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Cricket World Cup - Bangladesh v England as it happened

  1. 0755 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. "Pride" is a\u00a0word\u00a0normally associated with lions (especially if you're in the collective noun business) - but in Chittagong today, England face a pack of wounded Tigers looking to restore some much-needed pride after their humiliating collapse against West Indies a week ago today.

    Our main attraction for you today is Bangladesh v England, which gets under way at 0830 GMT - but also in Group B, West Indies have just been bowled out for 275 by Ireland in exactly 50 overs. We'll keep you posted with regular updates\u00a0on that game too.

  2. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Just been in lift with Matt Prior. Asked whether he was going to the top floor or staying around the middle. No comment. Worth a try!"

  3. 0757 Commentary  

    As TMS producer Adam Mountford is alluding to, England have one or two selection decisions to make. They have a slightly new-look squad, with Kevin Pietersen and Stuart Broad ruled out of the tournament with injury and replaced by Eoin Morgan and Chris Tremlett. But the biggest question remains over who will fill KP's opening role - the contenders are thought to be (in alphabetical order) Bell, Bopara and Prior, although England were keeping their cards close to their chest yesterday.

  4. 0803 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Bangladesh win the toss and field first - they bring Mahmudullah in for Mohammad Ashraful. England skipper Andrew Strauss admits he would have fielded first too. They make three changes (two enforced) - Eoin Morgan, Paul Collingwood and Ajmal Shahzad replace Kevin Pietersen, Michael Yardy and Stuart Broad.

    Matt Prior is set to open - while Bangladesh will have four spinners available compared to England's one.

  5. 0810 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Here are the full teams:

    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Raqibul Hasan, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam, Rubel Hossain.

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Matt Prior (wk), Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Paul Collingwood, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Ajmal Shahzad, James Anderson.

    We could have some fun today, as the umpires are Aussie duo Daryl Harper and Rod Tucker. Pakistan's Aleem Dar is on TV replays, fourth ump with the box of balls is Bangladesh's Enamul Haque, and match referee is Kiwi Jeff Crowe.

  6. 0815 Commentary  

    While we wait for the game, I can highly recommend a couple of Sri Lanka-themed goodies on the website from yesterday. You can watch highlights from Sri Lanka's win over Zimbabwe, which featured our World Cup columnist Tillakaratne Dilshan starring with bat and ball. So far, he's avoided the traditional "BBC Sport columnist curse" (eg Liam Plunkett, who carried the drinks for the entire 06/07 Ashes tour) - and his column from yesterday is a great read. He's not pulling any punches, having previously spoken of being "screamed at" by Shaun Tait.

  7. Twitter  

    Injured England batsman Kevin Pietersen: "Hopefully the team goes through to Q/F today... Good luck England! Wish I was there."

    As usual, you can get involved and let us know your thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #bbcworldcup - or the usual other ways (email with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line, or text 81111 with "CRICKET" as the first word)

  8. 0816 Commentary  

    The Test Match Special crew are on the air - and if you didn't hear earlier in the week, the Sports Journalists' Association named TMS as their Radio Sports Programme of the Year\u00a0- so well done Aggers and the team.

  9. 0822 Commentary  

    Time for the anthems - "God Save The Queen" is belted out by a whole-hearted female vocalist, with a man joining her for a bit of harmony towards the end of the verse. The Bangladesh anthem is enthusiastically sung by most of the Chittagong crowd, we're almost ready to go.

  10. SMS  

    From Andy, London: "One spinner?! Really?! Just hope that doesn't backfire for us!"

  11. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "It's a bit of a hazy, muggy day in Chittagong - will the ball swing a bit?"

  12. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Not a good start for the Irish in their pursuit of 276 to beat the West Indies in Mohali. They have lost a wicket in the second over, with Paul Stirling falling to left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn for five. Stirling got a thick inside edge onto his knee-roll and Darren Sammy scampered forward to pouch a simple catch. Ed Joyce opens up with a couple of tasty boundaries, taking Ireland to 19-1 after three overs."

  13. 0829 Commentary  

    Shafiul Islam taking the new ball for Bangladesh...

  14. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "This might be the first time in his long career that Paul Collingwood has been selected principally as a bowler. England only have one spinner of any description in the team so Colly's slow-ball cutters and weird wobbly things will be pretty important today, I imagine."

  15. 1 over Commentary Eng 4-0  

    Shafiul's first ball is a ropey legside wide, captain Andrew Strauss is under way straight from the off with a clip to leg, bringing Matt Prior on strike - and he has a few points to prove after an unsuccessful stint opening the innings in that lengthy ODI series in Australia. He stands ready... and has feet of clay as he plays and misses at his first two deliveries! The Sussex man is finally off the mark with a single, courtesy of a fumble at backward point, and a bit of movement for Shafiul although Vic Marks on TMS notes "there's no pace in the pitch." Strauss nicks the strike.

  16. Commentary  

    From Adrian Phillips, TMS inbox: "As an Englishman working at the game today, and first tour abroad to the subcontinent - the atmosphere and sound is incredible. The cheer for Bangladesh just winning the toss was brilliant!"

  17. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Teams have been far more cautious in the first 10 overs than we've expected them to be on the subcontinent - although people have gone berserk in the last few overs as Ross Taylor did against Pakistan, and Kieron Pollard did against Ireland today."


    It's right-arm seam from both ends as Rubel Hossain takes the second over, although he's more of a slinger - though, to be fair, not in the same league as Sri Lanka's Lasith Malinga. He's wildly enthusiastic with an lbw appeal, though it looked to have pitched outside leg, and Umpire Harper isn't interested. Strauss steers a two off his leg, then there's another leg-before\u00a0appeal and astonishingly, Bangladesh call for a review even though it pitched yards outside leg stump...

  19. NOT OUT  

    A touch of over-enthusiasm there - Bangladesh have pretty much wasted that review.

  20. 2 overs Commentary Eng 6-0  

    Strauss sees off the rest of the over, I still can't believe they reviewed that one.

  21. Commentary  

    From James Milligan, TMS inbox: "Does Strauss not like Bell's banter or aftershave? Why on Earth is he not opening? Only one spinner too, madness."

  22. Twitter  

    From BFInnoBystander: "The Automatic Harper Referral System (AHRS) in early use in Chittagong."

  23. 3 overs Commentary Eng 12-0  

    Prior dabs a\u00a0single past backward point - while Strauss, who rotates the strike well,\u00a0has now sneaked ahead of our columnist Tillakaratne Dilshan as the tournament's leading scorer. First boundary of the days as Prior square-drives Shafiul for four - and another Strauss-stat, the Middlesex man draws level with Michael Vaughan today as having captained England in the most ODIs (60).

  24. 4 overs Commentary Eng 13-0  

    Rubel the slinger keeps a tight line, Strauss straight-drives one past the stumps but the Tigers are lively in the field at this stage and that's the only scoring stroke. And the stats keep flowing - my colleague Jon Barbuti tells me the average first-innings ODI score on this ground is 202.

  25. Twitter  

    From joeaustin8: "People raging about England not having a chance in this\u00a0World Cup,\u00a0however having not lost to India and SA at least they are winning."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved

  26. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Ireland have made a decent recovery in Mohali after losing that early wicket, with both Ed Joyce and Will Porterfield\u00a0looking in good touch. After the shock of seeing the Windies open up with a spinner, they have just introduced debutant Andre Russell, who looks much more of an old-fashioned Caribbean bowler - big, tall and quick. Latest score: 36-1 off eight overs."

  27. 5 overs Commentary Eng 25-0  

    Strauss prods Shafiul for a single, Prior flicks him through mid-wicket but although Aggers on TMS admires the "zebra-striped" outfield, it's a rather slow outfield and they can only run two. Shafiul drops short and Prior hammers an off-drive for four. A single brings Strauss on strike, and he gets an edge... wide of slip and that's four more.

  28. Twitter  
    From the ICC's Lucy Benjamin: "Smallest press conference I've seen so far for , a grand total of 10 for @ of Australia and Seren Waters of Kenya."
  29. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "There's a bit of assistance to the bowlers with the new white ball. A couple of deliveries have kept low, and if you bowl in the right places you'll trouble the batsmen."

  30. Commentary  

    From Sam Cottis, TMS inbox: "In what circumstances does Tredwell actually play? Pointless selection when we could have Cook or Carberry or anyone who isn't Prior opening."

  31. 6 overs Commentary Eng 27-0  

    The crowd still seem in good heart, people are\u00a0still heading into the ground as right-hander Prior knocks Rubel for two past point. More tight bowling from the slinger, Prior can't get the last three balls away and he has 0-5 from three overs.

  32. 7 overs Commentary Eng 31-0  

    Bangladesh make their first bowling change, introducing off-spinner Naeem Islam who is the first of their four front-line spin options. He bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Strauss, and the watchful skipper has a look at him for four balls before chopping one into the covers but some agile fielding ensures another dot balls. A maiden over is on the cards until Strauss back-cuts the last ball for four through the vacant third man area.

  33. 7.1 overs WICKET Prior st Rahim b Razzak 15 (Eng 32-1)  

    Left-arm spinner Abdul Razzak on, his first ball is a wide round Prior's legs, Mushfiqur Rahim whips the bails off and appeals for a stumping as Prior walks out of his crease. It's close... the bails come off with his foot inside the crease, but the dozy batsman stays outside the crease and the quick-thinking Rahim pulls out a stump (as specified in the Laws) with Prior out of his ground... so he's out!

  34. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "What a way for the English keeper to go, completely foxed by Mushfiqur Rahim!"

  35. 8 overs Commentary Eng 35-1  

    Jonathan Trott walks to the middle, and I can sense the world's cricket writers sharpening their pencils ready to criticise Prior for that dismissal. If he'd stayed in his crease when the bails were taken off, he'd still be there, but by staying outside and allowing Rahim to pull up a stump, he's done himself no favours. Trott and Strauss help themselves to a couple of singles, Razzak sends down another wide but Bangladesh will have their tails up after that wicket.

  36. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Prior gone, his mind took a lunch break. Already woeful batting average of 24 before this innings gets even worse. Why was Davies dropped?"

  37. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Windies skipper Darren Sammy has put his team right back on top in Mohali. Having suffocated the Irish pair with some miserly bowling worthy of Derek Pringle in his prime, he tempted Porterfield into a drive and the Irish skipper was easily caught at mid-on. Sammy's figures are 4-3-1-1 and Ireland are 43-2 in the 13th over."

  38. 9 overs Commentary Eng 37-1  

    There are still plenty of Bangladesh fans making their way past security and into the ground... the organisers really do mean it when they say "arrive early"! Strauss dabs Naeem for a single, Trott carefully guides another\u00a0one through mid-wicket.

  39. SMS  

    From Jon in Notts: "I can't understand why Swann isn't opening the batting, he was epic for Notts in the domestic one-day league. England's number\u00a0one all-rounder!"

    From Notts, eh? Not biased at all then!

  40. 10 overs Commentary Eng 37-1  

    Razzak keeps it tight against Trott, Bangladesh are on their toes trying to prevent the singles and the left-arm twirler completes a maiden.

  41. 10.3 overs WICKET Strauss c Siddique b Naeem 18 (Eng 39-2)  

    Umpire Rod Tucker signals the fielding powerplay. (Family Guy fans may wish to imagine him reading the news with Ireland coach Phil Simmons). The England pair add a couple of singles, then Strauss attempts another flashing cut and slices it straight to the solitary slip!

  42. 11 overs Commentary Eng 40-2  

    Didn't Graeme Swann once suggest that the two things you should never do, were to cut a spinner or pat a burning dog? Bangladesh have seven men in the circle as Ian Bell joins his Warwickshire team-mate Trott at the crease. He's off the mark with a single, and make no mistake, Bangladesh are firmly in this match.

    Meanwhile, with Sam Lyon's F1 testing live text also in operation at the other end of our office, please remember to stick "CRICKET" as the first word if you're texting 81111. That way, we don't confuse our Duckworth-Lewis with our double diffusers.

  43. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "So,\u00a0four spinners versus one. No James Tredwell could bite England."

  44. 12 overs Commentary Eng 40-2  

    Bell gets an edge... and it reaches slip on the bounce. England are living on the edge here, Bangladesh's spirits - and the atmosphere in the ground - are in complete contrast to a week ago, when I was sat in this very chair describing them being rolled for 58 by West Indies. Razzak is quickly though his over, that's another maiden and he has figures of 3-2-4-1. ("And the worst ball he's bowled got him a wicket," notes Vic Marks on TMS).

  45. Commentary  

    From Ally in Paris, TMS inbox: "Hardly an ideal start, but with\u00a0eight wickets in hand we should easily make it to 59, then we should declare. Have any teams ever declared in one-day cricket?"

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "In the last seven overs, England have scored 15 runs and lost two wickets - and they're still decelerating."

  47. 13 overs Commentary Eng 43-2  

    Needing to stop the innings stagnating, Trott and Bell dab Naeem for some singles, and have a major rebuilding job on their hands.

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    "If Ireland lose today and England win, England will be pretty much through to the quarter-finals."

  49. 14 overs Commentary Eng 44-2  

    If you were competing in the World Powerboat Championships (random, but I interviewed eight-time world champion Steve Curtis once), Jonathan Trott's not exactly the man you'd want on the throttle. He'd be exactly the man to dig in (literally and metaphorically) if you were 43-2 in a Test, but he takes four balls to get Razzak away for a single, and Bell can't beat the infield either.

  50. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "If you protect your wickets this cautiously, you need someone to come in down the order like Kieron Pollard or\u00a0Yusuf Pathan to come in and hit out - and I'm not sure England have that, even with Eoin Morgan back in the squad."

  51. 15 overs Commentary Eng 47-2  

    More pedestrian progress from England, three singles added from Naeem's over. I know they've got plenty of spinners, but Bangladesh could teach a few teams (OK, I'm mainly thinking of Australia here) how to bowl at a reasonable over-rate.

  52. SMS  

    From Ray, Amesbury: "England are like startled rabbits against the spinners. Why? India hammered the same attack and Ireland coped better. For goodness sake, start using your feet and show some aggression!"

  53. 16 overs Commentary Eng 49-2  

    The ground is still buzzing, Trott characteristically scratches his crease and cuts Razzak for a single, while Bell is similarly becalmed, adding only one himself. Trott has nine from 25 balls, Bell has four from 20.

  54. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "There's a decent rebuilding job going on in Mohali with Ed Joyce and Niall O'Brien laying down the bricks and mortar. Joyce, easy on the eye, looks on course for a fity, while O'Brien is ticking along at a run a ball. Ireland, chasing 276, are 76-2 off 18."

  55. SMS  

    News just in from Tom Tucker (yes, it really is my name) in Crawley: "So who thinks Pietersen opening looks pretty good right about now?!"

  56. 16.4 overs WICKET Bell c Naeem b Mahmudullah 5 (Eng 53-3)  

    New bowler, same action as Mahmudullah (Spinner #3) replaces fellow off-spinner Naeem. Bell steers a single to long-on, then Trott dabs it for three past slip. (That's the first scoring stroke for more than a single since the sixth over). A horrid dog's breakfast of an innings from Bell is ended when he pops a simple catch to wide mid-on.

  57. SMS  

    From Luke in Durham: "Don't worry it's a great game plan, it's called the Taylor innings. Start of cautiously then smack 100 off the last four. All is good."

    NB If you're on Twitter, you can join in the fun by tweeting us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup

  58. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "This is a great start by Bangladesh, they know the conditions and have played them very well. Mind you, England have just come from Chennai and it wouldn't have been too different there."

  59. 17 overs Commentary Eng 54-3  

    As Radio 4 LW listeners are dragged away for the Act of Worship (TMS continues on BBC 5 live sports extra and the website), England may wish to say a few prayers themselves as Eoin Morgan joins Trott at the crease. The Dubliner is off the mark with a single.

  60. SMS  

    From Benno: "So to take our minds off this debacle - how do I get my 12-year-old lad to move his feet to the ball more?"

  61. 18 overs Commentary Eng 55-3  

    Morgan turns Razzak for a single, Trott is in Test match mode as he blocks out the rest of the over. England's run rate is barely three an over.

  62. Twitter  

    From blackeyedangel1: "Kind of feels like it's a Morgan hundred or an England loss doesn't it?"

  63. SMS  

    From Harriet, Winchester: "Hampshire's Jimmy Adams would have clattered this lot for a hundred by now. He's a specialist opener, not a hapless middle order man playing at it."

    I have to admit as a Hampshire man myself, I'm inherently biased - but I think he's certainly worth looking at on the form he's showed over the last couple of years.

  64. 19 overs Commentary Eng 60-3  

    Morgan gets down the pitch to Mahmudullah and straight-drives a single, Trott plays and misses at the off-spinner. Some slight acceleration shown as the fourth-wicket pair add two more singles apiece, but we've not had a boundary since the last ball of the seventh over.

  65. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Crucial wicket for the West Indies in Mohali and it's that man Sulieman Benn who strikes again. Niall O'Brien is the man to fall for 25, surprised by a\u00a0beauty from Benn that grips, turns away from the left-hander\u00a0and clips his off-stump. Ireland are 86-3 in the 22nd over."

  66. 20 overs Commentary Eng 64-3  

    Trott and Morgan plunder some ones and twos against Razzak. Aren't we due a drinks break about now?

  67. SMS  

    From Lew, Bournemouth: "This might be the time to go over to Ollie Williams for a report, and hope for a reply of 'it's gon' rain'!"

    If you've just joined us, that would be Family Guy weather forecaster Ollie Wiliams, no relation to my BBC colleague Ollie Williams, by the way...

  68. 21 overs Commentary Eng 70-3  

    Finally we have a boundary as Morgan uses his feet well to hoist Mahmudullah over mid-wicket for four. Without tempting fate, that's more like it from a man who's only just joined the squad.

  69. 22 overs Commentary Eng 75-3  

    Again, it's a change of bowler but not a change of action as captain Shakib Al Hasan (Spinner #4) replaces fellow slow left-armer Razzak. Morgan is batting positively here, and whacks the Tigers skip's first ball over mid-off for four! A single takes him to 15 from 17 balls - the plodding Trott, who sees off the rest of the over, has 19 from 41.

  70. 23 overs Commentary Eng 82-3  

    Morgan is finding the gaps in the field well, as Bangladesh bowling coach, ex-Essex seamer (and one-time hopeful baseball player) Ian Pont joins Alison Mitchell on TMS. The singles are beginning to flow quicker, while Morgan chips another four wide of mid-wicket - in fact, the free-scoring Dubliner\u00a0has scored 21 of the 29 runs this pair have added.

  71. 23 overs Commentary Eng 86-3  

    Morgan and Trott milk Cap'n Shakib for\u00a0a couple of singles and a two, he may have been the world's top-ranked ODI all-rounder but he's been less effective than Razzak so far.

  72. SMS  

    From Ian in Hartlepool: "You remember the days when we didn't expect England to anything in the World Cup? No me either. But how much easier would life be if we didn't!"

    Paraphrasing that famous line from "Clockwise",\u00a0where England are concerned\u00a0I can take the World Cup despair - it's the hope I can't stand...

  73. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Fifty for Ed Joyce in Mohali! Great effort from the one-time England man but you feel he needs to go on and make it a big one if Ireland are to win this. Meanwhile, Gary Wilson gets involved in a few verbals with Benn at the non-striker's end. Probably wiser to pick on somene your own size Gary, rather than the 6 ft 7 in Benn. Ireland are 102-3 at the halfway stage."

  74. Twitter  
    From Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle: "What a difference a player with light feet makes! Eoin Morgan\u00a0 showing why batting can be joy."
  75. 25 overs Commentary Eng 94-3  

    Morgan whacks another four through mid-wicket, England are trying to step on the gas with some quick singles, and Bangladesh appeal for a run-out as Trott stretches at the striker's end - a direct hit would have run him out, Rahim has to break the stumps, but the replays are inconclusive... so Trott gets the benefit of the doubt, and summons a towel between overs to wipe his scalp down. Not that he would have worked up much of a sweat while he and Bell were batting together...

  76. 26 overs Commentary Eng 99-3  

    Rubel Hossain - "our best reverse swing bowler", according to Tigers bowling coach Ian Pont on TMS - gets one to move away from Morgan and it flies off an edge for a slightly fortunate four. Rubel strays with a legside wide and kicks the turf in the manner of many angry fast bowlers (although it always makes me think of Angus Fraser).

  77. SMS  

    From Karen Bennett, Wickford, Essex: "Great to hear Ian Pont on\u00a0TMS and having a role in international cricket. He used to live across the road from us, great guy. Pass on our best wishes."

  78. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Former Ireland player looking good for England and former England player looking good for Ireland."

  79. 27 overs Commentary Eng 104-3  

    Naeem returns as Shakib rotates his spinners, Trott nudges a single to bring up three figures for England - the second fifty coming from 59 balls, as opposed to the first one from 98. Morgan rotates the strike, then Trott gives the crowd a bit of a shock by unleashing a reverse sweep - a shot more associated with his partner - and they scamper three. That's the fifty stand.

  80. Twitter  

    From Ryanwalt: "Why is Davies/Kieswetter/Buttler not playing - MUCH better openers in ODIs! Prior has had more than enough chances in ODI format."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved

  81. 28 overs Commentary Eng 111-3  

    Trott finally records his first boundary from the 54th ball of his innings, clipped down off his legs. A single brings Morgan back on strike, but he's nearly cut in half as Rubel slings one down which sails between his bat and body. Morgan tries to skip down the crease and work the right-armer to leg, Rubel appeals for lbw but they run two and leg byes are\u00a0signalled. England are on Nelson - 111.

  82. Twitter  

    From AsrarChowdhury: "Trott and Morgan hold the key to the fate of this match - for which of the cats? Lions or Tigers?"

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont  

    "The pitch looks benign - if anything it's a little slow and low. Breaking partnerships is what helps you to restrict totals - so we'll be hoping to break this one soon."

  84. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "What a let-off for Ed Joyce in Mohali! The batsman is on 65 when he\u00a0prods a Nikita Miller delivery straight back to the bowler but the catch goes down. Ireland have a bit of momentum now, with Joyce starting to find the boundary and Gary Wilson providing admirable support. Ireland, needing 276 to win, are 138-3 in the 31st over."

  85. 29 overs Commentary Eng 118-3  

    Having been overtaken by Morgan a couple of overs ago, Trott has overtaken his partner\u00a0and prods\u00a0a two and a single, while again Morgan tries to tickle one off his legs, Bangladesh unsuccessfully appeal for lbw and this time, the boundary fielder can't stop it from trickling onto the rope. Both batsmen have 37.

    And James Tredwell runs on at the end of the over, wielding a towel, but is sent off by the umpires. Clearly he's struggling to get involved in this World Cup in any capacity...

  86. 30 overs Commentary Eng 123-3  

    Single for Trott, then there's another loud lbw appeal from Rubel. Daryl Harper shakes his head - and having wasted that review earlier in the innings, Bangladesh think better of doing so with their last remaining DRS invocation. (Just as well, I think it pitched outside leg). Morgan comes down the pitch to poke a slower ball through the covers for four. And he wants some new gloves, Tredders obliges.

  87. Twitter  

    From ijbrads66: "Again Trott proves the lynchpin for the innings after early wickets, few more overs from these\u00a0two then great platform for Ravi."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  88. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont  

    "The changing rooms at this ground are huge, you could fit both teams in one of them."

  89. 31 overs Commentary Eng 126-3  

    Spin is removed from the equation as Shafiul Islam returns, with Bangladesh's two seamers back in harness again. Three singles from the increasingly accomplished Trott and Morgan. More loud and enthusiastic Bangladeshi music between overs, although I think they played a bit of Lady Gaga a few overs back.

  90. Commentary  

    From Greg Charlton, tempting fate in the TMS inbox: "We have a tortoise and hare scenario here\u2026.who will get to 100 first, Morgan all fancy footwork and expansive shots, Trott with lead in his boots chipping away? My money is on Trott."


    Cap'n Shakib (now minus the thick layer of sun cream he started\u00a0the game with)\u00a0returns for a second spell, Trott reverse-sweeps a single and Morgan steps back to cut for two, how England have needed him today. He pushes a quick single - he has 45 from 52 balls - and Trott threads a two through the covers. The last ball slips through, Bangladesh appeal for leg before and Shakib immediately signals for a review when it's not given...

  92. 32 overs NOT OUT Eng 132-3  

    It just flicks the top of his pad, it's tight... but the ball-tracker says "on-field call" as it was a question of millimetres over whether it would have hit the top of off stump. Confusingly, umpire Harper signals that Trott hit the ball, and Shakib walks away shaking his head.

  93. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "There's a drinks break in Mohali with the match between Ireland and West Indies very much on a knife-edge. Ireland, needing 276 to win, are 148-3 off 34 overs. Ed Joyce is 81 not out, but Ireland may still need some fireworks from Kevin O'Brien to see themselves over the line here."

  94. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "This may be a coincidence, but the DRS always seems to crop up with certain umpires!"

  95. 33 overs Commentary Eng 134-3  

    England's fourth-wicket stand continues as Morgan dabs a single to third man. The reprieved Trott celebrates by marking his guard again, he tips-and-runs a quick single and the pair just make their ground in time. Morgan squeezes out a yorker from Shafiul ("it's almost frightening how he's been England's best batsman in this innings - they were stagnating when he came to the crease", notes Vic Marks on TMS), but he can't get the rest of the over away.

  96. Twitter  

    From JRAsh1: "Tournament of extremes... the pitches either provide too many runs or not enough runs."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  97. 34 overs Commentary Eng 139-3  

    Aggers on TMS notes that his cheese omelette this morning was "no thicker than a sheet of paper", but the crowd are going berserk with a Mexican wave as Trott and Morgan push a few singles, while a fielding blemish from Junaid Siddique allows them a second off the last ball. Time for the mandatory ball change.

  98. SMS  

    From Dan, Chelmsford: "Ponty's Pie was a favourite in our local (The Hoop, Stock, Essex). We always assumed Ian had invented the recipe himself? It had a sausage and egg filling. Sadly they don't make it any more."

  99. 35 overs DRINKS BREAK MORGAN FIFTY - Eng 144-3  

    Still the crowd are in fine voice as Trott nudges Shafiul for a single, and they give their fast bowler a round of applause as he makes Morgan play and miss, but the Dubliner guides a single into the covers to bring up his 11th ODI fifty from 60 balls. ("Under the circumstances, a very fine effort indeed," says Aggers on TMS). Trott knocks a single down the ground, Morgan steers the last ball for two. He has 52, Trotter has 48.

  100. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I think the par score here has to be higher than at Chennai - it's hard to hit, but not as hard to stay in. At Chennai, you could get a ball you couldn't do anything about."

  101. Twitter  

    From Steadybrek: "What is there in the laws of the game for deliberately getting yourself out so a bigger hitter can come in and take over?"

    Nothing wrong with getting out playing a big shot when you're trying to force the pace - but the ICC's anti-corruption unit might want to have a word with you if you deliberately hit your wicket though! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  102. 36 overs Commentary TROTT FIFTY - Eng 147-3  

    With the players having taken drinks, the fans may be in danger of collective deafness, courtesy of the PA system. We're back in business, and Vic Marks briefly stuns TMS listeners by suggesting England have taken the batting powerplay - I can't remember them ever taking it this early - but they haven't. Trott and Morgan add three singles off Shakib, and the Warwickshire man has his half century.

  103. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Ed Joyce falls in Mohali! The left-hander is bowled for 84 by a yorker behind his legs. But never fear, Ireland fans, it's KOB time, as Kevin O'Brien strides out to the crease to join Gary Wilson, who has taken on the aggressor role of late. Ireland are 177-4, needing 99 to win off 72. Great game this."

  104. 37 overs Commentary Eng 156-3  

    Shafiul continues for his seventh over, England are finding singles easy to come by and I wonder whether Bangladesh ought to turn back to Razzak, who did well to put the brakes on earlier. That's the century stand for these two - and more good placement from Morgan sees him loft a four wide of the man at cow corner. No great power, a bit like a golf shot, but very effective.

  105. SMS  

    From Anonymous (possibly Private Frazer from Dad's Army): "England are going to miss Broad and Kevin a lot. Doomed."

  106. 38 overs Commentary Eng 161-3  

    Single from Trott, Morgan cuts Shakib for two before\u00a0a slightly miscued lift over short mid-wicket brings him a single. Trott pushes a quick single to mid-on, that's better running from England and this time it's Chris Tremlett on with fresh gloves, a towel and possibly a powerplay-related message from the skipper.

  107. 38.4 overs WICKET Morgan c Kayes b Naeem 63 (Eng 162-4)  

    Vic Marks and Alison Mitchell on TMS are wondering about when England will take the batting powerplay - it seems to produce wickets as often as runs, and if you missed it last week, I can recommend a look at Jon Barbuti's feature which takes a statistical look at England's batting in powerplays. Morgan sweeps, it pops up in front of deep square leg and Imrul Kayes stoops forward to take a great catch just off the ground. Big wicket.

  108. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Sucker punch from the Windies?\u00a0O'Brien goes on the attack but his Flintoff-esque heave is brilliantly caught by Kieron Pollard to give Darren Sammy his second wicket. That brings Alex Cusack to the crease with 89 needed from 61 balls."

  109. 39 overs Commentary Eng 163-4  

    Ravi Bopara is England's new batsman - ahead of Paul Collingwood, who is fast\u00a0turning from an all-rounder to a bowling all-rounder, and possibly\u00a0a specialist bowler for England in this side. Bopara knocks his second ball to long-on to keep the strike.

  110. SMS  

    From Andy, Cheshire: "Don't know if anyone has raised it before during an earlier game, but we stop the flow of the game after 34 overs to change the ball, recommence and then after\u00a0one more over stop again for drinks. What's all that about? Is the current cricketers' isotonic balance so fine that drinks an over earlier would screw it all up?"

    You make a very good point, sir!

  111. 40 overs Commentary Eng 169-4  

    Single from Bopara, then Trott whacks Shakib through mid-wicket and the tumbling "boundary fox" Kayes can't prevent the four. Impressively-bearded reserve spinner Suhrawadi Shuvo is on as a sub fielder, and Trott farms the strike nicely.

  112. 41 overs Commentary Eng 174-4  

    Slow left-armer Razzak's back, Trott waits carefully before reverse-sweeping just out of the reach of helmeted keeper Rahim and they run three. England will hope Bopara\u00a0can give it some long handle as he did against the Dutch, but they can only add a couple more singles. A long freight train passes the ground - pardon me boys, but my match-report colleague Oliver Brett thinks it's the Chittagong Choo-Choo... why didn't I think of that one?!

  113. 42 overs Commentary Eng 178-4  

    It's Batting Powerplay O'Clock for England - overs 42-46 will have no more than three men outside the fielding circle. The Tigers keep it tight in the\u00a0field, only yielding four singles. Ravi B tries a bit of trickery, stepping in and out of his crease, but can't get the ball away initially. When he pushes one into the covers, Bangladesh throw to the striker's end and wicketkeeper Rahim demolishes the stumps, but a quick check with the third ump Aleem Dar reveals Trott's not out. Trott is on 66 - another 11 and he'll overtake Strauss as the tournament's top scorer.

  114. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Interesting scenes in Mohali as Gary Wilson is struck on the pad and given out by Asoka de Silva. The review shows the ball clearly striking the pad outside the line, but the ump sticks to his guns, ruling that Wilson was not playing a shot. Looks a bit harsh to me and Wilson\u00a0has a few words with De Silva before trudging\u00a0back to the pavilion shaking his head. Ireland need 77 from 8 overs. Tough ask."

  115. SMS  

    From Ben in Southampton: "I wonder if I changed my Twitter name to @theiccworldcup and feigned ignorance of the sport, if I'd get a free trip out to watch the final?"

    Well, it worked for @theashes !

  116. 43 overs Commentary Eng 181-4  

    The miserly Razzak only concedes three singles off his ninth over, despite Bopara's efforts. He has 1-21 from nine overs.

  117. 43.4 overs WICKET Trott c Siddique b Shakib 67 (Eng 182-5)  

    Single from Bopara as he tries to loose the shackles against Shakib - then Trott plays his first aggressive stroke of the innings and unerringly picks out one of those three boundary fielders at long-off...

  118. 44 overs Commentary Eng 187-5  

    Interesting change in the batting order - Graeme Swann is in ahead of both Paul Collingwood and Tim Bresnan, presumably with licence to biff. Bopara knocks a single, then Swann justifies his promotion by swapping his hands over and switch-hitting his first ball for four through the covers!

  119. SMS  

    From Chris, Dorset: "Trott may be dull - but his mental strength is fantastic - if only Bell had that attitude."

  120. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "This game looks as dead as a dodo now, with Ireland eight down. Alex Cusack is stumped off Sulieman Benn before Andre Botha is easily\u00a0run out by Sammy after taking on a suicidal single. Ireland, chasing 276, are 202-8 in the 44th over."

  121. 44.5 overs WICKET Bopara c Naeem b Razzak 16 (Eng 195-6)  

    Another Bopara single, will Swann take on Razzak? He can only force a single through mid-wicket. Bopara\u00a0carves the slow left-armer for four through the covers, but after adding two more, the Essex man tries another big heave and holes out to the man on the edge of the circle at extra cover.

  122. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "There's not as much on this surface to encourage the bowlers as there was in Chennai - we have a game on here."

  123. 45 overs Commentary Eng 198-6  

    Razzak floats what should be the last ball of his spell past new batsman Paul Collingwood's legs, they run two and that's a bonus for England as it's signalled as wides, although Colly can't get the last ball away and Razzak finishes with figures of 10-2-32-2, 11 runs of which came in his last over.

  124. 46 overs Commentary Eng 207-6  

    Swann backs away to leg, swinging and missing against the slingy Rubel (who has a plaster on the middle finger of his right hand), before he manages to smear a single. Colly advances down the pitch and guides a two off his legs to bring up the 200, then the Durham man steers a single to wide mid-on. That's better from Swann, stepping back and whacking an inside-out four through long-off. The last ball is a yorker which he digs out well for a single, though Colly wisely turns down a second. And Vic Marks notes the batting powerplay has brought England 33 runs for two wickets.

  125. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Shakib's coming back on, he's a wily old bird - especially for a 23-year-old - and he's done well considering what's been written about him in the last week."

  126. 46.4 overs WICKET Swann c and b Shakib 12 (Eng 209-7)  

    After another couple of singles, Swann aims another big switch-hit but only succeeds in popping a return catch to Cap'n Shakib.

  127. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "John Mooney looks back to see his stumps cleaned up by a beautiful yorker from West Indies' Kemar Roach and Ireland are on the verge of defeat. Last-man Boyd Rankin comes to the crease."

  128. 47 overs Commentary Eng 212-7  

    Colly dabs a single, new batsman Tim Bresnan steers his first ball for two.

  129. SMS  

    From James, Dartford: "Yet again poor decisions from England's batsman. Going to need our bowlers to dig us out again. Surely not losses against Ireland AND Bangladesh? What happened to the dominating Ashes mentality?"

  130. 47.3 overs WICKET Bresnan c Shafiul b Rubel 2 (Eng 215-8)  

    Three overs left, Colly hammers Rubel to long-on and they run two, Bresnan making his ground by the skin of his teeth - a direct hit would have seen him run out by yards, while the bowler made a bit of a horlicks of retrieving the throw. A single takes the Durham man to eight, Big Tim has a big heave-ho at a full toss - and it sails into the air and he's caught at short third man! Bresnan stays his ground, asking the umpires if it was a no ball on height - but the replay shows it's thigh-high, and it's all over for the burly Yorkshireman.

  131. 48 overs Commentary Eng 217-8  

    Colly delicately strokes a single to long-on. Ajmal Shahzad, a batting hero in that thrilling tied match against India, has replaced his county colleague. "England have only two wickets left, so it's sensible, bat on ball time, for at least the next over," says Vic Marks on TMS as Shahzad fails to connect with one that keeps low, an absolute grubber. He's off the mark with a single.

  132. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "England are an absolute disgrace and no team should fear playing us. Every batsman (exception of Morgan) is too scared of losing their wicket so get bogged down and end up giving their wicket away anyway. We will get exactly what we deserve at this tournament. NOTHING."

  133. 48.1 overs WICKET Shahzad b Shafiul 1 (Eng 217-9)  

    Shahzad clearly wasn't listening to Vic - he slogs and misses at the first ball of the penultimate over and loses his middle stump.

  134. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "It's all over in Mohali as George Dockrell tries to slog Sulieman Benn but connects with nothing but thin air and sees his stumps pegged back. Ireland lose by 44 runs and must beat South Africa on Tuesday to stand any hope of qualifying, West Indies meanwhile look well set for the last eight."

  135. 49 overs Commentary Eng 219-9  

    Last man James Anderson nervously plays and misses at Shafiul - another one for you stats fans, the highest ODI chase on this ground is 222. A wide boosts the score, Anderson again can't connect with one that keeps low - Aggers thinks those low ones should be an encouraging sign for England's bowlers. Anderson plays and misses for the third time, and finally gets off the mark with an edged\u00a0single. Colly will look for a single to keep the strike, but can't get bat on ball, and they can't run a bye. Bangladesh appeal for a catch behind seem to want a review, but they haven't got any left... somehow it gets reviewed anyway (by the umpires it seems), but Colly survives. And Anderson will face the last over.

  136. SMS  

    From Kevin, Bingley: "This is a batting wicket but we should have enough bowling strength to bowl them out for less than 240."

  137. 49.4 overs WICKET Collingwood run out 14 (Eng 225 all out)  

    With the field in to save the single, Anderson lays down a bunt, dropping the ball in front of him and scampering a single to get Colly on strike. The Durham man hammers it to long-on, Anderson is nearly halfway down the track by the time Colly sets off and they run two - Bangladesh are angry Naeem throws to the bowler's end rather than the keeper's end. Colly attempts the same shot, this time the throw comes to the striker's end and Colly makes his ground for the second run (as verified by the TV ump). Another heave to leg, Anderson is quick but Colly isn't, and this time he's run out going for yet another two, some way out of his ground.

  138. Commentary  

    England batsman Eoin Morgan:\u00a0"Trotty's great to bat with, his experience paid off - the wicket was very dry but I think we've got a defendable score. The dew will come into it, but hopefully we can put on the pressure to get the win."

  139. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "He hasn't really fired yet in this tournament, but if Tamim Iqbal comes off, we know what he can do. I'd be telling him to go out and play his natural game. Bangladesh have been pilloried for the last few games, but they've given themselves a great chance to win over the public. England have made life very difficult for themselves.\u00a0They're going to have to create some pressure to win this game."

  140. 1208 Commentary  

    Ladies and gentlemen, we certainly have a game on here. Bangladesh's excellent over-rate means we don't get a truncated interval for once. Play is due to resume at 1245 GMT - keep listening to TMS where Aggers and Vic are analysing the England innings, while we'll also hear more from Mohali where Ireland fell short against the Windies. I'm dashing off for an interval sandwich, back with you in a little while...

  141. SMS  

    From Richard from Blackpool: "People need to stop being so negative. We've still hit a defendable batting total after not batting anywhere near our best, and have a chance of progressing to the quarter finals. So let's get off their backs shall we. Come on England!"

  142. 1234 Commentary  

    If you're just joining us, a reminder that if you're texting in to us on 81111 today, please start your message with the word "CRICKET" as we share the inbox with people texting into Sam Lyon's Formula 1 testing live text, as well as a few which are clearly intended for Radio 1 but sent to the wrong number... And if you want to join in the fun on Twitter, please use the hashtag #bbcworldcup so we can pick up your messages. Thanks for listening.

  143. Commentary  

    From David Blake, TMS inbox: "Someone has just described England as an absolute disgrace. Anyone out there with a sense of perspective?"

  144. SMS  

    From Toby from Brighton:\u00a0"Nice to see Morgan scoring again considering he hasnt picked up a bat in weeks. Trott as always relishes pressure."

    Whenever anyone uses the word "pressure" in relation to cricket, I'm inclined to remember the famous Keith Miller quote about pressure (which I probably can't repeat here)...

  145. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "A dashing start from Bangladesh would be nice, and would get England panicking, but they don't need to go off too quickly. Looking at Bangladesh's figures, their spinners had combined figures of 33-2-140-7."

  146. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    "A win here for England would put them through to the quarter-finals with India."

  147. 1244 Commentary  

    James Anderson to take the new ball, left-handed duo Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes opening up for Bangladesh.

  148. 1 over Commentary Ban 3-0 (TARGET 226)  

    Eager not to give Tamim any width outside off stump, Anderson strays with a couple down the leg side and Tamim helps them on their way for a two and a single. Anderson has a shout for lbw against Kayes, but mindful of the way Bangladesh wasted a review early in England's innings, opts against invoking the DRS.

    And looking down England's line-up, apart from Graeme Swann, what are their other spin options on such a slow pitch? With Messrs Anderson, Shahzad, Bresnan, Colly, Bopara, Trott, Bell and Morgan all listed as seamers in decreasing order of ability, is Andrew Strauss's slow\u00a0left-arm filth (3 first-class wickets in 13 years) the nearest they have to a second spinner?!

  149. 2 overs Commentary Ban 10-0  

    Ajmal Shahzad takes the second over, Tamim works him to leg for two, then a superb Superman dive by Morgan on the mid-wicket boundary turns a likely four into three. Kayes is off the mark with a single, again England are bowling on middle and leg to Tamim and he flicks it away for a single. The last ball's better as Kayes pushes forward and misses.

  150. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "In football, when the top teams play badly and progress in competitions, people say 'that is the sign of champions'. What's the difference here? Come on England!"

  151. 3 overs Commentary Ban 16-0  

    Tamim nudges another single, Kayes nudges a single to third man, then Tamim carefully hooks Anderson for four and some comedy fielding from Shahzad, who's covered in sweat, down at fine leg allows the ball to go for four. Anderson, in "double teapot" mode, isn't happy with his new-ball colleague.

  152. SMS  

    From Ian Hawley, Ormskirk Hospital: "In the hospital awaiting a delivery of a very different kind! So praise the heavens for live text. Looking for a topical name for my daughter-to-be if anyone has any suggestions!"

    Our very best wishes for a successful delivery... isn't Grace the greatest name a cricketer can bestow on his daughter?

  153. 4 overs Commentary Ban 22-0  

    Kayes swipes\u00a0a single to get the main man Tamim on strike, he effortlessly leg-glances Shahzad for four and has 17 from his first 10 balls. A single brings Kayes on strike, that's straighter from Shahzad, now absolutely drenched in sweat\u00a0and Colly comes over at the end of the over for a reassuring pat on the back.

  154. Commentary  

    From Prakash Khunti, TMS inbox: "Surely the young lady should be named after the impending champions.... INDIA !!"

  155. 5 overs Commentary Ban 30-0 (TARGET 226)  

    Tamim taps Anderson for three past the crouching figure of Swann at short mid-wicket, Tim Bresnan (who Vic and Alison on TMS think may be on to bowl soon)\u00a0gives chase and stops the boundary. A delicate dab from Kayes is stopped by the sliding Colly at backward point, but he eventually works a single off his hip. Tamim effortlessly whips another four through backward square leg, and England will have problems if they can't contain - or dismiss - the precocious opener.

  156. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "England are proving a really perplexing side to follow at this World Cup. There's a lack of bravery about the batting, and now the bowlers are so paranoid about Tamim Iqbal's off-side hitting that he's being dished up easy runs to hit off his pads. Bangladesh look in a fantastic position... against the side which beat SA and tied with India!"

  157. 6 overs Commentary Ban 36-0  

    Shahzad's off after two ropey overs and Tim Bresnan enters the attack, Kayes firmly straight-drives him for four past mid-off before uppercutting a single to third man as Bresnan gets a bit of bounce. Kayes then tries to flick one off his legs, it's well stopped by Bopara at short fine leg and his throw in hits Kayes on the leg.

  158. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "What's worrying for England is that Tamim has 26 from 16 balls without really playing a shot in anger. He's not been playing outrageous pull shots, just playing each ball on its merits."

  159. 7 overs Commentary Ban 46-0  

    Oh dear, it looks like England's next tactic is "bang it in and hope for the best" as Anderson sends down a bouncer which Tamim whacks through mid-wicket - that was four as soon as it left his bat. And when he offers a little width outside off stump, the left-hander wristily steers a two through point. England make a big play of drying the ball with little towels, Umpire Tucker makes "get on with it" motions and another loose delivery is flayed through the covers for Tamim's fifth four.

  160. Commentary  

    From Mr Barton, TMS inbox: "When my daughter was born on Boxing Day, Aussies were skittled for 98. Had to go with initials E.C.B!"

  161. 8 overs Commentary Ban 50-0  

    England need a wicket\u00a0 - and fast - and Cap'n Strauss introduces his sole spinner Graeme Swann into the attack, probably a little earlier than planned. Swann goes round the wicket to the left-handers, but pulls out of his first delivery - he clearly isn't happy with the state of the ball. Umpire Harper has a look at it, and gives it back. Kayes gets down on one knee to cover-drive his first ball for four - that's the fifty stand already - and I dare to suggest that the ball's condition will not be helped by Bangladesh continually whacking it over the boundary! Kayes is content to see off the rest of the over as Swann dries the ball on his hands between deliveries.

  162. 8.4 overs WICKET Tamim b Bresnan 38 (Ban 52-1)  

    Bresnan has changed ends, England still aren't happy with the dew on the ball - getting their excuses in early? Bresnan has a half-hearted appeal for a catch behind, Tamim steers a two through mid-wicket - but he perishes when Big Tim squeezes one between bat and pad, and Tamim loses his off stump!

  163. SMS  

    From Andrew in Belfast: "Re:\u00a0Ian Hawley\u00a0[4th over] -\u00a0Morgan for a baby girl is a decent shout."

  164. 9 overs Commentary Ban 53-1  

    Bresnan digs in a bouncer, new batsman Junaid Siddique turns it to leg for a single.

  165. 10 overs Commentary Ban 58-1  

    Swann serves up a juicy full toss which Siddique powers to the mid-wicket boundary for four. A single takes him to six from five balls, the watchful Kayes sees off the over - and with the required rate a shade over four an over, that full toss off the first ball took all the pressure off Bangladesh.

  166. 11 overs Commentary Ban 65-1  

    England take the fielding powerplay - and having stood at slip for the previous nine overs, Cap'n Strauss is out in the field, while true to form, the first ball of Bresnan's new over is edged for four exactly where Strauss had been standing. The horse having bolted, he shuts the stable door by returning to slip. Siddique dabs a single, Kayes works a two off his legs and Shahzad redeems himself somewhat with a sliding stop on the rope.

    And apologies to any of you who have been having problems with the scorecard - it's being worked on...

  167. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "I think England should have picked a second spinner, as even when the ball isn't turning, it gives you another option."

  168. SMS  

    From Brendan, Keswick: "Didn't I read on your illustrious website that in a Russian zoo a tiger beat a lion in a one on one fight? Not a very good omen methinks."

    It was a zoo in Ankara, Turkey, but what's more it was a Bengal tiger... not a good omen for England at all

  169. 12 overs Commentary Ban 69-1 (TARGET 226)  

    Lots of feverish ball-drying from England doesn't help them much as Siddique and Kayes push Swann for ones and twos. The Notts spinner is rather distracted by all this ball-drying, desperately rubbing his hands in the dust as he attempts to grip the greasy white sphere.

  170. Twitter  

    From mrafletch: "One day Bangladesh are all out for 58, now when they play England they have 58 after\u00a010 overs!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  171. 12.2 overs WICKET Siddique run out (Anderson) 12 (Ban 70-2)  

    Kayes steers Bresnan for a single, then England appeal for a run-out when Anderson's throw hits the stumps - the TV replay is played back and forth by third umpire Aleem Dar, and after much deliberation, Siddique has gone.

  172. Twitter  

    From cricinfo's Andrew Miller: "Swann has a touch of the Ian Salisburys in his eyes at the moment. With the dew, he doesn't know quite how to get through each new delivery."

  173. 13 overs Commentary Ban 71-2  

    That took a long time to be decided, apparently it was all to do with whether the bail was out of its groove... New batsman is Raqibul Hasan, the only right-hander in Bangladesh's top five. Kayes knocks a single off his legs, Bresnan's arms are gleaming with sweat and thankfully sense has prevailed - England have a slip in for the new batsman."

  174. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "At the moment, you'd think England need to bowl Bangladesh out to win the game. They may not be able to contain them to under 225 in 50 overs."

  175. 13.4 overs WICKET Raqibul b Shahzad 0 (Ban 73-3)  

    Swann, not a happy bunny at all, is removed from the attack and England turn back to Shahzad, who was expensive in his first two overs. After three dot balls, Shahzad strays with his line and it's signalled as a wide, while it's not gathered cleanly by Prior and they run one. But Shahzad shows bouncebackability by knocking Raqibul's off stump over next ball!

  176. 14 overs Commentary Ban 74-3  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan "has the opportunity to be a national hero" according to Vic Marks on TMS as he strides to the middle. Shakib clips the last ball of the over down to fine leg for a single.

  177. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Of course, the dew also spices up the pitch. What a delivery from Shahzad. That would have dismissed much better players."

  178. 15 overs DRINKS BREAK Ban 75-3 (TARGET 226)  

    Bresnan in for his fifth over, bowling round the wicket to the southpaw Shakib, who\u00a0is watchful before cutting a loose one outside off stump, Prior gets a hand to it on the bounce but only succeeds in parrying it to short third man and they run one. Time for the giant drinks bottle to be driven on.

  179. SMS  

    From Stu McBride, East Dereham: "My sons haven't forgiven us for naming them after cricketers: Marcus and Christopher Martin."

  180. 16 overs Commentary Ban 83-3  

    Some of the ground staff drag\u00a0three large tarpaulins across the outfield during the drinks break, in an attempt to get rid of some of that pesky dew. When we resume, Shahzad strays down leg again, and Shakib leg-glances a single. Another one down the leg side, Prior lets it straight through - he's not having the best of games with bat or gloves today - and that's through for five wides. Yet another one down the leg side, another wide, come on Ajmal... Kayes gratefully guides the last ball of the over for a single.

  181. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont  

    "I think Plan A for England was not to bowl anything outside off stump for Tamim and Kayes, but they went too far the other way and bowled too much down the leg side."

  182. 17 overs Commentary Ban 88-3  

    Bresnan takes a rest and Ravi Bopara comes on with his military medium pace - his first ODI trundle since last July, when he took 4-38 against Bangladesh\u00a0(admittedly mostly tail-enders) at Edgbaston. Like England's other seamers, his first over is a mixture of comfortable singles and two legside wides...

  183. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Pont  

    "When the groups were announced, we felt Group B would be more competitive than Group A, as it has more teams capable of finishing in the top four - and so it's proved."

  184. Commentary  

    From Paul Dempsey, TMS inbox: "How's this for a plan for the West Indies match. Drop Prior, let Morgan do the keeping and bring Yardy in to open the batting."

  185. 18 overs Commentary Ban 92-3  

    Can we please have an over unencumbered by legside wides? Please? Kayes trots through for a leg bye, Shakib rotates the strike and then Kayes overbalances as Shahzad fires in a sandshoe-crushing yorker which nearly knocks him off his feet before disappearing down the leg side. Kayes steers the last ball for two, he a sedate has 25 from 56 balls but the required rate is still just a shade over four an over.

  186. 19 overs Commentary Ban 98-3 (TARGET 226)  

    Despite bowling to a 5-4 off-side field, Bopara is still straying down the leg side, as Shakib nurdles a single off his legs, and Kayes helps one down to the boundary for four. There's a loud lbw shout against Kayes - replays suggest the ball pitched outside leg stump. Kayes rounds off the over with a single to third man.

  187. Twitter  

    From ryancudlipp: "Another England match gearing up for an exciting finish. Is the new remit solely to provide entertainment?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  188. 20 overs Commentary Ban 105-3  

    Kayes has to dig out another brute of a yorker from Shahzad, before guiding a single through mid-wicket. A single from Cap'n Shak brings up the hundred for his side... before we get another legside wide. That's 11 wides this innings. Kayes leans forward and straight-drives a four back past the non-striker, while a smoky haze drifts across the\u00a0arena - Ian Pont on TMS thinks it's an "anti-mosquito smoke" from outside the ground.

  189. Commentary  

    From Dodge Dhanda, TMS inbox: "In 49.4 overs Bangladesh gave us only 10 extras whereas within 19 overs we have given them 13. We are giving FAR too many extras and if we get to the quarters the\u00a0bowlers could cost us."

  190. SMS  

    From Anonymous (please put your names on your texts): "As nice as it would be for Ravi to become more of an all-rounder, England need wickets here. Bring Back The Swann."

  191. 21 overs Commentary Ban 111-3  

    Jonathan Agnew replaces Alison Mitchell on TMS, and it's a double JA change as James Anderson replaces Ravi Bopara in the attack. Shakib, watchful early on, despatches the "Burnley Express" for a flashing cover-driven four. A single takes him to 12, then another fierce straight drive from Kayes looks like it's going for four until a great stop by Morgan at mid-off restricts him to a single. The same shot brings the same result, Morgan is energetic in the field but the umpires aren't happy about something - possibly the time England are taking to dry the ball. And as Aggers points out - "unless it's out of shape or damaged, you shouldn't change it."

  192. 22 overs Commentary Ban 113-3  

    Fourth umpire Enamul Haque comes out with a box of replacement balls - I'm not sure what else the fourth ump does, it ain't a lot - and it looks like England have been given a dry ball to bowl with, as they turn straight to Graeme Swann, who had trouble gripping the wet ball earlier. Kayes dabs a single, then England appeal for a catch behind - to no avail as the stony-faced Daryl Harper signals a legside wide (yes, another one). At the end of the over, Swann grabs his cap from the umpire rather tartly, doing a very good impression of a man in a bit of a hissy fit.

  193. Commentary  

    From Gwynfi, TMS inbox: "Sat in Kolkata watching this performance. England bowling to the 3 W's..... Woeful wide or wicket."

  194. SMS  

    From Ian in Sunderland: "Re: Ian in Ormskirk Hospital [4th over].\u00a0Surely Hope would be an apt name for your newborn or maybe Faith. Fingers crossed."

    I'd advise Ian against naming his newborn after England's biggest contributor today. "Legside Wide" would look rather strange on a passport...

  195. 23 overs Commentary Ban 117-3  

    Paul Collingwood (as I mentioned, fast becoming a specialist bowler in this side) on with his right-arm medium pace, cutters and Collywobblers. No drama for Kayes, who helps himself to a couple of twos - Bangladesh are more than halfway there, and the required rate is still only a smidgen over four.

  196. 24 overs Commentary Ban 120-3  

    Shakib guides Swann for a single, while Aggers on TMS thinks Kayes - now batting in a cap - is adopting the "Geoffrey Boycott" role, grinding his side towards victory. Two more singles, and Bangladesh should win it from here if they keep their heads.

    But I heard once that "if" was the most powerful word in the English language...

  197. SMS  

    From Morrisp: "It's like Harry Potter. Someone points a wand at England and says 'Ridiculoso'!"

    The Barmy Army have\u00a0likened NZ captain Daniel Vettori to Harry Potter, but I haven't seen him at the ground today...

  198. 25 overs Commentary Ban 123-3  

    Colly quickly through his over, three from it. And at the half-way point, England are having more problems gripping the wet ball.

  199. 26 overs Commentary Ban 127-3  

    Single from Shakib - once more, Swann pulls out of his run-up as he's having problems with the wet ball. Alison Mitchell and Athar Ali Khan on TMS lament that England seem to like taking James Tredwell all around the world, but don't seem to want to pick him - even on the subcontinent... Kayes knocks a single, then there's another animated discussion between Swann and Umpire Daryl Harper. Shakib effortlessly cuts for two, and Swann again angrily grabs his cap at the end of the over, before kicking the turf as he stalks into the outfield. We don't think we've ever seen Swann this angry.

  200. SMS  

    From Andy in Yorkshire: "Re Ian in Ormskirk, given the number of extras we're allowing, I'd have thought Charity would be appropriate."

    Maybe if it's triplets they could be Faith, Hope and Charity. I often wonder if Zimbabwe's Prosper Utseya has elder brothers called Live and Long...

  201. 27 overs Commentary Ban 131-3  

    Kayes cuts Colly and they scamper three, Shakib whips a two and that's the four an over Bangladesh need...

  202. 28 overs Commentary KAYES FIFTY - Ban 135-3  

    After his recent disagreements with Umpire Harper and problems gripping the ball, it's no surprise the chuntering Swann's off, he'd be a candidate for a yellow card for dissent if this was a football match. For a moment, we think we're going to see Jonathan Trott bowl, but instead Strauss turns back to Anderson as he desperately tries to break this stand. Shakib guides a single, Kayes (back in his helmet) tickles a two to third man and that's his fifty, from 91 balls. Anderson hasn't had a great World Cup, Cap'n Strauss claps his hands to try to encourage his team, but it's not looking great for them as this stand is now worth 62 - and Bangladesh need 91 from 22 overs.

  203. 29 overs Commentary Ban 139-3 (TARGET 226)  

    Colly in for his fourth over, but the Durham veteran is easy pickings for Kayes and Shakib, who continue their policy of risk-free accumulation. Once more, it's four off the over.

  204. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "Bangladesh threw their wickets away in the last game, but when you're chasing a low total like this, you can take your time - and they have."

  205. 30 overs DRINKS BREAK Ban 149-3  

    Bopara returns in place of the ineffective (and expensive) Anderson. Shakib inside-edges a single to fine leg, a delicate dab brings Kayes a single to third man, and Shakib tips-and-runs one to keep the scoreboard ticking. Candidate for "shot of the day" from Kayes as he unleashes a lovely Goweresque cover-driven four to pass 1,000 ODI runs. An attempted bouncer from Bopara sails out of the batsman's reach for a wide - like Swann, he rubs his hand in the turf to try to get a grip on things. But Kayes scampers a couple of leg byes off the last ball, this is all too easy for the Tigers.

  206. Commentary  

    From Alex Meissner, TMS inbox: "England need to lose this match to carry the nail biting through into their last group match against West Indies. There\u2019s no other national team on the planet that offers so much excitement, disappointment and celebration all in one, match after match. Come on England!"

  207. 1510 Commentary  

    Those tarpaulins from the last drinks break are back - apparently they're "hessian cloth", says Shamim Chowdhury on TMS. Watching them being dragged round is not entirely unlike watching the ground crew sweep the infield during a baseball match, if you've ever seen that. (They normally keep the crowd entertained with a mascot race or something while they're doing it).

  208. 31 overs WICKET Kayes run out (Shahzad/Prior) 60 (Ban 155-4)  

    It's time for a fifth over of Collywobblers from the Media End, bowling around the wicket to the two Tigers lefties. But normal service is resumed by Bangladesh as Shakib guides a single off his legs to bring up the 150 for the Tigers - this stand is now worth 77. Kayes knocks one past the square leg umpire for one, and Shakib scoops one over his shoulder to fine leg for two. Kayes rolls the wrists to turn a single to leg, comes back for a risky second and has to dive for the crease. It goes upstairs to the third ump - and he's gone!

  209. 32 overs Commentary Ban 156-4 (TARGET 226)  

    Mushfiqur Rahim, the chatty wicketkeeper (is there any other kind?) is the new batsman - he's the non-striker as Bresnan returns to the attack in place of Bopara. Shakib nudges an easy single, Rahim plays and misses as Bresnan gets a bit of inswing.

  210. SMS  

    From Kylie (presumably not THAT Kylie, though you never know): "The wheels have fallen off the chariot... certainly swinging low right now!"


    Single from Shakib, then Colly has a big lbw appeal against the little keeper - and in the situation England are in, they pretty much have to review it, and they do...

  212. NOT OUT  

    Nope, missing down leg, England lose a review.

  213. 33 overs Commentary Ban 158-4  

    The reprieved Rahim is off the mark with a single to backward point. Tigers need 68 from 102 balls.

  214. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "This is an England match... You weren't expecting a straightforward game were you?"

  215. 34 overs Commentary Ban 159-4  

    Last over before this ball is replaced. Bresnan has a slip in for Rahim, the keeper tries to clip him to leg but misses and a half-hearted lbw appeal is met with Umpire Harper signalling a wide. Shahzad is having a stretch out in the deep. Little Mushy is resolute in defence at this stage - and that wide is the only blemish on Big Tim's over.

  216. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I think Bresnan has been the best of England's seamers, while Collingwood has also been economical. But they haven't had the luxury of being able to have everyone back - and they have an off-spinner who's not very happy."

  217. Commentary  

    From Gary Jones, TMS inbox: "This runout guy is now our leading wicket taker. I hadn\u2019t heard of him before."

  218. 35 overs Commentary Ban 160-4  

    Aggers and Vic on TMS think Swann could be short of a few taka by the time he leaves Bangladesh (if match referee Jeff Crowe looks harshly on his chuntering to Umpire Harper). It's Colly to continue, Shakib helps himself to a single and Rahim is happy to see off the over - having taken 17 balls to score his one run.

  219. 36 overs WICKET Shakib b Swann 32 (Ban 162-5)  

    With the new (used) dry ball now in use, Swann is back into the attack and Shakib steps back to drill a single to deep point. Strauss shuffles his field, trying to put the squeeze on the new batsman. Mushy steers a single - but then Shakib is bowled trying to sweep! Game on?!

  220. 36.2 overs WICKET Rahim c Prior b Shahzad 6 (Ban 166-6)  

    All-rounder Mahmudullah is the new batsman, looking on as Shahzad returns to the attack in place of Colly - but he sends down a half-volley and Rahim immediately takes the pressure off by blasting a four through the covers to get the crowd on their feet. But the boot is on the other foot as he edges the next ball and Prior takes a diving catch!

  221. 37 overs Commentary Ban 166-6  

    New batsman is Naeem Islam, he can bat (highest ODI score of 73 not out) - and he can certainly hang around. Even though we're not in powerplay overs, we have six men in the circle, including a slip. Naeem is denied by a good stop by Anderson, who at least remains an excellent fielder even when his bowling's not on the money. Naeem survives the over, Shahzad has 2-38 from seven overs.

  222. 38 overs Commentary Ban 166-6  

    Swann tosses it up to Mahmudullah, keeper Prior yells an lbw appeal which is not reciprocated by the bowler. Suddenly the crowd, passionate in the support of their Tigers,\u00a0all look rather tense. Mahmudullah survives, but Swann completes a maiden over. He has 1-24 from eight. Bangladesh need 60 from 72 balls, and the required rate is up to five for the first time.

  223. 38.1 overs WICKET Naeem b Shahzad 0 (Ban 166-7)  

    Shahzad bowls a beauty which hits the top of Naeem's off stump!

  224. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Shahzad's had a curate's egg of a game - he's bowled wides, made mistakes in the field and was out for a duck, but he's also bowled three beautiful deliveries and also picked up a run-out."

  225. 39 overs Commentary Ban 168-7  

    Incredibly, some of the Bangladesh fans are starting to leave the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium... New batsman is the spinner Abdur Razzak, who's off the mark with a single. Shahzad has Mahmudullah playing and missing, before the all-rounder (who has a Test century, let's not forget) runs a single to third man. 58 needed from 66 balls.

  226. 39.4 overs WICKET Razzak c Bresnan b Swann 1 (Ban 169-8)  

    Mahmudullah turns Swann for a single, then Razzak has a big heave to long-on - where he's brilliantly caught by the tumbling Tim Bresnan!

  227. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "It looks like Strauss's Houdini men are going to do it again! That's a great catch from Bresnan, who's not the fleetest of foot in the side."

  228. 40 overs Commentary Ban 170-8 (TARGET 226)  

    Shafiul Islam is the new batsman, Mahmudullah prods the last ball for a single, and more fans are making their way home. Swann has 2-26 from nine overs - Bangladesh need 56 from the last 10 overs, and you don't need me to tell you the required rate from there...

  229. Commentary  

    From Geoffrey Neal, TMS inbox: "What was all the panic about? The local fans know the score, that's why they are on their way home before the Yorkshire lads finish things off!"

  230. 41 overs Commentary Ban 171-8  

    Shahzad in for his penultimate over - Bangladesh have "done an England" here as they're going to have to take their batting powerplay with tail-enders at the crease. Mahumdullah adds a single, but that's the only scoring stroke. 55 needed from nine overs.

  231. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "We won't take anything for granted here, as we know England always take it to the last over, whether they, win, lose or tie..."

  232. 42 overs Commentary Ban 187-8  

    Swann, in for his last over,\u00a0spins a wide past Mahmudullah, the right-hander then unleashes a reverse sweep which crosses the boundary for four despite a despairing dive by James Anderson. Mahmudullah guides a single off his legs, then Shafiul gives it a powerful whack over extra cover for four! He goes again, depositing Swann's last ball over cow corner for six, where it threatens the well-being of some of the ground staff! 39 needed from 48 balls.

  233. 43 overs Commentary Ban 189-8  

    How many cotton-picking wides have England sent down today? Shahzad boosts the Bangladesh score with a dribbler down the leg side, and the PA man whips the crowd up into a frenzy... Shahzad follows the wide with three dots, before Mahmudullah knocks a single into the leg side. Shafiul can't repeat his heroics from the last over - Bangladesh need 37 from 42 balls, and a lady in an England ODI shirt (2010 model) is having a great time in the crowd, sitting between two Bangladesh fans.

  234. 44 overs Commentary Ban 192-8 (TARGET 226)  

    With Swann and Shahzad bowled out, Strauss has to go back to Anderson for (one would presume) overs 44, 46, 48 and 50. Mahmudullah hangs his bat out and angles a single to third man, Shafiul swishes and misses at a slower ball, then can't get hold of another but "Buttergloves" Prior fumbles and they run a bye. Mahmudullah takes a blow on the hand for his trouble as Prior shies at the stumps, but then pushes a quick single wide of Colly at backward point. Shafiul hits the last ball straight to a fielder - 34 needed from 36 balls. What is it with England and these tight finishes?!

  235. 45 overs Commentary Ban 193-8  

    Tim Bresnan back into the attack to bowl overs 45, 47 and 49, and he starts well with four dot balls to Mahmudullah. The fifth ball is jabbed off his legs for a single (in fact a leg bye), Shafiul hits the sixth into the covers and Bopara stops what looks like a certain four, the ball rebounding to Anderson - so it's a maiden. And having left it until the last possible minute, Bangladesh will now be obliged to take the batting powerplay off the last five overs. 33 needed from 30 balls. All three results are still possible.

  236. 46 overs Commentary Ban 204-8  

    Awful from Anderson, the first ball disappears down the leg side for five wides! Mahmudullah turns the first legal ball to Bell on the mid-wicket boundary for a single. Shafiul pokes a single to mid-off to bring up the 200 for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah defends calmly, then Anderson does his best to keep the batting side in the game with another ropey legside wide! Next ball, same place, another wide! Mahmudullah blocks again, knowing Anderson is giving him free runs a-plenty. The fifth legal ball is dabbed for a single to point, and Vic on TMS says "Anderson looks absolutely shattered". Third man up, long-on back for the last ball... a yorker hits Shafiul on the boot, they scamper a leg bye and that's 11 from the over. Ouch. 22 needed from 24 balls - 12 of which may be bowled by Anderson, unless they take him off and go back to Collingwood...

  237. 47 overs Commentary Ban 214-8  

    Bresnan to Shafiul, he launches a big blast into the air\u00a0off the second ball of the over and it not only falls safely over the ring of cover fielders, the pursuing Trott can't cut it off and that's four! Next ball is a yorker, Shafiul tries to smear it to leg and they scurry through for a leg bye. Mahmudullah threads one through\u00a0to the mid-wicket sweeper for a single, then Big Tim serves up a juicy pie of a full toss which Shafiul blasts through backward point for four! That's Shafiul's highest ODI score. 12 needed from 19. Shafiul drives the last ball, but straight to Bopara at extra cover - 12 needed from 18 balls.

  238. Commentary  

    From Timothy Smedley, TMS inbox: "England may not be the best team in this competition, but they are by far the best to watch!"

  239. 48 overs Commentary Ban 221-8  

    If Anderson bowls another over like his last one, this game could be all over... Mahmudullah clips the "Burnley Express" for a single, Strauss is struggling to plug the gaps with only three men allowed outside the circle. Shafiul thinks about a big hit but blocks. 11 needed from 16. Shafiul biffs the next ball back past the bowler for four! ("I'd make him man of the match," says Aggers on TMS). That's the fifty stand - seven needed from 15. Shafiul scampers a leg bye, it's\u00a0fielded by Luke Wright who's sneaked onto the field in place of someone. (It's normally Pietersen, but can't be him). Six needed from 14 balls. Mahmudullah blocks, and Anderson falls to the ground in a heap. Last ball is guided to long-on for one, Mahmudullah keeps the strike and Bangladesh need five from 12 balls to win. (Or, this being England, four for a tie).

  240. 49 overs Commentary Ban 227-8 - BANGLADESH WIN BY TWO WICKETS  

    Bresnan to Mahmudullah, a leg bye takes the Tigers to within four of a famous victory. Shafiul again picks out Bopara at extra cover, dot ball. Four from 10. Shafiul aims a drive at Bresnan, it finds the edge and they run one to third man. Three needed from nine. Big Tim manages a dot ball as Mahmudullah defends. Three from eight. Mahmudullah dabs one straight to Cap'n Strauss at short mid-wicket. Three from seven. Will he try to take the strike, or look to finish it off? He powers a four through the covers, and Bangladesh beat England by two wickets with an over to spare!

  241. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Bangladesh live to fight another day. England? Who knows what else is in store for them at this World Cup. They've lost to two of the weaker teams in the group, and beaten or tied with two of the stronger teams."

  242. SMS  

    From Timbo: "Not sure I could have watched this live my nerves are shot just reading Mitchener's updates."

    If your nerves are intact, you can watch highlights tonight on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website from 2200-2230 GMT, with the Ireland-Windies game following at 2350 on BBC Two.

  243. 1650 Commentary  

    We may need to get our slide rules out for this one - but this result means England's destiny is no longer in their own hands, even if they beat West Indies. As if England beat the Windies, South Africa beat Ireland and India, West Indies beat (or tie with) India, and Bangladesh beat South Africa and the Netherlands, that would leave England on seven points with at least one other team and could go out on net run-rate...

  244. Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "Losing those three early wickets was a blow, and our bowling with the new ball could have been a lot better. We're bitterly disappointed, this was a real missed opportunity for us and we'll have to bounce back against West Indies. These defeats hurt, but if defeats didn't hurt we wouldn't be playing this game."

  245. Commentary  

    Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan:\u00a0"Mahmudullah and Shafiul batted exceptionally well. It was a great win for us and it means an awful lot to the whole country. To qualify, we'll probably have to win our last two games."

  246. 1700 Commentary  

    Bangladesh batsman Imrul Kayes is man of the match. He probably didn't expect that when his run-out sparked a flurry of wickets.

  247. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Like Aggers, I think Shafiul Islam [who hit 24 not out from 24 balls] is unlucky not to be man of the match. He came in with 57 required, smashed Swann for six and four, and suddenly England were back in a hole again."

  248. Commentary  

    From Andrew Parker, TMS inbox: "Mentally, I think England are bottomed out. What we need is for our cricketers not to be over-stretched and burnt out."

  249. 1703 Commentary  

    Fans of the TMS podcast will be interested to know that it will be Aggers and Vic Marks reviewing today's game, rather than the usual Agnew-Boycott combo. They're just chatting now on BBC 5 live sports extra, it'll be available to download later.

  250. SMS  

    From Chris, Sheffield: "James Anderson was more like the Burnley buffet cart than the Burnley Express today."

    Aside from all those wides, he was serving up the most mouth-watering Burnley-related pies since one I had in the press room at Turf Moor\u00a0before an FA Cup tie a few seasons ago (they also met with Stuart Hall's approval, as did the mushy peas)...

  251. 1715 Commentary  

    After a marathon game (keep your ears to the ground for a possible over-rate fine for England), we're going to pack things up here - I can remind Bangladesh fans that the highlights are on at 2200 tonight on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website, with the Ireland-Windies highlights following at 2350.

    We'll be back tomorrow morning for India v South Africa - which, like just about every other remaining Group B game, will have large significance for England's hopes of qualification. The game starts at 0900 GMT in Nagpur, TMS will be on air from 0845 and I'll be here from about 0830 to bring you the toss. Thank you for your company and good night. Please don't have nightmares - I worry that when I close my eyes tonight, I'll see Jimmy Anderson bowling legside wides. TTFN.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • Bangladesh beat England by 2 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 227-8 (49.0 overs)
  • England: 225 (49.4 overs)
  • Venue: Chittagong

Bangladesh Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 227
Tamim b Bresnan 38
Kayes run out (Shahzad) 60
Siddique run out (Anderson) 12
Raqibul Hasan b Shahzad 0
Shakib b Swann 32
Rahim c Prior b Shahzad 6
Mahmudullah not out 21
Naeem b Shahzad 0
Razzak c Bresnan b Swann 1
Shafiul Islam not out 24
Extras 23w 1b 9lb 33

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