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India v England - 2nd ODI as it happened

  1. 0930 Commentary  

    Morning. The second ODI between India and England in Delhi today, with\u00a0the visitors\u00a0looking to overturn their reverse in\u00a0Hyderabad, where I'm told MS Dhoni went frankly berserk. News leaking through that England are unchanged...

  2. 0934 Commentary  

    MS Dhoni flips the coin, Alastair Cook calls heads and it comes down heads - England are going to have a bat and the skipper confirms his side are unchanged. As, indeed, are India...

  3. Teams Commentary  

    India: G Gambhir, AM Rahane, PA Patel, V Kohli, SK Raina, MS Dhoni*\u2020, RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, R Vinay Kumar, U Yadav, P Kumar

    England: AN Cook*, C Kieswetter\u2020, IJL Trott, KP Pietersen, RS Bopara, JM Bairstow, SR Patel, TT Bresnan, GP Swann, ST Finn, JW Dernbach

  4. Commentary  

    From David (in Baoding in China), TMS inbox: "Glad that England have kept the same side it is the only way that they will learn how to cope with pitch conditions abroad and it avoids the panicky change in selection for every match we seem to have been plagued with for years."

  5. 0950 Commentary  

    Alas, I have no access to the TMS inbox at the moment. While not exactly a tragedy, it's a bit of a shame and I've ordered that we should have our best men working on it. Of course, this wouldn't happen in New Zealand... Ten minutes\u00a0to kick-off...

  6. BBC Test Match Special's Prakash Wakankar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Prakash Wakankar  

    "Batting second on this ground, you will face a lot of uneven bounce."

  7. 0959 Commentary  

    Righto, here goes, Alastair Cook and Craig Kieswetter out in the middle, Praveen Kumar with the new pill in his mitts, we'll have play in a minute...

  8. 1st over WICKET Cook c Jadeja b Kumar 0 (Eng 0-1)  

    A slip and a short mid-wicket in for Cook, who blocks the first delivery of the innings. Bit of bend for Kumar... COOK GONE! Short and wide from Kumar and Cook slashes straight to Jaedeja at backward-point.

  9. 1st over Commentary Eng 0-1  

    Trott is next out of the shed - strangled lbw appeal first up but that's high... wicket-maiden, big, burly start by India...

  10. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "I think we know who won that particular round of boxing. Wicket maiden - India are on top. The ground is only a half to a third full but the crowd are very loud already."

  11. Commentary  

    From Chris White, TMS inbox: "What has Ian Bell got to do to be in the side - move to a Home Counties team?!"

  12. 2nd over WICKET Kieswetter c Kohli b V Kumar 0 (Eng 0-2)  

    And another! Kieswetter survives the first four balls of Vinay Kumar's over before hanging his bat out to dry and nibbling to Kohli at first slip.

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "Ashwin and Jadeja are the sort of spinners who'll asks you questions, but you wouldn't be scared about them getting you out as you might be with Warne, Muralitharan or Saqlain."

  14. 3rd over Commentary Eng 2-2  

    Pietersen joins Trott in the middle and England are finally off the mark with an edge to third-man. No more than dibbles and dobbles from Praveen but it's doing the trick so far - bit of curve, bit of wobble off the pitch, not all about out and out pace. Two slips in for KP, who could do with a decent dig here -\u00a0only two fifties in the last 27 ODI innings... watchful so far...\u00a0

  15. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "I think Bell occasionally struggles for inclusion in the one-day side because the selectors still subconsciously base much of the decision-making on the subtle but recognisable onomatopoeaic 'flavours' of the surnames involved. Bopara sounds like a well-timed shot played with restrained aggression, while Bell, whatever the objective strokeplay qualities he possesses, still sounds like he got a rising delivery quite high up the blade and has jingling wrists as a result."

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "I'm going to lose all the support of my Welsh family and friends here, but I thought it was a red card in the rugby! I have a Welsh father and grew up in Brecon."

  17. SMS  

    From Steve: "Bell is our best player of spin, although judging by the start, England will be out before spinners are needed."

  18. 4th over Commentary Eng 3-2  

    Trott drops into the off-side before scampering through for a single before KP shoulders arms again and remains on nowt...

  19. 5th over Commentary Eng 20-2  

    Bit of width from Praveen and Trott plays a funny old shot, shimmying down the pitch and spearing through the covers for the first boundary of the day. And another! Leg-side from Praveen and Trott helps it on its way. YET MORE! Over-pitched this time and Trott strokes him to the\u00a0cover-point fence. Trott flashes at the next delivery and is beaten - that was wild and wooly. KP off the mark with a whip off his pads for four...

  20. 6th over Commentary 21-2  

    Risky single from Trott, Raina, with only one stump to aim for,\u00a0very nearly hitting...\u00a0

  21. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "This is a tailor-made situation for Jonathan Trott - he can bide his time and play himself in."

  22. 7th over Commentary Eng 27-2  

    Trott twirls down to third-man for a couple before Praveen strays down leg and England pick up four leg-byes.

  23. 8th overs Commentary Eng 34-2  

    Two for Trott before KP picks up a single. Four more for Trott courtesy of a creamy drive through the covers and this is turning into a good restorative partnership. Paul in Lancs (see below) if the England team was selected by onomatopoeaic 'flavours' then George Ulyett would never have played one of his 25 Tests, sounding as he does like an exclamation having been struck square in the jaffers.

  24. 9th over Commentary Eng 35-2  

    Trott looking to cut but it's too close to his body and he very nearly chops on. But that is dreamy timing from the Warwickshire man, flicking Praveen through mid-wicket for four.

  25. Twitter  

    Former England captain Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "I really think KP has to come to the party today...Too good a player not to be scoring big runs consistently in ODI cricket."

  26. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "I think it's time for Kevin Pietersen to put a big score on the board - he batted superbly in the Test matches this summer, but hasn't done it in the one-day arena for a couple of years. You think these sorts of pitches would suit tall front-players, and the outfield looks fast."

  27. 10th over WICKET Trott c Dhoni b Vinay 34 (Eng 48-3)  

    Trott scoring all round the wicket - another sweet cover-drive, this time on the rise, and the\u00a0ball races away for another four. Vinay strays down leg and Trott nudges\u00a0off his hip\u00a0to the square-leg boundary.\u00a0But he's gone next ball - having a fish, edge, and Dhoni snaffles the catch. Huge wicket, Trott was rattling along at a lick.

  28. Twitter  

    From TMS Producer Adam Mountford: "Special "View from the Boundary" today as author of "A Suitable Boy", and "An Equal Music" Vikram Seth joins us on TMS. On air around 1330."

  29. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "Virat Kohli is what we call a liquorice allsorts bowler - you never quite know what you're going to get. You can't really take him seriously bowling medium pace in sunglasses, but he reminds me a bit of the old\u00a0New Zealand medium-pacer Gavin Larsen, who was difficult to get away."

  30. 11th over Commentary Eng 49-3  

    Kohli into the attack now, Bopara of Forest Gate, East London,\u00a0the new man in the middle. Kohli little more than military medium but that didn't stop him taking three wickets in the first game. Four dots to start with before KP flaps him through mid-off for a single.

  31. 12th man Commentary Eng 51-3  

    Vinay to continue - he's now 2-18 from his five overs. Pietersen shuffles across his crease and whips off his legs for one before Vinay goes up for a leg before, but Bopara got a whole hunk of wood on that. Bopara, in his haste to get off the mark,\u00a0plays an airy stroke outside off-stump but he is off the mark from the final ball of the over.\u00a0

  32. 13th over Commentary Eng 54-3  

    Kohli to continue and Pietersen flicks him to long-on for a comfortable single. Kohli a little over 60mph but the tactic of taking the pace off the ball is working, Pietersen is struggling to hit him off the square. Just three from that over..

  33. 14th over Commentary Eng 59-3  

    Vinay Kumar could bowl all the way through here, although there are one or two signs of fatigue in this over - short and wide and Bopara slaps him through backward-point for four. One more for Bopara before KP is beaten by a ball that lifts off the crease unexpectedly. Apparently Kohli didn't take three wickets in the first match, no idea where I got that from...

  34. 15th over Commentary Eng 62-3  

    ... three singles from that over from Kohli, he is doing a job... Pietersen calls for some new gloves, hot out there, probably feels like he's just been washing up in the Marigolds...

  35. 16th over Commentary Eng 74-3  

    Short from Umesh Yadav and Bopara's slathers him to the deep mid-wicket fence. Good comeback from Yadav, Bopara beaten, before Bopara unfurls a doozy, opening te face and picking up four more. And another! Short, fast, and Bopara pulls him away in front of square...

  36. SMS  

    From Lee in\u00a0Sunderland: "Is it customary to type 'man' when you reach "12th over" or is it a mistake? My hangover is kicking in but my eyes are still keen!"

  37. 17th over Commentary Eng 80-3  

    R Ashwin into the attack and he kicks off with three dots. Bopara ambles a single before Ashwin has an optimistic lbw appeal turned down against Pietersen. And that's afour for KP courtesy of a tug-sweep down to long-leg.

  38. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "It's harder to make the ball soft these days - you're not supposed to deliberately throw the ball into the ground - when we now have a new ball from each end so they're only in use for 25 overs each."

  39. 18th over Commentary Eng 83-3  

    Bit of tweak from Jadeja now. Three singles before Pietersen sashays down the track and very nearly pokes straight back to the bowler. Jadeja, of course, is\u00a0left-arm orthodox, Pietersen's kryptonite...

  40. 19th over Commentary Eng 87-3  

    Bopara and KP exchange singles through mid-on before Pietersen sweeps crisply for one more. Both batsmen looking pretty comfortable, and me having written that probably means England will be skittled for 94.

  41. 20th Commentary Eng 89-3  

    Bit of turn from Jadeja and that gives Pietersen something to think about. One for Bopara, forcing through mid-off, and there are just two runs from that over. Jadeja really rattles through his overs, giving the batsmen no time to settle.

  42. BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball  

    "Ashwin has an unusual action, he shakes the ball with both hands like a barman shaking a cocktail as he runs in."

  43. 21st over Commentary Eng 93-3  

    Ashwin gets one to turn quite extravagantly back into the right-handed Bopara. One for Bopara before KP gets on his bike and prods to mid-on for a single of his own. Bopara glides for one more and Pietersen nicks the strike with another nurdle down the ground. This partnership now 45.

  44. 22nd over Commentary Eng 107-3  

    Bopara drills into the covers for one before Pietersen rips the shirt off, flexes the muscles\u00a0and clubs Jadeja for two very welcome straight sixes. England pass 100, and all of a sudden that score doesn't look so bad...

  45. 23rd over Commentary Eng 111-3  

    Three singles from Ashwin's first five deliveries before Pietersen scampers a single from a tug round the corner and is forced to dive to beat the throw. Change of bowling, Yadav back into the attack.

  46. 24th over Commentary Eng 114-3  

    Yadav has got a bit of bustle about him but that delivery slipped out of his hand and Pietersen flays him through the covers for what should have been more than a single. Bit of zing off the pitch for Yadav and Pietersen is beaten for pace.

  47. 25th over WICKET Bopara lbw b Ashwin 36 (Eng 121-4)  

    Ashwin has got a jerky old bowling action, as if someone\u00a0double-clicks the\u00a0pause button just as he is about to release the ball. Cute shot from Pietersen, a little glide down to the third-man fence for four. Bopara's gone - the ball gripping,\u00a0straightening, Bopara missing and Bowden's crooked finger being winched upwards.

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "That was a little bit careless from Bopara. Having scored 36 from 50 balls, you'd have thought he would have got something on that."

  49. 26th over WICKET Pietersen c Dhoni b Yadav 46 (Eng 121-5)  

    Jonny Bairstow is next up the ramp and he survives the final ball of Ashwin's over. Pietersen out! Yadav serves up a teaser, Pietersen feathers it and Dhoni takes a smart catch behind the timbers. England being reduced to rubble again... no idea what that was all about - Pietersen stays on the pitch, despite the fact the catch looked pretty clean on the telly. Samit Patel of Notts\u00a0is next man in and he's off the mark with a heave to leg for one.

  50. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Glory Glory India. Pay back time. No rain over here to help England."

  51. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "I think Samit Patel is more naturally a batsman than a bowler, but his role in the side means he comes in at seven and often has to bowl most of his allocation of overs."

  52. Commentary  

    From Uncle Roy, TMS inbox: "Re onomatopoeia, lengthen the first syllable of Kieswetter and you've got a skyer to deep mid-wicket that falls stone dead. The batsmen run three."

  53. 27th over Commentary Eng 125-5  

    Jonny Bairstow is off and running with a squirt through cover-point for one, Patel adds a single with a nibble to mid-on.

  54. SMS  

    From Jamie in\u00a0Southampton: "Re onomatopoeia: cook sounds like the crisp noise made from a well-timed cut shot, racing away for four!"

  55. 30th over Commentary Eng 136-5  

    Apologies, the 28th and 29th overs were just lost to the vagaries of iffy technology. They're floating about somewhere, up in the ether. Not much happened, however. Four for Bairstow from a top-edged pull before Bairstow drives for one.

  56. 31st over Commentary Eng 140-5  

    Just two singles from that Jadeja over... that boy bowls his overs fast...

  57. 32nd over Commentary Eng 142-5  

    Praveen Kumar is wheeled back into the Indian attack and his first delivery nibbles off the seam and catches\u00a0Bairstow\u00a0on the inner thigh. Bairstow with a single before Patel plays an unconvincing drive down to third-man. Just two from that over, India turning the screw...\u00a0\u00a0

  58. 33rd over Commentary Eng 150-5  

    Patel uses his feet to Jadeja and marmalises him over long-on for six. Sorry to say we have more technological problems this end, I've now lost pictures entirely. We're back, just in time to see Patel pick up two more with a chop through point.

  59. 34th over Commentary Eng 152-5  

    Bairstow offered a bit of width by Praveen but that's a fine stop by the man at point to save runs. One for Patel with a tuck to leg before Bairstow is foxed by a slower ball and very nearly prods a catch back to the bowler.

  60. 35th over Commentary Eng 154-5  

    Kohli, who ambles to and fro\u00a0from the crease with all the urgency of\u00a0a man\u00a0fetching beers from the fridge,\u00a0gets one past the edge of Bairstow's vertical bat before shaping to run out Patel, who was backing up. He's a lively one, this Kohli...

  61. 36th over DRINKS BREAK Eng 157-5  

    England have taken the batting powerplay. Ashwin gets one to go through with the arm and Patel is beaten all ends up. One for Patel with a nubbin round the corner and that's drinks.

  62. SMS  

    From Stuart in Ayrshire: "Could England retire from ODI cricket? Save us fans from future torment! I'm still not convinced of Bopara, loses his wicket far to easily."

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball  

    "I read a great description in the Times of India today - it described English batsmen as 'hesitant punishers of spin', I think that's spot on."

  64. 37th over Commentary Eng 161-5  

    Praveen to continue after refreshments and that's a leg-side wide. England need some hammer here, they're rather dribbling along like a thirsty creak. And don't forget, this is a batting powerplay.\u00a0Patel looks to baseball bat Praveen straight but only picks up a couple. Fine yorker from Praveen, which\u00a0Patel squirts into the off-side, before Bairstow is sent scampering back to his crease like a startled cat. Two overs of the powerplay for seven, no idea what's going off out there...

  65. 38th over Commentary Eng 173-5  

    Ashwin short and that's better from Patel, making room and lacing through point for four. Patel flicks down the ground for one before Bairstow deflects to mid-on for one more. A single from Patel and that's an absolute peach from Bairstow, an authentic, high-elbowed lofted drive for four. Better.

  66. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "If England lose any wickets now I don't see them scoring more than about 250."

  67. SMS  

    From Gindy in London: "Let's not forget this is a second string India team & I agree with the previous comment Bopara loses his wicket too cheaply. Shades of Ramprakash -\u00a0undoubted talent but often has anxiety in shot selection on the international stage?"

  68. 39th over Commentary Eng 179-5  

    Patel backs away and climbs into Praveen but it's hit straight to a fielder. The Notts biffer finds the man at long-on and runs one before Praveen serves up another well-directed yorker, which is well dug out. One down to fine-leg from the final ball of the over, six runs from it.

  69. 40th over Commentary Eng 190-5  

    MASSIVE! Patel drops to one knee and absolutely splatters Ashwin over mid-wicket for six. Patel backs away and slaps hard, but finds the man in the covers and there is no run. Bairstow sweeps and Dhoni claims a catch but there was no tickle. Two for Bairstow from the final ball of the over, 11 from it.

  70. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "One of the reasons Alastair Cook gave at the toss for batting first was that it's a 'small ground'. Can't quite see the logic there, but Patel just honked that one over mid-wicket for six."

  71. 41st over APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 197-5  

    Kohli back on and this partnership is really quickening now - Patel whirls down to third-man for four before punching to long-on for a single. Two more singles before Bairstow lunges and looks as if he might have been beaten by the throw... that's not out, he was in by a couple of feet...

  72. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "In today's other international cricket action, Zimbabwe host New Zealand in the second of their Twenty20 internationals after the Kiwis won the first by 10 wickets - but\u00a0rain threatens to delay the start in Harare. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TMS during the interval between innings for the 'View from the Boundary' interview with Vikram Seth, author of 'A Suitable Boy' and 'An Equal Music'."

  73. 42nd over WICKET Patel lbw b Yadav 42 (Eng 207-6)  

    Yadav back into the attack - an Indian nudging 90mph, much like an Irishman nudging 9.8 seconds for the 100m. Bairstow clips through mid-wicket for four before Yadav serves up two wides. Raina with a fine, cat-like stop in the covers before Yadav sends down another wide. But Patel's gone! That skidded through shin high and that's plumb. Decent knock, however, from Patel... Bresnan next in and Dhoni immediately posts a slip... the Yorkshireman off the mark with a thick outside edge...

  74. 43rd over WICKET Bairstow c Kohli b Jadeja 35 (Eng 211-7)  

    Jadeja back on and that's a fine catch from Kohli down on the long-off boundary to dismiss Bairstow - right in front of the rope, could easily have stepped over.

  75. 44th over Commentary Eng 221-7  

    Graeme Swann can give it some clatter and England need him to here, it's been a spluttering innings from England so far. That's smart from Swann - bit of width and he ramps it over first slip and away for four. A swing and a miss from Swann, India have what you might call a semi-fly slip in place now. India have been good in the field so far but that was dreadful from the man at mid-wicket and Bresnan picks up four. Iffy heave from Bresnan and he very nearly holes out to Praveen down at third-man. Ten from that over...

  76. 45th over Commentary Eng 227-7  

    England milk Jadeja for three singles... make that four courtesy of a short-armed mow from Bresnan... make that\u00a0six courtesy of a squirt into the covers...\u00a0

  77. 46th over WICKET Swann b Vinay 7 (Eng 227-8)  

    Vinay Kumar back into the attack and he has three overs left to bowl... BOWLED HIM FIRST BALL! Swann plays all around that and gets his furniture rearranged by a straight one.

  78. 46th over WICKET Bresnan c Raina b Vinay 12 (Eng 229-9)  

    Steven Finn is next up and that's a nice shot to get off the mark, riding a lifter and angling down to third-man for one. Vinay continues probing and we have another wicket,\u00a0Bresnan mis-timing a lofted drive and holing out to the man at mid-off.

  79. Twitter  

    From hairbearrob: "Once again England contrive to get themselves out of a good position. What's wrong with pushing singles and smacking the bad ball?!"

  80. 47th over Commentary Eng 232-9  

    That's a ripper of a ball from Yadav, who gets the ball to curve back in to Dernbach, but it was missing leg. A run out decision is sent upstairs and it turns out Finn easily made his ground. Fine death bowling from Yadav, every ball right up there, reminiscent of Darren Gough in his pomp. England nick a run from the final ball of the over...

  81. 48th over Commentary Eng 235-9  

    Vinay still finding the right areas and this final England pair having to scratch about for runs. Yorkers from both ends at the moment, this is death bowling\u00a0from\u00a0a drawer so high, you'd need a step ladder to locate it. Three from the over...\u00a0

  82. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "The interval may well be a little early. So stand by for our special "View from the Boundary" with writer Vikram Seth."

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Prakash Wakankar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Prakash Wakankar  

    On Twitter: "Vinay Kumar bowled the best I've seen him in a bit. More power to him..England need early wickets."

  84. 1st over Commentary Ind 1-0  

    Right, we're back out in Delhi - lights in full effect, Bresnan with the new ball and we have a hint of early swing. The left-handed Parthiv Patel is on strike and he's off the mark with a push to mid-off - sharp work from Pietersen, although he hurts himself in the process. I think he's been to the Bernard Hopkins school of acting.

  85. 2nd over Commentary Ind 7-0  

    Steven Finn of Middlesex to share the new ball with Bresnan - two slips in for Patel but they're of no use there as Finn slides down leg and is clipped away for one. The right-handed Rahane is off the mark with a dab through point before Patel carves Finn away for the first four of the innings.

  86. 3rd over DROPPED CATCH Ind 13-0  

    Sweet timing from Patel - too straight from Bresnan and the left-hander whips him away for four more. Edge and dropped - Bresnan angling one across Patel and Swann shells a sharp one diving to his right. Tough chance, but he got there.

  87. BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alistair Bruce-Ball  

    "You can tell by Graeme Swann's face that he should have taken that. And a stat - no team has defended a total of 237 or less against India in India for eight years."

  88. 4th over Commentary Ind 14-0  

    That's a big moment in this match - on the one hand it will provide Bresnan with hope, on the other Patel looks to be in the groove and could bring the pain. Big leg before appeal from Finn against Patel but that pitched a foot outside leg stump.

  89. 5th over WICKET Patel c Cook b Bresnan 12 (Ind 14-1)  

    England have a wicket - Patel looks to go over mid-wicket and only succeeds in finding Cook at mid-on. Good perseverence from Bresnan after that disappointment in his previous over. Gambhir is next up the ramp and his first ball is a snorter from Bresnan. A curious moment two balls later as Gambhir backs away and loses his middle stump - the umpire calls dead ball\u00a0but I'm not sure Gambhir has a point there, he backed away very late. The England close fielders get stuck into him, and they probably have a point.

  90. 6th over Commentary Ind 17-1  

    Gambhir off the mark with a steer to mid-off and he would have made it even given a direct hit. Finn hitting 91mph with his final delivery of the over, that's pretty swift...

  91. 7th over WICKET Rahane c Dernbach b Bresnan 14 (Ind 29-2)  

    Not much happening in the air or off the pitch for the England seamers but this doughy pitch still might make it difficult for England. Peach of a shot from Rahane, just a dab off his pads for four. Gambhir drops into the off-side and scampers one before Rahane top-edges a Bresnan bumper for six. SUCKER! Bresnan bumps him again and this time Rahane holes out to Dernbach down at long-leg.

  92. 8th over Commentary Ind 35-2  

    England right in the match now with Gambhir (2) and Kohli (0) in the middle and both openers toast. Finn regularly topping 92mph, he's added some extra wheels. Kohli defends, edges and the ball beats the despairing five of Swann and races away for four. Kohli has a fish outside off and is beaten... and again, that really zipped through at a\u00a0pace... good over that...\u00a0

  93. 9th over Commentary Ind 41-2  

    Big wide from Bresnan as he loses his footing in the delivery stride before Gambhir turns the burly Yorkshireman away for one. That's too straight from Bresnan and that's Rolex timing from Kohli, whipping through square-leg for four.

  94. SMS  

    From Jack and Arjun in London: "Thanks for keeping us sane in a physics lecture. Cook's management of Swann's spell will decide the game."

  95. 10th over Commentary Ind 53-2  

    Three slips in now for Gambhir but the left-handed batsman finds a method of avoiding them all, Chinese cutting for four. Four more off the outside edge this time, not much\u00a0going right for Finn so far today.\u00a0Too straight from Finn this time, middle and leg, and Gambhir whips him away for another boundary. Finn hits back, Gambhir edging, but the ball falls just short of Bresnan\u00a0in the slips. All happening in that over...

  96. 11th over Commentary Ind 57-2  

    All getting a bit lairy out there between overs - the Indian batsmen complaining about something or other, Trott and Finn firing a few verbal barbs and the umpires eventually calling England skipper Cook aside and calling for a bit of calm. Dernbach into the attack and that's a pretty solid first over, just four from it.

  97. 12th over Commentary Ind 61-2  

    Cook calls for Swann, which would be illegal normally, but Cook is the England captain and Swann is a spin bowler attempting to apply some control. Gambhir looks to unsettle Swann but only succeeds in slicing him over point for no run. Decent first over...

  98. 13th over Commentary Ind 72-2  

    England pumped up and still attacking, but only one slip in for Dernbach to Kohli and that races away for four. Kohli swivels and pulls for a single before Gambir dabs down to third-man for one of his own. Magnificent shot from Kohli - short from Dernbach and the batsman comes over all Gus Logie,\u00a0whip-cracking through mid-wicket for four.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  99. 14th over Commentary Ind 79-2  

    Swanny remains. Kohli, after a prodding, poking start, looks set now as he tickles to leg for one. That's cute from Gambhir, that really is - playing late, using the pace and picking up four down to the third-man boundary.

  100. BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle  

    "I think if these two have a big partnership, the game's in the bag. England need to take wickets. Maybe Cook can try to play with the batsmen's egos a bit - or sledge them like Shane Warne would!"

  101. Commentary  

    From Rob in Northants, TMS inbox: "Sat in the waiting room for my laser treatment. Looks like things aren't as bad as I thought, for me or England."

  102. 15th over Commentary Ind 86-2  

    Bopara into the attack with his wobblers and Kohli tucks him off his tummy for four easy runs... this pair looking pretty cosy at the moment...

  103. 16th over Commentary Ind 89-2  

    Cracking delivery from Swann - bit of curve in the air and it spits off the surface. Gambhir steers through the off-side for one and there are two runs from the bat and one from the pad in that over.

  104. 17th over Commentary Ind 95-2  

    Rolls Royce cover-drive from Kohli for four. Bopara very nearly gets a yorker through Gambhir's defences, but that's got to go down as another over for India, England badly in need of a breakthrough.

  105. 18th over Commentary Ind 100-2  

    Dernbach of Surrey to continue and Gambhir dabs him down to third-man for one. Not full enough so far from Dernbach and that's another easy single through the off-side for Gambhir from a slower ball. Hundred up for India from the final ball of the over, India\u00a0rather skipping towards their\u00a0target at the moment.\u00a0

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "I was in India once and was mistaken for Robin Martin-Jenkins, and it went beyond the stage where I could apologise and correct the person I was speaking to. Then, Robin Martin-Jenkins himself turned up, and all I could do was introduce him as 'my friend Ed Smith'. He played the part very well."

  107. 19th over Commentary Ind 107-2  

    Full from Finn and Kohli spears him straight\u00a0along the carpet\u00a0for four. Full again from Finn but this time Kohli looks exasperated as he misses out on what looked like a four ball on leg-stump. Gambhir nicks the strike, someone in this England team badly needs to chuck a grenade into proceedings.\u00a0

  108. 20th over Commentary Ind 112-2  

    India tick-tocking like a faithful old carriage clock - metronomic, all too easy. Too straight from Dernbach and Kohli tucks him away for one more. Dernbach tries out a slower ball but Gambhir spots it and manages to pierce the field with a cover-drive. Two more for Kohli courtesy of a whip round the corner, England running out of ideas.

  109. 21st over Commentary Ind 120-2  

    This partnership now 83 in 79 balls and they don't even appear to have reached third gear, which is worrying for England. Gambhir dances down the track to Finn and skews over the slips and away for four before gliding a single down to third-man. Dreamy timing from Kohli, no more than a\u00a0push through the covers and he picks up three for it.\u00a0\u00a0

  110. 22nd over Commentary Ind 127-2  

    Trott calls for armour and settles in under the lid at short-leg. Mis-field from Bairstow means Kohli pick up a bonus run and Gambhir has a slip and a silly point posted for him. Leg-side from Swann and he's tucked away for one, one more for Kohli off his pads before Gambhir goes inside-out and shovels over extra-cover for four. England being roasted.

  111. 23rd over Commentary Ind 132-2  

    Samit Patel into the attack and that's Kohli's fifty, from 45 balls, courtesy of a twirl through the covers. That's the third fastest fifty on this ground in ODIs. which is all the more remarkable because he was never doing much more than coasting. Patel being milked like a faithful old sow, five from that over...

  112. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "Both these local boys are giving plenty of enjoyment to the spectators - they have shown great determination as England were bowling well at the start, but India are on top now."

  113. 24th over Commentary Ind 136-2  

    England still attacking Gambhir, a slip and a silly point still in place. But there's his 26th ODI fifty, brought up by a nibble round the corner for one.

  114. 25th over Commentary Ind 148-2  

    Help yourself delivery from Patel, short and wide, and Gambhir plays a glorious glide to the third-man boundary. That might be even better from Kohli, making room and clattering through the covers for four more. Ninety needed from 25 overs, well under four runs an over...\u00a0

  115. Commentary  

    Tony in the TMS inbox: "Dernbach was quoted (BBC) earlier that the outcome of this match depended on getting Dhoni out early. They need to get him in first!"

  116. 26th over Commentary Ind 155-2  

    Decent over from Swann, until the final ball of the over when he strays down leg and gives away four wides. Vociferous lbw appeal from Swann but that struck Kohli outside the line and it was probably going down leg.

  117. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Can't we take Patel off & get a proper bowler on - me bowling underarm would be better."

  118. 27th over Commentary Ind 165-2  

    Bresnan back on, he actually bowled OK in his first spell, he was bristling with intent at least. Stand and deliver from Kohli - stands tall and punches through the covers for four - before Bresnan gets a spray from the batsman. England being bullied in every respect here - four more, short from Bresnan and Gambhir's on that like a\u00a0tramp on chips, yanking him away for four.\u00a0

  119. 28th over Commentary Ind 176-2  

    This partnership now 138 from 122 balls... make that 142 from 123, Kohli lacing Swann through extra-cover for four more. England coming apart at the seams now - Gambhir cuts and the ball evades the rather eccentric attempted stop of Finn, who looked rather a giraffe with a lasso round his legs.

  120. 29th over Commentary Ind 183-2  

    Pietersen called into the attack, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the state England are in. Full-bunger from KP and Kohli flashes him through the covers for four.

  121. 30th over Commentary Ind 187-2  

    Finn back on and he beats an airy waft from Kohli outside off. Two for Kohli to deep mid-wicket, Cook posts a couple of slips, he knows he can only win this by picking up wickets. England look strangely hollow out there...

  122. 31st over Commentary Ind 194-2  

    Gambhir cuts Pietersen for one, Kohli angles down to third-man for another. Kohli flicks from outside off to leg for a couple, India require 44 from 114 balls...

  123. Twitter  

    From The Sun's John Etheridge: "This performance is appalling. England committed almost every sin with the bat and their bowling and out-cricket has been pathetic."

  124. 32nd over DRINKS BREAK Ind 197-2  

    While Mr Dirs takes a quick break, this is Mark Mitchener standing in on the live text front for a short spell. Mind you, the way England are playing, they might as well ask me to bowl... we'd soon see if Gambhir and Kohli are susceptible to very slow full tosses (and it couldn't be much worse than some of the tripe England have served up). The Indian pair are on easy street against Finn, helping themselves to a single apiece. Kohli dabs one off his legs to move up to 85. Gambhir has 73, and after one over, it seems I've earned a drinks break!

  125. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "Harbhajan Singh's absence has not really been felt so far by India, because of the way Ashwin has bowled."

  126. 33rd over Commentary Ind 205-2  

    Cap'n Cook shuffles his bowlers, turning back to Ravi Bopara who seems to be sharing the fifth bowler's allocation with Patel and Pietersen. Kohli brings up India's 200 with a graceful prod off his legs and just wide of the man at mid-wicket for four. Bopara helps India's cause with a legside wide, then an even more awful one that fails to hit the cut strip wide of off stump. Ugh. Kohli and Gambhir add a couple more, they need a miniscule 33 from a mammoth 102 balls. And having failed as an emergency partnership-breaker for once, I hand you back to Ben Dirs...

  127. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "England may need more bowling options in the third game. Whether or not Mohali is the ground to play a second specialist spinner, I'm not sure."

  128. 34th over Commentary Ind 215-2  

    All too easy for Gambhir, but classy nonetheless - shortish from Swann and he's glided\u00a0away for four before Kohli razzle-dazzles on his feet and carves through the covers for four more. Kohli moves to within five of his ton with a nibble to fine-leg. \u00a0

  129. 35th over THAT'S 100 Ind 225-2  

    Dernbach back on but the result is much the same - Kohli splatters him through the covers for four and is one away from his hundred. And there it is - a tickle round the corner and that's his seventh ODI ton from 89 balls. It's all going off in Delhi... sweet twirl to third-man from Gambhir and a Kohli leg-glance takes India to within 13 of the target. England being taken to school, as our American friends like to say.\u00a0

  130. BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ed Smith  

    "When England lost this game was losing Trott, and then Bopara and Pietersen together. They were in a similar situation to India were before this partnership began."

  131. 36th over Commentary Ind 232-2  

    Trott puts Kohli down on the square-leg boundary and Bresnan still has the front to dish out the verbals, which seems rather churlish in the circumstances. Short and wide from Bresnan and Kohli smashes him over the covers for four more brutal runs. Someone dig out the stun gun and put England out of their misery...\u00a0

  132. 37th over Commentary Ind 238-2  

    England's players look shellshocked, haunted, empty, as if they've been touring India for about nine months. Five needed from 82 balls... and that's that.\u00a0Kohli smashes Dernbach through\u00a0mid-wicket for four and England have been\u00a0absolutely splattered by eight wickets with more than 13 overs to spare. \u00a0\u00a0

  133. 1704 Commentary  

    Right, sorry about that England fans, not a lot I can do about it really, but your boys took one hell of a beating. Game three in Mohali on Thursday...

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Live Scores - India v England


  • India beat England by 8 wickets
  • India: 238-2 (36.4 overs)
  • England: 237 (48.2 overs)
  • Venue: Delhi

India Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 238
P Patel c Cook b Bresnan 12
Rahane c Dernbach b Bresnan 14
Gambhir not out 84
Kohli not out 112
Extras 13w 3lb 16

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