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Bond seeks Indian leagues clarity

Shane Bond
Bond will play for a Delhi side led by Sri Lankan Marvan Atapattu

New Zealand fast bowler Shane Bond has pleaded with cricket's administrators to sort out the "nonsense" caused by rival Twenty20 leagues in India.

Bond's international contract was terminated after he signed for the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League.

Governing bodies around the world, including New Zealand, are instead supporting the Indian Premier League.

But Bond told BBC Sport: "It's an untidy landscape and it needs to be sorted out quickly."

The 32-year-old took 216 wickets for New Zealand in Test, limited overs and Twenty20 cricket despite being plagued by various injury problems during his career.

And despite signing a three-year contract with the ICL in January, he was keen to continue representing his country.


Bond said he initially received permission to play in India from New Zealand Cricket officials, who then reversed their decision.

"By then I'd already signed the contract with the ICL. To me, once you sign a contract, you honour it, so it left me in a catch-22 really," said Bond.

"The way it finished was really disappointing. From the point where I knew I wasn't going to get picked, to the point where it came to closure was about a month.

"In that time, you go through those emotions where you're angry, disappointed and bitter, I suppose, and then you start thinking about what's after. So, because it took a month, by the time it was resolved I was reasonably at peace about it."

Bond will play for Delhi Giants in the second ICL competition, which starts on Sunday, and he is one of eight recent New Zealand players involved.

His hopes, however, of following it with a spell in English county cricket for Hampshire hang in the balance.

The England and Wales Cricket Board is also taking a tough line against players involved involved in the ICL, stating that they are "determined to disassociate and distance themselves from any promoter, agent or individual involved in such events."

"I'm trying to find out what's going on behind the scenes. It's frustrating because you're worrying about getting your family over there - at the moment, I'm in the dark," he said.

It's all very well banning players, but they have families and want to provide for their families

Shane Bond

Bond believes that legal action by players for restraint of trade is on the cards if the situation continues, although he is unlikely to be the one to put his head above the parapet.

"My understanding from talking to my lawyers at home is that it's better a case is brought in England, with all the precedents that it sets there.

"Once that's done, it will open up whether players can do both and whether there can be bans on players playing internationally," he commented.

"What will happen at the end of the day if this sort of nonsense continues is the players will get so fed up, they will just decide to do it.

"I really don't want to do that through the English system, so it will probably be a Kolpak player or an English county player who's been told he can't play county cricket any more."

Bond said it was good for players that there was so much money "floating around" in India, but the ICL should be treated the same as the IPL.

"It's all very well banning players, but they have families and want to provide for their families and there seems to be a lack of thought about that.

"Players sweat their guts to try to play for their country and [for a board) then to turn round and say 'We don't like where you're playing, you're not playing [for us] any more' is very harsh.

"There's a lot of talk always about being loyal to the boards, but where's the loyalty back?"

He added: "All the [ICL] players are asking for is to be granted the same as the IPL - that when time permits, we can come and play in a league of our choosing."

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