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England v India, fourth Test day three, The Oval as it happened

News updates from the third day's play at The Oval

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Live video scorecard with TMS commentary - England v India (NB video scorecard only available to UK users, TMS commentary available worldwide)

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  1. 1932 Commentary  

    Right then - another marathon day comes to an end. Sam Sheringham's match report is now live, while the TMS podcast and Aggers' column will be available soon. We'll be back tomorrow to bring you all the action from day four. Can England wrap up a 4-0 win without needing a fifth day?\u00a0Until then, enjoy your Saturday night. TTFN.

  2. Twitter  

    From mikecartmel: "Not a bad day at the office."

  3. Commentary  

    From Paul Bannister, Oregon, TMS inbox: "No sacrificial shellfish. It's a pawn, old lad."

  4. SMS  

    From Rachel in Oxford: "Magic TMS moment, hearing someone in the commentary box yelping 'Bingo!' just as Sir Geoffrey was analysing Sharma's dismissal. Own up, who was it?"

  5. 1917 Commentary  

    As security staff prepare to tackle a lone pitch invader, he slips on the turf and is jumped on. Thankfully he kept his clothes on - we don't want to get Geoff Boycott started on "uncovered pitch invaders"...

  6. 1916 Commentary  

    India still trail by 488 runs. Ouch. Stand by for Aggers and Geoffrey's review of the day on TMS, which will later be made available as the podcast.

  7. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Any bowler who's on a roll is going to want to bowl to their [India's] batsmen."

  8. 1914 CLOSE OF PLAY Ind 103-5  

    Last over of the day, Swann to Dravid, and the experienced right-hander guides a single to the cover sweeper. Dhoni tries to dlick the penultimate ball off his legs, there's an appeal for a catch at silly point but there's nothing doing. The India skipper then has a huge swing at the last ball of the day, whipping a four through long leg. And that's yer lot - he finishes day three on five, with Dravid on 57.

  9. 1910 APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 98-5  

    With his sacrificial prawn having been removed, India captain Mahendra Dhoni is out in the middle - he's wearing a cap as England are going to finish the day with two overs of spin, the first provided by Kevin Pietersen. Dravid forces a single through the covers, Dhoni flicks one off his legs down to the man at deep fine leg. Dravid gets a big stride in and is hit on the pad without really playing a shot, KP appeals for lbw but umpire Tucker shakes his head. A single takes "The Wall" to 56, and Dhoni survives the rest of the over. We'll have one more.

  10. WICKET Sharma c Cook b Swann 1 (Ind 95-5)  

    Swann has five close fielders for Sharma - slip, gully, silly point, short leg and leg slip, plus a short fine leg, mid-wicket, mid-on and extra cover. Sharma is playing at fresh air here, but makes sure he keeps one of his feet grounded behind the crease so he doesn't get stumped like Raina. But he prods straight to Cook at short leg! Another one gone... Swann has 3-22.

  11. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Disgraceful decision, if that was an English batsman it would not have been given, terrible for the sport."

  12. 1902 Commentary Ind 95-4  

    Dravid guides Broad for a single - England crowd night-watchman Sharma with three slips, a gully, a short leg and a silly point. The tall paceman is off the mark with a single off his legs - three overs left tonight.

  13. 1858 Commentary Ind 93-4  

    Ishant Sharma has been sent out in the sacrificial prawn role of night-watchman by captain Mahendra Dhoni (to protect the next batsman in, a certain M Dhoni Esq), and he defends his first ball. We still don't know if Gambhir will bat (or can bat) tonight (or at all) after his concussion.

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "That was an ugly old nought for Raina - he faced 29 balls."

    (Geoff Boycott adds "and he was lucky to get nought")

  15. WICKET Raina st Prior b Swann 0 (Ind 93-4)  

    Dravid keeps pushing the score along with a two and a single, then Raina prods forward and Prior whips a bail off,,, umpire Tucker asks for a third umpire review from Steve Davis and that's a tight one. Was his toe behind the line? The line belongs to the fielding side... it's all about two frames... and he's given out!

  16. 1851 Commentary DRAVID FIFTY - Ind 90-3  

    Dravid turns Broad for a two to leg, then finally reaches his fifty from 93 balls with a sharp single to mid-off - Bresnan shies at\u00a0 the stumps and thankfully Bopara at fine leg is alert enough to turn down an overthrow. Raina's scoreless vigil cointinues,

  17. 1847 Commentary Ind 87-3  

    A rapid maiden over from Swann to Raina (0 runs from 25 balls).

  18. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "This is one of those pitches where you might wish you had two spinners. Wth Prior, Broad, Bresnan and Swann to bat, England could have done without Bopara and played a left-arm spinner."

  19. 1844 Commentary Ind 87-3  

    The Bresnan-Dravid duel was mildly diverting, but it's "to be continued" as Broad returns at the Pavilion End, with eight overs remaining tonight and three slips in the cordon. When he's on form, Dravid's timing can seem effortless, and he carefully cuts a four past the man at backward point.

  20. SMS  

    From Sharad in Manchester: "I'm embarrassed to be Indian at the moment, I hope we fare better in the ODIs but I doubt it."

  21. 1840 Commentary Ind 83-3  

    Dravid guides a two through the covers against Swann, with three close catchers and a short mid-wicket in attendance. The makeshift opener nudges a single to third man, he's up to 43, and Raina - who's faced 19 balls without scoring - blocks out the over.

  22. 1835 Commentary Ind 80-3  

    It's the next instalment of the Bresnan-Dravid duel... the ball swings past Dravid's inside edge and is taken by Prior, and the bowler half-heartedly appeals but the slip cordon don't share his faith. Bresnan fires a bouncer down the leg side which is signalled as a wide, and they also run one as well. Raina still doesn't look happy with the short ball, but survives the over.

  23. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "India need 11 Rahul Dravids to compete against England. Here he is again fighting for India in trouble on a perfecting batting pitch!"

  24. 1831 Commentary Ind 78-3  

    A clear sign the crowd are listless - a Mexican wave encircles The Oval as Swann switches to bowling around the wicket to the leftie Raina., who defends his stumps. Raina then tries to withdraw the bat and it doesn't quite carry to Strauss at gully as the ball bounces out of the rough. Maiden.

  25. 1828 Commentary Ind 78-3  

    Dravid nibbles at Bresnan and guides a single to third man. If you're just joining us, you may not be aware that Gautam Gambhir has been in hospital having a scan after suffering with concussion, so I'd expect he's very unlikely to bat today (or even in this innings), depending on how he feels. Bresnan isn't happy with the footmarks at the Pavilion End, while Simon Mann on TMS is proposing some radical changes\u00a0 to the calendar, proposing January be eliminated altogether. Harsh, very harsh.

  26. SMS  

    From Joss in Epsom; "How good would Swann be in Test cricket pre DRS?!"

    A lot of people have suggested that the mere existence of the DRS and ball-tracking technology has helped spinners pick up many more lbws than before....

  27. 1824 Commentary Ind 74-3  

    Single from Dravid, and Swann has four close fielders for Raina - slip, short gully, silly point and short leg (with the latter two helmeted), but he defends assuredly.

  28. 1822 Commentary Ind 73-3  

    Replays are showing that Tendulkar was caught off his glove as Bresnan resumes his duel with Dravid, who skillfully pulls him for four through mid-wicket. But Bresnan beats him with the next delivery and aims a glare in Dravid's direction. Interesting to watch, this one. A single brings the southpaw Raina on strike, and Cap'n Strauss shuffles his field - moving Ali Cook to leg gully.

  29. 1817 Commentary Ind 68-3  

    Left-hander Suresh Raina is the new batsman, he doesn't look at all happy out there as Swann turns one past his outside edge, but he survives the over.

  30. WICKET Tendulkar c Anderson b Swann 23 (Ind 68-3)  

    Tendulkar threads a four between the two fielders on the edge of the covers... then he sweeps, the ball spoons into the air and he's caught at slip by Jimmy Anderson, running round behind Prior!

  31. Commentary  

    From Olly in Kovalam, TMS inbox: "Currently sitting on a balcony by the sea about to conclude a two-week trip to Kerala, India. Despite having visited several of my wife's relatives and many attempts, no-one seems to want to discuss the cricket."

  32. 1812 Commentary Ind 64-2  

    We're just past the halfway point of this marathon evening session - with 17 overs gone, there are 16 more to be bowled this evening. A single takes Tendulkar to 19, while Dravid moves up to 30 with a classy steer through mid-wicket. "The Wall" defends the last ball with his usual fluency.

  33. 1808 APPEAL - NOT OUT Ind 59-2  

    Dravid steers a four through the covers, then there's a big shout for a bat-pad catch as Dravid prods forward at Swann, and the helmeted Cook dives at short leg to pick the ball up, but Umpire Taufel is unmoved.

  34. 1802 DRINKS BREAK  

    And that's drinks...

  35. 1801 DROPPED CATCH Ind 55-2  

    Bresnan has changed ends and is going to have a burst from the Pavilion End... and Bresnan drops a hard caught-and-bowled chance low to his left. Big Tim bounces back though, striking Tendulkar a nasty blow on the elbow an d then having an lbw appeal against him turned down. It was missing leg stump. Tendulkar gets his revenge with a four through third man off the last ball. That;s a better over from Bresnan, but we have to put the c&b chance down as a drop...

  36. 1757 Commentary Eng 51-2  

    Graeme Swann is on at the Vauxhall End with his right-arm off-spin, replacing the out-of-sorts Tim Bresnan. Tendulkar sweeos him for a four and a two, but there's a bit of turn and bounce for the Notts twirler as Tendulkar sweeps again and takes a single off the last ball.

  37. 1754 Commentary Ind 44-2  

    Dravid straight-drives Broad for a couple, and after CMJ had kept his powder dry since just before lunch (see Steve Pittard's email at 1257), Geoff Boycott is rendered speechless by learning that he once had a lower first-class score than an England number 11 he played with in 1965.

    And in answer to\u00a0 an anonymous texter, Strauss and Cook are currently sixth on that "all-time best Test partnerships" list which Dravid and Tendulkar now top.

  38. 1748 Commentary Ind 42-2  

    Bresnan's not quite on song just yet, a run and a leg bye push the score along. "In an ideal world, this is where you'd have another seamer," agree CMJ and Boycs on TMS.

  39. SMS  

    From Rossy in Forest Row: "Another of Sachin's anagrams is 'unshackled train'. Reminds me of india's batting - all over the place!"

    And "hitting the buffers"...

  40. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar have just become the most prolific partnership in Test history, surpassing Windies pair Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes's tally of 6,482 runs. Aussie openers Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer are third with 6,081."

  41. 1744 Commentary Ind 40-2  

    Barmy Army trumpeter Billy Cooper (for whom I was once mistaken in Cape Town - don't ask) is cheered by the crowd as he bursts into a new round of trumpeting, while after a single from Tendulkar,\u00a0there's a collective shudder as Broad forces one thnrough Dravid's defences which somehow evades bat or gloves as it sails through to Prior behind the stumps.

  42. SMS  

    From Jonathan, London: "Working as a junior doctor currently discussing with my consultant the prognosis of Indian cricket - we both agree some urgent intervention is needed to prevent a cardiac arrest!"

  43. 1740 Commentary Ind 39-2  

    "I think this is a good move," says Geoff Boycott on TMS as his fellow Yorkshireman Tim Bresnan replaces Anderson at this Vauxhall End. Big Tim can normally be relied upon for some consistent line and length, and he keeps Dravid tied down well until "The Wall" flicks a four off his legs down to the square leg boundary in front of Archbishop Tenison's School (for those of you who know The Oval). The last bell strays down the leg side and Tendulkar expertly helps it on its way for four.

  44. 1735 Commentary Ind 31-2  

    Single from Tendulkar, then Dravid is playing and missing against Broad - the ball continues to swing late, after pitching. Dravid rotates the strike with a quick tip-and-run to Tim Bresnan (who must be eager to get into the game) at mid-off. He has 16.

  45. 1731 Commentary Ind 29-2  

    Anderson keeps it tight against Dravid, as "The Wall" lives up to his nickname (although Henry Blofeld has taken to calling him "The Castle").

  46. Commentary  

    From Harj, TMS inbox: "Totally embarrassed to be an Indian supporter, have kept the faith, spent hard earned cash to go to Edgbaston, these guys need to understand how much they are letting us down."

  47. 1727 OUCH! Ind 29-2  

    Tendulkar isn't happy with somebody or something moving behind the bowler's arm - and it won't improve his mood when Broad bowls a helmet and it plunks Tendulkar on the ear-grille on the side of his helmet. He's finally off the mark with an on-drive past the bowler for four, but he still isn't content with something at the Pavilion End. "I've been watching that area and nothing's moved," says Michel Vaughan on TMS, where one listener claims it's a jacket badge glinting in the sun.

  48. Twitter  

    From bhav2506: "An anagram of 'Sachin Tendulkar'\u00a0is 'And\u00a0I Lack The Runs'."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved

  49. 1721 Commentary Ind 25-2  

    England have a sub fielder on the pitch - presumably a nimble young tyro from Surrey (he looks rather\u00a0young, but probably in need of a haircut). But there's nothing the youngster can do as Dravid guides another four past him at mid-wicket, before chopping another boundary wide of the slips.

  50. 1717 Commentary Ind 17-2  

    Tendulkar faces for the first time, defending his first ball against Broad but then playing and missing as the crowd's hearts are in their mouths. Then he's hit on the pad, but no appeal from Broad ("and if Broad's not interested, there's no way it was out", notes Simon Mann on TMS) - it looked high.

  51. Commentary  

    From Pete, TMS inbox: "Great banner amongst the Indian fans at the Oval this week; simply read, 'Get Well Soon'. Says it all really!"

  52. 1713 Commentary Ind 17-2  

    A standing ovation greets the arrival of Sachin Tendulkar to The Oval - if ever India needed the "Little Master" rescue them and score his 100th international hundred, it's now. He's the non-striker as Dravid pokes Anderson into the covers before square-driving a four through point.

  53. Twitter  

    From gregcoles: "Can sense a 4-0 whitewash! Well done Broad."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved today

  54. WICKET Laxman c Prior b Broad 2 (Ind 13-2)  

    A few boos are heard around The Oval, and Aggers on TMS immediately identifies it as "anti-steward booing". Broad appeals for lbw as Dravid plays forward, but there's nothing doing as "The Wall" then glances a single to fine leg. Then Broad swings one after pitching and it swings so far it's taken by Strauss at first slip! What the deuce? Well, it's befuddled Laxman as he nicks the next ball straight to Prior!

  55. SMS  

    From Gordon, Somerset: "Sehwag's strike rate for the series is an excellent 100."

  56. 1703 Commentary Ind 12-1  

    Dravid swishes and misses (most uncharacteristically)\u00a0 as there's a hint of some early swing for Anderson. Just a single from the over.

  57. Commentary  

    From Curtis, TMS inbox: "Having both completed six innings, England have scored 2,809 runs for the loss of 47 wickets. India have scored 1,461, losing 60 wickets. That's an average of 59.7 for England and 24.4 for India."

    Make that 61!

  58. 1658 Commentary Ind 11-1  

    That last over was Sehwag in microcosm, wasn't it? (Hawk-Eye suggests the ball would have hit the bails - "umpire's call", so even if there were DRS reviews for lbws in this series (which there aren't), Sehwag would still have been on his way.

    Stuart Broad takes the second over as new batsman VVS Laxman walks to the non-striker's end. Broad has four slips for Dravid, who pushes a single through mid-wicket - interestingly, the fourth slip moves to gully for Laxman, who is beatenn as he plays a back-foot defensive stroke but is then off the mark with a two.

  59. WICKET Sehwag lbw b Anderson 8 (Ind 8-1)  

    England have three slips, a gully and a backward point for Sehwag as James Anderson runs in and the destructive opening batsman shoulders arms to a ball well outside off stump, but three balls into his innings it's vintage Sehwag as he cracks a four through point for his first runs of the series, before guiding another boundary to the same region. It's what I like to call "Sehwag being Sehwag"... and then he's pinned back on his stumps by the last ball of the over and Umpire Taufel raises his finger!

  60. 1647 Commentary  

    Remember, we have 33 overs remaining - so we've lost 35 because of the rain delay. England take the field with a spring in their step, and we've got a couple of Indian batsmen on the way too - Virender Sehwag (who bagged a king pair at Edgbaston) and makeshift opener Rahul Dravid, who's going out first because as we mentioned earlier, Gautam Gambhir is in hospital having a scan after suffering concussion yesterday. Here we go.

  61. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Aren't you surprised that not one Indian cricketer has come out since 1300 to warm up, do stretching exercises or take any throwdowns? Mind you, Sehwag could come out and smash it around."

  62. 1639 Commentary  

    As Michael (below) has done, you can get in touch with us by emailing (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), texting 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word, otherwise it'll get buried amongst all the football and rugby), or tweeting us with the hashtag #bbccricket.

    NB 33 overs still to be bowled today.

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "England have declared."

  64. Commentary  

    From Michael, TMS inbox: "England cricket team: declare, and swing that ball around gloriously as a nervous India tries to bat."

  65. 1633 INSPECTION  

    Umpires have inspected for the second time, our survey said:

    Play will restart at 1650 BST

  66. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "We've had a message from the Indian team management - Gautam Gambhir has suffered mild concussion after being hit on the head when he dropped Kevin Pietersen yesterday. He felt uncomfortable this morning so he's\u00a0now having a precautionary\u00a0scan."

  67. Twitter  

    From homeless_turtle: "Could England just bat for as little as\u00a0two or three\u00a0overs, let the ground dry out more & play with the already fragile Indian mindset?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today. All turtles, terrapins etc welcome, whether you're homeless, teenage, mutant or ninja.

  68. 1621 THE SUN IS OUT  

    In case you're worried... there will be more play today. It's just a question of when. The sun is shining, no more rain is forecast and TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton says they can play as late as 1930 BST tonight.

  69. 1617 Commentary  

    The "do they declare?" debate has apparently been tempered by concerns over England having to bowl and field if the outfield's still damp. But, conversely, England have been out on the pitch doing fielding practice, whereas India have stayed in their dressing room.

  70. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "News of England's declaration was no doubt greeted with a sigh of relief among the Indian bowling contingent, not least poor old Amit Mishra.\u00a0The leggie\u00a0really has had a Mishrable time of things\u00a0since replacing Harbhajan Singh\u00a0for\u00a0the last two Tests. His combined figures\u00a0are 81-5-320-3. Ouch."

  71. 1612 INSPECTION  

    Welcome back. Sun is out, umpires have inspected, covers have come off, ground staff have been mopping up, England are having a fielding drill in front of the pavilion (amid rumour and counter-rumour over whether they're going to declare or not), Sam Sheringham and I have devoured some chocolate cake, and our survey says...

    There's going to be another inspection\u00a0at 1630 BST (as there is still some standing water on the field).

  72. 1415 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    I'm afraid the rain looks heavier now than it was straight after lunch - no sign of any resumption any time soon. As I mentioned, the BBC weather man said it could be like this for a couple of hours - and I'm starting to doubt we'll get any play before tea, although it should clear up after tea.

    So, rather than telling you every 5-10 minutes that it's still raining, we're going to "park" the live text for a while until we get any news of an inspection or a resumption. We'll be back as soon as we have anything positive to report.

    In the meantime, TMS are still going for a litle while at least, and I'm sure today's football may be of interest to some of you.

  73. Twitter  

    Cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "That rain is getting heavier now. Declare!"

    You can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved, even though we're just singing in the rain for now...

  74. Commentary  

    From Phil in Newcastle, TMS inbox: "Re: Scott, East Sussex (1339). India's highest score in the series so far is 288 and we've already got more than double that so we shouldn't even need to bat again."

  75. Commentary  

    From Richard, Belgium, TMS inbox: "Re Philip Avery's weather forecast. 'Some sort of rain?' I was only aware of the one sort - wet!"

    In defence of Mr Avery, there's light rain, heavy rain, drizzle etc... It's not particularly heavy now, but heavy enough to prevent the resumption of play.

  76. 1355 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    Still raining. Ground staff have ceased work, we're not going to play for a while I think.

    Looking ahead to Thursday;s ODI in Ireland, for which England have picked an inexperienced squad led by Captain Morgan, don't forget that you'll be able to follow the game with commentary on TMS and live text here as usual. And if you've forgotten what happened the last time the two sides met in an ODI, you can watch highlights of that World Cup encounter on the BBC Sport website as well as a montage of England's dropped catches from that game...

  77. Contributor BBC weatherman Philip Avery  

    "We suspect there is a risk of some sort of rain falling at any time between now and tea. But there shouldn't be any more interruptions after tea, for the rest of the match. It's just this next couple of hours as The Oval is on the periphery of this block of weather."

  78. SMS  

    From Scott, East Sussex: "Surely England should declare now and if we can get India out early and follow on then we should be able to clear up the last 100 runs or so quite easily. Only way I can see us winning now?"

    You may be right, Scott, but don't call me Shirley...

  79. 1339 Commentary  

    Most of the brollies are still up, but there's definite activity from the ground staff out in the middle, The covers are staying on, but the hoses are being stretched out to the edge of the square.

  80. 1337 Commentary  

    While we're waiting, do take a look at Chris Bevan's live text commentary on the afternoon's football if it takes your fancy. You may also be interested in Mark Lawrenson's weekly predictions - as this week's guest pundit is England pace bowler James Anderson.

  81. 1332 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid it's not good news from The Oval. The brollies are still up, the square is completely covered and they're certainly not going to resume on time at 1340. The drainage here is pretty good... but we just need it to stop raining!

  82. SMS  

    From Alex, Surrey Quays: "I see England are coping without the in-form 12th man 'Extras'. Shame, was in such good form last week."

  83. 1303 RAIN STOPS PLAY  

    The BBC weather forecast is spot on - as I noted at 1045, the rain has come at exactly 1300, as the covers are brought on and the brollies go up just after the players walk off for lunch! Keep listening to TMS\u00a0during the interval -\u00a0Kevin Howells is rounding up the county scores, then you can hear\u00a0the "View from the Boundary" interview with Indian diplomat Kamalesh Sharma, the Commonwealth secretary general. I'm going to grab a bit of lunch - I'll be back in a little while with a weather report!

  84. SMS  

    From Dave in Windsor: "Strauss to allow Mishra to reach his daddy ton before declaring?"

  85. 1300 INTERVAL Eng 591-6  

    Raina sends down a pre-lunch maiden to Bopara and shock horror, India have managed to bowl 30 overs in a session! You see, it can be done! England have scored 134 this morning for the loss of three wickets.

  86. Commentary  

    From Steve Pittard, TMS inbox: "Re: Sam [1223] - In the 1965 Trent Bridge Test England's Geoffrey Boycott's then highest first class score (193*) was less than the number 11, Tom Cartwright (210)."

    CMJ on TMS has predicted some "Boycott baiting" after this revelation...

  87. 1257 Commentary Eng 591-6  

    After an exchange of singles, Prior reverse-sweeps the toiling Mishra for four. "Good snap in the wrists there," says Tuffers on TMS. A single takes him to 18 - Bopara has 43. And we should get one more over in before lunch.

  88. 1254 Commentary Eng 582-6  

    Another rapid Raina over, three singles from it as we get closer to lunch.

  89. 1253 Commentary Eng 579-6  

    Prior pokes a single in the direction of the Laker & Lock stand at long-on, Bopara rotates the strike, then Mishra gets one to turn out of the bowler's footmarks and it sails between keeper Dhoni and slip for four byes! There's then a nervous moment as Bopara prods the ball into the covers but dawdles slightly over a single and is nearly run out at\u00a0 the bowler's end. CMJ on TMS (to whom we should all defer on matters concerning Sussex) says Prior gets involved in quite a few run-outs in county cricket - while my observation of Bopara playing for England is that he can often be a run-out waiting to happen. (I bet it myst be fun watching him bat with Owais Shah for Essex... yes... wait... no... sorry!)

  90. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "A bit more on the news that Waqar Younis is quitting as Pakistan coach. He said:\u00a0'I have taken this decision on personal grounds, including medical grounds, and have no differences with anyone and my resignation has been accepted by the board.' Despite his claims, Waqar's decision comes hot on the heels of his\u00a0fall-out with Shahid Afridi over discipline and team selection that led to Afridi's retirement from international cricket.\u00a0The decision means Pakistan will have a new coach for their Test, one-day and T20\u00a0series against England in Abu Dhabi and Dubai early next year."

  91. 1249 Commentary Eng 571-6  

    At least having Raina and Mishra bowling in tandem will improve India's largely shabby over-rate... or perhaps that's partly the reason they're on? Two singles from Raina's rapid over.

  92. SMS  

    From Sam in Portsmouth: "Mr Mitchener, you sir are a jinx! When batsman are playing a fully flowing innings what else is going to get them out but a bit of complacency against the 'lesser capable' bowlers?!"

    I knew I'd get the blame at some point... but I like the theory of complacent batsmen getting out to occasional bowlers who lull them into a false sense of security. To be honest, that's how I get most of my wickets...

  93. 1246 Commentary Eng 569-6  

    Another cut from Prior brings a scampered single, Bopara sees off the rest of\u00a0Mishra's over before jabbing a single off the last ball.

  94. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "We've just heard that Waqar Younis will quit as Pakistan coach after their tour of Zimbabwe for medical reasons."

  95. 1244 Commentary Eng 567-6  

    Bopara square-cuts Raina for four, then en overthrow turns a qujck single into an easy two. The Essex man chops a two to Sachin Tendulkar, who appears to have been hiding for most of this game, down at third man.

  96. SMS  

    From Dave Nunn: "Having spent \u00a3170 on flights and tickets expecting a slightly weakened team [for the Ireland ODI], as England fans we aren't too happy. I feel it is disrespectful to the Irish and the rights holders."

  97. 1241 Commentary Eng 558-6  

    Prior, who's normally capable of batting very unselfishly for his side, crashes his first boundary with a fierce swept four. Another sweep is safely gathered by the lanky Sharma for one, while Bopara nicks the strike with a single to the cover sweeper off the last ball. He's on 27, Prior has six.

  98. Commentary  

    From Rick in Greenwich, TMS inbox: "Gutted. If Bell had got out on 238, it would have been the lowest score never previously scored in a Test. Get your head round that."

  99. 1238 Commentary Eng 551-6  

    Substitute fielder Virat Kohli is on the field, not sure who for, as Raina wheels away, Bopara collects a single and Prior is finally off the mark.

  100. SMS  

    From Jason, escaping soggy Dorset: "I don't blame England for sending Jimmy A in as night-watchman - it's the only way he'll get a bat in this series!"

  101. 1236 Commentary Eng 549-6  

    Bopara forces a single through the covers, while Prior goes through an elaborate pre-stance stretching routine that briefly reminds me of Robin Smith before defending the last ball of the over.

  102. 1233 Commentary Eng 548-6  

    New batsman Matt Prior sees off the rest of the over from Raina - perhaps I should stop calling him a part-time bowler considering he's dismissed the two men who scored 235 and 175 in this innings...

  103. SMS  

    From Miles: "I was the dressing room 'gopher' at Scarborough for many years in the mid-late 80's (in the Yorkshire dressing room I hasten to add!) and have many great memories of the party antics Vaughany refers to... I don't remember Aggers' 90 though!"

  104. WICKET Bell lbw b Raina 235 (Eng 548-6)  

    Michael Vaughan on TMS notes that Raina now has a one-day field - four in the circle and everyone else on the boundary - as Bell dabs him for two, then tries to swing it to leg and is trapped lbw by the part-timer!

  105. 1229 Commentary Eng 546-5  

    Bopara nudges Mishra for a single, then a classy off-drive\u00a0from Bell brings him the 24th four of his innings. A single takes him to 233 - still a way from his highest first-class score of 262 not out.

  106. 1226 Commentary Eng 541-5  

    Suresh Raina on with his part-time off-spin (which, I have to add, finally removed Kevin Pietersen yesterday evening) in place of the completely ineffective RP Singh. A single to Bopara brings up the fifty stand - while an interesting tweet from the Sun's cricket correspondent John Etheridge suggests that despite resting several players for the Ireland ODI, England may, contrary to what we had expected, pick a strong side for those West Indies ODIs at the end of the season that were arranged so the ECB could fulfil its contract with Sky. Three more singles from Raina's over.

  107. 1223 Commentary Eng 536-5  

    While Aggers reminisces about the time he scored 90 for Leicestershire at Scarborough as night-watchman, Mishra\u00a0trundles in again and bowls a maiden to Bopara.

  108. Commentary  

    From Sam, TMS inbox: "I've noticed a delightful statistical quirk resulting from the deplorable decision to make James Anderson night-watchman: now Swann is batting 11, England's no.11 has a higher first-class score (183) than England's no.1 in the batting order, Strauss with 177."

  109. 1220 Commentary Eng 536-5  

    RP Singh is now bowling round the wicket, Bopara goes for a bit of a wander between deliveries but can't connect with one RP fires down the leg side. England find easy pickings against RP, picking up plenty of ones and twos.

  110. Twitter  

    From PaddyWarburton: "No team has ever scored 700+ twice in the same year, England on track to pass 700 in consecutive innings."

  111. 1216 Commentary Eng 533-5  

    Bell tries to go inside-out against Mishra, but picks out the fielder at cover, but eventually rotates the strike with a single. Bopara knocks a two thbrough the covers, then a punchier drive to deep point brings him one.

  112. Commentary  

    From David in Spain, TMS inbox: "If 200 is a big daddy ton. Is 300 a Giant Haystacks ton?"

  113. 1212 Commentary Eng 529-5  

    Aggers reveals on TMS that his "View from the Boundary" guest at lunchtime today will be Indian diplomat Kamalesh Sharma, the Commonwealth secretary general who's also a big cricket fan. Bell knocks RP for a couple to take his score to 222, but doesn't stay on double-Nelson for a while as he caresses a single to third man.

  114. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Ireland cricket fans suggesting England have chickened out of a full blooded World Cup rematch!"

  115. Commentary  

    From Craig in Blackpool, TMS inbox: "Re: Kevin Howells - So you'd rather these players didn't play for their county, gain a cap, valuable experience and play international cricket?"

  116. 1208 Commentary Eng 524-5  

    Time for some spin - Amit Mishra to bowl his leg breaks from the Pavilion End (after 2-28 in six overs from Sreesanth's spell), and Bell plays the most delicate of delicate sweeps, angling the bat to guide a two to fine leg. Mishra is up to his old tricks again as he oversteps for a no-ball (which I still say is unforgivable for a spinner) which Bell steers for a single. Bopara cuts to third man, and just for once RP Singh - who was quite ropey in the field yesterday - makes a good tumbling stop to save the boundary. They run three, though. Another paddle-on-one-knee by Bell allows him to nick the strike. Mind you, he has 220, so why not?

  117. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If I were Alastair Cook, I'd be demanding that I play in this Ireland game as ODI captain. You'd want to be there to look at the likes of Bairstow, Borthwick and Stokes."

  118. BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm Ashton  

    "This is the second time England have scored more than 500 in three successive innings - the first time was against Sri Lanka in 2002."

  119. Commentary  

    From Niall, TMS inbox: "Whilst I love to see England winning, I would like to see them declare when Bell gets out, give the Indians something to chase, make a match of it."

  120. 1200 DRINKS BREAK Eng 516-5  

    Credit to England, they're not hanging around this morning, Bell\u00a0nudges a single and Bopara steers another four. The Oval is now drenched in sunshine, and Bopara sees off the over as Umpire Taufel signals it's time for drinks as TMS's Radio 4 LW listeners are dragged away, kicking and screaming, to the Shipping Forecast.

  121. BBC Test Match Special's Kevin Howells
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Kevin Howells  

    On Twitter: "The Lions squad - sorry England squad -\u00a0is bad news for integrity of Championship at this time of season. #mustbeonlyonewhocares"

  122. Twitter  

    From Sawds: "Well done Belly!! Welcome to the big daddy hundred club!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  123. 1156 Commentary Eng 511-5  

    Sreesanth strays down the leg side and Bopara leg-glances him for four with a shot not dissimilar to the one with which Bell reached his 200. "Bopara should make the most of it, if it's a flat pitch and India's bowling isn't great," says Geoff Boycott on TMS.

  124. Twitter  

    Comedian Andy Zaltzman: "STAT ALERT: England have now scored as many 200s in the last 15 months as they scored in the entire 1980s and 1990s combined."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  125. 1152 Commentary Eng 507-5  

    Change of bowling at the Vauxhall End as Sharma is replaced by the rather-more-burly-than-he-used-to-be RP Singh with his medium-fast left-arm swing. Bopara taps the third single of his brief innings, then Bell has the cricket purists purring with a delicate late cut for two to bring up England's 500. A fiercer cut is half-stopped at cover but they run two. That's 50 in 10 overs today.

  126. Commentary  

    From Rob, Doncaster, TMS inbox: "England have only conceded more than 300 runs\u00a0six times in the last\u00a0three series England have played, bowling 22 times in the process. The highest conceded being 479 against Sri Lanka at Lord's."

  127. 1147 Commentary Eng 498-5  

    Bell is not one to rest on his laurels, bashing another four through mid-wicket as Sreesanth strays with his length.

  128. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: cricketers as snooker players - John Crawley actually had the nickname [Peter] Ebdon when he was at Hampshire."

    Please don't forget to put your name on your texts - and put "CRICKET" as the first word as we share the inbox with football & other sports. Thanks for listening.

  129. 1144 THAT'S 200 BELL DOUBLE CENTURY - Eng 494-5  

    Bell faces his erstwhile Warwickshire team-mate Sreesanth... and leg-glances a four to bring up his 200 from 331 balls, before removing his helmet and taking the crowd's applause.

  130. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "So Eoin Morgan will captain England for the first time against his former countrymen. With the likes of KP, Alastair Cook, James Anderson and Stuart Broad putting their feet up, several players could make their international debuts in Dublin.\u00a0They include Leicestershire's James Taylor, Yorkshire's Jonny Bairstow and Durham's Ben Stokes and Scott Borthwick, all\u00a0of whom\u00a0recently featured in the England Lions' ODI series win over Sri Lanka A. Jonathan Trott is\u00a0available again\u00a0after missing the last two Tests with a shoulder injury."

  131. 1142 Commentary Eng 490-5  

    Bell, on 198, opens the face to tickle a single to third man and equal his best Test score. Bopara is still looking to pllay himself in, and defends the rest of the over.

    And I can't help wondering if Eoin Morgan's (temporary) elevation to the rank of Captain will be accompanied by the ECB announcing a sponsorship deal with a well-known rum manufacturer...

  132. 1138 Commentary Eng 489-5  

    Sreesanth's tail is well and truly up after taking 2-2 in 10 balls this morning. Bopara, who must know he's currently the man who will give way when Jonathan Trott returns from injury, edges his first ball for two past the stumps.

  133. 1135 Commentary  

    As Ravi Bopra walks to the crease, here's the ODI squad for the Ireland game: Eoin Morgan (capt), Jonathan Bairstow, Ravi Bopara, Scott Borthwick, Steven Finn, Craig Kieswetter, Graham Onions, Samit Patel, Ben Stokes, James Taylor, Jonathan Trott, Chris Woakes.

  134. WICKET Morgan c Dhoni b Sreesanth 1 (Eng 487-5)  

    The captaincy announcement has jinxed Morgan as he attempts a flashing drive and is caught behind! By England's recent standards, this is a collapse.

  135. 1132 Commentary Eng 486-4  

    Bell rides his luck, chopping the ball just past the stumps and running a single as it dribbles to fine leg. The field switches for the left-handed Morgan, who's off the mark with a prod to leg. A single takes Bell to 197, while Tuffers and Simon Mann on TMS, noticing that Graeme Swann is now England's number 11, reminisce about the days when Tuffers had to battle with the likes of Alan Mullally, Peter Such and Ed Giddins for the number 11 spot. BREAKING NEWS: Eoin Morgan will captain England in the ODI against Ireland.

  136. SMS  

    From John in Wales, TMS inbox: "The most obvious Cricket/Snooker double must be Rob Key and his long lost twin Shaun Murphy."

  137. 1125 Commentary Eng 482-4  

    We've got a little announcement coming up soon - England are due to announce their squad for\u00a0Thursday's ODI against Ireland at 1130 BST. Reports have suggested a few of the "regulars" may be rested - we already know team director Andy Flower is having a game off, with fielding coach Richard Halsall taking the reins. Morgan prods at Sreesanth and they run a leg bye. Bell nicks the bowling - he's up to 195, four short of his Test-best 199 against South Africa.

  138. WICKET Anderson c Laxman b Sreesanth 13 (Eng 480-4)  

    Anderson nicks one to the sun-hatted VVS Laxman at second slip -\u00a0Jimmy and Sreesanth exchange "death stares" as the "Burnley Express" walks off the field, to be replaced by Eoin Morgan.

  139. Commentary  

    From Gabe, TMS inbox: "[Further to the discussion on TMS about Sreesanth's 'century'] JP Agnew conceded 100 runs or more in 25 first-class innings. Other notable entries on the list: VJ Marks 53, PCR Tufnell 51, MP Vaughan 2 The record holder is Tich Freeman, who managed it 197 times."

  140. 1120 Commentary Eng 480-3  

    Bell's up to 194 with a fierce straight-driven boundary against Sharma. Aggers admits on TMS how he's "become a Vauxhall man" - walking to the ground from Vauxhall railway station rather than from the Oval tube station - and having done the same this morning, I'd agree. England have added 23 in four overs today.

  141. Commentary  

    From Jeremy in Peterborough, TMS inbox: "Having never scored a total in the 700s before the last Test, what are the odds on England doing it for the second innings running today?"

  142. 1116 Commentary Eng 476-3  

    The TV cameras linger on some distinguished figures in the pavilion - ECB chairman Giles Clarke, newsreading legend Trevor McDonald and West Indies all-time great Clive Lloyd. (Should you ever find yourself at a loose end, our Windies video archive will give you hours of pleasure).

    Unfortunately, India's fielding is still leaving a little (all right, a lot) to be desired as Bell pushes his score up to 190 with a two and a single, before there's a slight hold-up as Jimmy isn't happy with some movement behind the bowler's arm. Ooh, that's a lovely on-driven four by Anderson, if he keeps batting like that there may never be a better time for him to notch that maiden Test fifty.

  143. SMS  

    From Daddy Duncan in Dulwich: "Other snooker comparables [see 1045]: Cliff Thorburn and Chris Tavare - the ultimate grinders; Jimmy White and David Gower - dashing left-handed ladies' favourites; Alex Higgins and Ian Botham - peoples' champions!"

  144. 1110 Commentary Eng 469-3  

    Ishant Sharma, who bowled well yesterday, opens up from the Vauxhall End to begin the 125th over of England's innings. Bell dabs a single to third man, then Jimmy joins in the fun by paddling a four to long leg beforfe adding a two. Tuffers on TMS starts singing "Agadoo", and Aggers warns him not to peak too early, considering we've got 96 more overs today...

  145. Commentary  

    From Ian in London, TMS inbox: "If Jason Gillespe can get a double ton against Bangladesh then maybe Jimmy, a better batsman, can get one against this Bangladesh standard Indian attack."

  146. 1105 Commentary Eng 462-3  

    Sreesanth bowls the first ball of the day to Ian Bell... and there's India's fielding in microcosm as Bell leaves\u00a0it,\u00a0the ball is thrown between the slips, fumbled and they have to sheepishly retrieve the ball from behind the keeper. Bell gets England under way with a classical on-drive, and the diving Suresh Raina - probably India's best fielder yesterday - can't stop it crossing the rope near cow corner for four. Bell guides a single through the covers to bring night-watchman James Anderson on strike. He shoulders arms to his first ball... and Sreesanth comes down the pitch for a little word. Poor old Sreesanth - that's the hundred up for him (bowling figures 1-100).

  147. 1059 Commentary  

    Jerusalem concludes and we're ready to roll. Sreesanth to bowl from the Pavilion End.

  148. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Phil Tufnell's next to me, he's been gradually dressing down as the game has gone on, and I'm a bit worried as to what he'll be wearing\u00a0by Monday."

  149. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I thought we saw the old Sreesanth for a bit yesterday with a bit of fire in his belly - we could do with it again today."

  150. 1054 Commentary  

    The timings of today's play should be the same as yesterday, as we've got another 98 overs to get in. Lunch at 1300 BST, tea at 1610, scheduled close of play 1830, real close of play 1900 in order for them to bowl the overs.

  151. Commentary  

    From Tom in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Is KP the Ronnie O'Sullivan of cricket? Both are entertainers, are ambidextrous, need to be right in their own mind and both are capable of even more then their own statistics suggest. Alastair Cook = Stephen Hendry: young prodigy, unemotionally racking up century after century."

  152. 1045 THE SUN IS OUT  

    I haven't mentioned the weather yet - the sun's out at the moment, despite plenty of fluffy clouds in the sky, although the BBC weather forecast for the local area is predicting a heavy rain shower at 1300. Just in time for lunch, then. Alternatively, the Weather Channel reckons there's a 60% chance of rain between now and mid-afternoon.

  153. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Runs, runs, glorious runs. Some terrific stats on Cricinfo this morning. In their last 20 Tests, dating back to the tour of Bangladesh in March 2010,\u00a0England\u00a0have\u00a0made 33 hundreds - 21 of which have either been undefeated or in excess of 147. Contrast that with India's showing of two centuries all series, both from the blade of Rahul Dravid."

  154. 1039 Commentary  

    As usual, whether you're rooting for England or India, we want to hear from you today. Given that today's live football text commentary is already under way, if you're texting in on 81111 today then please put "CRICKET" as the first word of your message as it's a shared inbox.\u00a0Alternatively, you can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), or tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket.

  155. Twitter  

    From domioGeordio: "Declare at lunch, Indian all out by close of play, enforce the follow on, all wrapped up before work on Monday."

    Tweet\u00a0us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved today

  156. 1033 Commentary  

    As you might imagine, there's plenty to catch up on from yesterday. As well as Sam Sheringham's match report and Jonathan Agnew's column reviewing the day, there are three different podcasts available on the TMS podcast page - the usual Aggers/Boycott review of the day (featuring guest appearances by Kevin Pietersen and Sreesanth), as well as the lunchtime discussion on the state of world cricket and Australia's restructure (featuring Ian Chappell, Allan Donald, Wasim Akram and Cricinfo's Sambit Bal), and Aggers' full\u00a0chat with the PM.

  157. 1030 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - greetings from The Oval for day three of this enthralling final Test. The match situation is that by close of play yesterday, England had reached 457-3, with Ian Bell unbeaten on 181 after his record 350-run stand with Kevin Pietersen (175) was ended late on day two. For reasons of their own, England sent out nightwatchman James Anderson to join him.

    But that wasn't\u00a0all that happened yesterday. Astonishingly, when Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to Aggers at teatime, the PM revealed that not only does he listen to TMS - he's even aware of Boycott Bingo!

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by an innings and 8 runs
  • England: 591-6 (153.0 overs)
  • India: 300 & 283 (91.0 overs)
  • Venue: The Kia Oval

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 283
Sehwag b Swann 33
Dravid c Cook b Swann 13
Laxman b Anderson 24
Tendulkar lbw b Bresnan 91
A Mishra b Swann 84
Raina lbw b Swann 0
Dhoni c Swann b Broad 3
Gambhir c Morgan b Swann 3
Singh c Prior b Broad 0
I Sharma not out 7
Sreesanth b Swann 6
Extras 12b 7lb 19

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