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Pakistan v England fourth ODI as it happened

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  1. 1900 Commentary  

    As Aggers and Boycs bid each other farewell, you'll be able to hear their round-up again soon in the TMS podcast, while you can already listen to TMS's interval interviews with Imran Khan and Matthew Hayden on the BBC Sport website, and read\u00a0Arindam Rej's match report - while Aggers' column rounding up the ODI series will also be available for you soon.

    Thanks for your company throughout the ODIs - barring a late Alastair Cook-style T20 call-up, I'll be leaving you in the very capable hands of Sam Sheringham for live text duty on the three Twenty20 internationals. Thanks for your emails, texts and tweets, and for your patience with the technical problems we've had. Until the next time, thank you and good night.

  2. Commentary  

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq: "I think we have been missing good starts from the batting unit, when you look at the way Kevin Pietersen and Alastair Cook played, we need someone in the top order to get a big score. Playing against England who have struggled against spin, that's why we picked four spinners."

  3. Twitter  

    From AAGeorge81: "Test match blunders but one day wonders! England cricket seems to have flipped completely."

  4. Commentary  

    England debutant spinner Danny Briggs on TMS: "I loved it, it was great to get out there and be part of the England set-up. I found out yesterday I'd be in the side - it's what you dream of, playing for your country, and I loved every minute of it."

  5. 1850 Commentary  

    As if by magic, ping... an email from the ICC arrives, pointing out that England have leapfrogged Pakistan into fifth place in the ICC ODI rankings. (The top four being Australia, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka).

  6. Commentary  

    England batsman Kevin Pietersen on TMS: "That's probably the best knock I've ever played in one-day cricket. I enjoyed the calmness of the chase - we picked the bowlers to target, which we don't often do in the England side, we try to get after all of them. I'll never stop trying, I just want to enjoy my cricket."

  7. Commentary  

    England captain Alastair Cook on TMS: "It's great to see that hundred partnership with Kev and Kiesy, who hadn't had much of a chance so far - it was great to see Jade and Bressy back in the side and without our senior bowlers, I thought we bowled very well. We haven't scored international one-day hundreds very often so to score four in a series was great as it set up four wins. I'm staying on for the Twenty20s now - that's breaking news - as there are a couple of injuries to batters, like Ravi who was missing today - so I might get a game, with Stuart Broad as captain!"

  8. Twitter  

    From DJDearest: "Is it time to consider giving Cook the Test captaincy as well? Is there anything more for Strauss to achieve as skipper?"

    You can continue the debate with the hashtag #bbccricket

  9. SMS  

    From Rebecca Costigan in Bradford: "Very enjoyable match old things... getting ready to see Henry [Blofeld] tomorrow in Ilkley, none of my friends know who he is so thought I would tell fellow TMS people!"

  10. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Pakistan mucked about a bit and hung around at the end of their innings - they should have got 280 but never played a shot in anger and let England dictate to them. They should have put Shahid Afridi in ahead of Shoaib Malik. I liked the way young Briggs bowled for England, he's got a nice action and he's 20 years of age so there will be more opportunities for him. Finn bowled well again, bowled line and length and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't get picked in the first Test when those West Indians come to Lord's in the summer. And Pietersen played splendidly - his body language and confidence was up, and he played straight."

  11. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "The ball was fielded for that four by our old friend the security Arab, rather fitting as we've enjoyed having him here. But that's a terrific comeback from England after losing the Test series."



  13. 49.2 overs Commentary Eng 241-6  

    Tim Bresnan is the new batsman, but it's Patel on strike and he steers the first ball to the mid-wicket sweeper for one, to level the scores. Everyone's in saving one for Bresnan's first ball, he slices it wide of third man for four and England have won!

  14. 49 overs WICKET Pietersen c Rehman b Ajmal 130 (Eng 236-6)  

    Ajmal to KP, first ball is smashed through extra cover for four. He then gives Ajmal the charge, as if he's going to end the game in style, but checks his shots and defends. A nudge into the off side reduces the deficit to three, Patel is hit on the pad and there's an appeal from the keeper but not the bowler. Patel squirts a single to short third man, Pietersen had backed up well so it's now two to win. But he comes down the track to got for the big one... and is caught at cover! That was the last ball of the over - England need two from six balls.

  15. 48 overs Commentary Eng 230-5  

    Patel guides Junaid for two to fine leg, then a single to the cover sweeper. That's the fifty stand with his former Notts team-mate - England need 11 from 16. Junaid strays with his line and KP smacks it into the covers for one. Patel prods a quick single to mid-off, Pietersen drills one to wide mid-on where Afridi stops the ball with his foot, and Patel can't beat the infield with the last ball of the over but England should be in the driving seat here - they need eight from 12 balls.

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Junaid needs to be told 'bowl it where I've told you' and then, if it goes wrong, fair enough. But young players need some guidance. He finally switched to bowling full-pitched deliveries and they only went for two singles. When batsmen are after you in the final overs - and I say this with England as well - you have to be able to adapt under the pressure."\u00a0

  17. 47 overs Commentary Eng 224-5  

    Saeed Ajmal \u00a0to bowl his penultimate over, a dot ball to Patel before the big man works a single through backward point. Ajmal switches to bowling round the wicket to Kevin Pietersen, he's down the wicket and lofts him over his head for six! Boom Boom! He's on 122, which is now the highest ODI score on this "Ring of Fire" ground. A single takes the pressure off, Patel guides the last ball for one with a wristy flick to fine leg. England need 14 from 18 balls.

  18. 46 overs Commentary Eng 215-5  

    Boycs on TMS is surprised to see Junaid bowling again - but with five overs left and three overs remaining in his spell, it's got to be Junaid unless they turn to a sixth bowler like Shoaib Malik - I'm surprised we haven't seen a token over or two from him today. Patel can't get the first two deliveries away, full and straight, before he steers a single to mid-wicket. Junaid has found his length here as Pietersen plays another full delivery straight to cover. A drive to long-off brings him one and equals his highest ODI score (116 against South Africa at Centurion in 2005), Patel guides the last ball to the cover sweeper for one. England need 23 from 24 balls.

  19. Twitter  

    From jidm4: "No hundreds for four years then two in two games - Pietersen either totally in or out of form. Never really a mid way."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to discuss KP or anything else!

  20. 45 overs Commentary Eng 212-5  

    Patel does well to give Pietersen the strike and he thumps Afridi for another four through mid-wicket. Two singles bring the Surrey man back to the striker's end, he tries a delicate dab to short third man but decides against a run - that was how Kieswetter perished. The last ball is short, Pietersen hammers it wide of long-off but Umar Akmal's dive on the boundary turns four into two. England need 26 from 30 balls. Afridi finishes his spell with 0-54.

  21. Commentary  

    From Roy Henderson, TMS inbox: "Who in their right mind decides to have the graphic for 100 the same colour as the graphic for Out. I was reading about mockers (Daniel White) and then a big red block comes up with Pietersen\u2019s name on it. I thought he was out!"

    The colours are different on the new system, which we'll go back to using when it's fixed...

  22. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "Patel looked bemused and I don't think he knew what he had supposedly been given out for."

  23. 44 overs Commentary Eng 203-5  

    The reprieved Patel steps across his stumps trying to flick Junaid to leg but misses, the ball strikes Patel on his midriff and they run a leg bye. Pietersen back on strike, hoisting one towards the mid-wicket fence and boundary fielder Rehman is slow to pick it up, the ball bouncing right past him for four as he dives forward. Another short ball is pulled to Rehman's left, that's four more! 35 needed from 36 balls, it's nip and tuck here.

  24. NOT OUT  

    Good review, Samit - replays show it flicked the top of his pad, and even looking at the lbw, the impact was outside the line. Patel survives.


    Patel is given out caught behind, was that bat or pad? He calls for a review pretty quickly...

  26. 43 overs THAT'S 100 PIETERSEN CENTURY - Eng 194-5  

    A Patel single brings Pietersen on strike on 99, he dabs Afridi into the covers and completes his second successive century! Patel slaps a single to the cover sweeper - England need 44 from 42 balls.

  27. Commentary  

    From Daniel White, TMS inbox: "I\u2019m getting more unnerved every time Ramiz Raja starts bigging up KP on TMS. Can a commentator be brought in front of the match referee for consistent and unrelenting application of the mockers towards an opposition batsman?"

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "What England mustn't do is panic. They've got more time than they think. Michael Bevan, Australia's 'finisher', always used to think in terms of balls rather than overs."

  29. 42 overs Commentary Eng 191-5  

    As I indicated, Junaid Khan (Pakistan's sole seamer) is back on - he had to be really, as he still has five overs to bowl and there are only nine overs left. (Ajmal and Afridi have two each). After his first delivery is delayed when he aborts his run-up, Junaid gives up a single to Patel, while the seventh wide of the innings could be crucial in the final analysis. Two singles rotate the strike, Pietersen can't beat the man at mid-wicket but then pulls a slower-ball bouncer for two. Another short ball is pulled for six - he's on 99. England need 47 from 48 balls.

  30. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "Kieswetter didn't try anything extravagant, he kept the score ticking over but it was a very sharp bit of work by Pakistan. Fielding and general alertness is one of the things that has really improved under Misbah-ul-Haq. But England are much closer to their target thanks to that partnership and the lower order only have to chip in rather than score significant runs - plus, Ajmal can only bowl two more overs."

  31. 41 overs Commentary Eng 179-5  

    Shahid Afridi back on for his eighth over, he keeps Pietersen tied down for three balls before they stumble through for a leg bye. Patel is off the mark with a single, but they now need 59 from 54 balls.

    And Pakistan are going to have to turn back to seam now, or they're going to need a sixth bowler...

  32. Commentary  

    From Andy MacDonald, TMS inbox: "Hard to disagree with Simon Hughes's view of England's adaptation of their powerplay tactics. Problem is when we are actually chasing a large total that requires a real powerplay 'charge' we will revert to type and simply lose wickets at no great benefit to the total. We still need to address the problem not ignore it."

  33. 40 overs Commentary Eng 177-5 (TARGET 238)  

    We're into the all-rounders now, with Samit Patel the new batsman. He defends his first ball from Ajmal watchfully. 61 needed from 60 balls.

  34. 39.5 overs WICKET Kieswetter run out 43 (Eng 177-5)  

    Ajmal in for his eighth over, while Simon Hughes on TMS has noticed that the England pair are still occasionally running into each other when they attempt quick singles - and recommends the non-striker should stand a little wider. Three singles, then Kieswetter is caught in two minds over whether to take a run to short third man and can't get back before Akmal removes the bails, they check with the third umpire but he's out.

  35. 39 overs Commentary Eng 174-4  

    For the last time in this series, it's Kevin Pietersen v Left-Arm Spin United, as Abdur Rehman comes on for his last over. A grinning KP looks almost happy to see off the over, as Rehman sends down some left-arm darts looking to hit Pietersen on the pad and trap him lbw. It almost looks like he's going to block out a maiden over until he pokes the last ball for a single to long-on.

  36. SMS  

    From Steve, also on the train to Plymouth: "Did anyone else expect England to win the Tests to nil, and Pakistan the ODIs - not the other way around?"

  37. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "I am enjoying this phase from Kevin Pietersen. He has slowed down knowing the danger of Ajmal, this is very sensible cricket."

  38. 38 overs Commentary Eng 173-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Ajmal in for his seventh over, and Pietersen has "pulled the shutters down" according to Ramiz Raja on TMS. A wide and a single advance the score, then Kieswetter sweeps and Junaid Khan over-runs the ball, which spins past him and over the rope on the third bounce - that's the century stand. Kieswetter steps back and fires an inside-out cover drive for four against the spin - big over for England, who need 65 from 72 balls.

    And something else for you to listen to - during the interval, Pakistan legend Imran Khan told Jonathan Agnew on TMS that he would welcome Mohammad Amir's return once the 19-year-old has served his ban for spot fixing. Imran added that Amir should gain credit for having admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness.

  39. 37 overs Commentary Eng 164-4 (TARGET 238)  

    With the final drinks break of this ODI series concluded, Mohammad Hafeez is going to bowl his last over, still bowling his off breaks pretty flat from around the wicket. Pietersen drills a single, Kieswetter sweeps firmly down to long leg and Pietersen keeps the strike with another single to long leg.

  40. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "This is an excellent run chase from Pietersen who's maintained a strike rate of 75, if he stays in England will win."

  41. 36 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 160-4 (TARGET 238)  

    With England having left it as late as they can, the batting powerplay will be in force (maximum of three men outside the circle) from overs 36-40. Saeed Ajmal's back into the attack and immediately bamboozles Kieswetter with a couple of doosras which he can't get away. It takes him five balls to rotate the strike with a single, Pietersen nurdles a single into the leg side. Time for drinks.

  42. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "I think what England have learnt in this series is to not try to do anything too radically different in a powerplay. Just bat, certainly that's what Cook did in the earlier matches."

  43. 35 overs Commentary Eng 158-4  

    PIetersen and Kieswetter return to "careful accumulation" mode as Hafeez enters his ninth over, four singles ensure the Somerset man keeps the bowling. He has 32, KP has 83. But\u00a0if there's one thing that threatens to disrupt England's flow... stand by for the batting powerplay!

  44. SMS  

    From Simon on the train to Plymouth: "Don't want to be negative but we shouldn't get too carried away. Although technically at home Pakistan have been on the road for months and are obviously jaded and homesick. Remember the one-dayers after the last Ashes series?"

  45. 34 overs Commentary Eng 154-4  

    I could just sens the inbox melting with anti-KP missives if he'd got out playing that shot... Just one run from the over.

  46. NOT OUT  

    ...and he was hit outside the line of off stump while playing a shot (even a slightly wild shot) so he's not out.


    Pietersen goes for an extraordinary Dilscoop-style "flick" over his shoulder against Rehman, he's hit on the pad and given out lbw, but immediately calls for a review...

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "With the powerplays telling teams when they're allowed to have men out on the boundary, I think one-day field settings are becoming a bit formulaic. When teams are told they have to have four men in the ring, they never bring a fifth man in to tempt the batsman to hit over the top."

  49. 33 overs Commentary Eng 153-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Hafeez into his eighth over, a misfield brings Kieswetter a single through (literally through) mid-off, Pietersen and Kieswetter keep plugging away with the ones, then a fumble by Hafeez at the bowler's end allows them an overthrow. Always entertaining when we get overthrows (or as an Old Etonian like Henry Blofeld would call them, "buzzers").

  50. SMS  

    From Edgar, following commentary while waiting for a flight at Vienna airport: "Knew I was right to say KP should be dropped after the second match! What has KP ever done for us? (with a respectable footnote to the Pythons!)"

  51. 32 overs Commentary Eng 149-4  

    Rehman replaces Afridi as Misbah shuffles his bowlers - he knows he won't win this game unless he takes a wicket. Rehman's quickly through his over, just three singles from it.

  52. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "I think it's Kevin Pietersen against Pakistan. But to be fair this is a really good partnership with Kieswetter. Pakistan are trying to stop the flow of runs but the flow is with Pietersen and he looks to be in great shape."

  53. Commentary  

    From Derek Pickett, TMS inbox: "KP is clearly finding form after, let's be honest, a few lean years. There are still so few as exciting as KP in full flow."\u00a0

  54. 31 overs Commentary Eng 146-4  

    SIngle from Kieswetter, then Pietersen blasts Hafeez for two through mid-wicket, although both batsmen have to run in a zig-zag fashion to avoid running into each other during the second run. I thought young players were coached about which side of the pitch to run down? A better over for Pakistan and Hafeez, just three from it.

  55. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "England are on course to get to 180 off 40 overs, needing about 50 to win off the final 10. But one wicket, get an opening and Pakistan might get a couple with the likes of Afridi and Ajmal who are hard to read for batsmen, let alone lower-order players."

  56. 29 overs Commentary Eng 143-4  

    With the field still in defensive mode, Pietersen and Kieswetter are finding it straightforward to help themselves to singles pretty much at will, and with the required rate under five, there's no need to go stir crazy when ones and twos allow you to pick up six an over as they've done here.

  57. SMS  

    From David in Kinmel Bay: "Maybe England should look to dominate the early stages in future and have Pietersen and Kieswetter opening, Captain Cook at three maybe?"

  58. 29 overs Commentary Eng 137-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Hafeez into his sixth over, three runs and a leg bye added to England's score. This stand is now worth 69.

  59. 28 overs Commentary Eng 133-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Afridi is still, as ever, bowling his leg-spin at a rapid lick, Pietersen and Kieswetter exchange singles before another firm hit from KP disappears through the leg side and only a diving stop by the sweeper prevents another boundary. He has 71, Kieswetter has 20.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "Pakistan are getting a grip and building some pressure but there's no need for England to take any risks as long as these two stay together."

  61. 27 overs Commentary Eng 129-4  

    Pietersen reverse-sweeps Hafeez for a single, two more added and England need 109 more from 23 overs. Steady as she goes...

  62. SMS  

    From Tony: "I see GB's point about Kieswetter opening but as Pakistan are only playing one seamer here he would have to face spin from the start. Besides they also tend to get the spinners on early so does it make any difference if he opens or comes in the middle order?"

    A parish notice - as I'm now competing for your attention with Chris Bevan's live text on tonight's football, starting with CSKA Moscow v Real Madrid, please start your texts with the word "CRICKET" or they may get buried in the avalanche of football texts.

  63. 26 overs Commentary Eng 126-4  

    Pietersen forces Afridi through the leg side for two, a single rotates the strike and Kieswetter slogs and misses as the excitable Adnan Akmal whips the bails off despite there being no chance of a stumping.

  64. Twitter  

    From Lukey_Mitch (no relation): "This is the KP we all fell in love with, defensive technique obviously been modified in a positive way, Patel to shine if needed."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join the debate

  65. 25 overs Commentary Eng 123-4 (TARGET 238)  

    A rapid Hafeez over yields three singles. At the halfway stage, England are more than halfway to their target.

  66. 24 overs Commentary Eng 120-4  

    Single from Kieswetter, then Pietersen launches Afridi for another majestic four through extra cover. Another bit of hesitation from Kieswetter as they try to run a quick two - Pakistan may find a run-out is their best chance of a wicket! It's heart-in-mouth time as Pietersen cuts and edges past the keeper for two more before nicking the strike with a single. He has 61, Kieswetter has 17 and the stand is worth 52.

  67. SMS  

    From Jamie Summer, Bristol: "Pitch looks as flat as a pancake, Ajmal should really toss one up."

  68. 23 overs Commentary Eng 110-4  

    Kieswetter and Pietersen milk Hafeez for five easy singles. Meanwhile, Aggers teases Boycs on TMS about being disqualified by his wife on the first hole of their golf game on an Ernie Els-designed course yesterday, after the Yorkshire legend failed to tee off in the correct place. "Technique, Geoffrey," Aggers jokingly scolds. "Basic error."

  69. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Pietersen looks to be back in form. He's played with so much confidence from the moment he came out, setting the tone by driving his first ball from Ajmal for four."

  70. 22 overs Commentary PIETERSEN FIFTY - Eng 105-4  

    Ajmal takes a rest with five overs still up his sleeve, and Afridi comes back on, only to serve up a juicy full toss whis is meat and drink for Pietersen to hammer back past the bowler for four. A single brings up his 24th ODI fifty from 66 balls, there's a moment of indecision as Kieswetter thinks about running to a misfield, but a single takes him to 13.

  71. 21 overs Commentary Eng 99-4  

    The long-haired Hafeez is back into the attack, reminding me that I need a haircut sooner rather than later. England pick off three singles before Kieswetter rounds off the over with another four, just as he did last over, this time through square leg.

  72. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Kevin's got to make sure his ego doesn't get ahead of him here."

  73. 20 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 92-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Big appeal for leg before against Kieswetter by Ajmal, but Zameer Haider, who's a Pakistan umpire from Lahore who I don't think we've seen before, shakes his head. The ball-tracker concurs, indicating the ball was missing leg stump. Kieswetter punches a single, and Pietersen unleashes a fierce straight-driven four which Ajmal can't stop with his foot. Another wide boosts England's score, Pietersen moves to 43 with a single and Kieswetter finds the boundary for the first time off his legs as the fielding powerplay concludes.

  74. Twitter  

    From thedurhamduck: "Listening to TMS, and loving Boycott Bingo, can he extend his repertoire to quacking the next time a batsman is out for 0?"

    Quack us (er, tweet us) with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today, or if you think we have a chance of persuading Geoffrey to do animal impressions to order!

  75. 19 overs Commentary Eng 81-4  

    Pietersen clips Rehman off his legs for a single, Kieswetter rotates the strike and KP goes on the offensive, whacking Rehman powerfully for four through the covers.

  76. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I'm not convinced with Kieswetter batting down the order. He gets some good scores opening, playing good shots against the seamers but I'm not sure he will be so successful coming in against spinners. I think Ajmal should bowl more doosras, he seems to have gone a bit defensive."

  77. 18 overs Commentary Eng 75-4  

    "It's KP or bust here," declares Aggers on TMS - having just tweeted that Morgan's innings "will not have helped his Sri Lanka prospects." Ajmal has a defensive field, allowing Pietersen and Kieswetter to pick up a couple of singles, before flinging down a legside wide from which the England pair scamper two additional runs - every run may be precious here, although the required rate is only five an over at this stage. After another single from KP, the chirpy wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal appeals for a caught behind against Kieswetter, but is unable to persuade his colleagues to join in.

  78. 17 overs Commentary Eng 69-4 (TARGET 238)  

    Craig Kieswetter is the new batsman, and his move to the middle order has so far produced a score of nine and two DNBs, so it'll be interesting to see how he copes in a pressure situation like this. He's the non-striker as Rehman replaces Hafeez, with Misbah shuffling his spin options. Pietersen knocks a single to long-on, Kieswetter defends his first two deliveries from the slow left-armer.

  79. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I don't think you can bat at international level by just trying to play in that manner [like Morgan] and not adapting to the ball. You also need to think about the state of the game, can I afford to be a bit reckless with the batting to come? Well no, not really when you look at the batting line-up."

  80. 16 overs WICKET Buttler c Azhar b Ajmal 0 (Pkn 68-4)  

    New batsman is Jos Buttler, who's in ahead of his Somerset county colleague Craig Kieswetter. I can tell you in domestic limited-overs cricket he's scored 1,341 runs at an average of 70.57 and a strike rate of 128.20. But file away those statistics for another day as Buttler's second ball spoons into the air off bat and thigh pad, and is caught by short leg running back.

  81. 15.4 overs WICKET Morgan lbw b Ajmal 15 (Eng 68-3)  

    As is becoming a regular occurrence since the ICC's change of ODI playing regulations last year, the fielding side take their powerplay as early as they're allowed (ie from overs 16-20). Ajmal back on in place of Afridi, Morgan and Pietersen exchange singles before the Dubliner is trapped in front as he sweeps and misses, and after a short delay, he decides not to review it.

  82. SMS  

    From Jamie: "Nice to see my home town, Grantham (aka Granthrax) getting a mention on here. My school did a cricket trip to Barbados in 6th form and they came back with three semi-pro national players who were promptly incorporated into the school team at the expense of my innocuous medium pace bowling and 'enthusiastic' batting. The school seemed to win more games after that though."

  83. 15 overs Commentary Eng 66-2  

    Pakistan summon Spinner #4 (and off-spinner #2) Mohammad Hafeez in place of Rehman. With long-on and long-off back, Morgan and Pietersen help themselves to three easy singles.

  84. Twitter  

    From Charliemarly: "Cook to Cook the pancakes when each batsman gets out. By the time they get back to the pavilion the pancake will be flipped and ready."

  85. 14 overs Commentary Eng 63-2  

    Morgan drives hard at Afridi, gets a thick edge and it sails through the vacant slip cordon for four. Afridi sends down a wide, before Morgan steps across and Dilscoops a two over the keeper's head! (Perhaps he's aware we were referencing cricket-related Cher songs earlier, such as the "Dilscoop Dilscoop Song"). Another two and a single mean he's scored a rapid 12 from 10 balls.

  86. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "I think Trott was in two minds over that shot, he didn't know whether to go hard at it or defend."

  87. 13 overs Commentary Eng 53-2  

    Ravi Bopara's back injury has forced England to shuffle their batting order, his replacement Jos Buttler's on the card at number six and it's Eoin Morgan in at four, pushing his first ball through the covers for two. A single to long-on allows him to keep the strike.

  88. 12.1 overs WICKET Trott c Hafeez b Rehman 15 (Eng 50-2)  

    Trott plays a most un-Trott-like shot, stepping back and trying to pull Rehman to leg, but gets a top edge and is easily caught at square leg.

  89. 12 overs Commentary Eng 50-1  

    Ajmal's off and it's time for Shahid Afridi to enter the attack with his fast leg breaks. He didn't quite live up to his "Boom Boom" nickname with the bat today, but his bowling has improved over the last few years just as his batting has declined. Pietersen punches a single. Pietersen and Trott add a single apiece, to bring England to the fifty mark.

  90. SMS  

    From Martin, Stockport: "IT Botham was born in Heswall, Cheshire - arguably the best cricketer from a minor county?"

    It's going to get very complicated unless we're clear about whether someone is "from" a certain county by virtue of birth, education, residence or playing for that team!

  91. 11 overs Commentary Eng 48-1  

    Junaid's off after five overs, I expect we'll see him bowl again later but Pakistan do have the resources to send down 45 overs of spin if they wish. Rehman has changed ends, but this time Pietersen is tied down and England can only manage two singles from the over, KP has 27 from 24 balls, the more ponderous Trott has 14 from 29. Although I know there are some of you out there who want them both dropped...

  92. Twitter  

    From doolishofmann: "Cook heard his pancakes were ready, let him eat in peace!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to let us know your thoughts, whether they're Shrove Tuesday-related or not...

  93. 10 overs Commentary Eng 46-1 (TARGET 238)  

    Ajmal to bowl the last over of the compulsory powerplay, Trott isn't playing with the same freedom as Pietersen but eventually finds the gap at square leg for a single. Pietersen blasts the last ball, which is full in length, between the cover infielders for his fourth four.

  94. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I've been very disappointed by Pakistan's bowlers in these one-dayers. It's the worst I've ever seen Umar Gul bowl, and the guy at the other end took one wicket in two Test matches."

  95. 9 overs Commentary Eng 41-1  

    KP works Junaid off his legs for a double, then it's vintage Pietersen as he stands his ground and powerfully flicks an unstoppable four between mid-on and mid-wicket. He has 22 from 29 balls, and wants a new set of gloves - which he gets from 12th man Graeme Swann (whose calf injury has not prevented him from carrying a few drinks today).

  96. Twitter  

    From Tomorino17: "Good chance for England's batsmen to prove there's more than just Cook's runs to rely on. Hope to see some Buttler fireworks!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  97. 8 overs Commentary Eng 35-1  

    Saeed Ajmal into the attack, and once again Pietersen goes on the attack, smacking the off-spinner's first ball through the covers for four. The next ball is a ropey legside wide, from which they also run one. Trott and Pietersen add a couple of singles.

  98. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Former Leicestershire fast bowler George Ferris is now running a pet store in Florida, selling dog food, cat food and who knows what else."

  99. 7 overs Commentary Eng 27-1  

    Pietersen pushes Junaid for a quick single to mid-on, but makes his ground as the throw goes wide. Both batsmen have 11.

  100. Twitter  

    From DanielRobbins1: "Cook may be out for just four but that innings will have done wonders for his strike rate!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join the debate today

  101. 6 overs Commentary Eng 26-1  

    Pietersen comes down the track and bashes Rehman over mid-off for a first-bounce four, but he can't beat the field with the next four deliveries before guiding the last for a single.

  102. SMS  

    From Andrew, Grantham: "Bob Cottam and Lord Hawke were both Lincolnshire born."

  103. 5 overs Commentary Eng 21-1 (TARGET 238)  

    While Simon H and Boycs share their memories of Imran Khan's ability to swing the ball both ways, as well as recalling Imran's, ahem, active social life when he was still a bachelor, Pietersen steers Junaid for a single before Trott has to duck a fierce bouncer from the left-armer. (I nearly typed "fierce bounder" there, he'd have done well to duck under one of those). Just that one run from the over.

  104. Commentary  

    From Tim Statham, TMS inbox: "Re: counties to have produced England cricketers. Am I correct in saying Staffordshire (through SF Barnes) is the only Minor County to have represented England?"

  105. 4 overs Commentary Eng 20-1  

    Simon Hughes on TMS risks a commentator's curse by saying that Trott "looks in good touch" as he guides Rehman through mid-wicket for another fluent four. A single takes him to 11, and Pietersen paddle-sweeps one off the last delivery.

  106. SMS  

    From Jonathan in the north east needing relief from preparation from an impending inspection: "That Cook is useless. Drop him immediately."

    Before you start emailing in and sending our inbox into meltdown, I hope Jonathan has his tongue in his cheek here...

  107. 3 overs Commentary Eng 14-1  

    Pietersen gets a thick edge to third man for a single against Junaid, while Trott watches, waits and unleashes a perfectly-timed drive for four through the covers. Junaid switches to bowling left-arm round the wicket (in Wasim Akram mode) to Trott, who clips a single off his legs.

  108. Commentary  

    From Chandos Monro, winning the 'that's the spirit award', TMS inbox: "I don\u2019t think we would have won any of the last three ODIs without Cook getting runs. It will be interesting to see if we can win this."

  109. 2 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 8-1  

    With only one seamer in the side, Pakistan have to turn to one of their spinners to take the new ball from the other end. And with Kevin Pietersen facing, Pakistan opt for slow left-armer Abdur Rehman, and there's even a short leg fielder in for KP, who turns his first ball off his legs for a single. Rehman to Trott, hit on the pad and a loud appeal for lbw, but this time Pakistan opt against a review. Trott knocks a single to long-on, although Boycs on TMS thinks the fielding side are "barmy" for posting a long-on so early. Pietersen nudges a single past short leg for one.

  110. SMS  

    From Tom, Grantham: "Re: counties to have never produced England cricketers, despite being the second largest county in the country I can't think of many others from Lincolnshire other than Grantham's own Luke Wright."

    Born in Grantham, I believe that if Luke Wright ever plays a Test, he will become the first Luke to have done so...

  111. 1 over Commentary Eng 5-1 (TARGET 238)  

    Jonathan Trott is the new batsman, and he's an absolute gift to a text commentator as he takes so much time to take guard, it allows one to catch up. His first ball is a wide outside off stump, but he sees off the over safely.

  112. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "It looked worth a shout. Cook fell over and we've seen him in the past play across his leg. It just looked out, he got his feet tangled on the wrong side of the ball and if that happens you've had it."

  113. 0.2 overs WICKET Cook lbw b Junaid 4 (Eng 4-1)  

    Now, was this going down leg side? No, hitting leg stump and Cook's gone!


    Junaid, left-arm seam, sends down the first ball of the innings to Cook who flays it through square cover for four! But the second ball is equally dramatic, Cook is rapped on the pads and the umpire shakes his head, but Pakistan call for a review...

  115. 1514 Commentary  

    Almost ready to resume with Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen opening for England. Pakistan have handed the new ball to their only recognised seamer, Junaid Khan.

  116. Commentary  

    From Alan Willows, TMS inbox: "Dorset has produced two England captains from Sherborne School alone, one being the late David Sheppard."

    But were either of them born in Dorset? Sheppard was born in Reigate, Surrey. And the imminent England innings prevents me from boasting at length about when I last played cricket at Sherborne, and skippered the visiting side to victory...

  117. 1505 Commentary  

    As well as the Michael Vaughan interview I mentioned earlier, you can now listen to Aggers' chat with Matthew Hayden on the BBC Sport website.

  118. Twitter  

    From AndrewJEHarding: "Re: counties to have produced England cricketers: I'd be surprised if Dorset has. I would think it's very demographically unlikely."

  119. Twitter  

    From SheyMouse: "Well done BBC for getting Imran Khan on. A great player and now seems set to be a greater politician."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  120. Commentary  

    Former Australia opener Matthew Hayden on TMS: "It's a ruthless landscape when it comes to selecting Australian cricketers but no-one works harder than Ricky Ponting, he has such a gerat work ethic and success comes to those who take the hardest road."

  121. 1431 Commentary  

    Right, we're into the interval, keep listening to TMS for Aggers speaking to Imran Khan, Matthew Hayden, Lydia Greenway and Jenny Gunn, as well as the England Physical Disabilities team. We're going to take a break and we'll be back to see if England can chase down 238 to win the series 4-0.

  122. Commentary  

    Legendary ex-Pakistan captain Imran Khan on TMS: "If someone asked me 20 years back if I was going to be in politics, I would have said that would be the last thing on my mind."

  123. 50 overs WICKET Ajmal b Dernbach 1 (Pkn 237 all out)  

    Last man Junaid Khan has to come out for the last two deliveries, he's the non-striker as Ajmal swings and misses at Dernbach and this time there's no chance of a bye. Last ball, Ajmal swings, misses and is bowled, and Dernbach celebrates his fourth wicket as if he's just won the World Cup.

  124. 49.4 overs WICKET Misbah c Trott b Dernbach 46 (Pkn 237-9)  

    Dernbach to bowl the last over, his first ball is a slower ball which deceives Misbah, who then hammers the second delivery to long-off... where he's dropped by the diving Kevin Pietersen as they run a single. Ajmal swings and misses, they run a bye and Kieswetter's underarm throw misses the stumps (as I recall it did three times during the last over of the domestic T20 final in 2010). Misbah slogs the fourth ball and is caught at deep mid-wicket!

  125. 49 overs Commentary Pkn 235-8  

    Saeed Ajmal is the new batsman, he can't get his first ball away but drills Finn's penultimate delivery for a single to long-on. Misbah dabs a single wide of backward point to ensure he'll face the last over, and Finn finishes with 2-42 from 10.

  126. Commentary  

    From Andrew Murfin, TMS inbox: "As a proud Manx Man living on the bigger island at the moment I am pretty sure the Isle of Man has never produced a Test player, though we do have the Manx Cannonball Mr Cavendish."

  127. 48.3 overs WICKET Rehman c Trott b Finn 12 (Pkn 233-8)  

    Finn bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Rehman, who gets an edge that would be a regulation catch to first slip but with no slips in, is wide of Kieswetter's despairing dive and away for four. Rehman takes a big swing from outside off stump and steers it wide of Patel on the square leg boundary for four. But when he tries to flick the next ball down the leg side, he's well caught by the diving Trott at short fine leg.

  128. Twitter  

    From PhilipRoberts87: "I know England are using a different line-up but Pakistan are still under the cosh, well played lads."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  129. 48 overs DROPPED CATCH Pkn 225-7  

    Abdur Rehman is the new batsman, slightly surprising as he only managed to score one from 12 balls in his previous ODI innings in this series. He's nearly run out from his first ball after another mix-up, then he lifts Bresnan into the air and is dropped by the diving Cook running round from mid-on. Misbah rotates with a single, Rehman steers a two into the deep where Buttler's excellent throw prevents a third, and the last ball is chopped to third man for one.

    News just in - Aggers will also be speaking to Pakistan legend Imran Khan in the interval on TMS...

  130. 47.1 overs WICKET A Akmal run out (Patel/Kieswetter) 2 (Pkn 219-6)  

    Cap'n Cook rotates his seamers, Misbah pushes a single into the leg side, there's a horrible mix-up as Akmal gets halfway down the pitch to run a second which was never there, Misbah hadn't left his crease at the bowler's end and Akmal is run out by a third of the pitch.

  131. Commentary  

    From Robert Grove, TMS inbox: "There appears to be quite a fuss that Briggs is the first person born on the Isle of Wight to play for England. Are there any other counties left in England that are yet to produce an England player?"

  132. 47 overs Commentary Pkn 219-6  

    Wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal is the new batsman, he inside-edges his first ball for a single. Skipper Misbah scampers a leg bye, Akmal rotates the strike, and Misbah dabs another to ensure he'll be facing the next over.

    Meanwhile, you might have heard Ricky Ponting admitting he is unlikely to be picked for Australia's one-day international side again. Here are Michael Vaughan's thoughts on the decision to drop his long-time adversary.

  133. 46.2 overs WICKET Afridi c Bresnan b Finn 9 (Pkn 215-6)  

    Single from Misbah, then Finn finally has his first wicket when Afridi slaps him through mid-wicket and Bresnan comes in well off the boundary to take a tumbling catch. No Boom Boom today.

  134. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "The innings has never really taken off. I think Pakistan needed a cameo, someone to get 50 off 30 balls. They are now way back from their initial target which would have been more like 270 or 280."

  135. 46 overs Commentary Pkn 214-5  

    Afridi goes aerial for the first time, staying in his crease but lofting Dernbach over his head for four. "If Afridi hits it cleanly, I don't think there's a ground big enough for him," notes Geoff Boycott on TMS. Afridi guides a single, while Misbah is deceieved by one of Dernbach's slower balls, and can only work the last delivery off his legs for one. He has 40 from 43 balls.

    And with the interval coming up in four overs' time, remember to listen out for Aggers' interview with Matthew Hayden about RIcky Ponting's future...

  136. 45 overs Commentary Pkn 208-5  

    Bresnan back into the attack - Misbah takes three balls to get him away and get Afridi on strike, but the bearded all-rounder can only swipe a two and a single. Another tight over from England - and with five left, all three seamers have two overs available to bowl.

  137. Twitter  

    From edwardsants: "Let's hope that Bresnan's performance today isn't as bad as his performance on Question of Sport last night!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  138. 44 overs Commentary Pkn 204-5  

    Shahid Afridi is the new batsman, will we see "Boom Boom" in full cry in the last few overs? He's off the mark with a single, Misbah returns the favour and Afridi can't get his Hampshire T20 team-mate Briggs's last ball away - the Isle of Wight youngster finishes with figures of 10-0-39-2. Well done, him.

  139. 43.3 overs WICKET Malik lbw b Briggs 23 (Pkn 202-5)  

    After a couple of singles, Malik sweeps and misses a straight ball, there's no review taken and Briggs has his second wicket.

  140. 43 overs Commentary Pkn 200-4  

    Misbah and Malik continue to push ones and twos against Patel, before the skipper - who got after Panesar a couple of times in the Tests - dents the left-arm spinner's figures by launching a massive six over mid-wicket from the penultimate ball of his spell, which also brings up the 200 for Pakistan. Patel finishes with 0-55.

  141. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "If Finn stays fit, I think and I hope he would have a very good chance of playing in the first Test against West Indies [starting 17 May]. It will be him or Tim Bresnan and he looks good. He also knows the Lord's pitch which takes a bit of getting used to."\u00a0

  142. 42 overs Commentary Pkn 190-4  

    Debutant Danny Briggs back into the attack in place of Bresnan, while Pakistan legend Imran Khan is looking down from a balcony, sitting next to England chief selector Geoff Miller. Malik and Misbah are doing well to guide singles off their legs into the gap at mid-wicket, but England will be happy to only yield four singles from Briggs's penultimate over.

  143. SMS  

    From Alex, Newcastle: "Batting powerplay about as useful for attacking as the old golden goal in football. Good idea, but in practice teams scared are\u00a0about losing rather than trying to win."

  144. 41 overs Commentary Pkn 186-4  

    Malik and Misbah try to step on the gas against Finn, but England's boundary riders have had plenty of exercise today and the Middlesex seamer's accuracy restricts them to three singles and two twos. Finn has 0-28 from eight.

    And with nine overs left, Finn, Dernbach and Briggs all have two overs left to bowl, Patel has one and Bresnan has three. Options for Captain Cook.

  145. 40 overs Commentary Pkn 179-4  

    Bresnan back into the attack to replace Patel, whose last over was a little expensive. Misbah dabs a single, Malik aims a cross-batted heave into the leg side but it flies (safely) off an edge into the covers for one. Misbah executes a more fluent pull which brings him two, a couple more singles means it's six from the (boundaryless) over and that's it for the batting powerplay - 26 runs from it.

  146. Twitter  

    Here's a final lot of\u00a0Cher songs, some of you have asked if "Sunny" Gavaskar would duet with her on TMS...

    From DaveFirth1: "Bang Bang (my baby Trott me down)"

    onecricketfan: "I Got You-suf Babe"

    And the last word goes to Dobo1912: "I'm ashamed that this many people know this many Cher songs."

  147. 39 overs Commentary Pkn 173-4  

    Finn keeps it tight against Misbah and Shoaib, three singletons and a well-run two are added to the score.

  148. 38 overs Commentary Pkn 168-4  

    Patel replaces Dernbach, Malik manages a single and after Patel errs with a legside wide, Misbah breaks the shackles with a big blast towards cow corner for four - the first boundary for eight-and-a-half overs. A single rotates the strike, Malik thrashes a two to long-off. Better over for Pakistan.

  149. Twitter  

    From slippy_jim: "How can a student [Dave, 24th over] afford to go to Dubai for a week? Put those tuition fees up!"

  150. 37 overs Commentary Pkn 159-4  

    Steven Finn back into the attack for the first time since the ninth over, he's regularly bowled during powerplays in this series - and England keep the stranglehold on Pakistan as only two runs come from the over. Both batsmen have nine.

  151. Twitter  

    From Shovel68: "Cher-cricket related tunes? How about The Dilscoop Dilscoop Song?"

    robp1978: "What about Love Can Build A Briggs."

    Bryan: "Gypsies, Ramps and Thieves?"

  152. 36 overs DRINKS BREAK Pkn 157-4  

    The batting powerplay is signalled but it's more of the same from Pakistan, who can only manage four singles from it. We've not had a boundary since the 29th over... and once again, having got all excited about a powerplay, we now get a drinks break.

  153. Twitter  

    I may have opened a can of worms asking for Cher songs... keep the tweets coming via #bbccricket

    r_n_carpenter: ""The Gooch Gooch Song?"

    The_Doveston: "I feel some Finn in the air"

    Leathers20 (and others): "Bell-ieve"

  154. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "The batting powerplay was introduced to make one-day captaincy more exciting, but I think teams have gone into a shell rather than making use of it."

  155. 35 overs Commentary Pkn 153-4  

    Malik and Misbah help themselves to ones and twos against Patel, while having delayed it until the last possible moment, the batting powerplay hoves into view...

  156. Commentary  

    From Gavin Harris, TMS Inbox: "Re: John Walker [31st over] - Do I get double points for Nasser Hussain?!"

    From Rosie, meant to be working, Swindon, via text: "Surely double points for Wally Hammond?"

  157. 34 overs Commentary Pkn 146-4  

    "Pakistan need to restart their innings here," notes Simon Mann on TMS, as captain Misbah-ul-Haq joins Shoaib Malik - one of his many predecessors in the role - at the crease. Misbah takes a while to beat the infield, but eventually steers a two wide of the predatory Morgan at backward point.

  158. 33.1 overs WICKET Azhar c Morgan b Dernbach 58 (Pkn 144-4)  

    Azhar gets a leading edge to the diving Morgan at backward point, what a catch!

  159. Twitter  

    From PaulCollinson2: "I thought the use of\u00a0two balls [one at each end]\u00a0was supposed to put an end the 'middle over' malaise?"

  160. 34 overs Commentary Pkn 144-3  

    Patel swiftly through his seventh over, Pakistan pick up five singles, the Notts man has 0-29 from his spell.

  161. SMS  

    From Mike, also in Southampton, also in the library: "To Dave in Southampton [24th over]: if only you could Dernbach time!"

    Would that be the version popularised by Cher, or the similar-lyrics one by Aqua? Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket with any other cricketers' names that sound like Cher songs, or even if you want to discuss the game...

  162. 32 overs Commentary Pkn 139-3  

    Despite taking a wicket with the last ball of his last over, England keep their last two overs of Briggs up their sleeves and turn to Dernbach, whose tattooed "sleeves" have already had plenty of attention. Azhar moves on to 55, Malik's off the mark, but only three singles off the over.

  163. Commentary  

    From John Waller, TMS inbox: "Double letters in names of English cricketers - from the past: Gooch, Hutton, Barrington, Willis, Willey, Randall, Steele, Underwood, Knott, Larwood, Barnett, Chapple, Lloyd, Illingworth to name but a few."

  164. 31 overs Commentary Pkn 136-3  

    No sign yet of Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq as all-rounder Shoaib Malik is the new batsman. Azhar drills Patel for\u00a0a single along the ground to long-on, Malik defends his first three deliveries.

  165. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "That isn't a shot that someone who'd only faced 21 balls should have been playing. Umar Akmal reminds me a bit of India's Rohit Sharma, he has plenty of potential but doesn't always deliver."

  166. 30 overs WICKET U Akmal c Dernbach b Briggs 12 (Pkn 135-3)  

    Briggs into his eighth over, England will have no fears of over-rate fines (or having their captain suspended, as has happened twice to India's Mahendra Dhoni lately) with the spinners bowling in tandem. Pakistan plunder three singles, but when Akmal comes down the pitch for another big heave, he lofts a straightforward catch to Dernbach at long-off and Briggs has his first international wicket!

  167. SMS  

    From Paul (wishing I'd gone to Southampton Uni), Kettering: "Re: Dave in Southampton [24th over]; Since when do universities have half term holidays?!"

    We had occasional "reading weeks" in my day, but not half-terms...

  168. 29 overs Commentary AZHAR FIFTY - Pkn 132-2  

    Azhar plays out four dot balls before knocking Patel for a single to bring up his fifty, while Akmal - who has forsaken his helmet for a green Pakistan baseball cap with the spinners on - cracks the last ball for four with a powerful blast through the covers.

  169. 28 overs Commentary Pkn 127-2  

    The "Middle-Overs Syndrome" detector sirens are going off as Azhar and Akmal push three singles from Briggs's over.

  170. Twitter  

    From Dazoola: "Congrats Briggsy. Me & his older brother used to play cricket with him in his back garden, using a plastic petanque ball..."

  171. 27 overs Commentary Pkn 124-2  

    England replace Bresnan with Patel, England are whistling through their overs pretty quickly with the spinners on, three singles from it.

    And while a few of you on the emails are reminiscing about Derek Underwood and Phil Edmonds playing in the same side, we did get the answer earlier [see Jack Blackbird's email, 23rd over] of who were the last two left-arm spinners to play together for England - it was Ian Blackwell and Monty Panesar in Nagpur in 2006.

  172. 26 overs Commentary Pkn 121-2  

    Akmal reverse-sweeps at Briggs, England appeal for lbw but decide against a review as Pakistan trot through for a leg bye. A more confident reverse sweep brings Azhar a single, but Briggs is quickly through his over, just two from it (and only one of those off the bat).

  173. Twitter  

    From olipepper: "Avid football fan and first time listening to TMS, they need to get Geoff Boycott on Match of the Day for his in-depth analysis!"

    Glad you're enjoying TMS, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in the fun today

  174. 25 overs Commentary Pkn 119-2  

    Pakistan reach the halfway stage in their innings as Akmal dabs a single, while Azhar tries to chip the ball into the covers but is angry with himself as he can't beat the fielders. A late cut to third man brings him a single and takes his score to 44, Akmal moves to five with a single to nick the strike.

  175. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "I have a licence to drive in England, but not the courage to drive in England, because I'm used to driving in India, and I always think the truck in the lane next to me is going to come across in front of me! It's good for the concentration, driving in India."

  176. SMS  

    From Dave, in the library catching up on work, Southampton: "Skived a week of university to go out to Dubai for the third Test... who'd have thought I could have just waited for the half term break to see us win in the ODIs?!"

  177. 24 overs Commentary Pkn 116-2  

    Azhar steers Briggs for a single to long-off, Akmal is off the mark with a paddle-swept three, but a tidy over by the Isle of Wight's finest.

  178. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "It's good to see Umar Akmal in up the order. He's a very entertaining and stylish batsman."

  179. 23 overs Commentary Pkn 112-2  

    Umar Akmal is the new batsman. I kid you not, his lips are covered in some kind of bright flourescent lime\u00a0green cream. At least it's colour-coordinated with the lime green trim of Pakistan's dark green kit.

  180. Commentary  

    From Jack Blackbird, TMS inbox: "Re 16th over - Panesar and Ian Blackwell played together on the India tour in early 2006, not sure if it's happened since."

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner - Blackwell and Panesar against India in Nagpur in March 2006. Blackwell's first (and only?) Test.

  181. 22.5 overs WICKET Shafiq b Bresnan 65 (Pkn 112-2)  

    Shafiq and Azhar push a couple of singles against Bresnan, who finally makes the breakthrough when Shafiq tries another cut to third man and chops onto his stumps.

  182. Twitter  

    From adamtom89 (and others): "Did Panesar and Giles never bowl in tandem?"

    They may have done in warm-up games, but I don't recall them ever playing in the same Test or ODI side...

  183. 22 overs Commentary Pkn 110-1  

    A change of ends for Briggs as Cap'n Cook continues to rotate his bowlers in that search for an elusive wicket. Azhar guides a single, Shafiq drives well, picking up two twos and a single - he's up to 64.

  184. SMS  

    From Will from Bournemouth: "Azhar Ali playing very well, England need better fielding, bowlers are world class just having an off day so far. Come on England."

  185. 21 overs Commentary Pkn 104-1  

    With the powerplay over, Dernbach's second spell is curtailed and Bresnan returns, but he's not quite been on song today - Shafiq steers a two to the point boundary, before a delicate uppercut over the unguarded slip region brings his sixth four, and suddenly that's the century stand. Bresnan, hands on hips, must feel like it isn't his day - he's gone round the park\u00a0for 26 in four overs.

  186. SMS  

    From Freddie Fife, Leeds: "Re: Dan, East Yorkshire [18th over] -\u00a0how can you say that when in the Tests our bowlers did the job, yet our batsman failed!"

  187. 20 overs Commentary Pkn 98-1  

    Pakistan help themselves to three singles from Patel, while Jimmy Anderson has snuck onto the field for a bit of sub-fielding - one of the best substitute fielders you could bring on!

  188. Twitter  

    From dswoodcock: "Re: two left-arm spinners bowling together for England. Was it when Peter Such and Phil Tufnell were in the same England side?"

    'Fraid not, as "Screaming Lord" Such was a right-arm off-spinner. I'm wondering if Tuffers and Richard Illingworth ever played together? Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket if you know...

  189. 19 overs Commentary SHAFIQ FIFTY - Pkn 94-1  

    Refreshed, Pakistan plunder seven from Dernbach's over, including a legside clip for four which brings up Shafiq's sixth\u00a0ODI\u00a0fifty from 59 balls.

  190. SMS  

    From Matt in Bristol: "I've played against Danny Briggs on the Island! So now the whole office will be regailed with tales of how I hit a four and was out next ball to an international player. Happy days!"

    We've also been informed\u00a0Briggs was given the Sportsman of the Year 2011 award by readers of the Portsmouth News at a ceremony\u00a0last night (collected on his behalf by Hants team-mate David Griffiths, a\u00a0fellow IOW native). The accolades keep coming...

  191. 18 overs DRINKS BREAK Pkn 87-1  

    Azhar and Shafiq plunder three singles from Patel's over - earning themselves\u00a0a drinks break.

  192. SMS  

    From Dan, East Yorkshire: "England need a bowler who can get wickets more often, like Broad a year ago, rather than us just getting a few and relying on good batters."

  193. 17 overs Commentary Pkn 84-1  

    Captain Cook rotates his bowlers as Briggs is replaced by Dernbach, but Azhar is looking increasingly confident, slashing a four to third man before coming down the pitch and aiming a straight hit which Dernbach\u00a0stops with his feet. ("He must be the most-tattooed international cricketer, as KP and Mitchell Johnson have only had one arm done", notes Aggers on TMS). A single takes Azhar to 35 from 44 balls, his partner Shafiq has 44 from 55. Nearly an identical strike rate...

  194. Commentary  

    From Les Green, TMS inbox: "Aggers is right about the guy not having an idea that it's cold - wait until you come back to Abu Dhabi, it's only 21 degrees here!"

  195. 16 overs Commentary Pkn 79-1  

    England take the fielding powerplay at the first opportunity but abort the Pietersen experiment and turn to Samit Patel, so England have two left-arm spinners operating in tandem - when was the last time that happened? Tweet us if you know... With only three men permitted outside the circle, Shafiq takes full advantage with a two through cover point, a four hoisted over mid-wicket and a quick single into the covers. Azhar adds a single... eight from the over, where can England find a wicket?

  196. SMS  

    From Craig, Bradford: "After having my kit stolen last week (remember the jam sarnie text?)\u00a0a customer has bought me a new bat after hearing about my plight. Shame it was a harrow size but my faith in human nature is restored slightly."

  197. 15 overs Commentary Pkn 71-1  

    Briggs spins down a legside wide, while he's let down by fellow debutant Jos Buttler, who makes a horlicks of what should be an easy pick-up in the covers and leaks two runs to Shafiq, who then shows the crowd a touch of the Dilscoops as he flicks a single over his shoulder to fine leg. Azhar hammers his fourth four, Briggs has 0-14 from three overs.

  198. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "A note on the board in my hotel says 'cold, 23 degrees'. Whoever wrote that doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'cold'."

  199. Twitter  

    From CarterRevolved: "Another wicket please.. or do i just need to hit F5 again for one to apear? I will try anyway."

    Auto-updating is working fine so far, but you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in the debate today

  200. 14 overs Commentary Pkn 63-1  

    Interesting bowling change - Bresnan is replaced by the part-time off-spin of Kevin Pietersen, who's into the attack before front-line spinner Samit Patel. Shafiq drills a single to long-on, Pietersen strays with a wide and two more singles mean Shafiq has 34, Azhar has 25 and this stand is worth 62.

  201. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Always nice to see a young cricketer playing his first international - Briggs is only 20, not many spinners have made their England debuts at that age. He parts his hands rather like Harbhajan Singh in his run-up, but without the little jump."

  202. 13 overs Commentary Pkn 59-1  

    After a single from Shafiq, Azhar prods forward at the fair-haired\u00a0Briggs and gets an inside edge past the stumps which scoots away and beats Dernbach's full-length dive on the fine leg boundary.

  203. SMS  

    From Milo, Dorset: "I played against Jos Buttler at schoolboy level twice. First time he got a duck. Second time, in upper sixth, he got the best 100\u00a0I have ever seen."

  204. 12 overs Commentary Pkn 54-1  

    The TMS guys think Bresnan isn't quite at full pace yet, following that lengthy lay-off, and the Pakistan pair look relatively untroubled as some ones and twos push them past the fifty partnership. With no slip in, they're taking every opportunity to open the face and run the ball down to third man, where Briggs has to field the ball at least four times during the over.

  205. SMS  

    From Mo, Canary Wharf: "I'd love to hear Lord Geoffrey et al's view on Dernbach's arm-art. Great bowler, though call me a (25 year old!) traditionalist, but it's just not cricket. I'd never get away with away with a short-sleeved shirt flashing that sort of decoration around the office!"

  206. 11 overs Commentary Pkn 49-1  

    Hampshire's Danny Briggs, making history as the first Isle of Wight-born England player, comes on to bowl his left-arm spin and is right on the money with his first ball. Tall, with a high, classical\u00a0action, he's wearing sunglasses to bowl (shades of Swann's, erm, shades?) and ODI shirt number 54, for those of you who note such things. Shafiq and Azhar pick up a couple of leg byes, while Shafiq turns the last ball to mid-wicket to prevent the debutant starting with a maiden over.

  207. Commentary  

    From Ian Reed, TMS inbox: "Have you noticed how many of the current England team have double letters in their surname (yes, isn't that interesting?!). So I got to thinking, what would be the most recent set of England players you could put together? Strauss, Cook, Trott, Bell, Collingwood, Buttler, Kieswetter, Swann, Tremlett, Briggs, Finn."

  208. 10 overs Commentary Pkn 46-1  

    Azhar plays an odd shot at Bresnan, coming a pace or two down the track but jumping up as he pokes a quick single to mi-wicket. Shafiq pulls a shorter delivery for two, a single takes him to 25 and Azhar punches a four square of the wicket before a delicate single to third man moves his score to 19. A single from Shafiq means it's 10 from the over, and England will be relieved the compulsory 10-over powerplay fielding restrictions are over.

    And I can recommend a read of our weekly Alec Stewart column which has been published this morning - Stewie has his say on Ponting's future, Andre Villas-Boas and those naughty boxers Chisora and Haye.

  209. Commentary  

    From Mark Butler, TMS inbox: "Gotta love Boycs' quote 'that was the stroke I got my hundredth hundred with' He never misses a chance..."

  210. 9 overs Commentary Pkn 36-1  

    Shafiq and Azhar exchange singles against Finn - while despite being rested for today's game, James Anderson and Graeme Swann are sat together with England's other non-combatants - Swanny no doubt being at the heart of the banter. The fact that neither Anderson nor Swann are wearing flourescent yellow bibs hints that they may have delegated drink-carrying duties to Bairstow and others.

  211. SMS  

    From Tim, London: "Re: Daniel Loughlin [1st over]\u00a0- everyone getting a chance? What about poor Jonny Bairstow? Why not give him a go in the gloves instead of CK?"

  212. 8 overs Commentary Pkn 34-1  

    It's Bresnan o'clock as Dernbach takes a rest after the pasting he took from Shafiq in the last over, and Big Tim is into the attack for his first competitive action since the India series in late October. But after a single from Shafiq,\u00a0Bresnan's fourth ball is too short for Azhar, who steps forward and absolutely marmalises it through the covers for four.

  213. Commentary  

    From Kieron Lambert, TMS inbox: "Wondering whether anyone has a Word or Excel version of Boycott Bingo in order that we can move the squares around and have a proper game?"

    Although this one is the first one TMS were sent (and is the most colourful I've seen), this one is less colourful but has randomly generated squares!

  214. 7 overs Commentary Pkn 29-1  

    Finn continues for his fourth over, although Tim Bresnan is swinging his arms at second slip in the manner of a man who knows he'll be bowling soon. After the fireworks from Shafiq last over, Azhar helps himself to a couple of twos.

  215. Twitter  

    From joshmoor10: "Good to see Jos Buttler in the ODI team, where he belongs! He is a hero!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to praise Jos Buttler or indeed anyone else!

  216. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "This is my first proper look at Dernbach, he gets close to the stumps and I think he can bowl pretty straight. But that last ball was too leg side and to full, he put it away like a rocket."

  217. 6 overs Commentary Pkn 25-1  

    Shafiq lashes Dernbach for four through the covers, guides another two off his legs and then whips the final ball of the Surrey man's over through square leg for another four.

  218. BBC Sport's Tim Peach in Dubai
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tim Peach in Dubai  

    "TMS interval today: Matthew Hayden talks Ricky Ponting to Aggers and there's [England's women international players] Lydia Greenway & Jenny Gunn from NZ, and also the\u00a0England Physical Disabilities team."

  219. 5 overs Commentary Pkn 15-1  

    As Boycs laments missing an eight-foot putt while playing against his wife on the golf course yesterday ("I'm doing like those ECB PR men and taking the positives - I nearly beat her"), Shafiq guides Finn for a two and a single. But just the one boundary so far today.

  220. 4 overs Commentary Pkn 12-1  

    Dernbach, whose tattoos seem to have spread even further than before (somehow reminding me of Spiderman), keeps it tight but Shafiq and Azhar manage three singles from the over.

  221. Twitter  

    From RodHardy3: "Who would have thought England would lose the Test series 3-0 and then win the one-dayers 4-0?"

  222. 3 overs Commentary Pkn 9-1  

    Azhar gets going with a two and a single off his legs against Finn, Shafiq bunts one into the leg side and scampers a single before the looming figure of Samit Patel can pounce on the ball.

  223. Twitter  

    From GmanIOW: "A\u00a0proud day for Briggsy & Isle of Wight cricket - this should give a real boost for the season ahead."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in the debate today

  224. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "That was a straightish drive past the bowler, driving it from outside off stump\u00a0- that was the stroke I got my hundredth hundred with. But a lot of people play that stroke, like Pietersen, and if you put your mid-on straighter, you'll save umpteen boundaries."

  225. 2 overs Commentary Pkn 5-1  

    An early "tick" for Boycott Bingo followers as Geoffrey mentions the "corridor of uncertainty" on TMS, while Dernbach continues bowling a good line just outside off stump to new batsman Asad Shafiq. He's off the mark with a fluent on-driven four back past the non-striker, from the last ball of the over.

  226. 1.2 overs WICKET Hafeez c Kieswetter b Dernbach 1 (Pkn 1-1)  

    Jade Dernbach takes the second over, and almost immediately induces a tentative edge from Hafeez to the keeper!

  227. Commentary  

    From Daniel Loughlin, TMS inbox: "It\u2019s good to see the England selectors giving everyone a chance, even for one game. A good show here can force their hand for future one dayers. Nobody can say they haven\u2019t been given a chance to put their foot in the door."

  228. 1 over Commentary Pkn 1-0  

    Hafeez gets Pakistan under way by knocking a single to third man. Azhar, normally a number three but opening today, negotiates the rest of the over.

    And an email press release from the ECB informs us that Samit Patel has been awarded an incremental England contract, which players can earn by appearing in a certain number of games. It's sort of a second-tier contract - Messrs Bopara, Dernbach and Kieswetter are also on incremental deals.

  229. 1059 Commentary  

    Miohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali opening up for Pakistan, Steven Finn to take the first over.

  230. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This match has a bit of an end-of-term feel to it."

  231. 1057 Commentary  

    A quick look elsewhere in the world of cricket - Sri Lanka look favourites to beat India in the latest ODI tri-series game. Sri Lanka made 289-6 and in reply, India are 238-9 in the 45th over. Players walking out in Dubai...

  232. Twitter  

    From TonyTimes2: "I'm all for resting and rotating, but three bowlers in one fell swoop for a team so reliant on bowling?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  233. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "I think there's more edge with a three-match series - you could fit them into a week - but it's a little odd that this is a four-match series."

  234. Commentary  

    From Jabbar Ahmed, TMS inbox: "Can\u2019t believe Pakistan have only gone in with just one seam bowler for this game."

  235. 1046 Commentary  

    And thanks for pointing out in the team news, it's Steven Finn, not Stuart Finn. Mea culpa...

  236. 1044 Commentary  

    While we wait for Test Match Special to take to the airwaves at 1045, I've just noticed that Pakistan are only fielding one front-line seamer, Junaid Khan, along with five spinners. Please manually refresh this page if you can't see the TMS commentary icon on the top right.

    You may have also noticed that we've reverted to the "retro" appearance of the live text while the technical team continue working on our new style of text commentaries, with which we've had a few problems. It should auto-update, but please keep your fingers crossed for us - but we'd still like to hear from you throughout the day. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word, or tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket - and please put your name on your text or we can't use it.

  237. Twitter  

    Simon Wilde, Sunday Times: "Danny Briggs becomes first cricketer born on Isle of Wight to play for England."

  238. 1039 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Misbah-ul-Haq (capt), Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Adnan Akmal (wk), Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Abdur Rehman.

    England: Alastair Cook (capt), Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter (wk), Jos Buttler, Samit Patel, Tim Bresnan, Jade Dernbach, Danny Briggs, Steven Finn.

  239. 1032 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Alastair Cook calls "tails", it's "heads", and Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq opts to bat first. They've had a few injury and illness problems -\u00a0Imran Farhat's injured, Umar Gul is rested and Aizaz Cheema also misses out - Shoaib Malik, Abdur Rehman and Junaid Khan are back in.

  240. 1028 Commentary  

    While we're waiting, former Australia captain Ricky Ponting announced at a news conference that he does not expect to play one-day cricket for them again after being dropped, but wants to play on in Tests. There's also a photo gallery of Punter's career for you to check out - including a very dodgy goatee beard from the early days. (Needless to say, it includes the Gary Pratt run-out).

  241. 1025 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - it's eyes down as England look to complete a 4-0 whitewash over Pakistan in their final one-day international in Dubai. Rumours abound that, having been unchanged for three games, England may turn to one or more of their "B-Team" - Tim Bresnan, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler and Danny Briggs - who have been loyally carrying the drinks on this leg of the tour, along with Jade Dernbach. News of the toss, and the teams, as we have it.

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Live Scores - Pakistan v England


  • England beat Pakistan by 4 wickets
  • Pakistan: 237 (50.0 overs)
  • England: 241-6 (49.2 overs)
  • Venue: Dubai

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 241
Cook lbw b Junaid Khan 4
Pietersen c Rehman b Ajmal 130
Trott c Hafeez b Rehman 15
Morgan lbw b Ajmal 15
Buttler c Azhar Ali b Ajmal 0
Kieswetter run out (Azhar Ali) 43
Patel not out 17
Bresnan not out 4
Extras 10w 3lb 13

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