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Cricket World Cup - Sri Lanka v England as it happened

  1. 0815 Commentary  

    So it's the morning after "The Choke", and time for another England cliffhanger, surely? Or maybe this time it won't be such heart-stopping excitement from Andrew Strauss's men. We think, by the way, that Andrew Strauss will have his third opening partner of the tournament with either Ian Bell or Ravi Bopara getting the nod.

  2. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Bad news for New Zealand following their surprise quarter-final win over South Africa, it looks like seamer Kyle Mills is out of the tournament because of injury. Reports in the NZ media say left-armer Andy McKay has been called up as a replacement.

    "Mills will go home out of pocket after being fined 60% of his match fee for 'inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players' and a further 60% for conduct 'contrary to the spirit of the game' during the match against the Proteas.

    "NZ skipper Daniel Vettori and South Africa's Faf du Plessis have lost 50% of their match fees for their part in the same incident."

    Cheers Paul - if you didn't see yesterday's game, Mills came out with some drinks after South Africa lost their fifth wicket and ripped into a merciless sledge against South Africa's Faf du Plessis, one of the ugliest things I've seen in cricket.

  3. Twitter  

    From England seam bowler Jade Dernbach: "Morning of the big game, serious excitement. Breakfast has been crazy with the amount of people hanging around."

    We don't expect Surrey recruit Dernbach to be involved today, but there is some conjecture James Anderson may be recalled having been dropped in favour of Chris Tremeltt for the match against West Indies.

  4. 0823 Commentary  

    The toss at Colombo's Premadasa Stadium is just seven minutes away. The ground is something of a Sri Lankan fortress, and with their formidable bowling attack and captain Kumar Sangakkara in prodigious form Sri Lanka will provide quite the test for England.

  5. 0825 Commentary  

    England fast bowler James Anderson needed stitches in his face after he was involved in an accident "during some horseplay" with teammate Graeme Swann. Anderson posted on Twitter: "Really excited about today. The two stitches in my cheek, given to me by a so-called friend, are coming out! Can't get rid of black eyes as easily."

    Apparently this happened more than a week ago, by the way. Incidentally, Anderson and Swann were tweeting last night about some late-night partying in the team hotel keeping them awake into the early hours...

  6. Twitter  

    From England's Danni Wyatt: "Morninggg! Big fury dressing gown on, lying on the sofa with a brew watching the cricket. Come on boys!! letsavvit!!"

  7. 0833 Commentary  

    England win the toss and bat first. Gives them a much better chance of winning. James Anderson does NOT play, but it seems Ian Bell is opening, England unchanged.

  8. 0835 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "It looks like a resonably dry wicket, should be best to use it first up. Hopefully there should be a bit of bounce too. Ian Bell's going to open with me today. We've been forced into this to a certain extent because Kevin Pietersen's been forced home. Physically we're fresh, no excuses, we're excited."

  9. 0836 Commentary  

    Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara shrugs his shoulders and tells Nasser Hussain "what can you do?" Winning the toss is traditionally very helpful here, though Sri Lanka have won chasing in the past under lights and they can do it again. They have dropped seamer Nuwan Kulasekara, with all three spinners playing - Ajantha Mendis and Rangana Herath joining the brilliant Muttiah Muralitharan.

  10. 0842 Commentary  

    Talking of that man Murali, have you heard Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan chatting to the phenomenal spinner yet? It's quite a treat, recorded yesterday. You've got plenty of time to listen to it, we're not under way until 0900. TMS itself starts up soon - and we're joined by Tony Greig today, which is a rare treat.

  11. Twitter  

    From rjs116: "Looking forward to watching the worm climb"

    Yes - more worm action today (visible on most browsers on the right-hand side of your page).

  12. 0848 Commentary  

    Lots of you seem very excited about Ian Bell opening the batting. For what it's worth I think he's a much better choice than Matt Prior who simply cannot nail down a spot he's comfortable with in the batting order.

  13. SMS  

    From John in York: "Please do something about the fury in your dressing gown, it's given me the fear."

    Indeed, not sure what Danni Wyatt's tweet was referring to exactly...

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I'd say 250 is a par score. England have ended up with the right opening partnership they should have had two months ago. Bell\u2019s got an opportunity, whether it\u2019s too late only time will tell."

  15. Commentary  

    From Dave in the TMS inbox: "On the train to the big demo in London. Will have keep in touch via the website. So come on lads, make me a happy marcher!"

  16. 0854 Commentary  

    And those teams in full:

    Umpires: B R Doctrove, Taufel, J J Crowe, A L Hill

    Sri Lanka: Tharanga, Dilshan, Sangakkara (C/W), M Jayawardene, Mathews, Samaraweera, Silva, Herath, Malinga, Muralitharan, Mendis.

    England: Strauss (C), Bell, Trott, Bopara, Morgan, Wright, Prior (W), Tredwell, Bresnan, Swann, Tremlett.

  17. Commentary  

    From Russell, Eastbourne, in the TMS inbox: "Removing a seamer for a third spinner? What do they think they're doing? Ha! Its like they think they're in the sub-continent playing against a team who can't handle a turning ball!...oh wait..."

  18. THE SUN IS OUT  

    Lovely day at the moment, though there was some talk about a possible late shower. Remember there is a reserve day available if absolutely necessary.

  19. 0858 Commentary  

    Umpires out in the middle, joined by the Sri Lankan fielders with Lasith Malinga in his peroxide locks the most recognisable of them. He'll take the new ball.

  20. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Re Mills fines. Has Mills been fined 120% of his match fee? If so does he owe the ICC money?!"

    I think so, and probably quite a lot since he wasn't actually playing!

  21. Commentary  

    From Potler, in sunny Torbay hospital, TMS inbox: "Anyone remember England's last must-win game in World Cup? Vs S Africa 2007, we promoted Ian Bell to open with the captain. Result 9-1 after 7.3 overs, 37-2 after 12.2 painful painful overs and bye bye."

  22. 1 over Commentary Eng 5-0  

    Low slung, inswinging and full of length, that'll be the Malinga formula today and he's picked off for a single by Strauss. And Bell whips away his first ball for four, a shot that is met by a deathly hush from the crowd. Just too far down the leg-side from Malinga. Bell reaches 3,000 ODI runs.

  23. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "From the first over you can see there\u2019s no pace in the pitch. Dilshan sharing the new ball, probably 35-40 overs of spin from Sri Lanka today."

  24. 2 overs Commentary Eng 5-0  

    BBC Sport columnist Dilshan, an off-spinner and nominally the FOURTH spinner for Sri Lanka, bowls with a slip in place, ans is watchfully defended by Strauss for a couple of balls. Now he drops a bit short, but Strauss can't pierce the off-side field. The fifth one is defended, and it's a maiden.

  25. Commentary  

    From OSJ, Rutland, in the TMS inbox: "For once the English weather is on my side. My only tasks for the day all involved working in the garden while the weather was good. But four days of sunshine have turned into a wonderful wet Saturday. Work cancelled. Laptop on, TMS on the radio, feet on couch and mug of tea in hand. Semi-finals here we come."

  26. 3 overs Commentary Eng 7-0  

    Malinga again: A couple of singles, one each for Strauss and Bell. Slower yorker is carefully defended by Bell. Lots of dots. Steady start.

  27. 4 overs Commentary Eng 9-0  

    Strauss charges down the wicket to attack Dilshan, but there's some super fielding from Chamara Silva at mid-off and the skipper has to dash back to his stumps. Now at the non-striker's end, Strauss gets into a right old tangle, in fact it's almost a tango, with the bowler. They were "in hold" for a second or two. Bell looking for singles, can't find one until the final ball. Bit of a squeeze on already.

  28. Twitter  

    From ChrisDuffield1: "Great news, England opening pair have lasted longer than the Sri Lankan National Anthem... who would have thought!?"

  29. 5 overs Commentary Eng 17-0  

    Off comes on Malinga, on comes Mathews and here comes Bell - down the wicket a little to pierce the gap at midwicket for a welcome boundary. Now he gently eases one down to long-leg for two. This is good from Bell, he picks a gap through the off-side past point for another couple.

  30. 6 overs Commentary Eng 21-0  

    Strauss is getting very impatient against Dilshan, who he clearly doesn't think a lot of. Trouble is, he's not timing anything. He finally hacks a single off the part-timer, before Bell, with rather more elegance, eases the off-spinner through the covers for two and then places him down to long-on for one more. He's ion 17, Strauss has four from 15 balls.

  31. 7 overs Commentary Eng 26-0  

    Slow, short and outside off-stump from Mathews to Bell: that's utter junk and the easiest boundary Bell will ever get. Good comeback, four dot balls from Mathews, and now a quick single down to Muralitharan at mid-on.

  32. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "A bit of research shows that Ian Bell has opened in 27 previous ODIs - the last time against India in Bangalore in 2008. He averages 33 at the top of the order with a best score of 77 against Australia during the last World Cup."

  33. 8 overs WICKET Strauss b Dilshan 5 (Eng 29-1)  

    Dilshan is doing a superb job for his skipper here, into his fourth over now and almost blemish-free. And Strauss's horrid innings comes to an end now - a little bit short but it stayed low and he missed the pull. He's bowled. That was the last ball of the over.

  34. 9 overs WICKET Bell c Samaraweera b Mathews 25 (Eng 31-2)  

    Trott is put on strike for the first time when Bell hits a single off Mathews' second ball. Cloud has moved overhead now as Trott runs a quick single to Sri Lanka's weak link in the field, Muralitharan. And now Bell chips a catch in the meekest way possible to midwicket. Ugly stuff from England.

  35. 10 overs Commentary Eng 32-2  

    When Trott pushed that single to Murali in the previous over, I was reminded about a time I was batting with my brother in a village match. I had spotted an elderly gentleman fielding at mid-on and told Will to knock it towards him and call me through for a single, only for him to hit the ball slightly too firmly and give the old boy a catch! Herath is on now, a leg-spinner he is. Trott, now joined by Bopara, is very watchful in defence.

  36. Commentary  

    From Patrick, London, in the TMS inbox: "All of a sudden i have a hatred for my favourite shirt, a Sri Lankan cricket Jersey I bought in Colombo many years ago! Its staring at me in all its comfy, colourful glory, but i won't give in. Lets have'em England!"

  37. 11 overs Commentary Eng 35-2  

    The England worm has flatlined somewhat. It can't go back below ground but it would if it could, you sense. Sorry we can't add wickets, there was a bit of a glitch in a trial so there we are. Sri Lanka are all over England right now. Ooh, nice shot from Trott off Mathews, he'll get three runs down to long-off.

  38. Contributor  

    BBC Test Match Special's Derek Pringle: "Graeme Gooch says that Ravi Bopara has the best technique of any batsman he has worked with, but you need more than just ability. This is a big chance for Bopara to show he has got that little but extra. It is a big pressure situation for England."

  39. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Remember NZ yesterday? Has the same similarities at the moment, clutching on to every straw!"

  40. 12 overs Commentary Eng 42-2  

    Herath is in his second over, and he's keeping England very honest - that's until Bopara gets off the mark with an excellent late cut, giving himself a little room and finding acres of room behind square on the off-side to carve England's fourth boundary.

  41. Commentary  

    From Jamie in the TMS inbox: "Why we keep waxing lyrical about Ian Bell's ability I will never know. He doesn't have the temperament and never has had it. He is a much better Test player than he was, but he gets to 20-30 then gets out with criminal regularity. All my eggs are evenly divvied in Trott and Morgan's respective baskets now."

  42. 13 overs Commentary Eng 44-2  

    Fifth over for Mathews, third of the bowling powerplay. Single for Trott, single for Bell, lots of dots too. Sri Lanka will be very happy right now.

  43. SMS  

    Anonymous: "Dreamt Luke Wright was waving his bat to the crowd. Come on England!"

    A Luke Wright century, now that would be something!

  44. Commentary  

    From John in the TMS inbox: "This is a do or point in going out with a whimper England...just go for either comes off or it doesn't..."

  45. 14 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 44-2  

    Slip and a very short cover for Bopara facing Herath. Huge appeal for lbw, umpire Doctrove says not out and they don't refer it. Now he's almost bowled by the arm ball as he looks to get the cut away. Maiden. Pressure is ratcheting up, this is torture for England.

  46. 14.3 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 45-2  

    It's the first sighting of Sri Lanka's lesser-spotted "carrom-ball" bowler, Ajantha Mendis. There's an appeal for a stumping against Bopara, and it's going to be referred to the TV umpire.

  47. NOT OUT  

    He's OK.... got the foot back.

  48. 15 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 46-2  

    Bopara pushes a single, finally. He's six from 18 balls. Now there's another appeal for a stumping, this time against Trott. Doctrove doesn't even ask for TV help this time, not out.

  49. Commentary  

    From Ben in the TMS inbox: "Way too much dotage, not enough shotage."

  50. SMS  

    Anon: "Never fear England fans. We are at our best defending a low total on a low scoring pitch. All our best performances this World Cup have come in these circumstances."


    Well if one-day cricket is about entertainment we're not getting much. LBW appeal against Bopara with Herath bowling. Not out says the umpire, but they will refer.

  52. NOT OUT  

    He's OK, would have probably just clipped leg-stump but he's more than 2.5m down the track so Bopara gets away on two counts.

  53. 16 overs Commentary Eng 51-2  

    Trott brings up the England 50 with a couple of runs down to fine-leg. Very tough going this. It's a grim old battle.

  54. 17 overs Commentary Eng 56-2  

    Boundaries are as rare as white truffles today, but a guided shot from Trott to third man off Mendis brings three runs for England which will do for now. Bopara tries to drive down the ground, but it's too full and with lots of flight, almost bowls him. The Essex batsman is seriously struggling for runs out there, and now he dashes for his crease at the bowler's end as he is late responding to Trott's call.

  55. Commentary  

    From Luke, Wiltshire, in the TMS inbox: "Had a dream last night too. I dreamt that Sri Lanka were bowled out for 197, with Luke Wright taking three wickets! Didn't dream long enough to know if that was enough to win though? So as long as England score 198+ they should be fine."\u00a0

  56. 18 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 60-2  

    As it's dream time, mine involved Anderson appealing for an lbw against an unidentified Sri Lanka left-hander who chose to play no shot to an inswinger, and England got the verdict on review. Geraint Jones was the wicket-keeper. Of course, neither are playing today. Herath, into his fifth over, is hit for a couple of runs by Trott through the covers.

  57. Twitter  

    From Kent's Sam Northeast: "Need to find a great song for the Kent team to walk out to this year. Any ideas?"

    Somebody help Sam out, eh? Cheers

  58. 19 overs Commentary Eng 63-2  

    Murali it is: the gentle, trotting run-up, gliding between umpire and stumps, bowling from round the wicket... and England are on the sweep, Trott for one, Bopara for two. Four dots though.

  59. Commentary  

    From the Dorset Corset in the TMS inbox: "Just had a look at a satellite view of the Premadasa Stadium on the internet. It looks like it's been ploughed up ready for main-crop potatoes. Is it any wonder we can't bat on this surface?"

  60. 20 overs Commentary Eng 65-2  

    Run-rate is exactly three and a half an over as Trott and Bopara each nab a single off Mendis.

  61. Commentary  

    From Maff, Hanslope, in the TMS inbox: "Re Sam's Kent song request (below) about 'I just Kent get enough' the Depeche Mode classic, or is that too Essex for them?"

  62. Twitter  

    From singhash1984: "Eng doing Aus here... they going with very low RR, if they decide to accelerate then they might lose wickets. Eng very negative...they should be using their feet. Come out of the crease. Lankans screaming a lot...seem desperate for a wicket. Can't see why as they're stifling Eng scoring."

    (Actually three separate tweets)

  63. 21 overs Commentary Eng 73-2  

    Delicate shot from Bopara for a couple of runs to fine leg off Murali, and now he hits the fifth ball of the over for three with a little dab to third man. YE GODS! EIGHT RUNS OFF THE OVER.

  64. 22 overs Commentary Eng 77-2  

    Mendis, in a tight-fitting shirt a bit like those "compression" things that are all the rage in rugby, is hit for a couple of singles before Trott moves to 25 with another single to mid-on. Slip's still there but here's a present, a full toss. Bopara can't put it away for four, just goes for one.

  65. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Interesting news from the Caribbean where Chris Woakes, who was overlooked when England called up Jade Dernbach to replace Ajmal Shahzad, made 113 for the Lions in a four-day game against Jamaica."

  66. 23 overs Commentary Eng 82-2  

    Lots of forward defensive blocks still from England. Now here's something different, a Trott reverse sweep. Bopara wants a single but there's a dreadful mix-up and almost a run-out. Anyway, England do get the one. Murali is cut by Bopara for two, that's been his best shot today.

  67. Twitter  

    From AltCricket: "Huge innings for Bopara. His last innings against Sri Lanka in a World Cup was four runs away from hero status."

  68. 24 overs Commentary Eng 86-2  

    Can we have a slip in all day, please? It's a joy to see this field in a one-day international. England are finally finding singles a little easier to find, so crucial for these two to stay together. Mendis is through five overs now.

  69. 25 overs Commentary Eng 89-2  

    Unadulterated diet of spin for England to stomach at present. Trott's wearing one of those neckerchiefs that Edwardian cricketers would have sported, you imagine. But for some reason unbeknown to me they've both still got their helmets on. Weird. Muralitharan's fourth over takes us up to the mid-point of this match.

  70. Commentary  

    Richard, in Paris, TMS inbox: "Re Kent song - Surely anything by the Swedish alt-rock band Kent - they've a song called 747 which features heavily the line 'We ran out of time.' Perhaps an appropriate metaphor for Kent's form in recent years?"

  71. 26 overs Commentary Eng 91-2  

    We're back to pace all of a sudden. It's Malinga. After two singles, Trott watches a surprise bouncer go outside off-stump. Now the bowler looks for the yorker, and Trott unerringly picks out the man at midwicket, twice. Tight over.

  72. Twitter  

    From moffaloff: "Bopara just screams tortured talent. Joe Cole-like, probably one of the most naturally gifted players around, never fulfils."

    Get the criticism out while the bloke's still batting, eh?


    Bopara is lbw from a Murali full-toss. He's asking for the review...

  74. 27 overs WICKET Bopara lbw Muralitharan 31 (Eng 95-3)  

    Not sure why he reviewed it. Always going to be out as he went to sweep a full, straight ball and missed.

  75. SMS  

    From Joe, Cambs: "Re the Kent song, how about the Superman theme tune? A favourite for Kent, Clarke."

  76. 28 overs Commentary Eng 101-3  

    Malinga to Trott: thigh-high full toss is clipped for a couple, shin-high full toss is clipped for one. Morgan on strike: he calmly pushes out a yorker first up, then gets off the mark with a little nudge towards the on-side. Trott attempts a hook, and the ball balloons off glove or something like that, down to third man for a couple. Bit lucky there...

  77. Twitter  

    From lizzy_ammon: "Lots of conflicting opinions on what will be enough on this pitch. Some say 200, others 250."

    I'd settle for 230 at the moment!

  78. 29 overs Commentary Eng 104-3  

    Murali's getting a long bowl here, this his sixth over. Morgan's tucking singles about easily, Trott finding it much harder to do so. Last boundary was in the 12th over!

  79. 30 overs Commentary Eng 112-3  

    Morgan pulls Malinga fine for a couple, decent bit of fielding by Murali on the rope there. Ooh what a wonderful shot from Morgan, lofted cover-drive to the slower ball, it's a very welcome four. Bowler almost foxed him by taking the speed off it but Morgan adjusted brilliantly. A short one is pulled away for a couple.

  80. 31 overs Commentary Eng 125-3  

    Excellent timing from Trott gives the Warwickshire man his first boundary today off his 65th ball - just cracked away from back of a length through the covers off Murali. Couple of twos as well for Trott, Murali by far Sri Lanka's most expensive bowler today. Morgan cuts the veteran spinner for four - excellent over for England.

  81. Commentary  

    Col, Warsaw, TMS inbox: "Re Kent's walk-out song. I suggest The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy might capture the essence of Kent's batting attack and drive the appropriate amount of fear into the opposition."

  82. 32 overs DROPPED CATCH Eng 129-3  

    Trott is now the highest-scoring batsman in the tournament, you know. And if he keeps on plugging along he'll be the first man to 400. Veritable machine this chap. And now Morgan is BADLY DROPPED by Samaraweera at deep point. Unlucky for Mendis, the bowler who had done him in the flight completely.

  83. Commentary  

    From John in the TMS inbox: "Don't understand the big fuss with the rate. Good batting from England, keep going and then with wickets in hand, accelerate in the last 10. Tredwell n swanny 4 wickets each, Sri Lanka 150 all out."

  84. 33 overs Commentary Eng 137-3  

    Morgan will want to make Sri Lanka pay for that error. Dilshan, who was Jim Laker reincarnated against Strauss, is back on for a bowl. Morgan grabs a quick two and then there are a couple of singles. Silva lets one through his body at extra cover, another potentially crucial Morgan single. Excellent Trott reverse-sweep gets him three runs and raises his half-century from 71 balls. Bravo!

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If you can put pressure on Sri Lanka, then they might make mistakes. They're the favourites, playing at home in front of a big crowd. That can be difficult."

  86. 34 overs Commentary Eng 138-3  

    Mendis is causing Morgan plenty of difficulties, great over that from the "carrom-ball" man.

  87. Commentary  

    From Jamie in the TMS inbox: "I would rather share a room at the Bates Motel with Leatherface than watch England try to reverse sweep the Sri Lankan spinners. Terrifying stuff."

  88. 35 overs Commentary Eng 146-3  

    First wide of the match illustrates some good discipline from this Sri Lanka bowling attack. Dilshan is also picked off for three singles before Morgan's rather fortunate top-edged cut gets him four past the vacant slip.

  89. 36 overs Commentary Eng 152-3  

    Precision placement to deep midwicket from Trott gets him a nice two off Herath. Morgan's reverse-sweep, so often a potent weapon, goes a bit awry now, but it's another single at least.

  90. Twitter  

    Juan_Catorce: "Sri Lankan team should get an award for services to facial hair"


    Time for something cold, Trott must be particularly thirsty: only one boundary in his 59.

  92. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England have got themselves in a really good position. They have a real chance here to push on to 250-plus. I'd leave the powerplay for now. This partnership is developing nicely."

  93. Twitter  

    From petesp25: "Mendis bowling well is gr8 news for my Somerset! Him and Dockrell together could cause real problems!"

  94. 37 overs Commentary Eng 155-3  

    Sri Lanka could do with a wicket now. Can Malinga find a breakthrough? Single for Morgan, single for Trott. Now Morgan gets a bit bogged down as Malinga locates an area just back of a length. Last ball is fuller and an easy single.

  95. Commentary  

    From Paul, TMS inbox: "As a Kent supporter I can see from all the comments that we should choose Underdog by Kasabian - that, with a bit of Spitfire arm-waving by the team, would be a fearsome sight and sound!"

  96. 38 overs Commentary Eng 160-3  

    This is interesting. Sri Lanka had a choked appeal for lbw against Morgan in the previous over. TV replays are telling us that IF THEY HAD REVIEWED IT HE WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT!\u00a0 England milk some singles off Herath. It won't be long before they have to try to be a little more positive but they'll bide their time for a little bit longer.

  97. 39 overs DROPPED CATCH Eng 165-3  

    What is going on with Sri Lanka's catching? Mathews trots across at deep cover and should swallow an easy offering from Morgan but it tumbles out of his nervous mitts. And now Herath diving forward at point also drops the left-hander! That's the third drop he's survived as well alongside that lbw that never was. Lucky boy. Murali is furious as Morgan and Trott keep the runs ticking over, but the boundaries have dried up again.

  98. 40 overs Commentary Eng 173-3  

    That'll do for England, four more for Morgan from a thin edge off an attempted sweep that Sangakkara cannot lay a glove on. In the midst of all this turmoil, Trott is as untroubled as the Dead Sea.

  99. 41 overs Commentary Eng 177-3  

    Mendis, a bit unlucky to be wicketless today, is into his eighth over. Floodlights are on already as we enter the final 10 and this partnership moves into the 80s. With sweat glistening on his exposed biceps, Morgan tickles one to leg. Just four singles, the really big shots must come soon, no?

  100. Commentary  

    From legalbeaver in the TMS inbox: "Sitting at an old-fashioned barbers in sunny Eastbourne as my 6 year old gets a mop chop. Thank goodness my son has more hair than me, my average time at the chair is 95 seconds...similar to my average time at the crease..."

  101. 42 overs Commentary Eng 182-3  

    Herath gets one through Trott's attempted reverse-sweep. Now he drives, and there's another dot. Come on now, BIG SHOTS! Seven wickets in hand... Morgan places one delicately into space, there's a bit of a misfield, and it's a two. Five off the over, but must be looking for six, seven and eight from now on I think.

  102. Twitter  

    From Andrew Flintoff: "At a kids party, going to sneak out to find a telly, whats the score?"

  103. 43 overs WICKET Morgan c Mathews b Malinga 50 (Eng 186-4)  

    Time for the batting powerplay, and I feel like cowering under the desk such has been England's incompetence when dealing with this five-over passage. Single for Morgan off Malinga, brilliant yokrer next, but Trott digs it for another one. Huge chunk of willow has detached itself from Morgan's weapon but he'll still scamper through for the single that takes him to 50 from 53 balls. And finally Morgan is caught, another skied catch into the off-side, Mathews clings on.

  104. Twitter  

    From AltCricket: "Someone needs to tell Malinga that jheri curls have been out of fashion since Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction."

  105. Twitter  

    From Stuart Broad: "What are we thinking will be a good score here?! Id be happy to try and defend 240..."

  106. WICKET Swann lbw Mendis 0 (Eng 186-5)  

    England's allergy of the batting powerplay continues as Swann, up at six, attempts a reverse-sweep to his first ball and is trapped plum in front by Mendis

  107. 44 overs Commentary Eng 190-5  

    Drained of momentum and with much optimism also sapped, Prior and Trott limply rotate the strike a little. The batting powerplay, hated by England batsmen, loved by their opponents...

  108. 45 overs Commentary Eng 193-5  

    Horrid full toss down leg from Malinga, but sure as peas are peas Trott cannot put it away. Prior slams a wide one... to cover, no run. Prior can do nothing but block a slower ball, now there's a single to long-on. Not enough. Onus on Trott to do something? Slow and short, and clean missed by Trott, Sri Lanka are throttling England now. Perfect yorker to close out the over, cracking bowling.

  109. 46 overs Commentary Eng 197-5  

    Prior, who frankly owes England something here, cuts meekly and straight to point before getting off strike with a single. Trott misses a reverse sweep - this is almost unwatchable if you're and England fan. Four overs of the powerplay done and England have scored a pathetic 15-2 in it. I'm not saying they're going to lose, though!

  110. SMS  

    Matt, Oxford: "England's one-day tactics beggar belief again..."

  111. SMS  

    Anon: "If we hate the powerplay why don't we just take it as early as possible and bat like Boycott?"

    Not a bad idea, frankly...

  112. Commentary  

    From David, Norwich, in the TMS inbox: "Is Flintoff not too old to be going to childrens parties [see below]? Or is it another challenge on Flintoff Against the World?"

  113. 47 overs Commentary Eng 205-5  

    Finally a bit more humpty from Trott, a lofted drive goes for three as England scrape to 200. Have we got another NZ v South Africa coming up? Some great yorkers from Malinga, but England should have done better against Mendis. Trott has three overs to turn his 81 not out into a century. Unlikely. England's 23-2 from the powerplay is almost identical to their overall run-rate.

  114. Commentary  

    From Danny, Leeds, in the TMS inbox: "This is where Dimitri Mascarenhas used to come in handy. Five sixes from the last over again would be handy."

  115. 48 overs Commentary Eng 211-5  

    Trott's trying to find room through the off-side but is getting into a right old state as Herath keeps following him down the on-side. Now Prior's on strike and gets a long-hop. It should go for six, but this being England in the closing overs it only has enough on it to go for one. And here's a four from Trott, the first since the 40th over, Herath slog-swept nicely.

  116. WICKET Trott c Jayawardene b Muralitharan (Eng 212-6)  

    Great innings from Trott in many ways, albeit frustrating that he was unable to kick on. Anyway it's all over now, as he hits a catch into the deep.

  117. 49 overs Commentary Eng 222-6  

    That's useful for England, three wides as Murali, having had some attention from the physio, slips one past Sangakkara. Lovely shot from Prior, timing one deep into the leg-side for a couple. Goodness me, a Prior boundary comes next as the ailing Murali serves up another loose one on leg-stump. Well I'd say England now have a defendable total, but it could have been so much more. Murali hobbling off now. We may not see him again in international cricket...

  118. 50 overs Commentary Eng 229-6  

    Malinga will close the England innings. Prior starts off with a single, Wright can't do anything with the second one, backing away too much. Strauss is grinning on the England balcony, does he think his team are in the box seat? Loose, wide full toss from Malinga, Wright misses again but finally gets a single with two balls left in the final over. Well done, Prior. I've been knocking him a bit but he now gets a short one that he hits for four, Sehwag style, fine of third man. Last ball goes for one.

  119. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Get runs on the board, get them under pressure, home crowd... England have got a great chance."

  120. 1233 Commentary  

    England's reply starts at 1315, catch you then!

  121. Commentary  

    From Alan, Mijas,\u00a0Spain, in the TMS inbox: "Why are we such a nation of pessimists? Look what happened to South Africa yesterday against a similar score!"

  122. Commentary  

    From Conor in the TMS inbox: "As a NZ Supporter will be hoping for an England win today as we ALWAYS seem to struggle with SL. Think England would suit us better!"

  123. Twitter  

    From Andrew Flintoff: "Think we've got enough!"

  124. Commentary  

    From Paul, Durham, in the TMS inbox: "Trott is currently the highest run scorer at CWC2011 but he is yet to hit a six, has hit fewer fours than the next seven top scorers and is yet to score a century! Slow and steady wins the race, eh?"

  125. 1315 Commentary  

    Bresnan about to charge in at Tharanga. England must keep it very tight to begin with and then you never know!

  126. 1st over Commentary Sri L 2-0  

    Little bit of late inswing from Bresnan's opening salvo, then there's a nervy waft from Tharanga before he take his top hand off the bat in guiding ball three to point. Sri Lanka are under way with two leg-byes.

  127. 2 overs Commentary Sri L 6-0  

    It'll be Graeme Swann to Tillakaratne Dilshan with one slip in place. Tight start as CMJ on TMS battles with condensation in the comms box. Big turn beats Tharanga's outside edge. Great delivery. Last ball is too full and is driven for three through the covers.

  128. 3 overs Commentary Sri L 13-0  

    A bit short, a bit wide from Bresnan and Tharanga dispatches him for Sri Lanka's first boundary. No sign of rain or thunder yet but it's sticky out there and Bresnan's struggling with line and length again: Tharanga continues to pick up off-side runs, might want to bowl from round the wicket at the left-hander I think.

  129. Commentary  

    From Tim, Marlow,\u00a0in the TMS inbox: "There is absolutely no life in this pitch so anyone who can take pace off the ball and bowl wicket-to-wicket can do well. I suspect that Ravi Bopara might easily take three or four for England."

  130. SMS  

    Anon: "Regarding the England batting powerplay, we should make it policy to take it straight away. Remove the decision from the captain, no matter what the circumstances."

  131. 4 overs Commentary Sri L 21-0  

    Lovely straight six from Tharanga as he moves his feet and lofts Swann with great grace for the game's first maximum. Exactly the sort of shot Strauss should have been playing when struggling against Dilshan at the start of the England innings.

  132. Commentary  

    From Russ in the TMS inbox: "If Mendis is the \u2018Carrom-ball\u2019 then Bresnan is the \u2018cannon-ball\u2019. I can easily imagine him playing the role of Juggernaut in the X-men films."

  133. 5 overs Commentary Sri L 22-0  

    Dilshan plays a horrid shot at Bresnan's bouncer which loops a couple of feet over Tredwell's head at midwicket. A bit lucky for the batsman. Sri Lanka's yellow worm has already nibbled clear of England's green one and a wicket is sorely needed but that was a better over for England.

  134. 6 overs Commentary Sri L 30-0  

    Loose half-volley from Swann and there's a cover-drive from Dilshan which is struck with enough venom to reach the boundary. Shocking misfield from Luke Wright at point and that's three runs gifted to the Sri Lankans. Poor stuff. The crowd are buoyant, and why not?

  135. Twitter  

    From sehwagology: "English players use their feet only for Strictly Come Dancing."

  136. 7 overs Commentary Sri L 31-0  

    Now for something a little bit different, the tallest bowler (I think) at the World Cup - Chris Tremlett. Good start, little bit of bounce for Tremlett and the third ball cuts Dilshan in half as it nips back in, unplayable! Caught the thigh-pad and just missed the stumps en route to Prior. Tremendous over.

  137. Twitter  

    From ZaltzCricket: "The big man slices Dilshan in two like a chainsaw-wielding magician with a soft-midriffed assistant."

  138. 8 overs Commentary Sri L 40-0  

    Dilshan probably reckons Strauss is taking a liberty by giving the ball to Bopara at this stage. Wide and full and Ravi is square-driven for four. Now Matt Prior's missed a straightforward take and there are four precious byes, but it probably only missed off-stump by half an inch. Sri Lanka are going very, very well but with Dilshan there you think there could be a wicket coming.

  139. Commentary  

    From Michael, TMS inbox: "Just a general comment, too many also-rans in the England team. Luke Wright - average at best and Matt Prior has done nothing with bat or gloves."

  140. 9 overs Commentary Sri L 50-0  

    If Dilshan has got his eye in after some ugly stuff in the last two overs this game could be over in quick time. Tremlett gets his length slightly wrong and he's thrashed through the covers. Now he's a bit short and there are a couple more. Dilshan shows he can defend too - Tremlett thudding one into the stickers of his bat. But when he's wide and full Dilshan will cash in, one more cover-drive for four and they're on 50 already.

  141. 10 overs Commentary Sri L 57-0  

    No wonder Sangakkara was grinning when England's batsmen walked off with 229 on the board. There'll be little excuse not to get the runs now after this fantastic start for Sri Lanka. Poor old Bopara gets the treatment now, a half-volley is launched like a nine-iron by Tharanga for four. It was almost a six.\u00a0 Poor line, three more for Tharanga. The Sri Lanka worm has moved to a different county.

  142. 11 overs Commentary Sri L 58-0  

    Lot of optimists on the feedback, I see. If I was a Sri Lankan fan I'd be ringing up my mates and sorting out the party venue now. Strauss, like an overwhelmed casualty matron scouring for a competent doctor, looks desperately for a bowler who will stem the flow. Tredwell picks up the scalpel and that's a decent start from him, just a single coming off the over but not much threat of a wicket.

  143. Commentary  

    From Sunny in Barcelona in the TMS inbox: "Don't assume it's looking pear shaped for England. This is the 2011 World Cup version of England so there's bound to be some drama lurking around. Just think of this period as the calm before the storm."

  144. Twitter  

    From ex-England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon: "Tredders will get us a wicket, amazing slider, LBW or chop on ."

  145. 12 overs Commentary Sri L 61-0  

    Luke Wright, who one day might become the first Luke to play a Test, is summoned. He is England's sixth bowler and this is only over 12! A fat inside edge by Dilshan scoots away for a single. For some reason Wright thought he was desperately unlucky not to get a wicket with that ball.

  146. 13 overs Commentary Sri L 68-0  

    England did not take the bowling powerplay, incidentally. So that partly explains the lack of boundaries for the past two overs. And Tredwell almost strikes, thick outside edge from Dilshan but Strauss cannot get to the chance from his position at slip. More delicious footwork from Tharanga and a square-drive for four. Oh so close again! Lofted off-drive falls inches short of Tremlett at long-off. Rub of the green favouring the more positive side today.

  147. Commentary  

    From Graham in the TMS inbox: "I'm glued to your commentary in the middle of Chile's Atacama Desert. We clearly needed three spinners, so why call up Rashid then not play him?! Wright hasn't done much and Rashid can whack it down the order too."

    Not sure Rashid has even arrived yet - but it would be asking a lot to expect him to turn in a match-winning display straight off the plane.

  148. 14 overs Commentary Sri L 74-0  

    Wright comes steaming in and begins his second over with a wide which Prior cannot take cleanly, Sri Lanka grabbing an extra run as a result. Short and wide from Wright, but Dilshan cannot lay a bat on it. Pained expressions after almost every ball from the bowler.

  149. 15 overs Commentary Sri L 77-0  

    As the required rate moves inexorably closer to four an over, Tredwell continues to wheel away. One turns sharply and keeps very low. He's bowling OK but there's not enough scoreboard pressure for him to work with.

  150. 16 overs Commentary Sri L 79-0  

    I'm beginning to wonder if Sri Lanka might take the batting powerplay before Strauss takes the bowling powerplay. A bit tighter from Wright, but Sri Lanka remain well ahead of the game.

  151. Commentary  

    From Jeremy in the TMS inbox: "Wow \u201cturn turn turn\u201d as the hippie anthem how come our Mr average Mr Tredwell can spin it more than the legendary Mr Murali...? ...

  152. 17 overs Commentary Sri L 87-0  

    Dilshan skips down the pitch and hits a wonderful lofted off-drive for six off Tredwell. With batting like that, Sri Lanka will richly deserve this win should they get it. After so many tight games involving England, this could end up being embarrassingly one-sided.

  153. Twitter  

    From BBC Sport's Rishi Persad: "England are flat in the field. It looks as if they've accepted that they're going home unless they get lucky."

  154. Eng 229-6 Commentary Sri L 94-0  

    Tharanga, you may remember, had a brilliant one-day series against England in that very hot month of June 2006 when I think Sri Lanka beat us at home 5-0. Swann is back and he has a short-leg in for Dilshan, who is batting without a helmet. Sliced square-drive disappears for four, a little bit lucky but England need to make their own luck now. They've spent too long in this match waiting for things to happen.

  155. 1428 DRINKS BREAK  

    Time for a drink. Needs to be Getafix's magic potion for England to stop this Sri Lanka side now.

  156. Commentary  

    From Michael in the TMS inbox: "'How come our Mr average Mr Tredwell can spin it more than the legendary Mr Murali' (see below) - probably because Tredwell has two hamstrings today and Murali hasn't!"

  157. SMS  

    From Dan, Wolverhampton: "This is profoundly depressing, England look well short in all departments so far today."

    We're sharing an SMS inbox with football, but I THINK he's talking about cricket...

  158. 19 overs Commentary Sri L 101-0  

    Dilshan, who is scoring at almost a run a ball, scampers a leg-bye off Bresnan while Tharanga, comfortable with the anchor role, digs out a single. No Broad, no Anderson, no Sidebottom, no Collingwood, no Flintoff today. Any of those might have weaved a bit of magic today. At the minute you wonder how England will ever strike. Tharanga late-cuts for four.

  159. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "Sri Lanka are winning this at a cakewalk."

  160. 20 overs DROPPED CATCH Sri L 108-0  

    Prior's pretty woeful tournament continues as four byes are added to Sri Lanka's total. No excuse, he should have got something behind that. A bit less bounce and it would have hit middle stump, by the way, but that's the sort of night it is.

  161. Commentary  

    From Tim, London, in the TMS inbox: "Fortune favours the brave! Why oh why can't we play spin like this? Use your feet, smother the spin and try to dominate the bowler. Since no other opening batting option has worked wouldn't Craig Kieswetter been a better bet to open with Strauss."

  162. 21 overs Commentary Eng 115-0  

    So the semi-finals look like this: India v Pakistan on Wednesday (that could be a belter), 24 hours after one of the smartest teams out here, New Zealand, take on Sri Lanka (I think!) on this very ground. England are about 12-1 to win at the moment as Dilshan steers Bresnan away for a single to raise his half-century. Oh yes! Beautiful lofted straight drive for four from Tharanga. England move to 14-1.

  163. Commentary  

    From Stefan, in Holland, in the TMS inbox: "Enough with the England bashing already. These guys have been on the road now for ages. They are T20 champs, they\u2019ve destroyed the Aussies to win an away Ashes series. They have had more injuries then a gang of blind lumberjacks. Do they look a bit tired now? Maybe. But I think they have earned the right to be tired."

  164. 22 overs Commentary Sri L 120-0  

    For a team with the financial resources of England, five World Cups in a row without so much as a single semi-final berth is simply not good enough. Yes, you can say they get tired. In that case the ECB should have addressed the Ashes schedule ages ago (and it didn't hurt the Aussies in 2003 and 2007). Out in the middle, Tharanga smoothly reaches his fifty and the bowler Swann squints at various fielders wondering how on earth anyone will stem the tide.

  165. Twitter  

    From TMS producer Adam Mountford: "We now have a match whatever the weather. According to D/L Sri Lanka had to be 51 after 20 overs... they were 107-0 "

  166. 23 overs Commentary Sri L 125-0  

    Singles, singles, singles - each one another painful incision as England's slow execution continues... Tredwell the bowler here, Dilshan and Tharanga untroubled.

  167. Twitter  

    From therobbrown: "England have finally ran out of Luck, Opportunities, Strategies and Energy. Four words which spell LOSE!"

  168. 24 overs Commentary Sri L 127-0  

    Tremlett, who bowled an excellent first over, a horrible second over and was then taken off, gets another go. A nice one beats Tharanga's outside edge and it's a very good comeback over really, just needed a little hat-trick in it to spice up the game. Required rate below four an over now, by the way.

  169. 25 overs Commentary Sri L 132-0  

    Bopara tries a slower ball. He gets it wrong. Tharanga whacks it for four. Game. Drifting. Away.

  170. Contributor  

    From Test Match Special's Tony Greig: "People who run this game have to be a bit more conscious of workload. With all these extra people in the squad - trainers and so on - trying to justify their existence, how many days do you actually get off.\u201d

    (In answer to Aggers' queries whether he thinks players can use tiredness as an excuse)

  171. Commentary  

    From England pace bowler Steve Finn: "In London for the boat race today. Its getting busy on the river!"

  172. 26 overs DROPPED CATCH Sri L 134-0  

    Tremlett is bowling. We may as well have Prior and Strauss bowling soon. Tharanga's drive back at the bowler is a technical chance, the ball slamming against his hand before dropping limply onto the turf.

  173. 27 overs Commentary Sri L 135-0  

    Bopara continues and Matt Prior gives up another bye before taking a nasty one on the wrist. Prior's usually a solid gloveman, but hasn't been in this tournament and his batting has been poor as usual. He's great in Tests but it's time Steve Davies or Craig Kieswetter got a long stint in this side now.

  174. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England might as well bring people into the ring and force them to hit over the top. We need to buy a wicket somehow."

  175. 28 overs DROPPED CATCH Sri L 140-0  

    Sri Lanka might step on it a bit now. They must feel safe. Dilshan winds up for a big drive but it's sliced thickly down to third-man on the bounce. Tharanga overtakes his partner now with an on-drive drilled back past Tremlett. He didn't lay a hand on it, another possible chance you know. We're 1-0 up in the football at least...

  176. Twitter  

    From ChakyPoon: "To be brutally honest, Eng have always been underwhelming until luck goes their way. Just not good enough."

  177. 29 overs Commentary Sri L 146-0  

    Dilshan drives Bopara firmly and sweetly over mid-off's head for four. They might both get a century. Sangakkara is padded up in the dressing room a little impatiently. Actually he'd probably be happy enough not to have to bat.

  178. 30 overs Commentary Sri L 151-0  

    With the game all but gone (England are 33-1 to pull it out of the fire!) Strauss finally calls for the bowling powerplay and tosses the ball to Bresnan. (In the other international, England lead Wales 2-0 through Frank Lampard's penalty and Darren Bent's goal from an Ashley Young cross.) Dilshan cuts viciously but only gets two and Sri Lanka need 79 from 20 overs.

  179. Commentary  

    From Glyn in the TMS inbox: "Game not so much drifting but running down wind with a dirty great spinnaker set."

  180. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "This is a hammering. England are having their pants pulled down."

  181. 31 overs Commentary Sri L 165-0  

    Nice shot, Dilshan sweeping Tredwell for four. There's no fielder anywhere near it. Now he drives over extra-cover's head for four more. This team will take some beating now, they'll fancy their chances of winning the whole thing. Bopara misfields so there's another run for Sri Lanka. Crowd are loving this as Tharanga drills another four off the wretched Tredwell.

  182. Twitter  

    From Kiko_97: "Using text commentary since i'm watching my home nation 2-0 down to England. Can I get a mention to cheer me up?"

    OK. But will it reall cheer you up? I'd go for a long walk and then head straight to the pub, myself

  183. Commentary  

    From Mike, Ashford, in the TMS inbox: "England flying home tomorrow. Get that bunting out for Ashes victory homecoming. The boys done well, lest we forget."

    Fair dos, but that was nearly three months ago!

  184. 32 overs Commentary Sri L 172-0  

    More pained expressions from Strauss and other sweaty fielders in dark blue and scarlet as Tharanga laces his eighth boundary, this one coming off Bresnan. It's bleak for England.

  185. Twitter  

    From CountyKitMan: "Chris Gayle must be feeling better right now (assuming he stops drinking rum from a supermodel's navel long enough to watch cricket)."

    Not sure he's anywhere near a TV. Didn't he memorably say he'd missed the whole Ashes as it "clashed with his party events". Tremendous quote.

  186. 33 overs Commentary Sri L 179-0  

    Tharanga absolutely laces Wright through extra-cover for his ninth boundary, a searing shot. Now Dilshan tries his very own trademarked shot, the Dilscoop. It doesn't quite come out right but he still gets a single.

  187. Commentary  

    From George in the TMS inbox: "England team for next WC - Cook, Kieswetter, Taylor, Bopara, Wright, Hamilton-Brown, Morgan, Broad, Woakes, Rashid, Shahzad."

  188. 1539 DRINKS BREAK  

    One more over of this powerplay to go and it's so far cost 33 runs. Dilshan's getting some treatment for cramp.

  189. 34 overs Commentary Sri L 186-0  

    It does truly seem inevitable that England will have more goals than wickets by the end of today. Dilshan throws his bat at the ball, literally. He didn't mean to but he let go of the bat and Bresnan almost had to take evasive action. Straight drive for four now from Tharanga - his tenth. England had 12 shared among the whole team.

  190. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "If England fail to take a wicket, this will be only the fifth time they have lost a one-dayer by 10 wickets - the four so far were v Sri Lanka, Colombo (2001), v Australia, Sydney (2003), v Sri Lanka, Dambulla (2003) and v New Zealand, Hamilton (2008)."

  191. 35 overs Commentary Sri L 196-0  

    Swann to Dilshan: big, meaty slog-sweep for six, then a gentle paddle for one. They're toying with England, who must be mentally choosing their movies on the flight home now.

  192. 36 overs Commentary Sri L 202-0  

    Bit of dew adding to England's woes as Tremlett starts what I believe is his third spell. Interesting shots of Adil Rashid and Jade Dernbach behind the boundary rope... penny for their thoughts, they're giving nothing away. Dilshan's pull for a single brings up the Sri Lanka 200. Super opening stand from him and Tharanga, both men in the 90s.

  193. Commentary  

    From Rob, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox: "To be fair to England, it would have been a serious achievement to get beyond this stage missing three first-team players. Since his return to England, I think we can really see the value of having KP at the top of the order. Bring on 2015..."

  194. 37 overs THAT'S 100 211-0  

    Tharanga has called for a runner, who is Chamara Silva. Not sure what the problem is since it was actually Dilshan who had cramp problems earlier. Dilshan cuts Swann into space for two to move to 96, and now he gets to his century, leaning back, punching through point for four. Well done him. That took just 107 balls. Slow pitch? Tough chase? So what, says Dilshan.

  195. 38 overs Commentary Sri L 220-0  

    This is almost as bad from an England point of view as the 2007 exit to South Africa. The next World Cup's in Australia and New Zealand, by the way, just in case you're thinking of making any long-term plans. Tharanga lashes a big cut off Tremlett for four to go to 95 and now he adds a single. Dilshan's really hobbling. Great stop by Prior from a horrid leg-side wide. Dilshan blocks the last one to leave Tharanga on strike for the next over so he can bring up his century. That sums up how one-sided the match has been.

  196. 39 overs Commentary Sri L 227-0  

    Tharanga gets a single before Dilshan cuts a ragged Swann for four. Now he blocks in exaggerated fashion. So Swann really lobs up the last one, and Dilshan defends again. Tharanga on strike again on 98 for over 39, with three runs wanted for a big win.

  197. 39.3 overs THAT'S 100 Sri Lanka 231-0  

    Tharanga won't take the single on offer. He is obviously desperate for this century. Some exhausted fielder fails to get to Tharanga's next shot, and it scoots through for four as Sri Lanka win by 10 wickets with 10.3 overs to spare.

  198. SMS  

    From Ade: "If my memory serves me correctly, no less than one Michael Vaughan said at the halfway point England had a great chance of defending this total. So at least it's just the players on the field who have horribly misjudged this match."

  199. 1616 Commentary  

    Upul Tharanga: "In games like this the opening partnership is very important. Hopefully we can continue like this in the semi-finals. The crowd was always behind us, no matter what happened in the game. With these conditions and the crowd support we have a good chance against New Zealand."

  200. 1618 Commentary  

    So 1992 remains the last time England threatened to win a World Cup. That was the first time we had coloured clothing and satellite TV you know. And if Derek Pringle had got that lbw appeal upheld against Javed Miandad... ah well...

  201. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "We\u2019ve always been hopeful of showing up on the night, there\u2019s never been a clear plan. You look at situations of KP opening the batting in India after it had been announced that Prior would be doing it. There's been confusion and a feeling of not knowing what our best XI is. We won the Ashes 3-1, brilliant. Now they have to admit they got the situation for the World Cup completely wrong. I remember in 2003 we complained about the schedule, in 2007 it happened again. In 2011 it happened again. It wasnt professional, The Ashes was."

  202. Twitter  

    From AltCricket: "Bob Willis just described Trott's innings as 'match-losing'."

  203. Commentary  

    Andrew Strauss: "I think we were 30 light and at the end it felt like 50 light. I thought if we took early wickets we'd be in with a chance but fair play to Sri Lanka, the opening batsmen were outstanding. They were able to bowl a lot of dot balls at us, but there's alwyas consolidation you have to do when you lose early wickets - and we managed to lose early wickets again in the powerplay. We just haven't played with enough quality with either bat or ball. This was a step too far."

  204. 1630 Commentary  

    It only requires me now to say thank you for joining us, sorry England were so rubbish and there's highlights of today's match - if you can bear to watch them - at 2355 on BBC Two (and at 2200 on the red button and online). Personally, I'll be watching the football highlights with a stiff drink. Please read the doughty Phil Dawkes's bulletin of today's match and join me on Wednesday for the big India v Pakistan game. We'll also have live commentary, of course, from Tuesday's semi-final and then for the final itself.

  205. Commentary  

    From Sean in the TMS inbox: "Film for the plane home? A Bridge Too Far."

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Live Scores - Sri Lanka v England


  • Sri Lanka beat England by 10 wickets
  • Sri Lanka: 231-0 (39.3 overs)
  • England: 229-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Sri Lanka Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 0 231
Tharanga not out 102
Dilshan not out 108
Extras 6w 9b 6lb 21


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