefe on Five Live Sports Extra

4th over - Eng 21-0
Pulford's line is all over the place, sending down her third wide before Atkins helps another single down to fine leg. Taylor keeps the score ticking over, and Atkins steers another two through the covers.

"Why do I feel compelled to check BBC Sport after a night on the falling down water? Now I'm stuck here until England's victory is assured. C'mon ladies!"
James, Newcastle, in the TMS inbox

3rd over - Eng 16-0
A waist-high full toss from Devine is helped through mid-wicket for two by Atkins. Devine has something wrong with her boot, and the runs continue to flow as Atkins cover-drives for two more. A single, and Caroline Mary Ghislaine Atkins (to give her full name) is off to a flier with 13 from 15 balls.

2nd over - Eng 11-0
Kate Pulford, opening the bowling as well as the batting, slings a wide down the leg side - then Atkins gets lucky as an edge falls just short of the two slips, and just between them, for four. The right-arm seamer strays with another wide, before Atkins delicately steers a single to third man.

Text in your views on 81111

"England win the Rugby World Cup, meet the Queen, civic reception, and honours. Same with Ashes squad 2005... Same this time? I bet not!"
Kevin, Wigan, via text on 81111

1st over - Eng 4-0
Regular openers Sarah Taylor and Caroline Atkins get England under way as Taylor steers opening bowler Sophie Devine for a cheeky single. Having taken three catches and a stumping (as well as inspiring some of you to call for her to be called up to the men's team), Taylor's having a great day so far. Atkinss, with a multicoloured bandana trailing out of the back of her helmet, swings and misses before pulling a short ball to the long leg fence. But an acrobatic stop from the long-haired Lucy Doolan, who top-scored for the Kiwis with 48, prevents a boundary.

0242: Right, we're nearly under way. And I nearly forgot to mention the time I was lucky enough to meet the stars of England's women's team (while interviewing Charlotte Edwards, Isa Guha and Beth Morgan) - it was in the bizarre confines of a cross-channel ferry. Take a look back on the TMS Blog to see how, and why...
TMS BLOG (2 July 2008): Making waves with England's women

0156: Well, I think England would have settled for that at the beginning of the day - needing just 167 to win the World Cup. While the players take a break between innings, we're going to take a break here - but make sure you're back when we resume...

Text in your views on 81111

"I think we should keep Prior in the men's batting line-up, but how about Sarah Taylor behind the stumps - she's flawless!"
Anonymous, via text on 81111

A similar point was made during a text commentary I did last summer (and even a Facebook group set up calling for her to keep wicket for the men's team) - her glovework was superb, let's see how many runs she makes opening the batting!


Wicket falls

47.2 overs - WICKET - Browne lbw b Shaw 25 - NZ 166 all out

Nicky Shaw looks set to complete her spell, having taken 3-34 from her first eight overs. Can Browne push the total on? No, she can't - a straight ball from Shaw thuds into her front pad and the innings is over! Shaw finishes with 4-34.

47th over - NZ 166-9
Rachel Priest is the last batter for New Zealand, renewing the great cricketing tradition of wicketkeepers batting at number 11 (as espoused by the likes of George Duckworth), and she defends the last ball of Edwards' over.

Out for a duck

46.5 overs - WICKET - Devine lbw b Edwards 0 - NZ 166-9

Edwards is quickly through her over, but sends down a wide to Browne, who then pulls a single to Marsh who is patrolling the mid-wicket boundary. Then Devine is trapped in front and the captain has a wicket!

46th over - NZ 164-8
The new batter is Sophie Devine, who has also donned a cap rather than a helmet - she can't get Marsh's final deliveries away.

Wicket falls

45.4 overs - Doolan st S Taylor b Marsh 48 - NZ 164-8

A half-hearted lbw shout from Marsh against Doolan, who then comes down the track and tries to hit Marsh over the top - but the's beaten in the flight by a quicker ball down the leg side (which is called a wide) and Sarah Taylor smartly whips off the bails! Big wicket for England.

45th over - NZ 163-7
Alison Mitchell returns in the commentary box, as umpire Steve Davis signals the batting powerplay - only three fielders allowed outside the circle for overs 45-49. Edwards fires one down the leg side and Browne helps it on its way for four. England are happy to concede singles at this stage, though as Doolan creeps up to 48.

44th over - NZ 157-7
Laura Marsh to return to the attack, what can Doolan do here? She swings and misses at the first ball, then a sweep brings her another single. Browne jabs a single into the covers, Doolan blasts another single to long-off. Another single ensures Browne takes the strike.

"Not just tired students, James [35th over], tired shift workers as well. But this performance is worth staying up for"
Sleepy Shiftworking Stef, Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

43rd over - NZ 153-7
Doolan reverse-sweeps Edwards, and that's four! It came off the back of her bat! Surely she could bat higher than number nine on this evidence... She keeps the strike with a single to long-on.

42nd over - NZ 148-7
Doolan steers Shaw for another single, Browne can't beat the infield until the penultimate delivery, Doolan is pushing singles at will and now has 40 not out.

And a bit of breaking news... Australia opening bowler Emma Sampson has retired.

"Just to reassure James (35th over), there are many non-students also watching/listening to this match... Nicky Shaw is my county captain, so I'm looking forward to having her bowling on my side this summer!"
Clarkie, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

41st over - NZ 145-7
England captain Charlotte Edwards introduces herself into the attack - she can bowl in several styles but this looks like some off-spin. Browne straight-drives, Edwards gets her foot down to the ball quickly and it nearly spills onto the stumps. Another impressive bowling change from "Lottie" as she sends down a rapid maiden over.

"They're not all tired students... I, for one, am fresh and raring to get stuck into this Structural Engineering paper I have to complete. Blimey, university's done weird things to my sleep cycles..."
Ewen, Northern Scotland, in the TMS inbox

40th over - NZ 145-7
After a single from Doolan, Shaw finds a good line and length against Browne. With just one four from nearly 60 balls faced, it might do England well to keep her on strike as much as possible... She pats a single into the off side, then a powerful straight-drive brings Doolan the seventh four of her innings. But the long-haired Doolan is then beaten by a clever slower ball from Shaw. Eyes down for the last 10.

39th over - NZ 139-7
Colvin continues to mesmerise Browne, just a single apiece for the Kiwi pair as the boundaries appear to have temporarily dried up. Colvin finishes with 1-27 from her 10 overs.

"While this country sleeps, our fabulous ladies' cricket team make muted headlines. Typical"
Alex C Meissner, Milton Keynes, in the TMS inbox

38th over - NZ 137-7
Doolan steers Shaw for another single through the covers, Brown nurdles another off the final delivery. I continue to marvel at England's over-rate.

Text in your views on 81111

"I'm enjoying this. Impressive fielding. Good backing up. They look fit and focused. Bring home the cup girls!"
Aliholli in Chester, via text on 81111

37th over - NZ 135-7
Colvin returns for her ninth over, will Doolan continue her attack? She's more watchful against the left-arm spinner and defends the first five balls before a powerful sweep to long leg brings a single.

"It's been brilliant - they're doing really well. It's been quite an emotional moment for Charlotte as her father died three years ago, but she thrives on pressure"
England captain Charlotte Edwards' mum Yvonne on Five Live Sports Extra

36th over - NZ 134-7
Marsh takes a break after eight overs and it's time for another burst from Nicky "Goldenarm" Shaw. After an exchange of singles which sees Browne finally move off 12 after nine overs on that total, Doolan gets outside the line and angles her bat well to sweep Shaw for four - a bit like the "frying-pan" over-the-shoulder shot as perfected by Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful, only flatter. Doolan jabs a single to backward point, a better over for the White Ferns, and it's time for another quick drinks break.

"For the 'Marsh XI' [28th over] - Jack Marsh (1874-1916). Australian who apparanty dismissed both Victor Trumper and Monty Noble. Isn't t'internet amazing. Keep up the good work, and COME ON ENGLAND!"
Mark Shuttleworth, Preston, in the TMS inbox

35th over - NZ 127-7
Brunt to continue for her final over - taking 1-32 from her first nine. Browne is concentrating on defence, and tries to dab a single down the leg side but it is signalled as a leg-bye and she's still stuck on 12. Doolan rotates the strike with a single.

"Is it just me or is there only tired students who follow the England women's cricket team's exploits?"
James, a tired student in York, in the TMS inbox

34th over - NZ 125-7
More counter-attacking from Doolan, who belts Marsh for another four through the covers before unleashing a furious pull shot through mid-wicket for four. No counting of chickens being done just yet.

"This is wonderful to listen to, a far cry from yesterday's debacle by the men, how many of the girls can we get into the Ashes team?! I'm doubly pleased they are doing well as a few of us from our club Wyre CC went to see England play New Zealand at Blackpool last year. We were all impressed with the attitude of the team when they played and also when they were sat with the crowd outside the pavilion and delighted that they all signed our club bat which we use with joy in our matches! Come on girls, bring that trophy home!"
James Bamford in the TMS inbox

33rd over - NZ 117-7
Doolan square-drives Brunt for four, and looks a good bat for a number nine. She steers a single through the covers, then Brunt is inches away from finding the edge of Browne, who has got rather bogged down and has not scored a run for six overs.

"Mark, please put my mind at rest. I should be confident that our ladies can do this, but I can't help imagining that the Kiwi ladies have a Vettori, McCullum or Ryder up their sleeves to foil our best intentions. Or something like that, I'm not quite sure how to express myself. Maybe I think Richard Hadlee's daughter is going to jump out of the shadows"
Steve, fingernails bitten to the quick, in Germany, in the TMS inbox

32nd over - NZ 112-7
Candidate for "shot of the day" from Doolan with an exquisite cover-driven four against Marsh. Doolan then sweeps a single to fine leg, and Kiwi captain Tiffen is now making furious notes on a clipboard in the dressing-room.

"Everything's going England's way at the moment - they're likely to be facing a modest target on a good batting track"
Kerry O'Keefe on Five Live Sports Extra

31st over - NZ 107-7
Brunt's impressive accuracy continues against Doolan as the time approaches high noon in Sydney - and England are doing so well, I've almost forgotten it's nearly 0100 GMT. Brunt gives a pretty mean "hard stare" at Doolan when she beats the bat, but a rare full toss is despatched through backward point for four. Brunt strays with a wide, and is definitely frowning now. A single rounds off the over.

Alison Mitchell

"Lucy Doolan kept wicket for a spell against England in their Super Six game when Rachel Priest had to go off - and she took a catch too"
Alison Mitchell on Five Live Sports Extra

30th over - NZ 101-7
The new batter is the blonde-haired Lucy Doolan, another versatile right-hander who can not only bowl off-spin but keep wicket if necessary. She certainly takes the award for the longest ponytail on show so far today - the name on the back of her shirt is almost totally obscured. But Browne is kept in her crease by Marsh's teasing off-spin, and it's another maiden over. England captain Charlotte Edwards has a beaming smile as wide as Sydney Harbour Bridge here - as well she might.

Wicket falls

29th over - WICKET - Tsukigawa c S Taylor b Brunt 2 - NZ 101-7

The spin twins of Colvin and Marsh are parted as Brunt returns for her seventh over, and her accuracy continues as Tsukigawa is kept in check. Still glorious sunshine at the North Sydney Oval - and the bowling change works as Brunt finds the edge with the final ball and Sarah Taylor takes another catch behind the timbers! Wicket maiden for Brunt.

"First change in the bowling as Steve Harmison comes on for some fast bowling... And he's got his man third ball of his first over, new batsman into the crease... and he's bowled him. Harmison on a hat-trick!" - Can you ever imagine writing that whilst doing text commentary for the men? Didn't think so"
Marc, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

28th over - NZ 101-6
Marsh in for her fifth over, and Lydia Greenway is sent back to the mid-wicket boundary as Browne is tempted to hit out. But Marsh sends down a rapid maiden over and now has figures of 5-2-16-1 - putting her firmly in contention for the all-time "Marsh XI", which would have father-and-son Aussie combo Geoff and Shaun Marsh opening the batting, with fellow countryman Rod Marsh getting the nod as wicketkeeper ahead of ex-Kent stumper Steve Marsh. Any other nominations?

27th over - NZ 101-6
England remain energetic in the field as Colvin's over yields just one single from Browne, while Alison Mitchell and the Sports Extra commentators note how similar Marsh's action is to that of former England spinner Jack Birkenshaw, who is now on the England team's coaching staff.

26th over - NZ 100-6
Browne late-cuts Marsh for two, then repeats the same shot, garnering a three - before Tsukigawa is off the mark with a two to the same region which brings up three figures for the White Ferns. The ABC commentators applaude Marsh's classical off-spin action, which is without a hint of elbow-straightening, unlike a few spinners I could name...

25th over - NZ 93-6
Colvin wheels away for her seventh over, and finds Browne in defensive mode. Just a single from the over, and we're already at the halfway point of the 50 overs.

"Re: Lettsy in Plymouth [8th over]. You would have hoped so. But seeing as in the same year when the women won the Ashes at home, only the captain got an MBE it probably will not happen"
Hilly, another tired student in Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

24th over - NZ 92-6
Sarah Tsukigawa is the new batter, and the first to forego a helmet in favour of a cap while the spinners are on. With her namesake Aimee Mason back in the hutch, my match-report colleague Aimee Lewis offers me a piece of dried mango, which is a bit strange but nevertheless tasty.

Wicket falls

23.2 overs - WICKET - Mason b Marsh 13 - NZ 92-6

Just when Marsh is looking expensive as Mason sweeps another four, she tries the same shot and is bowled round her legs to set the stumps flying! "Tell Laura I love her!" quips former Aussie spinner Kerry O'Keefe on Five Live Sports Extra.

23rd over - NZ 88-5
More acrobatic fielding from Beth Morgan restricts Mason to a single, before Browne joins in the action by getting down on one knee to steer to a four through mid-wicket.

22nd over - NZ 83-5
Marsh has a heavily strapped left wrist, but seems to be having no trouble so far as she comes around the wicket to the left-handed Mason. A brief run-up, not much more than three or four steps like Chris Gayle. Mason confidently sweeps for four, then drives through mid-on and they run a quick single.

21st over - NZ 78-5
Mason is off the mark as she steers a two through mid-wicket, which prompts more field changes from Cap'n Charlotte Edwards. A sweep brings Mason one more.

"I'm sports editor of Holly Colvin's local paper in Sussex, the Bognor Observer, and spoke to her parents Ian and Lou in the run-up to the final. Lou is there watching and Ian is following it at home. Good luck to all the Sussex girls, and in fact the whole team"
Steve Bone in the TMS inbox

20th over - NZ 75-5
"Goldenarm" Shaw takes a rest as Laura Marsh takes over with some right-arm off-spin - bowling in her sunglasses in the manner of Graeme Swann (and also appealing for lbw on one knee like the Notts man does). Maiden over.

Laura was also kind enough to put together a photo gallery for us when the team arrived in Sydney earlier this month - take a look on the BBC Sport website if you haven't seen it already.
Women's World Cup photo diary, by Laura Marsh

19th over - NZ 75-5
We now have two new batters in - left-hander Aimee Mason and right-hander Nicola Browne. Colvin is quickly through her over, tossing it up invitingly but the Kiwi pair are happy just to make it through the over unscathed.

Wicket falls

18.2 overs - WICKET - McGlashan c Greenway b Colvin 21 - NZ 74-5

England strike again - and it's the wicket they wanted as McGlashan tries to smash Colvin over the top, and Lydia Greenway at mid-wicket doesn't drop those... Kiwis in deep trouble.

18th over - NZ 74-4
Having not expected to play until Jenny Gunn's injury in the warm-up, Shaw has 3-11 from her first three overs. But McGlashan continues to take the attack to England, hanging out her bat for another brutal four through point before nicking the strike.

Text in your views on 81111

"Accurate bowling - they could teach Harmison a thing or two"
Adam in Plymouth, via text on 81111

17th over - NZ 69-4
Colvin continues to give it some flight, and the aggressive McGlashan punches another four through the covers. When she attempts the same shot, a superb diving stop from Katherine Brunt prevents another boundary.

0005: The England players take a much-deserved drinks break. And as it's just past midnight, a very appropriate time to say Happy Mothering Sunday to all you mums out there. (Lads, it's not too late to get that last-minute card). My mother is one of those who insists "Mothering Sunday" is more correct than "Mother's Day", and clearly doesn't know how difficult it is these days to get a card that says "Mothering Sunday"...

16th over - NZ 62-4
New Zealand's number six Aimee Mason defends her first ball.

Wicket falls

15.5 overs - WICKET - Tiffen c S Taylor b Shaw 30 - NZ 62-4

Hesitation between the wickets as McGlashan tips-and-runs a single, and Isa Guha's throw from short mid-wicket is just wide. But then Nicky "Goldenarm" Shaw strikes again as Tiffen fences outside off stump and gets a faint edge through to keeper Sarah Taylor!

15th over - NZ 61-3
Colvin sends down a rapid maiden over to the watchful Tiffen.

14th over - NZ 61-3
Shaw keeps it tight against Tiffen, who works a two off her legs before deftly guiding a single to Laura Marsh at third man. McGlashan shows more aggressive intent, square-cutting Shaw through point for four.

Julia Price

"New Zealand have been running well between the wickets - they need to keep that up"
Julia Price on Five Live Sports Extra

13th over - NZ 54-3
Our first look at some spin as Brunt (0-21 from six overs) takes a rest and Holly Colvin comes on with some orthodox left-arm spin. Sports Extra summariser Julia Price was her first international wicket. She gives it plenty of air as Tiffen nudges a single to leg to bring up her side's fifty. Plenty of pressure on the White Ferns skipper now. McGlashan finds the gap with a cover-driven four, just past the diving Lydia Greenway.

"Aargh, I overslept! Promised myself I'd get down to the oval for the final, as living less than a minute's walk away I have no excuses! I can also pop home for lunch, which I like. Anyway, best dash. Come On England!"
Nick, Sydney, in the TMS inbox

12th over - NZ 49-3
Sara McGlashan to face the hat-trick ball... which she leaves outside off stump. A half-hearted lbw shout off the last ball - but a great over for England nevertheless.

Out for a duck

11.4 overs - WICKET - Satterthwaite c S Taylor b Shaw 0 - NZ 49-3

Left-hander Amy Satterthwaite - one of several New Zealand players set to test my spell-check to its fullest extent - is the next batter, but thankfully her stay at the crease is brief as she edges her first ball to keeper Sarah Taylor! Shaw on a hat-trick!

Wicket falls

11.3 overs - WICKET - Bates c Atkins b Shaw 2 - NZ 49-2

First change in the bowling as Nicky Shaw comes on with some right-arm medium-fast - she probably owes her place to Jenny Gunn's injury, and her first ball is a loose one which Tiffen drives through mid-wicket for three. But Shaw makes the breakthrough as Bates tries to hit over the top but spoons a catch to the grateful Caroline Atkins at mid-on!

"I'm looking forward to this.... some wonderful women playing a wonderful game AND a reason not to hurry out of bed. What a lovely start to a Sunday morning. COME ON ENGLAND!"
Angharad, of Brixton in Brisbane, in the TMS inbox

11th over - NZ 46-1
Alison Mitchell takes over commentating duties as England opt to take their fielding powerplay - although it's still just one fielder outside the circle for Brunt's accuracy. Bates (who is also a NZ international at basketball) drives through the covers, Morgan's throw just misses the stumps. Tiffen jabs a single to leg. They're quickly round between overs - slow over-rates annoy me in the men's game, so you can consider me impressed so far.

"It seems odd, but for some reason I feel far more confident about the England women's cricket team making a decent job of this than I would the men's... I wonder why?"
Mick in darkest Tunbridge Wells, in the TMS inbox

10th over - NZ 44-1
With keeper Taylor still standing up, Guha sends a wild delivery down the leg side for five wides, but Beth Morgan is performing heroics in the covers. When Tiffen nudges the ball to fine leg, Bates has to dive full-length as they come through for a second run. Guha then has an even bigger lbw shout as Tiffen plays down the wrong line... but ump Jerling is unmoved.

9th over - NZ 36-1
The new batter is Suzie Bates. (I make no apologies for the use of such baseball-like terminology - it's what the players themselves use, and avoids any debate over the use of the words batsmen, batswomen, batspeople or batgirls!) Bates is at the non-striker's end as Brunt continues her personal duel with Tiffen, who steers a couple of fours through third man. England might want to keep an eye on the number of wides they're conceding, though.

Julia Price

"Both teams will be happy with their start - it's still in the balance"
Former Australia wicketkeeper Julia Price on Five Live Sports Extra

Wicket falls

8th over - WICKET - Pulford c C Taylor b Guha 8 - NZ 26-1

More energetic fielding from Holly Colvin - who has a thick covering of sun cream across her nose and cheeks in the manner of Allan Donald - keeps the Kiwis on their toes as they look to rotate the strike against Guha. Then England have their first wicket as Pulford square-cuts straight to Claire Taylor who takes a smart catch at gully above her head!

Text in your views on 81111

"Wonder if these players will get MBEs like the men did after the Ashes?"
Lettsy in Plymouth, also a tired student, via text on 81111

7th over - NZ 24-0
Tiffen continues to play and miss against the fair-haired Brunt, although another wide advances the score. Tiffen hesitates over a quick single, and breathes a sigh of relief as Guha's throw to the bowler's end is wide. Arguably Brunt's first loose delivery is hammered through mid-wicket by Tiffen for four.

"New Zealand have looked more nervous than England"
Former Australia leg-spinner Kerry O'Keefe on Five Live Sports Extra

6th over - NZ 17-0
The White Ferns finally reach double figures as Pulford nudges a single to fine leg, before Guha's radar is off as a wide is taken by keeper Sarah Taylor in front of first slip. Tiffen pushes-and-runs a single as she looks to get her side moving - then Pulford cuts loose for the first time, gets a leading edge and it sails over the infield for four through point. Our first boundary - not even a sliding tackle by Lydia Greenway on the boundary can prevent it. England's response is for keeper Taylor to stand up to Guha - no mean feat to a fast bowler. Taylor has to be smart to take a legside wide - her keeping has caught the eye already.

5th over - NZ 9-0
More impressive line and length from Brunt, showing how accuracy in the opening overs can give your side an iron grip on the game. Wonder if Steve Harmison is watching. Even though we're in a powerplay, Edwards keeps the field in tight - fine leg is the only fielder outside the circle. Nearly every player congratulates Brunt as another maiden over is completed.

"It's time to put on a large pot of coffee and get ready for an all-nighter. Good luck to the girls!"
Matt, Nottingham, in the TMS inbox

4th over - NZ 9-0
Guha still has two slips in, and raps Pulford on the pad as she steps across the stumps, it's close... but not out. No referrals in this game, of course. Pulford is finally off the mark by dabbing a quick single, though Beth Morgan is lightning-quick in the covers. Tiffen trots through for a leg-bye to pinch the strike. Well, she is the captain...

Alison Mitchell

I can also recommend a look at one of Alison Mitchell's recent blogs, in which she profiles some of the England team.
TMS BLOG: Alison Mitchell's player profiles

3rd over - NZ 7-0
Brunt, who has a packed off-side field, strays with a couple of wides as umpire Steve Davis spreads his arms to their fullest extent. Both umps are wearing bright red shirts, and Brunt is still yet to concede a run off the bat as Tiffen swishes and misses twice.

2nd over - NZ 5-0
Fellow right-arm seamer Isa Guha's first ball is a legside full toss which captain Haidee Tiffen helps on its way for four through fine leg. The next ball is wide of the off stump, but Tiffen plays and misses as it fizzes through. Tiffen rotates the strike with a single to leg.

And if you want to learn a bit more about Guha, who's ranked as the leading women's ODI bowler, look no further than my colleague Aimee Lewis's recent interview with the 23-year-old.
Feature: Isa lets the stats do the talking

1st over - NZ 0-0
Katherine Brunt takes the new ball for England to the right-handed Pulford, who is watchful early on. England seem very energetic in the field - at least two players back up every throw in to keeper Sarah Taylor. Pulford looks like getting the White Ferns under way, but Holly Colvin is quickly in from mid-on and Brunt completes a maiden over.

Text in your views on 81111

"It makes me laugh that it takes the women to show the men what to do in a cricket World Cup. Let's win it England!"
Lauren in Bucks, a very tired student, via text on 81111

2259: Captain Haidee Tiffen and Kate Pulford opening up for New Zealand. Here we go.

2257: If you're in the UK, you can listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, where TMS's Alison Mitchell will be alongside ABC Radio's crew - including the ever-amusing Kerry O'Keefe.

But we need you to get involved as well - unfortunately, 606 will shortly be shutting up shop for the night, but do email us on (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject), or text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word). We'd love to hear your views as the final unfolds.

2250: Toss news: New Zealand have won the toss and will bat first under the Sydney sunshine.

England are without fast-bowling all-rounder Jenny Gunn, who has a calf strain, so seamer Katherine Brunt returns after being rested for the defeat by Australia. Meanwhile, Ebony Rainford-Brent is the latest recipient of the "BBC Sport columnist curse", as previously suffered by the likes of Liam Plunkett on the last men's Ashes tour, and will carry the drinks.

England: Sarah Taylor (wk), Caroline Atkins, Claire Taylor, Charlotte Edwards (capt), Lydia Greenway, Beth Morgan, Nicky Shaw, Holly Colvin, Laura Marsh, Katherine Brunt, Isa Guha.

New Zealand: Haidee Tiffen (capt), Kate Pulford, Suzie Bates, Amy Satterthwaite, Sara McGlashan, Aimee Mason, Nicola Browne, Sarah Tsukigawa, Lucy Doolan, Sophie Devine, Rachel Priest (wk).

Umpires are Australia's Steve Davis and South Africa's Brian Jerling. Match referee is Brian Aldridge (taking time off from his duties on The Archers), while my fellow "night owl" on match report duties is Aimee Lewis. She's a bit upset at the Welsh rugby defeat, so I'd better keep quiet about that one...

2242: If you haven't read any of the build-up to the game, you've got time to have a quick look now. England all-rounder Ebony Rainford-Brent (or to give her full name, Ebony-Jewel Cora-Lee Camellia Rosamond Rainford-Brent) has been blogging for us during the tournament - read all about her preparations for the final, as well as her adventures on Bondi Beach...
TMS BLOG: Ebony dreams of World Cup glory

2235: Evening, everyone. It's been one of those days when the sun never sets on the live action here at BBC Sport. If your appetite has not been sated by the Premier League, the Six Nations or Andy Murray's victory over Roger Federer, yet more awaits.

For it may be dark here in Blighty, but on the other side of the world, England are limbering up to face New Zealand in the Women's World Cup final. And apparently not even the bookies can separate them...
PREVIEW: England women gear up for final

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