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Top spinner

If trying to pick the leg-spinner, googly and flipper was difficult enough for a batsman, they've also got the top-spinner to contend with.

Like a topspin shot in tennis, the ball will kick off the pitch with extra bounce, often striking the batsman high on the bat or the gloves.

It is delivered from the side of the hand, halfway between the release of a leg break and a googly.


Hold the ball like a normal leg break - the top joints of the index and middle fingers are across the seam, with the ball resting between a bent third finger and the thumb.


For a top spinner, the wrist will be about 90 degrees to the floor and the seam will be pointing to the batsman in flight.

Like a googly, the back of the hand should be facing the sky when the ball is released.

The ball should be rotating in an anti-clockwise direction with the seam facing the batsman. The third finger should be the one doing all the work.

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