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  Monday, 2 December, 2002, 12:12 GMT
Newspapers reflect Ashes gloom
Duncan Fletcher watches the final moments of the Perth Test match
Coach Duncan Fletcher's face said it all in Perth
BBC Sport Online gathers reaction to England's eighth successive defeat in an Ashes series.

"With each new disaster, English cricket dies a little more because it cannot provide the heroes the next generation of fans - and potential players - requires."
Matthew Engel, The Guardian

"Their propensity to choke, whenever Steve Waugh applied the necklace of pressure - which was every session - became utterly predictable and was not an edifying sight.

"Unhappily for those who feel that hard work is the answer, no amount of nets, planning or video analysis can prevent it."
Derek Pringle, Daily Telegraph

Glenn McGrath and Andy Bichel holds the replica Ashes
England were outplayed in all departments

"Australia could field two teams that would beat England and a third that would give them a good game.

"Although Steve Waugh has spoken of the good players he has seen in county cricket they are neither evident nor many, otherwise they would now be batting and bowling against him."
Michael Henderson, Daily Mail

"Losing to the greatest Australian side since Don Bradman's Invincibles is no crime, but the speed of England's collapse was shocking.

"Apart from Vaughan and his memorable century in Adelaide, none of them has enhanced his reputation."
Mike Walters, The Mirror

"The defeat is seen throughout England as a matter of character weakness. This is to miss the point by a mile.

"The fact is Australia are better than England, better then any other side in the world, and better than any in history."
Simon Barnes, The Times

Vaughan says thank you to England's supporters
Michael Vaughan's reputation survived intact

"From the moment Hussain set out with this under-prepared, under-skilled, under-fit shower, he found himself under the cosh. It has been a tormenting and painful business."
Sue Mott, Daily Telegraph

"We are languishing in another age, on another planet, and without the means to produce a new and tougher generation of players without first clearing away the killing legacy of the wasted years."
James Lawton, The Independent

"The Australian players have benefited from being given the best part of four months off during their winter, leaving them fit and fresh to take on the old enemy.

"In future, proper rest periods must be built into England's programme, rather than the snatched fortnights here and there.
Mike Dickson, Daily Mail

"England need new players, fresh ideas, a stronger foundation and a desire that matches the men in the baggy green caps.

"As professionals, they are in a different league. They care about winning with a passion."
Brian Woolnough, Daily Express

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