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Cricket World Cup: South Africa-England as it happened

  1. 0330 Commentary  

    Well, as shifts go, I'm not going to lie to you, I've had slightly less odd ones. The next 10,000 words could be somewhat prosaic - in fact, they're likely to make your local telephone directory seem like TS Eliot's The Waste Land...

  2. 0332 Commentary  

    Not quite D-Day for England but go down to South Africa and it could be squeaky bum time. How things change - the last time I was with you, in the fourth Test of the Ashes series I believe, this England team was buzzing - I repeat, buzzing. They now resemble one of Napoleon's bedraggled battalions at the\u00a0back end\u00a0of Waterloo. What lunatic drew up this England campaign? As the Duke of Wellington used to say: "Hard pounding, gentlemen..."

  3. 0335 Commentary  

    England have won the toss and skipper Andrew Strauss has elected to bat first - one change for England, Ravi Bopara in for Paul Collingwood, South Africa unchanged...

  4. Commentary  

    England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Tim Bresnan, Michael Yardy Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, James Anderson.

    South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers (wk), JP Duminy, Morne van Wyk, Francois du Plessis, Robin Peterson, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

  5. 0342 Commentary  

    Test Match Special is up and running at 0345 GMT, and of course you're welcome to send emails and texts and all that sort of stuff my way throughout the night and into the morn... Anyone? Anyone? Nope, didn't think so...

  6. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    On Twitter: "This is v. poignant day for Colly, England's most capped\u00a0ODI player. If Ravi does well he will struggle to get back in. Good toss to win. Pitch might crack and dust later."

  7. 0350 THE SUN IS OUT  

    I fancy this South African team\u00a0to win this\u00a0World Cup, they look like a pretty well-balanced side to me. Then again,\u00a0they usually do.\u00a0Bopara for Collingwood is apparently a form thing - Colly does have a knee niggle, but he was fit to play... \u00a0"barely a cloud in the sky and barely any grass on the pitch" says Vic Marks on TMS. Should be stacks of runs in that case. Graeme Smith showing his human side, hand-in-hand with a small Indian boy... smashing, that really is smashing...

  8. Commentary  

    From John Kirriemuir, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox: "Well, I'm awake. My girlfriend is in New England and I'm in (old) England, hence a long distance relationship that often requires the wonder of internet video conferencing at strange hours..."

  9. Commentary  

    From Vicky and Kat in Xiangtan in the TMS inbox: "Eagerly anticipating the start of the match from provincial China! As a Yorkshire and a Lancashire girl your cricket commentary is much preferable to (more) re-runs of ping-pong and badminton on State TV!"

  10. 1st over WICKET Strauss c De Villiers b Peterson 0 (Eng 1-1)  

    Righto, I believe it's going to be Robin Peterson with his left-arm spin to open for South Africa - a few teams trying this, and it's an interesting\u00a0call when you've got a strike bowler like Dale Steyn in your ranks. Strauss on strike and he turns away Peterson's first ball for no run... plenty of turn with his next ball, that's a wide down leg. That's a wicket I'm afraid - Strauss giving Peterson the charge and hoping out to De Villiers running in from deep mid-wicket. Brainless...

  11. SMS  

    From Simon: "I think cricket commentators should start employing formation analysis to batting line ups, akin to football's 4-4-2, 3-5-1-1 and so forth. Today, England's eleven would be a '6-4-1'...\u00a0six front-line batters,\u00a0four who are useful, and one who.. isn't really. It would work for bowling too!"

  12. 1st over WICKET Pietersen c Kallis b Peterson 2 (Eng 3-2)  

    Good catch that, De Villiers haring in from the boundary. The batsmen crossed so it's Peterson to Pietersen... big lbw appeal first up, but it was going over. A slip and a silly-point in for KP, who picks up a couple to mid-wicket... gone next ball, lunging forward, the ball turning, Kallis, hands like buckets, taking the catch at slip...

  13. 2nd over Commentary Eng 8-2  

    Well, this is all jolly good fun at four in the morning. England have got two men on nought out in the middle - Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott. This all rather reminds me of Alan Partridge's autobiography, Bouncing Back. Dale Steyn to share the new ball, snorting like a bull, but Trott picks him off for a couple. A whippy single off his hip from Trott, five from the over...

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I remember in the 1996 World Cup quarter-final against Sri Lanka when England captain Mike Atherton tried opening with Richard Illingworth's left-arm spin against Jayasuriya. It didn't work too well..."

  15. 3rd over Commentary Eng 8-2  

    Peterson\u00a0bowling to pretty much a Test match field here, a slip and a silly-point in for Trott. Peterson turns one sharply and Trott jags his bat inside the line. The Saffers switch to two slips, Trott blocks out the over...

  16. Commentary  

    From David Carr, Yantai, China, TMS inbox: "Also in provincial China, Shandong Province, trying to prepare an English class on natural disasters for next week. Perhaps I can add the England team to my current list..."

  17. Twitter  

    From odone02: "Shocking. Stayed up working to catch the start, was going to leave the radio on as I slept. Why bother."

    Tweet me @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  18. 4th over Commentary Eng 14-2  

    Steyn tests Bell out with a bumper and Bell rolls his wrists on it and picks up four to the square-leg boundary. One more for Bell before Trott glides to third man to keep hold of the strike.

  19. SMS  

    From Rupert, Notts Uni: "I couldn't sleep and so decided to go the whole hog and listen to the cricket,\u00a0I even used my last slice of cheese to make a sandwich, AND NOW ENGLAND HAVE FLUFFED IT UP! I could have used that cheese\u00a0for breaky tomorrow! This is definitely the worst ramification of England's poor start!"

  20. 5th over WICKET Bell c and b Peterson 5 (Eng 15-3)  

    White marks all over the pitch already, as if the\u00a0batsmen have come under attack from a paintball gun. A single for Trott, unfortunately Bell's out next ball, lunging forward and bobbling up a return catch to Peterson - great catch diving forwards, not sure about that shot though. Tremendous celebrations by the South African players - proving that old adage that the love of a man for a woman waxes and wanes like the moon, but the love of\u00a0man for\u00a0man is steadfast as the stars...

  21. Commentary  

    From Geof, Mackay, Queensland, TMS inbox: "Nothing we Aussies like better than to see the Poms get a hiding. Great start for RSA, whom we would like to meet in the final. What is it with your Pom team? You have one of the best teams in the world, but can't put it together. Well done the Irish! Loved it!"

  22. 6th over Commentary Eng 21-3  

    Ravi Bopara, in for Paul Collingwood, is next out of the hutch and he survives the last two balls of Peterson's over. Too straight from Steyn and Trott whips him away for a couple. One more for Trott before Bopara is off the mark with a nibble through mid-wicket for three. Steyn's looking pretty playable at the moment. Unfortunately, Peterson's looking like Deadly Derek Underwood at the other end...

  23. Commentary  

    From Mani in Melbourne in the TMS inbox: "Sitting in a bar in Brunswick, western Melbourne, nursing a satanic hangover that's not improving with watching 100 locals laugh out loud at this performance. The Ashes seem a long time ago. I would remonstrate, but feel it might be best not to..."

  24. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "I find it strange that\u00a0England have no worries about turning up at Headingley and saying 'this is a four-seamer pitch', but they don't seem to have considered playing three spinners here like some teams have."

  25. 7th over Commentary Eng 21-3  

    While this situation might be tailor-made for the obdurate Trott, I'm not so sure it's Bopara's scene. He blocks out that over from Peterson, though, and remains on three...

  26. SMS  

    From Neil: "Well it looks like England aren't winning this World Cup! Poor attitude coupled with lazy, arrogant batting. Bopara and Trott would be my two to try and make something of this game so let's hope they actually do what they flew out to India for!"

  27. 8th over Commentary Eng 23-3  

    Bowling change, Morne Morkel on for Dale Steyn. Strange old shot from Trott, advancing down the pitch and slicing down to third-man for one. Bopara glides down to third-man for a single of his own, just the two from the over...

  28. 9th over Commentary Eng 32-3  

    Kallis into the attack now - Peterson 3-4 from four overs. And they say there's no cure for baldness - not true, just become a top-class cricketer, Kallis is suddenly sporting hair as luxurious as JFK. One for Bopara and Trott picks up a couple with a clip off his pads. Five wides! Kallis with a leg-side bumper and wicketkeeper Van Wyk is nowhere near it. One more for Trott with a nibble off his pads, when the seamers are on it looks like shelling peas.

  29. SMS  

    From Simon: "Er... Sorry Geof [6th over]... Do you not remember the Ashes? Surely even an Aussie's memory can stretch back two months? Well, enjoy your pyjama cricket. It's all your lot will have a chance of winning for many, many years!"

  30. 10th over Commentary Eng 33-3  

    Luke Wright finds reason\u00a0to laugh\u00a0up on the England balcony. Must have one of those nervous ticks, like people who laugh at funerals. Morkel with a strangled lbw appeal against Trott, who gets a leading edge, before Trott pulls an attempted bouncer away for a single.

  31. 11th over Commentary Eng 36-3  

    One boundary in the first 10 overs, and the bloke who hit it, Ian Bell, is back upstairs. Seamer-wise, this looks an absolute heart-breaker of a pitch, which begs the question, why did South Africa not continue with Peterson? Four singles from that Kallis over.

  32. Commentary  

    Antony in the TMS inbox: "If ever there was a time for Ravi Bopara to prove that he has what it takes to make it as an England player, this is it... Come on Ravi... Come on England... let's make a game of this!"

  33. Twitter  

    From RobTR: "Jon Barbuti called it I think (read Jon's feature here). England batting weak. Now try to avoid embarrassment."

    Tweet me @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  34. 12th over Commentary Eng 44-3  

    Short and wide from Morkel and Trott flays him away to the third-man fence for only the second four of the innings. Trott never looks unduly worried at the crease, whatever the situation. He probably would have\u00a0padded onto the beaches of Normandy on D-Day smoking a pipe with the Racing Post under his arm. Leg-side from Morkel and Trott tickles him away for four more.

  35. 13th over Commentary Eng 47-3  

    Time for Imran Tahir, South Africa's leggie. Bopara drives for one before Trott rocks back and prods into the off-side\u00a0for a single of his own. Bit of turn for Tahir, but it's slow turn, and Bopara eases into covers for one more.\u00a0

  36. SMS  

    From Phil, London: "That 'love of a man for a woman waxes and wanes' adage [5th over], were you watching the Dad's Army repeat tonight too? Mainwaring said that to Wilson just before tucking into some cheese. Which nicely links in with Rupert's cheese sandwich [also 5th over] and Bell being a stupid boy!"

  37. 14th over Commentary Eng 51-3  

    Bopara, poking forward rather meekly, is beaten by Morkel... and again, this time the Essex man trying to be more expansive. Not a great shot that, feet rooted. That's a better shot though, Bopara opening the face and gliding to the third-man fence - that's England's fifty up...

  38. 15th over UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 51-3  

    If anyone needs cheering up... sorry, looks like Trott's out lbw...

  39. 15th NOT OUT Eng 51-3  

    Trott survives - that ball from Tahir pitched about middle stump and would have missed off. "Shocking shot," mumbles Sir Boycs on TMS, which, if you're playing Boycott Bingo, equates to a swig of sherry.

  40. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "TMS box surrounded by security forces! The crime - someone had brought a bottle of water to the ground sponsored by wrong company!"

  41. 16th over DRINKS BREAK Eng 57-3  

    That previous over was a maiden from Tahir, England resembling a tractor trying to escape deep sand. Nice shot from Bopara, gliding Steyn\u00a0for one, before Trott nurdles off his pads for a single of his own. An "uncovered pitches" from Sir Boycott - that, as I'm sure you are already aware, is a Drambuie and Lucozade... two for Bopara\u00a0courtesy of\u00a0a back-foot drive and he nicks a quick single from the final ball of the over. That's drinks. - England have been so ugly, they might have to sneak up on theirs...

  42. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I think Johan Botha would be a better captain than Graeme Smith in one-day internationals. I've seen Botha captain in one-dayers and I've been impressed. Smith is a powerful influence, but in terms of tactical nous I think he's too stereotyped - Botha's better. Why hasn't he bowled the spinners more?"

  43. 17 overs Commentary Eng 65-3  

    Tahir to continue, a slip still in place for Bopara. Bopara scampers a single to mid-on before Trott drives into the covers for one more. Tahir offers Bopara some width and the batsman slaps him to the extra-cover fence - good shot, that. Bopara nurdles to mid-wicket and picks up two when it should have been one. "There's more brains in a pork pie than in Smith's captaincy," opines Boycott. If he's specifically talking about the pork pies in my local petrol station, he might be technically correct.

  44. 18th over Commentary Eng 68-3  

    Du Plessis into the attack, he's another leggie. Trott picks up a couple to mid-wicket, for some reason Smith has got three men on the boundary on the leg-side.\u00a0Smith hasn't been blessed with a killer instinct -\u00a0if he ever catches a burglar in his kitchen, he'll probably offer to make him tea. Du Plessis with one that goes on with the arm and Bopara is beaten - appeal for caught behind, Umpire Taufel having none of it.\u00a0

  45. 19th over Commentary Eng 73-3  

    Duminy into the attack now with his gentle off-spin and his third ball is thrashed through backward square-leg for four by Trott, who is now on 29. Trott using his feet to the final ball of the over, that's one to long-on.

  46. 20th over Commentary Eng 76-3  

    Du Plessis is turned away for one by Bopara before Trott shuffles back in his crease and prods to mid-on for another single. And so the difficult middle overs begin...

  47. SMS  

    From Graham, Leicester: "Three-month-old still not asleep and looking like no bragging rights when I see my South African friend later on. Not a good morning - or is lack of sleep making me unduly pessimistic?"

  48. 21st over Commentary Eng 80-3  

    Duminy attacking from around the wicket and Trott pushes him into the leg-side for one. A leg-side wide from Duminy before Bopara nudges him to mid-on for one more. Trott nicks the strike, this pair rebuilding with some care...

  49. 22nd over Commentary Eng 83-3  

    Du Plessis with a strangled lbw appeal, but that pitched well outside leg. One for Bopara before Du Plessis gives one a rip and the ball spits back at Trott. Bopara, as is his wont, is almost run out, but just makes his ground having been sent back by Trott...

  50. 23rd over Commentary Eng 86-3  

    Three singles from Duminy's over... "Should I read Lady Chatterley's Lover or watch\u00a0this spineless English batting?" emails Anirban. Personally, Anirban, I'd rather be curled up in bed with a copy of Katie Price's ninth autobiography than watch this England display...

  51. 24th over Commentary Eng 89-3  

    Three more singles from Du Plessis' over, two from the bat of Trott, one from the bat of Bopara...

  52. 25th over Commentary Eng 97-3  

    Single from Trott... CALM DOWN, RAVI! Down he comes and clobbers Duminy straight over the top for six. Someone give grandad a nudge, something might be about to happen...

  53. 26th over Commentary Eng 100-3  

    Dale Steyn back on, try hitting him over the top. A single for Bopara to fine-leg, Steyn getting the ball to swing back in to the right-hander, and Trott adds another. There's the England 100, Bopara nibbling down the ground for one... here's Mark Mitchener for a couple of overs, I feel a bit nauseous...

  54. 27 overs Commentary Eng 106-3  

    Thanks, Ben - Mark Mitchener here for a bit, hoping that a change of text commentator doesn't precipitate a flurry of wickets. Bopara dabs the recalled Peterson for one, Trott jabs a four through mid-wicket to take his score to 46, before guiding a single to long-off. A nifty bit of fielding by Peterson, who appears to be an ambidextrous fielder, denies them a quick single.

  55. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I don't know what became of him, but there was a Pakistan Under-19 bowler who would bowl left-arm spin one moment, and right-arm the next. I once bowled a few balls of\u00a0left-arm round to Zaheer Abbas towards the end of a dead Test match."

  56. 28 overs Commentary TROTT FIFTY - Eng 110-3  

    Trott reaches his ninth ODI fifty from 87 balls as he hammers Steyn back down the ground and they scamper three. A single takes Ravi B to 39 from 67.

  57. SMS  

    From Tom: "It's been a nice little recovery from England albeit a slow one, though\u00a0our weakest facet of the team has yet to be tested... the bowling. At least we don't have to worry about conceding another 300+ runs."

  58. 29 overs Commentary Eng 112-3  

    Trott and Bopara push Peterson for a single apiece. The left-arm twirler - briefly a Kolpakker for Derbyshire - has 3-12 from six overs.

  59. 29.5 overs WICKET Trott c and b Tahir 52 (Eng 114-4)  

    Trott calls for a drink and a wipe down from a towel-wielding Luke Wright between overs. Imran Tahir back into the attack, Trott launches the leggie high into the air, Steyn runs in from long-on and dives forward like England rugby player Chris Ashton... it's in his hands but he can't hold on. But after an exchange of singles, Trott perishes when he punches a return catch to the diving - and utterly delighted - Tahir.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "The South Africa fielding has been excellent. That was a hard catch made to look easy."

  61. 30 overs Commentary Eng 114-4  

    New batsman Matt Prior guides his first ball for a single to square leg. They still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves... and we have Ben Dirs up our sleeves to resume commentary.

  62. 31st over Commentary Eng 115-4  

    Many thanks Mitch, Dirs back in the seat. Matt Prior to face Kallis now and he kicks off with four dot balls... make that five... maiden over, the fourth of the innings...

  63. 32nd over Commentary Eng 120-4  

    Short from Tahir and Bopara tugs him away for one. Smith brings mid-on in for Prior, who sweeps for a single. One for Bopara with an ease to mid-on before Prior paddles again for a single. Spitter from Tahir, the ball spinning and bouncing and beating both batsman and keeper. Swanny - your country needs you...

  64. 33rd over Commentary Eng 122-4  

    This new\u00a0rug has done Kallis wonders, it's taken about 10 years off him. What they probably should have done, though,\u00a0is make it the same colour as his actual hair. Bopara guides to third-man for one\u00a0to\u00a0 move to 44.

  65. 34th over Commentary Eng 126-4  

    Du Plessis back into the attack with his leggies. Prior eases into the covers for one before Bopara darts back and cuts but Duminy saves\u00a0the single.\u00a0Bopara with a single to long-on \u00a0before Prior twirls through point for one more.

  66. 35th over Commentary Eng 133-4  

    Time for an acceleration now - all very well being there at the end, but not if you've only got 200 on the scoreboard. Peterson back on, South Africa's destroyer-in-chief. Two for Bopara, tugging the short ball round the corner, and Prior moves into double figures with a sweep for four, only the seventh of the innings.

  67. 36th over WICKET Prior c Van Wyk b Morkel 10 (Eng 10)  

    Morkel back on. Bopara moves to his fifty with a nudge into the off-side - that's his fourth in ODIs and came from 87 balls. Not too slick, but it was never going to be in the circumstances. The bad news is Prior's gone next ball - tremendous ball from Morkel, right in the slot, and Prior couldn't resist having a nibble.

  68. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Somehow Sir Geoffrey manages to get the conversation around to uncovered pitches. Could be a good day for Boycott Bingo."

  69. 36th over Commentary Eng 135-5  

    Sorry, the news has just got even worse - Sir Boycs has rolled out a "corridor of uncertainty", which means those playing Boycott Bingo, according to the official rules,\u00a0have got to neck a bottle of Night Nurse. Yardy's next out, he survives the rest of Morkel's over...\u00a0

  70. 37th over Commentary Eng 138-5  

    Dirty great leg before appeal from Peterson against the left-handed Yardy, but that looked like it hit him in the midrift. Single for Yardy to mid-wicket before Bopara skews uppishly through point for one.

  71. 38th over Commentary Eng 139-5  

    For those of you in England who have set your alarm clocks early in the hope of seeing England sticking it to the Saffers, I strongly suggest\u00a0you reassess the situation - your boys are getting a shellacking. Bopara\u00a0drags Morkel down to fine-leg for one before Yardy is almost undone by Morkel's pace.\u00a0Very much a nibbler, Yardy, and England need more than nibblers at the moment, they need batsmen who can take almighty chunks out of the bowling.

  72. 39th over Commentary Eng 146-5  

    Bopara drops to one knee and bissects the fielders with a sweep\u00a0that races away for four. One more for Bopara gets Yardy back on strike - only one from 10 from him so far. Yardy nurdles for one before Bopara nurdles for one more. Lots of nurdling...

  73. 40th over UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 148-5  

    Bopara nicks a quick single - Du Plessis with a direct hit, but the dive did the trick. Alas, from England's point of view, Bopara's gone next ball - trapped in front by Morkel, although they're going to review it...

  74. 40th over WICKET Bopara lbw b Morkel 60 (Eng 148-6)  

    Bopara's a goner, replays showed that nipped back but was hitting the top of middle and leg...

  75. 40th over Commentary Eng 149-6  

    Tim Bresnan is next up and England could so with some lusty hits from him. I should add that that was a pretty decent innings from Bopara - he came to the middle in stressful circumstances and remained disciplined.

  76. 41st over UMPIRE REVIEW Eng 149-6  

    Bresnan beaten for pace by Steyn and rapped in front - given out, but it's going upstairs...

  77. 41st over WICKET Bresnan lbw b Steyn 1 (Eng 149-7)  

    It was ripping out leg, Bresnan has to go...

  78. 41st over Commentary Eng 150-7  

    Swann is next in for England, the extent of his ambition can surely only be to stick around for as long as possible. Short from Steyn and Swann jags his bat out of the line. Bit of width and Swann swats into the off-side for one. Little bit depressing this, especially if you haven't been to bed yet...

  79. 42nd over Commentary Eng 155-7  

    England have taken the batting powerplay - and South Africa have posted a slip. Swann goes for a reverse sweep - not too elegant and that ball scored a bullseye, Swanny needs a breather. That's a great shot, though, a genuine switch-hit for four and Swann follows up with a paddle for one.

  80. Commentary  

    From Richard, TMS inbox: "Something you don't see on the TV - when the review just now showed that Bresnan was out, the umpires got together and did a fist touch to celebrate getting a close decision right."

  81. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Comm box flooded with dignitaries. ICC Chief Exec plus British Deputy High Commissioner. Has invited us to watch footy later in their bar!"

  82. 43rd over Commentary Eng 161-7  

    That's modern umpires for you, Richard (see below) - they'll be giving batsmen out by text message next. Yardy nibbles to point for one before Swanny retreats to leg and flashes Steyn through the covers for four. Good old Swanny, you can usually count on him to still\u00a0be swinging when the fat lady's singing.

  83. Twitter  

    From Tkay79: "England clearly listening by getting the spinners on. Just a bit early... surely we meant during their innings!"

    Tweet me @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  84. 44th over WICKET Yardy c Peterson b Tahir 3 (Eng 161-8)  

    Yardy's gone - looking to hit over the top, only succeeding in finding Peterson at point...

  85. 44th over WICKET Broad lbw b Tahir 0 (Eng 161-9)  

    Yardy's three came from 17 balls, it was rather like watching a man trying to do a Rubik's Cube in a pair of oven gloves. Stuart Broad is next in... nope, sorry, he's off again, third ball duck - attempted sweep, trapped in front...

  86. 44th over Commentary Eng 162-9  

    Jimmy Anderson is England's number 11 and he's off the mark with a single. Still, not a bad over from Tahir, two wickets and a single run from it.

  87. 45th over Commentary Eng 164-9  

    No idea what England's plan is here - stick around or play a few shots? Or maybe both?\u00a0It is still a powerplay, after all... width from Steyn and Anderson twirls him into the covers for one. Swanny glides to third-man for a single... England's batting coach Graham Gooch looks haunted up on the balcony, probably by Boycott,\u00a0the only cricketer who could haunt someone while still being alive...\u00a0

  88. 46th over APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 164-9  

    Big leg before appeal from Tahir against Swann - Umpire Taufel says not out, but we're going upstairs... terrible appeal, that was missing leg stump by miles...

  89. 46th over WICKET Swann c Duminy b Tahir 16 (Eng 171 all out)  

    Three wides from Tahir, who tugs the ball down leg-side, before Swann heaves him over Cow Corner for four. But he's gone two balls later, skying Tahir to Duminy, who takes a fine catch running back from mid-off.

  90. 0728 Commentary  

    Well, what to say about that batting performance from England? I see the daffodils are already out...

  91. Commentary  

    From Alan, Thailand, TMS inbox: "While the players themselves have to take some responsibility for this shambles, surely the administrators who put their names to the ridiculous scheduling of the last few months should be named and shamed. Who are these people who've contributed to turning a pretty decent side into a pub team?"

  92. Commentary  

    From Mark in Belfast, TMS inbox: "I grow weary of these one sided games - looking forward to a decent contest between India and Ireland later on. On a more serious note, greed by the administrators has cost England - far too many ODIs in Australia leading to injuries and fatigue both mental and physical."

  93. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "England fans who remember the 2007 World Cup may fear this game has shades of their meeting with South Africa in the Super Eight phase of that competition. On that day in Barbados, England were bowled out for 154 in 48 overs, before Graeme Smith smashed 89 not out as the Proteas won by nine wickets with more than 30 overs to spare."

  94. 0754 Commentary  

    I have to say I agree with all those texting in complaining about England's schedule in the lead-up to this World Cup - it's like tuning up for the Tour de France with a four-week cycle through the Himalayas. Put simply, and as my nan would have put it, they're all done in.

  95. SMS  

    From Tom, Co. Down: "To say that England are no better than a pub side is taking away from what is a top class SA side. It also takes away from the achievements of a very good Ireland side. Get behind your team while they are still in the competition. There is plenty of time for post mortems afterwards!"

  96. Commentary  

    Mark, Stanmore, in the TMS inbox: "Just woken up and read about the car crash that was England's innings and am therefore feeling quite smug about getting an early night. Anyone out there wished they'd joined me? (figuratively speaking, of course)"

  97. Commentary  

    Steve Bailey in the TMS inbox: "My goodness the game is not over yet and the whinging POMS are in full stride. Not once is it mentioned that just maybe, yes just maybe, they are up against a very strong South African side. Blame the Aussies, blame the schedule, blame Father Christmas."

  98. SMS  

    From Steve in Bristol: "Did Australia play the same ODIs as England? I don't hear people moaning about fatigue from them. Nobody moaned about fatigue when Strauss scored 152. Broad didn't play the ODIs and Swann and Anderson only played a couple. Stop moaning about fatigue!"

  99. Commentary  

    Charles in Sutton in the TMS inbox: "To hold administrators responsible for their feeble displays in this World Cup is rubbish. They are professional players, earning fantastic salaries and being transported around the world at no cost to themselves. They should repay the public by performing on the field with bat and ball and if they cannot do that then let them be exposed for what they are, prima donnas full of their own self-importance. I hope South Africa crush them."

  100. 0811 Commentary  

    Well, as the old adage goes, you don't know how good a total is until both teams have batted. Michael Yardy to open the bowling for England... Michael Yardy to open the bowling for England... Michael Yardy to open the bowling for England... just in case you thought you were seeing things...

  101. 1st over Commentary SA 5-0  

    Hashim Amla to face Yardy's first ball and he's defending. Amla takes a risk with the second ball, flashing uppishly through the off-side for four. One more for Amla with a poke into the covers, crowd catch from Smith, it was a bump ball to short mid-wicket.\u00a0A lot of emails coming in pointing out that Australia have had the same schedule as England - yeh, but in Australia, that's a big difference.

  102. 2nd over Commentary SA 6-0  

    Jimmy Anderson to share the new ball with Yardy. Amla gets a straight one and tries to whip off his pads, but it's fielded by the man at short mid-wicket. Anderson's final ball is down leg-side and Amla tucks him away for a single.

  103. 3rd over Commentary SA 12-0  

    Amla goes inside out to Yardy and swats him over extra-cover for four. Strauss almost got a hand to that and landed awkwardly, but I think he's alright. Amla chancing his arm, here, this time he flashes and edges for one. Slip and silly mid-off in for the left-handed Smith, who's off the mark with a clip off his pads.

  104. SMS  

    From Dave, Gloucester: "Re: Steve in\u00a0Bristol -\u00a0Australia did indeed play the same number of matches. In THEIR OWN country, not half way around the world. For the most part, this squ ad had been away from home comforts for about\u00a0four months, with the prospect of a further month ahead of them, with only a week or two off to help balance things. Professional or not, that's a big ask, and a lot of time to spend in each other's pockets."

  105. 4th over Commentary SA 19-0  

    Smith with a thick outside edge for one before Amla twirls Anderson through point for one more. Hippish from Anderson and Smith helps it on its way for four. Too straight from Anderson, Smith turns him away again for a single.

  106. Twitter  

    From Kid_Kop: "Why is everyone blaming the scheduling? Have you seen how many matches India played leading to this World Cup?"

    Tweet me @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  107. 5th over Commentary SA 27-0  

    Yardy loses his line to the left-handed Smith and is turned away for a single. Two for Amla, make that two more, \u00a0Yardy being milked like a faithful old dairy cow. Two more with a crisp drive into the off-side before Amla nicks the strike... all too easy at the moment - forgive me, but isn't Swann currently the top-ranked spinner in ODIs?

  108. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "For pace bowlers, the trick on a pitch like this is to take the pitch out of the equation - bowl full and straight, and try to swing it late. Shaun Tait would probably be quite handy on this. Personally, I would have opened with Swann rather than Yardy."

  109. 6th over Commentary SA 29-0  

    Bresnan into the attack now, can he repeat his performance against India in Bangalore? By God, England need it. Amla looks to swish a straight one to leg but is beaten, by pace if anything. Amla does pick up a single to mid-wicket, England desperately need a breakthrough...

  110. BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener
    Contributor BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener  

    "In today's other match in Bangalore, India captain Mahendra Dhoni has won the toss and asked Ireland to bat first. India are unchanged, while Ireland have recalled BBC Sport columnist Andrew White in place of Gary Wilson."

  111. 7th over Commentary SA 29-0  

    Swanny is, belatedly, into the attack. Nice ball that to the left-handed Smith, bit of drift in the flight, before England go up for a huge leg before appeal\u00a0 - not out, and they don't review it. Hawkeye said it would have just clipped leg stump, so they were right not to review it. Maiden over, South Africa's flow is stemmed.

  112. 8th over Commentary SA 35-0  

    Amla swats Bresnan down to third-man for one before Smith nudges off his hip for a single of his own. Amla pulls but isn't able to time it, as Simon Hughes explains the origin of the term 'yorker' - in the 19th Century, 'to put Yorkshire on someone' meant to swindle or hoodwink, hence the term. Four for Amla - Pietersen flinging the ball in from mid-wicket, missing everything, and the ball racing away for four.

  113. 9th over Commentary SA 37-0  

    Smith with a single to mid-wicket\u00a0 and one more for Amla. Swanny gives it some revs next up and Smith is nowhere near it, that turned a mile. A slip and a silly-point in for Smith and he's beaten all ends up again - this one turned square, leaving Smith bent over his bat as if it's a walking stick. Good over that...

  114. Twitter  

    From bossbeechyscoop: "ICC officials have ordered the removal of an England flag with the words 'Hackney Gas' on due to breach of advertising."

  115. 10th over Commentary SA 41-0  

    Amla looks in good nick, plenty of foot movement and he dances outside off and twirls Bresnan down to third-man for one. That's a good delivery, right in the slot outside off, and Smith is beaten again. Short from Bresnan and Amla piles into it, but that's a fine stop by Bopara in the covers. Amla plays wristily through point for a brace, South Africa coasting on calm seas\u00a0at the moment.

  116. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "I don't think they've got this team right. If Tredwell's not going to play today, he's never going to play."

  117. Commentary  

    Iain Fenwick in the TMS inbox: "I can\u2019t help but bathe in the joy of England\u2019s car crash World Cup. After reading you and Vaughan and the rest of your private schoolboy crew make jokes about the opposition and act like the arrogant posh idiots you are, this is poetic justice. I hope you take a good look at yourselves and learn from your actions. Maybe you won\u2019t be so cocky next time! Although people like you go through life like you were still at school so no-one should expect miracles. HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

  118. 11th over Commentary SA 43-0  

    Another ripper from Swann, taking off and deflecting off the shoulder of Smith's bat and over the slip cordon's head. Smith climbs into the next delivery and the ball falls just short of Bresnan in the covers. Another very impish over from Swann, but no joy yet.

  119. 12th over Commentary SA 48-0  

    Yardy back on and Amla, playing a rather lazy cross-batted shot, is beaten outside off. Two through point for Amla and he adds one more into the covers. Leg-slip in for Smith, who tucks Yardy round the corner for a couple.\u00a0 Nice stop from Bell at point, saving a couple...

  120. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "If Sussex were playing a County Championship game\u00a0on a pitch like this, Yardy wouldn't bowl - it would be Monty Panesar and AN Other. But here we are, with Yardy partnering Swann. I think Pietersen will have to bowl for England."

  121. 13th over Commentary SA 57-0  

    A slip and a forward short-leg in for Swann to Amla, who paddles for one.\u00a0Two slips and a gully in for Smith - none required as Smith makes room and sprays through wide mid-off for four. Smith dabs into the leg-side for one more before Amla threads a drive through\u00a0point for\u00a0a few.

  122. 14th over Commentary SA 63-0  

    South Africa require 115 to win from 37 overs. Amla gets a feathered inside edge and it runs through Prior's legs and races away for three. Not really a chance. Smith nurdles to mid-wicket for one before Amla swats Yardy into the covers for a single of his own. One more for Smith with a nibble to mid-on, he keeps the strike...

  123. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Wonderful first over from India's Zaheer Khan in the other game in this group which has just started on the Bangalore batting paradise. Should have had Ireland skipper William Porterfield caught in the slips from the third ball, before striking with his third missile: Paul Sitrling aiming a drive and bowled through the gate by a ball that seamed off the wicket."

  124. 15th over WICKET Smith c Prior b Swann 22 (SA 63-1)  

    Prior thinks he's got Smith caught behind, he's absolutely adamant, although Swann didn't seem that interested. However, Strauss has referred it... AND SMITH IS OUT! The faintest of flicks off Smith's right thumb, but a flick is a flick is a flick...

  125. 15th over UMPIRE REVIEW SA 67-1  

    Next up the ramp is the magnificently coiffured Jacques Kallis - and what a shot that is first up, a straight drive for four. But England think they've got him next ball! The ball spits at Kallis, the ball lobs up to Bell at short-leg, we've got another review...

  126. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Zaheer Khan's making a monkey of Ireland at the moment. Ed Joyce grazes one ball that seams away from him just past second slip for four before Zaheer bends one the other way, and the insisde edge is well taken by a diving Dhoni. Ireland 11-2 after five overs at a ground where all four previous totals in this tournament were well above 300."

  127. 16h over Commentary SA 70-1  

    Broad now, hoping to squeeze something out of this pitch as the similarly-built Morne Morkel did for the Proteas. Kallis cuts for one before Amla moves to 41 with a cute guide to third-man. Broad\u00a0getting one to duck back in to the right-handed Kallis - hands on head, that very nearly got through. Decent enough over from Broad, but England really need a wicket...\u00a0

  128. Commentary  

    Ollie in Hong Kong in the TMS inbox: "Would most England fans take an Ashes victory if it meant a 6-1 defeat in the one-dayers and a first round exit in the CWC? Not to excuse the team's performance, but I think they probably would..."

  129. 17th over Commentary SA 75-1  

    Swann to continue but Amla looks like a man in total control at the moment, whipping his first ball contemptuously from outside off for one. Kallis drops to one knee and sweeps for four before very nearly flipping the ball to Bell at leg-slip - not really a chance, and no run for the shot.

  130. 18th over WICKET Amla b Broad 42 (SA 75-2)  

    Broad's picked up a wicket - the ball nipping back and it ricochets off a limp bat from Amla and onto\u00a0his stumps. Looked like he was beaten for pace, and he looked in smashing nick as well...

  131. 18th over Commentary SA 80-2  

    De Villiers is next in and he's off the mark with a squeeze into the off-side. Four more for Kallis, spoiling an otherwise handy over from Broad with a thick inside-edge through mid-wicket for four. Broad getting plenty of\u00a0reverse into the right-handers, a bowling at a decent lick, too.\u00a0

  132. 19th over Commentary SA 82-2  

    Swanny to continue, they may as well bowl him all the way through and see what happens. De Villiers nibbles into the leg-side for one before\u00a0Kallis puts up the shutters... Mark Mitchener to fill in for a few overs... I haven't been to bed since Friday night...

  133. 19.2 overs WICKET Kallis c Prior b Broad 15 (SA 82-3)  

    Change of text commentator, and it brings a wicket as Kallis feathers an edge from Broad to the keeper! Kallis hangs around for a little while, but after checking with Prior that it was caught cleanly, trudges off.

  134. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Better stuff from Ireland against India in Bangalore: a couple of nice boundaries from William Porterfield, and a good-looking cover-drive from Niall O'Brien. But remember this wicket (the same track as used for the England-India tie) is a belter so the run rate needs to be picked up a little. Ireland 28-2 after 11 overs."

  135. 21 overs Commentary SA 85-3  

    Time for South Africa to face the mighty former Natal off-spinner Kevin Pietersen - can he match his near-namesake Robin Peterson's three-wicket haul? ABDV\u00a0glides a single to third man, but there's plenty of turn for KP against Du Plessis, who can't get him away.

  136. Twitter  

    From marky_mark85: "Trying to work out what the possible options are for England. I think they can lose against the Windies and still go through!"

    Tweet\u00a0us @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  137. 22 overs Commentary SA 88-3  

    ABDV starts the over with a single, he's scored five from seven balls. Plenty of heart and effort from Broad, who beats Du Plessis outside his off stump as he tries to fiddle it down to third man. Eventually he works it to the same area and they run two.\u00a0ABDV, by the way, needs to score 40 today to overtake Strauss as the leading run-scorer in the tournament.

  138. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Looking at what's to come from South Africa, a couple of wickets could make it very interesting."

  139. 23 overs Commentary SA 93-3  

    ABDV and FDP milk KP for plenty of easy ones and twos, the last ball flies up and into the hands of the solitary slip, and Pietersen yells an appeal, but it came off Du Plessis's pad.

  140. 24 overs Commentary SA 96-3  

    Bresnan replaces Broad, there's not much in the pitch to assist a bowler like Big Tim but we're into middle-overs territory. You know the drill - three inoffensive singles from the over.

  141. SMS  

    From Peter, Mkt Harborough: "The fella who owns my local paper shop is South African - I told him I wasn't going to watch the World Cup until the semis as I was supremely confident. Do you know where I could enter/buy a space-time continuum?"

    You could always try the Rift in Cardiff...

  142. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Spinners Yusuf Pathan and Harbhajan Singh are getting through some very cheap overs for India against Ireland, where the score is 51-2 after 16 overs. Time to hit the gas, chaps."

  143. 25 overs Commentary SA 103-3 (TARGET 172)  

    Single from ABDV, then Pietersen (whose bowling is described by Boycs on TMS as "floating filth") overpitches, Du Plessis square-drives and it rattles away backward of point for four to push South Africa past 100. Two more singles mean KP has 0-13 from three overs, and we're at the halfway point in terms of overs.

  144. 26 overs Commentary SA 106-3  

    No risks needed - or taken - by De Villiers as he pushes a two and a single - he has 16 from 18 balls,\u00a0 pushing his tournament average even higher. (A crafty little 59 not out would have him averaging 300). Du Plessis plays out three dot balls from the tireless Bresnan, and I hand you back to Ben Dirs for the rest of the game.

  145. 27th over Commentary SA 107-3  

    Many thanks, Mitch, Ben Dirs back in the seat.\u00a0KP getting plenty of turn - a couple of strangled appeals before De Villiers makes a hash of a reverse sweep. De Villiers sweeps for one before Du Plessis gets in a bit of a tangle...

  146. 28th over Commentary SA 107-3  

    Bresnan extracting some reverse back into the right-handers and he serves up five dots in a row. Make that six, that's a maiden. The England seamers toiling manfully but two grandmothers with two sticks of rhubarb could knock these runs off...

  147. 29th over Commentary SA 113-3  

    Yardy to continue and De Villiers twirls him through point for one. Yardy gets one to shoot through but Du Plessis jams his bat down on it. Nice shot from Du Plessis, good use of the feet and a threadle through wide long-off for four.

  148. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "An update from India v Ireland, where the men in green are 82-2 after 20 overs. Leg-spinner Piyush Chawla's first over included a filthy front-foot no-ball which Dhoni couldn't lay a glove on down the leg-side. William Portefield murdered the free-hit into the stands and the over cost 15 runs."

  149. 30th over Commentary SA 118-3  

    De Villiers tickles off his toes for a couple before easing Bresnan away to leg for one more. That's ragged from Bresnan, shying needlessly and giving away a needless run as the ball deflects off Prior's gloves. A single for Du Plessis into the covers, South Africa padding towards their target with carpet slippers on.

  150. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Can I nominate Iain Fenwick's message (see below) as the most malevolent ever sent to TMS Live Text? I think it might have been longer had he not broken the keyboard with the venomous velocity of his typing."

  151. 31st over Commentary SA 121-3  

    Short from Yardy and that's a cute late-cut from De Villiers, who moves to 25. Yardy doing what Yardy does, but England need wickets...

  152. 32nd over WICKET De Villiers b Anderson 25 (SA 124-4)  

    Anderson is back on. He lets one slip down leg-side and that's a leg-bye off the pad of De Villiers. Scratch that, that's two wides. Du Plessis with a single to mid-on before De Villiers is outfoxed by a slower ball, very nearly popping it up to, a fielder in the off-side. Now we've got some weirdness - De Villiers is bowled, but nobody seems to notice or at least know how it happened... I'll let you know... that was a crackerjack delivery, the ball jagging away from the batsman and just clipping the bails. Initially Anderson didn't notice, and it was only when Prior saw the\u00a0bails on the deck that he went up. After some confusion, De Villiers eventually takes his leave...\u00a0

  153. 33rd over WICKET Du Plessis run out (Bell) 17 (SA 124-5)  

    A flicker of hope for England, although\u00a0South Africa need 48 from 107 balls. AND ANOTHER! Du Plessis coming down the track, flicks the ball to Bell at\u00a0leg-slip, Bell flicks it back and\u00a0the batsman is run out. South Africa tottering...\u00a0

  154. 33rd over Commentary SA 124-5  

    Van Wyk is South Africa's new batsman and he survives the rest of Swann's over - two men on nought, Duminy and Van Wyk...

  155. 34th over UMPIRE REVIEW SA 124-5  

    We've got a review - Anderson thinks Duminy has tickled one off his hip, and Umpire Taufel agrees with him, I'll let you know...

  156. NOT OUT  

    That's not out, replays were inconclusive, and Taufel rather sheepishly reverses his decision with a surreptitious wave of his hands...

  157. 34th over WICKET Duminy b Anderson 0 (SA 124-6)  


  158. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "England do not deal in dull matches. If you've got tickets for an England game, you'll get your money's worth!"

  159. 34th over Commentary SA 125-6  

    Robin Peterson is the new batsman - South Africa have lost three wickets for no run. Peterson off the mark with a push into the off-side, Van Wyk is very nearly run out scampering to the striker's end. In the immortal words of Fred Trueman: "I don't know what's going off out there..."

  160. 35th over Commentary SA 126-6  

    Peterson has an ugly old mow at Swann outside off and is beaten all ends up. Carrying on playing like that, he won't last five minutes. Prior thinks he might have him stumped next ball, but Peterson had his toe in. Jeepers, another peach from Swann, that was like fat from a frying pan, and Peterson is beaten again. Peterson does get off strike with a single, which will be\u00a0a blessed relief. Van Wyk sweeps and misses, but that struck him outside the line...

  161. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    On Twitter: "Got to hand it to England, they are single-handedly making the early stages of the World Cup heart-stoppingly exciting."

    Tweet us @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  162. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "India v Ireland: A fine partnership between Porterfield and Iain O'Brien comes to an end thanks to some brilliant work from Mahendra Dhoni, who scoops up Virat Kohli's wild throw to break the stumps just in time. O'Brien run out for 46, Porterfield still there on 60 and Andrew White is the new man at 129-3 after 29 overs. No Kevin O'Brien yet. In a 5 live Sportsweek interview today, Irish coach Phil Simmons says Kevin is still a work in progress - now that's a frightening thought. "

  163. 36th over Commentary SA 127-6  

    Pietersen is chucked the ball and it's Pietersen to Peterson... decent lbw appeal, but it was sliding down leg. Peterson is like a granny on rollerskates out there - down the track, misses, and Prior has missed the stumping. Potentially a match-winning chance gone begging. Peterson picks up a single before Van Wyk is very nearly cleaned up by a sharp turning delivery - he's yet to score from eight deliveries, fine over from Pietersen.

  164. 37th over WICKET Peterson c Prior b Yardy 3 (SA 127-7)  

    Righto, big decision this, back we go to Yardy. Forty-five needed from 84, wickets really the issue. Slip and leg-slip in for Peterson, who looks paralysed with fear out there. Long-hop from Yardy and Peterson misses out, let-off for England... AND ANOTHER! Peterson caught behind, South Africa have lost four for three!

  165. 38th over Commentary SA 132-7  

    England into\u00a0the tail-end now, although Dale Steyn won't die wondering. Pietersen gets one past Van Wyk's edge and the ball ricochets off Prior's gloves -\u00a0there was a feather, but it wasn't a chance. One for Van Wyk brings Steyn on strike - three men catching, plus the keeper, \u00a0but that's a neat shot for four, Steyn shuffling outside off and tickling down the leg-side. \u00a0Valuable runs, 40 needed from 72 balls...

  166. 39th over Commentary SA 139-7  

    You must say one thing for England, they're rarely in a dull game, this is another ripper. Two for Van Wyk through point before Yardy drops short and is twirled away for a single. Slip and silly point in for Steyn, but that's a fine shot for a tailender, a whip-cracked square-drive for four to release some of the pressure.\u00a0

  167. 40th over Commentary SA 142-7  

    KP to continue. Van Wyk, who sets up like a baseball player, bat raised, chops into the off-side for one. Steyn pats Pietersen to mid-on for one more before Van Wyk adds another with a tuck to mid-wicket. Thirty needed from 60, England could do with another wicket...

  168. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Whoever wins the game from here, it will be a big plus for them. To lose from here will be very demoralising - more so if it's South Africa. You can tell from England's body language they're up for this."

  169. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "India v Ireland: Yuvraj Singh takes two wickets for India, the first coming from an Andrew White outside edge - another good catch from Mahendra Dhoni, what a day he's having - and the second is Wednesday's hero Kevin O'Brien. He hit the fastest World Cup century ever against England, but today it's just nine off 13 balls. Yuvraj picks up the catch off his own bowling. Score: 147-5 off 34 overs."

  170. 41st over Commentary SA 143-7  

    Broad back on, he should have been before now. Van Wyk chops over Prior behind the stumps and runs up a single. Steyn wears one right in the breadbasket and requires treatment, but it looks like he'll be fine. Just one run from the over, South Africa require 29 from 54...

  171. Commentary  

    Andy Baul-lewis, Muscat via Glamorgan at the game, in the TMS inbox: "This is torture, but then we never expected this to go down to the wire. There'll be plenty of drinking in the bar (singular) in Chennai tonight if this one is pulled out of the fire."

  172. SMS  

    From Ade: "A lot of international teams could learn from this - how difficult scoring is with the field up. It's a shame captains only seem to do it when they don' t have any choice."

  173. 42nd over Commentary SA 150-7  

    KP still on and he gets that one to turn, but it's slow turn and Van Wyk is able to cover it. A single apiece from Van Wyk and Steyn before Van Wyk very nearly pops one up into the leg-side. Steyn with a four over the top! Strauss might have extended that experiment for one over too long...

  174. 43rd over Commentary SA 152-7  

    Van Wyk with an ugly shot outside off and he's beaten by Broad. No idea where Anderson's gone, by the way, he\u00a0was last seen knocking over two of South Africa's\u00a0most dangerous\u00a0batsmen and still has six overs left. A leg-bye and a Steyn single to the total, 20 needed from 42, England need a wicket...\u00a0

  175. 44th over Commentary SA 154-7  

    Here's Anderson now - with a leg-side wide... Steyn thumps the next ball straight back down the ground and Anderson gets a hand to it, but you couldn't really call it a chance. Another leg-side wide before Steyn goes fishing and is beaten. No runs off the bat in that over, all in all a decent one apart from those two wides.

  176. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Wides, Mr Anderson, are NOT what England need when the opposition are just 20 away from victory."

  177. 45th over Commentary SA 157-7  

    Interesting, Strauss calls for Swann, who has only one over left. Just the one slip\u00a0for Van Wyk... Van Wyk looks for the tickle but Pietersen is there at short fine-leg.\u00a0The gap between runs needed and balls remaining\u00a0ever decreasing... three runs for Van Wyk with a\u00a0nibble round the corner, and that's the last we'll see of Graeme Swann - 1-29 from his 10 overs, South Africa require 15 from 30...\u00a0\u00a0

  178. 46th over Commentary SA 159-7  

    South Africa forced to taken the powerplay with only five overs remaining, which means England can have a maximum of three fielders outside the 30-yard circle. Short from Anderson but Van Wyk is unable to find a gap in the leg-side. One for Van Wyk with a dab through point and Steyn bumps one over Anderson's head for a single. Thirteen needed from 24...

  179. Twitter  

    From NobleFin: "Enjoyed this match more than 300+ run fests. One-day pitches need not all be the same for interesting cricket!"

    Tweet\u00a0me @bendirs1 or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  180. 47th over WICKET Van Wyk b Bresnan 13 (SA 160-7)  

    Tim Bresnan wheeled back into the attack and Steyn drives him down the ground for a single. BRESNAN WITH THE BREAKTHROUGH! Pretty inoccuous looking delivery but Van Wyk has chopped on. Where's\u00a0miserable Mr Fenwick now!

  181. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "India v Ireland: No great spectacle at Bangalore, two teams going through the motions a little.The surprise turn for India is Yuvraj, who looked slightly embarrassed when picking up his third wicket from a short, wide ball which William Porterfield whacked straight to extra-cover. Porterfield made a fine 72, Ireland 178-7 after 42 overs - and Yuvraj has just grabbed his fourth wicket!"

  182. 47th over Commentary SA 164-8  

    Twelve to win from 22 balls, the strapping Morne Morkel is the South African number 10, and he can give it some clatter. Morkel squirts Bresnan down to third-man for a single which brings Steyn back on strike - it's all on him now. Steyn flashes past the despairing dive of Bell at backward-point and runs up two before fending off a nasty bumper and stealing the strike - eight needed from 18 balls.

  183. 48th over UMPIRE REVIEW SA 164-8  

    Broad in to Steyn... WE'VE GOT AN LBW REVIEW! Umpire Taufel's finger goes up immediately and it looked to be bang in front...

  184. 48th over WICKET Steyn lbw b Broad 20 (SA 164-9)  

    Unbelievable, there's no other word for it - Steyn's gone! One wicket needed, South Africa need eight from 17...

  185. 48th over WICKET Morkel c Prior b Broad 1 (SA 165 all out)  

    Imran Tahir is South Africa's number 11 - he has three first -class fifties to his name, so he can bat a bit. Huge, blacksmith's mow from Tahir first up and he picks up an inside-edge for one. MORKEL'S GONE!

  186. ENG (171) BT SA (165) BY SIX RUNS Commentary  

    What can I say except what can I say? And what magnificent manly celebrations after Broad took that final wicket\u00a0- I've said it once today and I'll say it again: The love of a man for a woman waxes and wanes like the moon but the love of brother for brother is steadfast as the stars... I'm very, very tired...

  187. Commentary  

    Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox: "Please dedicate this victory to Iain Fenwick. Or in his own beautifully constructed terms, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

  188. 1202 Commentary  

    Some match that - England don't seem to be involved in bad ones. Tremendous stuff from Broad, indeed most of the England attack, but let's not forget that knock from Ravi Bopara - England would have been well and truly kippered without it.

  189. Commentary  

    Man of the match Ravi Bopara: \u201cOnce the top three batsmen were down we realised it wasn\u2019t a great wicket. We were looking for 200 and we ended up just short, but I was surprised by how much it turned, especially when we bowled.\u201d

  190. 1209 Commentary  

    England captain Andrew Strauss: "Losing two wickets in the first over was criminal. A few things didn't go so well today, but it was a far better performance overall... obviously a cliffhanger again, we like to keep people interested!"

  191. Commentary  

    South Africa captain Graeme Smith: "We\u2019ve got a week to prepare for India. We need to deal with a couple of things. We can improve from here, it was very disappointing not to get over the line."

  192. Twitter  

    From Nottinghamshire's Alex Hales: "[Bopara] man of the match for 60-odd when Broad gets 4fer?

  193. 1219 Commentary  

    Time for you to read Jamie Lillywhite's superlative match report from today's corking game. It's only short now, but it will soon be extended into something beautiful and memorable...

    ...England, never a dull game when they play one-day cricket, is it? They are temporarily top of Group A, by the way, with games against Bangladesh and West Indies to come. But if India beat Ireland (the Irish are 200-8 in 47 overs over in Bangalore right now) then India will go ahead on net run rate, I think.

  194. Twitter  

    From sssssarah: "Nice to actually want to watch cricket highlights for the first time since The Ashes!"

  195. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "India v Ireland: Ireland are all out for 207 in Bangalore, about 100 runs less than they required to be competitive in all probability. But any sort of prediction in this World Cup is becoming fraught with danger. Amazingly, Yuvraj Singh took an ODI-best 5-21, but Zaheer Khan (3-30) was the class act, Mahendra Dhoni was superb with the gloves and William Porterfield (75) deserves mention for a cultured innings."

  196. 1235 Commentary  

    Time to wrap up from here. A reminder that BBC highlights tonight are on BBC2 at 2300, and on red button and BBC website (except Freeview) an hour earlier. And if two teams in red shirts based in north-west England are your thing, then Jonathan Stevenson's text commentary will be an unmissable addition to your afternoon.

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Live Scores - England v South Africa


  • England beat South Africa by 6 runs
  • England: 171 (45.4 overs)
  • South Africa: 165 (47.4 overs)
  • Venue: Chennai

South Africa Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 165
Amla b Broad 42
Smith c Prior b Swann 22
Kallis c Prior b Broad 15
de Villiers b Anderson 25
du Plessis run out (Bell) 17
Duminy b Anderson 0
van Wyk b Bresnan 13
Peterson c Prior b Yardy 3
Steyn lbw b Broad 20
M Morkel c Prior b Broad 1
Tahir not out 1
Extras 4w 2lb 6

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