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Live - England v India first one-day international

  1. 0950 Commentary  

    Would the real India cricket team please stand up? After a humiliating 4-0 drubbing by England in the Test series and a Twenty20 defeat at Old Trafford, India\u2019s pride has been battered, bruised and left on the canvas. But can the return of 50-over cricket bring out the best in the world champions?

  2. 0958 Commentary ENGLAND WIN THE TOSS AND BOWL  

    Straight to the news from the middle then. England\u00a0have won\u00a0the toss, and Captain Cook has decided to bowl.\u00a0Graeme Swann is out injured so\u00a0Samit Patel is\u00a0given tweaking duties. Ben Stokes gets a chance to prove he is the new Fred. For India, the big news is that Sachin Tendulkar is not playing.\u00a0Ajinkya Rahane and Parthiv Patel are the openers.

  3. 1000 Commentary  

    A bit more details on the absentees. Graeme Swann has a stomach illness, while Sachin Tendulkar has an injury to his right big toe. The wait for that 100th hundred goes on.

  4. 1004 Commentary  

    You want to know about the weather don't you? Well, the good news is that it looks like we'll be starting on time at 1015, but there's plenty of cloud cover and showers forecast for later on. Alastair Cook plays a straight bat to questions about Kevin Pietersen's one-day future. "Don't believe everything you read in the papers," he says.

  5. Twitter  

    From Steverc99: "Stuck in bed with stinking cold. What could be better than ODI? Weather permitting!"

  6. 1010 Commentary  

    There were audible groans around the ground when MS Dhoni announced that Sachin wasn't playing. Former England opener Nick Knight reckons half the crowd have left! No Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir, Harbhajan or Zaheer either remember. It's a very different India side to the one that won the World Cup on home soil in April. Get the teas in, we'll be underway in five.

  7. Commentary  

    From the BBC weather centre: "The weather is a bit touch and go. Dark clouds are looming and it's going to stay overcast all day but hopefully most of the rain will hit the west side of the Pennines. It should stay dry for most of the first innings and hopefully there will be enough dry weather to get some decent play in."

  8. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Sitting in the stands at chester-le-street, gutted Tendulkar and Swann aren't playing but looking forward to seeing Morgan and Dravid batting later."

  9. 1 over Commentary Ind 4-0  

    Jimmy Anderson gets things underway. He has 199 one-day wickets, and is set to become only the second England player since Darren Gough to reach the big 200. Patel\u00a0clips a single off the first ball before\u00a0Rahane, who oozed class in the Twenty20 on Wednesday, pushes through the off side for a couple.

  10. 2 overs Commentary Ind 6-0  

    Tim Bresnan will share the new ball with Jimmy. Looks a pretty easy paced pitch this. One more to Rahane on his ODI debut then a wide from Big Tim. As ever, we want to hear from you here at BBC text comm HQ. Send me a tweet to @samsheringham, text\u00a0me on 81111 or email

  11. 3 overs Commentary Ind 7-0  

    Anderson is right on the money here, cramping up the little right-hander Rahane. Then the bowler strays a tad and Rahane works one off his hips to fine leg for a single. Not a huge amount of swing for Jimmy despite the heavy cloud cover.

  12. 4 overs Commentary Ind 10-0  

    For anyone interested, Australia have just wrapped up a 125-run victory over Sri Lanka in the first Test in Galle, with Ryan Harris snaffling five wickets. Mahela Jayawardene aand Angelo Mathews made things interesting for a while, but once their 142-run partnership was broken, the game was up. Bresnan is\u00a0struggling a bit with his line here, dragging another wide down the leg side. It can't be long before we see new golden boy Jade Dernbach with the cherry in his paws.

  13. 5 overs Commentary Ind 15-0  

    Leftie Parthiv Patel is getting a bit frustrated here, and he fails to connect with a vicious swipe at Jimmy. Then a juicy half-volley is beautifully driven back past the bowler for the first boundary of the day.

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    I was out in the middle before the game and Alastair Cook went running past me with about five minutes to go to the toss, saying "I've forgotten, I've forgotten that I'm captain."

  15. 6 overs DROPPED CATCH Ind 20-0  

    Full outside off stump from Bresnan, Patel gets a thick outside edge and he is DROPPED by Ben Stokes at backward point.\u00a0It was low but\u00a0he got both hands\u00a0to it and probably should have clung on. Bresnan drops short to Rahane, but there's no pace in the track, and the batsman pulls effortlessly over midwicket\u00a0for four.\u00a0

  16. Commentary  

    Ajinkya Rahane is a man with some impressive statistics. In 79 first-class innings he has passed 50 on 35 occasions, including 17 centuries, and has an average of 68. He is also one of only 11 men to score 1,000 runs in India's domestic Ranji Trophy season.

  17. Commentary  

    From Iqbal Jaffer, TMS inbox: "A keen Indian fan, I gave up my free ticket to Alton Towers just to watch the first ODI, now we see that Tendulkar isn't playing!"

  18. 7 overs Commentary Ind 24-0  

    Snorter from Jimmy Anderson, nibbles a touch off the seam and rips past Patel's blade. But the bowling is not consistent enough and a leg stump line enables Patel to pick up a couple. Good start for India.

  19. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Looks like a very good toss for England to win. India are missing 7 first choice players. Can only see\u00a0an England win."

  20. 8 overs Commentary Ind 32-0  

    Rahane looks a real prospect to me as he spanks Bresnan over mid-off for three. Then, after a lucky single for Patel off the edge, he pulls a low one round the corner for a boundary. Chat-wise, what are your thoughts on KP? Did he really need a rest? Are England better off without a player who has scored only two ODI\u00a0half-centuries in the last two years?

  21. 9 overs Commentary Ind 33-0  

    Anderson runs in for his fifth\u00a0over, coming from round the wicket to the left-handed Patel. Four dot balls then a single of the batsman's hips. Despite reports of a Sachin-induced exodus, it still looks a pretty good crowd at the Riverside to me.

  22. 10 overs Commentary Ind 43-0  

    Time for a change of bowling as Broad replaces Bresnan for the 10th over. Ooh, that's close, but a thin inside edge saves Rahane from an lbw. Full and straight from Broad but Rahane has got his eye in now, lofting the bowler over his head for four more. That one is short, and Patel hooks for another boundary. Plenty of fancy dress in the stands today. Aggers has spotted a gathering of Elvises. Or a Pride of Preslies, as Luke in Peterborough has suggested.

  23. Contributor Paul Nixon on TMS  

    "The ball is not swinging as much as Jimmy would like and he's been driven a few times\u00a0so he's worked out he needs to shorten his length a bit."

  24. 11 overs Commentary Ind 48-0  

    Still Jimmy Anderson plugging away for England. Rahane tips and runs for a quick single. India are making a habit of getting a boundary from the last ball of the over, and Patel keeps up the trend with another textbook hook shot.

  25. 12 overs Commentary Ind 58-0  

    Rahane goes all Viv Richards on us, slapping Broad for two more fours. The first is a wristy flick over midwicket and the second a lofted drive through the covers. Looks a real player this kid. I was at Old Trafford for his 61 on Wednesday night and his range of shots was hugely impressive. Seems very confident in himself too.

  26. Commentary  

    From Alan Darlington, TMS inbox: "Surely a collection of Elvises must be a huh-huh".

  27. 13 overs Commentary Ind 67-0  

    Simon Hughes on TMS is casting doubt on Patel's abilities as an opener, but it's mockers time as\u00a0the batsman\u00a0shows great improvisation to guide an Anderson short ball through the vacant slip area for four. Then a deliberate edge for another boundary. Plenty to think about for skipper Cook.

  28. 14 overs Commentary Ind 69-0  

    Jade Dernbach is warming up - think he'll be replacing Jimmy for the next over. For now, it's Stuart Broad and that's a much better over. Just the two\u00a0runs coming from\u00a0it.

  29. Commentary  

    From David Parlour, TMS inbox: "Why didn't England delay taking the bowling powerplay? Use it as an attacking ploy by waiting for a wicket to fall, either Dravid coming in then has to play more aggressively to take advantage of the restrictions, or give strike to the other batsman who then takes on the pressure."

  30. 15 overs Commentary Ind 78-0  

    More nonchalance from Rahane as he swats Dernbach's second ball\u00a0over mid-on. Too many short balls from all four of England's seamers - meat and drink for Patel who pulls to the fence for four more.

  31. WICKET Rahane c Patel b Broad 40 (Ind 82-1)  

    Broad rolls his wrists over a slower ball but it is too far down the leg side and results in another easy single for Rahane. A misfield from Bell turns one into two, then Patel takes on a suicidal single .... but Jimmy Anderson fumbles the ball. That would have been run out by a mile. Not to worry... Rahane's out. Another short ball and he doesn't quite get hold of it this time, serving up an easy catch for Samit Patel at fine leg.

  32. 17 overs Commentary Ind 86-1  

    The new batsman is Rahul Dravid, playing his 340th one-day international, and his first for almost two years.\u00a0He gets off the mark with a single off an inside edge. TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton reckons there's rain on the way. England will be\u00a0all the happier to have seen the back of Rahane. Patel is still out there though, pulling the last ball of the over to deep square leg to take his score to 41.


    I'm reliably informed that Broad's wicket was only his third in his last five one-dayers. He thinks he's got another one here though. Did Dravid nick that? It's going upstairs...

  34. WICKET Dravid c Kieswetter b Broad 2 (Ind 87-2)  

    Umpire Billy Doctrove didn't give it, but wicketkeeper Craig Kieswetter was convinced it was out. TV umpire Marais Erasmus has a good look. Hot Spot shows nothing but there is a bit of a sound as ball passed bat. After what seems like an age, Doctrove raises the finger and Dravid has to trudge off. Why do these things always seem to happen to him?

  35. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "I could hear third umpire Marais Erasmus clearly communicating to Billy Doctrove that there was a sound and he could see a deflection on slow motion replay."

  36. Twitter  

    From patel_ricky on Dravid's dismissal: "Possibly one of the worst decisions I have ever seen! Please explain that me."

  37. 19 overs Commentary Ind 90-2  

    New batsman Virat Kohli gets off the mark from the last ball of Broad's over, then clips Dernbach through midwicket for a single. Lots of you saying that was a terrible decision from the umpires but remember the\u00a0TV umpire can hear things that we can't and he obviously felt there was a nick.

  38. BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher  

    "I'm afraid hot spot is not something you can completely rely on. It's a bad piece of kit for those fine nicks. Dravid's body language told me he was out because the millisecond the ball passed the bat he jerked his head to see behind."

  39. 20 overs Commentary Ind 91-2  

    Stuart Broad has his gander up here, peppering the 90mph mark with most deliveries. Patel tries to help one on its way but swipes at thin air. Hang on, that one is right up in the air, but Eoin Morgan mis-judges it slightly and the ball lands safe. Broad looks dismayed, but Aggers reckons the ball held up in the breeze there.

  40. 21 overs Commentary Ind 99-2  

    Just seen another replay of the Dravid dismissal and the snickometer showed a clear edge so looks like we got the right decision in the end. When will England learn not to bowl short to Parthiv Patel? Dernbach sins again and Patel hoists it for a one-bounce four. Then he guides one down to third man for two to reach his fourth ODI fifty off 66 balls.

  41. BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher  

    "When will England learn? Parthiv Patel likes it short but he has not been able to hit the ball off the square when it's pitched up."

  42. Contributor BBC Sport's Jon Barbuti  

    Virat Kohli is playing in his 60th ODI but only his second against England. Fair to say he didn't show what he is capable of last time - scoring eight in the sensational World Cup tie in Bangalore. His overall average touches 44 with five centuries.

  43. 22 overs Commentary Ind 104-2  

    I think we'll have to start calling Patel by his first name Parthiv, now that Samit Patel is into the attack. Parthic opens the face and glides one past the wicketkeeper for three. Classy shot that. He's only two short of his highest ODI score of 56 now.

  44. Twitter  

    From JonnyRay66: "Cannot believe the amount of people saying England's ODI team is stronger without KP #getyourheadschecked."

  45. 23 overs Commentary Ind 109-2  

    Bresnan is back, short of a length to Kohli, who steers one off his hips for a single. Then two to Parthiv in the same area. Easy peasy.

  46. 24 overs Commentary Ind 114-2  

    We're into those middle overs folks. You know the drill. Field set back, batters dealing in ones and twos. Crowd starting to think about what's on the menu for lunch. Talk amongst yourselves.\u00a0

  47. Commentary  

    From Carys Brewster in the TMS inbox, suggesting we got a bit ruffled with our commentary of the 20th over: "I have a lovely image in my mind of Broad bowling while his gander - possibly with some other geese - happily potters around on the outfield! Maybe you meant his "'dander' being up"?

  48. 25 overs Commentary Ind 116-2  

    Patel has reached his highest ODI score now and England seem intent on tempting him into his favourite hook shot. But he deals expertly with a short ball from Bresnan, getting on top of the ball and picking up a single to third man. At the other end Kohli is playing himself in - he has plenty of gears to go through as and when he needs them.

  49. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This is a good platform set by India but they'll need it with their bowling."

  50. 26 overs Commentary Ind 119-2  

    Samit Patel is still tweaking away but the singles and coming pretty freely to the India pair. Oh dear, that's a bit ugly from Kohli as he attempts a pull shot but only succeeds in a bottom-edge on to his thigh. Liek a golfer who has just topped one along the deck, best forget about it and move on.

  51. 27 overs Commentary Ind 131-2  

    Hold on, I thought England had a plan for Parthiv Patel. Alastair has taken out his deep square leg but still Bresnan bowls short. And guess what - Parthiv pulls him for two fours in a row. Ridiculous. He's motoring towards a ton now.

  52. Twitter  

    From alanjkh: "Re JonnyRay66 (22 overs).\u00a0I would have KP in over Trott any day for an ODI. As I say this Trott will probably play a blinder today."

  53. 28 overs Commentary Ind 134-2  

    Samit Patel serves up some proper dross to Parthiv, who ladles it just over the diving Stokes at cover for two more runs. Captain Cook is shaking things up again. It's going to be Dernbach from the Lumley End.

  54. 29 overs Commentary Ind 143-2  

    Kohli plays his first shot in anger, rocking onto the back foot and clattering Dernbach over midwicket for a boundary. The Surrey quick responds well, firing a fuller past the outside edge. Parthiv on strike now and he gets three more, from a leg glance and a gentle dab to third man. A tip and run gets Kohli one more from the last ball of the over.\u00a0The scoreboard is a-ticking.

  55. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Is Samit Patel totally ambidextrous? He whistled that return in from the long-leg boundary with his right hand to the top of the stumps. Not many people can do that."

  56. 30 overs Commentary Ind 146-2  

    That's better from Patel - it keeps a bit low and scoots under Kohli's bat. Three from the over - India's run rate is a fraction under five. England need to keep them under 300.

  57. Contributor BBC Sport's Jon Barbuti  

    "Parthiv Patel has had plenty of chances for India but is he about to deliver with a first century? In his previous 51 innings - including 30 in Tests - he managed a top score of only 69."

  58. 31 overs Commentary Ind 153-2  

    Dernbach to Parthiv Patel, who clouts him just inside mid-on for another four to take himself into the 80s. Then a single apiece for the batters who are building a handy partnership here.

  59. Commentary  

    From Andy Smith, TMS inbox, in hospital in Perth: "Taken over nightshift duties from the wife - have a v sick 10 month old. No better way then to see me through the night on a chair than TMS - and an England win of course!"

  60. 32 overs Commentary Ind 160-2  

    What a shot from Parthiv! He dissects deep midwicket and long-on with a fantastic heave to the boundary. Who can Captain Cook turn to here? The answer is Jonathan Trott.

  61. 33 overs Commentary Ind 167-2  

    Trott then with his dibbly-dobblers, clocking in at a fraction over 70mph. Kohli pushes the first ball for a single before Patel steers one down to third man. Paul Nixon on TMS says it is time for Kohli to step it up. He has 27 from 48 balls but with wickets in hand it's probably worth the odd risk. Mind you, he's largely been playing the anchor role to Patel, who pulls brilliantly for his 12th four.

  62. 34 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT 172-2  

    Kohli takes an easy single to bring Parthiv back on strike. A rare dot ball and then an appeal. Nothing doing but the replays suggest it would have gone on to hit leg stump. Singles from Parthiv and Kohli to finish the over.

  63. 35 overs OUCH! Ind 179-2  

    Trott serves up a wide one to Kohli, who cuts hard to the fence. The next ball is drilled straight to Morgan at extra cover. I think he stopped that with his shin - ouch graphic required! The Indian pair are starting to take a few more risks with their running but England are not at the races today and two decent run out chances are missed. "Ragged," says Aggers on TMS.\u00a0Drinks break.

  64. Twitter  

    From rakpradhan: "Although India are showing their ODI abilities let's not forget they have a long tail which England have exposed in the Tests."

  65. 36 overs Commentary Ind 185-2  

    Patel pushes to mid-off for a single to take his score to 94. Then Broad drops short to Virat Kohli, who top-edges a pull ... but the ball sails safely over the wicketkeeper for four. Patel shows a few signs of the nervous nineties as he tries to help a short ball over the keeper's head but misses then sends an ugly cross-batted slog straight back to the bowler.

  66. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Virat Kohli is a class act. And the opener Rahane. Get them in the Test team as well."

  67. WICKET Patel c Kieswetter b Anderson 95 (Ind 190-3)  

    Patel tucks Anderson off his legs for a single to bring up the 100 partnership off 112 balls. Kohli turns one into two with an excellent bit of sprinting. Kieswetter whips the bails off and they send it to the third ump, but he was safely home. Patel on strike on 95, has a swipe at a ball outside off stump, edge, gone!

  68. OUCH! Ind 191-3  

    That was James Anderson's 200th ODI wicket - he's second only to Darren Gough in the England records. Kohli dabs another single to hand the strike to new batsman Rohit Sharma. Ooh, brutal from Broad, right at Sharma's face and he manages to fend it away. But he is hurt. The physio is on and Sharma is in a lot of pain here. Looks like a broken finger, poor lad.

  69. Contributor BBC Sport's Jon Barbuti  

    Frustration might have played a large part in Parthiv's dismissal. The opener had been somewhat short of the strike in recent overs, facing only four of the 19 balls prior to the delivery that accounted for him.

  70. 38 overs Commentary Ind 194-3  

    Poor old Sharma, one ball and he has to retire hurt. Anyone know if that has ever happened before? Just seeing a replay of the moment when the physio put pressure on Sharma's finger. He positively winced in pain, and was that a snigger from Stuart Broad? Heartless. Anyway, Suresh Raina is the new batsman, and he gets off the mark with a single before Kohli adds two more.

  71. 39 overs Commentary KOHLI REACHES 50 (Ind 202-3)  

    Jimmy Anderson serves one up\u00a0full and wide and Raina clobbers him through the covers for his first four. Then a delicate dab to third man, where Stuart Broad is quick off the mark and saves a boundary. Another single to Kohli takes him to his 16th ODI fifty and takes India to the 200 mark. With plenty of batting to come, a score of 300 could be on the cards here.

  72. WICKET Kohli b Patel 55 (Ind 206-4)  

    Rank long-hop from Samit Patel and Kohli isn't going to miss out on that. Four runs, over mid-on. That's not a great ball either, but it keeps low and Kohli chops it on to his stumps!

  73. 40 overs Commentary Ind 207-4  

    Here's the skipper - MS Dhoni striding out with a big reputation and a very, very healthy average\u00a0of 48 in one-day international cricket. And anyone who witnessed his match-winning knock in the World Cup final will know exactly what\u00a0this man\u00a0is capable of. He starts with two forward defensives then gets off the mark with a single.

  74. 41 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 217-4  

    Broad to Dhoni, who shoulders arms and is rapped on the back pad. Massive appeal from Broad and his\u00a0buddies. Not out says Richard Illingworth. Broad wants a review, but they are not allowed for lbws. Replay suggests\u00a0the ball was just missing off but that's a very risky strategy from the India captain.\u00a0No risk there, just a proper shot, driven square for four more. Raina guides one down to third man and that is very sloppy stuff from Dernbach who manages to knee the ball over the rope. Broad is displeased.

  75. BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher  

    "Hawk-eye is giving it as missing off stump by about two millimetres, so a good decision."

  76. 42 overs Commentary Ind 220-4  

    Patel is bowling his penultimate over now, and the Indian pair are happy to pick off ones and twos. By the way you may be interested to know that a man named Usain Bolt is about to run very fast over 200 metres. If you can't see it you can always follow it here with our man Phil Dawkes.

  77. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "This is not looking like a modest total. 280-290 is on the cards. With Dhoni in, anything is on the cards."

  78. 43 overs Commentary Ind 228-4  

    Broad drops short and Suresh Raina whacks him over the top baseball-stylee for the first six of the India innings! Broad tries to york Dhoni but he gets his bat down quickly and works it for a single. Still a batting powerplay to come remember. These two could do some serious damage.

  79. 44 overs Commentary Ind 232-4  

    Broad finishes with 2-56 before tossing the ball to Samit Patel for his final over. Once again the Indians are happy to just work things into the gap, taking four runs from the over.

  80. 45 overs Commentary Ind 244-4  

    Here's England's death bowling specialist Jade Dernbach. Can he set the cat among the pigeons here? Not with leg side bowling like that. Raina simply takes one step towards the off side and helps the ball on its way into the crowd. He has 31 off 21 balls now. Five overs to go.

  81. Twitter  

    From shep7023: "I know how Sharma feels, just bent my finger back slightly whilst typing an e-mail. Painful stuff."

  82. 46 overs Commentary Ind 249-4  

    Forgot to mention -\u00a0that Dernbach over was the first of the batting powerplay. TIm Bresnan has the ball in his hand now and Dhoni is happy to give Raina the majority of the strike here. A full toss is worked out to deep midwicket before Dhoni pushes to long-off. Just five from the over, a better one for England.

  83. Twitter  

    From jidm4: "India's injured XI- Sehwag, Gambhir, Pujara, Tendulkar,Yuvraj, Sharma, Harbhajan, Zaheer, Ishant, Rohit Sharma...and Laxman."

  84. 47 overs Commentary Ind 254-4  

    It hasn't been Dernbach's day so far, his figures are 0-53 at the moment. But Raina and Dhoni are curiously subdued at the moment, dealing in singles despite the batting powerplay.

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Dernbach's arm is so heavily tattooed that I thought he was mopping his brow on a long sleeve on his shirt earlier in the game."

  86. 48 overs Commentary Ind 263-4  

    Are India going to break the shackles here? Looks like it as Dhoni creams Bresnan in front of square on the off side for a boundary to bring up the fifty partnership. Raina is surprised by a perfect yorker and gets a lucky single off an inside edge before\u00a0turning one\u00a0round the corner for two. Nine from the over, better from India.

  87. WICKET Raina c Cook b Dernbach 38 (Ind 266-5)  

    Two overs left. And two runs for Dhoni wide of long-on. A slower bouncer from Dernbach catches Raina cold, and he palms it straight to short fine leg...

  88. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "The clever thing about these slow bouncers is that they bowl them with enough pace into the pitch\u00a0to get them to bounce to shoulder height."

  89. 49 overs Commentary Ind 270-5  

    Praveen Kumar gets off the mark with a little dab on the off side. Strong finish here from England. The onus is on Dhoni to\u00a0give\u00a0it some humpty here and he scampers\u00a0a single to ensure he has the strike\u00a0for the last over of the innings.\u00a0

  90. WICKET Dhoni c Kieswetter b Bresnan 33 (Ind 272-6)  

    India got 38 runs from their batting powerplay. I thought it would be a few more. Right, Dhoni mows Bresnan down the ground and they run a quick two. Then a huge heave, and he's caught behind!

  91. WICKET Ashwin b Bresnan 0 (Ind 272-7)  

    Ravichandran Ashwin is the new man. First ball is full and he's clean bowled. Bresnan is on a hat-trick...

  92. 50 overs INTERVAL Ind 274-7  

    Vinay Kumar comes out to join his namesake. And he manages to dig out a yorker to prevent the hat-trick, getting a single for his troubles. Praveen Kumar pushes\u00a0the last ball\u00a0to backward point for one and India finish on 274-4.\u00a0

  93. SMS  

    From Eddie: "So India fail to reach 300 again."

  94. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "It's a good score. If you're the neutral, you'd go for about 275, which is what England need to win. Not too much time for dawdling, you can have a little setback, but can they meet the required rate. This should be a good test for England."

  95. 1357 Commentary  

    That was a strong finish from England. At one point India looked on course for 300, but they only scored 30 in the last five overs and were hampered by the regular loss of wickets. Can England chase down 275? I'll be back in about half an hour to take you through their innings. In the mean-time, have a listen to TMS, where they are discussing how England\u00a0can rise to number one in the one-day rankings.

  96. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "India make 274. Not bad but not enough is my prediction. Five-wicket England victory I reckon."

  97. Twitter  

    From jonny_smith87: "Decent score by India, this will show us where are England are at in the one-day game. Fancy Morgan to do well again."

  98. 1430 Commentary  

    Right then, we're almost ready for the England reply. The target is 275, with captain Alastair Cook and Craig Kieswetter to open. The Indians are already out on the field. They look a very chirpy bunch, quite the contrast from the Test series. Let battle commence.

  99. 1 over Commentary Eng 4-0  

    Praveen Kumar bowls to Cook, a bit of away swing and a thick outside edge flies past Suresh Raina's outstretched hand and runs away for four. A full ball on leg stump prompts a stifled appeal but Cook got a bit of bat on that. Another edge from Cook falls short of backward point. Encouraging opening over from India's swing king Kumar.

  100. 2 overs Commentary Eng 6-0  

    Vinay Kumar's first delivery is heading down the leg side and Kieswetter gets two easy runs from a flick off his hips. The rest of the over is relentlessly accurate and Kieswetter plays out five dots. Meanwhile on TMS, Simon Hughes has decribed this pitch as being the colour of Sauvignon Blanc. Surely there's a hint of Chablis in their Hughesy?

  101. WICKET Cook b P Kumar 4 (Eng 6-1)  

    Cook tries to chop the ball down to third man. He's chopped it alright, but straight onto his stumps!

  102. BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher  

    "Third time in the over he tried the same thing. Good bowling but pretty average batting. You have to get on the front foot and hit the ball because there is no pace to work with."

  103. Commentary  

    From Nick in Durham, TMS inbox: "Rain is fast approaching from the SW on the radar. It'll be here in Durham in about 5-10 minutes. You might get 30 more in Chester-le-Street."

  104. 3 overs Commentary Eng 6-1  

    Joanthan Trott is the new man. Cue another debate about his worth to the one-day team. Anyway, he's seen the last two balls of the over as England look to recover from the early loss of their captain.

  105. 4 overs Commentary Eng 6-1 (Target 275)  

    It feels like a good pitch for India's seamers, who haven't quite got the pace of the England boys but are getting the ball to do a bit. That one from Vinay Kumar rears up off a length and strikes Kieswetter on the glove. Painful? If it was he isn't showing it. Maiden over.

  106. SMS  

    From anonymous: "0 off 1 ball. Can I be the first to say Trott scores far too slow to be in the one day team?"

  107. 5 overs Commentary Eng 11-1  

    Praveen is already getting more swing than any of the England bowlers managed. Trott gets off the mark with a single to third man before Kieswetter flicks one round the corner for a much-needed boundary. The last delivery is a corker, leaving Kieswetter off the pitch and fizzing past the outside edge.

  108. 6 overs Commentary Eng 20-1  

    Vinay Kumar over-pitches slightly and Jonathan Trott opens the face and finds the rope with a lovely square drive. Trotty's putting the debate to bed now as he cracks another four through the off side before moving into double figures with a push to mid-off.

  109. WICKET Kieswetter lbw P Kumar 6 (Eng 21-2)  

    It's like an episode of the Kumars at Number 42 at the moment, with Praveen and Vinay working in tandem. Kieswetter is rapped on the pad, Praveen appeals, but it was much too high and they jog a leg-bye. Another appeal, no doubt about this one. That was hitting middle stump. He's a goner.

  110. BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Mark Butcher  

    "Good bowling again from Kumar. Absolutely plumb. England lacking that bit of aggression at the top order - Kieswetter's taken 19 balls for that six."

  111. 7 overs Commentary Eng 23-2  

    Bell takes advantage of a mis-field to get himself off the mark with a couple of runs. Uh-oh, the brollies are going up out there.

  112. 7.2 overs RAIN STOPS PLAY Eng 27-2  

    Vinay Kumar serves one in the Trott-slot and he doesn't miss out, driving through the covers for his third boundary. He has 14 off 14 balls. Take that, naysayers. The rain is falling steadily now, the umpires are consulting. Off they go. Boo.

  113. Commentary  

    From Barry in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "So, 19 balls to make 6. Time for the Kessie to be replaced and Matt Prior given his job back."

  114. 1511 Commentary  

    Right then, a dodgy start from England and a chance to regroup over a cuppa. The weather looks decidedly poor at the moment though so I think Mr Duckworth and Mr Lewis may be called into action today. Meanwhile, we are hearing from the India camp that Rohit Sharma has an index finger fracture on right hand following the blow he took from Stuart Broad. They haven't ruled him out of the series yet, but that must be the likely outcome.

  115. Commentary  

    From Adam in Knutsford, TMS inbox: "Given that rain was forecast for this afternoon, could they not have reduced the game to, say, 30 overs per side right from the start, as they would if the time had been lost at the start of the day? That would make it much more likely there would be a result, with exactly the same amount of cricket having been played."

  116. Commentary  

    From Mark in Scarborough, TMS inbox: "Re: Barry... Prior can't OPEN / PRIOR can't open / Prior CAN'T open / emphasise as necessary..."

  117. 1521 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    A reminder that we are currently dragging up the age-old arguments about the England one-day batting line-up because rain has stopped play at Chester-le-Street with the home side struggling on 27-2 in pursuit of India's 274-7. What's the forecast for the rest of the day I hear you asking? I'll be honest, I have no idea, but I know a man who does...

  118. Contributor BBC weatherman Phillip Avery  

    "We have a waving weather front which is going to produce a lot of rain on the western side of the Pennines but even if you do get back on today you are right in the firing line. There will be an issue with rain coming back at you later on. I wish I could be more optimistic."

  119. Commentary  

    From Chris, at the ground, TMS inbox: "Rain stops play AND the bars are closed 'till 4 why? Whyyyyyy?"

  120. 1527 Commentary  

    A few of you are asking who would win under the D/L method if we were to have no more play. The answer is noone, because both teams need to bat for at least 20 overs for there\u00a0to be a result. This would therefore go down as a No Result, and we would move on to the Rose Bowl on Tuesday with the series all square.\u00a0

  121. Commentary  

    From Nick\u00a0in sweltering Marrakech, TMS inbox: "Weather forecasts are accurate these days. It's not the dark ages. I have empathy with Adam's idea. 30 overs per side and cancel lunch. There's always a chance that the wrong decision will be made, but by my rules of probability if you trust Philip Avery and co you'll be right 90% of the time."

  122. Twitter  

    From Cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "England would apparently need 164 if the game was reduced to 20 overs. They chased 166 at OT, but not from 27 for 2 after 7.2."

  123. 1540 Commentary  

    It's still bucketing down at Chester-le-Street and I've just seen another replay of the Rohit Sharma broken finger incident. Makes me wince every time.

  124. Commentary  

    From Matt in the Scottish Highlands, TMS inbox: "Re\u00a0Prior - Why does the keeper have to open? Why not open with Bell and bring Prior in at 4,5, 6 or 7 to launch the acceleration/counterattack?"

  125. 1553 Commentary  

    Right then, with no imminent prospect of play, we're going to put this here live text commentary on hold for a bit. We'll be right back with you if there's any news of a resumption. A reminder that India made 274-7 from their 50 overs and England were 27-2 off 7.2 overs when the rains came. England will need to bat for at least 20 overs with a revised target for this to constitute a match, but with the rain still falling heavily at the moment that looks unlikely. Hope to catch you later.

  126. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "We will probably need to be playing here by around 5.35 in order to get the 20 overs needed to make a match. I fear we may be struggling."

  127. 1634 Commentary  

    News, news, we have news! The rain has stopped, and if there is no more rain, play will resume at 1650 BST. Revised target etc to follow.

  128. 1636 Commentary  

    Ok then, here's the deal. England need to score 224 runs from 32 overs under the revised Duckworth-Lewis target. That means they need another 197 runs at a fraction under eight an over. Tough ask.

  129. 1641 Commentary  

    The covers coming off and the outfield is being mopped. If you weren't listening to TMS at lunchtime, you will have missed the discussion of how England can get to the top of the tree in one-day cricket. It ended with England captain Michael Vaughan making the bold prediction that England will win the World Cup in 2015. Big words from the ex-skip.

  130. Commentary  

    From Ved in Gujarat, TMS inbox:

    Rain, rain, go away
    Come again another day
    World Cup Holders want to say
    England, we'll just blow you away

  131. 1645 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    Would you believe it? Just when we were getting all excited again about seeing some cricket, the rain has started to fall again. The covers are going back on. As you were.

  132. SMS  

    From KT in London: "The reason England's wicketkeeper needs to open? Adam Gilchrist. England have been trying to find an explosive wicket keeper batsmen to open for a while now. They aren't going to find the next Gilchrist as he's a one in a billion cricketer."

  133. 1651 Commentary  

    It's looking pretty miserable out there again peeps. Our understanding is that play must re-start by\u00a01740 BST\u00a0or this game is over, kaput, finito.

  134. SMS  

    From Tony in London: "Why do people think we have to copy Australia and open with a wicket keeper? We don't have a Gilchrist."

  135. BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton  

    "Fat lady gargling as a yellow bus goes down the road at the Lumley End. More covers coming out. Reckon it's sayonara (?) and see you at the Rose Bowl."

  136. 1703 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    It's not looking good. Test Match Special have gone off air and\u00a0TV are showing replays from the Cricket World Cup. We will let you know just as soon as we have official word.

  137. Commentary  

    From J & V, TMS inbox: "Ved in Gujarat, Rain Rain is here to stay England has already blown you away (4-0)."

  138. Commentary  

    From Gareth, TMS inbox:

    Rain, rain, rain all day
    Every duck must have his day
    World Number ones don\u2019t want to play
    Live to fight another day

  139. 1715 Commentary  

    Nothing official but we must be getting very close. We have to be playing by 1740 BST remember, and unless they can get the covers off soon, there is no chance of that.

  140. Commentary  

    From Federico in Ipswich,\u00a0TMS inbox:

    Rain, Rain go away
    Come again another day
    World champions are here to play
    I want to see England lose today

  141. 1725 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    I was just about to bring you news of a dramatic resumption. With a dry spell in Durham, England were due to face a revised target of 164 from 20 overs. BUT ...\u00a0it's raining again.

  142. 1730 Commentary MATCH ABANDONED  

    That's it folks. Game over.\u00a0No result. And you know what, England might just be breathing a sigh of relief.

  143. 1735 CLOSE OF PLAY  

    So, time for me to bid you farewell. A shame really because the match was bubbling up nicely before the rain arrived. Here's Peter Scrivener's match report for your perusal. Ta muchly for all your texts, tweets and emails. It really wouldn't be the same without you. We'll be back at about 1330 BST on Tuesday for the second ODI from the Rose Bowl. Until then, it's adios.

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Live Scores - England v India


  • No result
  • England: 27-2 (7.2 overs)
  • India: 274-7 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Emirates Durham ICG

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 27
Cook b P Kumar 4
Kieswetter lbw b P Kumar 6
Trott not out 14
Bell not out 2
Extras 1lb 1

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