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England v India, fourth Test day five, The Oval as it happened

  1. 1020 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - and a warm welcome from The Oval for what could be a historic day of cricket. The match situation is that India are 129-3 in their second innings after following on, still 162 runs behind England who will be targeting those seven remaining wickets to win the Test series 4-0. But the big sub-plot involves India legend Sachin Tendulkar, who's 35 not out and was looking on form yesterday evening - and although the series is already lost, there's the prospect of Sachin finally scoring his 100th international hundred.

    I know you'll want an early weather report - it's cloudy but dry here. BBC weather forecast predicts sun, then sunny intervals, then cloud, but no rain until 2200 (we'll be long gone whatever happens). The Weather Channel reckons "partly cloudy" most of the day, but a light shower at 1700... England will hope to have wrapped it up by then.

  2. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Surrey confirm that today is a sell out and ask people not to come to the Oval if you don"t have a ticket."

  3. Twitter  

    From JunM85: "Final Test going into a Monday, bad times. How many sickies today? I've turned in work, but will be checking BBC live text every 5 minutes though."

    Whether you're at work or on your (ahem) sick bed, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  4. 1022 Commentary  

    Quick newsflash: Virender Sehwag (who's already batted in this innings) and Ishant Sharma (who hasn't) have been ruled out of the one-day series with injury. They've been replaced by two players I'm not particularly familiar with - Ajinkya Rahane and Varun Aaron.

  5. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    On Twitter: "One final push from England today should see them get the whitewash they deserve!"

  6. 1027 Commentary  

    So, it may be a sell-out, but if you haven't managed to get a ticket, or you're sat at your office desk with gritted teeth after failing to get the day off, then I hope you'll stay in touch with us on the live text to bring you the unfolding day.

    You can also get in touch with us by emailing (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), texting 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word), or tweeting us with the hashtag #bbccricket as JunM85 (below) has...

  7. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Don't forget Question of Sport tonight, BBC One, 2235 [BST]."

    Indeed - Mr Agnew will be locking horns with Mr Tufnell!

  8. Commentary  

    From Arvind, TMS inbox: "I know a bit about Varun Aaron. Watched him play for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL. He likes to bowl very fast clocking at 140kmph often. Could be a threat to England."

  9. SMS  

    From Madeline, London: "Can someone please tell me what the different numbers under the England logo on the guys shirts refers to? There appears to be no logic, but they are all different!"

    It's their England player number - for instance Eoin Morgan, who made his Test debut last year, is number 649 as he's the 649th England Test player (dating back to the 1800s). Jimmy Anderson was the earliest of this XI to be capped - he's number 613.

  10. 1044 Commentary  

    Stand by your beds - Test Match Special will be on air from 1045 BST, with Aggers and the team ready to describe the final day's action for you. It's available worldwide.

  11. Commentary  

    From Nathan in Dubai, TMS inbox: "I am in an office in Dubai that is 90% Indian and they were calling for a whitewash a few weeks ago. I have never walked into an office as smug as I did this morning."

  12. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Get your medical dictionaries - Virender Sehwag suffering from labyrinthithis - inner ear condition, affecting hearing and balance."

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Sehwag's not got going in this Test series, but when he's at the wicket you can't take your eyes off him. He's a big loss for them for the one-day series."

  14. 1049 Commentary  

    "I think I got an edge" was Rahul Dravid's post-match admission to Alison Mitchell\u00a0after his initially controversial bat-pad dismissal. You can hear his interview on TMS right now, or listen back to it on last night's TMS Podcast. While we wait for play, you can also check out Jonathan Agnew's column reviewing day four.


    TMS caught up with Jimmy Anderson before play - and presented him with the "Champagne Moment" from the Edgbaston Test when he got Sehwag out for a "king pair". But where will the champagne be flowing today?

  16. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "We're told Ishant Sharma suffered an ankle ligament injury during the Edgbaston Test, which raises the question: will he able to bowl if India force England to bat again? His replacement for the one-dayers, Varun Aaron, is indeed capable of some genuine quick stuff, having been clocked at over 150kph during his debut season for the Delhi Daredevils this year. Sehwag stand-in Ajinkya Rahane has a first-class average of 67 and scored 172 against the England Lions in 2008."

  17. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "It's going to be very tough for the Indian batsmen this morning - Graeme Swann looked like he could take a wicket with every ball. It's always easier playing spin on a pitch like this if you're going for the win as you've got freedom to play your shots."

  18. 1057 Commentary  

    Umpires walk out accompanied by "Jerusalem" - the England pace bowlers are already at the bottom of the pavilion steps, waiting for skipper Andrew Strauss and the rest of the team to lead them out. Resuming the batting will be Sachin Tendilkar on 35 and pseudo-nightwatchman Amit Mishra on eight. (I say "pseudo" as India's batting order is all over the place at the moment with illness and injuries).

  19. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "Is this going to be the day for Tendulkar?"

  20. 1059 Commentary  

    James Anderson to bowl from the Pavilion End. England look ready to rumble. Here we go!

  21. 1104 Commentary Ind 134-3  

    CMJ momentarily confuses Tendulkar and Mishra (they're both little fellas) but it's Tendulkar taking strike against Anderson, and he steers the second ball of the day past third slip to the unguarded third man boundary. A single to mid-on takes his score to 40, Mishra defends the last ball and Anderson kicks at the ball, not looking particularly happy.

  22. SMS  

    From Simon: "If Sehwag has labrynthitis then he is doing well to stand up, let alone bat in a Test match. My wife had this a few years ago and was laid up in bed for a week."

    A few more of you have expressed similar sentiments - we wish him well.

  23. 1108 Commentary Ind 135-3  

    There are still one or two fans making their way in (and a lot of empty seats in the pavilion, despite it being a sell-out), but Graeme Swann is straight into the action at the Vauxhall End with a slip, silly point and short leg - but no leg slip, unlike last night. Tendulkar dabs a single into the covers, Mishra sees off the rest of the over.

    And apologies to Madeline who asked about the England cap numbers earlier, for spelling her name wrong!

  24. Commentary  

    From Robert in Leicester, TMS inbox: "I really hope that Tendulkar does not get his hundred today. I can't imagine the great\u00a0Aussie and West Indies teams or their fans thinking 'Let's win but let's hope Tendulkar gets a landmark in the process'. I want England to embarrass the opposition."

  25. 1112 Commentary Eng 141-3  

    Short ball from Anderson, and Tendulkar sharply cuts it through the covers - he's not here just to defend. A couple of singles decrease England's lead to 150.

  26. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Madeline - I think all the cricketing nations display the cap number on players' clothing. The variety is due when nations started playing and how many caps they have handed out e.g. Tendulkar is number 187 but England are in the 600s due to about 50 years more Test cricket and more caps given."

    And a stat I heard the other day - 2011 is the first year since 1953 no new Test caps have been given by England.

  27. 1115 Commentary Ind 147-3  

    Swann hits Mishra on the pad as he plays forward, but he got a good stride in. Mishra unleashes a brutal pull, but some great work by Ravi Bopara, who's the "Boundary Fox" out on the deep backward square leg fence, restricts them to two. And more boundary heroics from Tim Bresnan, who gives chase down to third man, turns a likely four from Mishra into three. A single takes Tendulkar to 47, his animated partner has 14.

  28. 1121 Commentary Ind 148-3  

    A bit of a worry for England as the physio comes on and Jimmy Anderson has his left ankle heavily strapped between overs. Ooh, Tendulkar plays and misses, Indian hearts in mouths... A single takes him to 48.

  29. Twitter  

    Cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "Very composed start from India. Mishra is the new Raina."

  30. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "It's official.. Geoffrey Boycott has never owned a pair of jeans (not smart enough for meeeeee)."

  31. 1123 Commentary Ind 149-3  

    Rapid over from Swann, just a single from Tendulkar which takes him to within a smidgen of his zillionth international fifty (probably)

  32. 1126 OUCH! TENDULKAR FIFTY - Ind 150-3  

    A single through the covers takes Tendulkar to his 61st Test half century from 74 balls, then Mishra is hit on the top of the pad by Anderson, that looks painful and he's limping around as though he was hit on an unprotected area. The Indian physio runs on and we have a brief hold-up.

  33. 1130 Commentary Ind 150-3  

    Mishra's finally able to resume, and sees off the rest of Anderson's over.

  34. 1134 Commentary Ind 151-3  

    Swann tosses it up to Tendulkar, although there's a slight delay while umpire Rod Tucker has a quick word with non-striker Amit Mishra about something. Mishra's still flexing his leg. The "Little Master" dabs a single to third man.

  35. Commentary  

    From Richard, Basingstoke, TMS inbox: "Re: Robert, Leicester [1112], I would like to see Tendulkar get his ton, provided it doesn't get in the way of an England win. Since when did the behaviour of an Australian team or their fans become a barometer for what is desirable to an Englishman?"

  36. 1138 Commentary Ind 152-3  

    Anderson in for his fifth over of the day, while Phil Tufnell on TMS is practically salivating at the prospect of being able to bowl on a large patch of rough outside off stump - "The Cat" used to quite like bowling on a worn Oval pitch I seem to remember... Tendulkar ducks a bouncer, then knocks a quick single to mid-wicket off the last ball to keep the strike. Mishra doesn't look too quick between the wickets with that leg...

  37. SMS  

    From Ricki in Nottingham: "Re: Robert in Leicester [1112], rather than copying the previous great sides, shouldn't this English team/generation forge their own identity? As much as I'd love to see us dominate, if Tendulkar does get his landmark we and the team should be able to appreciate a master of the sport gain a historic achievement on our own turf. Sometimes sport is about more than just the result."

  38. 1141 Commentary Ind 155-3  

    Tendulkar flicks a single to deep mid-wicket, cheered by a large group of Indian supporters basking in the sunshine on that side of the ground. Mishra prods Swann to third man and jogs a single. A single takes Tendulkar to 54, and India now trail by 136.

  39. Commentary  

    From Trevor, TMS inbox: "Re: Madeleine (Player numbers). Checking your list, it would appear that cetaceans are eligible to play for England, as A Dolphin made their debut against Australia in Melbourne in 1920/21, being the 188th capped player. By this token, the current bunch are pretty much all Orcas."

  40. 1147 APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 155-3  

    After 23 overs of Anderson and Swann bowling in tandem, Broad replaces Anderson at the Pavilion End, and there's a big lbw appeal against Tendulkar... was that going down leg side? No reviews available for lbws in this series, but the ball-tracker suggests "not out" was the right decision. Maiden over.

  41. Commentary  

    From Lisa, Durham, TMS inbox: "As this Test team is 1st in the world and don't look like falling from that position at present, does anyone think any of the present squad will beat Alec Stewart's 133 Tests for England?"

    Alastair Cook is playing his 72nd Test and doesn't turn 27 until Christmas Day, he could do so if he stays fit?

  42. 1149 Commentary Ind 161-3  

    Swann continues to wheel away at the Vauxhall End, while Geoff Boycott on TMS continues yesterday's lament that England didn't pick slow left-armer Monty Panesar\u00a0as a second spinner.\u00a0"Even Tufnell's won two Test matches here, bowling on crusty pitches," he fumes. After a couple of singles, Mishra chops a four to third man.

  43. 1153 Commentary Ind 166-3  

    Tendulkar steers Broad for a single, then Mishra - who scored 43 in the first innings and may be looking to add to his solitary Test fifty - clips a four off his legs to move to 24, he's looked pretty secure so far.

  44. SMS  

    From Kevin in Sheffield: "Re: Trevor [1141] I believe A Dolphin was a leg spin bowler and had a particularly good flipper."

  45. 1156 Commentary Ind 172-3  

    India are chipping away at this lead here - but it's not Tendulkar with the aggression at the moment, he rotates the strike with a leg bye, and it's Mishra the aggressor at the moment, he powerfully sweeps for four to bring up the fifty stand. A single off the last ball - is he trying to protect Tendulkar from the strike?!

  46. Twitter  

    From MrSamWilson: "Re: A Dolphin, the 1920s cricketer. I heard that he played with real porpoise."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today. Dolphins welcome.

  47. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "Of course, they had Tendulkar out stumped last night, but they forgot to appeal, which is strange as Prior normally appeals for anything - he'd appeal about the cost of his bus fare."

  48. 1201 DRINKS BREAK Ind 173-3  

    England have a mini-conference between overs, they haven't exactly looked like running through India this morning. Mishra prods another single, then Broad has Tendulkar playing and missing... twice! Last one was "an absolute jaffa" according to G Boycott, moving off the seam past Tendulkar's outside edge. Players get drinks, R4 LW listeners get the Shipping Forecast. Whether they like it or not.

  49. SMS  

    From James in\u00a0London: "Presumably the Orcas are part of the England and Whales cricket team?"

  50. 1207 Commentary Ind 174-3  

    Swann resumes proceedings, everyone expected he'd have a big role to play for England today - Boycs on TMS wonders whether he should try bowling round the wicket for a while, but it's his usual over-the-wicket line of attack to Mishra, who takes advantage of the lack of a leg slip to turn a single off his legs.

  51. Commentary  

    From Richard in Guildford, TMS inbox: "Arthur Dolphin played one Test for England, scored\u00a0one run at 0.5. He played for Yorkshire until 1927, so with my limited maths he played with Sir Geoffrey?"

  52. 1211 Commentary Ind 174-3  

    Mishra defends well against Broad, who goes round the wicket for the last ball but Mishra plays out a maiden.

  53. SMS  

    From Peter, Puerto Pollensa: "I once worked with a fella called Chris P Haddock, not sure he played cricket though."

  54. 1215 Commentary Ind 175-3  

    Swann's off and Ravi Bopara's going to have a trundle from the Vauxhall End, having sent down two maidens in the first innings. And in keeping with the fishy theme that seems to be seeping into the live text today, CMJ on TMS refers to a "mackerel cloud" above The Oval. A single from Tendulkar increases Bopara's lifetime Test bowling average to exactly 200 (his one Test victim being Sri Lanka keeper Prasanna Jayawardene in Galle in 2007). Bopara bagged a pair in that game, and Michael Vaughan (who was captain) can't even remember him playing in it...

  55. Commentary  

    From Nigel in Madrid, TMS inbox: "I assume A Dolphin is related to Steve Finn."

  56. 1219 Commentary Ind 176-3  

    Tendulkar inside-edges Broad for a single, arguably it's Mishra who's looking the more immovable object of the two. I think Ishant Sharma (who's missing the ODIs with injury) may have lost his job as night-watchman when he returns to the Test side.

  57. 1222 THE SUN IS OUT Ind 182-3  

    Tendulkar guides a single to Kevin Pietersen, who's basking in the sunshine at deep square leg in front of Archbishop Tenison's School. Mishra clubs one to Tim Bresnan, patrolling the other square boundary at deep point (why hasn't he bowled yet?). Then, Tendulkar laces a lovely cover-driven four to the delight of the many flag-waving Indian fans in the crowd.

  58. Commentary  

    From Chris in Leicester, TMS inbox: "Would Arthur Dolphin be able to eat a whole Shaun Pollock?"

  59. 1226 Commentary Ind 186-3  

    Broad strays down the leg side and Mishra belts him for four, continuing to press his all-round credentials. "England just need a spark," notes Aggers on TMS. There are 77 overs remaining, and still another 24 before the second new ball is available.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "My taxi driver got lost yesterday, he had to pull up and ask directions."

  61. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "I think I may have been a tad hasty in writing off Mishra after his Mishrable bowling performance. He's batting like a true pro at the moment and getting very close to his highest Test score of 50."

  62. 1230 Commentary Ind 192-3  

    Tendulkar and Mishra help themselves to more singles against Bopara - while Tim Bresnan, who does the fielding, might wonder why he's not been asked to bowl yet as\u00a0 Tendulkar square-cuts the Essex all-rounder for four more. Bopara responds by sending one down outside off stump that's lucky not to be signalled as a wide.

  63. 1234 Commentary Ind 197-3  

    Swann switches to the Pavilion End - and just as he did yesterday (when he had a rush of blood on the last ball before lunch), Mishra dances down the track and clubs him back over his head! Four tather than six is the result. A single to the under-bowled Bresnan at deep mid-wicket to take his score to 42. He's now dominating this stand of 79.

  64. Twitter  

    From dpbphotography: "I hope the tuna and cucumber sandwiches at lunch are dolphin friendly!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved in the cetacean punslinging or just to chat about the cricket...

  65. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "There's not so many pigeons here as there used to be. They may have employed a couple of kestrels."

  66. 1238 Commentary Ind 197-3  

    Bopara's off, and finally Tim Bresnan will have a bowl from the Vauxhall End. The Yorkshire right-arm seamer keeps it tight against Mishra - now,\u00a0 Bresnan has been good at bowling accurately to create pressure, and he'll get a pat on the back from his captain after opening with a maiden over.

  67. SMS  

    From Nigel, Croydon: "Re Peter's fishy friend [1215]: I recall his cricketing cousin, the unfortunately named Chris P. Duck."

  68. 1242 Commentary Ind 199-3  

    A single apiece from Tendulkar and Mishra against Swann. Simon Mann on TMS has just looked at the betting exchanges, and the drraw is now the overwhelming favourite...

  69. Commentary  

    From Reece, 'working' in Chichester, TMS inbox: "I'm surprised A Dolphin ever got a bat. He always got caught in the nets."

  70. 1246 Commentary Ind 202-3  

    Bresnan can't repeat his maiden from the previous over as three singles are added to push India's score past 200. Tendulkar has 70, Mishra 45, and India now trail by 89.

  71. Twitter  

    England women's international cricketer Laura Marsh: "Looks like it might be a tough day for England's bowlers... hoping for a Sachin hundred and an England win!"

  72. 1249 DROPPED CATCH Ind 203-3  

    Tendulkar prods at Swann... and is dropped by Cook at short leg. Inside edge onto the pad, but the chance is put down. "Perhaps it will be his day," notes Simon Mann on TMS. Next ball goes past Tendulkar's outside edge, Prior whips the bails off and makes sure he appeals after yesterday's "non-appeal" debacle, and umpire Steve Davis has a quick look but the inevitable "Not Out" signal provokes another cheer from the increasingly vocal Indian fans here. How costly might that drop be?

  73. SMS  

    From John Meredith, Plymouth: "A recent fishy tale was told in a Devon U13 junior match. The Devon captain Toby Codd snicked off having a little fish outside his off peg, the scorebook read: Codd c Bass b Pike 2."

  74. 1253 Commentary Ind 204-3  

    Mishra guides Bresnan to fine leg for a single, he's up to 47 and within sight of his Test-best score of 50. Tendulkar hits it low to mid-wicket, Bell makes a diving stop but I don't think that was a chance, I think it reached him on the bounce.

  75. 1256 Commentary Ind 206-3  

    Lunch is creeping towards us as Swann begins a new over to Mishra, who sneaks a single which leaves him two away from his half century. There's now a leg slip in for Tendulkar, who guides a single wide of mid-off. He has 71, India trail by 85 and there are 69 overs remaining in the day.

  76. SMS  

    From Tom in Putney: "Is A Dolphin a distant relative of current England mainstay Fish Tremlett?"

  77. 1300 INTERVAL MISHRA FIFTY - Ind 216-3  

    Bresnan to bowl, will this be the last over before the interval? Tendulkar nudges a single to deep backward square leg. Mishra dabs a two to third man, and that's his 50, which is loudly cheered by the crowd, particularly the Indian fans. It came from 103 balls. A flashing cut shot brings him four through third man, and that's Mishra's highest Test score. Well done him. Another flashing drive, that's two to the cover boundary, and that's lunch.

  78. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Could this be the first time in the series that India have got through an entire session without losing a wicket?"

  79. 1303 Commentary  

    Tuffers is correct (see below) - India's first wicketless session of the series. While you reflect on India's assured performance so far, keep listening to TMS as after a word with the BBC's Rahul Tandon in Kolkata, Aggers will be chatting to comedian and actor Miles Jupp, who your children may recognise as Archie the Inventor from Balamory. We're off for some lunch - back with you soon.

  80. Twitter  

    From jollijacktar: "A dolphin is not a fish, but a mammal.. as AA Gill will tell you."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  81. SMS  

    From Joe in Leeds: "Odds on Tendulkar being left high and dry in the 90s after another brilliant session for England after lunch?! 100 not out and India all out a couple short would be ideal!"

  82. 1333 Commentary  

    Elsewhere in the world of cricket, Lasith Malinga has blown away the Australian tail in their one-day international against Sri Lanka in Colombo. Australia were bowled out for 211, with Shane Watson top-scoring with 56 and "Slinger" Malinga taking 3-35. Just one county match on today - Notts are 116-2 at lunch against Durham in the Championship.

  83. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "I am in the Oval cricket shop. They are selling caricature of Tendulkar scoring 100 at the Oval already! Prophecy?"

  84. 1338 Commentary  

    Umpires, fielders and batsmen are back on their way out. There's a huge group of Indian fans by the pavilion steps, holding out their camera phones for a snap of their idol Sachin Tendulkar, who may be on the verge of something very special.

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "England could do with a wicket, and I'm not sure where they're going to get one from, as they didn't look like getting one this morning."

  86. 1343 APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 218-3  

    Swann's first ball from the Pavilion End goes past Mishra and Prior takes the bails off... but the Indian batsman had pulled away as yet again, there was something going on behind the bowler's end. Mishra prods forward to the second legitimate ball, he's hit on the pad and there's a bg appeal for lbw... Umpire Taufel shakes his head. Good decision - he was well forward and the ball-tracker indicates the ball was going down the leg side. Mishra pokes a single to third man, and Tendulkar tickles one off his legs past short leg for one. That's the century stand - with Mishra (58) having outscored Tendulkar so far in this partnership...

  87. SMS  

    From Matt, Oxford: "In a way I hope Sachin does not get his century of centuries today, as it would overshadow quite how magnificently Dravid has played in this Test and this series."

  88. 1349 Commentary Ind 225-3  

    As Tuffers hands CMJ a pound coin after their bet on TMS yesterday about a century stand (see yesterday's live text!), Stuart Broad returns at the Vauxhall End and Tendulkar prods him wide of Swann at second slip for three. Broad gives Swann (who always glares at any misfielding off his own bowling)... a bit of a glare. England's lead has been cut to 70. Mishra pokes Broad for two, he's already got his highest Test score and must have half an eye on his highest first-class score of 84. Broad moves his second slip to silly mid-off, but the singles continue to flow. Mishra has 61 and is in danger of catching Tendulkar (77).

  89. Commentary  

    From Kenny in Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "Please tell Tuffers that a couple of Kestrels wouldn\u2019t do much to keep the pigeons down \u2013 Kestrels are quite little chaps who hover and hunt for small mammals and birds and wouldn\u2019t fancy tackling a big, South London pigeon. You need a Peregrine Falcon or (as commonly used at airfields etc) a Harris Hawk. Or was the reference in fact to a popular brand of lager?"

  90. 1352 Commentary Ind 229-3  

    CMJ on TMS laments a certain dictionary's announcement this morning that the words "aerodrome" and "charabanc" will be taken out of their next edition because of lack of usage, but the Indian charabanc is gathering pace as Tendulkar and Mishra help themselves to singles against the wilting Swann.

  91. 1356 Commentary Ind 231-3  

    Just one slip in for Broad now, but a silly mid-on as Mishra nurdles a two to third man. Not trying to be flippant, but at this rate he's going to reach his century quicker than the "Little Master"... he has 65 while Tendulkar's on 79. Broad hits Mishra on the pad and appeals, but I thnk that was going down leg - and so does Umpire Tucker.

  92. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I think Broad's right with this change of field. With a ball nearly 70 overs old, you've got to bowl full and straight, go for lbw, bowled and catches in front of the wicket. It's not going to carry to slips."

  93. Commentary  
    From Graham Wallace, TMS inbox: "I just spent my lunch hour explaining cricket to my American girlfriend. At the end she asked 'so how long does the game last?' I answered 'five days'. She just said 'stupid sport'. I give up!"
  94. 1359 Commentary Ind 231-3  

    Swann bowls a maiden to Tendulkar, though the nearest we get to a wicket is when Mishra backs up too far and has to dive back into his crease, full-length.

  95. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I think we're going to see a second spinner in the winter, and I hope it's the second best spinner rather than someone who bats a bit and bowls a bit like Samit Patel. We've got so many good all-rounders that you could have Prior at 6 on the subcontinent, Bresnan 7, Broad 8, Swann 9, then Anderson and Panesar. I think Monty's got 60 wickets this year."

  96. Commentary  

    From Peter in Dublin, TMS inbox: "Will A Dolphin make it into Aggers & Boycs' pod [cast]?"

  97. 1403 Commentary Ind 237-3  

    Mishra jabs Broad for four past the solitary slip, then scampers a two to the same area as Cap'n Strauss gives chase. Meanwhile on TMS, CMJ reveals he has "a disused Twitter account" - I think it may be this one...

  98. Commentary  

    From Rick, TMS inbox: "Tendulkar to be 100 not trout."

  99. 1407 APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 241-3  

    Swann tosses the ball from hand to hand, Tendulkar swings and misses, Swann yells an appeal, Prior bounces up and down... but Umpire Taufel is unmoved. That looked close... and the ball-tracking system suggests it would have been out if the DRS reviews were allowed for lbws in this series. Reprieved, he steers a four through the covers to stretch his score to 83.

  100. Commentary  
    From Colin Smith, TMS inbox: "Was it Gambhir who was suffering from concussion the other day? Is he OK, or does he just have a bad haddock?"
  101. 1411 Commentary Ind 249-3  

    With eight overs until the new ball is available, Kevin Pietersen is going to try his right-arm off-spin from the Vauxhall End. But KP serves up a pretty horrid over full of full tosses, and the Indian pair help themselves to four singles as well as another lusty four from Mishra. This is now India's highest partnership of the series.

    Meanwhile, the TMS crew are having a long chat about Twitter - you can follow Aggers, Simon Mann, Michael Vaughan, Tuffers, Alison Mitchell, scorer Malcolm Ashton and producer Adam Mountford if you wish.

  102. Commentary  

    From Philip Alexander, TMS inbox: "Just heard that 'aerodrome' is to be removed from the dictionary. The local airstrip here is called the Barcaldine Aerodrome, thus confirming what we expats living in outback Australia have long known \u2013 that Australia is 20 years behind UK in many respects. But how will we know when we\u2019ve arrived in the right place if the word doesn\u2019t exist any more?"

  103. 1414 DROPPED CATCH Ind 249-3  

    Swann bowls to Tendulkar... and he's dropped by Matt Prior behind the stumps! How many lives has he had? And then he pads up to one outside off stump... and that's not out! The ball-tracker suggests it might have grazed off stump, so it was "umpire's call" and wouldn't have been out if reviews were available. No wonder Swann has a face like thunder as he takes his hat from the umpire.

  104. 1418 Commentary Ind 258-3  

    England persist with Pietersen, but his bowling is more like Pie-tersen as India help themselves to some more juicy morsels from the former Natal off-spinner's buffet service. Mishra dabs a three past the keeper, Tendulkar steers a two and then swats a four through mid-wicket - he's into the nineties and the Indian fans are on their feet!

  105. WICKET Mishra b Swann 84 (Ind 262-4)  

    "England just need to calm down here a bit," says Tuffers on TMS as Swann bowls to Mishra, who fluently sweeps for four to take his score to 84 - equalling his highest first-class score. But Swann strikes as he bowls him with one which fizzes past the outside edge!

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "He just played down the wrong line there, played for the spin and it hit his off stump. Swann's been unlucky but that will give him a bit of confidence."

  107. 1423 Commentary Ind 262-4  

    Left-hander Suresh Raina is the new batsman after that excellent knock by Mishra. And we all know how Swann loves bowling to left-handers... but Raina survives his first three balls. That was Swann's 150th Test wicket, by the way.

  108. WICKET Tendulkar lbw b Bresnan 91 (Ind 262-5)  

    Pietersen's off, rightly, and Tim Bresnan is going to have a go - a sign, Aggers thinks, that Cap'n Strauss is keeping his options open for the new ball. AND TENDULKAR'S OUT! He's hit on the pad by Bresnan's first ball, and umpire Tucker raises his finger.

  109. 1429 Commentary Ind 262-5  

    Ball-tracking replays suggest the ball would just have clipped the top of leg stump... another "umpire's call" situation.\u00a0Tendulkar hung around for a few seconds, as though he were waiting for a review. But there's no DRS reviews for lbws in this series, and even if there were, "umpire's call" means Tendulkar would still have been out. Replays show Bresnan bellowing with delight at the wicket, and as Barry Davies would say, "Look at his face! Just look at his face!"

  110. 1430 Commentary Ind 262-5  

    New batsman is captain Mahendra Dhoni, he sees off the rest of Bresnan's over. And the Indian fans in the crowd have fallen silent at their hero's departure.

  111. 1433 Commentary Ind 262-5  

    Raina faces Swann, still on a pair after a horrid\u00a029-ball duck in the first innings which I described as an "ugly duckling of a duck". This is the 78th over, so the new ball's available soon, and as Corporal Jones might say about Raina (who doesn't fancy the short ball), "he doesn't like it up him." Raina pushes the ball to mid-wicket but is turned down for a single by his captain. Maiden over.

  112. Twitter  

    From gtubb8: "Brave brave decision - a big shame for Sachin!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  113. 1438 Commentary Ind 265-5  

    Hang on a minute - the umpires confer, and then have a word with captain Andrew Strauss - the message appears to be to 'have a word' with Broad, who walked across the middle of the pitch between overs - it's either for that, or for too many verbals. Dhoni's off the mark with a pulled single to fine leg, then a bouncer flies past Prior and down to third man for two byes.

  114. Commentary  

    From Carole in Maidenhead, TMS inbox: "Just squealed out loud like a startled piglet as Swanny gets Mishra. Pretending that my outburst was due to the really interesting Powerpoint presentation swiftly opened on my screen. Daren\u2019t make eye-contact with curious colleagues...

    "Repeated Piglet sound duly emitted. Tendulkar. That\u2019s a shame. But brilliant too."

  115. WICKET Raina lbw b Swann 0 (Ind 266-6)  

    Into the 80th over, with the new ball imminent. Dhoni knocks a single, then Raina prods forward... and is given out lbw! That's his pair!

  116. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Swann will be buzzing after a couple of wickets, and might put some doubt in Strauss's mind over whether he takes the new ball."

  117. 1444 Commentary Ind 266-6  

    Ooh, replays showing a faint inside edge onto his pads by Raina... It's like we're watching a different game here after those three wickets in the space of 20 balls. Suddenly, the innings victory is well and truly on, with India trailing by 25. The new batsman is Gautam Gambhir, who played a strange innings yesterday afternoon after suffering concussion earlier in the match. He sees off the over - the second new ball is now available.

  118. 1447 Commentary NEW BALL TAKEN - Ind 266-6  

    And the new cherry is taken and handed to James Anderson at the Vauxhall End, and he sends down a maiden over to the watchful Dhoni. Meanwhile, CMJ on TMS has heard that England were handed a formal warning for walking on the middle of the pitch - he thinks penalty runs can be applied for any further violations. And breaking news... CMJ has tweeted for the first time in a year!

  119. Commentary  

    From Dan, tantalisingly close to The Oval in Great Portland Street, TMS inbox: "20 minutes ago my boss asked me to go into a conference call. 20 minutes... that should be enough time to be in and out and still have time to listen to Tendulkar get his ton. Finally got the yanks off the phone, Mishra gone, Sachin gone and Raina gone! What's worse? I'll tell you. I had a fiver on Tendulkar to be the 4th wicket at 4-1. Bit of notice next time you have a flurry of action would be nice..."

  120. 1453 Commentary Ind 268-6  

    Gambhir pushes Broad for two to get off the mark, with four slips in for the left-hander, England's lead is now down to 23.

  121. Twitter  

    Cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "Raina is in splendid company [scoring two ducks from a total of 42 balls]. Mike Whitney, Manjural Islam and Iain O'Brien have loitered longer for less."

  122. 1457 DRINKS BREAK Ind 269-3  

    Dhoni nudges a single to leg, reining in his natural attacking instincts. Anderson also has four slips in for Gambhir and by surviving the over, he and his partner have earned a drink.

  123. Commentary  

    From George, TMS inbox: "I hope whichever genius in the Indian set-up decided they didn't want DRS this series has been sacked. Any more edge on Raina's dismissal and he'd be playing with U2."

  124. WICKET Dhoni c Swann b Broad 3 (Ind 269-7)  

    As Simon Mann points out on TMS as the drinks break concludes, these two are very much the last two recognised batsmen India have. Dhoni edges... and that's catching practice for Swann at second slip!

  125. Commentary  
    From Joel, TMS inbox: "A\u00a0fitting anagram for Sachin's day:\u00a0Sachin Tendulkar, Little Master = Still at centuries landmark..."
  126. WICKET RP Singh c Prior b Broad 0 (Ind 269-8)  

    To be frank, India haven't got much batting left - Ishant Sharma's participation must be in doubt because of the ligament injury which has ruled him out of the ODIs, so it's RP Singh coming in at number nine in Sharma's place. RP had a bit of an RP Swing at most deliveries he faced yesterday, batting like a traditional tail-ender... and he nicks his third ball to the keeper!

  127. 1508 Commentary Ind 269-8  

    Well, it says a lot for India's assessement of Sreesanth's batting skills that ankle ligament injury victim Ishant Sharma is sent out to bat before him. He survives the last ball of the over as Broad completes a double wicket maiden.

  128. 1512 Commentary Ind 269-8  

    India have lost five wickets for seven runs in 51 balls (in 45 minutes).. Anderson comes round the wicket to the left-handed Gambhir, who does well to fend off a short ball that he edges into his helmet... England showing no mercy to\u00a0a man who was in hospital with concussion on Friday... Another maiden.

  129. Twitter  

    From jcb0403: "C'mon England, finish them off before I leave for Cancun Airport."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved

  130. 1516 Commentary Ind 274-8  

    Four slips in for the tall Sharma, who edges past the cordon for four through the unguarded third man boundary. Broad strays down the leg side, a single reduces the arrears to 17. Gambhir drops the last ball at his feet.


    Swann replaces Anderson in the attack, with four men around the bat for Sharma. The tall paceman is hit on the pad, but it was going down the leg side.\u00a0But the last ball of the over is prodded to silly point by Sharma, he's given out - but asks for a review!

  132. NOT OUT  

    Hang on, did he hit that:? Certainly hit the pad first, but did it hit the glove on the way out? Unfortunately, the side-on Hotspot is obscured by the short-leg fielder. The velcro of the glove moves... but it's not conclusive enough and Sharma survives.

  133. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "'Joel's anagram (Sachin Tendulkar, Little Master = Still at centuries landmark) unfortunately is not an anagram, there is a 'h' in Sachin but no 'h' in the anagram!"

  134. 1522 Commentary 274-8  

    That was the last ball of the over, by the way - a maiden.

  135. 1526 Commentary Ind 275-8  

    Gambhir paddles Broad for a single to fine leg, to reduce the lead to 16. With four slips, a gully, short leg and silly point in (along with a token mid-off and fine leg)Sharma gets an edge but it reaches fourth slip on the bounce. The tail-ender shows good defence to see off the over. (Tea is 1610, by the way, if we get that far).

  136. WICKET Gambhir c Morgan b Swann 3 (Ind 275-9)  

    Swann goes round the wicket to Gambhir with four men around the bat, including Bell right under his nose at silly point. But Gambhir departs when he slices it straight to backward point!

  137. 1531 Commentary Ind 277-9  

    That's a five-for for Swanny - 5-100. The last man is our old friend\u00a0Sreesanth, who\u00a0was already halfway down the steps by the time Gambhir started walking off. He thrusts bat and pad in the general direction of his first ball, then aims an agricultural mow and gets a bottom edge to fine leg for two! So he's off his pair - England's lead is down to 14. Another big swing from Sreesanth, he completely misses the ball! If this were an old village ground, the groundsman's horse would be backing into the roller right now...

  138. Twitter  

    From catdix: "In my office in Vauxhall on tenterhooks waiting for that final cheer from the Oval!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  139. 1535 Commentary Ind 279-9  

    Sharma nudges Broad to long leg for two, they're now 12 away from making England bat again. But the bearded quick bowler doesn't play at anything he doesn't have to. So, Sreesanth to face Swann - last over coming up?

  140. WICKET Sreesanth b Swann 6 (Ind 283 all out)  

    Sreesanth blocks his first ball, but is clearly and blatantly eyeing up that leg side boundary! True to form, he has a big heave, misses, England appeal for lbw as it hits him on the back pad, but the umpire is unmoved. A faint edge brings him four between keeper and slip - India are now eight away from making England bat again. Another haymaker of a village heave but Sreesanth can't connect, the ball dribbles to Bell at silly point and he's nearly run out, but just stepped into his crease in time! Another big heave, SREESANTH'S BOWLED, ENGLAND WIN!

  141. 1538 CHAMPAGNE MOMENT  


  142. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "That's their seventh innings victory in their last 13 Tests."

  143. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "It was always going to be the case that India were going to show some fight, but you always feel with England that as soon as they get a wicket, they're going to get two, three or four more. They've got enough in their armoury to put good batsmen under pressure - but with India, since Zaheer Khan walked off with his hamstring injury at Lord's, we always wondered when they were going to get 20 wickets."

  144. SMS  

    From Dave, Chester: "Well done England! Now back to work."

  145. SMS  

    From Joel, Leamington: "Small beans but that victory means Tim Bresnan has now won each of the ten Tests he's played in. Lucky charm."

  146. SMS  

    From Ed: "Joel's anagram 1508 is nearly there - it needs a the to use all the letters. 'Sachin Tendulkar, little master = Still at THE centuries landmark'."

  147. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England have a hard year to stay at number one. They've got nine Tests against subcontinent teams - three against Pakistan in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two in South Africa, then four in India next autumn, plus South Africa at home."

  148. 1549 Commentary  

    Presentation is just being prepared, we'll hear from Aggers, the captains and the men of the match/series soon."

  149. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Stay tuned to TMS for lots of interviews plus three trophies being presented to England including the ICC mace."

  150. 1553 Commentary  

    England walk out to huge applause.

  151. Commentary  

    England spinner Graeme Swann on TMS: "They were all egging me on, I wanted to do a\u00a0bit of a Flintoff-style celebration!"

  152. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss on TMS: "We had to work pretty hard for it, when you enforce the follow-on you always ask a lot of your bowlers. I didn't think there was enough time for us to think about batting again, but thankfully we made them follow on and got over the line. Even in the first innings, the new ball was very important, Mishra played exceptionally well but we always knew that with one wicket, the whole game could change. We always felt we were in the game, and thankfully it all turned for us in the afternoon. Swanny got a bit frustrated, but he had to bowl a lot of overs and he delivered for us yet again. It's a measure of the side that we're getting strong performances from all 11 players - you can't win a series 4-0 if you rely on one or two players. We've had a lot of victories over the last two years and we expect to win most matches now."

  153. Commentary  

    From Will, TMS inbox: "Delighted with the win, but will now have to find some other distraction to keep work at bay."

  154. SMS  

    From Brian in Stockton: "So long for England to wait for a wicket today, but once they came they came fast. What a perfomance."

  155. Commentary  

    Man of the match (and winner of TMS Champagne Moment for his catch) Ian Bell on TMS: "It's nice to be able to contribute to such a great win. I said when I previously had a go at number three that I had unfinished business, but I'm aware that for the next Test match I'll be moved back down to five. You have to work hard at times against the class of players like Tendulkar and Dravid, this was a batter-friendly wicket but to hang in there and get 20 wickets was an incredible effort by the bowlers. Graeme Swann's worked really hard and it was great to see him come to the party. It's important to the balance of the side to have players like Broad who can bowl and bat, just like it was with Fred [Flintoff] when I first came into the side. We've wanted to get our standards up for the last two years and it's great when it comes off."

  156. Commentary  

    From Ryan in\u00a0Bath, TMS inbox: "Who needs a dolphin in our attack when we have Swann."

  157. Commentary  

    England man of the series Stuart Broad on TMS: "It's been an interesting summer - Lord's gave me confidence for the rest of the series, I've gained confidence bowling a fuller length. I've not batted for two Tests now - I've read books and put my feet up - but when you score runs it gives you the confidence to go out and bowl. We've scored big runs and to make India only score 300 once was excellent. The wicket was pretty flat and it was hard work for us, but it gives us confidence when we've picked up four or five wickets in an hour."

  158. 1605 Commentary  

    Big cheers still for the Indian players, especially Tendulkar, as they collect their losers' medals. Nearly everyone has stayed here at The Oval to cheer their heroes, both English and Indian.

  159. Commentary  

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni: "We gave ourselves a good chance with Mishra and Sachin but we weren't able to build a partnership after that. Sachin is disappointed but he doesn't worry too much about milestones. Rahul Dravid has been brilliant throughout the series, but we didn't play good cricket and you have to be at your best when you play one of the best teams in the world. We need to regroup and come back well. We didn't get much time before the series, so I don't think there was time to think about being complacent - it's sad to be on the losing side. It's important to stay together as a team - expectation levels are high back home but it's about sticking together and sticking to good cricket. Being the world champions, expectations will be high for the one-day series so we'll give it our best shot."

  160. 1613 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss has received the series trophy, the players spray each other with champagne, and they're going to do a lap of honour - there's still the ICC mace to be presented (now they're world number one), but we're going to wrap up the live text here with Enghland celebrating being on top of the world (in the Test arena at least).

    Thanks for your company today and over the five days, and for keeping us entertained with your emails, texts and tweets. It's been a pleasure to be here - and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Take care, and we'll see you for the one-dayers, starting with the game against Ireland in Dublin on Thursday.

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by an innings and 8 runs
  • England: 591-6 (153.0 overs)
  • India: 300 & 283 (91.0 overs)
  • Venue: The Kia Oval

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 283
Sehwag b Swann 33
Dravid c Cook b Swann 13
Laxman b Anderson 24
Tendulkar lbw b Bresnan 91
A Mishra b Swann 84
Raina lbw b Swann 0
Dhoni c Swann b Broad 3
Gambhir c Morgan b Swann 3
Singh c Prior b Broad 0
I Sharma not out 7
Sreesanth b Swann 6
Extras 12b 7lb 19

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