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Cricket World Cup: England v West Indies as it happened

  1. 0820 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - and a happy St Patrick's Day to you. It's Red Nose Day tomorrow, but it'll be Red Face Day by this evening if England don't beat West Indies in Chennai - as anything less than a win will eliminate them from the competition. So, if you're just starting a long day at the office, come on in and let us keep you up to date with the action.

    Play is due to get under way at 0900 GMT, with Test Match Special on air from 0845. And even a win leaves England sweating on the results of the last two Group B\u00a0games (South Africa v Bangladesh and India v West Indies) - but I'll try to outline the permutations for what they need to happen in a little while.

  2. 0825 Commentary  

    Plenty of discussion and rumour about England's team selection. Captain Andrew Strauss and spinner Graeme Swann missed training on Wednesday with illness, they both returned to practise yesterday but seamer Ajmal Shahzad is the latest to be a doubt with a "bug". Meanwhile, James Anderson has struggled for form throughout the tournament, and could be left out, depending on Shahzad's fitness - with Chris Tremlett a possible replacement.

    Meanwhile, the rumours are ablaze on Twitter - Rishi Persad has just tweeted that Shahzad is out of the World Cup with a hamstring injury, and has heard that Luke Wright could replace Anderson. And Michael Vaughan thinks it looks like James Tredwell might play...

  3. 0827 Commentary  

    While we wait for confirmation of England's team news, one definite snippet is that Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar will end his chequered international career after the World Cup.

    And a couple of interesting bits to read you may not have seen - TMS producer Adam Mountford's latest blog\u00a0contains the revelation that England are top of one World Cup table - they're travelling with more baggage than any other team. (And that's not a veiled reference to Messrs Wright and Tredwell, who have been carrying the drinks for the last month). Meanwhile, Sam Sheringham has taken a statistical look at West Indies' danger men Kieron Pollard and Sulieman Benn.

  4. 0832 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    England win the toss and will bat first.

  5. 0835 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    England make three changes - they have dropped James Anderson and Paul Collingwood, and left out the ill/injured Ajmal Shahzad. In come Chris Tremlett, Luke Wright and James Tredwell. Matt Prior remains as opener.

    West Indies recall Chris Gayle in place of Shivnarine Chanderpaul, and bring in leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo for slow left-armer Nikita Miller.

  6. 0839 Commentary  

    My initial reaction to England's team news is one of pessimism. So, Luke Wright and Ravi Bopara (and conceivably Jonathan Trott) are going to have to bowl 10 overs between them? Against Kieron Pollard?

    I hope I'm wrong - but as usual, we want you to let us know what you think, throughout the day. You can e-mail us at\u00a0(with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - as we'll be sharing the inbox with the gee-gees from Cheltenham later), or tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup.

  7. 0845 Commentary TEAM LINE-UPS  

    TMS\u00a0is up and running - here are the teams.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Matt Prior (wk),\u00a0Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Luke Wright, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, James Tredwell, Chris Tremlett.

    West Indies:\u00a0Chris Gayle, Devon Smith, Darren Bravo, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Kieron Pollard, Devon Thomas (wk), Darren Sammy (capt), Andre Russell, Suileman Benn, Devendra Bishoo, Kemar Roach.

    Umpires are mostly Aussies - Steve Davis and Bruce Oxenford on the field, and Simon Taufel on TV replays. Fourth ump (bringing on the replacement balls)\u00a0is India's Shavir Tarapore, with Sri Lanka's Roshan Mahanama as match referee.

  8. Twitter  

    From sa9321: "Will dropping Anderson, as enigmatic as he can be, come back to haunt England?"

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  9. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "We were told yesterday that Shahzad was ill and had a bug - today we've had a text message saying he's out of the World Cup with a hamstring injury. A strange one, that."

  10. 0848 Commentary  

    Right, permutation time (while the excellent Vangelis "1492: Conquest of Paradise" booms out around the ground. Unless England win, they're out. If they win, they'll qualify if South Africa beat Bangladesh on Saturday, or if India beat West Indies on Sunday. If both those results go against England (or if either game is a tie or no result), it goes down to net run rate...

  11. 0854 Commentary  

    Anthem time - the rather jolly "Rally Round the West Indies" (a cricketing anthem - as they're separate nations playing as one team for criceketing purposes) precedes "God Save The Queen" . Swann, Bell, Bresnan, Tredwell, Trott, Prior, Wright, Yardy, Collingwood and\u00a0Anderson all sing - the others mutter or stay silent.

  12. SMS  

    From Priesty in Shetland: "It's about time James Tredwell got a game, every other team has been playing two or more front line spinners in this tournament. I predict Tredwell will outbowl Swann!"

    Do you not count Yardy as a front-line spinner then?

  13. Twitter  

    From DanLucas86: "Wright AND Bopara? Never mind bowling, worried about having both of them bat."

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  14. 0857 Commentary  

    Michael Vaughan has arrived in India to take up summariser duties on TMS - he thinks England need to post at least 225. West Indies walk to the middle, accompanied by England's determined-looking openers Andrew Strauss and Matt Prior.

  15. Commentary  

    From Craig, Blackpool, TMS Inbox: "Think we're right to drop Collingwood and Anderson. Luke Wright's inclusion is an interesting one, though he's due a score and his bowling is actually better than you'd think. Let's just use his and Ravi's overs when Pollard or Gayle are sat in the hut!!!"

  16. SMS  

    From Tanveer, Birmingham: "Why is Luke Wright in the team, as far as I am concerned he is far over-rated and Prior needs to put in a performance because I still don't know how he managed to get into the World Cup squad... Ah well it's going to be an interesting day if we get any less than 275 and Gayle is at his bludgeoning best, gonna be some stiff necks in the morning and some sore backsides from all the\u00a0kicking England are going to get coming home. Right then off to work."

  17. SMS  

    From Neil, London: "Could have been interesting to see Anderson bowl at Chanderpaul - with one player bleeding runs and the other content to block 9 out of 10 deliveries!"

  18. 1 over Commentary Eng 0-0  

    Paceman Kemar Roach takes the first over on a baked-looking Chennai pitch, Strauss lets it go by outside off stump and Roach is lucky it's not signalled as a wide. Strauss is watchful in defence - and sees out a maiden over.

    Apologies if one or two of you are having problems with the online TMS commentary - technical guys are working on it.

  19. Twitter  

    From ojb_87: "Kieron Pollard must be licking his lips about possibly facing\u00a0three part-time bowlers!"

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  20. 2 overs Commentary Eng 4-0  

    Towering left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn will share the new ball, as he has for most of the tournament - and Prior gets England under way with what looks little more than a push into the off side, it's pursued by three fielders but it scoots away for four!

  21. 3 overs Commentary Eng 7-0  

    Strauss pulls at Roach, gets a top edge... and it falls safely over square leg's head and they run one. "What England can't afford to do here is to be in two minds - if they play an aggressive shot, they should go through with it fully," says former England skipper Michael Vaughan on TMS. (Strauss captains England in an ODI for the 61st time today, overtaking MPV's record). Prior and Strauss nudge a single apiece.

  22. SMS  

    From Alex in Southampton: "Oh no, it's the bad old days again of Wright and Bopara - not to mention Prior as opener. What exactly has been wrong with Collingwood's bowling? Down at\u00a0number 7, his poor form with the bat is little issue. Good to see Tredwell playing though. Yardy is certainly not a front-line spinner."

  23. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Man has just come into TMS box... 'are you Vaughan?' he says. Michael says 'yes I am'. Man says 'your record is broken today' and then leaves!"

  24. 4 overs Commentary Eng 14-0  

    Strauss sweeps a single as keeper Devon Thomas yells "Come on Benny, come on Benno" (and variations therein) at the slow left-armer. Prior blasts a four through the off side, then knocks a two down to the athletic Roach at third man.

  25. SMS  

    From Sam, Kent: "Come on Tredwell! Been backing your place in the side to everyone down the pub. Don't let me down! Work today? Unlikely!"

  26. 5 overs Commentary Eng 18-0  

    Aggers and Michael Vaughan compare notes on cheese & tomato omelettes - Aggers has a theory that members of the press get ill less often than players on the subcontinent, as the press tend to "eat local" rather than trying to stick to lasagne, shepherd's pie etc - but MPV isn't quite convinced.\u00a0Left-hander Strauss has trouble getting Roach away until he laces a lovely cover-driven four through the gap.

    And thanks\u00a0for a suggestion from\u00a0David on the texts - if you're still having problems with the TMS online feed, try selecting "lower bandwidth" in the "listen live" window.

  27. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    \u201cWindies new boy Devendra Bishoo has a bit more to him than a name that will have tabloid headline-writers licking their lips. The Guyana leg-spinner, called up at the beginning of March as a replacement for injured all-rounder Dwayne Bravo, was named player of the tournament in the Caribbean T20 in 2010 after taking 10 wickets in four games at an average of 8.20. The 25-year-old has 86 first-class wickets at 27.3. A highest score of 39 in all forms of cricket suggest Tremlett, Wright and co shouldn't have to worry unduly about his batting.\u201d

  28. 6 overs Commentary Eng 27-0  

    Prior nudges Benn for a single, while Aggers has noticed that Chris Gayle at slip is waving his arms at fielders a lot more than when he was actually captain! A single takes Strauss to eight, Prior threads a two to the cover sweeper, then a low full toss is despatched to cow corner for four. A single\u00a0brings his score\u00a0to 19 and allows him to retain the strike.

  29. Twitter  

    From NazzyGaz: "Why the hate for Luke Wright? He can be a useful hitter down the order in the batting powerplay and is a handy bowler."

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  30. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "What we don't know is about the dew factor tonight. Will it make the ball skid on, will it be difficult for the spinners to grip the ball?"

  31. 7 overs Commentary Eng 33-0  

    Strauss takes a step forward to whip Roach through mid-on for four, before taking a big swing and missing completely. He manages a single off the last ball, a steady start for England.

  32. SMS  

    From Ian, on a train into Waterloo: "Our four bowlers must be happy to see their keeper at six! Four batsmen, a slogger and a LONG tail!"

  33. 8 overs Commentary Eng 40-0  

    West Indies make their first change - young Jamaican right-arm seamer Andre Russell replaces Big Benn. He's only playing his second ODI today - and Strauss (playing his 126th) pulls a two through mid-wicket, before cracking a looser delivery through square leg for four. Strauss swings for the rope again, but Darren Bravo cuts it off and they run one. Both openers have 20.

    Apologies for the continued problems with the online commentary sounding a bit strange - it's being worked on.

  34. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I'm sure West Indies coach Ottis Gibson, who used to be England's bowling coach, will have told the Windies bowlers that with Strauss, you have to bowl full and look to hit two-thirds of the way up off stump. When you bowl short, he's very strong square of the wicket. Twice he's come down the wicket and missed the ball, he's happier on the back foot."

  35. 9 overs Commentary Eng 48-0  

    Captain Darren Sammy brings himself into the attack, but drops it short to Strauss and the England skipper lifts it over mid-wicket for six! Next ball is pitched up and hits Strauss on the pad, there's a huge leap from keeper Thomas as he appeals for lbw, but to no avail. Thomas's chirping into the stump microphone is starting to get rather annoying, we've another 41 overs of it though... Strauss pushes a single, Prior tips-and-runs one off the last ball but makes his ground safely.

  36. SMS  

    From Rich, London: "Re: Ian on the train [8th over]\u00a0- never mind theirs at six. Our keeper is at number two!"

  37. 9.1 overs WICKET Prior b Russell 21 (Eng 48-1)  

    Russell in for his second over, the first ball demolishes Prior's stumps!

  38. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Pitch already looks much better than the SA game. Outfield fast."

  39. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Three hours on a coach up to Yorkshire is only bearable thanks to mobile internet and BBC text. Got a feeling England will lose off the last ball today..."

  40. Commentary  

    From\u00a0Mark, TMS Inbox: "Good start from the boys, Trott the unmovable rock to get a century today, if the others all get 25 to 35 runs each we will have a nice big score for the Windies to chase. Tremlett is a great choice, Anderson has been poor so far. could be along and nail biting day."

  41. 10 overs Commentary Eng 60-1  

    New batsman Jonathan Trott turns\u00a0his first ball off his legs for a confident four through mid-wicket, then guides his third off his hip for four more. And the Warwickshire man pokes the last ball of the over wide of mid-off for yet another four!\u00a0Is this the same Jonathan Trott? He's normally only concerned with painstakingly taking guard and\u00a0digging his Trott Trench in the pitch this early in his innings...

  42. Commentary  

    BBC Radio producer\u00a0Tim Peach: "Commentators don't ever need to tell us who is bowling for WI - wicketkeeper Devon Thomas always reminds us on the stump mic. Followed by 'boy'."

  43. 11 overs Commentary Eng 73-1  

    Cap'n Sammy to continue as\u00a0West Indies take\u00a0the fielding powerplay. Keeper Thomas is standing up to the stumps for his skipper's medium-fast seam (which unfortunately places him nearer to the aforementioned stump microphone). Strauss and Trott help themselves to ones and twos, and the England skipper has now overtaken Virender Sehwag to regain his place as the highest scorer in the tournament. Trott crashes another four through point, then eases another boundary through extra cover! 22 from eight balls for the Warwickshire man ("but it's proper cricket shots," says Geoff Boycott on TMS).

  44. 11.5 overs WICKET Strauss c Gayle b Russell 31 (Eng 79-2)  

    Russell the wicket-taker is guided for a single by Strauss, then Trott unleashes an on-drive for his sixth four - he's scoring all around the wicket here, and once again it's former skipper Chris Gayle coming over to have a word with the bowler, rather than current captain Darren Sammy. A single brings Strauss on strike, he goes for another big shot.. and is superbly caught by Gayle running back from square leg! That's the quickest I've ever seen Gayle run in the field...

  45. SMS  

    From Jeremy, Watford: "Can anybody tell me why we are still opening with Prior? He hasn't done it at the top of the innings yet and no evidence he will! Stick Trott as opener and push Prior down to four or five."

  46. 12 overs Commentary Eng 79-2  

    Ian Bell is the new batsman, while Simon Mann tells TMS listeners "it's TC time" - the legendary Tony Cozier, the voice of Caribbean cricket, joins Boycs at the mic.

  47. Twitter  

    From AdsPollardinho: "Anyone notice the amount of extras they have bowled so far compared to ours against Bangladesh?"

    Don't worry, I'm sure England will weigh in with their usual share of legside wides to boost the Windies total. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  48. Commentary  

    From Matt, Chichester, TMS inbox: "After Trott hit two boundaries off his first three balls, my officemate commented "well it's not surprising, he's just like Sehwag really". I'm still chuckling (particularly as he's now got\u00a0six boundaries off\u00a0nine balls!!)"

  49. 13 overs Commentary Eng 85-2  

    Sammy removes himself from the attack after taking a bit of a pummeling from Trott last over, and Big Benn returns. Bell is off the mark with a single, he and his Warwickshire team-mate Trott are nimble between the wickets and they manage a single off each ball. Geoff Boycott on TMS isn't happy with West Indies' field settings - "you'd find more brains in a pork pie" apparently. Get\u00a0your Boycott Bingo cards ready...

  50. Twitter  

    From rhc12benj: "Can this Trott play every game, please?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  51. 14 overs Commentary Eng 88-2  

    Russell, who has taken both wickets but gone for 25 in three overs, trots in for his fourth. A single takes Trott to 31, Bell rotates the strike and Trott hammers one back past the bowler but it's cut off and they run one. Mid-on and mid-off are right back on the edge of the circle.

  52. Twitter  

    From rossltmoss: "Nearly chocked on my pork pie after Boycott's 'There are more brains in a pork pie' comment!"

    As I mentioned, it could well be a day to have your Boycott Bingo cards at the ready. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  53. 15 overs Commentary Eng 94-2  

    Further evidence that England may be fielding a free-scoring, attacking batsmen at number three wearing a Jonathan Trott mask - he reverse-sweeps Benn for four to take his score to 36 from 19 balls! Two singles, and that's it for the fielding powerplay.

  54. Commentary  

    APOLOGIES. Due to technical problems, we've had to switch our live text commentary of the game to another page

  55. 16 overs Commentary Eng 97-2  

    New leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo into the attack - will he unleash a "Gatting Ball" at Bell for his first delivery in international cricket? Not quite, it's chopped to backward point on the bounce. Three singles from the over.

  56. 17 overs DRINKS BREAK Eng 99-2  

    Having big internet problems here I'm afraid. Two singles from the over (Kieron Pollard into the attack with his medium pace). Just as well it's a drinks break.

  57. 18 overs Commentary Eng 103-2  

    The players are refreshed, Trott steers Bishoo for a single to long-on, that's the hundred up for England. More steady accumulation from the Warwickshire pair, four singles from the over. Trott is on 41, and with 330 for the tournament, has overtaken Cap'n Strauss as this World Cup's top scorer.

  58. 19 overs Commentary Eng 103-2  

    Bell nudges Pollard for a single, Trott nudges a single as Smith rushes in from the mid-wicket boundary. "This wicketkeeper might be quite good in karaoke - he wouldn't be shy," notes Aggers on TMS as Devon Thomas continues rabbiting into the stump mic. "He'd do better with a tune," adds Vic Marks. Trott pushes a quick single to mid-wicket, the throw hits him as he makes his ground at the bowler's end. Five singles from the over - Trott has 43, Bell has 13.

  59. 21 overs Commentary Eng 119-2  

    Trott knocks Pollard into the covers and trotts through for a single. More steady stuff from England, though Bell helps one down the leg side for four.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "The wicketkeeper is not so much a doubting Thomas as a shouting Thomas."

  61. 22 overs WICKET Trott c Gayle b Bishoo 47 (Eng 121-3)  

    Two singles, then Trott tries to play against the spin and pops a simple catch to Gayle at mid-wicket, and Bishoo has his first international wicket.

  62. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "England need one person to play a big knock - we thought it would be Trott but he's gone."\u00a0

  63. 23 overs Commentary Eng 123-3  

    Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, three singles from the over and we've just about caught up with ourselves.

  64. 24 overs Commentary Eng 128-3  

    England plunder five singles from Bishoo, who has 1-18 from five overs.

  65. 25 overs Commentary Eng 132-3  

    Slow but steady from England. Three singles from Pollard's first three balls, then a wide - that's the first extra of the innings, incredibly.

  66. SMS  

    From Baz: "Is it just me, or is this innings perfectly set up for Morgan to come in and push us to a quality score?"

  67. 26 overs Commentary Eng 134-3  

    Single from Morgan, then Bishoo tosses it up to Bell, there's a bit of turn there. Michael Vaughan on TMS is concerned that Bell is getting rather tied down, he takes four balls to beat the infield with a single. He has 27, Morgan has seven.

  68. Twitter  

    From build_a_fire: "None of the England batsmen will want to stay in long with Devon Thomas chirping the bowler's name in their ear-hole non-stop"

  69. 26.1 overs WICKET Bell b Roach 27 (Eng 134-4)  

    Roach back into the attack, and castles Bell first ball!

  70. 1050 Commentary  

    While the batsmen change over, apologies again on behalf of the team here for the technical problems we've been suffering. We've had to revert to an older, slightly clunkier method of bringing you the text commentary, so it may be that I have to write slightly less (no bad thing I hear some of you cry) and publish slightly fewer user comments in order to bring you everything at a decent speed. You have been warned!

  71. 27 overs Commentary Eng 134-4  

    Ravi Bopara is the new batsman, the speedy Roach keeps him tied down for four balls, there's a loud lbw appeal off the last ball of the over - umpire Davis shakes his head and Windies decide against a review. Bit of bat on it. But it's a wicket maiden nevertheless.

  72. 27.2 overs WICKET Morgan c Thomas b Bishoo 7 (Eng 134-5)  

    Morgan tries a reverse sweep and is caught behind!

  73. SMS  

    From Ian Swann (no relation): "This is all setting itself up quite nicely for a late cameo from Swanny and co. England to make 290 odd and Swanny to come and skittle them for 200."

    NB He sent that before Morgan was out!

  74. 28 overs Commentary Eng 135-5  

    Luke Wright in at seven, can he prove his doubters wrong and play a long innings? He's off the mark with a single off Bishoo's last ball, the young leggie is causing a few problems for England.

  75. Commentary  

    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Why do England persist with Bell in the middle order? He consistently slows down the pace and puts pressure on the batsmen that come after him. He seems incapable of moving through the gears and never seems able to dominate the bowlers in one-day matches. England are crying out for a modern day Neil Fairbrother."

  76. 29 overs Commentary Eng 138-5  

    Roach in for his sixth over, he sends down a no-ball which Wright steers for one, so Bopara will face the free-hit ball. He jams his bat down on it, the ball hits his boot and nearly cannons into the stumps - Bopara scampers a risky single (perhaps forgetting that the only way to be out off a free-hit ball is run out...

  77. 30 overs Commentary Eng 140-5  

    Bishoo tosses it up, Bopara nudges a single, Wright carves one to deep mid-wicket but England have a large rebuilding job on our hands.

  78. Twitter  

    From dward56: "Has it really came down to Bopara and Wright trying to save our World Cup campaign?!"

  79. 31 overs Commentary Eng 149-5  

    Wright pushes a quick single, just beating the throw to the bowler's end. Bopara rotates the strike, then Roach bangs in an aerial wide. Just as Tony Cozier mentions on TMS that the Windies bowling has been quite tidy, Roach fires another one down the leg side and it evades bare-headed keeper Thomas, that's five wides! Wright punches a single to point, the extras made that over better for England than it was.

  80. Twitter  

    From Tom Cottrell: "We have shot ourselves in the foot here. Making an average bowling line-up look good. Gotta love the wicketkeeper though!"

  81. 32 overs Commentary Eng 151-5  

    Big Bad Benn's back as Bishoo takes a rest with very impressive ODI debutant figures of 8-0-23-2. Wright prods a single to extra cover - Aggers and Boycs on TMS point out that going at four an over from here would get England to 220-225, would that be enough? Bopara adds another, but only those two singles as Big Bad Benn puts the Big Bad Brakes on.

  82. Twitter  

    From TheBarb81: "The way Wright plays you would think he has won a competition to play for England... Shambolic!"

  83. 32.2 overs WICKET Bopara b Russell 4 (Eng 151-6)  

    Russell returns, Bopara edges Russell onto his stumps and departs for a scratchy four.

  84. 33 overs Commentary Eng 152-6  

    As my match-report colleague Sam Sheringham points out, England are being undone here by Russell and Bishoo - who are playing their second and first ODIs respectively, yet have taken five of the six wickets to fall. In fact, take away Trott's 47 from 38 balls and England would be facing humiliation here. New batsman is the left-handed James Tredwell - slightly surprised to see him batting ahead of Bresnan, but at least it's his chance to get involved in the tournament. He nearly fends his first ball straight to slip for a catch, peering through his helmet as Russell then fires a short ball past the Kent man's nose and is rather upset to see it signalled as a wide, ruining what would otherwise have been a wicket maiden.

  85. Twitter  

    From MikeyBurrows: "Taxi drivers in Heathrow area be on alert... embarrassed English cricketers arriving in a few hours looking for quick getaways."

  86. 34 overs Commentary Eng 155-6  

    Windies still have five men on the boundary for Wright as he drives Benn for a single past the gangly bowler. "Is Tredwell a better bat than Swann, then, or the Yorkshire lad Bresnan?" asks Geoff Boycott, never one to underplay the skills of the White Rose county's players on TMS. "I think he's more of an accumulator," ponders Aggers, as the Kent spinner tries to score his first World Cup runs with a tickle for two to fine leg... but they're signalled as leg byes.

  87. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Yet again Ravi Bopara contributes nothing! I didn't understand why people were pushing for him to be in the team, he's never been a good player!"

  88. 35 overs Commentary Eng 163-6  

    Wright smashes England's first boundary since the 21st over (first for 82 balls in fact), helping a loose delivery from Russell through the covers for four, before threading a more gentle shot to the cover sweeper for one. Tredwell is off the mark as he smacks a two past point, before clipping a single off his hip. Then there's a bizarre last delivery when Russell makes as if he's going to stop in his run-up, stuttering as he passes the umpire - but then carries on and sends one down outside off stump.

  89. Twitter  

    From GurmeetSahni: "Can't help but think Alastair Cook wouldn't throw away his wicket like these top order batters."

  90. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "The two men who probably thought they'd never play in this World Cup are out there with England's hopes resting on them."

  91. 36 overs Commentary Eng 171-6  

    Benn strays with a wide, then the slow left-armer floats one past Tredwell's legs, it scoots to the boundary and that's another five wides. The Kent man steers a single to long-on. Wright rotates the strike, eight from the over but only two off the bat.

  92. Commentary  

    From Sam, London, TMS inbox: "How can we be going home having drawn with India and beaten South Africa? Was it arrogance that we would just turn up and beat Bangladesh and Ireland? We got a shock against the Netherlands and didn't heed the warning. You do wonder whether the players have just had enough. I know I would have having spent four months in Australia and then 10 weeks in India. The ECB need to take full responsibility for this and learn from it, but they won't."

  93. 37 overs Commentary Eng 177-6  

    Pollard back into the attack - Wright knocks a single to third man, Tredwell does the same, then Wright carves his second boundary through the covers.\u00a0

  94. SMS  

    From Tom, Edinburgh: "Re: Anonymous [35th over], I think you're forgetting Ravi's three hundreds in a row. I really think there is a great player there who needs nurturing!"

  95. 38 overs Commentary Eng 183-6  

    After a single from Tredwell, Benn adjusts his field for the right-handed Wright (should that be "wright-handed"?) who guides a well-run two before steering a single to long-on. Tredwell rotates the strike, he's happy to give his partner the majority of the strike, and Wright punches the last ball to backward point for one. He has 22, Tredders has seven. And elephant in the room time - when do England take the batting powerplay? (Normally a harbinger of doom for them).

  96. Twitter  

    From Fearnley07: "Good on Andre Russell, met him last year down at Barnards Green CC, he is a top lad."

  97. 39 overs Commentary Eng 188-6  

    Wright turns Pollard round the corner for two, but can only add a single from the rest of the over. Tredwell slides to backward point, and a wild throw earns him two overthrows.

  98. 39.2 overs WICKET Tredwell run out (Pollard) 9 (Eng 192-7)  

    Captain Sammy returns to the attack, Wright pulls the first ball of his new spell for four through mid-wicket. Then they run on a misfield by Pollard and Tredwell is run out by about a third of the length of the pitch.

  99. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "There have been times today when it looks like both sides have been trying to lose!"

  100. 40 overs Commentary Eng 196-7  

    Neither Wright nor Tredwell will want to watch that run-out again on the replays. Tim Bresnan is the new batsman, he adds a couple of singles while the chastened Wright adds a single and a leg bye.

  101. 41 overs Commentary Eng 202-7  

    Wright knocks a two to long leg, a single takes him to 33. Big Tim continues his "single off every ball" approach" to bring up 200 for England, Wright whacks a single to long-off, and Bresnan takes his score to four from four.

  102. 42 overs Commentary Eng 212-7  

    This could be interesting - Bishoo back into the attack, are West Indies trying to slip in his last two overs before England take the powerplay? Bresnan plays out a dot ball for the first time, he knocks a single to leg before Bishoo drops it short for the first time and Wright slogs it through mid-wicket for four. Another short ball is clubbed for another four through long-on. A single takes him to 43.

  103. 43 overs Commentary Eng 215-7  

    Roach back for his seventh over, he pings in a legside wide, before Wright pokes a single past mid-wicket. Big Tim manages a leg bye off the last ball.

  104. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England will know they can defend this total, but the unknown factor is the dew."

  105. 43.4 overs WICKET Wright c Russell b Bishoo 44 (Eng 216-8)  

    Bishoo to bowl his last over, after a single from Bresnan, Wright tries to hoist him over mid-wicket but holes out on the boundary. Easy catch.

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I can't tell you how bad a cricket shot that was. Why didn't he take the powerplay if he was going to play a shot like that? My word, that's dumb."

  107. 44 overs Commentary Eng 216-8  

    Graeme Swann the new batsman, and debutant Bishoo finishes with figures of 10-0-34-3.

  108. 45 overs Commentary Eng 221-8  

    Roach in for his penultimate over, Windies are a bit ragged as after a single apiece, Roach sends down a no-ball - and Swann nearly contrives to run himself out off the free-hit ball, but the ball is thrown to the striker's end when a throw to the bowler's end would have run one of the batsmen out.

  109. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "If they get 30 off the last five overs, I'd take that."

  110. 46 overs Commentary Eng 228-8  

    Having left it to the last minute, England are now obliged to take the batting powerplay for the last five overs. Benn to bowl, Bresnan and Swann plunder three singles before Swann unleashes a cover-driven four.

  111. 47 overs Commentary Eng 238-8  

    Roach sends in a knee-high full toss, Bresnan flays and misses, and they run a bye to the keeper. Swann knocks a single to leg, then Big Tim edges a four through the vacant slip cordon. Another full toss, another swipe from the Pontefract Pummeller and that's four more runs!

  112. 47.1 overs WICKET Swann b Russell 8 (Eng 237-9)  

    Russell takes his fourth wicket when Swann steps back to leg, slogs and loses his middle stump.

  113. 48 overs Commentary Eng 241-9  

    Chris Tremlett is England's last man, and their tactics must be wrong if he's having to bat in a powerplay, although he can clear the ropes on occasions. Once more, as in the 35th over, Russell stutters in his run-up as he passes the umpire (a bit like the way John Aldridge used to take penalties) but goes through with the delivery, thankfully Tremlett stands tall and punches a single to long-off. Bresnan adds a single, Tremlett keeps the strike, can they survive the last 12 balls?

  114. 48.4 overs WICKET Tremlett c Thomas b Roach 3 (Eng 243 all out)  

    Roach digs it in short, Tremlett knocks a single to mid-wicket. Bresnan takes one to Gayle at cover, Tremlett tries to fend off a bouncer and feathers a catch to the keeper.

  115. 1231 Commentary  

    So there it is - England need to restrict West Indies to 242 or less to stay in the World Cup. A tie would eliminate them.

  116. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I think that's a good total on this wicket, my gut feeling is it should be enough, but the way England were at, they should have got 275. Wright really did commit suicide with the ludicrous shot he played."

  117. 1236 Commentary  

    West Indies' reply will get under way at about 1315 GMT - but before then, keep listening to TMS as Aggers will be speaking to comedian, cricket fan and blogger Andy Zaltzman. Meanwhile, we're going to grab a sarnie and try to restore normal service with the live text...

  118. 1258 Commentary  

    Right, please stand by your beds. We think we've been able to restore the "usual" live text - so please wait for about 30 seconds after you see this message appear, and manually refresh the page. Thank you.

  119. 1303 Commentary  

    If you're seeing this, then we have lift-off...

  120. 1304 Commentary  

    While I've overhauled the template during the break, I'm going to hand Sam Sheringham the task of getting West Indies' reply under way for the first few overs...

  121. 1308 Commentary  

    Afternoon everyone. Mark Mitchener is far too modest a man to tell you this but he has just performed technical heroics to bring us to the point where we are back with our all-singing, all-dancing colour-coded text commentary. So look out for those red blocks folks, because that means the Windies have lost a wicket!

  122. 1312 Commentary  

    Now, Michael Vaughan has played a lot more cricket than I have and he reckons England's 243 all out is a good score on this pitch. It certainly looked a belter at the start when Jonathan Trott and Andrew Strauss were going great guns but there was a touch of seam movement and more than a smidgeon of turn. Will England open up with Graeme Swann to try to tempt Chris Gayle into getting himself out? We'll soon find out.

  123. 1 over Commentary WI 3-0  

    The Windies, chasing 244 to win, get their reply under way as Devon Smith prods a single through the covers off Tim Bresnan. Chris Gayle shows the big Yorkshireman plenty of respect at first but then takes a wild swing a misses the ball by a country mile! Remember, England must win to stay in the World Cup.

  124. Commentary  

    From p2people: "Come on West Indies! Let's qualify and regretfully send England home. Sorry, I've got to support the Windies in this one!"

    Don't be sorry! We'd like to hear from more Windies fans - how far can you go in the competition? Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  125. 2 overs Commentary WI 7-0  

    Swann is chosen by Strauss to bowl the second over of his innings. Gayle trots a single before some clever placement from Smith gets him a couple. "You're not going to get Gayle running fast, wherever you hit it," chortles Geoff Boycott on TMS.

  126. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I think Prior's wicketkeeping and batting have both gone backwards in this tournament."

  127. Twitter  

    From rossltmoss:\u00a0"OK so I got my prediction slightly wrong, I thought the batting would hold up. Let's hope our bowlers turn up today!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  128. 3 overs Commentary WI 25-0  

    Bresnan strays a little with his line and Gayle barely has to move as he swats the ball away like an irritating fly and gets the first boundary of the innings down to fine leg. Another ball, another boundary as Gayle takes a couple of strides down the pitch and slams Bresnan back over his head for four. Dear oh dear, two more fours! First Gayle rocks back and cuts hard to the fence and then a wild swipe is edged to the boundary at third man. Ominous, very ominous.

  129. 4 overs Commentary WI 32-0  

    Smith tries to glance Swann down the leg side and picks up four leg-byes. That's poor from Swann as he pushes a wide down the leg side. Two more singles and that's seven from the over. Tremlett to bowl next.

  130. SMS  

    From Dave B, Portsmouth: "Come on the Windies. Love to see England fly home tonight. Leaving on a jet plane..."

    If you're texting in to 81111, please put "CRICKET" as the first word of your message as we share the text inbox with Ollie Brett's Cheltenham Festival live text and others (mainly rogue messages intended for Radio 1).

  131. 5 overs Commentary WI 50-0  

    So what can Tremers do? He did the job when called upon in the Ashes, can he rescue England's World Cup campaign? The signs aren't good as Gayle pulls a four through midwicket then opens his shoulder and plunders a six over long-on. The next ball is right on middle stump but it's meat and drink to Gayle, who cracks it over the bowler's head.\u00a0Yet another four takes Gayle to\u00a039 off 16 balls! I am speechless, so for that reason I will hand you back to Mr Mitchener who has been fully briefed to get Chris Gayle out!

  132. 6 overs Commentary WI 53-1  

    Many thanks to Sam Sheringham for getting West Indies off to such a cracking start... they may be offering him a job as their pinch-hitting text commentator. Seriously, cheers for that, you can read Sam's match report later but it's back to me, Mark Mitchener, for the rest of the game. England have the chance to get their breath back as Smith steers Swann for a two and a single, only allowing Gayle one ball to face, which he blocks.

  133. Twitter  

    From bharatgami: "The Gayle is gathering force."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved


    We have the rare luxury (for England) of off-spin from both ends as James Tredwell is into the attack, bowling round the wicket to the two left-handers. Smith knocks a single off his legs, while Gayle is clearly carrying some kind of leg injury - hobbling to the striker's end as Simon Mann compares him to a kangaroo bouncing along! But the big Jamaican clubs the Kent offie for a first-bounce four through mid-wicket, he won't have to run for that one... Gayle prods forward, Tredwell appeals, he's given out lbw and Gayle immediately calls for a review!

  135. 6.5 overs WICKET Gayle lbw b Tredwell 43 (WI 58-1)  

    It's not a no-ball, it's pad first before bat and looks straight, did it hit him in line? And it's on-field call for hitting the stumps (brushing the top of the bails) - so Gayle goes after a thrilling 43 from 21 balls!

  136. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "That's a huge wicket. Another 45 minutes of him, and it would have been game over!"

  137. 7 overs Commentary WI 58-1  

    Captain Darren Sammy is the surprise number three batsman - we've been rather impressed by young Darren Bravo in this World Cup so far - and he blocks his first ball from Tredwell, who I often think looks like he could be John Crawley's little brother.

  138. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Some new TMS behind the scenes photos now available - including our interval guest in Chennai."

  139. 8 overs Commentary WI 58-1  

    Swann rattles through his over - after five dot balls to Smith, there's an appeal for lbw, but\u00a0TV\u00a0replays reveals an inside edge. Maiden over, but the Windies still only need 4.42 per over after Gayle's early assault.

  140. Twitter  

    From bigbigben: "The Gayle was more of a quick gust!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  141. 9 overs WICKET Smith st Prior b Tredwell 10 (WI 67-2)  

    Sammy justifies his self-promotion to number three by fetching Tredwell from outside off stump and lifting him over cow corner for six - not a bad way to open your account. Mid-over, Ian Bell is brought in to field at short leg - there's a hold-up while he dons a helmet and puts on a pair of wicketkeeping pads (not your regular shin pads, they do look more like a keeper's) under his navy blue trousers. Sammy steers a three through the covers, then England appeal for a stumping against Smith as he plays and misses, and despite the fact that "Buttergloves" Prior spills the ball, somehow he breaks the wicket before Smith can get back!

  142. 10 overs Commentary WI 78-2 (TARGET 244)  

    Bresnan returns in place of Swann - but Sammy has clearly chosen to slog his side nearer the target, as a big heave-ho brings him four past mid-off, and after adding a two, the St Lucian stands-and-delivers and blasts four more past point! Bresnan drops short, a miscued hook brings him a single to mid-wicket. That brings new batsman Darren Bravo on strike - he defends his first two balls. England were 60-1 at this stage.

  143. SMS  

    From Kirti: "Please can we have Sam back on the live text... this Mitchener bloke has screwed it up for us Windies fans by getting Chris Gayle out!"

    It wouldn't be the first West Indian wicket I've "taken" - when I was out there watching England a couple of years ago, I bowled an appalling over of full tosses in a social match at Wanderers in Bridgetown, and after hitting me for 6, 4, 4 the guy holed out on the square leg boundary!

  144. 11 overs Commentary WI 85-2  

    Sammy seems to think this is a Twenty20 match - he flicks Tredwell over mid-wicket, this is six or out... and it's six! ("A touch of the Pietersen flamingo there," says Vic Marks on TMS). A single takes him to 27 from 14.

  145. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Sammy is swinging at everything like a village cricketer in fading light!"

  146. 12 overs Commentary WI 91-2  

    Bresnan off again and Tremlett returns, Sammy has another cross-batted heave but can only run a single. Bravo drives to mid-off, where Jonathan Trott (wearing a large-brimmed navy blue sunhat) pounces to deny him a run. After facing seven dot balls, left-hander Bravo joins in the fun by blasting a four wide of mid-on. A single completes the over.

    (By the way, sorry I didn't mention it last over, but England have not taken the fielding powerplay, with all these balls disappearing around the park!)

  147. 13 overs WICKET Bravo c Strauss b Tredwell 5 (WI 91-3)  

    Aggers and Vic on TMS are speculating over the matter I raised at 0839 - namely that without a fifth front-line bowler in the side, England are going to have to find at least 10 overs between Wright and Bopara - no Colly today, remember. ("And the way Bresnan and Tremlett have disappeared, they may have to bowl some of their overs too", adds Vic). Tredwell sends down five dot balls to Bravo... then completes a wicket maiden when he nibbles at one and edges to Strauss who takes a great low catch at slip!

  148. SMS  

    From\u00a0Mark in Devon:\u00a0"Where's Tredwell been all this tour? I'm looking forward to George Dockrell inspiring England to victory in\u00a0four years' time!"

  149. 14 overs Commentary WI 94-3  

    Are West Indies joining in the "village cricket" theme even further by drawing their batting order out of\u00a0a hat? Rather than sending in specialist batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan or specialist whacker Kieron Pollard, the new batsman is wicketkeeper Devon Thomas. He takes an early blow when Sammy bludgeons one from Tremlett straight back down the pitch and it hits Thomas on the foot! Ouch! Tremmers tries a slower bouncer but\u00a0it pings harmlessly down the leg side and is signalled as a wide. Sammy pokes a single to third man - now, will Thomas's bite with the bat be as sharp as his non-stop\u00a0barking behind the stumps? He's off the mark with a single. Sammy clips the last ball for a single, he has 30 from 20 balls.

  150. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "You feel England will have to bowl West Indies out to win this game."

  151. Commentary  

    From Neil, Somerset, TMS inbox: "Do not fear the wrath of Keiron Pollard\u2019s big hitting, I am his jinx. Last season I saw him\u00a0in four\u00a0home T20 games at Taunton where he managed to hit his\u00a0four lowest scores of the season. Then at the T20 final I\u00a0saw him take the bouncer to the mouth that ultimately cost us the crown."

  152. 15 overs Commentary WI 106-3  

    Tredwell drops one in outside off stump and Sammy swings it over cow corner, and that's out of the ground! A single takes him to 37, then a fluent roll of the wrists from Thomas whips a four past mid-on. The required rate is now under four an over - and remember, England must win this game or they're out of the World Cup.

  153. SMS  

    From Darren in Kent: "Tredwell and Wright aren't looking like bad replacements now are they?"

    Several other men of Kent, and Kentish men,\u00a0have made similar points on the emails and texts, sticking up for their boy Tredders...

  154. 16 overs Commentary WI 109-3  

    With no Colly-cutters available in England's bowling resources, it's time for some medium pace from Ravi Bopara, will the West Indians' eyes light up here? Sammy and Thomas have a look at what the Essex man has to offer, steering three singles, but no boundaries. Have England found the answer? Or with the required rate under four, are they just taking a breather?

  155. SMS  

    From Matt, Devon: "Mark\u00a0[14th over],\u00a0a lot of people would prefer to see Dockrell bowling Ireland to victory in\u00a0four years' time. It's a shame the ICC don't feel the same."

    I agree. It'd be great to see Ireland (and how about Afghanistan?) at the CWC in 2015.

  156. 17 overs DRINKS BREAK WI 113-3  

    Tredwell goes round the wicket to the two right-handers, who plunder three singles and a legside wide from it. Are we into middle-over accumulation mode? We've still got two powerplays to come - but first, some drinkies.

  157. Commentary  

    From Andrew, Reading, TMS inbox: (Re: Neil in Somerset, 15 overs) "The fact you're in Somerset worries me...How quickly can you get to Chennai?"

  158. 17.1 overs WICKET Sammy b Bopara 41 (WI 113-4)  

    Cap'n Sammy gets an inside edge onto his stumps, even though it only dislodges one bail - Ravi strikes! Was that a tactical drinks break?

  159. SMS  

    Fom Ed, a proud man of Kent: "I do hope you are aware that "Kentish men" and "men of Kent" are very different things - you risk upsetting a lot of people if you confuse the two."

    I'm very aware of the distinction (people born east or west of the Medway), being a Kentish Man by birth myself (born in Farnborough), although my heritage and residence since toddler-age make me a Hampshire fan!

  160. 18 overs Commentary WI 114-4  

    Ramnaresh Sarwan is the new batsman, I still shiver with trepidation at remembering watching him score 291 against England in Barbados a couple of years ago. He's off the mark with a single and Ravi B has very tidy figures of 2-0-4-1.

  161. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "You've got to bowl straight to Sarwan. I think an inch outside off stump is considered 'width' by him."

  162. 19 overs Commentary WI 118-4  

    Having made that breakthrough, England take the fielding powerplay, and turn back to Tim Bresnan. Sarwan immediately cuts a single, Thomas manufactures a two and a single. And that's the four an over they need, lest we forget...

  163. Twitter  

    From spethick: "Windies are pure box office. Why win the game at a canter when you can thrash the ball to all corners and lose?"

    Don't count those chickens yet! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  164. 19.4 overs WICKET Thomas b Bopara 10 (WI 118-5)  

    Bopara probably didn't expect at the start of the tournament that he'd be bowling during a powerplay, but he's keeping it commendably straight against Thomas - and the Windies keeper tries to run one to third man and chops on!

  165. 20 overs Commentary WI 118-5  

    Big cheers greet the arrival of Kieron Pollard to the gladiatorial arena. They must know him well from the IPL in these parts - so, will he arrive and then disappear in a swift blaze of glory, or will he hang in there and win West Indies the game? He plays his first ball straight to mid-on, then Bopara half-heartedly appeals for lbw on the last ball, I think there was bat on that.

  166. SMS  

    From JB: "I am a man of Kent and Tredwell ain't good enough. These figures flatter him and England should not be conned into picking him again."

  167. SMS  

    From Jack in Hitchin: "Fundamentally England have not been good enough at this World Cup to justify a place in the quarter-finals. The group stages is about putting away the 'minnows' which we have not done, whereas West Indies have... I feel the ECB have let England down hugely in their scheduling of the winter. However even if we do get knocked out today let's not forget all the good England have managed this winter; most notably winning the Ashes in Australia!"

  168. 21 overs Commentary WI 118-5  

    Nice bit of inswing (or is it reverse swing?) from Big Tim as he sends down a maiden over to the watchful Sarwan.

  169. 22 overs Commentary WI 118-5  

    So, how long will Pollard last against Bopara before cutting loose? Prior yells an appeal for lbw, and after a quick chat England decide not to review it - just as well as the ball-tracking system suggests it would have missed off stump. But Bopara keeps it tight against the big-hitting Pollard, and that's three consecutive maidens! In a powerplay, no less!

  170. SMS  

    From Kingorry: "118-5 - didn't England have Ireland in a similar position and still lose?"

    England have been consistent in this World Cup - seemingly able to lose from any position!

  171. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "You could describe the West Indies run chase as having two gears. They started off in seventh gear, now they are in first. They need to find second or third!"

  172. 23 overs Commentary WI 125-5  

    West Indies end a run of 20 balls without scoring as Sarwan guides Bresnan for a single. Pollard's off the mark with a two through mid-wicket, then it's more like "Sehwag mode" for the Trinidadian as he clubs a length ball for four over mid-on.

  173. 24 overs Commentary WI 129-5  

    With figures of 4-2-4-2 so far, England will hope to smuggle through as many overs of Bopara as they can in this spell. Sarwan chops it, on the bounce, straight to point, as Simon Mann on TMS peruses the Windies lower order's career batting records while\u00a0Michael Vaughan says "if England get through to Benn and Roach, it's curtains". Bopara is on the verge of an incredible third maiden when he strays a little wide and Sarwan square-cuts him for four.

  174. 25 overs DROPPED CATCH WI 138-5  

    Bresnan is replaced by his new-ball partner (for today, anyway) Graeme Swann - once more, Bell dons a helmet to field at short leg. Pollard has to defend one that turns sharply off the pitch - then he eyes up the long-on boundary and lifts a six over it! A two off his legs takes him to 14, then he goes down the aerial route again, Bopara chases back through the covers to take the catch over his shoulder... and spills the chance! Could be a match-turning over, this. They ran one, by the way.

  175. SMS  

    From Matt, Bolton: "I am fairly new to cricket and after the Ashes I've been addicted. What I can't seem to understand after watching Cook dominate the Aussies, why don't we use him in one-day matches? Like I said I'm fairly new to cricket so an explanation would be most appreciated."

    I think England fear they could get bogged down if Strauss and Cook were to open together in an ODI - and as Strauss is captain, he gets the nod. But if Strauss were to retire from ODIs (as has been rumoured, denied but is still rumoured), that might create an opening at the top of the order for the Chef.

  176. 26 overs Commentary WI 146-5  

    Bopara in for his sixth over, can he make up for that drop? Pollard and Sarwan help themselves to a single apiece, before Pollard lofts another huge six down the ground and into the sightscreen. West Indies need 98 from 24 overs.

  177. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "This is where England miss out by not having a left-arm spinner who can turn the ball away from the batsmen. Right-handers can hit off-spinners with the spin."

  178. 27 overs Commentary WI 149-5  

    Swann off, Luke Wright on with his medium pace. He's gone for a few runs at times when he's bowled for England, although in his defence I should mention a brilliant last over he bowled in New\u00a0Zealand a couple of years ago to earn England a tie. But a tie's no good to them today...\u00a0Sarwan knocks a single to long leg, and umpire Steve Davis has a little word with fielder Chris Tremlett for throwing the ball in on the bounce - you're not supposed to deliberately scuff the ball, even though many teams do it and get away with it. Pollard nearly becomes the latest West Indian to edge the ball onto his stumps, then there's a half-hearted appeal for lbw, but to no avail. Pollard clips a two to Tremlett at long leg, but he's not happy about something and having a little moan at the fielders. Aggers on TMS wonders whether England might be deliberately trying to wind him out to make him lose his cool...


    Bopara takes a rest (with figures of 6-1-16-2) and Swann has changed ends. Pollard is hit on the pad, Davis raises his finger but Pollard asks for a review, although it looked out...

  180. WICKET  

    The ball-tracker has it clipping leg stump, it's on-field call and Pollard departs! Big wicket for England.

  181. SMS  

    From Fenners, Binfield: "Monty Panesar would have been deadly on these pitches. When Broad went home, why didn't we send for Monty?"

    I think his limitations in batting and fielding count against him in limited-overs cricket, although I did watch him run Ganguly out in an ODI at the Rose Bowl!

  182. 28 overs Commentary WI 150-6 (TARGET 244)  

    Andre Russell is the new batsman - he's in his second ODI, but has a List A (limited-overs) average of 33.50 from 11 innings. He sees off the rest of Swann's over.

  183. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Although hardly the same, Russell can certainly play, as his average of 110 in Worcestershire County League Division 1 last year testifies!"

    I hope for his sake that's his batting average, not bowling average!

  184. 29 overs Commentary WI 151-6  

    Sarwan is careful against Wright, nudging a single to Morgan who scampers in from the mid-wicket boundary. Russell's defence looks orthodox, but England will be pleased to only concede one from the over. 93 needed from 21 overs.

  185. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "If you want exciting cricket, with your nerves jangling, you want to watch England or Pakistan - I hope we get them in the quarter-finals if we go through!"

  186. 30 overs Commentary WI 154-6  

    Swann begins his seventh over, Sarwan prods a single down the ground to long-on. Russell prods forward, it falls agonisingly short of Bell at short leg. A powerful sweep brings him two to Tredwell at long leg.

  187. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Cook and Strauss [26th over]. An old schooler like myself believes you build a one-day innings with a solid foundation and accelerate towards the end with plenty of wickets in hand. Enough of this part-time openers rubbish."

  188. 31 overs Commentary WI 161-6  

    Sarwan steers a single through the covers, Russell has a cross-batted swing and gets a bottom edge into the ground and over keeper Prior's head for a single. Sarwan leans forward and nonchalantly cover-drives Wright for four - WIndies' first boundary for seven overs. England were 149-5 at this stage.

  189. SMS  

    From Matt: "Monty played for my local club for a few weeks last summer and his fielding and batting left a lot to be desired, even at that level!"

  190. 32 overs Commentary WI 174-6  

    Swann swanns off and Tremlett returns to the attack, having been smashed for 28 by Gayle and Sammy in his only three overs so far. Sarwan knocks a single, then Russell has a huge slog and hits a Pollard-esque six into the stand at long-on! The 22-year-old Jamaican adds a two to long leg, then he helps the last ball down the leg side for four. 0-41 from four, it's not really Tremlett's day...

  191. 33 overs DRINKS BREAK WI 182-6  

    Sarwan tries to turn Wright off his legs, they run and leg bye is signalled. Russell guides another two to long leg, he's quick behind the wickets - apparently he\u00a0was beaten by\u00a0some chap called Usain Bolt in the Jamaican Schools 100m championships... Another blast for four through mid-off takes him to 21, he's overtaken Sarwan - and clearly likes to "hold the pose" whenever he plays a good shot. A single takes him to 22 from 15, and suddenly Sarwan (19 from 42) looks like the junior partner. 62 needed from 17 overs. Considering England's record in this tournament, it would be\u00a0a brave man to put his house on the result of this game...

  192. SMS  

    From Patrick in Southwell: "So it's runs to get versus wickets remaining divided by bowlers that can keep it tight. Intriguing."

  193. 34 overs Commentary WI 188-6  

    Vic Marks and Tony Cozier on TMS are surprised to see Tremlett get another over - but he raps Russell on the pad, there's an appeal but there was bat on that and they run a single. A replay shows it was a good decision. "Steve Davis has a 100% record on reviews in this tournament," reveals Tony C. "He's not had a single decision overturned." Sarwan angles a single to backward point, Russell swats a two to the mid-wicket sweeper, then he takes the aerial route again but it drops safely, between long-on and mid-wicket, and they run two. This stand is already worth 38.

  194. Twitter  

    From jakelongley: "Not sure my nerves can handle many more games like this!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  195. 35 overs Commentary WI 192-6  

    The balding Tredwell is recalled in place of the hirsute Wright, and there's a short leg in again as England try to put the brakes on. Sarwan carefully guides a two to the backward point boundary, a single brings Russell on strike - will he take on the spinner? He pokes the ball to third man and despite starting late, a sprinter's finish ensures he makes his ground at the bowler's end. 52 needed from 90 deliveries...

  196. SMS  

    From\u00a0Keith: "Why do we keep letting teams off the hook when we're into the late middle order, this is turning out the same as Ireland."

  197. 36 overs Commentary WI 197-6  

    England need\u00a0a breakthrough, and turn to Graeme Swann's spin. Russell and Sarwan help themselves to a single apiece, then Russell waits to carefully guide the ball to third man and he scampers back for three. He has 32 from 24, Sarwan is keeping his end up with 24 from 53. Another useful over for the Caribbean men, the required rate is back down to 3.35.

  198. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Gloom has turned to nervous excitement in the Bangladesh radio box."

    If you're not aware, a Windies win or a tie will also ensure Bangladesh and India qualify...

  199. 37 overs Commentary WI 204-6 (TARGET 244)  

    Another big hit from Russell, smacking Tredwell for a flat six over extra cover - the 201st maximum of the tournament, and the eighth of this innings. It's also the half century stand. Those of us who remember the Champions Trophy final from 2004, and the stand between Courtney Browne and Ian Bradshaw that won the game for West Indies when England looked set to claim their first ICC silverware, are starting to have flashbacks... A single takes Russell to 39, and Cap'n Strauss only has two overs left each of Tredwell and Swann.

  200. 38 overs Commentary WI 211-6  

    Russell swings Swann to long-on, the tumbling Jonathan Trott takes the catch... but did he touch the rope (or rather the rubber advertising stuff on top of the rope) as he fell? Third ump Simon Taufel has several looks at it, his decision could swing the match either way, and on-field umpire Davis signals... six! Having taken 4-49 with the ball, Russell must be closing in on a man of the match award if West Indies win. A swept single takes him to 46.

  201. SMS  

    From Chris in Albrighton: "The run rate's irrelevant, we take\u00a0four wickets now or we're coming home!"

  202. BBC Radio 5 live's Adil Ray
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Adil Ray  

    On Twitter: "There's a shadow that makes it look like the boundary rope that Trott touches.. but benefit of doubt must go to batsman."

  203. 39 overs Commentary WI 216-6  

    Bresnan returns as Strauss decides to keep Tredwell's last two overs up his sleeve - if they do make the breakthrough, England will have some left-handers to bowl at. A more sedate over is punctuated by four singles and a leg bye. West Indies need 28 from 66 balls, and as Chris observes below, England need some wickets or they're toast.

  204. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "I know they're tired, but this is a huge underachievement from this set of England players. They normally arrive at World Cups after losing Ashes series 4-1 or 5-0, but I was really encouraged by this group of players. We've never had a batting order this deep, we've got a world-class spinner and we field so well - but it hasn't worked for them."

  205. 40 overs Commentary WI 217-6  

    Tredders has changed ends, a single from his penultimate over takes Russell to 49, and West Indies are inching towards what would be a famous victory... and another limp and disappointing World Cup exit by England. Like 2007, and 2003, and 1999, and 1996...

  206. SMS  

    From James, London: "Why do we not just bowl yorkers? What's the flaw with this theory?"

  207. 41 overs Commentary WI 222-6  

    With 2-16 from his first six overs, can "Goldenarm" Bopara yank England's iron out of the fire once more? Russell, on the verge of a maiden ODI half century, takes one on the thigh and runs a comfortable leg bye. Sarwan gets an edge... but it's away for four through the vacant slip cordon. Only 22 more needed.

  208. 41.2 overs WICKET Russell lbw b Tredwell 49 (WI 222-7)  

    Russell tries to force Tredwell down the leg side, he's given out and West Indies have no more reviews yet. Did it pitch outside leg? It won't matter now...


    Sulieman Benn prods forward to his first ball, England appeal for lbw, it's not out but with two reviews in the bag, they invoke the DRS...

  210. NOT OUT  

    It hit him on the knee-roll, a long delay to see whether he got a thin edge onto the pad, but what does the ball-tracker say? Impact in line... brushing the top of middle stump so it's "umpire's call" and Big Benn survives!

  211. 42 overs Commentary WI 222-7  

    Benn survives the rest of the over, and Tredwell finishes with a wicket maiden to give him glorious figures of 10-2-48-4. He'd not even taken a wicket in his three previous ODIs...

  212. 43 overs Commentary WI 223-7  

    Sarwan has been the proverbial immovable object in this innings, he steers Bopara for a careful single, then Big Benn nearly plays on, another inside edge onto the pad. Just one from the over - 21 needed from 42 balls.

  213. SMS  

    From David in Cambourne: "The idiot administrators who scheduled a 5 month tour, should hang their heads in shame, there's just nothing left, lets just hope there is time to recover before the summer."

    Never mind the summer, some of them will be off to the IPL first, it starts on 8 April!

  214. 43.1 overs WICKET Sarwan c Bell b Swann 31 (WI 223-8)  

    Swann begins his last over, the first ball bounces and Sarwan loops a catch to short leg!

  215. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "So\u00a0I can now officially say\u00a0- Five games for England in\u00a0the World Cup... five thrllers. If England do go out , the tournament will miss them!"

  216. 43.3 overs WICKET Roach c Tremlett b Swann 0 (WI 223-9)  

    New batsman Kemar Roach goes for a big slog down the ground to his second ball and is brilliantly caught by the diving Tremlett at full stretch!

  217. 44 overs Commentary WI 224-9  

    So it's debutant Devendra\u00a0Bishoo to seal England's fate - or ensure they survive to wait to see if South Africa or India can do them a favour over the weekend. Benn turns a single to extra cover - Swann will get one ball at Bishoo. "Crowd the bat!" exhorts Michael Vaughan on TMS. Four close catchers... and he blocks it. Swann finishes with figures of 10-1-36-3.

  218. BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin
    Contributor BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin  

    On Twitter: "In hotel bar in Mumbai yelled a but too loud after that last wicket... Apologised to bar staff."

  219. 44.4 overs WICKET Benn run out 0 (WI 224 all out)  

    Bopara to continue. WI need 20 from 36 balls, with the last pair together. Benn blocks, then chases a wide one, the ball scoots down the leg side, they attempt a second run to the throw from Jonathan Trott - of all people - and Benn is run out! England win by 18 runs and are still in the World Cup.

  220. 1634 Commentary  

    Jubilant scenes on and off the field from the England players and coaches. But they still have to wait on other results. To summarise, they will qualify for the quarter-finals IF South Africa beat Bangladesh OR India beat West Indies. Otherwise, it may all go down to net run rate...

  221. Commentary  

    England spinner Graeme Swann: "I honestly thought Jonathan Trott didn't touch the rope for that catch, but I was made up for Tredders as he's come in and done my job for me by getting left-handers out."

  222. Twitter  

    From mattharding007: "How right was Michael Vaughan at 0857? He should put the lottery on now..."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved, or join the discussions

  223. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "You wouldn't think England are playing well enough at the moment to win the World Cup, and they haven't yet produced an all-round performance\u00a0- but they've proved that in these tight games, all you need is to score one more than the opposition."

  224. Commentary  

    Windies captain Darren Sammy: "I think one of our guys who got starts had to take us through, we lacked a killer instinct but young Russell and Bishoo did well, we can take positives from it. I decided to bat at three, the young keeper came in for Sars [Sarwan] because he was in the washroom and wasn't ready. All in all, we should have chased 243 down. Chris Gayle is still suffering from a niggle and I didn't want to risk that by bowling him. We'll be watching South Africa-Bangladesh but we have to focus on India now."

  225. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "We probably should have scored 260-270 but we had to fight hard, the guys stuck together, showed hunger and desire\u00a0and thankfully that was enough to get us over the line. We've not played as well as we'd have liked in this tournament - we're still waiting on other results but we're hoping we've done enough to go through. Great credit to James Tredwell and Luke Wright who have been waiting in the wings but came in today. I think mental freshness makes a difference after a long winter. But we've got to be more clinical - we had a great start but gave away too many wickets."

  226. Commentary  

    Man of the match James Tredwell: "I'm delighted to take the opportunity and get a few wickets - after we played the last game here when it turned sideways, I thought I might get a game. You just have to land the ball in the right area."

  227. 1655 Commentary  

    Aggers and Boycs are beginning their review of the day - you'll be able to download this later as the TMS podcast. To reiterate the permutations, England will go through if South Africa beat Bangladesh on Saturday or India beat West Indies on Sunday.

    But if Bangladesh beat SA and West Indies beat India, then England and India will have to be separated on net run rate. India's is currently superior (0.77) to England's (0.07) - so it would all depend on the margin of India's defeat.

  228. BBC Sport's Sonali Shah
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sonali Shah  

    On Twitter: "Oh England... you never take the easy route do you?"

  229. 1700 Commentary  

    Before you ask, I know there are further permutations involving SA-Bangladesh or India-West Indies (or both) finishing as ties or no-results. I won't bore you with seven decimal places - but the one combination of results they don't want is a Bangladesh win, followed by an India-Windies washout - as Windies' net run rate is still vastly better than other teams', courtesy of their thumping win against Bangladesh.

  230. Twitter  

    From Anna___B: "Ha! England single-handedly reviving the excitement in ODI cricket. Not good for the nerves, mind."

    Indeed. Use the hashtag #bbcworldcup if you want to carry on the discussions!

  231. 1705 Commentary  

    Well, you can't say England aren't entertainers... I'm sure you'll want to note down that highlights of today's game can be viewed\u00a0from 2200 GMT on BBC Two, the Red Button and the BBC Sport website.

    Thanks for your patience with us today amid the various technical problems, and thanks for all your emails, texts and tweets. Tomorrow, Ireland finish their World Cup programme against the Netherlands at 0400 GMT, while there will be TMS commentary (and live text coverage here with Ben Dirs) on New Zealand-Sri Lanka from 0900. But if you set your alarm for an early start on Saturday morning (or just don't go to sleep after watching Comic Relief), I'll be back in the wee small hours for live text on South Africa-Bangladesh (starts 0330 GMT) as England watch and wait to see if they've earned a quarter-final spot. Until then, TTFN.

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Live Scores - England v West Indies


  • England beat West Indies by 18 runs
  • England: 243 (48.4 overs)
  • West Indies: 225 (44.4 overs)
  • Venue: Chennai

West Indies Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 225
Smith st Prior b Tredwell 10
Gayle lbw b Tredwell 43
Sammy b Bopara 41
DM Bravo c Strauss b Tredwell 5
Thomas b Bopara 9
Sarwan c Bell b Swann 31
Pollard lbw b Swann 24
Russell lbw b Tredwell 49
Benn run out (Trott) 2
Roach c Tremlett b Swann 0
Bishoo not out 0
Extras 3w 8lb 11

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