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England v India, fourth Test day two as it happened

News updates from the second day's play at The Oval

  1. 1030 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - and welcome to day two at The Oval, where the weather is "scorchio" so we shouldn't have any problems with rain like yesterday.

    "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?" I wonder whether India could do with a motivational speech from Heather Small in their dressing-room after yesterday's performance. Ishant Sharma aside (he bowled well), they were pretty shabby. "Insipid", my colleague Sam Sheringham called their bowling display in his match report. And when even Freddie Flintoff is critical of the professionalism of your fielding drills, something must be wrong...

  2. Contributor Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff on TMS yesterday  

    "I saw India warming up, and they looked like they'd got their kit out of the garage. They were all in different gear. England looked really professional next to them. They just looked poles apart. Watching the slip catching practice, you had England on one side diving around. But India were clapping everything down: the keeper was missing them, the slips were dropping them. It just looked shabby."

    Read more from Flintoff (and listen to his interview) on the BBC Sport website

  3. Twitter  

    From Matthewcoy: "My appeal to have TMS on the office radio today has been vigorously rebuffed. Philistines!"

    You'll have to make do with the live text then! Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved today

  4. 1035 Commentary  

    We had all of 26 overs yesterday before the rain arrived at lunchtime and never went away - England comfortably reached 75-0 with Andrew Strauss on 38 and Alastair Cook on 34. As I mentioned, Ishant Sharma bowled well (taking a chunk out of the peak of Strauss's helmet) but Sreesanth was erratic and RP Singh... to be fair, he did look as if he hadn't bowled in a first-class match since January. Which he hadn't. Suresh Raina also served up a few juicy pies of off-spin before the interval.

  5. 1037 Commentary  

    TMS are due on air at 1045 - but whether you're able to listen or your radio has been silenced like Matthew's (see below), we'd like to hear your thoughts on the day. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or if you're a Twitterer, do tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket. Thanks for listening.

  6. Commentary  

    From Steve in Reading, TMS inbox: "Some severe mockers on twitter this morning. Therefore I have to go for a spectacular England collapse, a double century from Tendulkar and RP Singh taking a tenfer."

  7. Twitter  

    From StevenWoodgate: "Thankfully my esteemed colleague has the day off, so it will be nothing but sweet TMS bliss for the rest of the day."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved today

  8. SMS  

    From Ed, London: "Re: Matthew's appeal [1035]; I suggest you adopt the Stuart Broad method of appeal and run straight through without looking at the the umpires. The office equivalent of which is making a dash for the radio, ignoring the Philistines and putting on TMS! It worked for me..."

    As long as you don't risk a summons to the third umpire's office for your P45...

  9. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I think\u00a0you would score plenty on here Aggers. The sky is blue and it is a wonderful day to be an England batsman. Apart from Sharma, India's attack were poor and it's a great opportunity to go on and make some big individual scores and put themselves in a very strong position by tonight."

  10. 1052 Commentary  

    There will be 98 overs today. Official close of play is 1830 BST (but more likely 1900 if they haven't bowled the overs). Lunch at the normal time (1300), while tea is a movable feast and will be\u00a0at 1610.

  11. Commentary  

    From Dave in Fleet Street, TMS inbox: "I had a pie for breakfast. Let's hope that Suresh serves up a few more this morning."

  12. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Absolutely ideal conditions for England to bat all day and into tomorrow."

  13. 1059 Commentary  

    Huddle? Check. Jerusalem? Check. Two umpires, 11 fielders and two batsmen? Check. TMS all ready? Check. Text commentary primed and ready? Check. All we need is your company for the rest of the day...

  14. WICKET Cook c Sehwag b Sharma 34 (Eng 75-0)  

    Ishant Sharma to begin the day's play from the Vauxhall End, he was India's most effective bowler yesterday... and the fifth ball of the day is edged to slip!

  15. SMS  

    From Hugh (24), London: "It's my birthday today. My three wishes are a sunny day, a full day's play and a shout out from Boycs perhaps telling me that if he had a birthday, he would have had a better one than me and that his Mum could have had my birthday with a stick of rhubarb."

  16. 1106 Commentary Eng 75-1  

    Ian Bell, in at number three, survives his first ball.

  17. SMS  

    From Mark from sunny Sheffield: "Well, what did we expect after the 'batting conditions are perfect' statements?"

  18. 1110 Commentary Eng 75-1  

    RP Singh, whose bowling was a little off colour yesterday to put it mildly, opens up from the Pavilion End to Cap'n Strauss, who leaves anything he doesn't have to play at and is happy to play out a maiden.

  19. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "So another chance for Ian Bell to prove his credentials at number three. Before Jonathan Trott's injury at Trent Bridge, Bell had not batted in his favoured position since August 2009 when he was recalled for The Oval Ashes Test having been dropped following the debacle in Jamaica six months earlier. His average at three is still just 35, compared to his overall Test average of\u00a0 47.5."

  20. 1116 Commentary Eng 75-1  

    Sharma, with three orthodox slips and a fifth slip who's too close in to be considered a gully, breaks off his over after two deliveries to adjust the spikes on his boots. Bell shoulders arms to one that swings viciously after passing the stumps and Dhoni has to dive to his left to prevent any byes. Simon Mann on TMS notes that regular first slip Rahul Dravid isn't on the field - 12th man Virat Kohli is sub-fielding for him. Dravid returns to the action at the end of the over.

  21. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Hugh [1106], don't forget that Birthday's were far harder in those days, the beer was all watery, what with those uncovered pitchers..."

    Is it too early for Boycott Bingo? He hasn't been on TMS yet today, and we've already\u00a0had our first uncovered pitch...

  22. 1120 Commentary Eng 76-1  

    We're still waiting for our first run of the day as Dravid returns to his regular place at first slip - having been off the field when Sehwag snared Cook in the first over. Strauss, who could do with a big score today, is resolute in defence against RP - and just as Simon Mann thinks he's going through an entire 20-minute TMS commentary stint without a run being scored, Strauss obligingly pushes a single to mid-wicket off the last ball of the over just before Aggers replaces Simon.

  23. Commentary  

    From Rob in Woking, TMS inbox: "Good to see an Indian adapting to the conditions finally. 'Sharma Chameleon' anyone? Ishant continue."

  24. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "I had a nice walk over Vauxhall Bridge this morning - there were loads of kids holding their daddy's hand walking to the cricket."

  25. 1125 Commentary Eng 76-1  

    Sharma tests Strauss with a couple of bouncers, perhaps recalling yesterday's incident where he plunked Strauss on the helmet and took a chunk out of it. The England captain ducks, and there's a hint of movement for the tall Indian paceman as Strauss fishes at an outswinger with four slips in attendance. Three maidens for Ishant.

  26. 1130 Commentary Eng 85-1  

    There are still a few people arriving in the ground - first four days are sell-outs, remember - and it's very much a day for panama hats and sunglasses rather than yesterday's umbrellas, Left-armer RP Singh switches to bowling round the wicket after two deliveries, and Bell helps himself to his first runs with a two just backward of square leg, before dabbing a four wide of second slip and late-cutting a three through point.

  27. Commentary  

    From Tim in\u00a0Bowes Park, TMS inbox: "Cook will be disappointed not to have turned that into a daddy thirty. Or is it only hundreds that get parents?"

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Sharma's been excellent, and RP Singh's been better today - England are being made to work for every run."

  29. 1136 Commentary Eng 86-1  

    Another delicate dab by Bell, that's the first run off Sharma today from the fifth ball of his fourth over. Strauss is then tucked up by one which hits him on the thigh pad but lands safely wide of his off stump.

  30. SMS  

    From Toby C: "So. We started with a bit of Instant Karma for Ishant Sharma. Let's all hope for the sun to shine on and Imagine India giving the world's best a test today. Would a few more wickets give them a Piece of a Chance today?"

    Wish I could think up song lyric puns as well as you, Toby. I guess I'm just a Jealous Guy.

  31. 1141 Commentary Eng 87-1  

    Sreesanth replaces RP Singh at the Pavilion End, Bell adds another single and Strauss doesn't look entirely comfortable as he defends the last ball. India's tails seem to be up today, they're livelier in the field and putting the squeeze on England.

  32. Twitter  

    From mambo_andrew: "Dear BBC cricket - for those of us who endured\u00a0five hours of solid rain yesterday, please stop telling us how glorious it is at the Oval today."

    Aggers mentioned earlier that he'd been emailed by a fan from Edinburgh who paid \u00a375 yesterday - \u00a31 per run. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  33. 1146 Commentary Eng 92-1  

    Bell keeps it tidy against Sharma, waiting for the line and length to stray before forcing a two through mid-wicket, and then lacing a three through the covers. If you know The Oval, you'll remember how the cover and mid-wicket boundaries are vast - we could see plenty of threes today.

  34. Commentary  

    From Robert in Bracknell, TMS inbox: "Re: Tim in Bowes [1130]\u00a0\u2013 I believe this would have been classified as second cousin removed 30 and obviously a half century would be a step father."

  35. 1150 Commentary Eng 96-1  

    Still gloriously sunny at The Oval (apologies to anyone who was here yesterday), and there's a bit of away swing for Sreesanth as Bell prods forward and it reaches first slip on the bounce. But Bell bounces back with a glorious cover-driven four which earns a smattering of applause from the sun-drenched crowd.

  36. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "India's discipline has been excellent today. They've taken the only catch going and they've bowled very well."

  37. SMS  

    From Jeremy in Surrey: "Re: Aggers. Is that one Dad with a lot of kids, or a lot of Dads with one kid each? A potential super daddy in the crowd, unlike Cook's innings today unfortunately."

  38. SMS  

    From Dave, Gloucester: "Mark, Mark, Mark. Don't try to compete with the punsters, you don't need to lower yourself to those standards. Just Let It Be."

    If you want to whisper any more words of wisdom (I'll get my coat), do keep texting us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word, email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), or tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket.

  39. 1156 Commentary Eng 97-1  

    TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton notes that Strauss has only made one run from his first 21 balls faced today, And he's on the defensive again, withdrawing his bat at the last minute as one whizzes past the stumps from the effervescent Sharma, who still has four slips in place. A single off the last ball means it's 2 from 27 for Strauss today.

  40. WICKET Strauss c Dhoni b Sreesanth 40 (Eng 97-2)  

    Strauss pushes Sreesanth into the covers and Suresh Raina dives well to stop a ball CMJ on TMS thought was heading for the boundary. "We haven't seen enough of that from India recently," notes Michael Vaughan. And Sreesanth strikes when Strauss is tempted to nick one behind and Dhoni takes the catch. Hang on, he stays there while the umpires check whether it's a no-ball - but that's out...

  41. Commentary  

    From Chris in London, TMS inbox: "Re: India making an effort today \u2013 at what point in play can we attribute this to same phenomenon as England\u2019s traditional \u2018play-well-in-the-last-Ashes-Test-when-we-have-already-lost-the-series\u2019 approach?"

  42. 1207 Commentary Eng 99-2  

    Sharma takes a rest with figures of 6-3-7-1 this morning - and RP Singh has switched to the Vauxhall End, new batsman Kevin Pietersen is the non-striker as Bell forces another two off his legs.

  43. SMS  

    From Mark in Barnet: "I am waiting for Bell to get a juicy long hop outside his off stump. Because as we all know, the first cut is the sweetest."

  44. SMS  

    From Tim: "" like to think i have a firm hold on cricket jargon, especially after yesterdays rain induced wiki session, but what's all this about parent tons?"

    It's the new England buzzword of players talking about "daddy hundreds" - ie scoring 150s or 200s rather than just getting to 100 and then getting out.

  45. 1213 Commentary Eng 103-2  

    Pietersen brushes some dust away from his crease after his first ball from Sreesanth, before getting off the mark by sticking his bat out and opening the face to guide a four past the slip cordon. He's off the mark, England are into three figures.

  46. 1218 Commentary Eng 103-2  

    Bell tries to force RP through the covers but it's straight to a fielder. Maiden over.

  47. 1222 Commentary Eng 107-2  

    Another angle-the-bat job from Pietersen doubles his score with another boundary\u00a0and India move another fielder from mid-wicket to reinforce the off side. Not quite vintage Sreesanth aggression, but he raises his hands to the heavens in frustration as KP plays and misses.

  48. 1227 Commentary Eng 112-2  

    RP Singh fires a bouncer down the leg side, then strays with his line again as Bell clips one off his legs to the fine leg boundary for four, before\u00a0a single takes him to 27.

    By the way, make sure you pin back your lugholes and listen to TMS during the lunch interval - Ian Chappell and Allan Donald will be among the guests for a discussion on the standards of world Test cricket, as well as Australia's announcement today of a review which has seen chief selector Andrew Hilditch lose his job.

  49. SMS  

    From Pinchas Menachem: "If a daddy hundred is 200 and a granddaddy hundred is 300 does that make Brian Lara the only cricketer in the world with a great granddaddy?"

  50. 1232 Commentary Eng 114-2  

    As the TV cameras alight on photographer Patrick Eager ("I thought he'd retired!" exclaims Aggers on TMS), Sreesanth advances the score with a no-ball before he fires an inswinger down the leg side, Bell is hogging the strike at the moment as he guides a single to leg off the fifth ball of the over.

  51. Commentary  

    From Simon, TMS inbox: "Re: lunchtime assessment of Test Cricket standards. Are we going to have to put up with how the mighty 90\u2019s Aussies had to beat classy England, a West Indies side that in no way were on the slide and the New Zealanders, whereas now we\u2019re number\u00a0one the only reason is because everyone else is rubbish? In keeping with today\u2019s theme It\u2019s the Same Old Song."

  52. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "If you look at everything English cricket did in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was copying Australia. But now it looks like the other way round. They're calling it a restructure, but they're also asking coach Tim Nielsen to reapply for his job."

  53. 1236 Commentary Eng 114-2  

    CMJ delivers a chocolate biscuit cake to the TMS box as Bell pushes RP Singh into the covers, and once more India are as fleet-footed in the field as they were lethargic yesterday (in "hands-in-our-pockets-we-don't-want-to-be-here" mode). Maiden over, and India look "totally different" according to Geoff Boycott.

  54. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "The Indian team are getting some real hokey-pokey stick back in India, and they deserve it. You can't just go on records alone."

  55. 1239 Commentary Eng 120-2  

    Leg-spinner Amit Mishra to bowl his first over of the game from the Pavilion End, but his first ball is a long-hop and Pietersen flogs it wide of long-off (who's already back on the fence, as are a cover sweeper and a deep backward square leg) for four! A single brings Bell on strike, he signals someone in the pavilion near the sightscreen to sit down, and a single rotates the strike again as Mishra's first over yields six runs.

  56. Twitter  

    From derbydav16: "Does not like it when Strauss gets out - this makes my wife upset who is worryingly obsessed with our skipper..."

    Whether or not you're obsessed by AJ Strauss, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved in the debate!

  57. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    (to CMJ) "Christopher, how come you've worked for the BBC for all these years, and had all these cakes delivered to TMS, and still stay as slim as you are?"

  58. 1244 Commentary Eng 121-2  

    Bell remains watchful against RP, and a no-ball is the only blemish on the over.

  59. SMS  

    From Mark, at work in Hemel: "I hope the sun doesn't go down on me as I have tickets for tomorrow and I can't stand the rain. But then again sunshine on a rainy day can be nice too."

  60. 1248 Commentary Eng 125-2  

    Pietersen goes\u00a0on the attack against Mishra, picking up a ball outside off stump and bashing it over wide mid-on (and against the spin) for four - 16 of his 17 runs have come in boundaries.

  61. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "KP loves batting at the Oval, which is technically his home ground these days of course. In five Tests prior to this one, he has three hundreds and a 96 at an average of 56. He had a pretty good game here against India back in 2007 too, taking the wicket of MS Dhoni in India's first innings and scoring a match-saving 101 in England's second dig."

  62. 1252 Commentary Eng 125-2  

    Ishant Sharma's going to have another little trundle before lunch. But with the interval less than 10 minutes away, England can probably smell the Oval kitchens at work\u00a0(I can just imagine Ian Bell as a Bisto Kid, even if he's probably too young to remember them), the Warwickshire man sees off a maiden over.

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I don't think Ravi Bopara's going to be a regular Test player. The chairman of Essex didn't like it\u00a0when I told him that, even after those three hundreds against West Indies.\u00a0\u00a0I think we've got better young players coming through - Yorkshire's Joe Root is going to play for England, remember the name. And young Bairstow. Adil Rashid's a lovely lad, but he's not got a great thinking cricket brain."

  64. 1257 OUCH! Eng 126-2  

    Pietersen pushes a single into the covers and then doubles up in pain as Raina's throw from cover point hits him on the foreaarm, just below the elbow, as he makes his ground at the bowler's end. Quick visit from the physio is needed.

  65. 1303 INTERVAL Eng 126-2  

    While Geoff Boycott on TMS continues reeling off names of promising young Yorkshire players who he thinks will or should play for England, the bearded Sharma runs in from the Vauxhall End for the last over before lunch. And he's got a leg slip in for Pietersen, who's probably still wincing after that blow on the arm in the last over. He tries to flick the last ball off his legs, and he's nearly pouched by Raina at leg slip... bit of a delay while the umpires have a word about something. But Pietersen survives.\u00a0And that's lunch with Bell on 29 and KP on 18 - India's session, according to CMJ. "We've been waiting for three Tests for them to be at the races," adds Boycs.

  66. SMS  

    From Martin in Sunderland: "How bad is this over rate? 26 overs in 2 hours yesterday. 25 today. Shocking!"

  67. Commentary  

    From Graham, TMS inbox: "Re: Mark in Hemel\u00a0(1248): I hope so too for everyone\u2019s sake, but Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"

  68. 1307 Commentary  

    As Martin (below) points out, a pretty shabby over-rate from India, but they've been a lot brighter in the field today. As I mentioned, keep listening to TMS during the interval - after Kevin Howells rounds up the latest County Championship scores, Aggers will be talking to Ian Chappell, Allan Donald, Cricinfo's Sambit Bal and others about the state of world Test cricket (and Australia's restructure). I'm going to grab a bit of lunch - see you in a little while for a marathon afternoon session!

  69. SMS  

    From Andy in Cardiff: "Can someone have a word with the ICC and ask them to sort out the appalling over rates. Perhaps we should ask Sir Geoffrey to contact them..."

  70. 1335 Commentary  

    A couple of you have emailed in suggesting that KP was somehow possessed by the spirit of David Gower when he chased the last ball before lunch and was nearly caught at leg slip (who'd been placed there for that very purpose). Phil Tufnell has just told us over lunch that he played in a Test in Adelaide when D.I. Gower did that - and a certain\u00a0G.A. Gooch was incandescent...

  71. SMS  

    From Anonymous (please remember to put your name on your text): "The Indians know if they bowl slowly enough, with rain expected Sunday and Monday, they are even more likely to get a draw."

  72. 1340 Commentary  

    Umpires reach the wicket with no sign of either team. Has there been a generous lunch on offer in the Oval pavilion?

  73. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "You still wouldn't mind having a bat on this pitch. This is a really big session - two and a half hours, it's hard for the team in the field. They need to set the foundations so they can attack in the evening."

  74. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "You know when you walk past a bookmaker at the cricket and they have prices up for 'runs in the session'? I don't think many people\u00a0would have won on 51 runs in the session before lunch."

  75. 1347 Commentary Eng 129-2  

    Finally we have some players... Leg-spinner Amit Mishra to continue from the Pavilion End, and a delicate single from Bell brings KP back on strike - and as predicted by Michael "Nostradamus" Vaughan on TMS, KP pushes a single into the vast gap between extra cover and slip. Bell nicks the strike again off the last ball.

  76. SMS  

    From Arif from London: "Dhoni risks a suspension because of slow over rates because he's had plenty of fines... 20% match fees can easily be recouped with million dollar sponsorship deals."

  77. 1352 Commentary Eng 132-2  

    Sreesanth, a number of colourful bands and bangles around his wrist, to bowl from the Vauxhall End - and after one false start, his first delivery is a no-ball which Bell helps to fine leg for a single. A single takes Pietersen to 20, and Bell shoulders arms to the last ball of what feels like a long over.

  78. 1355 Commentary Eng 134-2  

    Pietersen drives Mishra for a single to Sachin Tendulkar, who's fielding just in front of the pavilion steps at long-off. Bell steers the last ball to the same fielder. With the same result.

  79. SMS  

    From Mark from Towcester: "Re: slow over rates -\u00a0if the relevant cricket boards were made to repay supporters their ticket money on a pro rata basis comparing actual rate against the 15 estimated, they may do something about it."

  80. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Lunchtime stroll roundup: Two men dressed as Playboy bunnies, an army of vikings (I'm sure they've been at every Test), a man playing\u00a0live bongo drums to a backing of 1980s dance music and\u00a01,222 punters quaffing champagne. Can you quaff any other drink?"\u00a0

  81. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "This ball is 54 overs old and still swinging - that's why it's sometimes difficult to bat in English conditions."

  82. 1400 Commentary Eng 136-2  

    Sreesanth runs in, Bell and Pietersen tickle a single apiece. This session has been very quiet so far, as players and fans alike let their lunch settle doen.

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I've just seen something very worrying - Andrew Flintoff is here with his two sons, and I think one of them's wearing a Surrey one-day shirt!"

  84. Commentary  

    From Prem, TMS inbox: "I don't understand why everyone is going googoo-gaga over India loosing this Test series to England. Didn't Federer lose some grand slams during his reign as No.1?"

  85. 1403 Commentary Eng 147-2  

    A low full toss from Mishra is pummelled for four through mid-wicket by Pietersen, with shades of his one-legged "flamingo" shot. While Mishra is bowling, VVS Laxman - fielding at short mid-off - wears Mishra's cap on top of his sunhat. Another loose delivery from the leggie is lofted over mid-on for another four by KP, the spinner's struggling with his control here and that's the fifty stand from 111 balls.

  86. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re the spirit of DI Gower (1335), he would not have been tickling it down leg, he would have been wafting languorously at a wide one outside off, to be gratefully pouched in the gully. Beautiful to watch, but oh so frustrating."

  87. 1408 Commentary Eng 156-2  

    Pietersen tries to whip Sreesanth through mid-wicket but gets a leading edge which falls safely in front of the cover fielders. They run one - then Pietersen is in the wars again when a straight drive by Bell is directed into the stumps by Sreesanth, and KP has to dive back into his crease to avoid being run out as Tendulkar was in the last Test, landing in a heap. Bell on-drives, Tendulkar runs round the mid-wicket boundary but only succeeds in kicking the ball over the rope. Even legends can make mistake... Sreesanth, perhaps a little frustrated, digs in a bouncer and Bell nonchalantly pulls it for four.

  88. Commentary  

    From Drex in Leeds, TMS inbox: "I\u2019ve been quaffing ale this lunchtime, to drown sorrows of not getting a ticket for today\u2019s play."

  89. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Surrey have decided to auction off the busted England helmet skipper Andrew Strauss was wearing when he was struck by an Ishant Sharma bouncer yesterday. They are looking to raise money for the development of Surrey Cricket and are inviting sealed bids to And in case you are wondering the helmet is junior size. In the words of Jonathan Agnew, the England captain officially has a tiny head."

  90. 1412 Commentary Eng 160-2  

    Pietersen looks like he wants to hit Mishra out of the attack, as the leg-spinner is not offering India the control which Graeme Swann offers England. And the Surrey man, on his home ground, slap-drives (sort of like a straight off-drive with a horizontal bat) Mishra for four past his left hand.

  91. SMS  

    From Becca in Derbyshire: "Re: Sam Sheringham [1400] - with weather as beautiful as this, and watching a sport as quintessentially English as cricket, I'd say Pimm's is extremely quaffable in the circumstances."

  92. 1416 Commentary BELL FIFTY - Eng 174-2  

    Bell cover-drives Sreesanth for four, holding the pose for the cameras, then square-drives his fourth four in five balls to bring up his 29th Test\u00a0fifty from 111 balls. (News update from Aggers: Bell's wife Chantal\u00a0is now the official WAGs organiser for the England team's wives and girlfriends.) After an exchange of singles, Bell cracks another four off the last ball - that's five boundaries in eight balls for him.

  93. 1419 Commentary Eng 176-2  

    Better over from Mishra, just a single apiece from England's third-wicket pair.

  94. SMS  

    From Sammy in Edinburgh: "One does not quaff champagne. To quaff is to drink with such abandon that up to 50% (in rare cases more!) fails to reach the intended recipient's stomach and instead finds sanctuary in their beard, on their person, in their lap, on a table, the floor, the beard or person of another or alternatively somewhere it shouldn't have even been possible to reach. The best example of quaffers are dwarfs."

  95. 1425 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 185-2  

    India need some control (and I think they're missing Praveen Kumar, who's had a great series but is missing this Test with injury), so they turn back to Ishant Sharma who's been their best bowler on both days of this game. After a single from Bell, there's a loud appeal against KP as he steps across his stumps and tries to work the ball to leg, but he was struck outside the line of off stump while playing a shot, so can't be leg before. KP scampers through for two leg byes.\u00a0Next ball, he swipes, gets an inside edge and it sails past the keeper for four! A more orthodox shot brings him a single through backward point - he's up to 44. Bell tips and runs a single to mid-on before dashing towards the pavilion to collect a new pair of gloves from the 12th man. CMJ and Tuffers on TMS are concerned that after Trent Bridge, he should make sure the ball is dead first...

  96. 1429 Commentary Eng 190-2  

    Bell pushes a single, then Pietersen blasts another four in the direction of cow corner. This stand is becoming the cornerstone of England's innings.

  97. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Federer analogy [1403]; he never lost a match 6-0 6-0 6-0, the equivalent of India's defeats."

  98. 1433 Commentary PIETERSEN FIFTY - Eng 194-2  

    Four more scampered singles against Sharma - Bell has 62, and Pietersen steps across again to bring up his 26th Test\u00a0fifty from 62 balls (in 110 minutes, showing Bell really has been hogging the strike as I alluded to earlier!).

  99. SMS  

    From Henry from Fulham: "How about a forehand passing shot for the Pietersen off shot?"

  100. 1436 Commentary Eng 199-2  

    MIshra tosses one up outside off stump and Pietersen powers it to the extra cover boundary, that's the century stand for England's third-wicket pair (the second 50 of which came up in 44 balls). But when he tries the same shot, Suresh Raina makes another great stop at cover.

  101. 1442 Commentary Eng 210-2  

    Pietersen pokes Sharma for two to take England past 200, before a pull past the left hand of that man at\u00a0leg slip brings him another four... and a flick not unlike the shot he played just before lunch flies to leg slip's right and that's four more! Fortune favours the bold, it seems. ("With the way he's stepping across his stumps, there's almost a case for having two leg slips," notes CMJ on TMS.) A single takes him to 66, he's overtaken Bell who's on 62.

  102. Commentary  

    From Pete, \u201cworking\u201d in Solihull, TMS inbox: "Could you please find out what substance was quaffed by the England team during lunch at The Oval?"

  103. Twitter  

    From Alan_Wrigley: "Not all dwarfs have beards. Not even in Snow White... a perfect expample of a quaffer would be Brian Blessed."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved. If you wish to discuss Brian Blessed amongst yourselves, can I suggest you use #GORDONSALIVE ?!

  104. 1445 Commentary Eng 210-2  

    A rare maiden from Mishra to KP, who may be needing to get his breath back after peppering leg slip in the previous over.

  105. Commentary  

    From Craig at work in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "On the off chance that 'Becca in Derbyshire' [1416]\u00a0is my Becca in Derbyshire, can I ask when did you - a) start drinking Pimm's, b) start liking cricket, c) start using words like \u2018quintessentially\u2019 and \u2018quaffable\u2019? You\u2019ve changed."

  106. 1450 Commentary Eng 212-2  

    Just as my internet goes for a burton, Ishant Sharma thoughtfully sends down a largely uneventful over which yields two singles. Internet is back and you've not missed a thing.

  107. 1453 Commentary Eng 212-2  

    Mishra goes round the wicket to Pietersen, and after going for 43 in his first 10 overs, sends down his second successive maiden. And Prime Minister David Cameron is spotted in the crowd...

  108. 1459 DRINKS BREAK Eng 218-2  

    Sharma's off and RP Singh returns at the Vauxhall End, and a cross-batted swat brings Bell another four wide of the slips. Time for drinks, midway though this long afternoon session.

  109. SMS  

    From Becca, Derbyshire: "Re: Craig [1445] Sadly I fear I'm not your Becca as a) I've had a soft spot for Pimm's for years, b) Had a similar soft spot for cricket for years and c) I was overcompensating with big words to make up for the fact I work in an office where\u00a0four-letter words are the norm and that makes up most of my vocabulary now. However is the position of 'your Becca' available? Could do with finding myself a bloke who likes cricket..."

  110. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    "Joining Jonathan Agnew\u00a0at tea will be Prime Minister David Cameron."

  111. 1505 Commentary Eng 221-2  

    With the players (and my internet browser)\u00a0refreshed by the drinks break, Mishra continues his round-the-wicket attack to Pietersen and Bell, who pick up a single and a two respectively. The pair are nip and tuck score-wise - Bell has 70, KP has 69.

  112. 1509 Commentary Eng 223-2  

    RP Singh also goes round the wicket to Pietersen, who gets an edge... but it bounces halfway to first slip. ("That's because he's not quick enough, he's only bowling about 75mph," notes Michael Vaughan on TMS - while Aggers suggests Dhoni could stand up to the stumps to a bowler of RP's pace). KP flicks a two down the leg side to overtake his partner's score again.

  113. SMS  

    From Tim in London: "Had the pleasure of meeting Brian Blessed [see 1445] a couple of weeks ago when he appeared at my workplace...absolutely lovely man."

    He'd be hilarous as a cricket commentator too. "Boundary fielders... DIIIIVE!"

  114. 1513 Commentary Eng 226-2  

    While Geoff Boycott informs TMS listeners about the merits of ginseng tea, Bell and Pietersen plunder three singles from Mishra's next over.

  115. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I've never had a pint of beer in my life. I'm a clean-living lad. And no, Jonathan, I don't keep ferrets and don't have a flat cap!"

  116. 1518 Commentary Eng 238-2  

    Crash, bang, wallop, Bell steers RP for successive fours through the off side, guides a two to leg and is then denied a four by the diving Sharma at third man. And at the end of the over, David Gower invades the TMS box in search of pork pies.

  117. Commentary  

    From Dave in London, TMS inbox: "Re: Craig & Becca \u2013 Craig, I hope that \u201cyour real Becca\u201d isn\u2019t reading this, or I fear you might not be getting any tea later."

    I think it's the right time to close this particular debate...

  118. 1521 Commentary Eng 240-2  

    Pietersen guides Mishra for a single off his legs, while the leggie also strays with another no-ball. At the risk of sounding inflexible, for me, for a spinner to bowl a no-ball is pretty much unforgivable.

  119. Commentary  

    From Shaun in Chester, TMS inbox: "I would happily pay my licence fee several times over to hear Brian Blessed commentating on a 1980s West Indies Test match. That looks like Greenidge is gone, no hang on, he was outside the line, GORDON'S ALIVE."

    If you want to watch Greenidge, Richards, Holding Marshall and other Caribbean legends, you can look at our Windies video archive page on the website. No Brian Blessed commentary - you'll have to do with the likes of Richie Benaud and Peter West.

  120. 1525 Commentary Eng 242-2  

    It's RP v KP again - RP still bowling round the wicket in Wasim Akram mode, KP helps himself to a two through mid-wicket. And try saying the score out loud - 242-2. Fun, isn't it?

  121. 1529 Commentary Eng 246-2  

    We're still a little way from tea (1610 BST) when Aggers will be talking to PM David Cameron - but Mishra's still wheeling away from the Pavilion End. Bell takes a two through the covers and a single to rotate the strike, then Pietersen sweeps but picks out the man at deep backward square leg and they can only run one. Bell has 87, Pietersen 76, and England increasingly dominant.

  122. SMS  

    From Jibran Afgan: "It's ridiculous how talented Indian fast bowlers like RP lose so much pace and verve as they play more and more."

    But he hasn't played a first-class game since January...

  123. 1533 Commentary Eng 250-2  

    More steady accumulation from Bell and Pietersen pushes their stand past 150, and Bell is up to 90. RP Singh is back bowling over the wicket, but his influence has certainly faded since he last toured here in 2007. How India must rue the fact that Zaheer Khan's hamstring didn't even last the first two sessions of the series.

  124. 1537 Commentary Eng 251-2  

    Now this is defensive from Mishra - with Bell on strike, he's bowling round the wicket, pitching the ball outside leg stump with six men on the leg side. (Bell's only consolation may be that he can't be lbw to anything pitching outside leg). Bell can only manage a single off the fifth ball, while Pietersen (just about) picks a googly which he defends.

  125. SMS  

    From Will: "I'm now having to listen to Queen's Flash Gordon album because of you lot!"

  126. 1539 Commentary Eng 255-2  

    With the new ball available in two overs' time, India turn to spin at both ends as Suresh Raina (part-time off-spinner and pie purveyor) comes on at the Vauxhall End. Bell may be in the nineties but he shows no sign of nerves as he pushes a single to Gautam Gambhir at mid-wicket. KP lashes a single to long-on, and a two takes Bell to 94.

  127. SMS  

    From a very unhappy Sandra: "Got the afternoon off work to watch the cricket, then was planning to watch it ALL weekend, the my Sky Sports got a problem and the engineer can't fix it till Monday! Not a very happy woman, AND I can't find the match online."

    You'll have to stick with TMS and our live text then, while there are also highlights each night with Mark Nicholas on Channel 5.

  128. 1543 Commentary Eng 257-2  

    Rapid over from Mishra, two singles added and the second new ball is available.

  129. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Just in case Ravi Bopara wasn't already feeling enough pressure to deliver when he eventually gets a bat, he'll be delighted to hear that England Lions captain James Taylor is 127 not out for Leicestershire against Glamorgan. Check out all the latest county scores."

  130. 1545 Commentary Eng 260-2  

    ...but not taken as it's still Raina from this end. Three singles added - Bell up to 97, Pietersen has 80.

  131. Twitter  

    Cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "Stopping England scoring runs at the moment is like catching custard in a sieve. It can happen occasionally, but it soon floods through."

  132. 1549 Commentary Eng 264-2  

    The batsmen exchange singles, before Bell, on 98... plays and misses as Mishra fizzes a leg break past his outside edge. Mishra helps England's cause by bowling another no-ball, before continuing with his outside-leg-stump attack against Bell, who pushes a single to reach 99. And we haven't done any song lyrics for a while - but "What's that bowling into the rough, is it a Mishra?"

  133. 1552 Commentary BELL CENTURY - Eng 270-2  

    Ian Bell reaches his 16th Test century, his fifth of 2011 and fourth of the summer, with another atrractive four through the covers. Well done him. I'd reckon he's quite pleased Dhoni has left Raina on rather than taking the new ball for a burst before tea... can any Indian fans enlighten me as to why they've not taken it?

  134. Commentary  

    From David, TMS inbox: "Re: Sandra [1543] - Has the engineer tried switching it off and on again?"

  135. 1555 Commentary Eng 275-2  

    Mishra is quickly through his over - while I've had a thought as to a possible reason why India aren't taking the new ball. Perhaps they need to up their over-rate if Dhoni's still on a knife-edge with regards to a possible suspension? Pietersen plays two sweep shots - one brings him four, one finds the man at fine leg for a single.

  136. Commentary  

    From James in Carshalton, TMS inbox: "As there is a possibility of losing more time through bad weather will England be looking to bat until lunch tomorrow or will they declare sooner? My thought would be 500 then put them in."

  137. 1558 Commentary Eng 278-2  

    With tea (and Aggers' chat with David Cameron) on the horizon, England keep plugging away with the singles. Then Pietersen lifts Raina to deep mid-off... but RP Singh looks like he list sight of it, doesn't dive and it reaches him on the bounce for a single.

  138. 1602 Commentary Eng 285-2  

    Mishra's off Sachin Tendulkar to turn his arm over for more part-time spin, Pietersen sweeps... and there's another blunder in the field by RP Singh, who's fielding down in the naughty corner at long leg, and the ball goes straight through him for four! Tendulkar tries round the wicket, over the wicket, but the runs keep flowing - and Bell sweeps to pick out poor old RP again, though this time he picks up and throws cleanly.

  139. Twitter  

    From WoolleyBag95: "Starting to feel for RP Singh."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbccricket to get involved

  140. 1605 Commentary Eng 288-2  

    Pietersen on 94, will he go for the big one against Raina? Not just yet - he adds two singles, Bell another and KP is four away from his ton.

  141. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Why aren't they taking the new ball? Is Sharma injured? RP Singh hasn't been moving too well."

  142. Commentary  

    From Rob in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "I have a \u00a310 bet on Ian Bell being top run-scorer in England\u2019s first innings; am I a bad man wishing for a KP mad-moment!?"

  143. 1608 Commentary Eng 292-2  

    Pietersen prods Tendulkar for\u00a0a single, Bell sweeps and the crowd give RP Singh some ironic cheers as he fields successfully - giving Tuffers on TMS some memories of when he used to get barracked mercilessly by Aussie crowds, even in the warm-ups... Two more singles added, Bell has 110, Pietersen has 98

  144. 1613 INTERVAL Eng 296-2  

    Fourth umpire Nigel Llong jogs onto the field with a new cherry as India (finally) take the second new ball, which is handed to Sreesanth - this will be the last over before tea. Bell shoulders arms at a couple - perhaps India mean to keep Bell on strike and leave KP stewing on 98 at the interval... or do I have an evil mind for thinking of such things? Bell unleashes another beautiful cover-driven four, he really is a joy to watch when he's "in the zone" like he appears to be now. Bell sees off the over, Sreesanth slinging it in well outside off stump, then Bell - thinking of Trent Bridge - comes back and stands in his crease before the umpire calls "tea"... even though the pavilion's behind him and he'd have been in his ground anyway! So that's tea, a marvellous session for England with Bell on 114 and Pietersen on 98.

  145. Twitter  

    From Scrumfit: "Just finished two days of cricket camps. Three youngsters happily signing up with a local club. Brilliance from grass roots up!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  146. 1615 Commentary  

    Aggers is speaking with Prime Minster David Cameron on TMS - have a listen while the players take tea. DC hopes people won't begrudge him an afternoon off at the cricket as he's had a busy morning including meeting a Libyan official, phoning French PM Nicolas Sarkozy and holding a constituency surgery in Oxfordshire.

  147. Commentary  

    From Shannon, TMS inbox: "Amazing! 285-2 and already talk of the declaration at 500\u2026 'imminent collapse' doesn't get a mention. How the English cricket psyche has changed!"

  148. Contributor Prime Minister David Cameron on TMS  

    "I've never seen Pietersen batting in such a restrained way. I keep expecting him to hit it over cow corner. But when you expect this England team to collapse, they just keep scoring runs, all the way down the order, even when they're under pressure."

  149. Contributor Prime Minister David Cameron on TMS  

    "We did see the best of Britain, as well as the worst of Britain, during the riots when people came out with mops and brooms. The national debate we've got to have is how do we improve behaviour, and make sure we have a clearer signal of what's right and what's wrong. And sport can play a huge role as sports people can make ideal role models. Cricket's a good example with iniriatives like Chance to Shine - whether it's a charity, an arm of government or an independent body it doesn't matter - what matters is whether it's good."

  150. Commentary  

    From Duncan in Norwich, TMS inbox: "Perhaps the Bell/Pietersen unbroken stand will give Mr Cameron some clues regarding broken Britain, after all, Englands' stock in cricketing terms continues to rise."

  151. Contributor Prime Minister David Cameron on TMS  

    "Tennis is my game, rather than cricket. The Deputy PM and I play the odd game - he's quite competitive, I think the line calls need some extra scrutiny. But when you play singles, there's no-one else to blame. But although he sometimes behaved appallingly, I liked watching John McEnroe."

  152. Contributor Prime Minister David Cameron on TMS  

    "I'm not name-dropping, but I was on the phone to Obama the other day and said 'well, at least we're the number one in the world at cricket'. But he said 'you invented the game - that's like saying America's number one in the world at baseball'!"

  153. Contributor Prime Minister David Cameron on TMS  

    "I haven't played Boycott Bingo\u00a0myself, but I gather it's the game you have to play when he's on commentary!"

  154. 1639 THAT'S 100 PIETERSEN CENTURY - Eng 304-2  

    First ball after tea from Ishant Sharma, Kevin Pietersen pulls it for four and brings up his 19th Test century from 148 balls, with 15 fours. It's also the 200 partnership - then, the very next ball, he lifts the ball into the same area and he's dropped by Gambhir running back at mid-on! It's all happening here - then Pietersen leaves one outside off stump and Dhoni misses it, the ball running through for a bye! Bell adds a single to move on to 115.

    Mind you, if I were a newspaper editor I would be clearing my front-page headline space tomorrow for "PM IN BOYCOTT BINGO ADMISSION"...

  155. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Pietersen's 19th Test century takes him level with Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss in England's all-time list, three behind record-holders Wally Hammond, Colin Cowdrey and Geoffrey Boycott."

  156. 1645 Commentary Eng 309-2  

    Bell glides Sreesanth for another luxurious four through the covers, a shot almost as sumptuous as the large slice of chocolate cake I was handed at tea (while feverishly noting down the Aggers/Cameron answer to Frost/Nixon). Bell then drives and misses as Sreesanth whistles one between bat and pad, and once again Dhoni can't take the ball cleanly. A single takes the Warwickshire man to 120 (Bell that is, not Sreesanth who had a brief spell with the Bears a couple of years ago).

  157. SMS  

    From Steven, Tonbridge Baseball Club: "Maybe when the PM next talks to Obama he could inform him the English did invent baseball."

    Indeed. As a baseball fan myself, I would urge readers not to believe the fiction of how it was 'invented' in Cooperstown, New York - it actually shares some of its origins with English cricket...

  158. 1650 Commentary Eng 312-2  

    Sharma runs in from the Pavilion End, Bell and Pietersen continue to scamper singles at every opportunity.

  159. SMS  

    From Gords, London: "Have spent the day sat next to Goldie at the Oval! Who knew he liked his Test cricket and could offer such insightful comments on the day's play?"

  160. 1654 Commentary Eng 312-2  

    The new stand at this end of The Oval is starting to cast a shadow over the long-on area of the pitch as Sreesanth keeps it straight against Bell, who plays out a maiden over.

  161. Twitter  

    From matt_remnant: "You need another colour for centuries, just had another mini heart attack on the way to work!"

    Well, my bosses may be reading this... it's not the first time viewers have pointed out that centuries, wickets and close of play all come up on a red background! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  162. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I picked up Stuart Broad's bat this morning and it was like a treetrunk. I only retired in 2009 but I think they've got bigger since then."

  163. 1700 Commentary Eng 319-2  

    The game seems to have calmed down after that crazy over we had immediately after tea. Sharma bowls a no-ball, Pietersen and Bell prod some ones and twos, but they seem to be negotiating the new ball quite well. Simon Mann and Michael Vaughan on TMS think they could be aiming for 600...

  164. Twitter  

    From mattlittlechild: "You just know the stage is set for Ravi Bopara to come in and see his off-stump cartwheel on his first ball. Poor guy."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  165. 1704 Commentary Eng 320-2  

    As Michael Vaughan explains how he once gave away a bat he wasn't happy with to a young fan at Headingley, Bell inside-edges a single to fine leg. Pietersen comes down the pitch, Sreesanth fields off his own bowling and immediately throws the ball back at the stumps and it only just misses. That's more like the Sreesanth we know (I hasten to add that he did throw the ball at the stumps and not KP).

  166. 1709 Commentary Eng 324-2  

    RP Singh, who hasn't taken a Test wicket for 481 deliveries (ouch), replaces Sharma at the Pavilion End. But it's business as usual for\u00a0Pietersen and Bell with the ones and twos, with their partnership now into the 220s.

  167. Twitter  

    From seven different Twitter usernames but\u00a0sending identical messages (is it a co-ordinated campaign?): "Red century banner is criminal. It should be green to encourage them to keep going!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  168. 1715 Commentary Eng 326-2  

    Pietersen jabs a quick single to mid-off, Bell knocks a single off his legs as Sreesanth yells an lbw appeal, but umpire Taufel signals a leg bye. No lbw reviews in this series of course, although the ball-tracker suggests that it was marginal (umpire's call) in any event. "I think we should have technology up to the point of impact," says Aggers on TMS. "You could eliminate a lot of errors that way." And once more\u00a0Pietersen steps forward, Sreesanth fields off his own bowling and throws the ball at KP! He holds his hand up in apology, but this is more like Sreesanth the angry young man from the 2007 tour! Anyone got any jelly beans?

  169. 1720 Commentary Eng 338-2  

    Ooh, here we go... The runs keep flowing as Pietersen gives RP Singh the charge, RP digs in a bouncer and KP pulls it for four! RP then gets another bouncer signalled as an aerial wide, while Pietersen bashes another four through mid-wicket. India are tiring here, and Pietersen has 120 - Bell has 129.

  170. Twitter  

    From jarletheaton: "Sitting with the old man playing Boycott Bingo... just got Yorkshire, only got four more to get to win!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  171. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "That poor young Essex lad Bopara must be desperate to get out there and have a knock."

  172. 1725 Commentary Eng 341-2  

    Pietersen on-drives Sreesanth for a single, and the pair exchange a few words as Pietersen reaches the bowler's end. Keep your eye on that one. Bell, as ever a more delicate caresser of the ball, guides a single to the sweeper on the point boundary. Here we go again - Pietersen defends, Sreesanth makes to throw the ball at him but drops it. More "chat" is exchanged, KP smiling, Sreesanth chuntering, and the crowd are loving it.

  173. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I once got invited to Stringfellows when he was opening one in New York. I said no."

  174. 1729 Commentary Eng 347-2  

    England continue to make hay from RP Singh's medium-fast fodder - the left-armer switches to bowling around the wicket again, but Bell cuts his 15th four and only some smart fielding by the seething Sreesanth restricts him to a single. A single from Pietersen means the 250 partnership is reached from 378 balls.

  175. SMS  

    From Sam in London: "Indian bowlers all looking well set for daddy hundreds."

  176. Commentary  

    From Jack, Herne Hill, TMS inbox: "Would the statty know if two batsmen have ever knocked double tons when batting together in Test cricket?"

    I can think of Fowler and Gatting in India in 1984/85. Anyone else?

  177. 1736 Commentary Eng 359-2  

    Sreesanth v Pietersen - round four. KP and Bell nudge a couiple of quick singles, then Sreesanth fires in a no-ball bouncer to bring up England's 350. Pietersen skips down the pitch to the next ball to whip it for four past the non-striker, then smashes another no-ball for four through mid-wicket. And Sreesanth makes sure he has another word with Pietersen before stalking back to fine leg...

  178. SMS  

    From Dave in Leicester: "By my calculation England are currently on around 1057-9 based on last week's declaration."

  179. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "India are starting to lose the plot in the field. It happened to me a couple of times."

  180. 1740 Commentary Eng 359-2  

    India have two men in catching positions at short(ish) mid-wicket as they look to stem the flow of runs... and it works at first as Bell plays out a maiden from RP.

  181. SMS  

    From Paul in Dundee: "Can now cross 'Stringfellows' off on my Boycott Bingo! Never thought that would crop up!"

  182. 1745 DRINKS BREAK Eng 361-2  

    Sreesanth has presumably been sent out to cool off in the deep after that wild over against KP, as Sharma returns at the Vauxhall End. KP caces down the pitch, wildly hooks at it but fails to make contact and Sehwag at slip appeals for a catch, more in desperation than expectation. Two singles are added and the players have earned a drink - we still have 21 overs to bowl tonight, basically we'll be here till 1900.

  183. SMS  

    From William C, London: "Oval needs to rethink its admission policy. Tried to get in now\u00a0at 1645\u00a0as a lot of people are leaving the ground. Ticket office don't allow resale of tickets today or tomorrow. I would quite happily pay 10 quid to come in for the last hour. Lord's have done it. Why not The Oval?"

  184. 1751 Commentary Eng 363-2  

    England continue to feast upon RP Singh, whose figures were 0-89 before this over. Pietersen plays and misses at one, but two singles are added to the score - this stand is now worth 266. The lights in the press box dim momentarily, but they're still shining (metaphorically) on England out in the middle.

  185. 1756 Commentary Eng 368-2  

    A brief glimmer for India as Pietersen gets an inside edge onto his pad... not much has gone in India's favour since the dismissal of Andrew Strauss this morning. Pietersen pulls a short ball to the mid-wicket sweeper for a single, and Bell easily off-drives a single past the pursuing Tendulkar at mid-off. Time for a SheringhamStat...

  186. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "This is now England's second highest Test partnership for any wicket against India, beating Walter Hammond and Stan Worthington's 266 in 1936. The highest is 308 between Graham Gooch and Allan Lamb at Lord's in 1990."

  187. 1801 Commentary Eng 383-2  

    Leg-spinner Mishra's back on at the Pavilion End... and oversteps for another no-ball which KP sweeps for four. The next ball is legitimate, but he repeats the shot with the same effect. And another four smashed down the ground means it's 12 off the over - and the stand is up to 286.

  188. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "When you say 'we're here until 1900', are you talking about the number of runs?"

  189. 1806 Commentary Eng 388-2  

    Sharma now only has a solitary slip and a sullen-looking gully in catching positions as India look to plug this flow of runs. Bell hits another four, before nearly dabbing one onto his stumps and using his soccer skills (I think he's an Aston Villa fan) to kick the ball away from the stumps. The Warwickshire man adds a single which means both batsmen are on 148.

  190. 1809 Commentary PIETERSEN 150 - Eng 393-2  

    Single from Bell, then Mishra tosses one up invitingly for Pietersen\u00a0to smash for four, reaching\u00a0his 150 from 208 balls.

  191. 1814 Commentary BELL 150 - Eng 397-2  

    It's Bell's turn to pass the 150 landmark with a single\u00a0- he's taken 257 balls to get there, and the singles begin to flow against the tiring Sharma. Big swing and a miss from Pietersen, if he'd connected like that it may well have sailed over this media centre and out of the ground... milestones keep tumbling as a single brings up the 300 partnership - now the 14th biggest England stand of all time for any wicket.

  192. 1817 THAT'S A RECORD Eng 408-2  

    Make that the 13th best... as Pietersen reverses his hands and switch-hits the leg-spinner for four through the covers! KP and Bell are slowly advancing up the list of England's highest Test stands - and there's some scrappy cricket as Dhoni misses one which goes between his legs and it''s signalled as five wides. This is now the highest English partnership for any wicket against India.

  193. 1822 Commentary Eng 409-2  

    RP Singh replaces Sharma as Cap'n Dhoni rotates his three seam bowlers. Bell adds a single, a quieter over after all those milestones.

  194. SMS  

    From Damien, Hemel: "Chances of KP bringing up Sreesanth's century with a six?"

    That's just cruel!

  195. 1825 Commentary Eng 416-2  

    A single from Bell leaves Pietersen facing Mishra again, with a huge gap on the off side (where there is only a slip, a long-off and a man on the point boundary). Will he get the switch-hit out again? Not this time - he and Bell are happy to rotate with a couple of singles before Pietersen straight-drives a single past the bowler.

  196. SMS  

    From Chris, London: "Standing at Vauxhall station and flabbergasted to see England fans going home! We are world number one, on verge on whitewash and playing wonderful cricket and you're ducking out early - shame on you all!"

  197. 1829 Commentary Eng 420-2  

    Pietersen comes down the pitch to RP - "there is no length to bowl to him when he's in this mood," says Aggers on TMS, as the singles continue to push England's score - and this stand - towards the stratosphere. We have half-an-hour left today - KP has 166, Bell has 156, the stand is worth 323.

  198. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I've been saying this for years - with any overs that the fielding side have failed to bowl by the close of play, the batting side should be given five runs per over."

  199. 1833 Commentary Eng 426-2  

    CMJ on TMS thinks Suresh Raina should be given a medal for his heroics in the field today - but there's not much he can do about it when Pietersen lifts a four over the bowler's head. The stand (329) is now equal 10th in the all-time England list, level with Cook and Trott's glorious stand against the Aussies at Brisbane last November.

  200. 1836 Commentary Eng 427-2  

    Despite his fielding heroics, Raina is summoned into the attack for more part-time spin - perhaps partly to improve their over-rate, I wonder (as does Tuffers). CMJ reckons that's the quickest over we've had today. Just one single from it.

  201. 1839 Commentary Eng 440-2  

    As Jimmy Anderson is spotted getting his pads on (in what would be one of the more pointless employments of a nightwatchman considering the context of the game), Bell gets down on one knee to hoist Mishra's first two deliveries for successive straight sixes into the pavilion! A single to Bell means both batsmen have 171. The stand (343)\u00a0is now the seventh highest for England for any wicket.

  202. 1842 WICKET Pietersen c and b Raina 175 (Eng 447-3)  

    KP and IB take singles at will against Raina, and Pietersen crashes another four to bring up the 350 partnership - but then it's all over as he hits a quicker ball straight back to the bowler who takes a tumbling catch!

  203. SMS  

    From Tom in Ellesmere: "What is the highest third wicket stand for a pair of English batsmen?"

    It's 370 by\u00a0Bill Edrich and Denis Compton - 370 against South Africa at Lord's in 1947. The second highest was the Bell-Pietersen stand, which was also the seventh highest for any wicket for England, and the highest for England against India.

  204. 1849 Commentary Eng 450-3  

    Loud cheers as Kevin Pietersen gets a standing ovation - and a few boos ring out around The Oval as James Anderson walks out - are the crowd disappointed to see a night-watchman? A single from Bell brings Jimmy on strike - then there's a delay while an Indian reserve runs on with some shin pads and a helmet for a short-leg fielder. (Surely they could have done that at the fall of the wicket?) Anyway, Anderson is off the mark with a single, Bell adds another to reach 176.

  205. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "The night-watchman is meant to protect the front-line batsmen, but Bell, Morgan and Bopara might not want to have been protected from facing Raina!"

  206. 1851 Commentary Eng 453-3  

    Another rapid Raina over yields a two and a single to Bell. Nine minutes left tonight - time for three overs?

  207. 1854 Commentary Eng 454-3  

    Rapid over from Mishra, just a single from Bell.

  208. 1856 Commentary Eng 454-3  

    An even more rapid over from Raina, a maiden to Bell,\u00a0at this rate we may get two more in tonight.

  209. 1858 Commentary Eng 456-3  

    Anderson edges Mishra past slip and they run two. There's then a half-hearted appeal for a catch at leg slip, but it came off the pad. We still haven't seen a review in this Test.

    And another stat about the Bell-Pietersen stand - as well as being the highest for for any wicket for\u00a0England against India, it was the fourth highest by any team (for any wicket)\u00a0against India.

  210. 1901 CLOSE OF PLAY Eng 457-3  

    This'll be the last over - and all this part-time spin means that India will have bowled 97 of the 98 overs they were supposed to, and they wouldn't have done that with the three lumbering seam bowlers on. But Bell's in no trouble at all, he knocks the fourth ball of Raina's over for a single, so he ends the day on 181. Anderson survives the last two - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is that.

  211. Commentary  

    From Tom, TMS inbox: "Sat in the front row Sreesanth tells us: "you've been lucky." I don't think so matey."

  212. Twitter  

    From scooke7: "Number one team in the rankings. But NOT Number one team in your own mind. A nightwatchman at 447/3? Strauss = chicken captain."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to continue the debate

  213. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Arrival of Jimmy A as nightwatchman shows England's desire to bat well into tomorrow... 600+"

  214. 1906 Commentary  

    Aggers and Geoff Boycott are just starting their close-of-play chat which will be available later as the TMS podcast - while also available on the podcast page for you to listen to are the lunchtime discussion with Allan Donald, Ian Chappell, Wasim Akram and Sambit Bal about the state of world cricket, and Aggers' teatime chat with Prime Minister David Cameron in which the PM revealed his interest in Boycott Bingo. Happy listening.

  215. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Bell's a different player now - he's matured, he's\u00a0still got that range of shots, but you don't feel he's going to get out now. It puts Trott under pressure, he knows he could lose his place if he doesn't perform. But how do you equate sending in a night-watchman at 450-3 when Bopara's desperate for runs to get on the winter tour? I would give Jimmy Anderson 15-20 minutes tomorrow morning - and after that, if he's not scoring runs he should get out."

  216. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "They could be looking at 700 tomorrow. Bell and Pietersen were scoring 125 runs a session - the Irishman scores quickly and Prior, Broad and Bresnan score quickly. I'm not sure about Bopara as he needs runs."

  217. 1920 Commentary  

    It's been a thrilling day of cricket if you're English - I won't pretend it's been anything other than drudgery if you're supporting India - but you can read more words of wisdom in Sam Sheringham's match report\u00a0which is live on the website now, and Jonathan Agnew's column which will be available shortly.

    Thanks for your company today, especially if you've been with us since 1030 - and thanks for all your emails, texts and tweets - sorry if we didn't have room to use yours. We'll be back, bright and breezy, tomorrow morning - until then, enjoy your Friday night.

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by an innings and 8 runs
  • England: 591-6 (153.0 overs)
  • India: 300 & 283 (91.0 overs)
  • Venue: The Kia Oval

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 283
Sehwag b Swann 33
Dravid c Cook b Swann 13
Laxman b Anderson 24
Tendulkar lbw b Bresnan 91
A Mishra b Swann 84
Raina lbw b Swann 0
Dhoni c Swann b Broad 3
Gambhir c Morgan b Swann 3
Singh c Prior b Broad 0
I Sharma not out 7
Sreesanth b Swann 6
Extras 12b 7lb 19

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