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Want to be a cricket umpire?

Cricket umpires take a light reading
Contact: ECB Association of cricket officials
Tel: 0207 432 1240

Do you fancy becoming the man or woman in the middle?

If so, the Association of Cricket Umpires can point you on the road to success.

Their training programme covers all the relevant laws of the game. The courses normally run for about 9-12 weeks - one evening session of around two-and-a-half hours per week - with homework in between.

Whether you want to umpire as a career or just take charge of the occasional match, there's something there for you.

Below you'll find more details of the courses on offer.


This new course is designed to attract the occasional umpire - mums, dads, coaches and teachers. It's just been launched and can be completed in one - or at most two - evening sessions.


This course is designed for the novice or 'player/umpire' wishing to improve his or her knowledge and skills. It gives an overview of all the laws that relate to one-day, single-innings games.

The course culminates in a 60-question multiple choice exam. Get 80% or more and you've passed.

Those successful at GL6 are qualified, typically, to stand at club second/third XI or school cricket. It's a great starting point on which to build a year or two's field experience before moving on to the next level.


Candidates need to have passed the GL6 exam before taking this course, which covers all 42 Laws in greater depth and is accompanied by detailed study of the field craft and man-management techniques required by good umpires.

Once again, the course culminates in a multi-choice exam. That may sound straightforward, but it's extremely searching in terms of the depth of knowledge required to pass it.

Success at GL5 level qualifies the candidate, typically, to stand at all levels of club cricket plus the opening rounds of national competitions.


Experienced umpires looking to brush up their skills can also attend refresher courses. These provide an in-depth study of field techniques and the laws of the game and can be of huge value.


For those looking to focus on a specific subject, seminars are available in the following areas:

  • In-depth study of some laws
  • In-depth study of field techniques
  • Special regulations for league panels
  • A combination of two or three of those topics

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